Moms Get into Brawl at Children’s Talent Show in Central Florida

Shaun Chaiyabhat and Mike DeForest, Click Orlando, June 4, 2013

A school talent show turned into a brawl between angry mothers, and police say one of the women choked the other in front of children.

St. Cloud police said what happened between Latisha James and Jessica Tyler was out of control.

It started Friday at their children’s talent show at Lakeview Elementary School when, according to police, Tyler asked James to sit down because James was videotaping and blocking her view. From there, things got heated.


In the 911 call, Tyler said she was attacked after she accidentally bumped into a child.

“Once she knocked my baby over, I just snapped,” James said. “And she did not say I’m sorry.”

Police said the women were swearing and causing a scene in front of children and another parent had to intervene to break up the fight.

The case remains one mom’s word against another, but police believe James instigated the fight. By the end, though, both women were attacking each other, witnesses said.

Both women claim to be victims, but James was arrested on charges of battery after police talked to witnesses.

Local 6 spoke to James on Wednesday who said she was standing up to get photos of her daughter on stage.


Tyler spoke with Local 6 off camera and said she is most upset because she feels she was a victim, and now she can’t attend her daughter’s fifth-grade graduation on Thursday. That’s because neither mom is allowed on school property after the principal asked police to have them trespassed.

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  • Tyler spoke with Local 6 off camera and said she is most upset because
    she feels she was a victim, and now she can’t attend her daughter’s
    fifth-grade graduation on Thursday

    Fifth grade graduation? Do ghetto schools have a graduation ceremony after every school year?

    • Morris LeChat

      She is sorry she won’t be able to participate in that brawl. I bet her thoughts at the talent show brawl were “yeah, you THINK you gawn be standin front me takin pih-tchuhs of your chyl, you high yellah *****! I gawn stangle yo high yellah ***! Oh, yeah, you GOTS dat good hair but eyes gawn strangle you *****!” Hey anyone else notice that the people in front taking pictures were effectively blocking the whole rest of the audience from even WATCHING the performance, let alone take pictures? Can one say, “self awareness challenged”?

      • dogbone

        “Hey anyone else notice that the people in front taking pictures were
        effectively blocking the whole rest of the audience from even WATCHING
        the performance, let alone take pictures?”

        I doubt any parent really cared about the show.

        • Morris LeChat

          watch the video, I’d say the audience was 50% white, but those blocking the view? all black

    • Erasmus

      Look at how much peeps in the ghetto value education. The fact that their children attend yet another week of school without being expelled is a cause for wonder and celebration among Eric Holder’s people.

    • Drifter745

      Yes they do. Never know which one will be their last.

    • Yes, because the “cull” is wicked fast after the third or fourth grades.

      • The__Bobster

        What’s long and hard on a black male?

    • The__Bobster

      How else are they going to get the necessary youthful photos when the thugs are Zimmermanned at the age of 17?

    • Robert Binion

      Big deal! I graduated fifth grade twice. (Only joking.)

  • Morris LeChat

    oh wow, this was one of several stories I was going to give them a heads up on but didn’t.

  • [Guest]

    Latisha in the interview: “I don’t behave like that.”

    Yes, Latisha, you do. And so do your sisters Sho-Latria, Tra-Loshia, and Lo’Trashia.

    • Morris LeChat

      Lastisha, could it get any better? Man, I am laughing so hard I have tears!

      • ncpride

        For even more laughs, read the comments on the original article. There’s no denying, White folk are the wittiest people on the planet.

    • Oil Can Harry

      And what about Latisha’s daughters LaDouche-a, Lasagna and Latrine-Duty?

    • You forgot “Sexley”.

  • Erasmus

    Hope about a new reality TV show? “When water buffaloes attack.”

  • Erasmus

    “That’s because neither mom is allowed on school property after the principal asked police to have them trespassed.
    So the MSM also is now writing in ebonics?

    Picture it:
    Ebonics for beginners class:
    (Opening scene)
    Mrs. Washington:” LaTronda, conjugate the present tense of to be.”
    Latronda: Mmmm, “I is,” “You is”, “He, she, it is”, “We is,” “you is”, “they is”.

    • jane johnson

      Wrong! It’s “I be”, “You be”,”He, she,it be”,…

      • Morris LeChat

        even if black africans had invented writing, they still could not have recorded their “hiss-ree”, it would all be in the present tense. No intelligible sequence of events could ever be made.

        • jane johnson

          They would also be incapable of foreseeing the consequences of any actions. It’s all about instant gratification. No concept of cause and effect.

          • Henry

            That is the negro way.

        • ed

          past and future can be extremely abstract to a bantu

      • ncpride

        The words that get me are….’teef, (teeth) norf, (north) souf, (south)… etc. For heavens sake, let us practice all together now…..thhhhhh, thhhhh….

        • jane johnson

          Skrimps(for shrimp), and axe(for ask) are perennial favorites, too.

          • Kareem OfWheat

            At the Red lobster, where i worked many years ago, it was kings crabs legs, swimps, crouquets( for croutons) fer da salit, breads (again croutons) fer da salit. AND , (drumroll) who can forget the dollar tip that was left after a night of waiting on these apes. OH, I almost forgot—- the big ‘tip” of the night——-a dirty diaper in the breadbasket left by the boogies.

          • r j p

            … a dirty diaper in the breadbasket left by the boogies.
            I am hoping you are kidding but I doubt you are. Had a black left me a gift like that when I waited tables and not been out of the parking lot before I found out, their vehicle would have been destroyed.

          • Kareem OfWheat

            I won’t even go into the night we were held up by the “darkies”.

          • There was a guy on the east end of town who never tipped. Long after I stopped working pizza delivery, I called him from a pay phone and told him what we used to put in his pizza.

          • jane johnson

            When I stopped at our local convenience store a few nights ago, there were watermelon rinds and dirty diapers strewn around the parking lot. Stereotypical, but true. There’s one of those hairweave places next door, and public housing nearby.

          • Kareem OfWheat

            It doesn’t take much of an expert ‘tracker’ to figure whose “footprints’ those were.

          • PesachPatriot

            Thats pretty disgusting…as a new parent and someone who changes diapers pretty frequently I know that the proper disposal for one in a restaurant requires me to find a trash receptacle far away from where people may be eating or food is being prepared….the breadbasket is not an appropriate place for my child’s excrement to be deposited. This is not rocket science or heart surgery….I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

            I guess I was lucky to just get stiffed by them when I delivered pizza’s, they never left dirty diapers in the store when they came in for pickups, then again 13 years they weren’t quite as out of control as they are now.

          • saxonsun

            Blacks are known to be poor tippers–even black waitresses don’t want to deal with them.

          • Kareem OfWheat

            One boogie even came into da lobsta wif the top hat on, he was known as “bojangles”.

        • StillModerated

          Berfday, troof, dey, dat, dem, dese, doze.

          • Kareem OfWheat

            I don’t want to say where, BUT all the servers were looking to relocate to another restaurant (same chain) a few miles away where there were less of the DARK ELEMENT. One girl, FREAKED out one night, after getting the $1 tip. She SCREAMED “if one more f’ng ni**er leaves me a f’ng dollar tip , I’ll f’ng kill em”. she was carried (literally–bearhug)off the floor my a manager.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I had a co-worker who used to refer to them a the “Webees”. When I inquired about the moniker, he explained that it comes from their habit of saying “we be dis” or “we be dat”

      • Black Swan

        Nope. It’s “M-f’er I be,” “M-f’er you be,” M-f’er he, she, it be,”…

        • jane johnson

          Sorry, forgot that part.

    • Richard from Vancouver

      Well, I think the ebonics class would go more like this:

      Mrs. Washington:” LaTronda, conjugate the present tense of to be.”
      Latronda: “Ah’s ain’t conjugatin’ nuttin’ Ah’s only conjugatin with my baby daddy on visitin’ days.”

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, the MSM now use ebonics. They’re been told that they are “cool” when they use words like “bling”.

      • bigone4u

        It’s more hilarious when you hear 50 year old white female college administrators speak ebonics in order to act “cool.” Hilarious, but disgusting.

        • Some Guy

          I hate the expressions “my bad” or “throw a shout out to”, especially when white people say them.

          • Morris LeChat

            It is baby speak. I can’t even stand “Boston Strong”. There is a very missing and it is baby or black speech.

          • “Boston Strong?” Then they run out and vote for Deval Patrick for Governor, Barack Obama for President and Ted Kennedy for Senate?

            I will give a few neighborhoods of Boston credit for voting George Wallace, the neighborhoods that took to the streets to oppose deseg in the 1970s. Now that’s strong.

          • Morris LeChat

            Man, I’ve tried to edit this but it just doesn’t stick. “VERB”, there is a “verb” missing

          • Sorry about that. My bad.

        • Morris LeChat

          you mean like “ahh beez no ways tired! Ahhz walkeds too fahhhrs …..”

      • Kareem OfWheat

        My fav is the ‘ghetto fist slap”. Instead of a handshake, nowadays it’s bumping two fists together. Ever wonder where this evolved from???? the handshake evolved from medevial times (allegedly) when 2 knights met each other, they waved; then later shook hand, to show the hand was empty—no weapon. the “dark ” persuasion on the other hand , are so barbaric that they ALWAYS have the clenched fist to hold the gun; knife; or use the fist as a weapon as they are people who ALWAYS want to fight; ie; NOT civilized.

        • Morris LeChat

          they know that their hands are often in their groin area. They don’t want contact with those fingers.

    • Black Swan

      You are correct but you forgot the all-important “M-f’er” before “I, You, He, It, be.”

  • r j p

    I’m Rick James b*tch. Well, I’m LaTisha James b*tch!

  • Bandmo

    Fifth grade graduation and turning 16 years old on the same day, yes I could see her point about that special day.

    • Erasmus

      You know that could explain why people want to start teaching sex ed to 5th graders. The 5th graders are now a whole lot older.

      • The__Bobster

        Even if they’re not, they reach puberty at the age of 10-12.

  • Spartan24708

    I couldn’t see the other mom but I can almost infer by her speech patterns that she is white. Plus blacks seem highly unlikely to name their kid “Jessica”. I would be upset if someone knocked my 2 year old over but I wouldn’t go and grab her by the throat.

  • Richard

    A Liberal in my Facebook feed tried to blame the recent parents brawl at a Cleveland kindergarten graduation on “Clevelanders being Clevelanders”. I wonder if after reading about this parents brawl she’ll be able to put together the pieces and be more specific on the type of parents brawling.

  • Luca

    “Once you knock my baby over, I just snapped”. (@ 1:50). Therein lies the problem. That tricky little “Snap” button that is tied to a hair trigger that seems to have evolved out of higher life forms or at least been reduced to civilized levels.

    Same thing with the “flight” button, they are hyper-quick in either the “fight or flight” mode, obviously a genetic survival trait suited to life in the stone-age jungles.

    • Morris LeChat

      the other boon snapped when she got fed up “wiff” the people blocking the view.

    • JohnEngelman

      Qualities that had survival value during the stone age earn one felony convictions in civilized countries. This is why less evolved races have higher crime rates.

      • Hmmmmm!

        Not sure quite what to say about that. How about also qualities that had survival value in the late 1970s and early 1980s at 2402 Briarwood Drive in Boulder, ALSO earn one felony convictions.

        I knew I should have done him while I was still under 18.

    • Seth

      I would have went off too. The lady should have apologized. If you look at the video, it is clear that the woman (White female) intentionally targeted the child out of spite. I am a man, but I probably would hit the b*tch as well. Uncalled for.

  • brengunn

    One called Latisha, one called Jessica. Hmmm…. I wonder which is more violent? I know who I would bet on.

    I know that is very prejudicial but I expect there is something in it.

  • bigone4u

    Given the number of brawling black females so far this year, the phrase “long hot summer” pops into mind. So long as they only whack each other, it might be fun to track these ghetto smackdowns.

  • pcmustgo

    I was on the white ladies side at first, but it does look like she INTENTIONALLY slapped that little black girl in the head and knocked her down… It doesn’t look like an accident.

    • pcmustgo

      and if it was an accident, why didn’t she say “I’m sorry , I didn’t mean to knock the kid down”….

      How would you feel if some Black woman knocked your 4 year old white kid to the ground…

      • IstvanIN

        1) if she did knock the child to the ground she probably did say sorry.
        2) even if she did say sorry she still would have received a beat down.

        • Ookook Eekeek

          monkey babble

        • Samantha

          They interviewed the White woman by phone and asked her if she apologized for knocking over the child, she said that she did not “recall” doing so. That means she did not. Her behavior was deliberate. PC MUST GO and other similar posters are correct on this one. The Black lady was right in this case, not resorting to violence, but for being upset.

        • Victor

          Sorry, Istvan you can’t justify such behavior on this one. The lady (White) was wrong in this instance.

      • Ookook Eekeek

        monkey babble

      • Wayne

        Exactly! The White lady was guitly on this one.

    • bigone4u

      Yes, it shows the white woman doing something, but I doubt it was intentional toward a youngster.

      • Paul

        Than she should have apologized or said I was sorry. Most decent people I would have done so. We are talking about a a very young child here.

    • Ookook Eekeek

      ever more monkey babble

  • White Mom in WDC

    (Yawn). Hey, as they say on SBPDL, groids gonna groid. Old news man.

  • Ned

    Latisha James….
    Oh those crazy White Swedes.

  • PesachPatriot

    What a shocker…yet more flori-duh stupidity…I can’t believe someone named Latisha started a fight over a polite request to sit down so someone else could see what was going on(sarcasm). Most non blacks usually get the fighting and aggression out of their system during middle and high school when they can’t be charged as adults…by the time someone hits their 21st birthday they should realize that the only good reason to fight is to defend yourself or perhaps an innocent person being mugged or attacked, otherwise your asking for a very big legal headache. Ms. James is lucky that Ms. Tyler didn’t have a Glock or Smith and Wesson snub nose .38 in her purse because this is a stand your ground state.

  • WowReally

    As shocking as the sun rising each morning.

  • StillModerated

    Boohoohoo sob, weep for the camera. Put a black amidst a bunch of White parents and a chimpout is imminent. Tell me again why integration and busing are such great ideas, please.

  • DaveMed

    Latisha. LOL

  • Adam

    I don’t know about this one. I kind of side with the Black lady on this one. I would be upset if someone knocked over my three year old child and kept on walking and I am sure many of you would be to.

    • P.C. Williams

      I am with you and PC MUST GO on this one. I am gentle person but if someone my 3 year old kid (and kept on walking without apologizing like this woman did), I would probably lose it and go medieval on them.

  • William

    Was the woman she punched White?

  • Ookook Eekeek

    another day, another nest of worthless, welfare-bred sherangutangs

  • Steve

    Anyone else notice how the liberal news media were trying to spin it.

    First, they have the naturally aggressive minority female looking all sad and acting regretful; pleading her case while being interviewed. But, then they spin it as if the white women was being the instigator and purposely getting in her way to film her child on stage, they then make a big song and dance about how the black child was bumped into by ‘ebil whitey’. Then, back to the aggressive minority female babbling about how “this isn’t me” and how ‘ever so sorry’ she is. I wonder, if this had been the other way around, would they have allowed the white woman to plead her case and look for the sympathy vote live on camera? Absolutely no way! They would have demonised her to the point of nearly causing a riot.

    The double standards of the liberal media and race politics are sickening!

    • Wendy

      It does seem to be the case that the White female was the aggressor in this case. You don’t knock over a little child regardless of race and not apologize. I would say the same thing if the Black woman had knocked over the White woman’s child. I am White by the way.

      • Steve

        I completely disagree, it looked accidental to me.

        Black women have a history of verbally intimidating white women because they know there is rarely any comeback on them and whatever happens the law tends to side with them every step of the way. The news reported what it wanted to report and most definitely sympathised and sided with the black woman’s version of events. We don’t know the full story, only what a liberal media want us to understand and see.

        The point is, at the end of the day, if somebody accidently knocks into your child you make them aware of this in a more civilised manner, if they refuse to apologise you can either report them or chalk it up to experience and accept that they are ignorant and selfish. You don’t act like an animal and physically attack them. If they are beating on your child, then that is an entirely different matter and any responsible parent would physically do their best to stop that person from harming their child; that wasn’t one of those situations.

        • Mark

          I disagree with you. It was clear the White lady in the video was angry, she looked down directly at the child and attacked the child. I am not advocating violence on the part of the Black woman, but the White was just as wrong in her behavior Wendy PC Must Go and Adam are correct..

  • Bill

    Goes to show what I’ve believed for a long time. Whites that hang out around blacks act like blacks. The 60’s theory that blacks would learn how to learn and be civilized by being put together with whites has had the effect the sentient always knew would occur – instead of blacks evolving, whites have devolved.

  • SmackMouth

    It’s amazing how an event like this can bring out all the racist bitches in this post.

  • Jenn

    I like how Tyler tells 911 that she accidentally bumped into the child when she clearly shoved the kid. If she pushed my kid I would have done the same thing.

    • Sandra

      Me too.

    • I’d have remained quiet, followed the woman home and made no fuss that day. If there’s anything prison taught me, it is patience.

  • Drew Richardson

    Interesting how everything always refers back to Black and White… If it was an all White altercation people would say they were “acting Black”, “like Niggas” or “ghetto”. Everything that is negative is always put on those of African descent.. Why is that? Are we Whites that fearful and threatened of Blacks that we must continue subjugation through denigration.. Love, Peace and Respect is the only way we can COEXIST.. Hate and Evil in the world are by-products of not doing so..

  • John Smith

    Now we know why the fathers left.

  • Runnymeade

    It seems that the more information that is coming about about this story, the Black mother actually looks better in the scheme of things. Perhaps AMREN should consider filing this story under the “misbehaving White People.” section.