Man Chased Gold Coast Robber Because ‘I Was Sick of It’

Rosemary Regina Sobol, Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2013

As real estate broker Gary Dailey made his way through the throngs of people gathered on the Gold Coast lakefront Thursday night to enjoy the fireworks, what was initially all about families, children and the Fourth of July changed into something else.

Dailey, 51, on his way to meet his girlfriend near a “quiet crowd” of children and adults, was confronted with something less quiet—a large, noisy group of individuals crowded into the center of a tunnel that led under Lake Shore Drive near Division Street.

“They were screaming and yelling and scaring everybody,” Dailey said, indicating that there was a crowd of about 40 people backed up while the rowdy group was “roughhousing” in the center of the tunnel.

Dailey said he hesitated “for about a half a second” and thought about going up to the next crossing at Oak Street, but decided against it and kept making his way through.

One of the rowdies tried to take his cellphone, but he “slapped his hand down.” Then he heard a woman behind him scream and turned to look, seeing a woman with a child about 12 to 14 feet behind him who was being accosted by a man wearing a red shirt.

“The gentleman in question grabbed her hand and was kind of twisting it,” Dailey said.

The woman screamed, “You (expletive), you’re stealing my phone” before throwing a water bottle at the man and taking off after him as he ran away with her phone, a police report on the incident said.

The red-shirted man headed in Dailey’s direction with the woman in pursuit until someone else—an unknown co-offender, according to the police report—tripped her, Dailey and police said.

“He started running toward me and he ran up to the stairs and I decided I was sick of it,” Dailey said.

So he said he sprinted after the man, chasing him for three or four blocks before the man, about 35 feet in front of him, turned around and headed back toward Dailey.

Dailey said he then saw numerous police cars and sirens at the corner of Division and Lake Shore Drive responding to reports of the incidents in the underpass. Police soon apprehended the man in the 1200 block of North Lake Shore Drive, and 18-year-old Quejuan Henley, of the 1300 block of East 72nd Place, was later charged with robbery in the incident, police said.

Quejuan Henley

Quejuan Henley



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  • The__Bobster

    So he said he sprinted after the man, chasing him for three or four blocks before the man, about 35 feet in front of him, turned around and headed back toward Dailey.
    Didn’t he learn from the Treeboon Marr-Inn case that you’re never to coonfront those little angels?

    • Three or four blocks south is the corner of Oak Street and Michigan Avenue where it has become the norm to have 7+ beat cops stationed on the corners. Three or four blocks north is North Avenue where it is routine during events to have a couple of patrol cars stationed.

      My guess is he was going south to catch the Chicago Avenue bus.

    • Here’s my story called:

      There’s this poor little black child with his whole future in front of him that only wants to be a pilot. He treks to a distant store to get a bit of candy and a soda with the money that he earned helping little old ladies cross the street. While on the way back to his home with a bag of Skittles, a soft drink and a lollypop that he got for his big brother while whistling the tune Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

      As he’s walking along, all by himself, minding his own business while watching for a little old lady to help, a fierce storm begins. The rain starts to come down by the bucket, sometimes blowing sideways nearly blinding the poor little innocent Trayvon Martin. As poor little Trayvon walks along the storm grows fiercer and fiercer. The mighty winds now shrieking through the trees like a legion of demons.

      The clouds grow blacker and blacker. The lightning begins to crash all around him. Little Trayvon grows very afraid but trudges on bravely through the mighty storm. All the while trying desperately to utter a prayer for salvation from the now unearthly gale. His voice is barely audible crying out into the blackness of the night saying, “Lord,
      Lord, please save your humble servant.

      When out of nowhere, a mean old Nazi with fangs and gnarled, menacing fingers jumps on him from behind for no reason at all. The mean old Nazi knocks him to the ground, steals his Skittles and lollypop and shoots him in the back of the head 5 times. Then to cover up his evil, vile, satanic deed the Nazi beats his head against the concrete, punches himself in the face and starts screaming for help.

      As the police take the evil Nazi into custody a band of heavenly angels weep for the poor little black child. But all is not lost for the Archangel Rastus is heard saying “fear not, for I am come”. As the Archangel Rastus draws near to the fallen body of poor little Trayvon he retrieves the body and takes it into the now still sky to be with the heavenly angels forever and ever. As the golden chariot fades into the distance the angels are heard singing the tune, Swing Low Sweet Chariot more lovely than it had ever been sung before.

      C. C. Conrad

      • gemjunior

        What a beautiful, inspiring story. If only all of us had half the courage of this young man, our country would be a much better place. This just brought me to tears – these vicious Nazis (white men, surely?) need to be brought to justice. You know that they target these hardworking, aspiring young students because of the color of their skin, don’t you? Light brown to shiny eggplant. Sigh.

  • The__Bobster

    The red-shirted man headed in Dailey’s direction with the woman in pursuit until someone else—an unknown co-offender, according to the police report—tripped her, Dailey and police said.

    Bantus are cowards and usually work their evil in packs. Even if there was only one perp, another Zulu would find it incumbent upon himself to trip a pursuing White victim.

  • Easyrhino1

    No doubt most of us are also “sick of it” but a cell phone isn’t worth getting shot or stabbed over.

    • Sick of it

      If this keeps up, I could become as popular as Anonymous.

    • Spartacus

      Dealing with a mud, in a permanent manner whenever possible, needs no secondary “motivation”.

      • CoweringCoward

        Do remember in this surveillance state, that if any Amren or other “realist” site visitor ever has to put down a feral bantu, they will have to answer for being a racist and visiting such sites. No matter what the bantu does, he will be a saint.

        • Spartacus

          They won’t have to answer for anything if the corpse is never found…

  • anarchyst

    He will probably be brought up on charges for interfering with a bantu’s “trade” . . .

  • This tunnel is 100 yards east of where I live. And because of the Clark/Division Red Line stop is two blocks west of me, it is the reason i avoid certain events.

    I used to go down to the beach to walk sometimes late at night (it’s not legal but if you walk/bike on the trail as if traveling the police won’t bother you), but in the last month it has gotten darker after dark with groups of eyes and teeth loitering). This area is very white, the nearest ghetto housing is over a mile away.

    • evilsandmich

      I would guess that ‘public transportation’ is to blame. I know the local bus stops around me are good at disgorging ghetto day vacationers who then plague otherwise worthwhile areas.

      • IstvanIN

        Sort of like NJ’s “Riverline” rail line which revived an old Reading RR line between Camden and Trenton. Just what we needed.

      • This has me hoping that Colorado Springs never restores evening and weekend bus service.

      • MBlanc46

        Absolutely, and it also provides hunting grounds for the smart phone-ipod thieves.

    • CoweringCoward

      Concealed carry is coming to the chicongo. Maybe some more folks will feel like taking a more “proactive” role in their respective areas security.

    • JDInSanDiego

      One mile is way too close. The nearest ghetto to me is 15 miles. We call it Mexico.

      • It’s about 15 miles for me as well, also south. The neighborhoods near Fort Carson are infested.

    • MBlanc46

      When I think of some of the things I used to do when I lived in Hyde Park, I get a chill down my spine. I had a lot of sheer dumb luck in those days. Of course, in those days the hood rats weren’t quite as uppity as they are now.

  • tech

    What a man; we need more of them.

  • RHG

    To bad he wasn’t armed, he could have given him the “Zimmerman” solution.

    • willbest

      Conceal carry isn’t legal in IL just yet. Almost

      • It’s legal as of now, but the first permits probably won’t be granted for months. The problem is certain jurisdictions like Chicrazy are going to make so many places no carry zones that they’ll make the whole city that way. Another problem is that there is no out-to-in reciprocity, meaning Illinois won’t recognize any other state’s permits.

        • evilsandmich

          Ohio munis pulled the same stunt and their overreach caused the statehouse to ban localized gun laws. The libs in Cleveland squealed like pigs, but then continued to do absolutely nothing about the illegal guns in the city (apart from gun buy-backs that allow ghetto dwellers to dump their trashed and/or hot firearms).

        • Erasmus

          This new law is really going to cut hard into Obama’s traditional base of support. Soon there will be hundreds of Trayvon Martins.

          • Maybe not. Do you think the typical CCW permit holder is actually going to want to hang around the south side of Chicago at midnight?

  • OhWow

    Large group of uhh….kids came.

    Add “uhh…kids” to the list of terms liberals use to avoid blaming blacks.

  • MawellAxel

    Queerjuan was pulling the old Traycon Martin, he got upset that he wasn’t allowed to violate laws and public safety and he decided he was going to deal with the “preep-as crackah”, so he started to head back towards his pursuer. Too bad for him, he got nabbed.

    • No, my guess is he saw a congregation of CPD officers.

  • Romulus

    “The individuals were rough housing!, eh! That must be newsspeak for blacks.
    The media will continue to ignore the problem unless we take a stand!

  • BlarneyMiller

    I chased black thugs on two occasions because “I was sick of it.”

    Just last year I was at the Metro when I heard a man screaming “Stop! Thieves! Stop them!” I looked up to see a middle aged man chasing after the usual suspects — three black male teens. I looked around and saw nobody budging to help this man so I thought “I’m sic of it” and chased after the thugs. I chased after them, but then thought that I have wife and kid at home and can’t afford to get killed by these “teens”.

    On another occasion, when I was still a delusional white Liberal, I was driving through a bad area of town and saw the usual suspect (a young black male) ruthlessly beating the snot out of an elderly black man with the older man’s own cane. I thought the old geezer might die so I stopped my car, got out, and chased off the thug. Nowadays I know better. I realize that I’m lucky to be alive being a white guy chasing after a black guy in the black part of the city, and I realize that I’m lucky that my car was still there when I got back.

    • MawellAxel

      Black on black crime is a “fambly affair” as far as I am concerned.

      • CoweringCoward

        Yeah, sorta the “self cleaning oven” effect, wish it were even more effective.

    • I did it one night on my way to the store. One of them gave me the “Hey big guy”, I gave him the leave me alone palm in response and then turned just enough that I could see him out of the corner of my eye.

      He made wave motions to someone on the SW corner from the NE corner we were on and then pointed at me. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911 and just started walking at him.

      Never have I seen a rat scurry as fast as he did. I ran after him for a block. Figured that was enough as he actually hadn’t done anything yet so I would have been the one in trouble.

  • newscomments70

    There is no comments section in the orginal article on the Chicago Tribune…I wonder why.

  • This is 3 blocks north of the Mag Mile. At Oak Street, Usually North/South LSD requires a turn east to go south and the street you are on turns into Michigan Avenue if going south. It can be a very confusing corner

  • Easyrhino1

    You have to be smart and pick your battles wisely. A cell phone can be replaced, your life cannot.

    • Joseph Bryant

      Bullys don’t stotp bullying until you punch them. Once enogh people do, they stop. Because in their heart of hearts they’re cowards that target those they see as weak.

      • MBlanc46

        Many of these guys are out-of-control thugs who would just as soon kill you as look at you; they sometimes do. This isn’t the schoolyard, it’s the streets.

    • MBlanc46

      Well said. But for those who are physically and mentally up for confrontation, good on ’em.

  • I would be open to meeting prior to attending a CAPS meeting or something like that.

    I like to go down late when I can’t sleep or wake up and can’t go back to sleep (currently not employed). But in the past few weeks, the number people on the other side of that tunnel “do not live close by” has increased, always in groups, unless it is a white girl with one.

    Leave a post at paradisegone dot com, no posts are automatically approved and no post that one wouldn’t want approved would be.

  • The flash mobs on a smaller scale actually began the day after Obama was elected in 2008. Chicago Skyline paper did a fairly good job of publishing crime reports (just blurbs) back then. The attacks at that time were always along west bound streets that went across the river or streets that had easy access to the Cabrini Row Houses. I think some buildings have gated off access via their property from La Salle to Wells as Oak was snag and run bad for a while.

    Oh and by the way, you can’t live east of the tunnel …. that’s the lake.

  • People like the female in this story are to stupid to realize that the “fashion accessory” that is leading them like a dog on a lease would is valued as much by criminals for it’s cash value as much as they value it for the perceived status they think it brings to them.

  • 1proactive2

    Looks like brutha Quejuan just received his first street cred stripe with his arrest.

  • robinbishop34

    He looks to be a mix of black and dumbs**t.

  • William Hinkle

    “The gentleman in question grabbed her hand and was kind of twisting it,” Dailey said.

    The gentleman? Pathetic.

    • Sloppo

      Perhaps Quejaun is considered “gentle” because he didn’t decapitated her, cut off both her arms and legs and her head and put her head on a stake like those Brazilian soccer fans did to that soccer referee the other day in Sao Paulo.

  • kjh64

    Correction, people need to keep their cell phones concealed in public if there are large numbers of young Blacks around.

  • Jim Henry

    “Because he has a White father and a White wife does not make him White”.

    Apparently, Guest, you don’t get it. Barak had a Black father and has a Black wife. Therefore, he is Black. Now do you understand?

  • Jim Henry

    Not a concealed cell phone…a concealed Glock 19.

  • Joseph Bryant

    Quejuan huh? You can tell a ghetto black from a middle class/talented tenth black by the name. Works every time, I swear.

  • MBlanc46

    Fifty years ago, Negroes would not have dared to act as they act now.

  • MBlanc46

    One thing that cries out to be said here is that the citizens of Chicago pay a young fortune in taxes for public services such as police protection. The police should be policing these punks, not 51-year-old real estate brokers. But providing police protection doesn’t provide big paydays for Rahmulus and his investment banker buddies. So we don’t get it.

  • The__Bobster

    The leading baby-naming site Nameberry released its list of the most popular baby
    names for the first half of 2013.

    Imogen topped the list for girls, followed by Charlotte, Harper, Eleanor and Violet.

    As for the boys, Asher is number one.

    Finn, Declan, Django and James also made the list.

    • Starting in 2007, when I read various local and national crime reports, I started to see the name “Shaquille” appear a lot as names of arrested criminal suspects. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on: When Shaquille O’Neal turned pro in about 1992, him and his unique first name inspired a lot of ghetto princesses to name their own little male bundles of joy after him. Fifteen years later, when they got old enough to be named publicly after being arrested, that’s when you started seeing Shaquilles turn up in the crime blotter.

      I predict that starting around 2023, ten years from now, you’re going to see a bevy of boys named “Barack” in the news being arrested for this or that. Four years later, it will be a glut of boys named “Trayvon.” And in 2028, a plethora of boys named “Django.”

      • I have started compiling a list of names I see in the news. It is getting long quick.

  • Legally, yes. Ordinarily, I would say that Crook County would find some excuse to drag its heels, but remember that the only reason IL passed CCW now was because of Appeals-7. The Damoclean Sword of the Federal judiciary just might make Crook County behave, this time.

  • My dentist is up by the Sedgewick stop and that public housing up in that area there is producing some quality “youths”.