Ethnic Minorities Could Decide the Next Election. If They Do, It’ll Be P45 Time for David Cameron

Tim Wigmore, Telegraph (London), August 12, 2013

Operation Black Vote could well have ended the Tory summer cheer. Only 16 per cent of ethnic minorities voted for the Conservatives in 2010, compared to 68 per cent who voted for Labour. And, thanks to changing demographics and aggressive voter registration efforts – over 500 people registered to vote at an OBV event at a Church in Birmingham last week – the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) vote could be 20 per cent higher in 2015 than 2010.

All of which is very bad news for the Conservatives. While the minority vote has traditionally been concentrated in urban Labour strongholds, it is increasingly migrating away from big city centres. Tory seats like North Warwickshire, Oxford West & Abingdon, Sherwood, Hove and Gloucester could all be lost to Labour thanks to nothing more than the growth of the BME vote. There are 61 Tory-held seats in which Labour are the main challengers and the BME vote is greater than the sitting MP’s majority. The only consolation for the Conservatives is that the Lib Dems, who have only ever had one ethnic minority MP, are even less popular among ethnic minorities.

The Conservatives are becoming better at talking about their problem. Lord Ashcroft has implored the party to take the challenge of winning the BME vote seriously, and David Cameron has put Tory vice-chair Alok Sharma in charge of boosting the party’s appeal with ethnic minorities. There are now 11 Tory ethnic minority MPs, only five fewer than Labour.

Theresa May has recently ordered a review of police stop and search powers, which minorities view as being more about racial profiling than stopping criminals. It is no exaggeration to say this could be the single most important stage in the Conservatives transforming their standing among ethnic minorities.

Other Tories have called for greater urgency. Boris Johnson and Nadhim Zahawi support an amnesty on illegal immigrants. That’s exactly what Republicans are about to vote for in America after observing how demographic trends destroyed Mitt Romney’s campaign. But the case for an amnesty extends beyond politics. There are over half a million illegal immigrants in the UK; an amnesty would bring them into the tax system and, as Zahawi has argued, provide a significant economic boost.

But a a combination of the vans stunt, and the bragging on the Home Office Twitter feed about the number of illegal immigrants arrested, may have undone any Tory gains made with ethnic minorities. Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote, says minorities feel that there is a “perception of demonisation of people of colour and that could have a negative effect at the ballot box”. Especially for the Conservatives: their race deficit is expected to cost them 20-40 seats in 2015.

It does not have to be this way. The black newspaper The Voice last month asked “Is Labour Losing The Black Vote?”, a charge that will intensify after the debacle of Chris Bryant’s speech. As  Woolley says of the BME community, “many are conservative with a small ‘c’ by instinct and there’s a growing affluent class.” If the Conservatives reform stop and search and invesitigate an amnesty for illegal immigrants, defeat by demographics is not inevitable. But they are making it too easy for Labour to hold on to the ethnic minority vote by default.

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  • I don’t get it. Are white people not allowed to vote in England?

    • Spartacus


    • I’m not sure what you mean….. but, taking it at face value, yes we can vote – but the “ethnic minorities” (who are now ethnic majorities in three or four major cities here) are that great in number that they can now, effectively, decide an election win.

      Given that a vast majority of whites appear to be nihilistic dullards or completely apathetic, and thus vote for the Green Party (the watermelons: communists on the inside ‘green’ on the outside), Liberal Democrats (the ‘please take our country over, we are so weak, perverted and ashamed of ourselves’ party), Labour (the ‘we really want to stick the knife into whites and twist it around’ party), and various other wastes of vote like the Monster Raving Loony party (seriously) or whatever else, the precious ‘white vote’ gets split up whilst the immigrants and descendants of immigrants are reportedly around 80% tied to Labour and other wishy-washy parties they owe allegiance to or who give them the best spoils.

      (Many Muslim Pakistanis in my town are Liberal Democrat, lol, how can this be, given the nature of Islamic ‘conservatism’ of views is a mystery to many, but Liberal Democrats are by far the softest and wettest party going, thus a great vehicle to advance their own agenda).

      Anyway, back to demographics, this abundance of non-whites tragically means that on present trends, as I see it, unless whites get together for a common cause, the non-white demographic (which is currently around 17% of the nation) now get to decide who our leaders are – and therefore what direction the country takes! How’s that for democracy?
      Like in America, the (laughably titled) “Conservative Party” here – which has FAILED to conserve a single damned thing in the last 70 years – are now facing a choice of whether to rally the white voter base or plump up their “non-white” credentials by out-doing Labour in the “we love blacks and Muslims and diversity” stakes.

      Ignoring for a moment the idea of a higher power deciding what happens anyway whoever is in office and given the intellectual and moral cowardice of the Conservative Party, I can guarantee you that it will, without any shadow of a doubt, be the latter one of plumping up their non-white credentials in a bid to compete with Labour. The first option would never have crossed their minds, and nor would they wish it to!.

      Anybody in Britain who still believes that democracy can save the day in the conditions we now have, both demographically and socially, never mind geographically scattered in terms of opposition, are delusional in my view.

      • It’s just me being my usual snarky self.

        Of course white Britons can vote. However, the way this article obsesses over the votes of this racial minority or that racial minority, and implies that you need them to win, it’s as if whoever wrote it either thinks that white people can’t vote or their votes really don’t matter.

        Or, alternatively, they don’t want the notion of such a thing as “the white vote” getting out there. Must not let the pale rubes think they actually have racial and ethnic interests.

      • David Ashton

        Elections are decided largely by votes in the “marginal” constituencies.
        The constituency returns are first-past-the-post.
        The Con/Lib/Lab parties unite as an “anti-racist” coalition, while the patriotic white opposition is divided at the polls by competition over rival personalities and policy details – a chance missed at five year intervals.
        The TV/print media is almost uniformly hostile to so-called “white racism”.
        Anti-immigration parties must operate in an anti-“hate”-speech/ethnic “discrimination” policed environment, without big-business or union subsidy.

        Yet UKIP, for instance, has popular support significantly greater than that of the LibDems but the latter are in government as a PC tail wagging a pseudo-Tory dog.

        • In recent years I have come to see the tragedy of electoral politics when it comes to nationalist ambitions.

          The pattern, generally, seems to be this:

          White area with little immigration = doesn’t care about the issue, generally socialist-left-liberal, Lib Dems, Labour, Greens.

          White area with a bit of immigration = traditional Conservatives hoping that the affluence of their area will keep the main thrust of it ‘somewhere else’.

          White area with a lot of immigration = UKIP and some larger than usual percent nationalist vote. Neither win the other parties, when split three ways.

          Then…. then…. that area gets consumed with white flight, higher demographic trends of non-whites, whilst two nationalist parties and UKIP split the vote looking for that magic ticket…..before it goes under and they cannot EVER win there.

          It does not work, none of them win, the area is lost. Political strategists look for the next hotbed potential area,……and rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat until we are completely washed away.

          This is why I increasingly think it is high time for us all to start thinking along radically different lines of strategy.

          • David Ashton

            The imminence of possible extinction concentrates the mind.

  • Spartacus

    “There are over half a million illegal immigrants in the UK; an amnesty
    would bring them into the tax system and, as Zahawi has argued, provide a
    significant economic boost.”


    When Tony Blair was elected, social security in the UK was 65 Billion pounds. Eight million immigrants later, and it’s now at 110 billion. That’s quite the boost, but I don’t think it’s the good kind… Then again, what do I know ? I mean, logic clearly means less than some piece of paper from a useless “college”…

    • William Krapek

      Adjusted for inflation £65 billion is now £100 billion. Adjusted for population it should be about £107 billion But now it’s £110? So the drag is noticeable if your number’s right – ESPECIALLY since relative to the overall population the immigrant population is small. So pound-per-pound £3 billion is a huge number.



      • Spartacus

        Are you sure the difference in inflation is that high ? It sounds like a lot, and Britain supposedly has a stable economy .

        • William Krapek

          Yes British inflation is modest, but it’s been more than 15 years since Blair was first elected.

          • Spartacus

            Hmm… I’ll take your word for it.

    • KenelmDigby

      The respected ‘Migrationwatch’ think tank really blew the appalling nonsense of an ‘amnesty’ boosing tax revenues right out of water, folowing a careful study.
      Virtually all illegal immigrants to the UK are bad educated and low skilled. Their earning power is exceedingly low. The UK has a very comprehensive welfare state that gives enormous cash transfers to the poor. It is certain that ‘amnestying’ illegal immigrants will cost the taxpayer *vastly* more than it will generate due to low tax contributions from the illegals and potential masssive welfare liabilities from the same source.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    There are over half a million illegal immigrants in the UK; an amnesty would bring them into the tax system and, as Zahawi has argued, provide a significant economic boost.
    Really? Wow.

    • I know! If only we could raise the number of illegal immigrants and issue more amnesties (which WILL come), we could therefore have endless waves of economic boots, throw off the national debt and become the engine of the world again! Hoorah! lol

      • KenelmDigby

        They wouldn’t tell even if they did know.

  • Erasmus

    The legacy of Tony Blair slithers on.

    In a more enlightened age Mr. Blair would be publicly drawn and quartered for what he did…to the cheers and jeers of a rightfully angry crowd of British patriots. I know it’s been over 300 years since one was last used but couldn’t parliament pass a bill of attainder?

    • IstvanIN

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the sovereign could proclaim him a traitor to God, Queen and Country and order “off with his head”. Constitutional monarchy has it’s flaws.

      • watling

        The Queen just does what the government tells her to. She could have vetoed our descent into the clutches of the EUSSR but has done sweet FA about it.

        Several people have written letters to her complaining about loss of sovereignty but they just get a standard reply stating that the Queen “defers to her ministers”. In other words she simply rubber stamps legislation. She’s not doing her job properly but nobody seems to care.

        Sadly we’ve become a nation of sheep and our head of state just a tourist attraction.

        • IstvanIN

          If the Queen actually stood up to the politicians she would end up like the Queen of the Netherlands and the Grand Duke of Luxemburg, stripped officially of all political powers. Would people really support the Queen if she vetoed something the House of Commons wanted? No. The press would scream “she’s thwarting democracy” and her people would fold like a cheap camera. There was a time people supported their sovereign, of course their was a time when people fought for their rights as well. We have become sheeple.

    • watling

      I’m sure that when the insanity of these last couple of decades are finally behind us and we get our country back we’ll look back on what Labour did with a much more critical eye. I’m confident that what Labour have done to this country will one day be recognised as destructive at best and evil at worst.

  • BlarneyMiller

    “It does not have to be this way. The black newspaper The Voice last month asked “Is Labour Losing The Black Vote?”

    So a black paper acknowledges that there is a black bloc vote and worries about blacks voting non-monolithicly. Yet if a white person suggests that white people vote in unison all hell breaks lose. Why do weak- willed whites fall for this, again?

  • IstvanIN

    If “minorities” can decide an election in the UK, then Britain is no longer British.

  • Rhialto

    Language note: P45 = Trash canned, fired, terminated.

  • KenelmDigby

    The sheer scale of race replacement, (fot that’s what it is), in the UK is breath-taking.
    It is a certainty that Britain will become a majority non-White nation sometime before 2050 – a date only 37 years away now. Of course many have persuasively argued that the previous New Labour administartion deliberately abolished immigration controls exactly in order to ecure for themselves a permanent, in-built, automatic parliamentary majority – and therefore perpetual dictatorial left-wing rule. And it looks like they have succeeded in doing just that.
    As for the Tory Party. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for their impending powerless status. Way back in 1968, the late, great Enoch Powell warned of exactly this occurrence. The Tories won the election of 1970 with a comfortable majority. Then, they had the chance of implementing the full Powellite agenda, (which included not just the strictest immigration control, but also a program of repatriation), but they refused to do so. At that time immigration was still quite ‘fresh’ to the UK, so a repatriation program would have been relatively painless.
    Now, belatedly, the Tories will pay a very heavy price for their cowardice and inaction.

  • David Ashton

    Simon Woolley of Operation Black [sic] Vote said: “The black vote has never been so powerful” (The Guardian, August 12). In nearly 170 marginal seats the “ethnic” vote is bigger than the majority of the sitting MP. This newspaper joyfully announced, and I spare you three pages of detail, “Minority votes could sway 2015 election”.

    I wrote in sarcastically: “Does this mean that the electoral majority are no longer masters in their ancestral homeland, and that these census-defined ‘White British’ have become mere political bystanders – not even four decades before their current 80% is reduced to less than 50% on demographic projections?
    “If so, there may eventually be little for specifically ‘black’-skinned voters to ‘celebrate’ when the remaining assets of the sidelined native population are subject to access-competition from Chinese, Muslim, Hindu, east European, and other colonial settlements.”

    “The Guardian” didn’t print my letter, but then as the saying goes, why buy the “Socialist Worker” when you can read “The Guardian” in your local library?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    If all white voters voted Conservative then we’d have a Tory government up until the exact moment we become a minority, The white vote, however, is split between Tory, Labour, LibDem, UKIP, and the Greens. It’s not just the BME voters who could/can swing the next election, but a far bigger number of traitorous whites. In the short term we need to win white voters over to our cause, or at least convert the millions of latent nationalists out there, THEN we can deal with the BME population.

  • KenelmDigby

    Does anyone really, seriously believe that New Labour would have been so keen on massive, uncontrolled third world immigration if the immigrants wer rock-solid die-hard Tory voters?
    No, I think not.

  • watling

    Tories frighten potential UKIP voters by warning that the resulting split right of centre vote would allow Labour back in.

    I think we need another dose of Labour so that people with short memories can be reminded of how bad that party is. Five more years of Labour would do so much damage to the country that I would expect UKIP to benefit greatly in the long term. The only risk is that Labour would drag this country down so far that recovery would be all but impossible.

    • Rhialto

      Our Republicans use the same tactics as your Tories: “The opposition is so much worse than us, support us or face dire consequences.”

      There is a bit of truth here, the Republicans, more or less, do support private gun ownership. The Democrats are opposed. So far, this issue has been enough for the Repubs to keep much of its White male support.

  • frederickdixon

    In at least some of these 170 constituencies the patriotic vote (UKIP/BNP) is far, far larger than either the incumbent’s majority or the BME vote (have a look at North Warwickshire for example), so wouldn’t it make sense to go after the patriotic vote? You would think so wouldn’t you? But sadly the Conservative party is entirely incapable of seeing that its best interests coincide with the best interests of white people