Two Ex-Marines Sentenced to Death After They Raped Iraq Vet’s Wife in Front of Him and Then Shot Couple in the Head

Kerry McDermott, Daily Mail (London), June 21, 2013

Two ex-Marines have been sentenced to death after they stormed the home of an Iraq veteran and his wife and shot the newly married couple dead.

Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24, was forced to watch as his wife Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, was raped, before the couple were shot in the head by their attackers, according to court documents.

Jan and Quiana Pietrzak

Jan and Quiana Pietrzak

Emrys John, 23, and Tyrone Miller, 25, were both given the death penalty yesterday for their roles in the 2008 killings in Riverside County, California.

Miller Cox John

Tyrone Miller, Kevin Cox, and Emrys John

A third ex-Marine, Kevin Cox, 25, was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The three men–all former Marines–had stormed into the couple’s home in the French Valley neighbourhood as part of a robbery scheme, prosecutors said.

A jury in Riverside County recommended the death penalty for John and Miller yesterday, according to the LA Times.

Sgt Pietrzak was an Iraq war veteran who was stationed at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego.

His wife was a counsellor with an infant care programme in Riverside County.

The couple had been married for just two months.

Court documents revealed they were bound and gagged by their attackers, who lit a fire to destroy evidence in the wake of the killings.

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  • Miramar is in California so this is just life in prison. The last execution was January 17, 2006.

    Number of Executions Since 1976: 13
    Current Death Row Population: 727

    • Tim jones

      Yeah libs only kill babies.

  • pcmustgo

    Well, I know of many Black women who dated white men who got physically attacked while they were walking out together by black men… here in NYC…

    • sbuffalonative

      And had white men taking action to express their distaste for such a relationship, it would have been ‘Hate Crime’ headline news.

      • Tim jones

        It’s still a hate crime except the liberal double standard doesn’t have any stake in this incident, it can’t be used to whip a dangerous mob into a frenzy or get money from talk show appearances so no one gives a damn.

        • Anon

          No it is not. Crime implies an anti-social act that the rest of society not only disagrees with but actively punishes. These negros would get high-fives from 90%+ of other black people. What they did is CELEBRATED, not condemned and certainly not punished by other blacks. Theirs is an act of war…..taken on a racial enemy and a race traitor.

          This is extremely important to understand. Punishing it as crime is ineffective….even with the death penalty. They are, essentially martyrs to other blacks.

          As far as that goes, the man, who was murdered, is also a race traitor. Although very few whites would call him to task over the issue, what he did still has consequences. The bullet he received to the head is one of them. The fact that he will never raise a white child is another. His lineage has literally been erased. The wages of sin is death.

    • The__Bobster

      An action I approve of. I approve of the same action even more for coalburners.

    • Fumetti666

      Isn’t it odd that black men can date and screw all the white women they want, but they go nuts if they see a white guy and a black woman. I was chatting with an attractive light skinned black woman at a club, and I was surrounded by these ghetto dickheads, telling me to “lay off the sista” in their most threatening manner, that is, after they were flirting with white women.

    • Triarius

      I’ve read about on Amren about that happening in Buffalo, NY too.

  • Nope, never heard about this one on my local news. I blame the Republican Party for being too weak to even bring it up.

    • Romulus

      You are spot on Coop!!. Guess who is all over the news! Paula Deen is about to lose everything because of a white c-word traitor at her uncle Bubbas oyster house restaurant. The suit claims the usual BS about “hate environment” and use of the n-word. In her deposition ,Paula said that things are quite different now in the south since the sixties and of course her family doesn’t use the word anymore. Finally, she’s being crucified for daring to contemplate a plantation wedding.

  • sbuffalonative

    Yes, it’s amazing how we only read these stories in the British press.

    • The__Bobster

      The British press – doing the job that the American press refuses to do.

      • MadMike

        Yep, The USA press would rather crucify Famous Southern Chef Paula Deen for using the N word in the past, Surprised I have not read about it here yet…I guess Murder of a white Marine and his Black Wife is not national News…

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I agree with Robert K below. If the races were all reversed, we’re never hear the end of it.

        • usmcSNEAD0331

          This happened in 2008. Do some research people, before you go on and make outlandish claims.

          • Greg Thomas

            So the MSM has had 5 years to report on this story and has failed to do so. We have to read about it in the British press. Perhaps you would like to explain to us what is so “outlandish” about our claims.

          • It takes a while to obtain a death penalty, even under UCMJ rules.

          • usmcSNEAD0331

            I do not know anything about the British press but I do know that I personally had to hear about this every year that I am in the Marine Corps, perhaps because I am in the Marine Corps. No this did not get Travon Martin famous but I do remember seeing this a lot on tv. I did not intend to come off offensive. I just hate seeing comments saying that this should of been a bigger case just because of the people ethnicities and not because of the disgusting nature of the crime. I hate the even the Travon Martin case was so big because of that fact.

          • Derekd

            Outlandish claims? You are a disgrace.

        • Phil Bronner

          Gee….if using the “N” word is wrong…how many blacks have used it with negative consequences??? Obviously it doesn’t offend them….so who does it offend? And why does ANYONE think it refers to a person’s color rather than their behavior? their lack of morality, ethics, civility, etc….I’ve seen more “white” ones than black!

          • The official explanation from Bell Curve City about this is that whites are just jealous, and our complaining about the n-word double standard is merely a function of our being jealous that blacks collectively own the n-word and therefore they can decide the parameters of proper and illegitimate usage.

            Ooh, I’m so proud of them, they own a word.

          • gregCall

            They may own it and one day may add it to the rest of the black invention myths. But I’m still unimpressed.

          • CharlesFinley

            NgIgErS are like leather jackets.

            They come in ALL colors, but usually they’re black…

        • BonusGift

          For that it would need to be murder of a black Marine and white wife by whites (actually just any murder of a black by whites will do), otherwise it just doesn’t fit the script.

        • rebelcelt

          Unless the murders were committed by whites, then it would be front page news, across the country.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I was wondering about that. I expected the story to explain why he was given a lighter sentence, but it never did.

    • Tim jones

      He’s the one who snitched probably

    • MadMike

      A lighter sentence, nice pun. I hope the News Paper there would mention that he snitched on is Home boys, bet his cell mates would love to know that.

    • Phil Bronner

      He probably either didn’t participate in the rape, or the murder…and/or turned state’s evidence against the other two….or any particular combination of those….

  • The__Bobster

    Meanwhile, an iced tea-guzzling thug makes national news here for being justifiably snuffed.

  • 2197_uxo_1

    Where oh, where is Rev. Al Sharpton/;>/

  • Did the defense say this was just a cuckolding “gone bad”?

  • Erasmus

    Shaking down cafeterias in Ohio and Pennsylvania who dared serve watermelon as part of their school lunches.

    • Snow


  • CharlesFinley

    So the only reason they were willing to rape one of their own was to spite a European American man.
    I wonder how many White women were victims of this trio of rape-apes…

    • Romulus

      Excellent comment. I believe I’ll add that to my list of pithy vocabulary.

  • Romulus

    This story is tragic all the way around. I simply cannot find the words. RARE IS IT EVER THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!!!!!!!!

  • MekongDelta69

    Three more ‘righteous’ affirmative action members of the once-proud Corps.

    Their motto was Semper Proditor

  • The Final Solution

    Anyone one else wonder how these apes got to be marines? I saw a commercial for the army the other day. Barely a white man to be seen. Women and minorities took front stage. Diversity is now the military’s top priority.

    • Snow

      “Women and minorities took front stage” and they will make sure the best looking blond is standing right beside a black male and preferably looking into each other’s eyes with smiles on their faces

  • miscegenation is deadly.

    • Antipodean WN

      Yep. Reap what you sow. Play with fire, don’t moan when you get burned.

    • blight14

      And YET some dolt gave you a down rep……………sickening…………

      • Germanacus

        On this site it is and should be. We have trolls here no doubt.

  • westerling

    I do think that all three of the rapists and murderers should receuve the death penalty for the crimes.

  • Spartacus

    One race-traitor and his black wife dead, two blacks sentenced to death, and another black sentenced to life imprisonment. This article certainly cheered me up.

  • bigone4u

    Too much hate whitey rap music going through the brains of these three pieces of excrement. Can I be on the firing squad?

    • Strider73

      No way will Obama allow any of his sons to be executed. He will commute their sentences.

    • Antipodean WN

      The life of a race traitor and his black wife was extinguished.

      Shouldn’t worry over them any more than worry about a dead maggot.

      • blight14


  • From Wiki: There have been no military executions since 1961 although the death penalty is still a possible punishment for several crimes under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    The only person the military would probably ever execute would be a white man.

  • Like there’s honor among thieves. Mind you, prisons are full of people who have felonies on their record, not Nobel prizes.

  • While I don’t approve of whites with blacks, I am delighted that this has worked out OK.

  • connorhus

    Back in the Mid 1980’s while I was an ROTC cadet one of my classmates was an attractive Black girl who absolutely refused to have anything at all to do with or associate with Black men. Whenever all the White-Boy cadets went out or gathered together she was always right there with us. I am assuming she had relations with a few of us but honestly when we were out she pretty much hung on all of us in turn.

    Every time a Black man saw her with us there was going to be a fight. Always. Just seeing her with a couple of White men was enough. We were always happy to accommodate them as well and she would get in their nigs faces quick too telling them how pathetic she thought they were.

    • Triarius

      If only our white men acted like those black guys nowadays.

      • Snow

        If a white man ever gets openly upset by seeing a black male with a white girl he is going to jail.

        • Romulus

          I will openly show the “disgusted” face. I have no fear.

        • Romulus

          The entire goal is to miscegenate enough of each of the larger ethnic groups, promote feminism (no babies), promote homosexuality(no babies), filth/porn( no babies), destroy the white Christian nuclear family( no babies), and crushing waves of turd world immigration to usurp the the traditional American stock of the country, resulting in a near permanent democratic/ socialist/commie majority. Once that is achieved, the bill of of rights (#2) will be be facing an all out assault. Then the elitist will join the UN one world govt. Starting with common core to strip Americas youth of a national identity in favor of a global citizen. Then will come agenda 21. The replacement of the fossil fuel based industrial society in favor of protecting the earth and training youth to become old school sustainable. Our schools have been working hard to erase Americas cultural memory from its children. Our statues and literature are being replaced. All of europes mythology (ESP. In movies) is being rewritten to include blacks. Example, movies; Thor, red riding hood, Harry potter, gladiator_ TV – once upon a time, merlin,etc. Its been a slow process. Stand up for who you are. No one says anybody has to be mean about it.

          • Yale2001

            I agree. Sounds like you have paid attention and see America’s future. Unfortunately, most Americans are not keeping up, and would only consider this a conspiracy and ignorance.

          • Romulus

            Thank you for your reply. I have known for quite some time. The amount of inputs ( Energy/resources) necessary to run this gigantic machine at scale are beginning to peter out. America ,being the anchor of the global system. It is simply not possible within the known laws of physics and the facts of geology to give the entire planet of 7.2 billion a first world American dream lifestyle. Even if we haven’t reached peak oil yet,we most certainly will eventually. Our entire modern civilization being built on only four fuels. Liquid natural gas,coal uranium and OIL. THe lefts goal is to make the transition to a non fossil fuel based system as seamless as possible and return to a more natural carrying capacity. Part of which they will likely achieve through the new healthcare system. It will be a regimented die-off of sorts. The oil wars will be ramping up as supplies dwindle and the bakken will provide temporary relief as it is shale NOT a reservoir. All the procedures for mining/extraction will take more Energy in than in yield, of cause using the LNG from the Marcellus shale. The formula being EI VS.EO. There would be no need to switch to “alternative fuels if oil was in great supply. The difference between industrial and agrarian societies obviously being gigantic consumption using non natural systems. It is not an accident that media is now constantly promoting rural/mountain,country living. Even fox snooze’s prime time commercials are promoting buying land in the heartland for those with enough magic paper. If you have quality land with water rights and good farmland DON’T sell it.

    • blight14

      Gross…………and disgusting………………

  • Triarius

    They’ll be local celebrities in there. These guys are “down wit da cause”,

  • Robert K

    If three white marines rapes a black marine’s white wife and murders the woman and her black husband, it will be on the frontpage of every publication in North America, Europe and Australia everyday for the next five years.

    • usmcSNEAD0331

      Once again this happen in 2008! So it’s irony that you mention it being around for 5 years. You do not know for a fact that this is a hate crime but yet you assume because of what you see. This is what wrong with the world now, especially social media. People just ramble out of there asses without knowing one fact about the situation.

      • Phil Bronner

        What does it matter when it happened when they were just sentenced??? How heavily was the sentencing covered in the lamestream media??? Compared to the Zimmerman/Martin incident that’s been in the newspapers, TV, radio ad nauseum…and FALSIFIED on several counts….? And it hasn’t even GONE to trial yet??? They are just picking the Jury? AND….ANYTIME there is a BLACK VICTIM….and the suspect ISN’T black…that’s all ANYONE hears is hate crime, hate crime, hate crime….It’s BS…ALL crime is hate crime…Adjudicating matters based on race is just another form of discrimination….that’s what liberals do…..create hate and discontent…create class warfare…and create victim groups to pander to for votes….it’s disgusting.

        • usmcSNEAD0331

          Touche. I do agree with you here. No debating that.

      • BonusGift

        Gee, who is rambling here? Question: Without knowing anything about the case other that that reported in the story do you really think this is not a hate crime? This is not a trick question, remember three black Marines killed another white Marine and his black wife after brutally raping her. Times up, thanks for playing “there is no such thing as a hate crime when blacks do it”.

        • usmcSNEAD0331

          I have trained and serve with Marines who was once stationed with these Marines, I do not know them personally but they do. This is how I know this is not just a “hate crime”, but a crime of opportunity. My point with my previous comments was that we just need to stop deeming everything a hate crime when the people are of different nationalities. Esp the media twisting everything to get a better story. hence why they failed to mention that they all severed together and the SGT passed one of the Marines up for CPL( which to some Marines is a big deal). This story is disgusting and I am not arguing that it is not, I too hope they fry in the deepest parts of hell.

      • Greg Thomas

        So what are the “facts” if we are so dense? Enlighten us. The MSM has had 5 years to report on this story, and to my knowledge, has failed to do so. You seem to be taking this personally, are you related to one of the perps.

        • usmcSNEAD0331

          I do not know if that was sarcasm or sincere question,so I will answer it anyway. No I am not related to the “perp” in any way, I am just a Marine who was serving around this time and I remember the my chain of command giving us classes and “talks” about this. I do take it personally because I think racism is disgusting, no matter what side it’s coming from. I see every ones point here, but what I hate seeing in these comments is that it’s just a hate come, because I know it is more to it than just that. I can see from the view looking in where everyone see it as such. I do agree with Phil Bronner though the media does twist stories to there advantage.

  • OhWow

    Now let’s see what happens when a white guy holds a gun to the head of a black guy dating a white girl and kills them.

    Front page news on everything. Extra coverage, racism in America specials, marches, riots, fanfare. I can’t live under these conditions anymore.

    • Snow

      For the next 10 years, 365 days a year!

    • robinbishop34

      “Now let’s see what happens when a white guy holds a gun to the head of a black guy dating a white girl and kills them. “

      That story would be on permanent life support forever.

  • Antipodean WN

    While I don’t condone this sort of crime, I won’t waste a microsecond of my life grieving for this marine and his black missus. I’m consistent. I’m against miscegenation 100% whether it is black men with white women, white men with black women, white men with yellow women, or white women with yellow men. It is all equally disgusting.

    I get the feeling that some of the posters here are only disgusted with seeing black men with white women, and couldn’t care less the other way round.

    And most don’t bat an eyelid at the common white man asian woman pairing —-which is disgusting and insulting to our white woman —-for heavens sake some even get invited to AMREN conferences to speak —-John Derbyshire and RAMZPAUL —two white men with strong fetishes for asian women…..what is going on?

    • Snow

      Not only that, I am amazed how unattractive many Asian women in the arms of white men are compared to Asian women who date men of her own race. It appears some white men date Asian women simply because they are Asian and he wants everyone to know, “hey look at me look at me I am dating an Asian woman!” Just like there are some less intelligent (or obese) white women who date black men simply because she wants the whole world to know “hey look at me look at me I am not a racist!”

      • Germanacus

        It is a sexual fetish. Period. All miscegenation is. We know down to our inner core who our natural mates are but decades of acceptance-conditioning has had its effect.

        • Romulus

          It also has an evolutionary biological component. Take a look at Kate gosselins kids which race do the kids favor? It is plain to see.
          Now think of ALL THE RACES pounding into Americas females, while whites are discouraged from reproducing(excepting good Christians) . See my post above to SNOW. A half breed is a half breed ,no matter the parties involved. Some can find love ,that is true, everyone is human. However, considering ALL that has been done to America , it will be nigh unbearable to live here without us as the majority, or our culture ,history and heroes.

      • gemjunior

        I agree with you on that and I noticed it too. I’ve seen some Japanese and Chinese (other Asian also of course) that are seriously beautiful. Yet we have John Lennon and other white men choosing women who look like Yoko Ono. I just don’t understand that at all. This Japanese woman came in to have a baby at my job and the man was a tall, strapping blond of 6’4″ at least, the woman was all of 4’6″ if that, and also a hideous panface like Yoko. Strange…. I think it might be a fetish. My cousin came here in the ’80s from Ireland – also happens to be tall and blond – and would yak on and on about how he saw all these beautiful Chinese and Korean girls on the subway and they “looked like dolls” (I swear he said that). So he married a girl from Burma who was beautiful – they had three kids. The boy is a totally Irish looking redhead with freckles and light brown eyes, the middle girl is pretty much totally Asian looking and the last little girl could be Italian but not really having any real Asian features. Guess which grandparents favor which kids! The Asians love the middle girl, and the Irish ones favor the roundeyed white looking ones…..

    • Germanacus

      How refreshing it is to see someone who views this with clarity. Whites have been conditioned to accept the their own racial extinction. They welcome it.

    • jeffaral

      Mr John Derbyshire and Mr Ramzpaul might be White, but are they strictly speaking “men”?

    • best comment on amren yet, I normally 500 percent like Jared and what he has to say, but Amren’s has been awful on letting AW/WM relations slide and sometimes even promoting it. No wonder why White women typical don’t join the pro-White cause.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    You mean the “White Bantu”, aka, High Yellow?

  • Yale2001

    A very sad story. Can you imagine how big this story would have been if all the races was reversed? Wow. This would have been clogging the airwaves for months.

  • Yale2001

    Meanwhile Paula Dean makes the front page news for saying “the n-word” in 2007.

    • MerlinV

      She has been fired from the Food Network even after making two videos profusely apologizing and begging for black forgiveness.

    • Romulus

      I will purchase an uncle bubba’s T-shirt in support.

  • blight14

    Then you and I will agree to disagree……the man committed the ultimate sin and paid for it with his life……..race mixing is utterly vile……….

  • blight14

    Hate crime, how?

  • Snow

    A company produces cookies with watermelon flavor and it becomes a news because it can “possibly” offend blacks. (The actual black folks haven’t even been offended yet)

    Three thugs murder a newlywed couple and all we see is a deafening silence from the mainstream media. Apparently, producing watermelon flavored cookies is ten times more sinful than raping a woman in front of her husband and murdering the couple thereafter

  • Sqeptique

    Why is your Bantu half coming out here? The lighter fellow gets away with things like whites do because he is lighter? That your point?

    • Germanacus

      Blacks always see it that way. Whites get by with things simply because they are white and in our racist society lighter blacks get away with more. Welcome to the mindset of the black man. The darker you are the more racism you wil experience. Get it?

      • Phil Bronner

        Gee….so…in your mind….if you’re darker than someone’re a victim?? Really? that koolaide must be pretty good!!!! My first years in law enforcement, I worked with an officer who wasn’t brown….he was BLACK…..literally! Although we worked different shifts, I’d come in and ride with him, and he’d stay over and ride with me….we BOTH worked the black ghetto….I would, and did trust that man with my life and he trusted me with his…..I’m thinking racism, in a large part, is something that some people look for…so they can claim it as a defense….Not that there isn’t racism out there…but holding someone to the law, or standards…isn’t.

  • MerlinV

    What a tragedy. We no doubt would have been enriched with more multiracial/Africanized hybrids had this miscegenating couple lived.

    • eonic

      You beat me to it though I would have said “mulattoes”. Whatever, by the way, happened to “half-caste” ?

  • Germanacus

    Bottom line: black males do not like seeing their women folk giving themselves mind, body, and soul to a white man anymore than a white man would want to see a white woman giving herself to an African. The difference is white men no longer respond violenly (as they once did) but blacks will.

    Decades of conditioning is having its effect on the white man. He is now much more accepting of BM/WF miscegenation and will readily accept the multiracial offspring as part of his group even here at Amren (look at the comments).

    As I see it, most white men today are weak metrosexuals who immediately bow down to the African as his superior.

  • jeffaral

    Mixed couple murdered….Good!

    • IstvanIN

      Murder of innocent people is never good.

  • IstvanIN

    In a mixed race country this sort of thing is bound to happen. Yes, there are men and women who have a fetish for “the other”, but I would imagine that most of the time two people meet, hit it off, fall in love and get married. In a homogenous country this would be naturally very rare because the opportunity wouldn’t be there.

    Additionally, it is simply wrong on any level to cheer the murder of two people. Hopefully the murderers will be executed, as they should be, but even cheering their deaths would be morally wrong.

    • Snow

      Life sentence and they must work for each and everything they eat

      • Bardon Kaldian

        For these humanoids, life sentence is a chance for a comfortable & fulfilled life, perhaps above what they’ve expected. They should executed pronto, but these things drag on for 10-15 years.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      As for murderers- I’m not cheering their (hopefully) future executions. Just, I’m glad.

  • Phil Bronner

    And Pvt Eddie Slovak was executed for desertion….and he was white….not that race matters…just sayin’

    • IstvanIN

      and that was a disgrace, the war was almost over. Although what Eisenhower allowed to be done to unarmed German POWs is probbaly worse.

      • Phil Bronner

        That was military justice…the military isn’t a democracy…it’s not even a republic…It’s the military…it’s job is to kill, destroy and seize territory until the enemy gives up or is trampled into the ground…can’t do that if those in the military decide they’re just going to quit and walk away…that’s not the way it’s done…and I’m not sure what you’re talking about with “unarmed German POWs”…you mean like the Americans at Malmedy?

      • Eddie Slovak was offered a chance to return to his unit, which he refused, He had it coming.

  • Snow

    By the way, the murdered wife appears to be a mulatto woman considering her hair and skin, and if the couple theoretically did give birth to a child, he or she could have appeared to be Hispanic-looking white with slightly hard hair

    It is also certainly possible that the woman could have been pregnant when the crime happened

    The moron in the middle appears to be a mulatto too

    • Antipodean WN

      You are wrong. She looks pretty much 100% black to me.

  • MerlinV

    In as far as their behavior affects the white race it is my business.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Strange that many posters didn’t hear about the case. I’m aware of it for a long time, you even have something on Youtube, Google it … I’m against miscegenation, but comments actually applauding this couple’s horrible death are beyond disgusting. No wonder we can’t do anything constructive against miscegenation propaganda.

    • Korean guy

      I agree with you. People like you, are the reason why I respect and regularly read AmRen and contribute to my best knowledge if there is a topic where I can contribute, even if I am a non-white person myself.

      It is inappropriate when the mainstream media continuously encourages everyone to date outside race, but I never find any pleasure in seeing anyone’s life coming to an abrupt and violent end. I see beautiful women of all races around myself and great men of all races around me all the time in Toronto.

      • We moderators have had to delete some really bad comments in that regard. Those of you who are given to make comments like that should use that as a hint to take that mess elsewhere.

        • I rarely argue with a moderator, but what those poor people did was what they did, and in their picture, they looked happy at least, and they paid for it. I don’t approve of what they were doing, but the perps raped her and made him watch, and anyone who thinks that’s right needs to get himself a head-shrinker.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            You misunderstood moderator’s comment.

        • Evette Coutier

          What is the editorial policy here? I find myself frequently asking why did that get deleted but other things far more offensive not get removed.

    • Korean guy

      I agree with you, people like you are the reason why I respect and regularly read AmRen and contribute to my best knowledge when there is a topic I can, even if I am a non-white person myself. I do feel the mainstream media should not be encouraging anyone to date outside his or her face, but I never find any pleasure in seeing anyone’s life coming to an abrupt and violent end.

    • Antipodean WN

      Sorry Bardon. You are 1000% wrong. The reason why “…we can’t do anything constructive against miscegenation propaganda….” is not because people oppose miscegenation 100%, and are consistent in opposing it.

      The reason is we have far too many hypocrites in our movement who oppose miscegenation only to say 30%.They hate BM with WF, but could not care less about BF with WM, and some are even part of a WM with AF couple.

      We cannot oppose miscegenation when even at AMREN conferences, two of the so called “foremost speakers for our race”, have Asiatic spouses (Derbyshire), or openly admit to an Asian fetish (RAMZPAUL).

      Cheering for the deaths of this miscegenating couple is perhaps distasteful. But it is not ‘disgusting’.

      If in fact all whites cheered for their deaths, at least we would have the mindset to ensure our survival.

      It is Amren’s embrace of miscegnators like Derbyshire and Ramzpaul which is disgusting.

      • Magician

        It appears you are mostly concerned with the thought of a white woman or white man dating outside her race, rather than the survival of the white race.

        It is even more important for white couples to reproduce, than simply dating his or her own kind.

        There are a lot of young whites who date outside his or her face during their teenage years, or in their early 20s, and then eventually end up marrying another white person and having two or more children. Are they truly an obstacle to the survival of our white race?

        There are a lot of white gay men who strive to (there are also quite a few gay white and black men who post on here) date his own kind only. They end up having no kids. Have they honestly contributed to the survival of the white race?

        And there are a lot of white couples who end up only having one child, or none. What about them? Are you so proud of them that they managed to date and marry within their own race?

        • duh Sherlock! I hate to even reply to trolls like this, isn’t that the point of helping the White race? date/marry your own!. I can see why women like Courtney and others are sick of this trolls and miscegenation freaks.

  • Romulus

    I ‘ve read about that. Emmet was the one hung for whistling at a white woman right? If the kids father raped somebody,maybe till isn’t the choir boy he’s made out to be. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. The father was a piece of work. I haven’t read the full story on the kid yet.

    • Emmet Till was lynched for raping a white women. His father was hanged by the US Army for raping and killing a little Austrian or German girl.

      • Romulus

        Thanks Michael. I knew it had to be something heinous.

  • evilsandmich

    Well first, that it took five years to get a death sentence.

    • usmcSNEAD0331

      There are inmates in prison who have been on “Deathrow” for 20 plus years.

  • Antipodean WN

    Maybe they did not deserve their fate.

    But neither do they deserve our sympathy.

  • PaulBegala

    ||iggers….they’re why Africa is Africa, eh?

  • One hundred and thirty nine of the 152 American soldiers tried for rape during and after the war were African-Americans. Twenty-five of the 29 GIs actually hung for their alleged offenses were black.

    Blacks rape. It’s another thing they do best when they think they will never be caught. Now the writer of what the above was excerpted from goes on to say:

    Roberts called this “the racialization of rape” in the U.S. Army. Operating on traditional racial stereotypes, the author writes, “they sacrificed blacks to appease the French [. . .] Accusations of violence against black GIs gave French civilians the illusion of control.” …..

    “By making rape at every level a “Negro” problem rather than an “American” problem, the U.S. military engaged in racial scapegoating to deflect the impact of GI violence.”

    But blacks were not in Germany at the front for the most part. They were in other areas in support roles.

    • White grunts at the front had other things to think about than the Frauleins .

      • Kevinberger

        IIUC, same thing even for the Soviets, the systematic rapes were (mostly) not from front-line troops, who had more pressing matters to deal with, but from support troops following them, and later, from the occupation troops.

  • Snow

    Even most black millionaire athletes marry their own kind

    • gemjunior

      I’m not sure about that. Most of them I see have a white blond on their arm. The very whitest women money can buy. Because as far as I’m concerned, money has a lot to do with it.

      • Strider73

        Because as far as I’m concerned, money has a lot to do with it.

        Exactly. Gold digging knows no racial boundaries.

  • Dude

    In a world where each non-White child born in America makes the White children being born there an even smaller minority.

  • ravitchn

    As things go in California appeals vs. the death sentence will take forever. We need Alice in Wonderland rules: execute them immediately and then let their families appeal the sentence!

  • Romulus

    Have you heard this one. This guy has a couple of French guns for sale, ………Never been fired and only dropped once!

    • Kevinberger

      Yeah, romulus, I’m French, and I’ve heard/read it about 500,000 times, usually from random internet “conservative” douches who think it’s oh-so-funny to piss on my country, its History, and its dead (FYI, the Battle of France in 1940 = the equivalent of 750 000 KIA in 40 days,as reported to the USA in 2013, so, yeah, no fighting at all).

      Back in 2003, I would have been angry at that. In 2013, I find it hilarious. Because, as you know, there’s been that little iraqi and afghan clusterfuck in the meantime, and to a Frenchie like myself, the irony in hindsight is simply… delicious.
      And, if I have to explain it to you WHY, then, it’s even funnier, as passer pour un idiot aux yeux d’un imbécile est un plaisir de fin gourmet, as you know (or not)..

      So, thanks for bringing a little humor to my evening, and good luck with your further French-bashing, hoping that you’ll manage to scrounge a more decent quip, this one is deader than the White USA.

      • Romulus

        Holy French fries!!!!. Jeez!!! Take a chill pill, Mon frair!
        Now would be a good time for solidarity, doncha think?
        True we don’t have NEARLY the problems here that vous have there, but I hardly think my little joke was French bashing.
        RELAX for crying out loud

  • Ella

    I think a small percentage of people did practice miscegenation over thousands of years naturally blurring racial lines across Asia. Also the explorers or earlier settlers took Indian wives often enough due to shortage of women, namely the French and Irish. The media today tries to “erase” our history and influence young people to date non-Whites. We may be losing a slightly higher number of White people. You’re not going to prevent it through hate. White individuals have to be more selective like the Japanese and Koreans who practice homogenous relationships. If people have a strong Euro-identity, they will most likely NOT drift racial groups. Force is not the answer; people will surely rebel.

    • Antipodean WN

      Unfortunately these orientals are not that ‘homogenous’ in their relationships. Their women pursue white men like flies after honey to improve their genetic stock. The solution? Stop and reverse non-white immigration, and bring back anti-miscegenation laws.

      • Snow

        You are quickly making a lot of enemies on AmRen.

        • Antipodean WN

          Because I respect white women enough to oppose equally race-mixing in all its forms? Are we here to advance the cause of white nationalism or are we here to promote race mixers as the ‘foremost spokesmen for the white race’?

          • Magician

            And I have yet to hear your answers for my questions down there

            “If you think the race of white survival is so much and strictly preventing whites from dating outside the race, then tell me how white gay men who only date other white gay men, and white couples who end up having no children contribute to the survival of the white race”

      • Magician

        “Their women pursue white men like flies after honey to improve their genetic stock”

        This simply never happens. While it might be true that WM / UAF (Unattractive Asian Female) is the most common interracial relatonship type in the world, Asian women are too shy to openly pursue any men regardless of the ethnicity of the man. Asian men and women are more conservative than whites, even if they were born and raised in the Western society.

        I agree with you that the Western countries around the world must tighten up its immigration policy and never hesitate to discipline or deport any misbehaving non-white immigrants, and all immigrants, regardless of the ethnicity, must learn not to depend on the welfare system to feed them for the rest of their lives.

        I did feel disturbed when you said you were pleased to see that the couple’s lives were taken away after the man was forced to watch his wife getting raped by three men.

  • As far as I know, it was difficult for black “French” troops to be taken prisoner in either world war.

    • Kevinberger

      Black colonial troops in WWI were the Senegalese tirailleurs (light infantry), which was a real misnomer, as most actually were from Djibouti or Chad – IE, people who wouldn’t see themselves as black. Moroccans were used as well. Germans hated them, as while these colonial troops were relatively useless for industrial warfare as experienced then, they proved to be excellent “trench cleaners”, using “coupe-coupe” shortswords/machete to great effect. As a matter of fact, in the early weeks of WWII, as soon as Rommel managed to get his hands on a a captured troop of such black soldiers, he had them squashed by tanks.
      Most of the abuses perpretated by colonial French troops in WWII against French, Italian and German civilians were by Moroccan goumiers (mountain infantry), not black tirailleurs. But whatever they could do, it still all pales in comparison to the *systematic* attempt at literally breaking the German people, BOTH by the USSR and by the USA-UK.

      • Romulus

        Agreed. Terrible case of fratricide!!….twice!!

      • Romulus

        Thanks for the statue!!

  • Antipodean WN

    I don’t mourn their deaths, I don’t celebrate their deaths. I am cold to their deaths, just as I am cold to the deaths of blowflies.

  • Antipodean WN

    Conan. You are way off base. Its not just a ‘handful’ of white guys married to Asians. In fact I believe it is the most common interracial pairing, all over the Western world—more so than BM with WF.

    So how on earth can you effectively oppose miscegenation when you don’t oppose the most common interracial pairing in the Western world.

    So, as a white man wanting the white race to be preserved, it is absolutely my business, what Derbyshire and Ramzpaul get up to.

    How can Derbyshire sit there with a straight face and attack our immigration laws that favour non-whites, when he himself has added three non-whites to the ethnic mix in this country that will contribute to the racial displacement of my family and me.

    And how on earth can he be touted as one of the ‘foremost spokesmen for the white race’, as he was for the latest Amren conference?

    And where was I ‘cheering the deaths of mixed race couples..?’

    That is an outright lie. I don’t cheer their deaths, but neither do I mourn their deaths. Similarly I do not cheer nor mourn the deaths of fruit flies and dung beetles. You have an issue with that?

    Sorry you are either for or against interracial marriage and miscegenation.

    I am against it. 100%. If that makes me a ‘deluded, reactionary fool’, then I wear that label with pride.

  • Antipodean WN

    you mean subhuman souls?

  • Snow

    Fabulous idea

  • Snow

    Even if miscegenation does happen once in a while it is not going to put an end to our white race.

    White couples simply need to have two kids or more in order to ensure the preservation

    95% of all black men in North America are married to black women

    Of course, the percentage of black men who dated outside his race would be different, but in the eyes of black men black girls are still the best things in this world

  • Allan477

    The story describes these losers as ex-marines, not as honorably discharged marines. There is a big difference, and if they were not honorably discharged, it would be better not to mention their military status.

  • Antipodean WN

    the absolute “champion” of miscegenation are white women with blacks- 87,469. It’s almost twice (1.9) as white men-Asian women children

    Well you have missed the obvious —there are still a heck of a lot more black people than East Asians in the US.

    The really chilling fact is 25% of Asians, 25% of Hispanics, 17.1% of blacks, and 9.4% of whites married interracially.

    So you see Asians are more of a threat to our genepool than Africans.

    Bantus are not in the same category as Asians or light Hispanics.

    They are all non-whites.

    What else can one expect ? To divorce his wife that some fanatics can be “happy” ?

    He should have stayed in China with his mixed-race brood, and not have them in a Western country to compete with and displace white folk.

    Asian-white mixes are more or less racially the same as Mexicans (Mestizos). How on earth can Derbyshire oppose Mexican immigration on racial grounds, when he has kids that are basically of the same racial mix?

    • Ella

      Some non-White people like to lighten their palette. If Whites openly admit that we stay with European peoples -diverse as it is- due to our preference of genetic traits, then, we’re racists. Of course, every one else can have “free pick” without judgement and preserve their ethnic cultural group, but we supposed to “sell out” for the convenience of our governments.

  • Antipodean WN

    Extremist positions work only to our disadvantage.

    It was as late as 1967 that the last anti-miscegenation laws were repealed.

    My position is not ‘extremist’, it would have been perfectly mainstream up to at least the 1960s.

    Your position has been deformed by liberal propaganda on race mixing and you seem not even to be aware of it.

  • Ella

    Read early settlers for Irish.

  • Ella

    My descendants were Ulster-Scots (Protestant). Today, we just say we’re Scot-Irish in America or say “Irish” as a broad term. I don’t know if you’re from the UK but Scots and Irish married here often enough with same religious backgrounds. You made a good point and early US settlers were mostly Scots- Protestant, and later, many Irish Catholics came during the famine years.

    When I discuss bi-racial marriages, I think we’ll naturally lose a small amount of people in any racial group as we’ve experienced, without posing a serious threat. BUT the media today will accelerate the destruction beyond what is “normal” range. Having more contact with non-Whites will also increase the numbers being a multicultural society. Answer is to quit importing non-white masses as a start.

    • Iron Helm

      Most early settlers were English. The later term Scots-Irish (who are actually mostly English as well) was the result of Irish propaganda.

  • John Liu

    Perhaps the reason Amren is not so condemning of Asian females with white males is because of Jared Taylor’s time in Japan. You can’t get me to believe that he spent his formative years and youth in that country and was never once attracted to a Japanese female.

    Indeed I did read years ago that he did have a relationship with a Japanese woman. When he went to Halifax Canada, he was questioned if he had ever had an interracial relationship—and he famously lost his composure.

  • Davillus Hynzerelli

    Looks like the usual suspects up to their typical m0nkey shines.

  • Terry DeCarlo

    This is the first I’ve heard of this and I’m addicted to news (network and cable) and live in Southern California. Now, if it were 3 white guys that killed an inter-racial couple… 24/7 on the news on every channel; across the USA/world and, of course, President Obama would of course speak to the world about it, “white men are evil racists and black men are the innocent victims of their RACISM boo hoo.” .