Government Recommends 4 Years in Prison for Jesse Jackson Jr.

Fox News, June 7, 2013

Prosecutors Friday recommended four years in prison for former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., following his guilty plea this year on criminal charges that he engaged in a scheme to spend $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items.

The government suggested an 18-month sentence for Jackson’s wife, Sandra, who pleaded guilty to filing false joint federal income tax returns that understated the couple’s income.

The government is also recommending that Jackson pay $750,000 in restitution to the campaign, and that Sandra Jackson makes a restitution payment of $168,000.

Because the couple has two children, prosecutors proposed that the sentences be staggered, with Sandra Jackson going first. According to the government, Sandra Jackson could be out of prison in little over a year with credit for satisfactory behavior and required pre-release custody.

Both Jacksons are scheduled to be sentenced on July 3.

Jackson, who had been a Democratic congressman from Illinois from 1995 until he resigned last November, used campaign money to buy items that included a $43,350 gold-plated men’s Rolex watch and $9,587.64 worth of children’s furniture, and his wife spent $5,150 on fur capes and parkas.


“Before defendant or his wife stole a dime, they received substantial incomes,” the government wrote, adding that in 2011, for example, their combined income was around $344,000–putting them among the nation’s high earners.

“This offense, at its core, is about greed and entitlement: defendant wanting more than even his substantial resources could afford him and believing he was entitled to both the items desired and campaign funds to purchase those items,” the government said.


In a 22-page statement filed by prosecutors in February, Jackson admitted that he and his wife used campaign credit cards to buy 3,100 personal items worth $582,772.58 from 2005 through April 2012. Personal expenditures at restaurants, nightclubs and lounges amounted to $60,857.04. Personal expenditures at sports clubs and lounges were $16,058.91, including maintaining a family membership at a gym. Spending for alcohol was $5,814.43. Personal spending for dry cleaning was $14,513.42.


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  • It’s ok. Homeslice has a job when he gets out. All he has to do is run against any white liberal in a majority black area, and he will win.
    It worked for Marion What’s-his-name.

    • AutomaticSlim

      He could always work for his cousin’s 30 million dollar Anheuser Busch distributorship. You know, the one that Uncle Jesse extorted.

  • Dave4088

    Better yet. How about permanent exile to the African nation of his choice?

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    “Jackson, who had been a Democratic congressman from Illinois from 1995
    until he resigned last November, used campaign money to buy items that
    included a $43,350 gold-plated men’s Rolex watch and $9,587.64 worth of
    children’s furniture, and his wife spent $5,150 on fur capes and parkas.”

    His status symbols were more important to him than his freedom. I just hope his cell-mate is one of the very black thugs that he championed throughout his career as a “civil-rights activist”.

    • The__Bobster

      Remember Richard Pryor in Superman 3, where he ripped off Lex Luthor? Remember thinking that not even a Zulu could be so stupid as to show up at work afterwards driving a $100,00 car?

  • Latravius Goldsteinberg

    At $43,350 that Rolex was not just plated gold.

    • Romulus

      Interesting screen name. Is it a joke or an affirmation. Just curious.

      • Latravius Goldsteinberg

        Just a nom de plume.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      At $43,350 that Rolex was not just plated gold.

      Gold didn’t matter: It was Ghetto Bling Bling he lusted after!! (this is Chicago, after all) Both he AND his greedy spent their ill-gotten lucre on moronic things:

      HIs wife (Sandi Jackson) spent $5,150 on fur capes and parkas.

      Where’s PETA when we need them most?

      As for Jackson Sr.?

      Jesse Jackson Sr. appeared at Rainbow PUSH on Saturday but said nothing about the prison future that await them.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that Sr.’s son and wife were prosecuted as revenge for the open mike obama “diss” in 2008 when Sr. said: “I wanna cut his n*** out.” All Jesse can do is shut up and humbly take the humiliation and punishment.


      • Latravius Goldsteinberg

        Democrats ONLY take out other democrats when there is a threat to someone’s power or bad blood, Jr is too stupid and mentally unstable to be a threat to any dem politician.

  • White Mom in WDC

    His serving time will just garner him more R E S P E C T in the black commuuuuuunity.

  • MBlanc46

    His brothers got the Budweiser distributorship. Goodness only knows what Swiss bank accounts the Rev has. Poor Junior only got a stinking congressional seat. You can see why he felt entitled.

  • anarchyst

    jesse jackson jr. is finally being admitted to the “University of Corrections” to obtain his degree in “street cred”. It’s a shame that his “old man” hasn’t been indicted for tax evasion.

  • KenelmDigby

    An unfortunate fact is that virtually evry black – no matter how ‘pious’ or famous they are – is closely related to a felon of some sort or another.

  • me

    But blacks ARE about greed and entitlement…never mind that they ever work for or deserve something.

  • Basketeddie

    Upon his release, he will run for public office and be elected by a landslide. Such is the bizarro world of black society.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Ostentatious behavior with wealth is not only tacky, it’s foolish, as clearly delineated in the book The Millionaire Next Door.

    The best revenge is living well and being financially secure for life — not showing off “bling,” as is common in the black community — things like overpriced jewelry, expensive designer clothing, flashy cars (unless they’re classic) do not hold value over time, something blacks will never understand. For them it’s all about immediacy, look at me, me me!! How many of them end up dead flat broke — and quickly?

    Intelligent Whites understand the meaning of compound interest — that it can work for you or against you. They also are able to delay gratification and know the long-term value of investing in things like real estate, precious metals and blue chip stocks — and shunning things that cause bankruptcy like high interest credit cards, fancy cars, meals out in expensive restaurants and flashy jewelry.

    There is no better feeling than financial security — something that is becoming increasingly difficult in this economic climate, even for us hard working, thrifty Scots.