The Propagandists Never Rest

American Renaissance, May 6, 2013

A reader has sent us a photograph of an advertisement for Eastern Connecticut State college. He saw it on the platform of a station on the Long Island Railroad.

Eastern Connecticut State College

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  • It reminds me of those old advertisements for the Navy back in the 1970’s. It showed a white, blond sailer in his dress white cracker jacks between two Asian beauties.
    Still, the liberal, sissy, New England, white moron will gush and say that diversity is a wonderful thing as he fills out an application to attend this college while thinking of that joint in his pocket.

    • Tim

      I never went to college and it`s the joint that WASN`T in my pocket I kept thinking about…. Funny that!

    • Manaphy

      As a resident of New Hampshire, I can personally say that New Englanders are possibly the biggest hypocrites in the country. If you were to drive around Maine or Vermont or Massachusetts (outside of Boston) or any other Uber Liberal New England state, it is possible to not see any black man for miles and miles. Yet all New England Liberals demand diversity for the entire country, despite not experiencing it themselves. This type of phoniness is the equivalent of me eating a large tasty pie, while only giving its crumbs to everyone else.

      • Same garbage in places like Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio. Any place with NO blacks, will embrace diversity because they only know what they see on TV.
        I should know. I used to be one of those morons.

        • The__Bobster

          Burmese Refugees Flood Iowa Town to Fill Tyson Jobs
          By Brenda Walker on May 6, 2013 at 1:21am

          Meatpacking used to be a middle-class job for Americans, illustrated in the 1990 Academy-Award-winning documentary American Dream, which showed Minnesotans fighting to maintain their wages and benefits at Hormel which had cut them despite healthy profits. Companies later discovered that illegal alien foreigners were happy to work for peanuts and wages were lowered accordingly. However, in the years following, occasional spurts of government enforcement proved troublesome, so the meatpackers turned to refugees to take the hazardous, poorly paid jobs. (See the 2008 report, Legal Somalians (“Refugees”) Replace Illegal Mexicans At Swift Plant.)

          The latest influx courtesy of the Refugee Industrial Complex is the importation of Burmese into Iowa, home to many meat processing plants.

          Interestingly, local Mexicans are miffed at the importation of non-Hispanic diversity. As doctoral student Christina Ortiz observed, “But in a certain sense, they are in competition with each other. They are applying for the same jobs. They have the same skills. And that’s tricky. Obviously there is some tension there.”

          • Smitty

            Many of those meatpacking plants moved to Arkansas when Bill Clinton enticed them to move their operations there because of their “right to work” laws. Funny that the labor unions didn’t say boo about it…the same when he signed Nafta into law and gave China Most Permanent Favored Nation Trading Status to save from embarrassment of the left & right politicians who had previously had to vote on it every year…Now its permanent and thus no vote…

          • Luca

            The Unions should have been screaming bloody murder and marching on Washington because of the effect illegal immigration has on American workers and their wages. But No-o-o-o! That’s not on the agenda because they hand the workers’ dues over to the liberal politicians who protect the Union Bosses. Besides, they’ll be organizing the taco vendors, busboys, gardeners etc and collecting their dues soon too.

          • Smitty

            True…there is not one institution or organization that hasn’t been subverted from within by the tribe.

          • Smitty

            True…there is not one institution or organization that hasn’t been subverted to serve the interest of the tribe.

          • Luca

            Perhaps you’ve seen this:


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I thought that site had been taken down. Thanks for the link.

          • Glickstein44

            Thanks for the link…haven’t read this…so thanks…


          • Smitty

            Thanks for the link…

          • Most unions are now, under the control of the mob or the commies. Don’t expect them to do what is right.

          • saxonsun

            That makes me wonder–union rank and file have never been squeamish about expressing their interests yet when they need to very vocal they stay silent.

          • Unperson

            They (Burmese and Mexicans) have the same skills.

            More accurately they have the same LACK of skills. If either of these groups had any real, valuable skills to bestow upon America they wouldn’t need to do blood-spattered low-wage menial labor like ripping animals apart 40 hrs/wk.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Are these Hispanics sure they want to be citizens? What is the point? This country is turning into the 3rd world before our eyes. How the hell do people in Burma get the skinny on jobs in the US?

          • puffdaddy
          • StillModerated

            Funny you should mention Hormel. They gave a boatload to the Clinton campaigns so their fruity son could be ambassador to conservative Luxemburg. I boycott their products in favor of Smithfield, which is Virginia-based.

          • rebelcelt

            “But in a certain sense, they are in competition with each other.

            Really?? what sense is that ? The obvious?

        • ograf

          If you do not think there are any blacks in Cleveland or Minneapolis you still are one of those morons.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Minneapolis has it’s Somali black devils.

          • gemjunior

            Actually DB Cooper isn’t a moron at all, but your demeanor suggests that you are probably an asshole…

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Minneapolis has a ton of them, but the rest of Minnesota is mostly white.

          • ye ol’ swampyankee

            It’s the same situation in Maine as with other northern states. Blacks in particular are absent outside the population centers. Suburbs and rural areas remain the domain of the white man.

            This should be so obvious even to the casual observer. So it behooves me when someone posts, “Maine or Minnesota has all kinds of a Somalis now”, as if they are dispersed all over these states.

            Eliminate the city of Minneapolis and St. Paul and you’ve knocked off over 90% of the Somali population right off the bat in MN. Same thing with the Lewiston Maine and some stragglers in Augusta and Portand.

            Black bears still far outnumber black people in Maine

        • Jefferson

          Ohio has a $hitload of Blacks, what you talking about. Cleveland for example might as well be renamed Bantuland.

          Than there is also Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, etc who are all plagued by a heavy dose of Bantus.

        • zippy

          Really?Ohio? Every major city here is filled with them.

        • Nick Gherz

          Tolerance of blacks is inversely proportional to distance from them:

          T = 1/B

        • RebelliousTreecko

          It’s interesting.
          Their views about Africans generally come from celebrities, historical figures, and fictional characters like those in the Huxstable family.

          The media has pretty much created a new stereotype about them, only it doesn’t reflect reality.

          • sbuffalonative

            And then blacks don’t watch these shows because the black characters aren’t “authentic” (IE, stereotypes).

            Blacks only watch tv and movies that present them as stereotypes. Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy all play modern day ‘Steppin Fetchit’.

        • Spencer E

          Minnesota has a bunch of Somalis and “lost boys”

        • Room101

          If you think Minnesota doesn’t have a significant anti-White demographic, you haven’t checked up lately.
          You never know that the next thing you say could lead to the end of your career and everything you’ve worked for.

          One great thing I actually saw was about 3 or 4 Muslim Salamis/Somalis from the temp-agency our company hired for the week; they all showed up and immediately demand time to pray or they’d sue.
          They pretended to work, threatened to sue, and destroyed a rich Jewish liberal guy’s business.

          Oh well.

          • trollzforlulz

            “They pretended to work, threatened to sue, and destroyed a rich Jewish liberal guy’s business.”

            HAHAHAHa,dumbass shouldn’t have been a liberal,then.

            Welcome to diversity,Chosen Ones. They’re wonderful when you’re watching them sing and dance or play sports,but they ain’t so hot when they’re suing your business and robbing or killing you, are they?

        • dogbone

          “D.B. Cooper- I should know. I used to be one of those morons.”

          What made you change?

        • rebelcelt

          Living in Memphis area of my life I cannot count how many times I have heard whites from very white parts of the country come to an understanding we southerners have had for centuries. They usually say I have never been around them I didn’t know. Now my next door neighbor from Boise said I used to not get why Southerners did not like blacks now I get it. It only took 6 months.

      • The__Bobster

        They need a few Somoolie refugees to settle in their neighborhood for “enrichment”.

      • 4 dead in Ben-gha-zi

        Maine’s getting their Somalis now, aren’t they, tho’?

        • Room101

          Isn’t the epicenter of Die-versity in Maine the town of Lewiston?
          Imagine the frauds and scams emanating from that $#1+hole.

          I don’t know what we can do next, the IRS/military-police has all the guns pointed @ all of our taxpaying heads.
          Especially White people.

          Minnesota now has upwards of 70,000 Somalis on all welfare and the media and both political parties are absolutely in love with them.
          The small population of “american” Negroes coming up to grift Minnesota taxpayers have been overlooked for decades.

          The “liberals” are beside themselves with glee @ stupid Minnesota voters.

          Cha ching? Just say “racist”.
          That’s Minnesota.

      • ye ol’ swampyankee


        I second that motion. Whites in New England just love diversity as long it exists somewhere else, but not in their towns beyond a negligible percent. Show me a relatively affluent suburb in any of the New England States and I’ll show you a white population at 95% or more.

        White New Englander’s, speak highly about diversity as long as they get to experience it on their terms and when they’ve had enough of that, retreat back to their white strongholds.

        This attitude is prevalent throughout the northeast. Maybe turned up a notch or two in New England.

        BTW: much of the south bashing and stereotyping comes from NY, NJ and New England, yet whites here are more separated from blacks than the south ever was.

        Many of them would be too arrogant to admit this, the other half are just clueless of racial realities outside their region.

        • trollzforlulz

          Northerners have been @$$wipes since we branched out from the colonies.

          No offense against any northerners present,you guys are ok,it’s the general population of northerners I’m talking about.

          If there’s another civil war,I hope this time that at least the northerners present here will support the right side. I can forgive you on an individual basis for the first time, you didn’t know what you were doing. If you support “diversity” this time, you’re not ignorant but insane or malicious.

          • zanegray

            I met an American gal from the mid west in London back in the 80s who told me that southerners were ‘no-good’.

            I was shocked by such an intolerant attitude to her own people which I’ve never come across anywhere else..

            Let’s hope she’s changed it wherever she now is.

          • newscomments70

            I’m from the North. I grew up in a white area, but fairly close to “diversity”. Almost everyone I knew was a race realist. We all knew many victims of diversity, and we were well aware of how blacks and similar are prone to acting. We all knew some liberals. Our teachers were often liberal. Some of them were actually OK, but some of them were vile, dangerous radicals. I also remember the confederate flag was quite popular. As children and teens, many of us would have one hanging in our rooms. My brother would often wear confederate flags snow skiing, in the form of bandanas, etc. As a teen, I used to listen to Southern rock and wish I were a southerner. I did not know one person who admired “Barney Frank” or fat rapist Ted Kennedy…how DISGUSTING. There is a huge liberal enclave in the North, obviously, but at least half of whites in the North HATE liberals. The rest really aren’t American.

        • TheAntidote

          I agree entirely with what you’ve written above, but wouldn’t you agree a big part of there being few Negroes and spics in Northern New England is because it is so inhospitable to them:
          1) Too cold
          2) Rural–they hate the countryside, farm life, small towns
          3) Very little public transportation
          4) Social services not tailored to their needs
          5) No anchor colony

          • ye ol’ swampyankee


            You said it all. . .

        • Anonymous

          This is such crap. I live in one of the highest income suburbs in New England and my town is only 94% White. I dredged up a list of highest income towns in Massachusetts.

          #1 is 90%
          #3 is 87%
          #6 is 85%
          #7 is 92%
          #8 is only 76% White!!!
          #9 is 93%
          #10 is 93%
          #11 is only 73% White!!!
          #15 is 87%

          Now your opinion might hold more weight in Connecticut, where only three of the top fifteen towns are less than 95% White. But please don’t throw all of New England under one blanket. We are not all hypocrites.

          As for NY, here are the stats on White % of population of the highest income towns.

          #1 is 91%
          #3 is 90%
          #4 is 81%
          #6 is 88%
          #9 is 84%
          #10 is 92%

          I won’t even go into much detail in New Jersey, but the #5 highest income town there is only 68% White. #9 on their list is only 67% White.

          • ye ol’ swampyankee

            Of course you’ll find some limited exceptions to the rule. In Connecticut also. Some of those you listed were only a couple of points off the mid nineties percentile anyway.

            And bear in mind that many affluent white couples adopt non- white children giving a false positive. False in the sense that it suggests upward mobility of blacks and other non- whites. And positive in that when it comes to adoptive white couples checking the appropriate box in regards to race, they do so. some of this minority percentage is actually misleading.

            Most aren’t aware either, that if you have a correctional facility in a community, those non whites are counted in the census for the duration of their stay.

            For one or more reasons, the true white percentage is often actually a bit higher than the official census.

            No crap,- seriously.

      • The Final Solution

        Comparing diversity to a tasty pie is totally false. Diversity leaves a bad taste every time.

        • Manaphy

          The lack of diversity was compared to a tasty pie, if I were to compare diversity to something, it would be to a nuclear holocaust,

          • RebelliousTreecko

            Reminds me of a weird comparison of the ruins of Detroit and Hiroshima that I saw somewhere. I think Paul Kersey wrote it.

            The bombing of Hiroshima was instantaneous, while Detroit’s collapse happened over many years.
            Hiroshima was able to be rebuilt, but people who try to fix Detroit’s problems are usually called Racist.

      • James Toppe

        I could not agree with your statement more! I live in SC and I can tell you we have plenty of diversity! We hear all the time in popular culture and media that the south is ignorant and racist! This is a message for all northerners and folks from non-diverse places of the US. “You cannot teach anyone from the South about race or diversity”. DEAL WITH IT!

      • Scott894398

        Well, they don’t call it “New England” for nothing. They’re just copying the English themselves, who love blacks–as long as they live 3,000 miles away. It’s the Mrs. Jellyby complex.

      • Formerly Known As..

        I regrettably have to agree with you, and that, mind you, is coming from a native Californian, if you can believe it. A former (thankfully) co-worker of mine was from one of those dinky burghs in Vermont where everyone’s Scottish but there’s no MacAdam, if you catch my drift. He went from Vermont to Sausalito without Vibraversity in between, pardon my reworking of the old snipe about ‘merican cultural insufficiency. A genuine snob, he was very cruel to those he considered his lessers, and a disgraceful lick-spittle around members of the social classes he aspired to. I’ll always fondly remember the time I told him that Vermont was one of two states in the Union in which first-cousin marriages were still lawful. Put a nice dent in all that Yankee smugness, and his silence in my presence for a number of weeks was truly Golden.

        An acquaintance of mine, another long-skulled,hatched-faced, “Muh ruluhtives Cam Ovuh Uhn Thuh Mayflowuh” type from the same neck of the woods-was beaten silly by several representatives of diversity in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood over his bicycle. When I dared let go with some choice words about that neighborhood and it’s occupiers, he screamed at me about my redneck attitude and that the race of the perpetrators had nothing to do with it. I told him to buy a new bike and try it again. Like WLP once said, it will take an oak table leg, placed smartly against one side of the head…….

        With all due respect to you Manaphy, and my sainted grandma from Massachusetts, you’ve got just as many kooks there as we grow wild out here.

    • 48224


      I am telling you….we live in a Karashi-nation. Kim Kardashian has made it fashionable for a white woman to have a baby (out of wedlock of course) with a black dude. Not just any black dude, like Dr. Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell. Nope, not educated, intelligent black men who share my views for the most part. Nope, these white women want the gangsta jobless, IQ of 75 type black.
      The welfare and food stamp programs will be well supplied in the future. LOOK OUT third world, here we come!

      • Morris LeChat

        once you go black…you are an HIV positive single mom

    • dogbone

      The advertisement says to me “Two white women for every black man.”

      I won’t be going there.

      P.S. What are these micro colleges/universities? I am going to a community college right now because it is a lot cheaper than a standard state university, and I see so many advertisements for these private micro-universities. Most of them teach useless subjects, and I think they were just established to make money and not teach. Of course that is the new purpose of any University these days.

    • me

      The only thing that college is good for anymore is for teaching ‘diversity’ and Marxist propaganda, and putting a person in debt for the rest of their lives. (Unless you’re a minority–then you get to attend for free, on the taxpayers dime.) White people, if they manage to get into college with all of the discrimination and ‘affirmative action’ quotas, will NOT learn anything productive anyways….unless they go into fields that are highly demanding, such as engineering, chemistry, computer sciences, etc.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Always the blacks with White women.
    But when you look at these last names, you’d have guessed a Mexican
    Dean of Arts: Cid
    Dean of Education: Gomez
    Dean of Students: Diaz

    The Long Dreidel-Spin/Samba/Mexican Hat Dance Through the Institutions. Thanks, Frankfurt!

    • NYB

      Notice how unthreatening the black model looks.

      Another layer of propaganda is to build the perception that most blacks are benign and easily integrated into social settings.

      • Integration Anxiety

        I noticed that right away. I figured he looked like a swabber of the poop deck.

      • guest

        He looks very unthreatening, and very gay.

        • Gay Black Man

          So all Black people who look unthreatening are gay? This is illogical thinking. I am gay, but I look like any other human being.

      • Room101

        He looks like a mass-murderer.
        I could swear I thought I saw he had a gun…

    • Katherine McChesney

      No mention of Black Studies.

    • The__Bobster

      Look at those women. They don’t look exactly White to me. They look like mongrel Cubans.

      • Room101

        Those women just look like victims waiting to happen, but can’t report after-the-crimes.
        It’d be raaaaaycis.

        That’s what most people buy into.
        We can’t save everyone, only ourselves.

    • 4 dead in Ben-gha-zi

      And we know why they wouldn’t have a pic of a white woman surrounded by two black men. Whatever the printed message, subliminally, it would be a bit ominous..

      • Room101

        They can relaease that pic so parents will pay to send their daughters to high-crime neighborhoods where their daughters stand a good chance of getting gang-raped @ the bus stop and murdered by blacks for a couple dollars.

        That’s what people in Minnesota do.

        Open season on endless victims, the stupid White people.

        They vote for this stuff.
        Their newspapers and universities and non-profits and sports teams and politicians all agree more-or-less that White People are Their Misfortune.

    • Must be a great school to have attracted such fought after educational administrators.

    • Andy

      Eastern’s town, Willimantic, is largely Hispanic now. The less sophisticated white locals call it “Willi-Rico”.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Willimantic has been known as “Heroin Town” since the late 1970s.

      • rick

        Willimantic also has Mexicans in addition to Ricans. I’ve been through it so I know. Imagine a small city of about 12,000 in mostly-rural eastern CT becoming a Latin American dump.

  • NYB

    Sex sells.

    • newscomments70

      …but the customers don’t have any money.

      • MikeS

        That’s never stopped them before.

  • pcmustgo

    This doesn’t indicate sex to me and the black guy looks gay… I really wouldn’t read too much into this. All of them are kind of pushed to show diversity in the pamphlets

    • Hunter Morrow

      But it is ALWAYS black man+White women.

      It is never, asian woman, mexican man, mexican woman.
      Or black woman+White women-Asian man.

      That would be even more “diverse”, right? 1 black, 1 White, 1 Asian? But why is it ALWAYS black man+white women?

      • potato78

        White man will be marginalized.

        Black man seems being more trendy now.

        • gemjunior

          Well, Jamie Fox (Django the Great) DID say on SNL that “Black is the new White!”
          He can dream…..

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        There is no white man anywhere in this ad, a true Marxist paradise. It’s ironic how every Nubian spear-chucker wants a pretty white female, but if they all had one there would be none left for their little Obongo babies to enjoy.

      • guest

        >>>But why is it ALWAYS black man+white women?

        Because a whole lot of people—including many whites—are wildly perverse when it comes to the issue of race.

    • Katherine McChesney

      He does look like a ‘wuss’, doesn’t he? And he’s homely.

      • trollzforlulz

        Don’t be fooled by his big grinning African-looking face. He looks “non-threatening” because of all the “feed a starving African child” commercials we’ve been forced to sit through, but look deeper. Look into his yellow-brown googley eyes. You can see a hint of low intelligence,psychopathy,and violence in them if you look closely and you know what you’re looking for.

    • sbuffalonative

      Major businesses are very sensitive to potential criticism.

      I don’t know the thinking process they made in using this photo but there’s a message there even if that message was simply to head-off claims that the school wasn’t doing enough outreach to blacks or the charge that the school doesn’t feature blacks in their ads..

      • Terry

        Gee, then what is the message being sent in this commercial?

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Dear God man!!! AT least put an Eye Bleach alert on that one!!

          • Morris LeChat

            thanks for the warning, I won’t investigate it.

    • potato78

      “wuss” or not “wuss” isn’t a point.
      The point is “black” guy with “white” women can produce ………….

      • cord


      • MikeS


      • Barnaby Sutton

        ……… an increase in the non-white population.

    • IstvanIN

      Good golly, the point is “look white girls, date a black guy, they’re the best!” Who cares if the guy in the picture is gay, the point is he is BLACK. Like most TV commercials were the blond white girl is attached to a black or mystery meat male.

    • Rhialto

      Black men often act a bit wussy (non-threatening) when they are hitting on white gals.

      • NoName

        There was some idiot white woman in the comments section of the Huffington Post that said she found black men to be much more ‘gentlemanly’ than white men. Since she loves the ‘gentleman’ so much, maybe she should move to Detroit to get the ‘gentleman’ treatment in full. This kind of airheaded naivety is sickening.

        • newscomments70

          White liberals like to base their opinions on what they have seen in fictional movies. Or maybe she really does know a gay black man who is polite to her. Like you said though, she needs to visit Detriot.

        • B. Berthasback

          See how she likes them when one of them puts her in the ER, or the morgue

          • trollzforlulz

            She’ll probably like them even more sitting in Bimbo Heaven,like all the chicks that are in love with the surviving Boston Bomber. They deserve what they get and no matter how much it boggles our minds or angers us, we’re better off WITHOUT women with such poor impulse control and so little sense.

            Don’t extrapolate our reasoning,our motivations, or our common sense to women as a group,women with male-like reasoning skills are the exception,not the rule.

            Scratch a woman, and 9 times out of 10,she’ll bleed liberal blue.

          • Barnaby Sutton

            You make an excellent and often overlooked point. We have to protect our women whether they like it or not. Sometimes even from themselves. This is the natural male role. We also know that our women involved in this end up miserable, abused, or dead.

            It is only common sense that a white baby girl being produced by a white man and being composed of his genes can never find compatibility with someone so unlike her father. Someone composed of African genes.

          • Freya

            Interesting. During my couple day stint at a homeless shelter, I was offered dog food for dinner. I decided to go just a few blocks to the grocery store and buy myself a piece of fruit. As I was walking out, a blondish man I’d not noticed (I am fair haired) grabbed my arm from behind, and stated “White women do NOT walk after dark in ____(somewhat ghetto ish ‘hood in NYC metropolitan area). I had an hour and a half till sundown and was hungry, but the guy wasn’t going to let go, and I had to think about the psycho vicious comment I had heard earlier while walking in the area from a homeless black guy who was sitting down, but pro-actively vicious when he commented on my ****y. Hmm…I decided the white guy was right. I don’t think it’s just ‘male reasoning skills,’ thank you very much. I think the white female is just totally manipulated and bullied into submission. If we stand up for ourselves we are entitled white bitches, ‘racist,’ or nuts.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            NO understanding the psyche of some women. Richard Speck, the mass murderer of nine student nurses in Chicago whom he raped and stabbed one by one, received numerous love letters and proposals from adoring female fans. Go figure!

        • Themistocles

          You mean openly pandering.

        • saxonsun

          Many black males are that way on the surface–a big lie.

        • TheAntidote

          Perhaps she was watching old Sidney Poitier movies.

  • Easyrhino1

    Isn’t the school’s motto: “A Liberal Education Practically Applied” an oxymoron?

    • 4 dead in Ben-gha-zi

      I didn’t think liberalism COULD be practical.

  • Race mixing plus hypergamy. Oh boy, fun fun fun.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Yuck! Too many black faces in ads and commercials. They’re trying to blend whites with blacks to get rid of the White race.
    Yesterday, I found another race realist in my church. It was refreshing to know another White is aware of the fact that the Civil Rights movement is bogus and Affirmative Action is a Hoax.

    • george00

      Amren did a story about all the college catalogs that had black men with white women on the cover a few years ago. Before the story came out I sent off for information on 4 or 5 colleges and they all sent back catalogs with black men with white women on the front or back cover. At the time I thought this can’t be a coincidence.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Sometimes is almost subliminal in commercials. A sudden flash shot of a Mau Mau with a White woman.

        The one that still bothered me the most was the ad for a home alarm system. It shows the wife smiling and waving at the hyper-masculine Black who looks at the husband (a nerdy type of course) disdainfully as he
        ( the Black) is walking back to his truck. The husband reaches the front porch and realizes that his wife (Blonde of course) has armed the system and locked him out. In the final scene, the husband is still out in the dark of night begging his wife to let him in. I found it totally sickening. It’s not on anymore. I assume that there were protests.

  • Kathy M

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • sbuffalonative

    Two white girls for every black boy.

    Black male enrollment is going to skyrocket.

    • The__Bobster

      Is that a Jan & Dean song?

      • MekongDelta69

        Yeah. “Di-Surf-ity City

      • 4 dead in Ben-gha-zi

        Pro’bly a rap “song”

    • Anonymous

      Duh Black boys don’t be needin’ to go to Surf City.

  • Scott894398

    I don’t think there’s any TV ad these days that doesn’t feature a black guy in it. It’s the new normal in American media.

    • dukem1

      So true. Makes ya think that the largest employer of blacks that can speak standard English and clean up a bit is the ad industry.

      Every ad you see has these people in it which a science-fiction writer couldn’t dream up. Upper middle class, McMansions, driving Toyotas and Volvos. What world do these advertisers think they are selling their products in?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Breitbart has a ‘healthy’ dose of diversity in their commercials. The videos always seem to be preceded by advertisement featuring ‘intelligent’ ‘professional blacks who either intimidate White males or make them look stupid. I always bring it to the other readers attention.

      • Agreed , State Farm is one of the worst.
        Another one of my favorites ( I’ve posted this before ) is the Gerber life insurance nonsense where the dimwit, looks like a perv commentator asks a group of couples if they are saving for their kids college fund. Of course the darkie couple proceed to lecture the stupid white dolts on the importance of saving for the future. Yeah right, makes me want to puke.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Don’t forget Allstate with its All-Knowing-Negro-Who-Solves-All-of- Dumbell-Whitey’s-Problems.

          • Anonymous

            Even the Whites talk with Haysbert’s voice dubbed in.

    • Room101

      They are just continuing to condition you as to people having certain skin-colors you may not criticize.
      Or else.

  • joegoofinoff

    A woman here in town said the teacher always had her blond daughter hold hands with the only black kid in the class when they went anywhere. The woman said she went down to the school and told the teacher in no uncertain terms to cease and desist form that stuff. So, all this white girls/women stuff with black boys/men starts very early on.

    • newscomments70

      I live in a mostly white community. The few black boys I see usually choose white girls as friends, even when they’re very young. They’re not gay or anything, it’s just they start their predatory courting ritual at a very young age.

    • tech

      Interesting…in school I was coerced by my teacher to help 2 black boys. You may be onto something.

      • Reluctant Canuckistani

        Yes (A-ha moment here)! Teachers used to place me with the under performing groups. Perhaps they thought my White compulsion to learn and work would cover up the fact that these other kids were so darned unteachable. I never did the work. The black kids were angry with me because they expected the White girl to do the work, and the hippie-dippy teachers were even angrier with me for not playing along. From elementary school to grad school, nothing changed!

        • Melanie

          Good for you for realising early that you were just there to be parasitised by the blacks! That’s one of the most important things whites could realise and DO, right now-just refuse to be co-opted by the system, and in the case of college, pay or go into debt for the “privilege”. Whites could survive without feeding into the modern indoctrination system if they only had the gumption and would quit buying into consumerism. Many groups manage to do just that and live quite well, not trading their self-respect and ability to self-sustain for access to more “toys” and status-seeking.

  • potato78

    It’s like online dating.
    Two white girls surrounded one black guy. Woow very interesting.

  • MekongDelta69

    This looks exactly like 50% of all ads on TV. All it does it tell me what not to buy.

  • The__Bobster

    I just receive an annual report from one of the companies in which I hold stock. On the cover: two men (brown), three women (brown and black, plus a blonde). Since it was a high-tech company, why no Asian or White men?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Do you own Lockheed Martin (I do) or Microsoft (I do not)??

      Here are the ads:

      • Dave4088

        I think most of us know that black and Asian women are not inventing advanced jet fighters contrary to Lockheed’s propaganda. No doubt a few Asians and AA blacks are on the periphery, but if 100 top Aerospace engineers were in a room at least 95 of them would be white males.

        • Morris LeChat

          They give the black and asian women simple problems to solve that have nothing to do with the real research.

      • The__Bobster

        No, it was Broadcom.

  • Aspiring rapper

    “Resident Assistant” refers to paid leadership in the dorms – in other words, this guy is creeping around the white girls’ dorm rooms and has permission to enforce rules at his discretion. Revolting.

  • White Mom in WDC

    I would not apply to this college. I will pass on the purple penis thank you.

    Also, where are the books? Why isn’t the library used as the setting? Gee, wonder what the agenda here is…

    • edie

      lot’s of taxpayer money for the colleges from the black ‘students’.

      • White Mom in WDC


        • jambi19

          Yes. Modern stay college student loans are a cash cow. It takes less than five minutes to be granted a loan easily tally at 50000$ annually. (all distributed by federal government. this was another not so secret fact written into law in the Obamacare bill).

          • White Mom in WDC

            Ok so this is the way to lead Jamal to indentured servitude via student loans- just dangle the potential for white poon in his face. Ha!

          • B. Berthasback

            As if Jamal is actually going to pay – paying bills is for YT

          • jambi19

            Well AAs also tend to get much more scholarship money. They also tend to never graduate. Do you see why higher education cost so much now?

          • White Mom in WDC

            All the more reason for whites to say bye bye to the whole system. My kids are young BUT I really think alternative paths to careers are the way to go now, screw college. Your kid will just be maligned for being white. There is another option called the e school, look it up.

          • Tim

            College is a lot like Wildwood New Jersey in that it takes going there to realize you needn`t have bothered…

          • Funruffian

            Not only that, but the standards of achieving a degree today are much less merited. There are two main reasons why a higher education is less rewarding than it was 30 years ago: These online Universities are basically a money making scam. If one wanted to earn an MA or MS online it will not require a GRE to be accepted into the school. All they wanttis your commitment and money. The GRE is the exam that places graduates in the realm of possessing a higher level of knowledge and expertise in their chosen discipline. Without the GRE requirement this post graduate degree loses its weight. This is why many of these online Universities do not require the GRE. If they did admissions would be hard to come by and the school’s potential for earning a profit would diminish.

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone remember the college where White coeds were coerced into acting as Hostesses for High School basketball players who were invited to the campus as part of a recruitment program?
            Law and Order SVU had an episode dealing with this but of course the recruiting targets were all White.

          • jambi19
    • newscomments70

      They all have the same agenda now. i have even seen Christian instutions using this propaganda.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Yeah the agenda shown on the xxx site ‘Blacks on Blondes’.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          I’m appalled that you know about that.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I do have training in sex addiction

          • Freya

            Why? what is it…forget it, I don’t want to know…
            looking up blonde genocide I found a site that’s way too quickly surfaced devoted to black men breeding with white women. Sickening. Imagine if the races were reversed. The admin(s) would be in jail.

      • I’ve seen The Heritage Foundation using it.

      • Funruffian

        It’s as if the education itself has taken a backseat to this social conditioning.
        Forget about what you learn and what skills you acquire, you will get to cavort with Blacks and people who look and act nothing like you. Isn’t that great?
        What parent, in their right mind, would be willing to pony up tens of thousands of dollars just so his precious daughter can go to college and get accosted and harrassed by Bantus? From the intuitive viewpoint these adverts defeat their own purpose. Since recent HS grads do not have the funding to go where they wish without their parents’ approval I would portend that these hokey ads will have little effect on White matriculation.

    • Purple penis, I’m pissing myself lol

    • Athling
      • White Mom in WDC

        Just looked at the online reports. And these are the best and brightest of the black community? Good God this country is doomed. Secession please

        • trollzforlulz

          “And these are the best and brightest of the black community?”

          Aspiring rappers each and every one.

          “Secession please”

          Double helping for me.

  • bigone4u

    Heads up, blacks. ECU wants you. Please feel free to move to Connecticut any time you wish.

  • joe

    Diversity when its always a black dude w/white chicks is not diversity, its racism.

    • newscomments70

      I write to the advertisers whenever possible and tell them that. It shocks and horrifies them, but it’s worth it. Black women actually make that comment quite often as well. They feel as though they are being phased out.

      • trollzforlulz

        “Black women actually make that comment quite often as well. They feel as though they are being phased out.”

        That’s because they are,but they’re mostly phasing themselves out,with Planned Parenthood.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s bedroom genocide actually.

  • Barnaby Sutton

    Check out this British commercial. Oh….. My….. God…… the HORROR!!

    • It’s trash…

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Sickening. The Diversity curse is EVERYWHERE!

  • Dave4088

    How sweet. A simian looking black man flanked by two attractive white females. What could be more normal and natural on an American college campus? Especially one located in ultra liberal Connecticut.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      One of them is not white, but clearly an anchor baby with a higher than average amount of European admixture. Needless to say, she isn’t the one getting any of DeMarcus’ attention in this ad… He only has eyes for YT.

  • Bill

    I can tell from that grin he is NOT thinking about his next nuclear physics test. He’s thinking about polluting our race yet again, twice over. They ALL only think “muh dick” when they look at white women, and for the most part, their entire thought process is anything but scholarly.

  • Furlong the Younger

    Samsung encourages white women to marry blacks:

    • Kathy M

      Oh no Furlong, this is just meant to make blacks feel included. /sarc

    • potato78

      Samsung was either brainwashed or misled by “young people” or Liberals.

    • NM156

      Ewww…This ad must target specific demographics, which don’t exist in most of the US, because this ad is not run on any Comcast channel I’ve seen. Maybe it’s a demographic-specific web ad for E. Coast liberals.

  • The Final Solution

    That boy in paradise true dat. He gonna get some white meat tonight. No really means yes if she’s white. A brutha can’t deny his satisfaction.

  • Athling

    The words of Sam Francis on this topic are still alive and meaningful..

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      As are the words of Joe Sobran:

      “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible”.


      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        The same is also true for our “modern” military.

  • newscomments70

    Almost every college ad I see displays a black guy with an attracive white girl. Occasionally they throw in an average looking white guy in the background, but it’s always black male with white female in the forefront.

    • ProWhite son of Jacob

      I was just about to mention that, and then I noticed your comment. Indeed, why is that? Why is it always a black man with White women?
      What’s the intended message to black men? If you’re black and you go to college you can get a white woman?

      There don’t seem to be ads of blacks in classrooms studying, or hard at work taking notes as a professor draws diagrams on a board and explains the physics and math of motion. No. Blacks always seem to exist on college for sex, even in the advertizing.

      I can’t tell if this is manipulative advertizing, or if it is just accurate–since that’s what blacks will be doing at college. Only a small percentage of them try to be good at something productive, and among them–at least this is what I noticed at my university–they seem to date within their race more.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        They don’t show blacks doing work in the classroom because they know that that would scare off any actual blacks from applying to the school.

        The whiter the school, and the whiter the state its in, the more desperate they are for blacks to apply, partially because they’re brainwashed liberals and partially because it can stave off claims that they’re “discriminating” against blacks.

  • MikeS

    Anyone care to guess as to what the “student” in the middle in contemplating?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Which White ‘ho’ to attack first.

  • The Culturalist

    If you scan the advertisements on Yahoo and the other sites like it you will find many ads with the same theme: drooling white woman fawning all over a “brilliant” “heroic” negro. Many times the ads will have fat loser impotent white males staring at the ground in the background.

    The mystery is spelled out with one three letter word that is taboo on this semetiphelia laced site.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    You know that old adage about the frog not jumping out of the water if you turn the heat up slowly?

    Our family had an old set of books for children from the early 60’s called the Childcraft Encyclopedia. The most striking thing about that set of books is that virtually all of the pictures, whether artwork or photos, were of WHITE PEOPLE, unless accompanying an article about, say Africa or of some well-known black personage such as Hank Aaron.

    In the 70s, blacks became more common in TV shows and advertisements (and even then my grandmother wryly observed the infrequency of seeing a black criminal on TV).

    Today, showing at least one black in EVERY, and I mean EVERY, print or TV ad, TV show or other form of entertainment is absolutely mandatory, and as we all know, if anyone is depicted as being weird or stupid, it can never be the black.

    We’ve gone to portraying a complete fantasy land in media in which some mythical idea of integration and black superiority is pushed just as much as whatever product is being sold, and whites rarely if ever voice objections to or even seem to notice this sham. Participating in this fraud is no longer optional.

    • Athling

      Nevermind the fact that the best baseball pitchers have always been white men, this is is the image of the white man advertisers promote…

    • Tim

      After seeing the third gay couple on a row on House Hunters, I told my spouse, “They`re not selling Charlotte. They`re selling gay relationships…”

    • NM156

      Several TV ads I’ve seen in the past year have no white people in them at all, so a trend to marginalize whites is accelerating. After seeing an ad with an Asian guy talking to a couple comprising a Black male and female of mixed, indeterminate racial and ethnic background, my spontaneous reaction was “what the f**k is this now? No white Americans at all?”

    • saxonsun

      The film, “Cactus Flower” made in the sixties, features Goldie Hawn, Ingrid Bergman & Walter Matthau. There’s a scene where they go out dancing. There’s a couple of black males dancing with white women–this crap stated early.

  • newscomments70

    I used to try to accept interracial dating, etc, but after realizing the domestic violence and date rape statistics, I do not accept black males dating white women. It still is a free country, and but it’s disgusting to constantly have this agenda forced down our throats. It reminds me of the gay agenda, and I have the same opinion: do what you need to do, but keep it out of my face.

  • You think that one’s bad? – look at this one from Portland State University (Oregon)

    One black man lying on grass with four White women and one Asian woman. Yuck!

    • Tim

      The sprawled out positions are there to sub conciously make the viewer think of the exhaustion of post coital bliss…

    • Magician

      I only see one white girl. And the white girl is neither blond nor gorgeous. The person with a green shirt on appears to be a Hispanic male and the rest of the individuals in the photo appear to be of mixed ethnicities such as hispanic and caucasian. Even the white girl could possibly be a sixteenth African American.

      I agree with you, when a black person is shown in an advertisement, why is it always a male? Isn’t it a big slap in the face for young black women around the world? Those photos are sending a clear message to young black women around the world. “Your young black men will never be with you. They will always go for and be with non-black women. There is no place for you ever in this world”

  • There. All fixed.

    • NM156

      Totally cheap…yet I find myself laughing. XD

  • pro-me

    I’m sorry to say, but 90% of black guys that attend college don’t dress like that.

  • There is no doubt that this is anti-white propaganda designed to further our genocide. It’s everywhere these days.

    BUT, what is to stop YOU from doing the same kind of work? Flood this and other college campuses with pro-white literature that encourages white loyalty. Do not just sit there and whine, get busy.

    I just e-mailed several of the student organizations on that campus, giving them a very good flier advertising a very good pro-white book, mine of course. . Here’s an idea, create a flier for your favorite website, book, youtube video or other such thing and mail them to as many white youth as you can. The colleges are probably letting out about now but there are other ways to reach these young minds. AND there’s always next school year, so get prepared NOW.

  • Talltrees

    Everyone should tell Eastern Connecticut what you think about the ad.

    First it has several messages.

    1. It’s OK to date another race.

    2. Two Whites for one Black. Is that dating and mating, a threesome?

    3. “My life has changed so much since I came to Eastern.”
    What’s that? Mixed threesomes are promoted. It’s a campus activity. No mention of education.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Shocker…black male and white girls around him in the media. Imagine ads with 2 black girls and 1 white guy? Try to picture it…isn’t that weird? That’s how badly brainwashed people are. ESPN must love grads from this school so they can hire white girls to co-host with black men. Black males are being forced on white women and many white women don’t want any part of it, but they are forced to accept their advances because rejecting them would be “racist”. Imagine if black girls were considered the white man’s rightful prize and they were forced to give in to our advances because they would be called racist otherwise?

    • Freya

      No one on here wants to hear it, but I think this is sexism at work. If you as a white woman reject a black man it’s not because lots of other white women feel the same way, it’s because you are somehow evil or hateful or paranoid or crazy. We are considered a public utility; at least white men, while marginalized, are *allowed* to reject diversity if they want. White women are not.

  • Andy

    I almost went to this school, but I couldn’t bear the diversity course requirements. And their literary magazine looked like it had been written by eight-year-olds. So instead of going to school ten minutes away I drive eight hours.

  • bubo

    I’d say those two girls just found themselves a new shopping buddy.

  • MBlanc46

    Black males with white females. They just can’t leave it alone. They keep hammering away at it. In print media. In broadcast media. In advertising. In editorial content. It’s the diversity holy grail.

    • Guest

      Now they have gone to the next level..They are showing White men with black women…Haven’t you noticed that on TV yet?

      • MBlanc46

        I’ve missed that. It is certainly less frequent both in the media and in the world.

  • Mentious

    I don’t get it. What does he have to do with them?

    • Room101

      He owns them in every way that matters.

  • John R

    I recently had my car inspected. They do good work at my local auto maintenance shop. What I noticed is this: Nearly all the tehnicians I see in my neighborhood are White men. (Actually all. I am just being conservative.) And I live in a neighborhood-Upper Darby, PA, just outside of Philadelphia-that is fairly “diverse.” (Or perverse?)
    Now, why is this? My take: Because blacks don’t want to go to trade school, that’s why. They can’t even speak standard English, but they “wants ta get inta tha collage!” That picture shown at the top of this article explains why. You go to a trade school, if you want to get a good job, and support a family. But to these black men, they would rather go to college, and “score” some cute, blonde, white chicks. Ain’t going to see many of that type in a vocational school, huh?
    We need more people in this country that know how to do things, and fewer, so-called “educated” people.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      My 19-year old tells me there are no blacks (or browns) in his software or electrical engineering classes, Newtonian or Gaussian physics classes or Boolean algebra classes.

      I have NO idea why after looking at the flyers for his university!! The hard sciences (from looking at the photos in the catalog and on-line) are full of blacks and Mexicans studying chemistry, mechanical engineering and applied mathematics.


      • Funruffian

        That catalogue is obviously misleading. If their intention is to make attending school with Browns and Blacks more desireable the end result would be a misfire. I would think that such a catalogue would detract most Whites from wanting to attend.

  • Room101

    If one were to capture this pic and reverse the colors, save, then edit, you could make a very convincing propaganda leaflet as if designed by, flown by, and dropped by the Luftwaffe in World War 2 over Enemy populations about to come come under imminent subjugation.

    This is clearly government-funded propaganda.
    To say so is “racist”.

    Who’s worse?

  • H Billings

    The Darwinian dominance struggle between black males and white males continues. White males seem to be giving up, allowing black males to breed his females. Evolutionary observations, sad.

    • Room101

      Government is taxing and punishing productive people to subsidize and encourage less-than-worthlessnes.
      Cascading failure, uncertainty, anarcho-Tyranny requires hundreds of trillions more from the “taxpayers”.

      • H Billings

        Unlike white males who place an emphasis on individualism, blacks have large social networks based on race and they are aggressive in groups, whereas they are often cowardly when alone. The end result is a very clear dominance hierarchy, with white males at the bottom and groups of blacks at the top. The spoils of this Darwinian dominance struggle, in this case white females, are being ceded to black males.

        • Room101

          In the current set-up of contemporary times, yes.
          Pretty accurate observation on your part.

        • robinbishop34

          This is in part true but it is not an natural phenomenon, the very existence of different races developing over thousands of generations is proof of this. White acquiescence is a the result of decades of social conditioning. If there were a spontaneous Lord of the Flies scenario thrust upon Western civilization, the outcome would be a swift and decisive white victory. Blacks know this… so do wimpy whites.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          To an anti-White, Interracial marriage is the most holy of all pillars, and the conditions that lead to it are the favored policies to destroy the White race.

          To ensure that whites don’t preserve ourselves, our schools, churches, government, and media all preach that opposition to INTERMARRIGE is “racist,” and no contrary message is allowed to be heard.

          Television is especially used to press INTERMARRIAGE…TV sells to White women the falsehood that black men are strong, capable, responsible, intelligent husband-material that White women desire in preference to the bumbling White men that are shown.

          Just think how many commercials you see that pair a blonde White woman with a black man who is helping her choose the right product…him.”

          Whites are NOT ALLOWED to have anything exclusive for our race and and these conditions imposed on us lead to enough intermarriage to wipe us out.


          • Funruffian

            Do you ever notice that on TV or Print media whenever they use interracial couples it is always a White woman with a Black male? They never show an Asian guy with a White girl. They never show an Indian man with a White woman and they almost never show a Latino guy with a white woman. The reason for this is because the Marxists know that Blacks pose the biggest threat to White heritage.
            I have seen maybe a few adverts where they show a White guy with a light-skinned Black or Mulatto female. But this reversal doesn’t have the same scathing effect on the White race as does the WF/BM.
            I wouldn’t be offended or even bothered so much if I saw an advert with an Asian male and White female.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      We Whites are forced to share every single part of our lives with non-Whites, and not allowed to have any exclusive White communities.

      You are well aware that leads to enough intermarriage to destroy our race.

      It is being forced on us and it is genocide.


    • Funruffian

      Brainwashing runs deep and the White woman has been the target for many years. On a mental wavelength, White couples feel themselves drifting apart emotionally due to all the external stimuli such as media, propoganda and social engineering.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Look at the caption; a liberal application practically applied. Oh so Mr Derwin is learning that race is just a construct whatever and he will apply it by trying to hook up with the white girls. Go Derwin

  • Gerjen

    When I was in grad school I remember that the students in charge of taking the pictures for the university website and other school propaganda consciously sought out minority students so as to give a distorted picture of the university. Because I come from a lower class white family I had to work through school like the minority students (I’m not complaining, I think working while in school is a good thing). I worked with the other few minority students in my program. We were approached by students who told us they wanted faces that represented the diverse makeup of the school and they offered to pay the two minority students to pose in the pictures, even though they really didn’t represent the overall make up of the program which was overwhelmingly white. They told me that I could be in the pictures if I wanted but they couldn’t pay me.

    • RileyDeWiley

      I saw the same thing happening at U Colorado … 100 students in a room, the only two minorities posed at the podium with the professor and photographed for the catalog.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    I hate diversity so much I have to sit down when I think about it. I hate diversity more today than i did yesterday and Im going to hate it more tomorrow than I do today.

    • Room101

      If you Hate Die-versity, you must be what “liberals” call “racists”.

      I’ve never seen it put so well together in so few words before regarding a working-definition of “diversity”, as you just did.

      “Die-versity”, as “liberals” understand it, is the political and economic subjugation and enslavement of the population the Government deems to be “racists”.
      Native-born White Americans.
      They mean to exterminate the taxpayers after expropriating them. The survivors, if any, shall be exterminated too, like what used to be England.

  • dean53


  • starlight

    It appears to me that many of you are greatly upset caused by the 3 billionth advertisement containing a black male along with multiple white females, and I just wanted to give you something to lighten you up a little bit.

    Just laugh it off, and make a joke or two. There is no need to look deep into it

    • Barnaby Sutton

      I get your point but their point, by showing this WF/BM a billion times, is to have a Pavlovian effect on whites. Meaning whites are being conditioned to just accept it. That, we must never do. When whites truly stop caring about this then its over. There is no point anymore in a white racialist movement. A primary purpose is to prevent this, not accept it.

      • Funruffian

        My take on this whole BM/WF propoganda push is that it will take time to see how this will impact the White woman’s decisions. If an attractive and stable White woman accepts the advances of a persistent Black male and gets herself to date him, she will sooner or later realize they have virtually nothing in common. I don’t see these flings as lasting too long. The White woman would have to be very lonely with low self-esteem, a self-hating misceganator, or just mentally unstable to wih to consummate such a relationship.
        If after she breaks up with the BM and she is still curious to explore crossing racial boundaries she will learn that there is a stark physical and mental difference between the races that will forbid them from having a healthy and lasting relationship.

    • Not Too Shabby

      Black boy band huh! They will be winning the hearts of many black girls, obese white girls and homosexual black and white boys’ hearts! *LOL*

  • Bobby

    I actually believe it won’t matter. Any of the things the left is so desperately attempting to do to European-Americans. I say European-Americans because that is their target. European-Americans are the object of the lefts most ardent attentions. Who Asians, blacks, mexican, Indians, etc. hang around with doesn’t concern them in the slightest. But, I believe in the biological reality of race and all that implies, so that, the communist leftist program will ultimately fail thourghout the west. Unfortunately, it won’t fail before some real PAIN, is exacted.

    • trollzforlulz

      We can exact pain on them too.

      This phenomenon is not limited to the U.S.,or Canada, or England,or France,or Germany, or Australia. The same globalists forcing this on us are the ones doing it to every white country,screwing us all. Killing us ALL,while they keep us divided from each other by playing us against one another. As whites we all have one thing in common. We are slated for extinction or subjugation by the globalist powers-that-be.

      It is long past time for a global strike by whites.

      It is time for Operation Whiteout.

  • thoughtcrime

    You can seen the thinly veiled sneer in the negroids eyes which says: ” Ah hellz yeah! White girl, I iz gonna rapes you da furss chance i gitz!”

  • Jim G

    I just saw a K-Mart advertisement on TV depicting a Plane Jane White woman married to a swarthy Middle Eastern man and their children look non-White. Boycott K-Mart

    Yes there are more Black men having sex with White women today than ever before. But considering precipitous drop in Western women’s moral standards plus the fact that women are relatively easy persuaded to think of a Black man as a good catch, since Black males are always portrayed as alpha males, it is heartening that there are not many more White women involved with Black men.

    There are hardly any White men having sex with Black women, and almost none marrying Black women. Propaganda designed to get White men to think of Black women as a good catch is futile since White males want attractive women to marry and have their children, and Black women are, let’s be honest, extremely unattractive..

    So cheer up, intelligent and mentally sound White women do not want Black men impregnating them. Almost all the White woman you see with Black men, 99%, you would never ever considering having sex with, much less marrying.

    • Guest

      Don’t kid yourself. Many of those “white” women are actually Jewish…

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Just about everytime I turn on the TV I see this commercial:
    …and then I turn it back off again.

    Strong confident black man, insecure beta-male white, etc, etc…

    • robinbishop34

      Notice how the steroided out black struggles with his thick tongue to articulate normal language?

  • Looks like Maury Povich will be thanking him later for several show’s worth of guests.

    • Guest

      Povich is Jewish who married an Asian….

  • great white

    Sinister underlying meaning here. White females and black males is the key to the Obama age in being like him only without his black wife.
    The idea is to miscegenation to eliminate the white pure race since all mixed offspring are only called black as we know. Liberals are from hell.

  • Joe Mack


    The poster should mention that 50% of black males flunk out before their second year of college.

  • Joe Mack

    Well aside from young easily brainwashed girls, most liberal women while pretending to say race mixing is a great thing – they just don’t find black men attractive and aren’t interested in dating them. They wouldn’t say this of course, but their actions say this.

    I’ve mentioned a few times how genetic compatibility theory with relation to how a mate who is compatible not only doesn’t have a bad odor but they naturally smell good. And how being with someone that has similar genetics is about producing offspring that are more than 50% like yourself.

    This just makes all too much sense. And actually they mostly find the idea kind of hot.

    So as white men we can sit around complaining, or we can easily go take what is ours to begin with.

  • the original interview was more like “dang man, lookit all dees wite wimminez here, ize sho’ glad ize signed up, so manys fine wite wimminz sometimes i ain’t gots time to go to class, unowutimsayen!”
    thank god for white copy writers!

  • you know how you can tell it’s propaganda? the white women in the poster don’t weigh 250lbs. and they still have their iPhone

  • sarah stein

    It’s easy to spot a racist white woman. She will date a black man, yet never marry one. Want to see a racist white woman sweat, tell her in front of her black boyfriend, “you two make a great couple, are you planning on marring and starting a family”.

    • robinbishop34

      Doesn’t matter. By that time she (it) is damaged goods. Modern young white women are probably the most idiotic and easily influential demographic that exists. Even dumber than blacks.

      • Gerjen

        Not true. It is not that white women are easily influenced. It’s that there is a concerted effort to brainwash them by appealing to their better nature. You don’t see every societal institution from academia to the military to the corporate media complex set up to make any other race despise who they are.

  • StillModerated

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  • Paleoconn

    The magical negro is so dreamy!