Posted on July 31, 2013

Spread-Eagled Against the Wall and Marched Off Single-File: How Russia Deals with Illegal Immigrants

Anthony Bond, Daily Mail (London), July 31, 2013

Captured and humiliated, these pictures show how Russia is cracking down on its illegal immigrants.

Police officers raided Moscow’s Tyoply Stan market yesterday to detain dozens of suspected illegal immigrants.

Russian authorities are currently holding a number of large scale operations to identify those staying in the country illegally so they can be expelled.

After rounding up the men, the police and immigration officers then displayed their no-nonsense approach in front of the cameras.

The men were spreadeagled against a large police bus, with their clothing searched by a police officer.

Others were made to wait, standing with their hands behind their necks as officers looked on.

Eventually, when they were all processed, they were frog-marched single-file onto the bus, each made to hold onto the man in front’s shoulders.

The authorities in Russia are currently holding large-scale operations to identify illegal immigrants and expel them from the country.

It is believed that out of 11 million migrants currently living in Russia, four million do so illegally.

They are mostly people from states which used to belong to the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Speaking at the beginning of this month, Dmitry Demidenko, from Russian Federal Migration Service, said:

‘As of June 28, 2013, 11,193,289 immigrants are living in Russia. And 3.76 million out of the whole number live here illegally.

‘We are searching for them and expel from the country as we find them.’