Britain to Compensate Kenyan Victims over Colonial-Era Torture

Estelle Shirbon, Reuters, June 6, 2013

Britain expressed regret on Thursday about the abuse of Kenyans by colonial forces during the Mau Mau insurgency in the 1950s and announced a compensation package for over 5,200 elderly survivors worth a total of 20 million pounds ($31 million).

The deal, settled out of court after three elderly Kenyan victims of torture won the right in October to sue the British government, could encourage people in other former colonies to press claims over grievances dating back to the days of Empire.

“The British government recognizes that Kenyans were subject to torture and other forms of ill treatment at the hands of the colonial administration,” Foreign Secretary William Hague told parliament in London.

“The British government sincerely regrets that these abuses took place and that they marred Kenya’s progress towards independence.”

Hague said the government had reached a deal with the lawyers acting for the Kenyan victims, including payment of a settlement sum in respect of 5,228 claimants. London would also pay for a new memorial in Nairobi to the victims of torture and ill treatment during the colonial era.

The so-called Kenyan “Emergency” of 1952-1961 was one of the most traumatic episodes of British colonial rule in Africa.

Mau Mau rebels fighting for land and an end to British domination attacked British targets, causing panic among white settlers and alarming the government in London.

Tens of thousands of rebels were killed by colonial forces and their Kenyan allies, while an estimated 150,000 people, many of them unconnected to Mau Mau, were detained in brutal camps.($1 = 0.6497 British pounds)

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  • MekongDelta69

    Will NoBama get any of those guilt-ridden bucks?

    Winston Churchill and the people from the WWII generation of England would be so proud.

    • The__Bobster

      Will the Usurper finally be proud of England and take her gifts back? Will he tell the First Wookie to keep her huge paws off the Queen?

    • Kalel Jorelson

      I am quite sure members of his father’s family will—and I’m quite sure he had something to do with pressuring the flaccid government of Angleterre to give in… After all OUR PRESIDENT is named after the son of one of the Mau Mau…. Oh these are terrible times. These are terrible times indeed.

    • me

      Britain has officially gone mad. It’s all over for the Brits….and the sun has finally set on the ‘British Empire’.

  • Who exactly signed off on this compensation? Name them, and support their opponents in the next elections.

    • The__Bobster

      Name them and put them on the list.

    • Manaphy

      Seems like a stunt that John McCain or Goober Graham would have pulled off, except directed at Mexico as well

  • Sick of it

    British soldiers burned down my ancestral home during the American Revolution..will they buy me a new one as compensation?

    • Kalel Jorelson

      File suit and see…. they’ve opened the door. And I have another idea—the Citizens of Dresden might want to consider suing for the Fire Bombing of February 13-14, 1945…. Happy Valentine’s Day! There should be at least 40 or 50 thousand Dresdeners who can document their losses from that single nightmarish day….

      • saxonsun

        But first the descendants of those killed in the Blitz should file suit against the Germans, who, by the way, have not paid their war reparations to Greece. The penchant of some on this board to exonerate the Germans is peculiarly stupid. And don’t forget that we Americans also bombed Germany.

        • Kalel Jorelson

          OH I’m all for it.

          Let’s just have a big party where everybody spends all their time and money suing everybody over everything that ever happened in the past. Nobody should EVER let a by-gone be a by-gone. “Let’s make peace, the way we did in Stanleyville and Saigon.”

          Why just focus on historical events? Let’s abolish statutes of limitation all together and let everybody sue for everything that ever happened that they might remotely be connected to.

          The law business is in kind of a slump these days and this would give all attorneys, solicitors, and barristers (and their support teams—secretaries, paralegals and law clerks) a huge boost in the arm (not to mention the pocket book). I’ll bet you always resented the way your Great Aunt treated her husband, didn’t you? Well go ahead and sue your Second Cousins about it.

          I really think that “periods of repose” have a purpose. Some statutes of limitations may be too short, but if you’re going to abolish the concept that claims are “time-barred” for certain purposes, like torture in Kenya during the Mau Mau terror, then you might as well open EVERY old wound that ever was opened anywhere.

          Heck, the Turks could sue the Greeks as the heirs of the Trojans for the destruction of the City of Helen, Paris, and Priam by the Wiley Ulysses, Brave Achilles, and company. If we’re gonna go crazy we might as well go ALL THE WAY, FOLKS. Why should any grudge be left behind? Who can sue Cain for the murder (“wrongful death”) of Abel?

          Let’s find out who has standing for all men to sue all women as heirs of Adam and Eve for the events in that old Garden that God foreclosed on and evicted our ancestors from. And come, to think of it, was God’s ejection of Adam and Eve from Eden really a wrongful eviction? The Pope is the representative of God on Earth so let’s all sue the Pope for our eviction from Eden! YEA!!!!

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    In other news, Japan has recently agreed to forward a sum of 500 billion dollars to the People’s Republic of China to repair damaged infrastructure and as reparations for atrocities committed during the second Sino-Japanese war. The Vandal tribe, inspired by Japan’s example, have agreed to pay a smaller but considerable sum of 400,000 denarii to the city of Rome’s municipal government as reparations for “prehistoric injustice”.

    • Nathanwartooth

      “The Vandal tribe, inspired by Japan’s example, have agreed to pay a smaller but considerable sum of 400,000 silver denarii to the city of Rome’s municipal government as reparations for “prehistoric injustice”.”

      lol 400,000 silver denarii

      That is an epic crap load, if watching Spartacus has taught me anything.

    • Romulus

      Please tell me your joking. PAY ROME REPARATIONS?!?!?!?! That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Rome kicked the snot out of the supposed barbarians for close to a 1000yrs!!

      • Sick of it

        And enslaved many, many peoples.

  • The__Bobster

    The deal, settled out of court after three elderly Kenyan victims of torture won the right in October to sue the British government, could encourage people in other former colonies to press claims over grievances dating back to the days of Empire.

    This could end up worse than Pigford. The UK is full of rent seekers. Where will the money come from?

  • White Mom in WDC

    So lame.

  • Romulus

    Disgusting display of cowardice and political correctness. Seeing Britain prostrate themselves before a third world toilet is beyond reprehensible. Maybe the British “LEFT” need a few more soldier attacks. With all due respect to English and Scottish patriots!!

    • Kalel Jorelson

      Let’s face it, it is not so much prostrating before the third world as prostitution to the international bankers who will profit from these adventures.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        Exactly. I bet plenty of “civil rights activists” and other human parasites will be collecting their fees before all is said and done.

        • Kalel Jorelson

          Civil Rights Activism, redistribution of wealth, the welfare state, and international bankers—all of these things are the creations, the breadbaskets, goldmines and generally the playthings of selfish, greedy lawyers….and the judges whom they make into ignoble and debased kings….

  • IKantunderstand

    I completely and wholly support the payment to Africans anywhere they reside. The quid pro quo? All of them, everywhere outside of Africa, must immediately agree to return to their homeland. No matter the present value cost, the savings in the future will be immeasurable. I am truly tired of them. They are intellectually inferior asset sucking one step away from completely barbaric savage behavior with only a thin veneer of civilization separating us. The veneer is cracking. Veneer always does. Veneer has historically been used to cover up something inferior, with some thing more beautiful and valued. Certainly, veneer can last forever, but only in a perfect environment. And, in fact, veneer, although used to cover something “inferior” from the veneer itself, was still a solid material. just not perhaps as pretty as the veneer itself. In this case, the veneer is used to not “prettify” something that is not as pretty, but is certainly solid in its worth, no, in this case, veneer is used to cover up ugly, savage, brutal, ferocious unthinking uncivilized beasts. Africans do not belong amongst us. The multiculturalists tell us that the African way is as good as ours. WTF. Are you fiin kidding me? No. No, the African way is not as good as ours. Nor is the Asian. Nor is the whatever the hell else you can think of. The Western White way is the best. Period. There is no debate. Look around you. Everyone wants to go to Europe. EVERYONE. Nobody is flocking to China, or India, or Latin America, to look at the architecture, art, and sculpture. Why is it that colored people dye their hair blonde? Or, if they have brillo heads, why do they straighten their hair or wear wigs? Please don’t advance that old trope that Whites have colonized everyone. Blacks in the U.S. have become superstars internationally, and yet, Beyonce, who is known around the world, sports lightened straight hair. Why? Is it because she thinks that is the only way she can be a success with people around the world? Bob Marley was a success with his dredlocks. Nina Simone was a success with a natural hairdo. I believe that Beyonce et al, staighten and lighten their hair, because they want to look more White. Not just because they might sell more records, but because they realize deep down that Whites and their hair texture, and their hair color and their eye color, are absolutely unique, beautiful, and rare. I believe actually, that Blacks are more aware and more appreciative of White color characteristics than Whites are. And, are most desirous of cashing in, genetically.

    • Kalel Jorelson

      As I have written in several comments now, I totally agree with your proposal to condition MASSIVE reparations for slavery and colonialism on the restoration of full-blown, macro-level segregation of the races. But let’s not argue about points that don’t matter about who’s better than whom right now. The point is, we’ll ALL be better off if we live apart, and since it was first slavery and then colonialism that brought us together, let’s fix that! Let’s correct those terrible historical mistakes. The result is what matters and if we have to agree with everything they say to get what we really want, then let’s agree, but make our agreement conditional and subject to rewriting the politics of the present and restating and reforming the status quo.

      • IKantunderstand

        Ok , Kalel, it is obvious you have been affected by I don’t know, colonialism, imperialism, you are a descendant of slaves, blah, blah. Frankly, I don’t care. NOT DOING THAT WELL ECONOMICALLY? Might be your attitude. Look, you and I know, there is not going to be any wholesale expatriation of Blacks from the U.S. I was merely engaging in wishful thinking. You know about wishful thinking , don’t you? No, of course you don’t, you Africans have zero history in literature, what with no written language.

        • Kalel Jorelson

          “You Africans?” YOU watch you language sir. Given your name, I think it’s true that you can’t understand. You certainly DIDN’T understand what I was writing obviously.

          I can’t tell whether you’re being intentionally sarcastic or are merely unintentionally obtuse and retarded. You think my attitude is typical of blacks? You think that I’m black? (Hint—that’s not my avatar but my picture—I’m the older guy on the left, and no I’m not gay either). I don’t know anything about the future. When I was a teenager I certainly never believed we’d actually elect a mulatto communist president in this country, but we did…

  • justme

    the left is fully aware. they don’t care.

  • Kalel Jorelson

    Kenya was an even more successful British Colony than Rhodesia when all this trouble started in 1950. The British were much too kind to the Mau Mau—they should have lined all the commie bastards up against walls and shot them. Strangely enough, that’s what the commie bastards were doing in Russia and China right at that moment (lining up their enemies against walls an shooting them). Sometimes you have to learn hard and unpleasant lessons from your enemies. I wish the British had eviscerated the Mau Mau and in particular hanged on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., for sedition and high treason BEFORE 1960.

  • Xerxes22

    Maybe no official policy of burning homes but the British army did do it.

  • sbuffalonative

    Another Ghetto Lottery payoff.

  • Sick of it

    Umm no, I know MY family’s home was burned by British soldiers. It’s been passed down in the family since before anyone ever heard of Australian actors.

  • Sick of it

    Nope, so I doubt I’ll get anything.

    • Paleoconn

      You’re lucky they don’t go after you for the fuel cost to burn the house.

  • Sick of it

    You’d deserve it…those were DEATH CAMPS.

  • Sick of it

    To Hell or Barbados…interesting book.

  • David Ashton

    A sample confirmation of the accuracy of Jared Taylor’s analysis from the Land of King George in the shape of an article in the Murdoch-owned pro-immigration, pro-Israel, ‘pro-“miscuity”‘ daily tabloid, “The Times”, of London, by media presenter Justin Webb of Radio 4, on June 4, p26.
    Entitled “America’s future is Latino, Asian and liberal”, his essay predicts: “America’s future rulers [sic]…will unquestionably cleave to a view of the world that puts South America at the top of the policy list. The ties of kinship [sic] will be huge…. The talk this week will be of political tactics on immigration. The reality is long-term political change. And no vote in Congress can prevent it.” The article is accompanied by a picture of Justin with an appropriately self-satisfied smile, a smugly mug.

  • Kalel Jorelson

    I don’t see how they’d be included in the group to be compensated if they were NOT material supports of the Mau-mau—I am absolutely sure that our Mau-mau President Obama has his ladle in this pot for (more than his share of) the soup at the same time that he is giving orders to stoke the fire and invite more guests to the cannibal feast for the bones of the British Settlers and Soldiers who died at the hands of these communists.

  • David Ashton

    It amazes England too.

    The ruling establishment is a three-party hydra that does not reflect the wishes of the Anglo-Saxon majority.