Spread-Eagled Against the Wall and Marched Off Single-File: How Russia Deals with Illegal Immigrants

Anthony Bond, Daily Mail (London), July 31, 2013

Captured and humiliated, these pictures show how Russia is cracking down on its illegal immigrants.

Police officers raided Moscow’s Tyoply Stan market yesterday to detain dozens of suspected illegal immigrants.

Russian authorities are currently holding a number of large scale operations to identify those staying in the country illegally so they can be expelled.

After rounding up the men, the police and immigration officers then displayed their no-nonsense approach in front of the cameras.

The men were spreadeagled against a large police bus, with their clothing searched by a police officer.

Others were made to wait, standing with their hands behind their necks as officers looked on.

Eventually, when they were all processed, they were frog-marched single-file onto the bus, each made to hold onto the man in front’s shoulders.

The authorities in Russia are currently holding large-scale operations to identify illegal immigrants and expel them from the country.

It is believed that out of 11 million migrants currently living in Russia, four million do so illegally.

They are mostly people from states which used to belong to the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Speaking at the beginning of this month, Dmitry Demidenko, from Russian Federal Migration Service, said:

‘As of June 28, 2013, 11,193,289 immigrants are living in Russia. And 3.76 million out of the whole number live here illegally.

‘We are searching for them and expel from the country as we find them.’


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  • I suspect they will merely walk right on back to Russia unless Vladimir marches them into a giant mass grave.

    • sbuffalonative

      Hit ’em fast and hit ’em hard.

      While a few may return, those sent back will likely share their experiences with others. It may cause some to question the wisdom of making the trip.

  • sbuffalonative

    Russian authorities are currently holding a number of large scale operations to identify those staying in the country illegally so they can be expelled.

    Meanwhile in the US, our government plays ‘catch-and-release’. Before they’re released, they’re issued an appearance summons for one or two years after being detained.

    • Talltrees

      And during those two years they are allowed anything and everything carte blanche.

  • Puggg

    This is to protect the cops. The front one has his hands behind his back with everyone else behind holding their hands away from their bodies touching the shoulders of the man in front. This is how you do it if artificial restraints aren’t available or practical.

  • David Ashton

    No amnesty suggestions as in Britain or America.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Here Mr. Obama invites illegals to the White House and refuses to enforce immigration law as he meets with them.

      Hey Barry O! Don’t look now, but there’s a whole tassle of ’em right there in your office! Want me to call INS while you keep ’em occupied? What? No?


  • bigone4u

    Putin’s government is showing Obama how it should be done, but Obama is too busy playing golf, cuddling with Reggie Love, and vacationing to pay any attention. But Putin doesn’t need the votes the way the DemcRAT party does. Republicans, let Putin show you how to do it.

    • WR_the_realist

      I for one favor every hour that Obama is playing golf, cuddling with Reggie Love, watching sports on TV, or is asleep in his bed. Those are the only times he isn’t ruining the country. I’d favor the pointless vacations too, if they weren’t so obscenely expensive.

      • bigone4u

        Agreed, but if my above comment were complete I’d have to start speculating that Obama is just a front man, not the real boss. The Kenyan mystery man seems to me to have been groomed for the job because the powers that be have enough on him to make him do their bidding. So, in a way it doesn’t matter if he sleeps all day and does cocaine all night. He just says what the telepromter says to say. Others write the words and the laws.

    • Talltrees

      Reginald L. Love served as the special assistant and personal aide, commonly referred to as body man for taking care of the president’s needs. (Wikipedia)

      Does anyone wonder about that relationship?

      • It fairly well known that Obama frequented a gay bathhouse in Chicago.

  • Spartacus

    What if they’re kicking out only the white ones… Sorry, but I don’t trust Putin any more than I can throw him.

  • haroldcrews

    Russia is a nation. ‘America’ is merely a social construct.

    • libertarian1234

      That’s exactly what it has turned out to be.

  • Evette Coutier

    In Obama’s future America natural born citizens will be spread eagle against the wall and marched away. We must make room for illegals.

  • Luca

    Same could be done here. It took us 25 years to get into this mess, it good be dramatically improved in less than 10.

    Common sense says first plug the hole in the ship and then start bailing a bucketful at a time. Eventually the problem is solved.

    Leftists want the water to remain in the ship while they engineer new ways to drill more holes. The ship will sink, but they don’t care, they have first-class seats on the lifeboats.

    • kjh64

      Yes, it could be dramatically improved in 2 years. Build a 2000 mile double border fence: put the national guard on the border : get rid of birthright citizenship: e-verify for anyone applying for work or welfare benefits:; allow landlords to be able to check the status of foreigners and refuse to rent to illegals ; enforce the law requiring foreign nationals to carry their green card/papers which police can ask for if they are stopped; allow profiling of those most likely to be illegal; get rid of sanctuary cities and allow government at every level to enforce and deport illegals; deport immediately all criminal aliens. Do this and in ONE year, most of these illegals would be gone and the others would cease to come. It would also stop a lot of violence and crime and most people and drug smuggling at the border.

    • dmxinc

      The problem is that our fellow citizens are up for doing much about it, especially the “citizens” that have had that citizenship bestowed upon them recently and are bringing their family members to live with them.

  • Defiant White

    This is all show. We don’t need lessons on public policy from the mongoloidal russkies.

  • JohnEngelman

    We should learn from the Russians on this issue.

    We should also learn from the Soviet prison system. Many in the Soviet prisons were political prisoners. Nevertheless, it worked for civil criminals as well. Prison labor helped the Soviet Union prepare for World War II. It helped sustain the Soviet Union during the War. It helped the Soviet Union recover from the war.

    Criminals do not deserve remedial education, job training, and recreational opportunities. they have debts to pay society.

    • How does their denial of education and job training “repay” society?

      Unlike you, I’ve actually been to prison. Most of my friends went back. David Veren just finished another stint in state for some drug offense. He used to be a mechanical engineer, but never got over his mother’s cancer death. Robert Ocampo has an out-date sometime in 2036: cocaine and guns. He used to plan out perfectly good small business start-ups in meticulous detail, and then never bothered getting a small business loan and just doing one of them. I hoped he’d go legit once he was out.

      You are trying to address an only vaguely-related collection of social problems as if they were really just one phenomenon.

      • me

        Engelman, that is a horrible idea. You and I would wind up in a gulag for ‘political thought crimes’, just as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow. Also, although Michael never mentions it, you’d be passed around to Bantus like a joint–to act as their sex dolly. Bantus love to rape White boys in prison….

        When you have prisons for profit, it opens the door to extreme abuse. When you have a militarized police force, you’re going to have a cowed and fearful populace. When you write ‘laws’ that are unlawful, tyrannical, and overreaching power grabs, you create a climate of distrust and hopeless fear. When you have a ‘war on drugs’, what you really have is a war on your own populace. When you have a justice system that’s so screwed up and money-driven, based on racial discrimination of European Americans, you don’t have any justice. When you have a bunch of globalist-driven money whores as career politicians, you’re going to get the ‘amnesty’ lies and bills drawn up to reward invaders and lawbreakers. When you have a gun grab by the Feds, who have the luxury of appointed, tax-funded body guards, you have big trouble. When you have a group of Washington DC communists telling the US citizenry what they can and can’t do, think, or say, you have the current mess of terrorist rule. When you have a cartel of international bankers owning the Federal Reserve that prints fiat dollars, runs our country’s wealth, interest rates, and dollar value, you’re going to have massive corruption in politics and in the banking industry. The banking industry and Wall Street are dens of thieves and miscreants. When you have an unregulated and unaccountable IRS, and a Federal government that steals money from one productive ethnic group to give to other non-productive ethnic groups, and uses the IRS as a punitive political tool, you have a stagnant, loss-driven economy.
        What we need is an all-European country again, with strict voting laws limited to land-owning males. And a repeal of the ‘corporations are people’ ruling by our stupid SCOTUS ‘justices’. You need a free press that’s not owned by a few moguls that censor everything that’s pertinent for an informed populace. You need a future for European Americans, where they’re not always the last in line in a country created, built, and paid for by European Americans.You need You need a return to sanity…. Whew! Long winded, but sincere….

  • MekongDelta69

    That’s how Ike got rid of all his/our “Borats” – Operation Wetback

  • John R

    I am sorry to say this, but I am afraid that, in another generation or so, Russia will be the only real superpower in the world. She has a large, majority White population, and vast natural resources. But, most importantly, she is the only majority White nation I know of that is not infected with liberal politically correct “White Guilt.” As such, the people and government of Russia still generally look out for their own interests, not minority interests.
    By contrast, Americans and Europeans, seem paralyzed out of fear of appearing “racist” against blacks, Muslims, Arabs, Arabs, any non-whites they find. I hope this situation changes, but for the time, it seems only the Russians are relatively immune from “White Guilt.” Why do I believe this is so? Because, while the West was being quietly taken over by Liberalism, Russia was under the iron grip of Communism. Between the two systems, liberals used propaganda far more effectively than the communists did. Communist propaganda is cartoonish and almost childish. Communism relied on state coercion to keep the people in line, therefore the propaganda did not need to be as effective.
    It is sad that in a few more years, I myself might even find Russia more desirable to live in than America. We White Americans must wake up and save our society. We must realize that the only REAL issue these days IS race. And what is occurring today is nothing short of a racial struggle, and you either support your own people, or you are a traitor. A race is nothing more than an extended family. You must defend your family.
    So, next time you consider a political position, I don’t want you to think of yourself as a man, or a woman, as an old person, or a young person, as a white or blue collar worker, as middle class, upper class, or poor, as Catholic or Protestant, or even atheist. We White people cannot afford to be divided up by these meaningless categories. Notice the other races in this country. Do THEY have “gender gaps” in voting? No. Race is all that matters to them. If only we had half the racial solidarity that black people have! What a difference that would make.

    • Pelagian

      From a spiritual perspective, it almost appears that God is preparing the Russian people for the conversion prophesied in 1917 by Our Lady of Fatima. Dont be surprised if a white nation brings peace to the world … through strength.

    • Defiant White

      You’re living in a fantasy land. QUOTE: “man, or a woman, as an old person, or a young person, as a white or blue collar worker, as middle class, upper class, or poor, as Catholic or Protestant.”

      Those divisions (and nationalism) are REAL. “Whiteness” is not real. Hillary Clinton is white. Nancy Pelosi is white. Obongo is half-white. Simple “whiteness” is not enough.

      At some point, “white nationalism” is going to have to grow up and declare itself MORALLY, SPIRITUALL;Y, ECONOMICALLY and POLITICALLY. Who are we? What do we stand for?

      Right now, as your post shows, we’re just playing at revolution. Everything about us is hazy and undefined. Except for hating jews and other non-whites, who EXACTLY, are we?

      • John R

        I could write an entire book in reply to your post. But, I will say briefly, I KNOW WHAT I AM. AND I KNOW WHAT A WHITE PERSON IS. Briefly:
        1. We are persons of a common EUROPEAN HERITAGE/LINEAGE. Despite our ethnicity, we have ancestors that trace back to the various Anglo Saxon, Nordic, Teutonic tribes of Europe. Even Italy, and Spain are affected by these peoples, although there is some admixture.
        2. We are persons that are defined by certain obvious physical traits. Among these are of course light skin. More importantly, we are THE ONLY RACE that has multi colored eyes and hair in it’s bloodlines. Even Italians have the occasional blond. Other races have these traits only among albinos, a genetic defect.
        3. Historically we have a common political tradition. This includes a respect for the rights and DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL. Even the Spanish Conquistadores enacted the LAWS OF THE INDIES to respect the rights of the native peoples they conquered. That was in 1600! NO OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE RESPECTS THE RIGHTS OF OUTSIDERS OR EVEN THEIR OWN PEOPLE. I could go on about Magna Charta, the Reformation, the Renaissance, Human Rights, Geneva Convention, etc. etc. No non-European people respects human rights like White people do, and they only do today at the pressure of White Western nations.
        4. Yes, final point: We are a people who have a common WESTERN HERITAGE. This from the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the English, the French, and finally the NATIVE AMERICANS! (NOT INJUNS) There is an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to this tradition. One that is not shared by a Middle Easterner, an African, a Chinese, or an American Indian.
        There, I hope that answers your question. I know what I am, and I think most of my fellow posters here on this website know who they are. We are not the ones who need to grow up.

  • Romulus

    Makes you wonder about one krushevs most famous quotes. Who’s getting buried by illegals?

  • Pelagian

    Today I read that they banned four-letter words as part of their anti-pornography campaign. Its looking more and more like Russia is the best nation on earth. They’re not super rich (yet) but their at least sane.

    • Strider73

      It’s looking more and more like Russia is the best nation on earth.

      A disillusioned NSA man goes to Russia to avoid torture and murder by his own government. Wealthy Europeans go to Russia to avoid confiscatory taxes. Which side really won the Cold War??

    • libertarian1234

      They also made it illegal for homosexuals to propagandize their youth, something they fanatically pursue here.

  • Terra Magnum Imperium

    I bet all the Ukrainians, Belarusians and Central Asians are regretting the break up of the CCCP now…

  • MBlanc46

    I remember discussing illegals with a good friend of mine, a very bright and well-informed guy. He said “You can’t just deport them all”. I replied that I thought that we could. I guess the Russians have just settled the argument.

    • Strider73

      It is not necessary to deport them all. Have your friend look up “Operation Wetback” in the 1950s. Relatively few illegals were actually captured and sent packing. The rest saw the handwriting on the wall and left on their own. It’s called “self-deportation.” We have already seen a small version of it due to the economic meltdown that started in 2008. No doubt the Russian government is publicizing photos like the one from the article as a warning to the remaining illegals — leave now or the same fate awaits you.

  • Eddie Lutz

    The Russian government is making all the right moves but the people are still damaged goods from a century of Communism and instead of having children they lead the world in abortions – more than twice the number of abortions as the runner up (USA). The whites there are going extinct just like everywhere else. No family = no future.

    • kjh64

      Most Whites don’t have kids as the result of pregnancy prevention in the form of birth control.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Russia will soon be declared by the UN Human Rights Commission as a “Hate Regime that brings back painful memories of lynching and ku kluxism in the South.”

  • Chris Granzow XI

    “…They are mostly people from states which used to belong to the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine…”

    Ugh, no. More shoddy journalism from the DailyMail. Most of the illegal immigrants are from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgzstan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The countries they listed have virtually no migration (legal or illegal) to Russia; and in fact have returned little by little to their home countries since the fall of the ussr.

    • Jackryanvb

      Ask that Yukos Oil oligarch who’s side Putin is on.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        He’s only truly gone after 3 oligarchs (Vladimir Gusinsky, Khordokovsky, and Berezovsky). He didn’t go after them because what they were doing was bad for Russia; but, rather because they entered politics and challenged his power. There are more corrupt oligarchs who have submitted to him and become part of his inner-circle. He hasn’t done anything about the Donbass oligarchs in Ukraine either (who are sucking the blood out of that nation too). It’s worth noting, that Berezovsky actually outed Putin and the FSB as behind the apartment bombings that led to the 2nd Chechen War. Numerous ethnic Russians were killed in these bombings, which were a pretext for a war in which even more ethnic Russians would be ethnically cleansed from Chechnya. Putin has never officially recognized this genocide either. Here’s a documentary by Berezovsky about how the FSB was behind the apartment bombings and got caught red-handed: youtube. com/watch?v=9sx2YmSXDy8 .

        • Jackryanvb

          You take the side of Oligarch Berezovsky over nationalist tough guy, James Bond hero Putin? WTF? Will you next argue that Trotsky and Beria were also pro White Russian nationalists?


          • Chris Granzow XI

            I’m just calling it how I see it. I don’t like Berezovsky, but his documentary is worth a glimpse. Watch it and see what I’m talking about. What is the point of getting mad at an Uzbek immigrant who stabs a Russian girl, when your president has killed hundreds of ethnic Russians by himself. I think people like us get so desperate for a savior sometimes that it goes overboard into false optimism. Btw, Putin is no nationalist, he puts people like that in jail. The United Russia party is Russia’s version of the Democrat party; it gets its strongest turnout from minorities. If you can read Russian, you might want to look into the book “Нетаджикские девочки. Нечеченские мальчики.”

  • Jackryanvb

    I’m so proud to be 25% Russian. Everything I want to do in America, the Russuans do in an “In the face” manner.

    Remember when Putin put the worst Oligarch (Yukos oil) in a public cage jail when he tried to start American style TV networks, lib min political parties?

    Remember when that degenerate Lesbian Leftist punk rock band invaded an historical Russian Orthodox Church? They were convicted and sent to work camp in Siberia!

    Homosexual marriage equality, huge gay rights parades in Russia? Ahhhhh no.

    Now Russia is showing the lead on non White immigration. Way to go Russia!

    • Loving one’s Russian ancestry isn’t much different than appreciating any other heritage: one can cherry-pick the good parts and ignore the rest. It’s what we do as individuals from one day to the next that makes us what we are.

  • Jackryanvb

    Oh shut up. Neo con trolls are on Amren.

    • RF

      I am a Russian Nationalist who certainly understands what is going on in my country much better than you who fell for stupid and shallow propaganda. Most of my Nationalist friends have been persecuted by Putin’s regime for their public activism. Four of them, including a man of the highest possible caliber, Igor Artemov of RONS, had to emigrate.

      • Jackryanvb

        Just make some minor adjustments. Do White Nationalism from a current pro White Russian nationalist perspective. Don’t try to use 1930s German National Socialist flags, images, German nationalism

        When in Rome…

        • Puggg

          We have to understand that Russians might not take too kindly to symbols of a certain previous German national socialist movement. Hard feelings for that whole Operation Barbarosa thing.