Santa Monica College Shooting Reveals Inconvenient Truth

Graham Noble, The Guardian Express, June 8, 2013

Once again, a college campus is terrorized by a seemingly unbalanced gunman. In this case, the shooter, it has now been revealed, was apparently shot and killed by police. Two things are worthy of note, however, and show that this Santa Monica college shooting reveals an Inconvenient truth or two; the first awkward fact is evident in police refusing to describe this as a ‘college campus shooting’, despite the fact that the gunman–after allegedly shooting two people dead in a house in Santa Monica–made directly for the college campus, where he then killed one person and fatally wounded another, before being killed himself in an exchange of fire with police. Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks is reported as saying  “Today’s incident is not a college school shooting. It is rather a series of shootings that occurred in the city of Santa Monica and culminated in a shooting that happened at Santa Monica College.”

Fortunately, in this case, campus police were able to neutralize the gunman before he was able to kill more people; this is almost never the case in mass shootings in the United States, which claim an average of 14 lives unless an armed citizen intervenes.

Why will this not be classified as a college campus shooting? Because elementary schools, high schools and college campuses are gun-free zones and, thus, perfect targets for deranged gunmen; as tragically witnessed on many previous occasions. Now, a gunman attempts to shoot up yet another gun-free college campus in California, the home state of Dianne Feinstein, arguably the most extreme anti-Second Amendment zealot in American politics.

The second inconvenient truth revealed by the this college shooting is that both the authorities and the Liberal media have have attempted to conceal, up until now, is the fact that the shooter, now finally identified as John Zawahri, is of Middle Eastern birth or origin–possibly Lebanese–as reported by certain right-wing blogs that, strangely enough, managed to obtain the name of the shooter well in advance of the mainstream Liberal media.

So, why did neither the mainstream news outlets, nor the authorities, release the gunman’s identity sooner? Political correctness is the answer: Liberals and Democrats like their deranged gunmen to be angry, white Tea Party members–even though it is a fact that almost all recent mass shootings have been carried out by registered Democrats. As if it wasn’t mortifying enough that this killer wasn’t a lily-white, right-wing ‘extremist’, it turns out that he was probably Muslim, which will give rise to the strong possibility that this shooting was motivated by sympathies towards Islamist fundamentalism.

The Obama administration, along with almost all Democrats and Liberals, go to great pains to ignore the threat of Muslim extremism; to them, denial is, quite definitely, a river in Egypt. The Fort Hood shooting – which, it should be noted, was possible because another Democrat, President Bill Clinton, forbade military personnel from carrying loaded weapons on base – was most certainly an act of religious terrorism. The shooter, in that case, freely and proudly admits this. The administration, however, officially classifies it as “workplace violence.”

Will it turn out that John Zawahri was motivated by Islamist notions of jihad? We may never know, as the authorities at both the state and federal level – with the willing co-operation of the mainstream, left-wing media – will cover up, or simply ignore, any such connections. The right-wing media, of course, will go looking for those very connections. This particular facet of the story is yet to unfold; perhaps Zawahri was just crazy. It has been reported that he has a history of mental problems – although it seems very suspicious that details of his mental health history were released even before his identity was; as if laying the groundwork for a denial of any connection to radical Islam.

It is also worth noting that Middle Eastern people are not known for their homicidal mental disorders; this is a phenomenon almost exclusive to white males – with the D.C. snipers, who were black and the Virginia Tech shooter, who was Korean, being notable exceptions.

Whatever the motive, it is clear that the college shooting in Santa Monica reveals some inconvenient truth; that gun-free zones get people killed and that we may, possibly, have just witness another act of Islamist terrorism on our own shores.

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  • MekongDelta69

    The article was ok (b/c the MSM covered this shooting up), UNTIL I read this line:
    It is also worth noting that Middle Eastern people are not known for their homicidal mental disorders.

    Really? Seriously? Are you high?

    • Puggg

      English: “Assassin” –> Arabic “Hashish” (cannabis resin) —> The Arabic word meaning “grass”

      • The__Bobster

        I don’t want to get all Umberto Eco-y on you, but I’m vaguely reminded of the legendary hashish-smoking Muslim “Assassins” that Marco Polo wrote about. They were one of the coolest things in my Classics Illustrated Adventures of Marco Polo comic book that I read when I was about nine.

        Actually, Umberto Eco (Foucault’s Pedulum, The Name of the Rose) is great. So, let’s see where this absurd medieval hashhead thread goes.

        Granted, the Tsarnaevs weren’t bookish sorts, but the etymological link between “hashish” and “assassin” has got to be close to a universal in Pothead Lore. So, the Tsarnaev brothers would certainly have heard about “hashish” = “assassin” from some bong buddy, and they would have thought it was cool.

        Moreover, it turns out that the Order of the Assassins was founded by the “Old Man of the Mountain” in Alamut Castle in northwestern Iran just down the coast of the Caspian Sea from Dagestan. So, the Tsarnaevs might have taken some hometown pride in the legend, because from the perspective of Cambridge, Chechnya, Dagestan, and Alamut are all practically the same place.

        • anton drexler

          Arab and Middle Easterner men, in my experience with them in their own countries, are world-class stoners. They smoke multiple hash joints a day, like cig smokers go through butts. Too bad it doesn’t mellow them out any.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            Yeah, I always thought of the irony: if anyone needs to chill out with a cold beer, it’s the Muslims.

          • saxonsun

            True. My grandmother, who was Greek, remembers the invading Turks always smoking hashish. That’s how she knew what we were smoking–she remembered the smell.

        • brengunn

          So, the Tsarnaevs might have taken some hometown pride in the legend,
          because from the perspective of Cambridge, Chechnya, Dagestan, and
          Alamut are all practically the same place.

          Yes, but only for Americans. For people from the region they are completely distinct. Like someone from Florida taking pride in Juarez, Mexico. Not likely.

    • 48224

      Isn’t it AMAZING how liberals think that saying untrue things makes them smarter than everyone else? As kissing black behinds makes them smarter yet!

      • White Mom in WDC

        Why would anyone want to kiss black butt? Or any race’s butt for that matter? White Liberal leftists have no racial pride

      • BonusGift

        I’m not sure about them thinking it makes them smarter as much as just a propaganda technique of repeating the lie enough to make it believable. Also, it seems very much like small children shouting and repeating over and over something inane while plugging their ears.

    • sbuffalonative

      The MSM loves to slip in phrases like that because they know if it’s in print, people will believe it and repeat it.

    • Jefferson

      Islam is by far the most violent religion on the planet. And the vast majority of Islamic violence involves Middle Eastern perpetrators.

      Homicidal mental disorders are ripe in the Middle Eastern community.

      • BonusGift

        In fact, it is a documented fact that Middle Easterners have a significantly higher rate of clinical mental disorders than Europeans (blacks do as well). For example, it is suspected that the high rate of inbreeding (i.e., marrying close relatives) causes shockingly high (i.e., from a European perspective) rates among Pakistanis and many North Africans (see, e.g., on Moroccan vs. Dutch rates of ‘psychosis’). Therefore, the opposite is true of the ‘reporter’s cultural Marxist inspired statement that was made. That is, clearly non-whites have higher rates of clinical level mental disorders and it would be odd if they didn’t achieve relatively higher rates of mass murdering in America (i.e., on a relative basis compared to Europeans). Therefore, it is not at all surprising that, and even though their numbers are relatively small if not miniscule as a percentage of the population, we just had an Arab try to mass murder as many Santa Monica Community College Americans as possible in a ‘gun-free-zone’, just as it should not be surprising that before that we had a pair of Chechens try to blow up as many Bostonians as possible, or had a Korean (in the Virginia Tech ‘gun free zone’) kill as many whites as possible, etc. etcetera … Oh, the joys of the legions of mentally deranged outsiders we import to do the jobs Americans (i.e., European Americans) won’t do.

    • 48224

      Yes, they are high. It is possible to be drunk on political correctness.

    • Spartacus

      The article may have a point, Middle Eastern people are better know for being rapists than being murderers :

    • SFLBIB

      It was sarcasm.

    • me

      It’s not a homicidal mental disorder…’s a way of life.

  • Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks is reported as saying ”Today’s incident is not a college school shooting. It is rather a series of shootings that occurred in the city of Santa Monica and culminated in a shooting that happened at Santa Monica College.”

    This is your Affirmative Action police chief, boyz and gurlz.

    • OlderWoman

      Look at her Justin Bieber hairstyle. Her smile looks fake. I don’t trust her. Especially because she’s a woman and second because she’s black. That they mention that Jewish Museum of Tolerance support of her is interesting especially since it’s in the City of Beverly Hills and not Santa Monica.

    • Xerxes22

      That looks like a picture of a Mattell doll. She looks like something made out of plastic or latex, not real.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Not real, kind of like her affirmative action bestowed job title.

      • IstvanIN

        She looks heavily made up.

    • Basketeddie

      Creepy picture. Looks like a store mannequin. But at least her backing by the Museum of Tolerance shows that she has some credibility. I’m sure her advance to Police Chief had everything to do with merit and the fact that she is a black female is irrelevant. This is California, after all!

      • OlderWoman

        The Museum of Tolerance is racist. I’ve been there. The Docent BRAGGED about the Holocaust and refused to admit that Gentile Christians had played a large role in rescuing Jews from the Nazi’s. She made it a point to blame the south for slavery. She was for the blacks against the whites. I’m not a supporter of American Jews but I support the Israeli Hebrews against the deadly So. Jordanian squatters in Palestine. I also admire them for deporting the 50,000 illegal black immigrants who were causing chaos in their cities.

    • newscomments70

      I imagine the Santa Monica PD looks like an epside of Dr. Who or Star Trek.

    • jane johnson

      HE’S ALIVE!!!!! And living as a black female police officer.

    • me

      A gay-lesbian, angry, African American, disabled woman is the new queen of America….or, a GLAAAD woman. She must be worshiped for her ‘superiority’ over all, don’t ya know. Her mammy and pappy wuz slaves, dammit! Now, kiss her brown butt and gib her da reparations, unearned and unqualified promotions, free everything–and the US gubmint to back her up, lest you protest. It’s the least Whitey can do.

      Nice wig…NOT!

      • me

        Justin Bieber’s old hairdo….

  • sbuffalonative

    Whenever there’s a shooting, the ‘progressive’ left immediately starts labeling the shooter as a right-wing, Conservative, gun-clinging Tea Party extremist. Like Bigfoot, that animal has yet to be spotted.

    But the left keeps rushing in to smear white conservative males even when the shooters later turn out to be independents, lone-crazies, and motivated by apolitical issues.

    The goal of the left is to smear without evidence but their tactic is becoming painfully and obviously wrong so THIS time, they withheld their ‘angry white male’ storyline.

    • me

      The White males are to blame for EVERYTHING, don’t ya know……

  • The__Bobster

    It is also worth noting that Middle Eastern people are not known for their homicidal mental disorders; this is a phenomenon almost exclusive to white males – with the D.C. snipers, who were black and the Virginia Tech shooter, who was Korean, being notable exceptions.


    LOL! The MSM libtards hide the truth about Bantus and Muzzies. And then praise them, using the fact that they hid the truth about them as proof that they are peaceful.

    Far larger is the phenomenon of “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome”, introduced by to cover incidents like the Virginia Tech Shootings and many, many, underreported others that do not involve Norwegians or Nazis of any kind. By our count since 1971, it’s 37 incidents and 337 murders as of tonight.

    It’s a Trend—far stronger than the curious tendency of U.S. Post Service workers to shoot fellow employees. “Going Postal” has entered the language. But “immigrant mass murder” has not—and will not, if the MSM can help it.

    Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome really statistically valid? Mass murder, alas, is not a job that Americans won’t do.

    We must call this “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome”, to match Daniel Pipes’ term “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” describing the distinct tendency of Muslims in the U.S. to start suddenly offing Americans. In fact, Sudden Jihad Syndrome may just be a special case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.

    But guess what? The Mainstream Media doesn’t seem to have any inquiring minds. Even to find these immigrant mass murders is extremely difficult because of the MSM’s agenda-driven refusal to use the I-word.

    Additionally, some true crime websites are suspiciously shy about noting immigration backgrounds. Gory crime details are meticulously catalogued, but foreign origin given little attention.

    As VDARE.COM has pointed out many times, this pattern of hiding the immigration status of perps is reprehensible, unhelpful and (for what it’s worth) contradicts the media’s self-proclaimed principles—see the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics for unintentional hilarity.

    • Sick of it

      The difference is (and it was the same with the D.C. Snipers) that it has nothing to do with a mental disorder. Human life is meaningless to them. They are full of hate, often of a particular ethnic group. Most conflicts in the world are ethnic conflicts…even the Islamic world is full of ethnic conflicts between muslims.

      • MBlanc46

        With the DC snipers, apparently the killings were intended to be a cover for John Muhammad killing his ex-wife. The Va Tech shooter apparently did have a mental disorder and had been under psychiatric treatment most of his life. No ethnic hatred in either case so far as one can tell.

        • Sick of it

          John Muhammad was with the Nation of Islam. I’m assuming you have no idea about how they feel re: white people.

  • OlderWoman

    Santa Monica College is on Pico Boulevard in a neighborhood known for shootings and gangs…Mexican and Asian gangs. There have been multiple killings there. It is an unsafe neighborhood. Oh, and walking on campus one notices how diverse it is.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Being around Diversity causes insanity. I liked blacks, Asians, Latrinos, and towel headed people better when they were not around. Now the ire want them smack up right against us.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    How could this have happened? Santa Monica has VERY strict gun control, as all of California and Santa Monica College boasts on its website that it is a “gun free school!” Even knives/blades longer than 2 1/2 inches are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on campus.

    Maybe the Santa Monica shooter didn’t SEE the “Gun Free Zone” signs, BIGGER “gun free zone” signs will certainly stop these shootings!!


    • IKantunderstand

      Good point. I’m thinking they need to be written in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Hmong, Russian, etc. Frankly, I’m shocked, shocked that the whole circle with the slash thingie does not work.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Maybe THESE would work:


        • IKantunderstand

          Nice try, Bon, It’s big, but sadly, it’s in English.

  • IKantunderstand

    Islam is poised to become a huge problem, even bigger than it is now. Consider what has been happening in European countries. And yet, we continue to allow them into our White countries. Oddly, the people who suffer the most from their perfidy are we White people, who are forced to submit to demeaning scrutiny at airports, and suffer all the security measures enacted by our government. Is it possible the government has permitted these enemies of Western civilization into our European based countries on purpose? To hasten a totalitarian one world government to which we will acquiesce because it makes us “safe”. How stupid do they think we are? Sadly, I’m afraid they are correct. We are stupid. Our Greek brothers are fighting back. So is the EDL. When will we have our own nationalist group? We must do something before it is too late. And we are fast approaching the point of no return. If nothing else, write “White Power” on a damn wall.

    • Romulus

      THAT IS EXACTLY THE GOAL!! We here on this board(at least) can put the big picture together!!!. The govt thinks the vast majority of us are plugged in dopes, because they control the dissemination of information. If Russia warned the F reaking B ig I diots prior to the boston bombing ,what the heck were they waiting for? Secondly,remember the citywide lockdown drill they implemented to capture only two people. HORSE MANURE!!! Any and all incidents just give the political windbags more PROBABLE CAUSE or justification to trample the constitutionand bill of rights. Why in the h###!!!!!!! Are they brining these aliens here in record numbers?
      Tie this thread in with the one “FBI gives not so veiled threat to tennessee patriots”

      • IKantunderstand

        Romulus, you can call me Remus. Frankly, this whole NSA spying on us is bullsh8t. They are frankly using it as an excuse to control all of us. All the clues were there to pick up the Borat brothers. These guys planned their whole pressure cooker bomb thing in the confines of their home. So, what do you think is next? The government will infiltrate our homes in the interest of security. Everything they do, will be in the interest of “security”.

        • Romulus

          It is a good name indeed. I would assert that the use of the facility in Utah will be implemented to weed out potential “terrorists”.ANYONE that upsets the “peace”

      • MBlanc46

        The Feds were too busy setting up some mope in Chicago with a phony bomb so they could catch him and look like real crimefighters. Those chaps in Boston were real bad guys. Our boys might have gotten hurt.

  • Dude

    “[…]Dianne Feinstein, arguably the most extreme anti-Second Amendment zealot in American politics.”

    What’s in a name?

    • Romulus

      “tribe” or married to one!

      • BonusGift

        She is both of the tribe and married to one.

        • Romulus

          That explains alot!

          • BonusGift

            Yes indeed it does.

  • AutomaticSlim

    ” are not known for their homicidal mental disorders… a phenomenon almost exclusive to white males”

    What a moron this Graham Noble must be.
    All he needs to do is take one walk in any US slum area, and he will get the education of his life.

    • Romulus

      Absolute complete fabrication of effing lies!! Was this tard in a coma when he was in history class!!! The sand people have been trying to devour Europe since the collapse of Rome in 410 AD.

      • Ella

        In a free society Libtards can willingly surrender their freedoms for slavery. Freedom does come with responsibilities and others run from it. Amazing that the govt. had a tip from Russia but then, neglect “spying” on a real terrorist. Their FUMBLES are manipulative attempts to reduce our freedoms because we ALL cannot be trusted now as the US govt. produces the worst incompetence. They’ll keep on stealing power from citizens until we have no rights left.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Before the identity of the shooter was released to the public or details of the shooting released, starting on Friday, ALL local TV and radio broadcasts and ALL local print media led with this:

    Shooter is described as a White Male.

    Every. Damned. One.


    • redfeathers

      I laughed when Fox News Channel did the same.

  • humura

    Another inconvenient truth, DIVERSITY IS OUT STRENGTH! Or is it? This murderer simply follows in the immigrant family footsteps of Sirhan Sirhan, Officer Hassan in Texas, the Boston bombers, the 9/11 demolition team, the Long Island RR Ferguson, etc.
    As the Senate debates “immigration reform,” we should be aware of the benefits of diversity and allowing more Sirhans and Ziwahris to move on the path to citizenship.

    • MikeofAges

      If someone has been here a long time as an illegal resident, I’m willing to sign on to the idea of legalization. That’s legal residency and the right to live openly and work legally. Citizenship can wait, and frankly not many will apply for it anyway. Forget about the left wing’s inflammatory rhetoric and endless imputations against white Americans. Amnesty for illegals mostly concerns middle aged and older people who already have produced all the children they ever will.

  • tickyul

    Very, very common Libstinker tactic.

    News that reflects badly on THEIR pets….they are very, very slow to release the information… order to lessen the impact. I have seen the scumstream media do this time and time again.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    I wanted to leave a positive vote for the article. .

  • BonusGift

    Please kindly pay attention to the tribe that runs the propaganda machine/MSM media, academia, politicians, etc. before you blame the victim.

  • jane johnson

    “Middle Eastern people are not known for their homicidal mental disorders” REALLY???
    Islamism is, by its very nature, a homicidal mental disorder, And from where, exactly, do most Islamists originate? Give me break.

    • MikeofAges

      I coined the term Y-line imperialism. That is why Islam was founded on and expanded on the basis of conquest and forced conversion. Islam may be a religion, that is true, but it also is a geopolitical scheme intended create the hegemony of one tribe over all tribes. Not just political and cultural, genetic also. That is why there is polygamy and why there are harems. The idea is to make all one by making all men of all the same descent. Whom the women are descended of, what mitochondrial mother, is of less concern, as long as all sons are descended from the same ancestral father.

      This aim is, of course, not achievable in the real world. But the concept itself provides a sociobiological basis for the Islamic movement and the worldwide Caliphate a sociobiological basis for making all men at least subservient to the alpha tribe even if they are not actually descended from its male line.

      This is the basis of Islam and anyone who does not acknowledge it, if within Islam, is at least a bad adherent. And if not within Islam, a fool plain and simple. Men and women of all kinds and stripe desire a relationship with God and the eternal, that is true. No doubt many within Islam find that relationship through their beliefs, but that does not define what the foundations of Islam are.

      • jane johnson

        Excepting the genetic aspect, I see a parallel between your imperialists and the globalist power elite who also consider themselves the alpha tribe, and seek hegemony over the rest of us betas. Diversity and multiculturalism are the two tenets of their pseudoreligion, which is presented to us as a kind of Kantian imperative in that it is supposedly “good”, as an end in itself, and therefore even “better” if applied universally. Their argument is patently false on one level, and deceptively innocuous-sounding on another.

        People are, by nature, more comfortable, and therefore happier, among others most like themselves. It’s been called ethnocentrism, tribalism, clannishness, and even racism by the left, with all the evil connotations that the pc police can come up with, but it’s simply human nature. Therefore, neither diversity nor multiculturalism are “good” for the average person, except in areas like food, music, and the arts, which, of course, can be enjoyed without physical proximity to those who produce them. That’s the false part.

        The deception is that once the proper level of diversity and multiculturalism is reached, the desired “end in itself” will have been achieved, and the social engineering will stop. The problem is that this never was meant to be the end, but only the first step.

        The rest pretty much follows your script, but with a different cast of characters, neither of which wishes us well. The question is: what happens when the two groups collide? Because eventually, they will.

  • Guess, who has the fastest growing Middle Eastern in the US, Houston Tex, and Houston is pretty liberal too.

    • me

      Texas will now have an ALLAH-MO….

  • MBlanc46

    Feinstein has never presided over California. She was mayor of San Francisco and has been in the US Senate since 1992.

    • Alexandra1973

      She fits in with the fruits and nuts.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    It’s genetics people.

    The location may have something to do with it (I find violence, as reproductive rates, rises in direct geographic proximity to hot climatic conditions as minimal resources) it but the cultural labels (Middle Easterner, Islamist, etc.) are derivative of the genes, not inspiring to them.

    Every twin study we have points to this with such magnificent links between genetics and culturation as common hobbies, jobs, sons names etc. suggesting that behavior is -driven- by genetics at a much deeper level than we care to acknowledge.

    Be careful of playing the label-me-this blame game because the MSM is wising up to our own increasing sophistication. And they will trip you up with certainty that ‘hate is wrong’ or ‘hate mirrors hate’ when applied to regions as cultures.

    What you SHOULD be doing is focusing on the genes.

    Now, having said this, there are Selection drivers going the other way as well. Islam is a warrior religion started up by a failed preacher turned highwayman bandit. It favors those capable of extremes of violent social interaction because it sets up the notion of “You disenfranchise him, and he must become like you to take from the next country over.” This is how Islam spreads through peaceful regions. Where it encounters a hard point of resistance in the flow of it’s advance, it retreats to a status of harassment or go-around flux like a river in flood eroding new points of flow (such ideals of ‘gaps and surfaces’ being the basis of modern maneuver warfare as well) until it can surround, isolate and eventually undermine the resitant state.

    But what you have to realize is that Islam works because the genes are **already present and persistent** in regions where a lack of water and arable resources have long had major deleterious effects on the development of true cultural achievement.

    Dumb persists where smart yields.

    And that has nothing to do with culture as we see it today. Because it is an inheritance of literally millennia of engineered genes.

    This is why whites who are social because we grew up in a wet, cold, yet nominally -safe- and abundantly /rich/ European environment are now at risk from the lesser OPs to overrun and annihilative absorption. We selected differently for intelligence as the ability to stand alone in smaller population groups which invested their resources internally.

    Group dynamic bigotry in fact belongs to the Other Populations whose inheritance is that of breeding because there is nothing else to do. And hostile migratory behaviors to escape their local environment.

    Mohammed was a denizen of the Middle East long before he became a Prophet.

    • MikeofAges

      “Every twin study we have points to this with such magnificent links
      between genetics and culturation as common hobbies, jobs, sons names
      etc. suggesting that behavior is -driven- by genetics at a much deeper
      level than we care to acknowledge.”

      True as far as it goes, but the basis for such affinity, however gene driven it may be, has to lie beyond the genes. Unless you believe that there are genes for gazebos and big red trucks and marrying girls named Emily and naming your son Jeremiah and your daughter Esther, ultimately you have to refer either to chance or to the idea of some form of extrasensory experience to account for the phenomenon. I say the latter and I have an idea about how it works as well. The point is, in the workings of the universe similar DNA creates a stronger bond than we are allowed to imagine. People allude to the idea of “blood”, but it is not really blood that is the basis. Not blood. but shared long sequences of DNA.

      • Lop_Eared_Galoot

        Single neuron theory doesn’t allow for the coherent retention of highly complex conceptual ideations as ‘ghost shadows’ of synaptic firing from often highly disparate areas of stimulus:response in the cortex.

        However; the human brain as two forms of memory, the second of which is so advanced that it takes up a considerable area of the brain convolutes as evolutionary morphology change from predecessor ape equivalents.

        Indeed, (‘from memory’ here) the human brain takes something like 250 calories a day just to sustain basal metabolic trim. Take that capability into serious ‘learn and burn’ problem solving and that number doubles to roughly 1/4 of our daily caloric intake requirement. Which indicates it must have some -serious- selection advantages to offset the starvation risk.

        IMO, this means that memory function must be more than mental movie theater constructionist rationalization but rather a form of symbologic fractalization of a substate reality which we most readily understand as being ‘just dreams’.

        Yet to understand how powerful an effect such a reduced-to-base-elements capability this might in fact be (as a function of taking apart reality and reassembling it in new functional forms as understandings) imagine the Star Trek ‘holodeck’ as a quantum summation of time:space:energy coordinate functions as a synthetic reality. And now magnify that energy potential by a tenth power exponential as what is stored in the mind across a single day’s experience.

        Note, I say mind, not brain.

        Because the key structural feature of working memory is not the process interconnects between the memory cells that form the resident imagery ‘projector’ but a side alley called the tubical. A tiny filament strand so small that, at one end, it may well tunnel quantum space.

        Where all those spatial coordinates condense to become a form of actualized conditional reality.

        If man has an immortal soul, it is as a function of his living mind, enhanced through a lifetime of learning as experience, being held within a quantum well construct where bits and pieces of memory construct slowly assemble to make his death-jump one of through the rabbit hole expansion of his post physical self into some degree of total-ontological understanding of what he has just life-experienced.

        If he doesn’t. A quantum memory would still allow him to take apart and reassemble his living world in ways that are beyond his immediate biological processing ability to summon as complete conceptual ideations.

        The intuitive ‘flash’ being the signal of a completed symbologic construct arriving across a quantum bridge ‘all at once’ to flood the brain memory as a sustained (why the high caloric as thermal penalty) mosaic image which he may hurriedly attempt to write down or otherwise translate to a permanent media as inspiration for further (engineering, legal, artistic) expression. Or let go. ‘As simply a dream’.

        But a dream nonetheless whose conceptual completeness as accuracy is a result of the depth of completed reality shape understanding held within the separate mind as quantum space.

        Twins come into this because they should recreate, to an extent, similar brain structures which lead to similar quantum space bridging interconnects (where q-space topology overlaps are more about /similarity/ than distances in mapped reality overlays) their ability to come up with similar answers to seemingly random-response unasked questions (let’s name our sons Jason and our daughters Maureen) are a function of shared-mind conceptual realities speaking within similar what…dialectics I suppose, in this quantum subset of the living world.

        The telepathy supposedly common between twins not being a function of across but /within/ a shared mental space.

        Of course, twins in fact rather rapidly develop different (PET and EEG) brain function signature thumbprints, even as they more slowly develop differentiated genetics in other areas.

        While, as far as I know, there have been no tests of active memory cells to see if quantum encoding is non-existent, one way or if there is some kind of ‘additive return’, post skip, which can be quantitatively treated as data packets on the backside of a carrier.

        So… What’s your view of the matter?

        • MikeofAges

          The most reasonable explanation I have heard regarding the issue I raised is that identical long sequences of DNA in two different individuals can become “entangled”, so that when one is “stimulated” the other one “vibrates” sympathetically analogously to how a string tuned to a particular note vibrates when the same note is played nearby. People who do not have strong pitch may use this phenomenon as a visual aid in tuning a guitar, for example.

          Back to the DNA subject, Ed Dames, a psychic researcher and retired U.S. major who ran the Army’s remote viewing program, claimed (and please note, I use the word “claimed”) that in careful experiments a strand of DNA could be observed emitting a minute amount of blue light when a strand of identical DNA to which it was by some means “entangled” was by some means stimulated or energized. Exactly how this was done, I am not sure. Dames, being in military intelligence, was much interested in the topic of transmitting and intercepting information.

          How this might be turned into concrete information by the brain is another issue entirely, but I am very certain that it happens. The term I use for the phenomenon is a “focus”.

          My interest in this subject comes out of personal experience with it, some of it involving another individual of my descent with whom I had little personal contact.

          In general, it makes sense for organisms to have this capacity. Survival has a lot to do with information. The more of the right kind you have, the better your chances. Those with the best means of getting the best information will have an edge in the battle for survival, other things being in order.

          Humans have this capacity as much as any other kind of being, but I think it is largely overwhelmed out by the massive amounts of verbal and visual information we are exposed to and the strong expectation that we conform to the direction this provides.

  • I remember that article about that white sell out chief who plans to use the polygraph to weed out racist applicants. HE wears FIVE stars in a town that only has 4,000 people, and a police budget of $250,000.

  • ImTellinYa

    Leftists don’t care if people get killed. It’s obvious Obama jumped all over the recent school shooting to shed crocodile tears and impose his evil tyranny. That affirmative-action parasite and the White imbeciles that support him would rather see White people dead than for them to have the means to defend themselves against the wards of the state and other third-world savages that the Left has so disgustingly embraced.

    And there is a reason all the White shooters have been at least nominal Democrats. The Left has, for decades, nurtured the culture of victimhood in which the victim/loser is told over and over that he is morally superior and a hero. The narrative not so subtly suggests that whatever the victim/loser does is fine, and that includes lashing out at the winners of society. That not only encourages third-world savages, but Whites who have embraced the Left and it’s third-world ethic.

    In other words the Left is responsible for the violence in the U.S. today, and at the same time is trying to outlaw self defense. This is evil and/or insane.

  • Ella

    US Congress presently imports in violence through legal and illegal immigration from high conflict regions. Then, the govt blames us for being “uncooperative” with their risky immigration policies to serve politicians’ agendas. The govt. supposed to protect their citizens, not by theory. We have 320 million people in the USA. Do we need people like Zawahri and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in our country to say that “we’re free and won’t be intimidated?????” So lets bring in “more people” to prove immigration restrictionists are wrong! What happened to the days of surplus budgets and long, boring summers? Now we have a monthly terrorist act in USA?

  • Joe Mack

    This story has disappeared from the mainstream media. Nothing to see here…

  • MrGJG

    “…as if laying the groundwork for a denial of any connection to radical Islam.”

    No need to preface Islam with radical. That’s just a made-up PC friendly term to keep the Muslims and their apologists happy. Islam is the problem, not “radical islam”.

  • OlderWoman

    Arabs are Semites the same as the Israelites. Their forebear was Abraham. The Jews came from Abrahams relationship with his wife Sarah. The Arabs were born of an Egyptian woman named Hagar who was Sarah’s handservant.

    • me

      So it was written by a bunch of old men in the desert, so it must be true. Even then, two groups of Semites making up stories to justify killing each other….

  • OlderWoman

    Teddy Kennedy = Drunkard.

    • me

      Ted Kennedy=drunkard, liar, murderer, and traitor.

  • OlderWoman

    Probably of the Roman kind of ‘Christianity’.

  • me

    Yup. It’s not raaaaycis if the person is White, don’t you know…..

  • me

    She reminds me of the illegitimate love child of Bella Lugosi and the nasty Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter movies.

  • me

    It was so ‘nominally Christian’ that it was Islamic….


    First let me say that the fact that the media and police are down playing this shooting spree does not surprise me. In fact the only thing that would surprise me is if they didn’t down play this shooting spree.

    Also I must object to the author’s declaration that Middle Eastern people are not known for their homicidal mental disorders. Ah, dude. Not only are Middle Eastern people know to kill due to their homicidal mental disorder. The majority of their killings are due to this Middle Eastern mental disorder, it’s called Islam!

  • Bardon Kaldian

    It seems this guy was a Christian Arab, like Paul Anka or general George Joulwan. Not a Muslim.

  • John Smith

    And how did the campus police neutralize him I wonder. Did they throw cell phones at him to accomplish that goal or did these law abiding citizen security shoot him with legally owned firearms. The latter is the correct answer.

  • Paleoconn

    I never heard this story from the lamestream media. Now I know why