Study Reveals White Britons Are ‘Retreating’ from Areas Dominated by Ethnic Minorities

Jason Groves, Daily Mail (London), May 6, 2013

White Britons are ‘retreating’ from areas dominated by ethnic minorities, a study has revealed.

Analysis of census figures shows that white Britons are leaving areas where they are in a minority and are being replaced by immigrants and other ethnic minorities.

As a result, nearly half of ethnic minorities–4 million people–live in communities where whites make up less than half the population, the study by the Demos think-tank found.

Demos said the survey showed a ‘spiral of white British demographic decline’ as white Britons choose to leave minority-dominated areas.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the findings should make us ‘a little anxious’, and were ‘not good news for the cause of integration’.

He said: ‘What ought to make us a little anxious is the “majority retreat” it has unearthed–white people leaving minority-led areas and not being replaced.’ 

In 2005, Mr Phillips warned Britain was ‘sleepwalking into segregation’ as the UK was dividing into ‘ghettos’ of particular races and religions.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think-tank, said: ‘This is extremely serious. It is undeniable evidence that we have indeed been  sleepwalking into segregation as Trevor Phillips warned, and it is the clear result of Labour’s mass immigration policy.

‘Public dismay at the pace of change in our communities largely explains why so many voted as they did in last week’s local elections. The case for a sharp reduction in immigration is now overwhelming; we cannot possibly integrate new arrivals on anything like the present scale.’

Demos said the change was the result of ‘white retreat’, where departing white Britons are replaced by migrants and ‘the natural growth of the minority population’.

Its analysis of the 2011 Census showed 4.6million ethnic minorities – or 45 per cent of the total – live in areas where white Britons make up less than half the population.

Some 4.1million ethnic minorities live in council wards in which all whites – including foreign nationals – add up to less than half the total. That compares with only a million ethnic minorities – 25 per cent of the total – in the same situation at the time of the 2001 Census.

Such areas include Yardley in Birmingham and several council wards in East and South London, Demos said.

At the same time, it showed more ethnic minority families were moving into ‘white-dominated’ parts of the country.

There are now just 800 council wards out of 8,850 where the population is 98 per cent white. That compares with 5,000 in 2001.

Mr Phillips said: ‘This very interesting piece of research reveals a number of vital findings about how people in England and Wales are living together.

‘First, it shows a kind of “Ambridge effect” – a welcome minority advance into areas previously only the preserve of the white majority.

‘It also demonstrates a greater degree of ethnic mixing within cities, although unfortunately this appears to be mostly between minorities.’

The ‘Ambridge effect’ refers to the arrival of ethnic minority characters in recent years into plotlines on the Radio 4 soap The Archers.

David Goodhart, director of Demos, said the survey identified a growing population which is ‘geographically separate’ and has ‘limited familiarity with majority cultural codes’. He added: ‘The greater concentration of the ethnic minority population means there is less opportunity for interaction with the white mainstream.’ 

Eric Kaufmann, a professor at Birkbeck College who carried out the detailed analysis, said: ‘These results present a mixed picture. While ethnic mixing and integration is being helped by more minority people moving into England’s whitest areas, the most concentrated minority areas are just becoming more so.’

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  • jay11

    And the idiots who are highlighted in this article are too clueless to understand that 6,000 years of recorded human history proves that different races and cultures do not mix and ‘integrate’ but instead jockey for dominance and power until they are in sufficient numbers to push the ‘others’ out. Most Americans have at least some connection to the British Isles. It’s so sad to see our mythical land of origin turned into a large third world ghetto.

    • me

      Even with the ‘official studies’ of White Flight, the Marxist globalists will refuse to halt their plans of destroying White culture, history, countries, and peoples. The agenda is genocide of White Europeans and Western European Americans. Why don’t they do a study on that?

    • guest

      What I also find irritating is how these self-proclaimed experts only vilify whites for this segregation. They never bother to stop and think that maybe non-whites don’t care for integration and would rather be with their own people just as many whites want to be with their own.

  • Smitty

    I just can’t understand why White Britons don’t want to live amongst blacks…or why any other race for that matter dosen’t want to live amongst blacks…even many blacks themselves don’t want to live amongst other blacks…its like that anywhere in the world.

    • StillModerated

      Apparently Turd Worlders can’t even stand living in their own hell-hole homelands, either. So they invade civilized nations, and then piss and moan about being minorities. Invading minorities.

      • Smitty

        Yes,and when we point that out we are called racist and when we point it out who is most responsible for it we are called anti-semites or Nazis. James Edwards had Hutton Gibson on as a guest awhile back and he made this comment…

        Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society. When an immoral society has blatantly and proudly violated all the commandments, it insists upon one last virtue, tolerance for its immorality. It will not tolerate condemnation of its perversions. It creates a whole new world in which only the intolerant critic of intolerable evil is evil.

  • Bobby

    If it’s neccessary to pick out a single western culture that has gone flat out nuts, I’d vote for the British hands down.

    • Bobby

      I have to answer my post on the British, because I need to clarify my point. I call them people that have gone flat out nuts, because of their recent history. Mr. Churchhill spoke of things like defending their “little island”,etc. The British elite would have called for the sacrifice of every man, woman and child, including the elderly, in order to defeat Gerry. The hate whipped up by people like Chruchill was a white hot kind of hate, and white is the hottest heat there is.
      Yet, move ahead a half century, (not a long time relative to Englands history) and you’ve got foreigners kicking the English in the pants, raping its women, trashing cities and demanding all kinds things. And the reaction of the English? They leave their ancient homeland or run away to “safe” places on that small piece of turf. It’s mindboggling when one considers how such a thing could actually be happening!!

      • Fredrik_H

        Well, it is my firm belief that as long as no viable political alternative manifests itself, people will just try to adapt to the madness to the best of their abilities.

        The more driven will perhaps migrate to a place believed to be more prosperous while the poorest, the elderly and the sick will fall inte the deepest despair.

        The people need leadership.

        • Bobby

          Yes, I can agree with your sentiments.

      • David Brims

        The catastrophic First World War has a lot to answer for. It has given nationalism and patriotism a very bad name. 2.5 Million Germans, 1.7 Million French and 1 Million British killed. 20,000 died on the first day of the battle of the Somme. Compare this with American casualties in Vietnam 60,000 dead.

        The Second World War was the final nail in the coffin, also what happened in Germany between 1933 to 45 has put the subject of race off the table. What came out of this was the socialist European Union ( EUSSR ) built on French cowardice and German guilt.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I think you and people like you need to stop trying to refight these wars with selected wording and all too obvious bias. An honest review of history easily reasserts the causes and outcomes. But the white race realist historic view (MHO) ought to be far broader and better informed (and aimed). These were the ultimate end of the thousand years of European Civil Wars that Christianity had a major hand in creating. Germans hating the French; French hating the English, Irish hating the English, French hating the Germans, Finns hating the Swedes, Poles hating the Germans, Germans hating the Russians, etc., etc., etc. How is this any different than the sort of tribal warfare we see in Africa, propagated by a race we continually claim to be superior to? Whites killing whites over centuries old and now completely irrelevant border and territorial issues carried on by kings with the blessings of the church, yet unable to forgive and forget as their claimed faith directs them to do. Well, it is a matter of white survival now. Unite and survive or carry on with this retrospective white on white angst and march on into oblivion.

          • Bobby

            I can completely agree with the conclusion you reach in your post, and think it is admirable and sound advice. However, I completely disagree with your attitude on “selected wording and all too obvious bias”!!! How you could possibly reach a conclusion like that, with all of the new information that has come to light after the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of so many archives, strikes me as strange.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Why don’t you cite the “new” information? And are you so sure of my “attitude?” Things could be a bit more complex…

          • Northern American-Nationalist

            Without Christianity you think there would have been less fighting? If
            anything it probably stayed there hand to a significant degree (the
            Viking invasions come to mind). I think you give Christianity way too much blame and put not enough on power hungry elites in government (i.e. the Pope [the Catholic Church operated like a decentralized federal government in Western Europe during most of the Middle Ages], kings, lords, emperors, and tribal leaders) just like many Westerners do today; as they say, the more things change, the more they (seem to) stay the same.

      • Bill

        If you want to know how it can happen, you only need to look right here in the US. Formerly stiff upper lipped patriots are dying off. The new breed are indoctrinated sheep herded along by their masters – the globalists, the socialists at all levels of education and big government, and the money folks who pull all the strings. WE are doing the same things as the fine British people. Running away, instead of running in to battle and deposing the elites ruining us for their own self interests and then turning on and controlling/confining/ejecting the third world masses they use to dispossess us and vote us into extinction.

      • Paleoconn

        It is truly amazing how Europeans were so easily shaken into action and mobilized to slaughter their fellow Whites, but now can’t be bothered to resist annihilation at the hands of third worlders. We can blame the elites all we want, but we elect them, and when they do what they do best, we do not even march in protest, let alone revolt or shut the system down.

        If we are to have a future, it is in the youth of Golden Dawn and Generation Identitaire.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Gee, why don’t you listen to some of the old broadcasts that Hitler made before Churchill or anyone else? You’re very good with your one-eye-shut vision.

        • Bobby

          On the contrary, I believe it is I, that have both eyes open on the issue, since I have studied what Hitler said before Churchill. And I also studied what many British thought of Churchill regardless of what Hitler said or did on the continent.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            “Studied?” Very narrow and selective study, I am guessing, and of what, the kind of misinformation that circulates all around the internet? You’re not the first person to hear both speeches, by the way. I’d bet that you’ve never cracked a legitimate history book. No one could make the sorts of statements you tend to if their view had been around either during or just after those periods. The respect and acclaim that Churchill has as a statesman, scholar, and champion of freedom cannot be torn down by taking any speech or comment out of context. I suppose that you don’t even know that he wrote a highly respected history entitled, “The History of the English Speaking Peoples,” which is a tome of history, not merely just another work. Compare that to Hitler, who could hardly write far beyond a rave. (Yes, I have a copy of Mein Kampf).

            Also, your tactic of attempting to assert a British bias against Churchill needs to be supported with more than a suggestion. This habit of attempting to denigrate through suggestion is a tactic of the Frankfurt School and an honorable white race realist ought to be above using such cheap ploys. For one thing, it informs of an actual lack of knowledge and the resort to intellectual insult.

            I will go this far, however; after WW2 when the socialists began to gain power, the need for Churchill’s strong national conservatism ran contrary to their program. He went out of favor quickly. Books have been written on the shame of his treatment. Lately, Churchill has become a kind of scapegoat for the British Left, the same way that the left went after American history and picked apart its traditional heroes for the sake of revisionist, resulting in our educational institutions becoming indoctrination camps more often than temples of high learning. So today, we can find (and I am almost sure you did) lousy BBC documentaries online that criticize Churchill. I find it ironic that some people, attempting to assert conservative politics, even racial angled ones, would fall into the trap of using the trash of the Left to attack one of the white races true heroes for the sake of slaking some pathetic neo-nazi impulse to revision the history, causes and outcomes of the world wars.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        The fervor of the crowds in Germany in support of Hitler contrast in the extreme in comparison to quiet, dogged Briton that trudged regretfully from a hoped peace to war (any recollection of Chamberlain’s return from the BIG meeting with Hitler and a paper that he waved promising “peace for our time?”). This stuff is not only well documented in legitimate history, but on film and archived and easily accessed by dozens of documentaries. When you make statements like this “The hate whipped up by people like Churchill was a white hot kind of hate, and white is the hottest heat there is” you make yourself completely incredible.

        Yes, the British were determined not to be conquered, but no one was mongering military frenzy and anxious sacrifice as you suggest. Your characterizations are blatantly dishonest and fraudulent. Churchill had opponents and critics but no one could touch his gift for dramatic encouragement in the face of the peril the UK faced, especially during the early days of the war and the Battle of Britain (where Germany was attacking Britain by air in preparation for Operation Sea Lion, the planned invasion of the British Isles, do you recall? Britain did not attack Germany but tried to help keep its army out of France, which it had invaded).

        I see a big group of people here wandering off into fantasy land and doing whites far more harm than good with their mythologizing and dishonestly.

        • Bobby

          Britain(meaning the British people) might have wanted a hoped for Peace, but not their hero Chruchill. Britain bombed the open city of Berlin, the capitol of Germany, a number of times, before the admirable restraint of Germany’s leaders had had enough.
          You seem to be stuck in the PBS paradigm of WW11.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      I was in Las Vegas last month and met an English couple outside The Stratosphere who were on holiday. I’ve spent some time in the U.K. and mentioned all the foreigners flooding in. The guy says–“We’re a country without a backbone anymore.” Kind of shocked me that he so easily admitted it.

      • Tim

        I did the same thing with a “Rhodesian” couple eating at a Bellagio snack kiosk. They mouthed the same tired platitudes of enrichment etc. but it sickened me even more to hear it from some one who should know better…

    • Lancasharia

      It’s a toss-up between Britain and Sweden in my opinion. They are both doomed. The people are cowered down and don’t show any signs of their previous character. The recent votes for UKIP a false dawn. For most people, if they can’t change anything by watching tv then they won’t bother at all. Doomed.

  • David Ashton

    “Sleepwalking” – not quite the right verb, Sir Andrew.

    Our “island race”, “this happy breed”, the “prize-winners in the lottery of life”, etc.!

  • sbuffalonative

    WHY are people still surprised by this phenomena ?

  • guest

    White Britons (is there any other kind?) are being ethnic cleansed. Unfortunately they are too passive and ashamed to offer any resistance. They abandon places where they may have lived for a thousand years, and even after giving up their land, they are forced to pay tribute to their conquerors.

    Britain, you built an empire, you defeated the Nazis, you have nuclear weapons, and you are conquered by illiterate peasants from Pakistan and Jamaica? Should I laugh or cry?

    • Well the reason they are conquered by illiterate peasants is directly due to them fighting the “nazis” you mention. They fought germany so they could have the right to racemix themselves out of existence, which is what they are doing now. After all thats what people always say right? They fought Germany to be “free” to do as they please. And what they pleased to do was stop existing as white Britons. So I hope they enjoy what they got.

      • HamletsGhost

        They fought the Germans because they were ordered to by the alien tribe that had seized control of their country. After the ruinous victory, the British were rewarded by the same aliens who opened the floodgates and inviting in the whole world to displace the very people who defended them.

        • David Brims

          The last Labour government was packed full of marxists, Tony Blair was the ‘ smiling ‘ front man, just like Obama. John Reid ex member of the Communist party, liked quoting Gramsci was the Defense secretary !! When this happens, you know the country is completely infiltrated and subverted.

          • David Ashton

            Others with Marxist backgrounds include Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw. Premier Wilson’s KGB code-name was OLDING. Even when they dropped “anti-capitalism” they maintained the “ant-racism”.

        • The__Bobster

          Yes, they were ordered to fight the Germans because the Germans had the nerve to try to fight off the alien infection.

        • NeuBismarckian

          Bingo. From what I’ve gathered through my research, the tribe was in control of virtually all Western governments (and their empires) by 1933, including those of the Weimar Republic and ESPECIALLY the United States and Great Britain. Before the Nuremberg Laws, the last time they had been expelled from a nation was in the late 1890s, by Imperial Russia (which they would bring down in the First World War).

          Also, Mossad killed JFK after hinting that he wanted to eliminate the Federal Reserve and distance the US from Israel.

          • David Ashton

            Can you give chief references to your own relevant research to decisive “control” of western governments before Hitler came to power; maybe I have missed something during some years of investigation into conspiracy theories?

            On WW2 I would hesitate to go much further than the evidence from David Irving in his Churchill biography. To be sure, Beaverbook, Rothermere and Lindbergh thought Jewish influence on the1939 war decision was a powerful factor, but the biological character of Nazi antisemitism differed from its religious, political and economic predecessors, and presented an existential threat which made it increasingly “a war of survival”.

            As for killing JFK, the first question is the ballistic data and the second is the role of Oswald. These tend to be disregarded or muddled by exponents of the Mossad hypothesis, whereas recent revivals of the KGB explanation at least have comparative clarity. Both organisations, of course, have a record of assassinations.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Just because some people then had “theories” doesn’t mean that there was anything to them, it only means that they held them at that time. One of the things that was uncovered both by the SS and later by the Allies was the complete dearth of any Jewish organization in Germany or anywhere else aimed at anything, let alone, directing any nation or group toward war. One former SS man stated that there wasn’t even ever evidence found of a simple phone tree, for example.

            BTW, the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill is Martin Gilbert, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford.

            The CIA has a record of assassinations as do many other state sanctioned organizations world wide. The truth about these issues is far more close to home and even more provocative. If you read the well know releases from the Pentagon concerning Vietnam (The Pentagon Papers, 1972) or the review of the CIA’s extensive involvement in LSD use and experimentation, their connections to the Mob and heroin smuggling during the same period, you’d find causes for theories on the JFK assassination as well as many other issues much closer to home and far more about our own misrule than some “alien group” sneaking in and forcing war on Germany or any of the wild conspiracy theories that are being paraded lately on Amren posts and elsewhere by the true believers of Jewish conspiracy theory. It is easy to find one book on the subject of CIA involvements in some extremely dark doings from 1942 up to 1969 is the well documented social history titled; “Acid Dreams; the Complete Social History of LSD, the CIA, the Sixties and Beyond.” The CIA released a large set of files on their forays into LSD use and “research” that began during WW2 (when they were still the OSS). Moreover, I had a very dear friend (deceased, but a first cousin of JFK) who was in the OSS and had his own stories to tell.

            BTW; recent DNA studies of Hitler’s relatives show that Hitler’s genetic makeup was majority North African Berber, next Jewish, and lastly German. Here is a cut and paste for reference;

            “Adolf Hitler may have owed more to the ‘subhuman’ races he tried to exterminate than to his ‘Aryan’ compatriots, according to new finding published in Belgium this week. In research for the Flemish-language magazine Knack, journalist Jean-Paul
            Mulders traced Hitler’s living relatives in the Fuhrer’s native Austria,as well as the United States. “The results of this study are surprising,” said Ronny Decorte, a geneticist interviewed by Knack. “Hitler would not have been happy.” Geneticists identify groups of chromosomes called haplogroups, ‘genetic fingerprints’ that define populations.

            According to Mulders, Hitler’s dominant haplogroup, E1b1b, is relatively rare in Western Europe – but strongest in some 25 percent of Greeks and Sicilians, who apparently acquired the genes from Africa: Between 50 percent and 80 percent of North Africans share Hitler’s dominant group, which is especially prevalent among in the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and Somalis.

            More surprising still, perhaps, is that Hitler’s second most dominant haplogroup is the most common in Ashkenazi Jews.”

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            What research? Online picking through junk about the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?” This stuff is well know fraud from the late 19th century and debunked over and over, the first time in Russia during the reign of Tzar Nicholas, who denounced the news articles in Russia as outright. The actual story was a fictional political mystery written by an author in Switzerland in the mid 19th century that some (non-Jews) rewrote it and plugged in the then popular notion of the new Zionism and some anti-Jewish groups took it for fact. From there it made it to the Russian newspapers and that is when the Tzar denounced it as “ridiculous fiction.” But its been published regularly in Cairo and some other places.

            A few years back, a friend in Europe sent me the text of a German “researcher” who had wrapped up that fake conspiracy with every conspiracy theory known, from UFOs to the Mayan Apocalypse (so the very long document needs some revision now).

        • guest

          Look, how many Jews were there in Britain? How much power did they have?

          There were almost no Jews in Australia, Sweden and many other white countries which have committed racial suicide. I grant you, Jews were very guilty in the destruction of South Africa, the USA, and other places, but there were not enough of them in Britain to explain anything that has happened there.

          • HamletsGhost

            It’s not just about numbers, it’s about where those numbers are placed. If your tribe controls the central banks, you can leverage that power to control the major newspapers, universities, and political parties. From these commanding heights, you can control the whole country.

            So, to answer your first two questions, the answers are, enough and too much, respectively.

        • Romulus

          You are absolutely correct,for it was exactly the same people pulling the strings on both sides of americas aisle that brainwashed america to commit fratricide.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Where do you get this? Have you ever read any legitimate history book on the issue?

      • smells_just_like

        This wouldn’t be happening if Hitler had defeated Stalin.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          IF – the biggest word in the English language.

      • David Ashton

        They fought (misguidedly perhaps) for “England” as a nation. This was the cause, celebrated also in poetry and in film.

        True, an anti-“racist” theme against Nazism existed, but this was blown up only well after the war and has since been used increasingly in propaganda to promote immigration, multiculturalism and miscegenation. We are not “free” to do or even say what we please, and no thanks to “your” Cultural Marxists and Black Power winds across the Atlantic as “our” race-relations institutions were being set up.

        You “democratic” Americans, who came into WW2 and helped Roosevelt smash our Empire, also now have “your” multiracial rulers and “your” Holocaust “lessons”, but as an Anglo-Saxon I do not “hope” you “enjoy” what YOU are getting. I would prefer some international friendship and co-operation between members of a now beleaguered “race”.

        • I agree. I am getting sick and tired of “hindsight” experts telling us British folk in the ‘here and now’ the benefits of their wisdom after the effect and saying that members of the white race in Britain like myself, who were not even born until well after the war, that we are somehow getting our just deserts and it somehow serves us right.

          Quite frankly, it is idiotic and downright narcissistic.

          What kind of “pro-white” website is it when people flippantly distort aspects of the past and have an “oh well, serves you right” attitude of their fellow folk’s elimination?

          America, no less, took full advantage of the foolishness of those wars. With the loss of Japan and crippling debts to the United States -which we only paid off in the last decade – it ended up costing us our Empire and paved the way for America to take over as “number one”.

          Of course people in Britain, for the most part, are sold the “we won the war” story as part of our national narrative. All nations do this with war. Many nations hold the view that they were the ones which were pivotal in ‘saving’ the day against what has now become a wildly simplistic and distortion of those conflicts in mainstream society.

          Many nationalists worth their salt will have come to question the rights and wrongs of these wars and come to some pretty uncomfortable conclusions – not in the least that the people were lied to and manipulated (just like they are today with the middle east) and that in hindsight “we” should never have got involved.

          But although I am aware of this, what I am not prepared to do is sit back and have people suggest that future generations who had nothing to do with it deserve to suffer and be wiped away, and nor am I going to denigrate my forefathers and now-passed relatives for fighting.

          They – perhaps naively – believed they were protecting this country from what they were told was a grave peril. They fought bravely and courageously for this country and our people. That is what was in their minds – not “race mixing freedom”.

          Given the attitudes of the era, I doubt they could ever foresee such things and such situations developing here. It is certainly NOT what they went to war for. To suggest it is, is absurd.

          With “friends” like these simpletons who gloat, we do not need enemies.

          • David Ashton

            Thank you for these sentiments. I think some of these “Yanks” owe us an apology and should look nearer home for people to sneer at.

            In any event, I will NEVER denigrate my family, parents and forefathers, least of all a young patriotic Mosleyite cousin politically opposed to war but who, once our island was under direct irreversible attack, joined the RAF only to be shot down months later. I will NEVER help endanger my grandchildren by collaborating with the more sinister because less obvious “enemy within”.

            “Despite what many think, Britain did not fight a war to save the Jews: it was about purely national interests – to prevent Europe from coming under domination by a militarized Germany.” – Dominic Lawson, “The Independent”, May 7, 2013, p.15.
            Well, that’s what most of of our people were told and believed.

          • Jane Johnson

            I think that “We the People”, on both sides of the Atlantic, have been lied to by our own governments in order to advance the agenda of the globalists. A dumbed down, muddied, disheartened, and in some cases, disarmed and artificially “equalized” population is much easier to control than individual groups with national and ethnic sensibilities. Great Britain for true Britons, and America for true Americans; we should stand together against the one worlders, and NOT be at one another’s throats for we are more alike than we are different, UNLIKE the third-worlders who are being foisted upon us by the traitors in our governments. All the best…

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            “Despite what many think, Britain did not fight a war to save the Jews: it was about purely national interests – to prevent Europe from coming under domination by a militarized Germany.” – Dominic Lawson, “The Independent”, May 7, 2013, p.15.
            Well, that’s what most of of our people were told and believed.”

            It also happens to be the well documented historical fact of the matter.

          • Romulus

            I feel your pain. It is the greatest tragedy all of the intratribal warfare that we are all guilty of since the “American” revolution. What we need now is unity by blood and not necessarily by soil. Hell even Russia was in fact founded before it was called Russia by Viking warlords(blonde whites) of the rus tribe from Scandinavia. It started to fall apart when the tribe moved in.

        • Romulus

          I agree with you. The first time I ever visited Arlington when I came home from the service, I cried my heart out. Words cannot describe the anguish that I felt over the death of so many of European sons on both sides of the pond. I thank the anglisch everyday for allowing my Mediterranean ancestor to come here during the first wave in 1890. I give thanks to God to my Scot-Irish southern white grandmother for sharing her blood with me. We need a land and flag of our own and true unity, like before my white Arab ancestors invaded Europe. I propose we call it middle earth and our flag the white tree of finder. Don’t laugh. Read Brian Bates the real middle earth

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          What? You are claiming that Roosevelt and the U.S. had the aim of smashing the British Empire? Where on earth do you get this junk?

          Reading the stuff I am on these pages fills me with despair because all national self-knowledge is being replaced with huge, masses of entangled falsehoods and perversion of fact and historical reality that no future will result, because it is true that “those who don’t know their past have no future.” Fictitious mythologizing for emotional satisfaction is leasing to cultural oblivion for whites everywhere.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        The world wars were NOT wars about race mixing. They were white civil wars, essentially, over which ethnic and language group would rule Europe (and by extension, the world). You really ought to crack a book or two and spend less time assuming your getting an education online and especially from sites like Stormfront. All you guys are doing is making it worse for whites by muddying the issues with garbage.

    • I guess that one of the differences is that you cite concerted efforts, such as wars and exploring new lands. What we are seeing now is not a clear war. There is no concerted effort that seems possible, particularly after decades of societal shaping.

      Most people now able to fight will have been born after the demographic situation had already taken hold. Towns, parts of cities, spread out all over the country, will have already been populated with these people.

      It is not as though they were neatly in one area, or nipped over a border where you can push back or brick it off. We are an island, and they are spread out in clumps within it.

      Not everybody in those areas who are indigenous ‘care’, some will outright oppose you taking action, but others may be supportive. So, what happens is that random house, by random house, they move in. Soon, areas change to 10%, 15%, 20% and pockets within pockets join together.

      People often say that as individuals we should ‘fight’ – but they should tell me, in a town like mine which is already 30+ % Pakistani, what are we supposed to do? We step out of our house back door and go where? Do what?

      How effective will that be? Who will be with me? How can the might of the state be thwarted – and how can we send these people actually packing and force them to leave the shores?

      Multiply this stifling effect piecemeal all over the country, and this is how we have got to the point we have.

      If it was announced 40 years ago that 15 Million non-whites were on ships heading to Britain to take over our capital cities and major towns all at once, no doubt a collective effort would have tackled this threat head on – like a regular pinpointed war effort.

      But this is not how they have rolled this out.

      In the past, this country has seen off invasions and put up fights. Only now, there is no mass army, just proliferation of random settlers and differential birthrates, coupled with a state that would crush any ‘defence’.

      We have had our dignity of even ‘fighting off’ an invasion removed. The orchestrators of this have been extremely cunning.

      Can there now be a concerted effort to expel the amassed effect of 60 years or so of immigration? I cannot say it is looking good at the moment.

      • David Ashton

        One extra detail: the figures right from the 1960s have been “officially” underestimated, concealed or faked.

    • David Ashton

      Even verbal resistance is illegal, and the surviving English are still too deferential for our own good. Long ago estate agents were banned from using ethnic neighbor considerations in house purchase. People will live where they find like kind, and it is not the fault of the white electorate that their political rulers have flooded many of our cities with foreign immigrants of child-bearing age. Exactly how this was all cleverly fixed is important to understand, and I am working on a book about the “murder” of England. But I have no reason to despair or to give up, certainly not close to the last fence. Meanwhile can do without ignorant sarcasm from Americans, who now face a similar problem and are stuck with the Republican/ Democrat “choice”. “The countryside can reconquer the cities” (Chairperson Mao).

      • Pat

        Hear, hear – your last two sentences.

      • Romulus

        I can’t speak for all Americans, but I have nothing but love and respect for the nation that bore mine. Excepting piers Morgan of course

  • cecilhenry


    That’s all that means.

    So do we!!

    • Smitty

      The same country that wants Samaras to outlaw the Golden Dawn whom they deem Nazis and who often repeat ” Never Again” is the same country that sterilized black Ethiopians without their knowledge and is busy detaining and deporting blacks from their country.

  • NYB

    “more ethnic minority families were moving into ‘white-dominated’ parts of the country”

    To get away from the Third World enclaves of their own kind.

    • The__Bobster

      They will soon run out of places to run to. What will they do then?

  • David Brims

    I’m amazed and shocked, that white people want to live around people that look like them, instead of living in a black ghetto with gang bangers and rappers !

  • Bill

    They aren’t sleep walking into segregation. They are fleeing integration with eyes wide open and aware. For the same reason sheep don’t integrate with wolves.

  • HamletsGhost

    It’s always grimly amusing to see the commissars scratch their heads when the latest permutation of their bird-brained ideology goes awry. The white natives that they detest with thinly concealed contempt refuse to do as they’re told, and no doubt another study is in the works to figure out why water flowed down hill AGAIN.

    It’s like watching Wile E. Coyote eagerly awaiting his newest shipment from the ACME company. You know it’ll end badly for him. The only difference with our situation is that it’s us that’s going over the cliff with rocket-powered roller skates strapped on.

    • Very good! I might pinch that analogy in the future.

      • HamletsGhost

        No charge.

  • bigone4u

    The Brits are not sleepwalking into segregation, they are voting with their feet against filth, noise, misogyny, rape, petty crime, theft, burglary, murder, and general unpleasantness that goes with the Others who have been imported into their fair land by traitors in government.

  • arkady

    If this were happening in the animal kingdom, “minorities” would be called “invasive species”. Steps would be taken to prevent their encroachment into someone else’s lands.

    However, that doesn’t fit the multicult agenda. The theme of the article is that evil old Whites are cruelly running away from “minorities”, who are basically gods in human form that the idiot Whites would cherish if they weren’t so horribly bigoted.

    Whites have a race-wide Stockholm syndrome that needs to be eradicated if we are to survive.

    • David Ashton

      One of our leftist “intellectual” newspapers (I forget which) criticized a campaign to preserve red squirrels from grey invaders as “racism”.

      • Pat

        Didn’t the grey ones come from America? A lefty newspaper on the side of the U.S. ….surely not!

        • David Ashton

          I don’t suppose they knew or cared.

  • The__Bobster

    ‘Public dismay at the pace of change in our communities largely explains why so many voted as they did in last week’s local elections.

    Let’s hope this trend continues.

    • smells_just_like

      Trends of Whiteness will be crushed.

  • smells_just_like

    When Whites leave, they’ll still be blamed for whatever goes wrong back in the old neighborhood. White flight is a “virulent” form of hateful White privilege and shouldn’t be allowed.

  • e2734298

    Wholly predictable.

  • Whirlwinder

    I do not know what the authors mean by “intergrate” but Islam, which is the minority population the authors are talking about never assimilates with the native population. Islam’s plan is to dominate Europe and drive the native populace into submission (dhimmitude). With the elite socialist leadership in the EU, they are succeeding even beyond their wildest dreams. Of course, the elite EU leadership has aided Islam by disarming the population and by other socialist measures, has kept the populace immobile and unable to defend from this evil enemy.

    • David Ashton

      Eurabia is inconsistent with Lord Weidenfeld’s “tripod” hope – Israel, the USA and the EU – as pillars of the current prime objects of Islamist hatred.
      Complex isn’t it?

  • MBlanc46

    Running with eyes wide open, I should think. I doubt there’s much sleepwalking involved.

  • Mark

    If the white people have been a terrible force upon non-white people; I should think the non-white people of the world would appreciate our desire to remove ourselves. In any case ask yourself why it is… that if white people do exile themselves non-whites will follow them? Could it be that their relationship with us is essentially parasitic in nature?

  • StillModerated

    Englishmen need to read The Flying Inn by GK Chesterton. It was published in 1914.

    • David Ashton

      Will it be put down the memory hole?

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Poor Enoch Powell with his River of Blood Speech. Not enough important people were listening.

    Or maybe worse. Maybe the powers that be, knew full well the cumulative effect and that’s what they wanted to happen. A hidden New World Order agenda most likely to consolidate power at the top of the world.s pyramid structure. Destroy the white, non privileged British proletariat’s, by diminishing their standard of living and degradation of their social structure by massive importation of easily manipulated, non- white third worlder’ s. This then sets the future stage for a massive transfer of wealth from the white Britons, to themselves. Now with everyone subdued and under their boot, most are now dependent on the elite, not only for their physical needs, but psychologically as well.

    This model is being replicated everywhere in the west now. Maybe Britain was targeted as the first domino to fall beginning in the 1960’s.

    I never trusted Britain and the sun perhaps never really set on the British Empire, but was merely franchised out. Instead of physically controlling lands for the empire’s advantage, they now control much, strictly through financial means. The playbook might of changed some, but never the objective. Britain and the House of Rothschild has for the last 300 years been the true center of the worlds financial power. The United States and others,mere subsidiaries. Their operatives helped conceive the IRS, when in 1910 Rothschild operative like Paul M. Warburg and American power brokers, allied to British banks, met secretly on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. A few years later came 1913 and we’re still living with the privately owned Federal Reserve today.

    The Roman legacy of conquest still survives in the former Roman province Britannia, now Britain. Take a look at the physical characteristics of upper crust of British society, past and present. They sure resemble Romans a great deal. Maybe because they are to some extent,- transplanted Romans that is.

    The American Revolution and the War of 1812, might of been won, but we never really kicked them out. They never left and now the entire west is paying for it and it’s survival is in question.

    • David Ashton

      We British cannot win, victors and victims simultaneously.
      The old aristocracy here resembled your old aristocracy there.
      Not “Jews” but “Romans” now to blame – we can do without this Lyndon Larouche stuff.

  • LHathaway

    Those evil whiteys! Moving away to avoid racism – oops, I mean ‘diversity’. The all important sacred diversity. Whites will be labeled evil by the schools and media till the day the last white dies in England. And there’s a fair chance it wont be a natural death, or that the last white will be driven out.

  • rightrightright

    ” …a welcome minority advance into areas previously only the preserve of the white majority.”

    Philips uses the word “preserve” as he does to imply some kind of English elitism. We should have nothing “preserved” for us. Well, he would. Trevor Phillips is black, imported himself from Africa, an avowed communist with a bust of Lenin on his desk and was appointed to head the “Equalities” commission for a very fat taxpayer’s fee.

    He has spent years telling us how terrible we are and then, about 3 years ago announced the failure of multiculturalism.

    He’s a black racist of course and could his conversion have been driven by the fact that blacks are getting outmanouvered and coshed by the SE Asian self imports? Maybe he is even bright enough to realise that blacks need whites to hold the ring so we mustn’t be allowed to run off.

    • David Ashton

      I think you have a point – Phillips made relatively recent nice noises about Dead White English Males in our traditional literature. Coming from a vaguely black Christian, even monarchist, English-speaking background culture, he has no instinctive sympathy for south Asians. His brother invented the phrase “Windrush Revolution” to describe the catalyst effect that non-white immigration has had on England. But whatever his good personal points the whites who appointed him initially as our Race Boss did a lot of harm.

  • KenelmDigby

    What you must remember when reading this is that England is geographically a small country – and a very densely populated small country at that, with a population density higher than India’s.
    The pattern that is emerging is that the English are feeing the big cities, (particularly Greater London), where the bulk of the population lives, to seek reuge in the small county towns that proliferate in England. Basically, the quality of life in London has been destroyed by unlimited immigration. There isn’t even a surfeit of jobs there anymore to keep people there.
    Anyhow, the report does hint at a recent trend. The English might feel that they have evaded the immigrants by moving to the country, but as I stated, England is a small country, and the immigrants will be sure to follow them into the countryside.

    • Pat

      ‘immigrants will be sure to follow into the countryside’…The British government is ahead of you – they already have dispersal policies in place. They have to, some parts of London cannot take any more. I live in the extreme South West. Our ‘enrichers’ arrive in batches of various ethnicities. Very noticeable when most of the population is still white.

  • bubo

    I’ve heard there are parts of London where you could walk the entirety of the day and not come across a white person. If that isn’t ethnic cleansing then I’d like to know what is.

  • Tomas

    The lengths to which they go, beating around the bush, to try and rationalize what is happening is beyond ridiculous.

    You can just call it what it is, an INVASION.

  • Epiminondas

    You don’t need to be a neo-Nazi to understand what a fool Churchill was. Until a significant number of British citizens understand this, they are headed to destruction. Sad. It didn’t have to be this way.

  • When will the police stop willingly enforcing insanity?

    • HamletsGhost

      When their paychecks bounce.

  • Paleoconn

    ‘Sleepwalking into segregation’ as if it’s unconscious. I say the country is sleepwalking off a cliff with the elites’ catastrophic immigration policies.

    They also talk about this white retreat leading to reduced opportunities for minorities to interact with the majority. In other words, reduced opportunities to rob them, rape them, turn their properties into slums…

  • Integration Anxiety

    majority retreat” it has unearthed–white people leaving minority-led areas and not being replaced.’ I thought that most ethnic minorities have an extreme sex drive that brings in all kinds of vibrant and multi cultured offspring. If the indigenous Whites are moving and that vacuum is not being filled then all I have to ask is this: White British, what’s your secret? We need to keep the populations of the undesirables down here in North America too.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    Without Christianity you think there would have been less fighting? If anything it probably stayed there hand to a significant degree (the Viking invasions come to mind). I think you give Christianity way too much blame and put not enough on power hungry elites in government (i.e. the Pope [the Catholic Church operated like a decentralized federal government in Western Europe during most of the Middle Ages], kings, lords, emperors and tribal leaders) just like many Westerners do today; as they say, the more things change, the more they (seem to) stay the same.