More Americans Consider Themselves Multiracial

Emily Alpert, Los Angeles Times, June 12, 2013

The number of Americans who consider themselves multiracial has grown faster than any other racial group nationwide, new Census Bureau data reveal, a sign of slow but momentous shifts in the way that Americans think about race.

Mixed or multiracial people are still just a small slice of the American public, but their numbers jumped 6.6% between 2010 and 2012 — four times as fast as the national population, according to new estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Experts say their ranks will only continue to swell.

Researchers give two reasons for the rise: More people are wedding across racial lines than in decades past, bringing about more multiracial children. Roughly 15% of new marriages were interracial in 2010, compared with 6.7% in 1980, the Pew Research Center found last year. Census estimates show that children and teens were nearly three times as likely as adults to be multiracial, with 4.8% of people 18 or younger being identified as two or more races last year.

On top of that, experts say people who were long prodded to think of themselves as only “black” or “white” or “Asian” are becoming more comfortable choosing more than one race.


The census started allowing Americans to select two or more races only recently, at the turn of this century — an example of how attitudes have lagged behind the reality of mixed race. The country is now led by a president with an African father and a white mother. President Obama identified himself solely as “black” on the last census, but his racially mingled family is a celebrated part of his story.


The new estimates show multiracial people make up 2.4% of the national population, totaling more than 7.5 million people. Many scholars believe it is actually a much bigger group, particularly when it comes to people who have Hispanic roots. The census does not count Hispanics as a race, so people who see themselves as a mix of Hispanic and another race may end up marking off only one race in that section of the census — and not be counted as “two or more races.”


The new estimates do not count the category of “some other race,” which is also likely to reduce the count of multiracial people. In addition, University of Minnesota sociologists found that even after the census started allowing people to mark more than one race, surprising numbers of children who had parents of different races were not being reported as multiracial — another sign that there are more mixed people than are counted.

Scholars caution the trend does not mean race barriers are collapsing. Marriage is still much more likely between people of the same race. Rafla-Yuan and other mixed students are still dogged by the persistent question: “What are you?”


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  • Homo_Occidentalis

    The funny thing is that Obama has had way farther from an authentic “hood” experience than most of the mulattoes who identify as “multiracial”. Most of them think this ploy will get them a toehold in white society, but Obama knows better. He needs to identify as black so that the endless grievance mongering can continue.

    • OlderWoman

      Yet he has turned the White House into the ‘hood’ considering his hip hop, cRap music friends and his black fan base from Hollywood and the Sports community. There’s no ‘class’ in Washington DC anymore.

  • HJ11

    Bedroom genocide and other evils are afoot in the land. A little miscegenation today and then a little more tomorrow. First Jeb Bush, then a child of John McCain and then the child of John Boehner. And then a sister of New Gingrich is a lesbian and contributes nothing to our White gene pool, and this other one and then this one. And, soon, all that is anti-nature and anti-White is held up to be normal and all that is in tune with nature and is pro-White is deemed to be evil.

    • Romulus


  • Could it be a lot of these supposed “multiracial individuals” are all of a sudden “finding” some non-white in their family heritage in order to get on the affirmative action gravy train? Steve Sailer calls it “the flight from white.” Several regulars here at AR have predicted that southern European ethnics will soon try to get themselves classified as non-white.

    • Jefferson

      White looking people being labeled as “Nonwhite” is not as common as Nonwhite looking people being labeled as White. At least when it comes to F.B.I and CIA where you see Islamic Terrorists and south of the border Squat Monster criminals being labeled as “White”.

      To law enforcement there are only exists 2 Nonwhite races, Blacks and Asians. Everybody else they label “White”.

    • Freedoooom

      Its America. You go to Italy and start telling people Italians aren’t white and they won’t be happy. Russia too.

  • JackKrak

    So the very concept of “race” goes from being a “social construct” that “doesn’t exist” except in the deranged minds of mouth-breathing rightwingers to being something very real and obvious when it’s the basis of news the Left wants to celebrate or rub in our noses.
    Ok, I think I got it now.

  • Romulus

    In my humble opinion, there is no such as mixed race. A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME, IS STILL A ROSE!! Whether a porto rican, mulatto, or biracial, is still nothing but a lightened up black. I get tired of sa

    • tremendouscoast

      I am of Puerto Rican origin (though Spanish) and am racially and culturally 100% white. No one who has met me at CofCC or Amren has ever thought differently.

      • Romulus

        Let me phrase it another way. Cameron Diaz may an hispanic last name, does that make her one?
        Nationality, ethnicity, and race can become confused. White is a color not a race! After the collapse of Rome in 410 AD, for example, Sicily was overrun by Arab moors. Are they caucasoid? Yes! Are they indigenous ? Are they italic?. We know they invaded the Iberian peninsula in eighth century and we can pretty much surmise what they looked like. Nearly every black in America has an anglish,Saxon,Irish,Dutch,Scottish,Norse,etc. Last name, does that mean that they are the people listed. No!A black African is a black African NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE ON EARTH!! It is the same thing for Anglo-saxons. Despite what culture a person practices.A billions speak English are they English. No! I could learn Chinese, doesn’t make me Chinese. So many people don’t know who they are.

      • pcmustgo

        You sure? I don’t mind racial mixes, but I know Puerto Ricans tend to have those multi-colored families. I’ve seen blond haired, blue eyed children of puerto ricans who look 100% white and the parent(s) are mestizo mulatto tri=racials….. you breed enough with whites , the white look comes back again.

        So who’s to say you’re not 1/16th black, like many Latinos?

        • Romulus

          I can guarantee that im not! I’ve had my DNA checked. As I’ve said before all humans share approx. 98.999% of their genes in common that seemingly small % change is the difference. Take a look a A.D. Weiner from NY. THAT IS AN actual Jewish person. He also practices the faith. Even after all the miscegenation with Europeans one can still tell a Jew from a gentile if you know what to look for. Sure anyone can practice the Hebrew faith, which is why you see alot of Europeans running around claiming Jewish ancestry. Again dominant and recessive gene. The history of the West is littered with invasion , domination, and miscegenation however the strand takes tens of thousands of years to change despite the lies being perpetrated by the science channels and its overlords. Miscegenation in the days of old was not usually done willingly. Almost always by rape and cultural domination. If one looks like a Borat they are almost certainly more in common with A. Weiner than dolph lundgren. Please don’t take my analysis personally. I mean no harm. There is a huge amount of racial jealousy of true wasps,celts, and Scandinavians. Reds are a very rare mutation when shown in the larger context of gene variations and yes it is true that with caucasoids ,fair genes can and will surface more often with the eastern meditteraneans than with others. Unfortunately, humanity (in the West) will not be making a one race people. That is not possible, either genetically or culturally. Evolution moves forward from the point of origin, not backwards. Furthermore, group inventory politics will never allow all of us here (or Europe) to just mish mash will someone of another race.

          • Romulus

            Correction: identity politics

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m maybe 1/32 Cherokee but I consider myself white. Not enough Amerind to really write home about.

    Not ashamed of my German ancestry either! (I’ve heard people say something about being part Nazi. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.)

    • The__Bobster

      Isn’t that enough to be elected Senator?

      Wait a minute! She didn’t have ANY savage blood in her. She just claimed to.

    • Romulus

      Well put, I’ve met tons of white people that think their Amerindian. Baloney. People cannot trust their own eyes or knowledge anymore because of what has happened to the West. All humans share 98.9% of their genes yet were all so diverse. Its that little change that makes the difference. There alot of variation among negroid,caucasoid, australoids,and mongoloids or asiatics. Kevin costner is no Indian, despite dressing up in costume in dances with wolves. People can change their culture,language,religion, or address. You cannot change your DNA. Whatever it is,……… It is what it is.

      • pcmustgo

        Well, those white may indeed have tiny bits of amer-indian in them.

        • Jefferson

          Amerindian admixture in North American Whites is overestimated. This isn’t Latin America where Amerindian-Caucasian race mixing was way more widespread.

    • pcmustgo

      I’m half Jewish. I consider myself white because I experience endless anti-white hostility from non-whites, especially blacks. This is all that matters to me in life- survival and the truth.

      • IMHO, Jews are the canaries in the coal mine. When one sees something like the 1991 NYC Crown Heights “riots” (really an ethnic pogrom in which NYPD were enablers), one should remember that these are really just trial runs for the Knoxville Horror on a larger scale, like say… the 1995 Sebrenica massacre in Bosnia. Hassidic Jews draw attention to themselves by Africans by their characteristic dress and their obvious caucasian racial makeup.

        One can not demonize an entire people the way Luis Farrakhan has done without accepting to some extent the Nazi ideology of a “Final Solution”.

        I’m not Jewish; I’m agnostic Celtic and Amerind, and my wife is Japanese, so the Afritard brutes will get around to me, probably sooner rather than later.

      • Romulus

        Yes, they’ll lump y’all in with all the rest of the whites. Here’s a hypothetical: Considering the enormous impact your other halves have had on the history of the West ( both past and present), If an enemy makes an “issue” with your other halves, who will you side with? Who will come to their aide? You see the conundrum. A gigantic number of indigenous gentiles on both sides of the Atlantic perished last century to destroy the commies and save the “other-halves”. Now we all know who’s ruined America from the inside out (plenty of blame to go around to be sure). Who will stand up for the for them? I would!! If need be, I’d give my last breath for what is left of my people. One has to pick a side sooner or later. Which “white people will you support? People will change allegiances if it doesn’t jibe with their survival or deep instincts. That question was rhetorical. Sooner or later we all will have to make a choice.

  • President Obama identified himself solely as “black” on the last census, but his racially mingled family is a celebrated part of his story.
    Some white teen whore getting pregnant while having threesomes with a POS bisexual black pedophile that also molested his offspring is a “celebrated part of history”?
    I am lost …..

  • MekongDelta69

    To leftists, ‘Race’ is a ‘Social Construct’ except when they want to beat Whites into the ground with it.

    [I know, I know – I’m repeating myself, but truth is truth.]

  • John Smith

    Race symbolism is just a political horse that Obama rides to help him get further than he would if he had to walk on his own two feet.

  • joemcgee

    Here’s the scoop. Tell o’bama he can become White if he walks away from the presidency, he’ll be out the WH door in a NY second. Don’t buy into the stupid “multiracial” malarkey. Everyone wants to be White.

  • bigone4u

    At the university, by the late 90s I began to see an increase in multiracial students. Many were the product of a white male and Hispanic female (Mesican variety). Also, many of the white male professors were marrying Hispanic females and having children. These professors were extreme betas and believe me, no one would envy them for the women they married, who were an ugly, shrewish lot. There are many attractive Hispanic women, but beta male professors don’t seem to be able to attract them. Some of the profs soon divorced their Hispanic sweehearts, citing cultural differences they were not equipped to handle.

    I was also aware that there were young black girls who would do anything to have a “white” baby. There were also young white guys willing to make black girls their girlfriends in exchange for “monkey sex,” which is simply a more animalistic, down and dirty type of sex that one might have with any highly sexed person of any race. These black girls often lied about birth control, but when their white boyfriends left them after they gave birth, the girls did not pursue them for child support, relying instead on family and government for money.

    My thinking about all this is that there must be many multi-racial youths who were unwanted. That bodes ill for their ability to succeed in life without neuroses of one sort or another. I, for one, would regret fathering a multiracial child because of all the problems that face them. But hey, I’m not Obama’s parents, now am I.

    • The__Bobster

      These professors were extreme betas and believe me, no one would envy them for the women they married, who were an ugly, shrewish lot.


      But hey, these losers have graduated to shapeless, pan-faced monochromatic females who have a lot of inner shrew.

      • bigone4u

        Yes, and many of these Mexican females had careers at the university too. I wondered how often one of our deans, a horrifyingly poor example of white manhood, even had sex with her because she was so career driven and so unattractive. He must have engaged her at least twice because they had two children I believe, one of which may have popped out in the university hallways because of her insistence at working till the last minute. There were few asians or blacks around to pursue for the males that did divorce their Mexican mates, so those guys ended up with ginormous white women or just called it quits on the mating game.

      • You must be referring to the uglier sorts of Chinese and Koreans. As a “racialist”, surely you know of the “Jomon” phenotype”.

    • borogirl54

      This is based on what I have observed. I have seen white men with the darkest black women there are and black men with light skinned black women with straight hair. Go figure?

      • OlderWoman

        Men can be mudsharks, too.

      • pcmustgo

        Yup… Black men like Mulattoes and blonds. White men like dark skinned, “natural hair” (kinky) Black women… Many Black women seem to prefer blond men too.

        • Jefferson

          I am a White man and I think light skin Mulatas like Lolo Jones for example, are way more physically attractive than pure Bantu looking women like Whoopi Goldberg.

      • Where are those “white” men who chase groids? Almost every time I see a white man with a nonwhite woman, she’s East Asian. I suspect men are programmed by biology to like women with complexions lighter than their own.

        • Jefferson

          East Asian women have lighter skin than White men ? Since when ? That has not been my personal experience, especially when it comes to Southeast Asian women like Filipinas for example.

          I am a White man and the vast majority of Filipina women I have seen have darker skin than me.

          Although some Japanese women can be quite pale, they still do not make up the majority of Asian women overall.

    • pcmustgo

      You would regret it when they regretted being half white or having you as a parent, being embarassed of you because you were white, like Obama and 75% of other black/white mulattoes… and some half latino/half whites.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    “Multiracial” designation, IMO, makes sense only in some rare cases- say, White- North Indian combination or something similar. But, the most prevalent “mixtures” are well known: mulattoes are simply light blacks & mestizos are Indians/Native Americans with some “white” blood. “White Hispanics” are, usually, 70-90% White- others, like Fidel Castro, are simply White.

    Multiracials usually, with very few exceptions, opt for one of the traditional categories, depending on the looks. Just, US should have a few more racial categories, for instance “Caucasian, non-White” (many Arabs), “Mestizo” (most Hispanics) or “Eurasian”.

    • pcmustgo

      Fidel isn’t part black?

      • At a guess, I’d say Fidel is Spanish, which means Iberian Celt, Roman, Visigothic German and Berber, along with some Arawak and/or Carib New World Amerind ancestry.

        There are plenty of reasons to hate Castro without calling him partly black.

  • libertarian1234

    “More Americans Consider Themselves Multiracial”

    Yes, but that won’t last long.

    They might consider themselves other than what they look like but nobody else does.

    Look at Obama. Can anybody look at him and honestly regard him as anything other than black?

    • borogirl54

      He is about as black as Tiger Woods is.

  • The__Bobster

    The bodyguard business will be a growth industry.

  • borogirl54

    The Africans have Africa and look what it has become? The Japanese have their own country, Japan and it is a prosperous country. I do not think a mixed race country would work. BTW, how well has diversity worked? Not.

  • RHG

    Of course Obama identifies himself as solely “black” without acknowledging his white mothers side of the family, it’s a political move in order for him and his supporters to play the “race card”.

  • Ella

    I think most of us view Obama as Black, including his dialect, without a debate. Though it was his White mother and grandmother who raised him but he acts shameful of this fact. On multiracial families, If you’re in a store and people approach in scattered manner, you cannot figure out what family member belongs with what parent. There is just no physical similarity. For Whites, it just stands out so much.

  • KingKenton

    A little off topic but this seems a good place to post this humorous video. Apparently even the Libtards at TMZ are growing weary.

    TMZ presents… ‘Black Baby’

  • robinbishop34

    “President Obama identified himself solely as “black” on the last census, but his racially mingled family is a celebrated part of his story.”

    “Celebrated part of his story?” What story?

  • eonic

    Sour grapes ?

  • Most Americans mistakenly think that they are multiracial because they are a mixture of European races. In other words, we are led to believe that if you are Polish, Irish, and German, than you are multiracial. That isn’t true. Poles, Irish, English, Scottish, German, Scandinavian, and so forth all come from the same race. So most Americans that say that they are multiracial are saying this because of a lie that they have been told by the Jews. God Yahweh condemns interracial marriage because it destroys the white race, and this is what the Jews intend to do. Multiracial is actually interracial marriage. The marriage between to races, which is forbidden in the Bible. However, I have read the book, and the end of the book states that the Jews will lose. Also, the other races that are so intent on destroying God Yahweh’s people Israel (the white race) will also lose and suffer the consequences. Very soon the black race and the hybrid races will start to diminish. They are already starting to lose their power. God Yahweh’s people Israel (the white race) will be victorious.

  • IstvanIN

    More Americans consider themselves multi-racial…… Shame on them. Was there nobody of their OWN race they were attracted to or worthy of them?

    The multiracial person had no choice in the matter, they are the result of their parent’s choices, they are an accident of birth. Really can not blame them.

  • Ella

    There might be a reason for grandmother’s “caution.” I remember his talk with the media. This may not be racism. Older women are targets for criminal thugs. About half the older White ladies I’ve known have been robbed or purse-snatched by Blacks (not Hispanics.) It is more common than you think in big cities. Or should senior women be friendly and then overtaken? I don’t live in fear but the times are like this today. I hear about 1-2 seniors p/m murdered at home during robberies as they try to defend themselves. 60’s was not a safe time with Civil Right riots and druggies.

    • Hmm, what drugs where relevant in the 1960’s? Would it be heroin transported by white people from South East Asia, during Vietnam? Where does 95 % of the heroin distributed around the World come from today? Would that be Afghanistan? Wow, history is something ain’t it? Last week in Las Vegas, a white boy drug a Mexican kid under a moving truck, while stealing his IPad. The driver was black, Go figure.

  • OlderWoman

    He’s visiting his ‘fambly’ in Ireland. There has been discussion that he has some German blood in him as well.

    • joemcgee

      He certainly does have Irish blood in him. His grandfather ate an Irish missionary…

  • Fr. John+

    Isn’t that amazing. The Biblical prophet Ezra, wrote about this mindset in his Prophecy (esp. Chap. 9:1ff.). And what did God’s People do back then? They ‘put away their foreign wives, AND CHILDREN’ and returned to the One True God, becoming again the racially pure ‘Chosen People,’ thereby. Seems we could learn a lesson from this, today. [Matt. 5;17ff.]

  • RHG

    To say Obama doesn’t play up his “black” side more then the “white” side in order to benefit politically (and silence critics) is just pure ignorance on your part.

  • Most African American parents had three children or more… Scary. Can they even afford it?

    Of course they can afford it. They both have government jobs.

  • Robert K

    I am a purebreed South Korean guy and I sometimes buy and sell things using the local classifieds. I am taller than most men of all races, and before I meet someone I describe myself as “tall Asian guy” and when they do see me in person they tell me they are a bit surprised. They told me they imagined me to be a “desi” looking person and smaller. I lately started describing myself as “tall Asian guy” and that appears to work better.


    Better DEAD than Multiracial

  • Sloppo

    If a white criminal gets shot and killed trying to beat up someone, I wouldn’t expect Obama to say the dead white criminal looks like his son would have looked.

  • Robert K

    That is correct. President K.H. Park!!

    She also received two Jin-Do puppies from a breeder as a present when she became the president of South Korea.

    They serve two purposes. First, they do make great pets, and secondly, they are recognized as the smartest dog breed in South Korea. They can notify the owner when they smell something strange such as explosive objects… and if their owner is ever attacked, then the dogs fight to death.

    President K.H. Park is the daughter of President J.H. Park, who served as the president of South Korea from 1963-1979 (I just had to look up Wikipedia to find out the exact duration his presidency and I must admit that I am quite surprised by the duration of her dad’s presidency)

  • pcmustgo

    We’re not just “white”… many of us are not just “white” and to just label all of us as “white” strips us of our diversity… it’s just a way to get us all blamed for slavery and killing native americans and “white racism”.

  • pcmustgo

    They acknowledge their white half is something to be ashamed of.

  • pcmustgo

    Ahhh, no he didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He idolized that absentee african father of his and scolded his grandmother for being a “racist” who was afraid of some black homeless man once.

  • pcmustgo

    Latinos are multi-racial, for the most part. Maybe the growing Latino population is checking both white, amer-ind and maybe even black and then Latino as the ethnicity , as they should. The census asks Hispanics if they are white hispanic, black hispanic or amer-ind hispanic… many check just white even though they are not white, but maybe this is where the multi-racial part is coming from.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    One of the rare multiracials is Lolo Jones of bobsled fame/scandal. IMO, she’s not white, not black, not mulatto…. she’s multiracial.