Afrikaner Activist Hein Boonzaaier Walks Free as State Withdraws Charges

Praag, August 26, 2013

Mr. Hein Boonzaaier, one of the accused in the so-called “Bloemfontein 4 terrorism case” has just walked free from the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court, with the state withdrawing all charges against him. After eight months of investigations, the state could not find evidence of wrongdoing against the blogger and activist.

Hein Boonzaaier

Hein Boonzaaier

Over the last few years Mr. Boonzaaier had visited the United States twice, also attending an American Renaissance conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to him, he was seen to be guilty “by association” in having sought support for the Afrikaner cause among US conservatives.

On 16 December 2012, the Day of the Vow for Afrikaners, Mr. Boonzaaier was out in his garden walking his beloved dog, an indigenous Boerboel bitch. He lives in Centurion, a suburb of Pretoria.

“It was exactly a quarter to eight in the morning,” he said. “The next moment there appeared 30 heavily armed policemen in full-body armour and with automatic weapons trained on me. I had no idea what was going on and did not know whether it was some kind of joke or whether I should run away.”

In an open letter published Monday in Afrikaans elsewhere on the PRAAG site, he explained how both his dog and his wife were threatened too, with the sub-machine guns being waved about. The heavily armed police had two warrants: one to search his house and another to arrest him for high treason.

He had to spend two months in prison before he was let out on bail. The state opposed his bail application, as well as those of the three other accused, Johan Prinsloo, Mark Trollip and Martin Keevy.

According to his legal team, “he should never have been arrested”. Boonzaaier stated: “I think it purely revolved around an attempt to discredit me, a goal in which the state and the media have amply succeeded.”

Trial by media

Mr. Boonzaaier’s day job is that of financial consultant. Both South Africa’s powerful Naspers media group and the left-wing Mail & Guardian newspaper castigated him with a “trial by media” during which he was vilified as a “right-wing extremist”, “coup plotter” and so on.

According to Boonzaaier there was an attempt to fabricate evidence against him by distorting statements he had made in the USA so that “it would sound as if he had said exactly the opposite of what he had said in reality”.

Before his arrest, Boonzaaier was involved in the formation of a new political party, the Federal Freedom Party, aiming to contest elections in 2014 in South Africa. He was elected as president of the new party. “My attempt to participate in democratic politics was, however, answered with a ham-fisted, wrongful arrest,” he said.

Boonzaaier is of the opinion that the order to arrest him came from within the ruling ANC. “The most bizarre thing was that the National Prosecuting Authority, which is an independent body in terms of the South African constitution, did not want to release me, despite there being no proper charge or evidence against me. Only when the minister agreed to it, was I finally released. South Africa is becoming more and more like Zimbabwe where the criminal justice system is controlled by politicians within the ruling party.”

“I think it was all part of a plan to discredit our political party, apart from it being directed against me personally. I got the impression that the government did not want me to take part in politics,” Boonzaaier said.

The case against his three fellow accused is continuing. Mr. Martin Keevy was previously declared “psychologically unfit to stand trial“, something which the state prosecutor is disputing. So Keevy has now been referred back to the Bloemfontein psychiatric institution which examined him in the first place for a second observation period of 30 days.

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  • Spartacus

    “Boonzaaier is of the opinion that the order to arrest him came from
    within the ruling ANC. “The most bizarre thing was that the National
    Prosecuting Authority, which is an independent body in terms of the
    South African constitution, did not want to release me, despite there
    being no proper charge or evidence against me. Only when the minister
    agreed to it, was I finally released. South Africa is becoming more and
    more like Zimbabwe where the criminal justice system is controlled by
    politicians within the ruling party.”


    What’s so bizarre about it ? All black countries are like Zimbabwe , the only difference is how much aid money they get .

    • Ngati Pakeha

      Are you implying the Simians are incapable of effective governance Spartacus? Did you not watch THE Hollywood classic with Charlton Heston in it? The Chimpanzees were the liberal scientifically minded apes, the Orangutans were the power-broking political class, whilst the Gorillas were the…Your starter for 10 people…What current demographic on present day earth remind you of the Gorillas in this movie?

      • Spartacus

        Hmm… I’ll go with Obama’s sons.

  • Oom Paul

    A Correction, it is “The Day of The VOW” not “The Day of The View”.

    Well anyway, I should maybe watch my back; I guess since I’m on this site it is only a matter of time before they come and kick down my door…

    • Sick of it

      Only access the site from public places if possible and never have anything attached to your name. Otherwise, yeah.

  • bigone4u

    Take the dogs, the wife, the children, and relatives and get out alive before the ANC kills you, sir. South Africa is run by a white-hating black mafia that wants you dead. That is the sad reality.

  • Oldcorporal

    At least this man and his numerous counterparts in Europe are standing up for their race. In the U.S., White nationalists are given no credence and, apparently, have few followers. Have we White Americans decided that racial suicide is really the best solution to the “black problem”?

    • Randall Ward

      What do you mean by, “at least this man…”? at least?

  • Randall Ward

    What I know about SA is what white former SA citizens have told me. Not good.

  • All these problems would be instantly and magically solved if South Africa would just add more amendments to its constitution.

    That was sarcasm, and sarcasm about a certain someone’s just released book, in case you didn’t notice.

  • me

    South African’s government is almost as corrupt as ours….

    • NorthSea

      That he sought support for the Afrikaner cause among U.S. “conservatives” shows the extent of his desperation.

  • MBlanc46

    An attempt to discredit him, perhaps, but it certainly looks like an attempt to intimidate. I have great sympathy for Afrikaners and other white South Africans, but it’s hard to imagine there’s any future for them in a country that’s well on the way to Zimbabwefication.

  • Nick A Siggers

    It is insane for the Afrikaners to remain in South Africa.
    I totally understand not wanting to leave your homeland, but they need to embrace the concept of white flight.

    • newscomments70

      That makes sense, but where should whites run to? Rhodesians used to run to South Africa for save haven…white and black. Now South Africans are looking for safe havens. The U.S. was a safe haven, but now we’re a black-ruled third world country. We keep running out of safe havens. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s time to push back.

      • Nick A Siggers

        The Afrikaners are out numbered 8 or 9 to 1, while the ingenuity and intelligence of the European mind could easily overcome the odds, the reality is there is not feasible outside support that would be required to remain.
        It is just a lost cause.

        On the other hand, in the US, Whites out number the sub Saharans five to one.
        And outside urban areas of the country it is even greater.
        There is no need to abandon the US, Whites just need to educate the oblivious segment of the population.

  • Our problems as white people are not the result of there not being enough words on a piece of paper.

    Part of our real problem set is that we have so many people that worship a document and think we can attain salvation in it.

  • jackryanvb

    Our Constitution sucks – the Declaration of Independence is even worse, declares painfully lying, race denying nonsense that it’s some “TRUTH” that all men are created equal, so the 37th illegitimate son of so low IQ Black gang banger is declared equal to our children and has some sort of God given right to have an equal good life as healthy, high IQ Whites, and when the Black underclass doesn’t do as well as Whites, doesn’t have the equal life that is promised to Blacks by all Liberals, Leftists, the media and also idiot Constitutionalist, Libertarian loons, the envious Blacks riot, loot, rape and murder.

    Hey Custer, the Constituion was written by Free Masons!

    Maybe we should give up on White American rule and invite the Japanese to rule us, like that great Japanese President/Emperor of Peru!

    Can the moderators here do something to drive away these race denying Constitutionalist Ron Paul cult followers?

    They are like vampires, once you invite them across your threshold, they never leave.

    Can we send them on some Mormon type mission to Liberia and have the US style Constituion restored there?

  • jackryanvb

    Let’s have a little more good news on Amren. Just about everything in Russia, about Russia is good news. Cossacks are back patrolling Russian streets against illegal NW aliens, Putin put that horrible Yukos Oil oligarch in a public cage/jail. That lesbian punk rock band “pussy riot” that desecrated a Russian Orthodox Church got sent to forced labor camp in Siberia. Russians win second Chetnian war against mountain Muslim scum. Russia Today is the only English language news side to take our side in crime, Muslim immigration stories.

    And Russia welcomes South African White farmers.

    Go Russia!

    $(&)@ idiot Reagan 80s Conservatives that wasted the 80s fighting …


    Never, ever tolerate old, White American Constitutionalist Conservatives who are always 50-100 years out of date on most everything.

    • And let’s pay attention to Russia when they’re advising us to stay out of Syria.

      Speaking of, I wonder where all our J-obsessed people are on AR now, you know, the ones who told us to let Chuck Bagel become Defense Secretary because he’ll keep us out of Middle Eastern useless wars, that “THE JOOOOOZ” (supposedly) hated him (reality: Most Jewish groups supported his appointment, most almost all Jewish Senators voted for his confirmation), that he once said something bad about Israel (rhetoric which is basically verbatim that leftist anti-Israel Jews have about Israel). Chuck Bagel wants us to march into Syria.

    • Romulus

      Russia has corrected their problem. So many came HERE! Perestroika in the 80’s &90’s and of course,last century.

  • jeffaral

    White South Africans could easily establish a homeland of their own if they started to organize and fight. As with most whites, they are cowards. Cowardness never pays off.

    • newscomments70

      They are not cowards. They fought liberal / marxist pressure for years, with their own blood. When the liberal US congress turned on them, there was no practical way to keep going on. Presently, there are significant Volksstaat movements going on in South Africa. Look up the Orania movement, it’s amazing. It is an Afrikaaner community that looks like the real South Africa. Furthermore, it keeps growing. Get your facts straight.