August Recess Has Begun–Congress Needs to Hear from You!

Chris Chmielenski, Numbers USA, August 2, 2013

The August recess begins this weekend, and with it, a crucial, month-long stretch where the fate of the Schumer-Obama amnesty bill very well could be decided.

Yesterday, dozens of pro-amnesty activists were arrested for disrupting traffic outside the U.S. Capitol, while several more were arrested just outside of House Speaker John Boehner’s office. Similar protests and acts of civil disobedience are being plotted across the country all in support of amnesty. It’s critical that the voices of those that oppose amnesty and support American workers are heard over the next several weeks.

Our Local Activism Coordinator, Melanie Oubre, is working day and night tracking down town halls, listening sessions, constituent hours, and other opportunities for you to meet with your Members of Congress during the August recess. In the coming weeks, she’ll be sending out notifications to those of you that have an event in your area and posting meeting alerts on your Action Board.

Here’s some additional information Melanie would like to share with you:

New tools for activists! 

NumbersUSA is now on! This feature allows you to meet other members before a town hall or plan your own event. “Join” and find your local town hall on this list to coordinate with other immigration activists in your area. You will have to submit your email.

We have a full list of town halls up on our site here. Please bookmark this site & check back frequently because we are adding new town halls everyday!

Remember, all town halls in your area will be posted on your Action Board once our staff finds the town hall details. Plus, you can now share town hall meetings straight from your Action Board on Facebook and Twitter!

Be fully prepared for a town hall by reading over suggested topics on our Stop Amnesty site.

Are you signed up to get town hall alerts? If not, click this link to subscribe.

Don’t see a town hall near you? Call your Rep and ask for his/her August schedule.

In advance of the recess, the immigration issue remained front and center throughout the week. A new study was released by the Government Accountability Office that found that the Department of Homeland Security has lost track of more than 1 million foreign visitors. These are foreign citizens who came to the United States on temporary visas, but there is no record of them ever leaving.

The Schumer-Obama amnesty bill includes a provision that requires completion of a biographic entry-exit system at sea and air ports, but it actually weakens current law by excluding land ports and requiring a biographic system instead of a biometric one. None of the bills currently under consideration in the House include entry-exit requirements.

Also this week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s plans to draft a DREAM-like amnesty bill suffered another set back when the union representing 12,000 immigration agents wrote a letter in opposition to any such bill. These agents would be responsible for handling the visa applications from illegal aliens who would benefit from an amnesty, and they say the agency is not prepared to handle the massive influx of applications.

Again, please continue to be on the lookout for any Town Hall notifications we send out and check our Stop Amnesty page for more details.

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  • Romulus

    We need to rally people. Granted we’re the ones paying all the bills by our hard work, but we need to become involved, if at all possible! We have to get our stuff together!! We don’t want to be railroad down to the bottom of our own country. Speak up for yourselves,convince our women of the consequences of massive immigration,miscegenation. Recapture our cultural memory!! Teach your children who they are. Fathers, raise your sons to become proud , strong, good men!

  • IstvanIN

    My Congress Chritter is Rush Holt. He doesn’t even put White children in his campaign mailers anymore.

    • bigone4u

      Call him out as anti-white. Send him a letter and ask him if white children have any value in his worldview.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Also go to the nearest local office of your congressperson. Just google “contact your representative” to find the congressperson’s web site. The web site will list local district office locations.

    Write a letter to the editor. Find the online version of your local newspaper, go to the opinion tab, get criteria (word count, etc.) for a letter and get it in the paper.

    Call the Washington office of the congressperson (number also available on the rep’s web site).

    Use the congressperson’s web site to email your representative.

    Use NumbersUSA’s handy “action buffet” to use their faxing capabilities.

  • Spartacus

    Send them copies of The Turner Diaries, maybe that’ll work.

  • Charles Lufkin

    August is an important month in the fight agaist amnesty.Most congresspeople will gauge their constituents views on the subject.The MUST hear from you.Call the congressperson and attend any town hall meetings.Cantor,Boehner,Goodlatte and Ryan are preparing an amnesty for millions of the invaders.There is NO more important issue.

  • Jackryanvb

    I have solid success lobbying staff members of any congressman in any state I have ever lived.

    Use *67

    It blocks your phone number so the receiving caller can’t identify your out of state area code.

    Be polite, ask to speak with a staff member who can take constituent concerns. Don’t lecture, rant or rave – try to tailor yor anti amnesty call in some way that might appeal to the Congressman, if lib Dem, stress concern about wages, schools, the environment, BLACKS – make bad guy, open borders GOP big shots like Karl Rove or Sheldon Adelson the enemy.

    If GOP, bring up 9-11-01, all the Conservative’s supposed support for a strong national defense is out the window if idiots, traitors let Islamic extremists flood in to our country on unsupervised student visas, over stay their visas and proceed to high jack our airplanes and mass murder our people here in our country, the Japanese don’t do this, nore the Swiss, Finns or Israelies, always note the Israelies – who manage to build good border fences, why can’t we?

    Let’s make those calls folks.