Violence Reported in Downtown St. Louis After Friday’s Fireworks

Talia Kaplan, KSDK (St. Louis), July 6, 2013

Police say they responded to a pair of incidents in the Mercantile Exchange area Friday night right after the fireworks were over.

Police say right outside Takaya a fight broke out after someone took off with a valet’s cell phone.

A few minutes before that, a group of about 14 teenagers attacked an employee who works at Robust Wine Bar across the street.


People who work on 7th and Washington say they saw crowds of people take over the area.

Joe Stapf says he was ambushed and attacked while he was talking on his cell phone in the alley behind Robust during his break. He was talking to his girlfriend when one teenager punched him in the face and ran off. Then more teens started attacking him for no apparent reason.


“There is fourteen plus people in their group. When you see that many people around there is only so much you think you can do and when you want to take care of it yourself, one person can’t take care of fourteen people,” said Stapf.

His girlfriend, Tania Smolinski, was also a victim of a random attack in January. Police say she was punched while she was walking to her car in the Central West End.



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  • Channel 5 must have featured this on their website for about five seconds and ran with it for one newscast. Otherwise, I would have noticed it. The only reason I know this happened is because someone at the CofCC National Website noticed it and ran with it.

    I’m torn on whether to call this a Mahogany Mob or Knockout Martin Luther King.

    • dd121

      Central West End is an upscale white neighborhood near Barnes-Jewish hospital. Sounds like one white woman (probably liberal) just got an education.
      Still waiting for Brian Williams or somebody to report about feral blacks in the msm. They don’t seem to want to tell the truth about real black violence.

      • Romulus

        How depressing! The tribe is making inroads to Dixie!
        In Fri July 5th USA today, as reported by the Assoc. Press, rabbi Chaim Bruk has made sure that each Jew home in Montana has a Mexican at it’s entrance. His mission is an ambitious one in a state of about 1,350 to 3000 yits. Where the tribe goes, death of the red states follow.

      • And it’s also the neighborhood where my new job is in. And no, it’s not at or related to Barnes-Jewish Hospital.


        St. Louis has been a noted American center of reform Judaism for more than 200 years. They’re hardly a recent phenomenon around here.

        • dd121

          Jews aren’t new to the South either. Judah P. Benjamin was Sec of State for the Confederacy during the war and some scholars think his financial wizardry kept the government going an extra 2-3 years. After the war he fled to England with his family. The SCV has sent a delegation to England to honor him with his descendants. There, our fun history fact of the day. 🙂

          • Romulus

            Yes, I know of their influence in the south. Notice the parallel. Jew=money. Then of course flee to save your own skin.

          • Benjamin’s family was originally from some British colony in the Caribbean – St. Croix I think. That would explain his emigration to England after the war. I think he retired to Paris and died there – he already spoke good French due to his early law practice in Louisiana.

          • MBlanc46

            They have deep roots in Southern history. I once worked on a book called “Jewish Roots in Southern Soil: A New History”. It’s worth a read for those interested in the subject.

          • David Yulee, too.

        • Romulus

          Sorry to hear that. Makes me wonder who was behind the push of the state troopers to give up the ccw carriers named to the DHS.

          • I’m not sorry for the new job, you can take that to the bank.

            As for the permit holder issue, I hear two conflicting stories. Story number one is that the state was cross checking with the Feds to make sure that drivers licenses were square with the Real ID Act, and Missouri CCW permits aren’t separate permit cards but merely extra endorsements on one own’s drivers license. Another story is that the Feds are trying to fish CCW permit holder names all across the country because they want to cross check CCW permit holders with those who are on SSI, the theory being that if you have a carry permit, you can’t really be disabled.

          • Romulus

            I take any cover story from the feds when it comes to the second amendment with a grain of salt. I follow their actions VERY closely on this issue. For at least the next couple of weeks, I still work in our nations nerve center. I don’t care what the media tells you. When it comes to the gun control issue. They are lying. They are after disarmament. Period!! End of story!. Congratulations on the new job. Earlier, I was only hinting at the kind of ‘hood you might be working in. Insofar as the other white people are concerned, America, should pay more attention to their movements. No single group of people has done more harm to gentile society for the last 2000 yrs than them. Informant takes it personally and usually gives me a thumbs down. I don’t care. As I’ve said before, they will only join our side as a survival technique. The darkies of the world will lump them in with us if they become the ruling elite and/or numerical majority. I’m certain the “other white people” will attempt a coalition using their vast resources of wealth and the followers of Jesus.

          • One of my friends has a son who has to use a motorized wheelchair, and he has a CCW permit. Nobody would try arguing that a paraplegic isn’t disabled.

  • The__Bobster

    Cowardly pack attacks? Spineless assaults on women? Apple picking? Yeah, I’d say the perps were vibrant yoofs.

    • capnmorgan5150

      Yes, those pesky “youths” and “teens” are at it again. We know damn well what they’re really talking about.

  • The__Bobster

    “There is fourteen plus people in their group. When you see that many people around there is only so much you think you can do and when you want to take care of it yourself, one person can’t take care of fourteen people,” said Stapf.

    No wonder the gun-grabbers want to limit the size of a clip. Oh well, it doesn’t take long to drop the empty one and put in another.

    • It’s not as if the kind of white St. Louisan that lives or works along Washington Avenue would ever use firearms anyway. The typical Washington Avenue Weenie is more scared of a gun than they are of a gang of a hundred Bellcurvii.

    • evilsandmich

      I’m waiting for someone who has the unfortunate ‘luck’ to have to put this to the test. “Less than lethal” methods would be useless against a hoard and the next Bernie Goetz is all but inevitable with the way these ‘youths’ operate.

      • MBlanc46

        People ought to think twice about becoming another Bernie Goetz. His life has not been a bed of roses since the incident.

  • Spartacus

    “Joe Stapf says he was ambushed and attacked while he was talking on his
    cell phone in the alley behind Robust during his break. He was talking
    to his girlfriend when one teenager punched him in the face and ran off.
    Then more teens started attacking him for no apparent reason.”


    The reason was that they’re black, and you’re white, Mr. Stapf. Why is this so complicated?

  • It’s simple, you see 14 yoofs coming your way, expect the worst and take action to protect yourself – change direction, cross the street, go in a business, etc. They require surprise to succeed, they don’t like it when people have figured out what they are up to.

    • AutomaticSlim

      “they don’t like it when people have figured out what they are up to”

      Yes. They really hate that.
      Remember the two reporters in Va. that were beaten for locking their car door?
      Can you imagine that? Being enraged because someone locks their door?
      The blacks chomp at the bit for a reason to “c.o”.

      • They were immobilized in pedestrian and automobile traffic, at that point it may have been too late. At the first strike on the vehicle, she should have floored the acceleration pedal and drove into the opposing lane, if she couldn’t do that she was already done. Know your surroundings always. If in a car, don’t get bumpered in when in traffic.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Just wait until Zimmerman verdict is read–either way, blacks will escalate their unprovoked violence against Whites.

    Make NO mistake, LE will do little and the media will do even more to insure violent incidents are not reported.

    Best to realize that you’re responsible for YOUR safety.

    • capnmorgan5150

      “…and the media will do even more to insure violent incidents are not reported.”

      True, but in this age of cell phones with cameras, you’ll be able to see plenty of it on Youtube. Definitely on World Star Hip Hop.

  • Missouri was indeed a slave state like Kentucky, but like Kentucky, also stayed in the Union.

    • MBlanc46

      Perhaps only because Earl Van Dorn made the mistake of separating himself from his ammunition wagons at Pea Ridge.

  • Xerxes22

    Every one of those talking head “conservatives” on radio and cable say the same thing. If they want to keep their fat paychecks, they will continue to read from the same script that their bosses give them.

  • MBlanc46

    I’d rather not turn the US into Ghana.

  • MBlanc46

    People know it, though. Whites know it. Blacks know it, too. Covering it up only drives the point home.

  • MBlanc46

    Good tip. I’ll remember that next time I’m called to 26th and California.

  • I would have thought by now that all the fast feeders in Texas would be 100% Hispanic.

    What gentrification has done for our city is to stop it on what was its inevitable path of being Detroited. However, there’s only so much yuppies, hipsters, LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH and young white heterosexual cohabitants can do to keep an area permanently viable. They’re going to have to do something about schools if we want to solve the problem for good. Maybe charters are a good workaround.

  • The irony is that one you met isn’t probably old enough ever to have even seen a real hoosier much less experience hoosier culture first hand. I’m 36, and I’m barely old enough to have seen the tail end of south side hoosierdom, the corner tavern way of life. You and I both know that a 30-year old white person who lives in a Washington Avenue loft who hates hoosiers so much has never even seen one.

    So why do they hate hoosiers who they’ve never met? White liberals who live very close to the undertow, and are under daily threat from the undertow, and as we both know, Washington Avenue is not only close to the undertow, but the undertow likes to swarm all over there on weekend nights, really are scared of the undertow, but they realize that in polite society, you can’t name the black. Therefore, they project their fear of blacks onto lower class whites, and in St. Louis’s case, that means hauling out the H-word. It’s not just St. Louis either: White liberals everywhere who are too close for comfort to either the black or Hispanic undertows take out their taboo anger at the non-whites by insulting lower class whites.

  • Puggg

    But Levin has been pretty good on the immigration issue.

  • Our state did officially secede from the union, even though the state government that did secede was overthrown and forced into exile in Texas.

    Check out the last four electoral college maps if you don’t think our state has politically-sociologically become a very mild mid-South state.

  • Yeah, you bought up another point. Thanks to the goofy transfer law that the Turner case was fought over, it’s now back to full deseg ahead. You already mentioned Francis Howell, in that Normandy’s black failures are going to be able to go to the FH district. News today is that Riverview Garbage, also unaccredited, will be transferred all the way down to Mehlville, though Mehlville has long been an interdistrict deseg participant.

    Why will Normandy be able to transfer out to anywhere in St. Charles County? Because the Turner law allows for those in unaccredited districts to xfer to an accredited district either in your own county or a neighboring county.

    I don’t know how old you are, and I’m hardly old myself, but I understand that once upon a time, Normandy was bar none the best district in North St. Louis County. It was where middle to upper middle class white people moved to once they could afford it. Now look at it. Gee, I wonder what happened. Reason I mention it is to throw in the faces of crackpot leftists that haul out environment and poverty. We gave them the best district in North County circa the mid to late 1950s and look at what they did to it.

    OTOH, it’s going to be good for us politically, because the zenith of white crypto-racialist political and social activism in my lifetime has been over forced busing for deseg. Hell, even white people in BOSTON took to the streets over it.

    Re the scrubby Dutch hoosiers: That’s why when the blacks first moved here from the South, especially Mississippi, they settled on the north side instead of the south side. The south side had a more plentiful supply of hoosiers that cared.

  • The few people that moved from Downtown to West County: I bet they either have already had kids or are seriously planning on having kids.

    My mother and I and some of my mother’s friends were at St. Louis Center the day it opened. Now not only is it long gone, but I’m sure you heard that Macy’s nee Famous-Barr downtown that STL Ctr was attached to is also going to close.

    However, the writing might not be as on the wall as you think. Consider that in Chicago and Washington, D.C., there are sub rosa policies to move the blacks out of the core cities and into older “mature” adjoining suburbs, such as South Suburban Crook County and Prince Georges County, to make the core cities safe for white yuppies. I think you’re seeing a lot of the same thing happen here: City blacks are slowly being shuffled out to North County.

  • Spartacus

    You shouldn’t skip jury duty, go and try to get negroes convicted, for as long as possible.