Woman Charged in Vandalism at National Cathedral Ordered Held Without Bond

Athena Jones, CNN, July 30, 2013

A woman arrested in connection with the splattering of paint in two locations inside the National Cathedral in Washington was ordered held without bond Tuesday.

Jiamei Tian, 58, has been charged with felony destruction of property. When officers arrested her on Monday, she had green paint on her clothes and shoes, and paint cans were found in three bags she had with her, according to a police report obtained by CNN.

Jiamei Tian

Jiamei Tian

If found guilty, she could face up to 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


A Mandarin interpreter was brought in to assist her during the proceedings.

According to court documents, Tian had a visa allowing her to be in the United States that expired on Saturday. She traveled on a Chinese passport.

Prosecutors argued she was a serious flight risk with no fixed address.

“She’s been in the community for only a few days, and the government would argue that there is strong evidence that the defendant’s presence in the district is for no other purpose than to deface national monuments and landmarks,” said prosecutor Kevin Chambers.


In other incidents, green paint was used recently to deface the Lincoln Memorial, a statue of Martin Luther in Thomas Circle and a statue in front of a Smithsonian building, the court documents said.


Tian was not immediately tied to those events, and her lawyer, Nancy Glass, argued there is no evidence directly connecting Tian to them.

Her clothes were sent to a forensics team to determine whether the paint on them matches the paint at the other locations.

Another landmark in Washington — Luther Place Memorial Church — was also defaced. The court documents allege that a woman matching Tian’s description was seen at the church Sunday. The church is right next to the defaced statue of Martin Luther.

White paint mixed with urine and feces was splattered on the church’s organ.


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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Is that Derbyshire’s wife?

  • I’ll admit it. I am SOOOOOOOO glad that it was a nonwhite foreigner who did this.

    • saxonsun


    • JohnEngelman

      I was hoping it would be a Tea Party activist, and an advocate of supply side economics.

  • David Ashton

    China is exporting more serious criminals than this loony.

    • I wonder what the Chinese will do if some American splattered green paint on the Great Wall?

  • Spartacus

    Yu So Wei Cis !

    • MekongDelta69

      I’m sorry. I didn’t quite get that. Could you tell me what number that is on the menu please? And do you want it to go or to stay?

      Thank you

    • Whirlwinder

      Som tin Wong

    • me

      It’s spread to China…LOL!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    She’ll have a cabinet position by the end of the year.

    • din_do_nuffins

      She’s not a White, so she has automatic Fail Upward Privilege.

    • Whirlwinder

      No, she is not Muslim

  • Rhialto

    Please note that the reference above is to “Martin Luther”, German religious leader, not to “Martin Luther King”, American political leader.

    • Biff_Maliboo

      Can you imagine the outcry if she’d defaced the Doctah Kang memorial?

      All these dead white guy monuments are inconsequential.

      • T_Losan

        google “old ass white guy” and see how many hits you get.

  • dd121

    The looney left will probably pardon her and grant her a permanent visa.

  • MartelC

    if a white had done it to the MLK memorial – it would have been national hate crime news – this woman will immediately be classified as ‘disturbed’ and the new story buried- even iif she says she wants all Christians do die -or that she was defiling Christian imagery (in fact the loonies at the National Cathedral will probably take her side!)

    a few months ago a chinese teenager defaced a 2000+ year old Egyptian monument – make no mistake -this is just a like a dog peeing to mark its property – the Chinese are not here sing songs about diversity…

    • John Yaeger

      If she’d done it to the MLK memorial, the press would be calling her a “White Chinese” by now…

  • bigone4u

    Urine and feces mixed with the paint? What’s up with that? For the sake of the diners, I hope she didn’t work at a Chinese restaurant.

    • [Guest]

      >>>Urine and feces mixed with the paint? What’s up with that?

      It’s a cultural thing. You wouldn’t understand.

  • MBlanc46

    Bill the Chinese government for the damage she caused, and if they don’t pay up, expel every Chinese national from the US.

    • Sick of it

      You wish, lol.

    • [Guest]

      Yes, and if they DO pay up, expel every Chinese national from the US.

    • JohnEngelman

      We can’t spare the IQ power.

      • MBlanc46

        Except for the restaurant and laundry (are there still Chinese laundries?) personnel, I’d be willing to risk it.

  • APaige

    They are monuments to a nation that no longer exists. That is why I consider myself a member of the white nation-not an American.

  • MekongDelta69

    Whew – for a minute there, I was worried she wasn’t a ‘multicultural’ illegal alien who lived up to the government’s leftist ‘standards.’

    1.) She ONLY defaced a “statue of Martin Luther.”

    2.) Imagine if she had defaced a “statue of Martin Luther King“?

    Since she only committed #1, NoBama will find a place for her as a Federal Worker.
    IF she had committed #2, she would have been Goetz’d and Zimmerman’d.
    [Do I really need to put “/sarc” here?!]

    • It is a pure shame she didn’t deface the statue of Martin Luther King. White paint mixed with urine and feces would be uniquely suited to that edifice.

  • APaige

    Once again more behavior from the model minority.

    • Sick of it

      Don’t forget the grad students who randomly kill people on college campuses.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Yep. Those peace loving Asians. They, like another ‘smart, elite’ group we all know tend to very hostile. Hey, you don’t like America, just get out!

    • JohnEngelman

      Who said they are perfect. They are the model white Gentiles should aspire to.

  • sbuffalonative

    I want to know her motive. Is she just a crazy person or was she symbolically attacking America?

    • White Mom in WDC

      She was symbolically attacking America.

      • me

        By using excrement and urine….but why the color green? A mystery….

        • Ella

          Try an environmentalist or “Greenie?” We have some Chinese chemical plants here in USA who also pollute us and provide jobs at the same time.

  • Pelagian

    In today’s news, Brooklyn has had a spate of church desecrations, including paint as an m.o. It’s the Atheist front. Another thing we’ll have to deal with in the Total Decline of Our Way of Life.

  • She’s obviously mentally unwell.

    On the other hand, at least she does not appear to have been a birth-tourist.

  • NM156

    The US Consulate in her city didn’t notice that she was talking to her “leader” from Zeta Reticuli while applying for a visa? The Dept. of State must have loose or nonexstent standards for admitting anyone to the US under Obama.

    • When I returned from Australia in June 1998, I flew Sydney-Narita-LAX. There was a separate line at Immigration for US citizens. I had no wait because I was the only one. The other line was long, and looked like a pedestrian traffic jam in Bangalore.

    • me

      Yup. The borders are as wide open as Hillary’s nether regions….

  • YourMOMA

    This woman is a by-product of real Chinese communist agenda. They have no respect for anything that we cherish in the United States. She spent her entire life learning about the evil capitalism and evil American people. Most Chinese can’t even leave their land without government approval.

  • din_do_nuffins

    The Cathedral will say “we caused her to suffer so much that she acted out and cried for help by vandalizing us; it’s all our fault again; we must do more to make the beloved immigrant community feel welcome and become included in the life of this place.”

    • me

      Yup. The Cathedral is definitely run by lunatics….

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    OK, let’s reverse this, let’s say I went over to China and defaced one of their historic national monuments with green paint mixed with feces, maybe a statue of Chairman Mao or something like that.

    Really, how long before I got a bullet in the back of the head?

    What will be the upshot of all of this?

    An apology for the delay in language translation, a free lawyer and an offer of immediate American citizenship and a democrat voter registration card.

    “Tian, of no fixed address”

    Sounds like she needs to be sent back to her “fixed” hell hole country ASAP.

    She represents the Green Tea division of the Tea Party

    –comment on original thread


  • Eagle_Eyed

    I cannot believe you deleted my post. Seriously? We cannot make fun of miscegenation when a large number of us clearly find it problematic?

    • Rhialto

      Only the moderator knows! Perhaps it was avoid conflicts with non-Liberals. Perhaps your comments were a bit too specificly insulting.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Ah, the Asians. You know I just don’t understand the hype. Most of the women have arces as flat as a board and the men have small penises. I’ll pass on that thanks. Yeah, I’ m over their food too.

    Green paint and poop. So much for the ‘cleanliness’ of Asians. She was essentially crapping on the monuments. Nice. She should have just dropped her drawers, but then she really wouldn’t have drawn much attention to herself. She’s butt ugly and probably has no ‘assets’.

    • The aspect to this that has me flummoxed is why she would travel this far to explore her inner dingbat, and at the age of 58. Couldn’t she have found three other players for Mahjong back home?

      Since she’s homeless, perhaps someone tossed her out for being a nutcase after the first 30 or 40 cats.

      • Joseph

        She’s probably damaged goods at home and figgers three hots and a cot are better than her prospects there.

        Or she’s just as crazy as the liberals in D.C.

    • me

      Only men that wound up on the ‘short end of the stick’ are attracted to tiny Asian women….

  • 5Sardonicus

    As the lady is an illegal alien (undocumented Democrat), maybe she was upset that the Gang of Eight hasn’t passed “shamnasty” yet? Even if she is imprisoned for vandalism, I doubt she will be ever be deported by the Obama administration. Our immigration and border security is a worldwide joke.

  • Anonymous White

    Why does she have curly hair? I smell a Chinese jew. John Engelman would love her.

  • Zack

    She needs to sue America for racism. I bet a white person made her do it?
    I think she should get 488 Zillion Dollars, in China an American would be shot on the spot for something like this.

    • me

      Shot and harvested for body parts.

  • saxonsun

    I’m curious though. Why green?

  • me

    Yes. Wait and see….

  • me

    Our current ‘commander in chief’ deserves nothing less….

  • JohnEngelman

    You tell wrong. The National Cathedral is one of my favorite sites in
    Washington, DC. Some of my earliest memories are connected to it.

  • Ella

    Maybe she declared herself as an “abstract expressionist” artist–your example of great multicultural educational exchange programs.