New Documentary Explores Why So Many White American Men Aspire to Marry Asian Women

Margot Peppers, Daily Mail (London), May 6, 2013

A new documentary, which airs tonight on PBS, explores the psychology behind yellow fever–the phenomenon that sees white men attracted to, and sometimes even obsessed with, Asian women.

Filmed and directed by Debbie Lum, a fourth-generation Chinese-American from St Louis, Missouri, Seeking Asian Female looks to discover why many men see Asians as ideal wives, a concept that is ‘very painful for the Asian-American community,’ Ms Lum told ABC News.

According to the filmmaker, there is an overriding perception that women of that particular race are more docile and make for obedient life partners, a stereotype that is offensive and often untrue.

Indeed, according to Goal Auzeen Saedi, a post-doctoral fellow in counseling at Stanford University, the dominant perception is that women from Asia are ‘submissive’.

In a 2011 Psychology Today article, Dr Saedi explained that the men who desire Asian women–most of them Caucasians themselves–are sending an ‘underlying message about power, dominance and white privilege’.

It is exactly that attitude that Ms Lum sought to expose in her debut feature-length film.

‘Every Asian-American woman knows exactly what I am talking about,’ she said. ‘Men come up to you in a way that really looks like a stare, which lasts a bit longer than it should.

‘You can feel it,’ she continued. ‘It’s like they are looking through you.’

In the film, Ms Lum follows the lives of Steven, a twice-divorced 60-year-old on the hunt for an Asian bride, and Sandy, the Chinese woman half his age whom he meets on the internet and ultimately marries.

According to the website for the documentary, Steven first became interested in Asian women after witnessing the success of his son’s marriage to a Japanese immigrant.

The 60-year-old, who works as a garage attendant at the San Francisco airport, spent years looking through mail-order catalogs and dating websites, trying to find the perfect mate.

‘Over the course of the last five years there must be hundreds of different girls from China that I’ve been writing to,’ he explains in a trailer for the movie.

Finally, Steven meets Sandy–a 30-year-old factory worker who grew up on a tea farm in the remote mountains of China.

He flies out to Sandy’s home country to meet her, and two weeks later he returns to California with Sandy in tow, after she agrees to marry him.

‘I’m happy as a clam,’ he says in the trailer with a boyish grin as he introduces his fiancee to the film director.

But while Steven has fulfilled his fantasy by having a relationship with an Asian woman, the couple soon begins to struggle to communicate, since Sandy’s English is basic and Steven doesn’t speak a word of Chinese.

The trailer shows them bickering, with neither able to understand the other. ‘What?’ Steven yells to Sandy at one point. ‘Speak in English!’

Ms Lum, who speaks Chinese, becomes a translator and mediator as both Sandy and Steven turn to her to resolve their issues.

Steven admits to the filmmaker: ‘[Sandy] has read a lot of things to me in Chinese. I feel comfortable with it, but I have no idea what she’s saying.’

Ultimately though, their relationship works after Steven realizes that he can love Sandy despite her fiery temper, a trait which contradicts the stereotypical picture of an Asian female.

Today, Sandy and Steven have been happily married for four years.

‘[Steven’s] obsession with any Asian woman has been replaced with a real-live Sandy,’ explains Ms Lum, who admits that her own preconception of Steven was perhaps just as bad as those she sought to debunk about Asian women.

Still, Ms Lum said she hopes the film will start a conversation about negative categorizations in general – including those involving men like Steven.

‘The story is about expectations and stereotypes, which are very related,’ she said. ‘Stereotypes about white guys, and expectations going into a relationship.’


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  • jambi19

    Notice how our culture celebrates white women with black men. Why is that?

    • Bobby

      I see what your’e saying, but it really isn’t OUR CULTURE that is doing this. I would bet that 99 out of a hundred people, NOT ONLY WHITE PEOPLE, would probably say in an honest moment, that white woman and black men together, just does’t look right. I’d bet on it.

      • jambi19

        You need to get out more. White women in my generation would definitely not respond like that.

        • josh

          YOUneed to stay In more. You wont see the white sluts slutting it up with every primate in the zoo.

        • Bobby

          Well, I sure don’t see it in California. It’s got a huge population of both whites and blacks, but not too much going on with either,as far as getting together.

          • Bobby

            p.s. jambi19, are you sure they woudn’t, IN AN HONEST MOMENT, maybe when all inhibitions are gone say with too much booze, or etc.? Or do they respond in a politically correct manner? I’m just asking jambi19, I’m not saying your’e wrong, you may be right., but I have my doubts. People in the U.S. are so utterly brainwashed the phony leftist ideology that I doubt that when it comes to some things, they don’t really know what their authentic thoughts or feelings are.

          • jambi19

            We see eye to eye on a lot of things. Just letting you know the millenials/Y generation white women are very receptive to the idea of dating blacks.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            They say they are receptive, but all the White women I see with blacks are 1)land-whales 2)strippers/drug-addicts 3)brain-dead libtarded feminists 4)gold-diggers (rare, usually reserved for pro-athletes or corporate AA hires)

            The very, very few level headed White women I have seen date blacks either go back to White men and never tell them about their past relationships, or live in shame and regret.

          • jambi19

            Actually that is an accurate description of my experience.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            I would never date a white women that had previously dated a non-white. I view them as tainted goods, as I am sure white women think of men who do the same.

          • OTTO


            You are 100% right BUT these race traitors lie if they know you might feel that way.
            What man in his right mind would want to go where one of the most diseased creatures (see CDC website) has been, it make you want to throw up just thinking of it

          • Tucker

            As they and we both should.

            Incredibly, over the last year or two – in my local area – I’ve seen White men in the company of White females who will have a mulatto crumb cruncher in tow. This is such an incredibly repulsive and shocking visual that, whenever I see this – I feel an urge to rub my eyes really hard, and then take a second look to make sure I am not seeing some kind of sick and twisted mirage of some kind.

            I always ask myself – is this an illustration of how emasculated and neutered and feminized White men are becoming in our society? Where is your dignity, White man? Where is your sense of honor and self respect, White man? You are now willing to take on White females who have been tainted, used, cuckolded and then discarded by IQ of 80 African primitives?

            Where is your sense of shame, White man? Have you no idea of how far off the mountain you have fallen?

          • josh

            No they dont. Men dont bear children. Men who have had many women are viewed as high status by women,i.e. Mick Jagger. Women who have had many men….

          • Tucker

            This insane idea of ‘white women who date blacks and then go back to white men’ has to come to a screeching HALT.

            Visit the CDC website, guys. Check the AIDS infection statistics for black males, and you might also want to cast an eye on the AIDS infection statistics for black females, just in case you’re one of these really nauseatingly desperate White guys who I occasionally see scurrying around town with their Bantu at their side.

            As I said, this has to be nipped in the bud, guys. Letting these racially disloyal, white female obongo worshipers cross the racial line and then ‘jump back’ over the fence and slither into bed with us – is how AIDS gets spread from the undisciplined, sexually promiscuous and dangerously reckless black community over into the White heterosexual community.

            The rule has to be: Once anyone who is White (male or female) crosses the line and there is any possibility that they’ve slept with blacks, then that individual is should be ostracized and permanently shunned from our racial group.

            I mean, come on, guys. Use your imagination, and think about this issue. When you lean over to kiss a White female, who has a history of dating blacks, don’t you think its wise to give some thought to were those lips have been and what they’ve been doing in the past?

          • Dr. X

            I seem to recall that David Allan Coe wrote a country song about that very issue…

          • josh

            Yes well said,except AIDS is NOT being transmitted because its very hard to xmit it from female to male. But, gonorrhea is on the rise in white females, which means they are dating more A) So-called “alpha’ white men, B) blacks ,C) Other Non-whites, while leaving the gen.pop. of white men more alone. So its bad news, no doubt.

          • Luca

            They have been completely indoctrinated by the elite liberal media, academia and Hollywood. The message is meant to destroy white, Christian, heterosexual society. This is why they also promote homosexuality. You see a lot more lesbians and bi-sexual than ever before because the media pushes this as the new “hip” and normal. Young people are impressionable and soak this up like a sponge. They are quick to reject their parents teachings as “old-fashioned” and out of touch. Almost all young people are Liberal/Progressive until they they reach a point in their lives where the struggle of life and raising a family wakes them up to reality.

          • David Ashton

            We need to wake some of them up beforehand.

          • Otto

            Why Not it is all they PROMOTE in the Media.
            Oh to have a fine black male for a lover who could ask for more?
            Their record alone shows what fine family males they are.
            Ask any black female with 8 kids with 6 daddies they know the wonders of the black male

        • The__Bobster

          Hell, barren libtarded women from MY generation think a little jungle fever is thrilling.

        • To me, this guy has a case of yellow fever. He looked specifically for Chinese women, hopefully from China. It is sad that Asian women look to marry a man twice her age so that she can have a better life.

          • bigone4u

            I think that the Chinese one child policy favors males, so there are more men in China than women. She could have had her pick of Chinese males, but the myth that the streets are paved with gold in the US dies hard.

          • LHathaway

            they should be importing chinese men for black women. Instead they keep importing any kind of race men for white women. This helps white children in that white women can then be extremely selective in who they will mate with, and if it is with a white man (white children) there’s a good chance the children will be financially well off. and it’s good for the white race, in that ‘weak’, ‘nerdy’ white guys aren’t siring too many children

          • FedUp

            Whites are declining as a population anyway. So, how’s that plan working out for you? It seems like you need all white men regardless if they are weak, nerdy, strong, or athletic in order to rise above the sub-replacement fertility rate.

          • George

            Crystal you are so riight.
            She should marry a black guy just out of prison with 11 kids by 7 females

    • HamletsGhost

      White men are to be given no respite in our modern new world. They’re expected to watch white women pair up with black men with a goofy grin, but if they turn to Asian women to make up for the lost partners, they’ll be savagely mocked.

      Tiger Woods black father married an Asian woman. I wonder if Dr. Saedi thinks that was an expression of white privilege.

      • Tucker

        I saw a picture of Tiger’s ex-white wife and her new boyfriend.

        A White guy. The pictures were of her at an airport, and the poor, emasculated, pitiful and nauseating excuse for a white man was helping her herd along her mulatto offspring, and off to the side, there was the one little white daughter that was a product of her first marriage.

        I remember thinking, as I looked at the smirking face of the mulatto boy that in just a few more years, that White step-sister of his was going to need a titanium chastity belt with a big padlock on it, or else she had better learn how to run very fast.

        • Dr. X

          And sickeningly enough, when Tiger has a day off from banging white porn stars, he plays golf with our mulatto president. This country is 110% FUBAR.

        • josh

          You’re thinking of Heidi Klum–the OTHER black-worshipper. You referred to the mulatto boy casting a glance at his beautiful white step-sister..Uhm, why do you think Heidi so suddenly dumped Seal? Think… before you drink. She got out like a bat out of hell.

    • Marty

      Actually, there is a new show called “Scandal” on ABC. It has become the television program of the moment. The White President of the United States is having an affair with a high powered Black female crisis manager. The critics have gone crazy over the program. Just recently thee was a promo about the show where you can see a picture of the Black woman with her head pressed against the White man’s (presidents) chest with his shirt opened. Disgusting! This is sicko Hollywood for you

      • Nelson

        I just saw a similar magazine ad where an admittedly attractive Black woman in casual clothes is sitting on the lap of a very well built, handsome White male. They are both smiling at one another. Sad, sad, sad. This must be a trend.

        • The__Bobster

          I’ve never seen that. How often have you?

          • jambi19

            Me neither. How often do you see a black women under 200 Lbs?

          • Dave4088

            About as often as I see a bald eagle.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo


        • josh

          Why is that so bad? I am not arguing,pal,I am justb asking. Here is one take:Seeing the white man getting sexualm approval from the black woman—NOT Whoopi,btw,but an attractive one–might that signal to white women that white men are attractive? They callit social proof. YOU wnat what others want.

          • Freya

            Josh you are nuts. White women don’t need black women to tell us how to feel about our men.

          • josh

            Yeah whoever heard of women being jealous??

        • Bobby

          It never ceases to amaze me, that millions of Americans haven’t the slightest clue about Hollywood culture and movies. EVERYTHING, LITERALLY EVERYTHING WRITTEN OR FILMED BY THEM HAS AN AGENDA. EVERYTHING!!!!

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            I worked for 25 years on the technical side of the music industry, and thus I came in constant contact with media types. You’re right, nothing happens by accident.

          • You are right. White man/Asian woman storylines have been prominent for years in films. Take a look at Sayonara where Red Buttons plays an airman who marries a Japanese woman who commits suicide with her after finding out that he would be transferred back to the states and that he cannot take her with him. His immediate officer, played by Marlon Brando falls in love with a Japanese entertainer and the film ends with their engagement and her retirement from show business.

          • Smitty

            Yep…how about I Love Lucy playing the wife of a Cuban Ricky…three of my most favorite westerns,Gunsmoke,Bonanza,and the Big Valley were replete with episodes promoting and supporting miscegenation and multi-culturalism. Even the comic books like Marvel/Stan Lee indoctrinated the same themes in his comic book heroes,the whole line of them.Bobby is is all agenda driven.Has been for decades/century.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            To be fair, Ricky came from a wealthy, politically-connected pre-Castro, Cuban family, so it’s a safe bet that he was White-Cuban

          • Kblankenship7

            Yes, Ricky was criollo.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Ricky Ricardo was his character name. His real name was Desi Arnaz.

          • josh

            For most of my life I thought ALL Cubans were like Ricky, white people with dark hair and Spanish accents. I was like 30 before I discovered Cuba is jammed to the rafters with blacks! No wonder Castro is so beloved. Plus he got rid of Marco Rubio–I wish someone could do that for us!!

          • I have noticed as well, I watch all three on MeTV, the only TV station I can stand.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Lucille Ball WAS Desi Arnaz’s wife. Desi was as White as we are. Having a Spanish surname doesn’t make you non- White. César Romero was the G’ Grandson of José Martí the famous poet and liberator of Cuba- White

            Fernando Lamas was Argentine and White. Mark Consuelos ( Kelly Ripa’s husband) is White.

            I dated a pretty blue eyed Blonde Anglo-Saxon girl while in college. One night while sitting and talking to her mother, I was taken back by the mother’s request that I stop dating her daughter. Because I have an Italian surname she automatically classed me as being non-White and told me that she would prefer that her daughter date “someone of her own race”. I thanked her for letting me know that, lest I should wind up marrying her daughter and have such an ignorant person for a Mother in law.

            If we eliminate from the White race everyone who isn’t Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic or Scandinavian, we’ve reduced White people to an even smaller number than we already have.

          • Keeping you informed

            Anglo-Saxons are a Germanic people… FYI

          • Yonni

            Smitty — She wasn’t Play The Part as you say, she was Married to Ricky Ricardo. Wake Up

          • sbuffalonative

            Think of the musical, “South Pacific” where the white woman learns to give up her “racism” to accept the love of Frenchman who has mixed race kids.
            Cut through all the superficial clutter and distracting songs and the message is glaring.

          • Tucker

            Also, Brando’s version of Mutiny on the Bounty featured him learning the art of Asian acupuncture. If I am not mistaken, I think Brando actually married that same Asian woman in real life.

            I always liked that version of Mutiny on the Bounty, but the miscegenation angle was there for all the usual, white genocide promoting reasons. The Hollywood owners who pinky swear they don’t own or control Hollywood have been working that yellow fever brainwashing on White men for a very long time.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Actually, she was Polynesian. According to Trevor Howard who played Captain Bligh, Brando would be sneaking off for trysts with Tarita and holding up the shooting due to his late arrivals. Howard was reported to have declared something to the effect the he would never make another film with that man.
            The last time I saw a picture of her was when Brando’s son died. She had gotten very heavy. That seems to be a tendency with Polynesian women.

          • josh

            “…tendency with POLYNESIAN women.” As opposed to…

          • Anonymous

            Same for Madison Ave.

          • sbuffalonative

            The TV show “The West Wing” was created to prime the American consciousness to accept a woman President.
            Unfortunately for them, that uppity community organizer cut to the head of the line.

          • josh

            But not to worry, we got a foul-mouthed psycho ready to claim the First Female Prez title! Soon as this Benghazi nonsense is suitably buried.

      • Tucker

        Did Paul Ryan, Romney’s race mixing VP pick, play the role of the White Prez?

      • STOP Judeo-Masonic-Bolsheviks

        This is the Judeo public relations game

    • pcmustgo

      because blacks are seen as the ultimate victims. White males with black females are celebrated too.

    • The__Bobster

      The elites driving our culture are the only ones celebrating our demise.

    • Xerxes22

      No. Our culture does not celebrate it. The people who dominate all branches of the media ceebrate it. Big difference.

      • STOP Judeo-Masonic Bolsheviks


    • Ralph

      It’s because the Blenders are trying to have Whites engage in bedroom genocide and they’re thus using PR and advertising to help with that goal of our extinction.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Our “culture” does not celebrate race-mixing, the Hollywood/media does.

    • White Mom in WDC

      I like my meat white thank you!

      • jambi19

        As do I. Who doesn’t ?!

      • me

        Who can compare to a handsome White male? The color of the emerald or azure eyes; the soft hair of red, blonde, or sun-streaked brown; the strong jawline; the physical beauty? Who can compare to the character of the White male, who loves, provides for, and defends his wife and children? The White male that protects the weak and elderly? The White male that has benefitted mankind through his constant quest for scientific knowledge and invention? The White male that has conquered space and put a man on the moon? The White male that insisted on freedom and liberty for all, through the authorships of the Magna Charta and the Bill of Rights? The White male that has made discoveries and innovations that have made life more enjoyable and comfortable with each passing decade? The White male that has created the most beautiful and eternal art and music? The White male that has made the most magnificent and beneficial civilizations throughout history? Who can compare?
        Why would any woman want anyone as their sweetheart, life mate, and father of her children other than the White male? (Yes, I’m a White woman who loves and adores the White male….)

        • Gerónimo Anónimo

          Hey Me,

          We Italian guys consider ourselves to be White as well. You can’t leave us out. The White race is the most diverse of all the races.
          When we Italians or other southern European types are out on the street, the “youths” consider us to be White and fair game for Polar Bear Hunting.

          • Luca

            Italians are a diverse group. The northern Italians clearly have more of the Northern European haplogroups of DNA, the Sicialians more of the Mediterreanan DNA. If you were to pluck one from the middle of Italy (say Tuscan) you would find approx. 54% Med., 28% N. Euro. and 17% southeast Asian. A German would have about 36% Med.47% N. Euro and 17% South East Asian. Are they really that far off? Each of these DNA groups are “high quality” in nature. For example, it was the Med. DNA that produced the Greek, Roman, and Phoenician civilizations.

          • Keeping you informed

            Italians are clearly European people.

            They are the co-founders (Greeks) of Western Civilization.

      • dave1163sag

        of course,white women have variety. different color eyes and hair. blacks have brown eyes only and brillo hair unless they straighten it to look white,otherwise its brown and brillo. no variety.

      • Tucker

        Thanks for the great laugh! And, thank you again for your loyalty!

        When in public, whenever I see a white female pushing a baby stroller and I get a chance to see the baby’s face, and its White – I tell you, the urge that comes over me to walk over and gush forth my thanks to the Woman for having a White baby seems to get stronger every day.

  • pcmustgo

    Much needed. Here in NYC , I see 10x the white male/asian female relationships here in then I do white female/black male. I see black women catching up with white women too- plenty of white male/black female couples here. Although, as you’ve noted before, less of this makes it to the marriage stage.

    You can go to the East VIllage and that’s ALL you will see. Every corner, everywhere.

    I don’t think Asian women find it painful to be chased after, and forget the fact that asian women chase after white and any non-asian male they can.

    • NYB

      A white female friend of mine was horrified when she found an Oriental female friend of hers flirting with her elderly widowed dad. Many Asian females are very open about their mating goals – to find a successful white male of any age.

      • josh

        Once I met a Filipino lady,at a job I used to hold. She saw me and sort of,to be honest,stopped dead in her tracks.She was kind of stunned. It was,I figured out, a sexual thing. She was very turned on to me. She was married(!) so nothing happened,she didnt stay in the job long. Point? Is it all about money..or is it sometimes s-e-x??

        • The__Bobster

          Flip bar girls are just turned on by the size of your wallet. You must have a big one.

          • josh

            Nope itw as those baby blues I got from my Irish daddy!

          • Nah!! I would not say that. While money is and can be a motivator, I think it is greatly overstated when it comes to White male/Asian female pairings.
            I have often heard White females say such things. “Asian girls only want White men for their money”. What a load of B.S. I tend to be suspicious of White women who readily say things like that about White men. It is as though the only quality THEY see in this or that White man is his wallet. Therefor they project that opinion onto ALL other women who may be attracted to White male features.

            The truth is, both sexes are territorial. All races are territorial as well. A White chick will go to a 75% Black blues bar, or R&B dance club and feel like a super model. Many will talk about how much “fun” they had there. Or how everyone is so “friendly” there. This is because the handful of White chicks that may attend those places are a hot commodity. And they are treated as such. If a White male was to express his distaste in their conduct he would be publicly denigrated as a racist, a hate monger, a neo nazi, etc.

            Now lets flip the script. Say we magically teleport ourselves to Singapore, Brazil, South Korea, etc. Here, the balance of power between the White male/ White female reverses itself. Those same white females that thought those R&B dance clubs were so “friendly” and “cool” start referring to the Club Goers at their newly teleported location as “Asian Whores” and “Brazilian Prostitutes”

            This happens because women are territorial, perhaps more so than men in some scenarios. Those White Females who were maximizing their sexuality in the all Black American R&B clubs, and Blues clubs are now just another face in the crowd. The extreme sexual power, and by extension the social leverage that goes with it evaporates.

            My wife is Middle Eastern, I cannot tell you how many times I have watched White loser single mothers with their baby thug in tow ogle me and my wife. These looks never bothered me. I understand human nature, and so I accept things for what they are. I have had White female friends jokingly ask me if my wife knows Bin Laden, or if I make her wear a veil (My wife is Maronite Christian) when she leaves the house. Of course they are joking. And me being me, don’t really get offended at such banter. I just kind of laugh along and keep it light. However I cannot imagine those same White women asking a White women with a black baby if the father of the baby like to eat bananas, or if the baby daddy likes to climb trees.

            In closing, the White male is the most despised individual in what is suppose to be his domain. Namely the western world. We are dammed if we do, and dammed if we don’t. If we reject the advances of a Asian women, then we are racist. If we do not reject a female of another race then we are “using White male privilege to overpower our weaker non-white mate.

          • connorhus

            Robert, you know what you are talking about.

            White Women go into a frenzy when they see an Asian Woman getting attention. I have seen it over and over and I love to watch em blow a cork over the turnabout.

          • Freya

            No, we are angry that white men don’t give a s*** that white women are hunted down by diversity.

          • FedUp

            Why should we be?

          • Anonymous

            When you see the way that White men are portrayed in the media; the result being this fascination for Black males on the part of more and more young White women, what would you expect from White males?

          • josh

            You’re right in a way. Theres all this sick sick sick pressure on white girls to be non-racist;any bantu (this word seems acceptable to mods) who wants a white girl and is rejected–the white female being PAINFULLY polite–will play the race card,”Wuzza matta you don’ date blacks?”

          • I was in a bar a few months ago and recognized a group of as being Korean girls (yes I can tell the difference between certain nationalities (well two were differently Korean, but one looked more chubby Chinese, but was Korean too) I went over to ask them about “eyelid surgery”, something I had recently read about. They were congenial and answered my questions, but every white girl had her eyes on me after I left to walk home after I talked to them.

            At least the Koreans were cordial and had enough money in their purses to buy their own drinks and get back to where they were staying. White women of the same age range in Chicago pack 5 of themselves into the backseat of a cab so that the cost of arriving at a bar is under a few dollars a piece. Then they only have another five bucks on them when they get in the bar (plus the hidden cab fare). This is almost right in front of my apartment, I see it every Fri and Sat. These white women should be embarrassed that they are slutting for drinks. But apparently their parents never taught them any better.

          • Brutal Defiance14

            You hit the nail on head! Thumbs up for you brother!

          • josh

            “baby daddy likes to climb trees” In fact he WILL climb just about anything–if theres a white woman there.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            ALL bar girls are turned on by the wallet. That’s their job!!!

            Not all Filipinas are bar girls.

            Therefore: Not all Filipinas are tuned on by turgid wallets.

            A logical syllogism.

        • LHathaway

          Filipinos. . there is an organized plot to destroy Filipino men, also. I guess white men aren’t completely alone.

      • GM (Australia)

        “… to find a successful white male of any age.” These dear elderly cashed-up widowers etc are the prime target of Asian women, especially Filipinos. They are just interested in a sugar daddy who has a house, car & money and will get them USA, NZ, Canadian or Australian citizenship and will support their extended family back home and so on. These elderly and not so elderly males will soon find our they will have absolutely nothing in common their Asian bride. (A dear family friend has just found out this the hard way, he justified his decision to marry her, my wife thought how nice, I just thought “No, No”)

        • I agree with you but not all of them are Asian. There are many Russian women who are more interested in a man’s bank account than she is in him. The guy is flattered because she is a younger woman, often half his age that is interested in him. His family sees what is going on but he does not listen to them, he has fallen in love and that is all that matters until she ends up taking everything he has worked hard to own.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          There are many Filipino- American girls who don’t do that. You’re thinking of the “mail-order” Bride types. Same thing with a lot of those drop dead beautiful Slavic women with names like Tatiana, Natalia (Natasha), Yulia and Yekaterina. You have you sincere ones as well as the gold diggers.

    • Yes, I too have noticed a marked increase in white males with black fems across lower Manhattan. The Asian girl thing has something to do with the unpleasant, strident, man-jawness of so many contemporary white girls, especially the preppy/professional ones. I’ve never been into Asians (don’t like the face), but given the choice between a tattooed hipster prole-wannabe and a vicious lawyerette, I’m beginning to get a wondering eye myself…

      • Ralph

        Be careful in trying to compare “White” NYC girls with real White girls. Many of the so-called White girls in NYC are actually Jewish. Many of them look and act like men.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          How can you look at Jane Seymour and declare that she’s not White?
          At 60+ she’s still incredibly beautiful.

          There are MANY lovely Jewesses who are lovely and White. As for their personalities you’ve gotta check with the husbands. The old jokes says that Jewish men die before their wives because they WANT to.

          • David Ashton

            Gwyneth Paltrow, excellent legs in middle age. Scarlett Johansson, also Jewish? As attractive as any shiksas in Hollywood. But then you don’t date THEM in “real life”.

      • Masturbate to Asian women if you must, but flirt with and court only white women.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      I know an asian woman that flat out says “I only like white guys…blacks are ugly and asian guys are too feminine”. It’s not just white guys who like asians…asian women want us too. There is even a term for Japanese women who are obsessed with white men in Japan…Ganji or something like that…I forget.

      • BENTRILL



    These men are pathetic losers who should be deported.

    • The__Bobster

      If they can’t find real American women, they should seek out prostitutes.

      • josh

        White prostitutes?

  • Erasmus

    White men who go for mail-order brides are stupid. White men who go for Asian mail-order brides are really stupid.

    “You give me green card, Joe? I show you #1 good time.”
    (winky, winky)

    • Even the stupid get lonely, and if a white man’s choice is either Suzie Wong or Roseanne Barr, which one do you think he chooses?

      Ironically, the infamous “Me so Horny” girl from Full Metal Jacket (Papillon Soo Soo) is actually half white.

      • dogbone

        “Me so Horny”

        Isn’t that a Japanese soup?

        • convairXF92

          Or the reverse: Miso Pretty bath products

        • Anonymous

          I should have read further down before I post the “Me so hawny”. That was a waste of time. LOL!

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        In post-WWII Japan, Korea and Vietnam, if “VC Boom Boom” was all that was available, most guys took it. As for Full Metal Jacket, the best chick in the film was the Motorcycle Hooker (Leanne Hong) who didn’t want to do any black guys because they were “too bookoo.”

        • The__Bobster

          It’s one thing to “take it”. It’s another thing to knock it up or take it home to mother.

        • josh

          “too bookoo”. Whats the opposite of “damning with faint praise? Praising with faint damning??

          • convairXF92

            No, there’s a real issue here. Wonder how many of the Asian woman/white man relationships break up because the “soul brother too beaucoup” issue also applied to the white male. I’ve heard of Asian college girls having this sort of problem with their white boyfriends. (This would imply that there are more Asian woman/white male relationships attempted than those that last long enough for us to see and count.)

            A woman who took MIT’s 7.01 (intro biology, 1990’s era) told me they were told in class that the “size difference” between races is real.

    • Bossman

      The ones that I know who did this were old, decrepit and none too handsome.

      • josh

        Are ALL of your friends old decrepit and none too handsome??

    • Anonymous

      You forgot. “I love you long time! Me so hawny!”

  • susu3535

    The men I know who married Asian women are what I would call the bottom of the barrel…immature, selfish, and have little confidence, perhaps they feel they could not compete for a White woman. They can have them. I’m sure the parents on both sides weren’t happy about their union either.

    • dukem1

      Hah! Think of the grandparents!
      That is, the people who built the modern world. Hard to feature that group ecstatic about all this.

      • The__Bobster

        The grandfathers who fought them overseas have to be beside themselves. Obviously they didn’t shoot enough of them.

    • Hey now, I had a Filipina girlfriend once. I noticed her because she was easily the best looking girl in our certification class, plus she was 10 years younger than me. The only other woman who came even close in beauty was a blonde woman, complete with a tattoo of a spinal cord… on her spinal cord of all places.

      I do admit, I used her as a tool to rub it in the face of white women, especially white women my same age. It didn’t work out, we were sent to work over 40 miles apart.

      Why do white guys go for Asian women? Part of the answer is how a lot of white women behave. A lot of these guys are G.I.s, and they got tired of getting the runaround by plain Jane looking white women, who’ve slept with a dozen guys before they’re 21. So, if you are a run of the mill white guy, and Miri Hanai’s twin shows interest, while another Kelly Osborne tells you to get lost, what are you going to do?
      Imagine how much more stuck-up white women would act if they didn’t have this competition?

      • The__Bobster

        So they went for flat-faced bar girls who screwed hundreds of guys instead?

        • Bobby

          I never thought of that characterization, but you know, it hits a cord.

      • me

        Yup. The pro-White movement has got to stop bashing White women. Without White women, how are you going to survive the Marxist genocide of the White race? How are you going to fight against the control for your mind, if you buy into the lies that ‘all White women are sluts, materialistic, immoral, bitches, etc’? If you denigrate your White women like this in your daily life, you’ll just drive White women into the arms of the other races. Stop it!

        • FedUp

          That’s assuming that 100% of white men are remotely concerned about “surviving the Marxist genocide of the White race”. Many white men came here to explain their choice in finding an Asian wife and most of you are now wanting them to stop expressing their reasons for dating Asian women. It baffles the mind.

          If that’s happening, then it won’t happen for a long time. At least not until long after my lifetime and most of the other young white men in my generation. Most young white men alive now just want to live their life, be in a happy relationship with any compatible woman they can find regardless of their race, and work.

          Most of you are complaining about interracial intimacy, but none of you can think of possible incentives for white men to turn away from Asian women. Until then, white men shouldn’t feel guilty for marrying Asian women.

          Those white men who I know that chose this path never regretted it once.

      • susu3535

        Your response proves my point. This is a site for people who are concerned with the future of the White race. You need not justify your hypocrisy.

    • josh

      Uhm not really.Female children of asian/white couples are often beautiful,and mixed kids can look very white.For males it may be toughr–but thats true in everything!!!!(BTW just sayin)

      • The__Bobster

        The attractive ones are a rarity. Most of them have huge flat faces and huge American noses. Not a good combination.

        • josh

          The KIDS???? Not my experience.

        • convairXF92

          Hey, I’m a Slav, and that facial combination is normal for us!

        • IstvanIN

          Yes, the kids usually look “vaguely” oriental, neither here nor there.

      • Brent Delph

        Yes, Kristin Kreuk is the most beautiful woman in the world, NOT Gweneth Paltrow.

        • David Ashton

          In your opinion. She is Dutch-Chinese mixed race.
          Among movie stars only I would nominate Naomi Watts 1st and Megan Fox 2nd, but one can spend all day on Google Images.
          Perhaps AmRen should run a separate thread just on the subject of beautiful females.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. A lot better than White and Black.

    • FedUp

      Who’s childish? The white men going out their and finding a woman they can actually be happy to settle down with or someone like you calling them all sorts of names?

      Navy SEAL STG2 Matthew Axelson (deceased) had an Asian wife. Was he immature, selfish, and timid? No way. He was heroic and brave as he had a job that was both physically and mentally demanding.

      I’ve met Asian women who were both courteous and generous. White women aren’t the be all end all of relationships. Many I’ve met were shrewd man-haters with a huge chip on their shoulder. They also were highly irritating, demanding, and the least bit compatible.

      White women hate being priced out of the market by better women of other races. I assure you that the daughters of Feminism, who are mostly white, will be increasingly left alone by smart white men who may see that the grass is green on the other side. Asian cultures are more hardline and bring up their women in a way that I believe is more compatible with how white men are raised. It’s only natural that they develop a tendency to find each other to be fit for marriage.

      To other white men, buy stocks in companies selling cat food, women’s self-pleasure devices, and anti-depressants. It’s going to get ugly, but you can reap the rewards from white women’s collapse.

      • susu3535

        Your response just proved my point. This site is a forum for people who care about the White race. You need not try to justify your hypocrisy.

        • FedUp

          You’ve just denigrated white men’s characters because of their choice to date Asian women and I gave you an example of a man with a strong character and many positive qualities who had an Asian wife. You’ve just demonstrated your hypocrisy.

          I know another white male who’s striving to become an orthodontist and has good grades. He’s a good man and is dating an Asian woman.

          These men are anything but childish, immature, and lacking in confidence. They’re pretty much alpha.

          • susu3535

            I am not the enemy here…

            I’m old school…I think my white man should be king of the castle…he respects me, listens to my opinions. I believe in traditional gender roles, men work, women raise children. I love being a feminine, intelligent white woman, who knows how to make her man feel like a man, while still keeping my pride.
            Unfortunately the new world order eschews this. The welfare state has created less need for men, and has encouraged unwed motherhood to be the norm. Both the greedy large corporations and the unions have created the need for a two paycheck family. I could go on, but let’s stick to this subject.
            This warped society, starting with the Baby Boomers, has cranked out alot of worthless women, and I don’t defend them. But I also see with my own eyes how men have become disrespectful of women in general. Some of them would knock a pregnant women out of the way for a seat on the subway (I have seen it).
            I hear single girlfriends tell me of their dates (with White men) and some of their behavior that is childish and laughable. These are feminine, kind, and attractive women, who don’t date black or hispanic men, because they already expect this bad behavior from them.
            Our society is glorifying “slacker” men, and nasty women, it seems.
            I was not being general in my earlier statement about the three white men I know with Asian women. They treat their women like waitresses. These women knew what they were getting when they married them, but perhaps they thought they were getting the better part of the bargain (i.e. money,etc.).
            I really don’t care who you date, some of the justification is valid. I care about the White race, and when I read posts from men who defend our race, but have nothing but bad things to say about White women, it is alarming.

          • FedUp

            I agree with what you’ve said for the most part. Don’t you think that maybe some of these juvenile actions could be an effect of feminism’s cause? Harming a father’s relationships with their children produces sons with less civilized behavior. That’s what they’ve done through their infiltration in family courts and divorce. Perhaps white men and men and general see through the veil of feminism as being nothing more than pure hate so they no longer feel compelled to act like a gentleman in front of women? I thought we were equals now so if I find an empty seat on a bus I don’t have to give it up for anyone unless it’s my choice to do so.

            I just took issue with what you said about white men being weak and cowardly for dating Asian women. The truth is quite the opposite. Many white men I’ve known and heard of who dated Asian women are good men and probably above average in terms of genetic stock.

            They aren’t lonely and misogynist men either. They’ve got legitimate reasons for doing what they did. If no one cares to listen to why they did it, then they shouldn’t feel the need to explain or justify their beliefs to anyone, especially jealous white women.

          • susu325

            So, just for the record… are you saying that it’s okay for White men to be to be RACE TRAITORS, because White women are no good? What you do in your personal life is your business…but why do you post here then?

  • bigone4u

    Bigone’s law: A good woman is hard to find. Yellow fever may have something to do with the alleged higher quality of sex with Asian women because of physical characteristics associated with their vaginas. It may have something to do with the exotic appearance of these women. It may be related to lower materialistic expecatations of women from poor countries. What man wants to work himself to death so the wife can spend, spend, spend. It may also have to do with Asian women being perceived as more loyal and less likely to divorce. But the biased, bigoted anti-white documentary focuses on one thing–submission. I knew there was a reason I stopped watching TV.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The woman this loser married has stated twice that she would leave him after she got her green card. Asian woman are also demanded and controlling. Watch the documentary.

      • bigone4u

        I once had a theoretical interest in Russian and Eastern Euro women, but I heard that they leave their American husbands after becoming citizens. And they take all his money. Doesn’t surprise me that Asians do the same. In 1966 Gary Lewis (the rock star son of Jerry Lewis) married a phillapina (sp?) named Jinky. Big celebrity love story of he day. Turned out later she had been a prostitute, had secret children, and wanted only money and to get into the USA. Many military men retire in SA,Tx and they have loud asian wives that I know they met in houses of ill repute in the far east: “Me luv yu long time sailer boy.”

    • jambi19

      It’s because asian women are petite. Nothing to do about exoticness or sideways snatch.

    • The__Bobster

      Do you really think Suki Yaki’s aren’t materialistic? LOL!

      • bigone4u

        No, but I think a workingman’s house and car would satisfy them easier than it would satisfy many American women, who often demand a McMansion and a new SUV every couple of years.

        • Jefferson

          When it comes to financial security, White American women on average have very high standards for White guys but very low standards for Blacks guys.

          Many materialistic liberal White American women will not date a White guy unless he makes at least 6 figures a year, but would have no problem dating a Black guy who works at Burger King because of the possibility that he might have a big package in his pants when it is time for sex.

          There are many White liberal women who have no problem dating Black men who make way less money than them.

    • Freya

      Um, what characteristics are associated with their vaginas? Am I just clueless?

      • RileyDeWiley

        Horizontal, haven’t you heard?

        Sleeping with a black girl changes your luck ….

  • Bobby

    I cannot say this for ALL ASIAN WOMEN, but I know for a fact, if seen it hundreds of times, that most Asian women play white men like a well tuned violin. I mean, this is something that’s been going on for years. “Hi, G.I. Joe, you so handsome and strong”.etc.etc.etc. Asian women can be seen by the thousands, latching on to “old white farts”, in places like Vegas and retirement communities,etc. They are very practically minded.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I agree. And they often approach white men who are not “losers”, but are viewed as such by white women – “nerds”, “geeks” and scholarly types who get treated as friends-only or pack mules for emotional baggage by white women. I recommend that everyone read Roger Devlin’s essays about male/female dynamics; all the nonsense about “white privilege”, and even some of the drivel that you’ll read in Amren comments will be laid bare. Women choose their mates, not the other way around, and we’ve endured a state of hypergamy since the dawn of the sexual revolution.

      • bigone4u

        Thanks for the tip on Roger Devlin. Althogh I’ve just started looking at his writings, it look like they can explain a lot.

  • David Ashton

    Black males with white females.
    White males with Asian females.
    Nothing curious about this?
    What does John Engelman think?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Engleman is mind controlled when it comes to ‘orientals’. He uses an abusive description for them when clearly they are ethnically Asians.

      • The__Bobster

        It wasn’t “abusive” 30 years ago. I side with him on this issue.

      • josh

        Engleman is a 40 year old virgin,I am betting!!

  • If Asian men are so worried about the female shortage, then they need to stop aborting the female fetuses.

    • Bossman

      Aborting female fetuses makes no sense to me. Maybe the majority of East Asians are not so smart. If they were, they wouldn’t be doing such a stupid thing.

      • The__Bobster

        It’s a far better method of population control than castrating males.

        • bigone4u

          The most effective means of population control is war and/or death camps.

      • Anonymous

        It makes a lot of sense. Females are the reproductive bottleneck. Even if you castrate tons and tons of men, the few men who escape castration can in theory, impregnate all the women in any given population. If you abort female fetuses en masse, the birth rate of the next generation will be significantly lowered. Many Asian countries (such as China and India) are horribly overcrowded. This is just their solution to their problem. They are doing it to their own would-be daughters, in their own countries. It is not affecting White people in Western countries. In fact, many of the White supremacists may be happy to hear that Asians are aborting their would-be daughters and therefore Asian societies will have a lower birthrates in the future.

      • Jefferson

        East Asians on average are smarter than those racially ambiguous mongrel Latin Americans who have every ancestry under the sun in their family tree.

  • dulouz

    Asian and Latin women make themselves available, White women play harder to get. Regardless, I can’t look at them in a life bed situation.

    • Katherine McChesney

      White women may play hard to get because White men usually like a challenge. There’s also the fact that White men call White women Wh*res if they are ‘too easy’.

      • Tyrone Ooks

        I love (unmarried) wh*res, what’s your point.

        • Bobby

          L.O.L. ….That is truly funny. I don’t know why, it just is!!!

      • dulouz

        I could have used some compromise when I was younger.

      • Bobby

        I think that’s true. On the other hand they don’t call them anything if they’re too hard—they just go away.

        • Freya


  • bubo

    Asian women chase white guys just as much as the other way round. A lot of American Asian women won’t even date Asian guys. I’m starting to see more and more of them chasing black guys though.

    • josh


  • NYB

    In the 1600’s and 1700’s, white European sailors exploring and trading in the Far East would sometimes find their ships besieged with native women offering their bodies for trade, causing one to remark that it was as though the women were seeking something of the Europeans that could only be had through sex.

    Fast forward. China has a shortage of eligible females. An excess of 25 to 30 million Chinese men will not be able to find a wife because of sex selective abortions, female infanticide, and adoptions by Westerners.

    Compounding this problem is the number of Oriental women on the hunt for a white mate. Rather than this all being a one-sided case of white men seeking Oriental females, there would be very few interracial couplings if it weren’t for Oriental females making that choice. The ones living abroad in the West are showing a preference for whites.

    This is the real shame the Oriental wants to avoid: they’re the ones learning our languages, adopting our culture, and colonizing our lands. They’re envious and obsessed with us, and the ultimate conquest is to get our genes.

    I see this nearly everyday where I live. Oriental student females practically throw themselves at white men, offering sex for the chance to be in a relationship. The losers in this are Oriental men who can’t find a mate, and white genetics which become polluted.

    • dulouz

      That situ really has to rip Asian guys up. That stuff has got to hurt. I don’t want to get involved in it.

      • Jerrybear

        Penis envy is part of it. There was a recent study that found the average penis size of East Asians was around 3.5 inches. I guess it’s similar to the rage white men feel when beautiful white women date Bantus.

        • Sino-Tibetan

          I find that very hard to believe. Its no secret to anthropologist even today that members of the Mongoloid race have “small mastoids processes” but an average of 3.5inch is just ridiculous..

    • Sino-Tibetan Guy

      “This is the real shame the Oriental wants to avoid: they’re the ones learning our languages, adopting our culture, and colonizing our lands. They’re envious and obsessed with us, and the ultimate conquest is to get our genes.”

      You are wrong. The orient is merely competing with the west and so it seems that we are envious of you guys for the time being. The west forcibly introduced to the east new ideas, capitalism, innovation and markets and that interaction places you guys in a favorable social position still but things are changing. Because in the end, I predict that the battle of humanity will not be between capitalism and communism but between the various ideologies of the civilizations. And as we all know, the ideologies of civilizations are products of race. The ancestors endowed to their descendants the capacity to envision the world. The ancestors of the Mongoloid race that evolved in the most extreme of conditions in the frigid north during the last ice age had to find the shortest and most economical route in all facets of survival and only those with superior visuo-spatial abilities could survive. We Mongoloids are endowed with our superior Visuo-Spatial abilities relative to you guys and need few words to understand the global situation in its entirety. We know our females are mentally and physically fragile in the west and co-habitate with non-Asian males at high rates. I can go around in circles and offer minor sociological reasons as to why Asian females behave like this but my over-arching theory is pretty simple. We East Asians are collective in nature and like to be perceived favorably by the majority as a minority or if we are the majority, we would like to be viewed favorably by the minority and we readily offer them assimilation so as long as they fully immerse themselves in the majority’s culture. Our collective nature and the social consequences of this nature may offer social scenarios that seem as if we are making our own women “readily” available but it is just a matter of collectivism, assimilation, and general civility.

    • David Ashton

      Fast forward two decades and the PLA will come after them.

  • Ralph

    White men should be looking to Russia and Eastern Europe. There are some real beauties there, and when you have children with them, you aren’t destroying the White race, but helping it expand.

    While many Whites (both male and female) further West have become weak seeds in many ways, many Whites (again, both male and female) have remained strong.

    Check out the good boxers in the world today–not many Irish these days. Most of the top heavyweights are from Russia and the Ukraine also some in Poland.

    • bubo

      Those women in EE are pretty crafty. Most of the guys that go over there to get a bride are played for the fools they are. She’ll get the green card then dump the chump and bring her family and boyfriend over.

      • pcmustgo

        Yes, this is what I heard… can be true of asian women too but less so as the asians tend to come from poor farming villages and such and are more dependent on the white male once they get here.

      • Ralph

        Well, at least these women are White, and the White men who you call fools are still helping the White race, even if they’re doing it unintentionally and even if they may not personally benefit.

        • bubo

          I have nothing against those guys who go to EE and try. They should know that many women over there see them as chumps to take advantage of. The women are stunning though, especially Ukraine.

          • David Ashton

            We used to think they all looked like Mrs Khrushchev – how wrong can you be?

      • Jerrybear

        My father married a Russian woman in his 50’s after his marriage with my mother fell apart. (She cheated on him) He’s been with her for over 10 years and they had his fourth son together. I was cynical about her at first but I was clearly wrong.

    • Brent Delph

      The very WORST scammers of all are the Russian women, and they are FAR worse than the Filipinas.

      • Jefferson

        I have had very BAD experiences with Russian women. The vast majority of them are gold diggers and cold stuck up ice queens.

        Russian women are not known for having very pleasant personalities. If you want a White woman with a pleasant personality, than date a Southern White woman from Georgia or Tennessee for example.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I watched this documentary this morning. The man who was searching for an asian wife was obviously obsessed with Asian women. He was clearly a nerd, a failure as a husband, and wanted a woman who would wait on him hand a foot. Clearly a loser he probably was seeking out perverted sex from them.

    • josh

      You are far too mean to this poor shnook. You have zero–thats zero–concern for the cruelty he has received from your precious white women over the years. Nothing morr epainful for a young man than to be shut out of “paradise”,makes him feel he is nothing. This poor old goat prob ahs a lifetime of disappointment. OTOH,of course ,maybe he was a playboy/rock star.

      • The__Bobster

        The loser somehow managed to have a son with yellow fever, so he obviously got some paradise by the dashboard light..

        • josh


    • Funruffian

      I think your statement rings true for 90% of the schmucks that seek Asian women. I personally would not marry or have have children with an Asian for many reasons.

    • bigone4u

      I briefly dated an attractive Korean woman who was an accounting major. Horrible personality and ultra snobbish in terms of material goods. Never had yellow fever and never will after that experience.

  • cecilhenry

    ‘White privilege’ really just means that whites are seen as superior—- and envied and resented for it.

    The cure for this privilege is for whites to get their own space—-ie a country!!!

    • Anonymous

      How bout White people get their own space…Europe?

    • Beetlejuice

      In 50 years there will be NO WHITE HOMELANDS.

      Yet Africans will have over 40 nations that remain black African. Asia will remain Asian. ONLY White countries are being flooded with non-Whites and it is EVERY single White country.

      When the Chinese force assimilate Tibet, it is called genocide. Genocide does not require lining people up and killing them.

      If Africa was undergoing forced assimilation and mass immigration of non-blacks to the point that every single African country would be non-black by midcentury – well we would know it was genocide.

      Destroying White women means the end of the White race.

  • To be frank, most white women in America have been raised to be b!tches.
    They were daddy’s little girl their entire lives. Never wanted for anything, never were told no. Never learned to cooperate or compromise. Their expectations for their partner far exceed the reality of their self. Nothing is good enough for them, so they will not settle for relationship when they think they can do better. These women then end up childless at forty and cant’t figure out why, bitter towards men. And then they start calling themselves “cougars” so they can get a man at all, even if it only to be used.

    • The__Bobster

      They hit 40 and then chase 20-yo jungle bunnies,

    • Katherine McChesney

      Boy, you certainly are misinformed. Most of what you say is lies. Many, and I say MANY of us were taught by our fathers to go to college and get an education, get a job and be self-supporting. White men couldn’t handle the competition of a woman making a good salary and wanting a career as well as a family. You’re living in your head. Some woman put you in your place and you hold a grudge. It’s probably due to your bad attitude that you hate women.

      • Looks like I struck a nerve.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          But they’re LIES! The worst kind too – lies that you’ve seen with your own eyes!

        • Beetlejuice

          By degrading White women?

          You are helping, aiding and abetting those who wish to destroy our unique culture and genocide our race.


          • FedUp

            This is laughable.

            They’ve degraded white men in the worst ways you can possibly imagine.

            White women have destroyed white men’s livelihoods in education, the economy, and the courts through feminism for decades and when one white man is fed up with their deceitful and despotic behavior you shame him with: “Stop! You are destroying the white race!”

            How grandiose and pathetic. White women have done a good job of that in the past 40-50 years. No white man has to put up with that any longer.

            If white men can find love by marrying an Asian woman, than I think it’s cause for celebration. They’ve tried to find love, warmth, and acceptance from white women for decades only to be proverbially spit upon and discarded.

      • Jerrybear

        Men do not particularly want to compete with their women. In this day and age, college and the work environment has been tailored to give women preferential treatment. But the joke is on you. The Rockefellers funded women’s ‘liberation’ in order to have two sources of income in the household to tax. It also gave big business the excuse to pay men less. The outcome is less children and both parents breaking their backs to raise a small family.

        • Brent Delph

          Yes, feminism and abortion are basically Frankfurt School methods used to break down the white society.

          • Beetlejuice

            Then you must fight this with everything you’ve got. The Frankfurt School, Adorno (The Authoritarian Personality), Betty Fredan and other twisted feminists, Boas and Freud set out to destroy white culture and society down to the familial level and it’s worked.

            This breakdown was designed to pit White women against White men, children against parents, and “prove” that White society was sick, degenerate and beyond redemption and that the best hope for us was to either die off or miscegenate ourselves out of existence.

            I see the results of this 70 plus years of brainwashing of Whites evident on this thread.

          • Luca

            Take a look at some of the movers and shakers of the Frankfurt school and what do you find? A tribe of intellectuals who are over-educated and find it easy to make money by pontificating on subjects they have made themselves experts on and may have created entirely out of thin air.

            As I have told others here, a high IQ does not save the day. It takes a strong mix of IQ, reason, logic, compassion, commonsense, hard work, risk taking, morality and ethics to have a successful society.

            These intellectuals have a perpetual money machine in academia. The students sit spellbound and are too proud to admit they don’t understand what is being spewed but are perfectly willing to absorb and repeat it to graduate.

            Some of these intellectuals have an agenda, others are so self-absorbed in their pursuit of remaining in academia that they believe or argue every theory floating in the air on campus.

            It has always amazed me how the human brain promotes the ability to read, learn, articulate, memorize and score high on an IQ test while totally abandoning reason, logic, common sense, problem solving and facts.

            It’s a dilemma to say the least.

        • Realist

          Did you know that Gloria Steinem, was working for the CIA?

          Even though she didn’t create feminism at their behest (supposedly), the very facts that feminism split the left, supported increased central control over society, and that the CIA planned Operation Paperclip speaks otherwise and raises suspicions.

      • Themistocles

        A man wants a wife, not a co-worker. So go ahead waste your prime reproductive years chasing education and jobs, and ultimately putting your white men behind in the job market. Sheniqua and Maria will be having children for you with the money you pay in taxes.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Most white women? Seriously, how many white women do you know?

      • It’s might be Chicago, or maybe not, I but I know too many woman like this.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Like how many? 5? 10? I practiced family law for more than a decade and continue to consult on the side. I assure you, there is plenty of blame to be spread on both sides of the gender line in our materialistic and shallow race-to-the bottom.

    • Brent Delph

      Exactly, and in fact we have a few posts above that prove your point.

    • Beetlejuice

      Great post bashing White women. Keep it up. You are doing a great job supporting John Engelman and driving White women off of American Renaissance and away from the pro-White movement.

      Anyone who wonders why there are few women who support pro-White movements, well, here is your answer in the comment above and many others like it on this thread.

      Unbelievable the amount of hated for White women on this thread.

      Are you an ADL or SPLC plant or maybe one of Tim Wise’s buddies?

      • cactusflower

        For the sake of my own peace of mind, I have to tell myself that all the pro-Asian female/anti-White woman posts are made by provocateurs — maybe from the SPLC or the like — to divide our people increasingly, and it looks like they are a smashing success, judging by many of the comments above.

        How can anyone be pro-White yet have contempt for the opposite sex of one’s own race?

        One more thing: nobody seems to mention the fact that statistically, White male-Asian female matings are by far the commonest form of mixing.

        And if, as some insist, it’s just a response to the feminism of White women, then how can they explain the fact that White men have had Asian attractions for centuries, long before feminism as we know it, existed?

        • “How can anyone be pro-White yet have contempt for the opposite sex of one’s own race?”

          They can’t. Take any of the guilty people here and show them a site where White women talk about White men in the same manner and the guys would point to it as being a sign of anti-White brainwashing. I guess it’s kind of hard to see the brainwashing and superfluous hatred when it’s their own brainwashing we are talking about.

        • FedUp

          I’ve heard stories of men who’ve been living on the edge making sure that every child support payment is paid off regardless of their income and whether or not they can actually pay it off. I’ve seen men pushed into poverty, homelessness, and despair because of the actions of so-called “caring” white women. I’ve dealt with men who had suicide constantly on their mind due to suffering abuse from their so-called “loving” white wives. Call us “provocateurs”. Call us “childish”. Shaming tactics will only get you so far.

          The truth is out there and white men are waking up to it.

          If white women are driven away from this community because they can’t handle hearing the truth or any criticism, than it’s their problem and reveals more about them than anything else.

      • me

        Yup. The pro-White movement has got to stop bashing White women. Without White women, how are you going to survive the Marxist genocide of the White race? How are you going to fight against the control for your mind, if you buy into the lies that ‘all White women are sluts, materialistic, immoral, bitches, etc’? If you denigrate your White women like this in your daily life, you’ll just drive White women into the arms of the other races. Stop it!

        • FedUp

          Most white men who are laying out their criticism of white women’s behavioral trends are sick and tired of expecting to give and lose everything regardless if they are in a relationship with a white woman. Most of those men who are “denigrating” white women are either going their own way or dating women of other races anyway.

          I know of a bright, young, and blue-eyed Anglo Saxon male who has a bright future ahead of him. He’s currently dating an Asian female. Most of you think that there’s a problem with him doing that yet I see him enjoying his life and making the best of it.

          As for driving white women away, I don’t care whether they stay or go. Why do you even use that as a punishment for men’s opinions? You don’t think that women have their childish and misguided opinions of men? Look at feminists. Most of them in America are white females. Not only do they have a bigoted opinion of men, they also actively seek to destroy our lives through their programs, gender-specific studies, and so on.

          A man’s desire for companionship with a female regardless of race is far more important for his immediate and tangible interests than the survival of a group he most likely doesn’t even identify with any longer. Explaining to a white man who no longer feels like he is part of the white race why he is making the wrong choice by loving a woman of another race is most likely futile as well as foolish.

  • josh

    Why do asian women seek white men? Fred Shmoot,an unemployed chicken plucker,seeks to answer that question in his riveting documentary:”Why Do Asian Women Seek White Men?” White men will tell you,”says Fred,” they get the stare–its a bit unnerving. Its like,hey you’re white,you’re supposed to be crazy about me!” Says one white man,”Its like your zipper is open–or you have broccoli in your teeth.” Dr. I. M. Offamarocker,a well known veterinarian who pretends to be a psychiatrist,says “These women are sending an underlying message.What the message is,I dont know.” Sociologist Quantavious Jackson says,” The asian woman is oppressing the white devil–I mean the white male! They should let white men alone;stick to people of color. Like,well,hmm,I dont know,let me see….maybe black men? A black man with dat college degree? He got a Lexus! An dress fine! The black man gettin tired of the black woman,always arguin’…” Shmoot hopes the film will start a conversation. He also hopes it will help pay his lawyer for the court case he faces,peeping into the window of a female neighbor.

  • bubo

    ‘Every Asian-American woman knows exactly what I am talking about,’ she said. ‘Men come up to you in a way that really looks like a stare, which lasts a bit longer than it should.

    Oh please. Men gawk at good looking women no matter the race. Butt-ugly Asian women are in no great demand. Anyway if this woman is so put off by people staring at her she’ll be happy to know that when Asian women hit the wall, they hit it hard.

    • Jefferson

      So most White women still look like beauty queens when they are in the 60-70 year old age range ?

      • FedUp

        No, they also hit the reproductive wall around 30. They look ugly as sin after that for the most part.

        Men will look to young and more beautiful women after that. Most white females and some white males on here are saying that white men are intimidated by a white woman’s college degree, independence, and success! LOL!

        All I can say to the delusional is keep believing that. As interracial marriage rates increase among Asian women and white men, maybe then you’ll realize that your theories are mostly wrong and misguided.

        • Beloved Comrade

          This thread has a few instances of knuckleheads like you spouting off against white women, and also a lot of people obsessed with the “Asian” fetish. These people don’t speak for pro-Whites. They’re anti-someone else.

          MY concern is with people like you, people who actually seem to CELEBRATE the dying-out of the White Race.

          Such people like you are militant pro-Genocide idiots, and should be shunned wherever they hide and creep out from the rocks they hide under.

          • FedUp

            All of those insults and empty accusations won’t prove you right in the end.

            I’m more of an advocate for men’s freedom of choice and civil liberties as I am actually aware of the gross discrimination committed against us.

            I don’t imagine that white women are immaculate and can do no harm unlike you. That is childish. White men have been killed by white women through murder and proxy violence. We’ve been disenfranchised and our rights are slowly being stripped away. Yet, I must ignore all of these dangers and sexism against men, especially white men, for the good of the collective?

            How does that make any sense?

  • For a moment there I thought this was a John Derbyshire home video…

    • The__Bobster

      I thought it was a John Engelman one.

    • seapeaMP

      XD That’s the best comment yet to this story.

  • arkady

    I’m a White guy, young, single, actively looking for a relationship. I won’t have anything to do romantically with non-White women. So our women should know this article is nothing but more anti-White propaganda.

    Hey, do you think a similar program would be run about black men’s well-known fetish for non-black women? Of course not. I think we all know why.

    • john


    • Freya

      Yeah, sometimes reading this I either become more militant in my commitment to white people or start to wonder whether black men are really that bad. With the hatred of white women being expressed on here it’s no wonder so many white women just say to hell with them.

      • If you’ll put it to a vote I will vote for you to become more militant in your commitment to White people.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Celestial Time:
          There is no trying to reason with psychopathic anti-Whites like Jefferson or Fed Up, they are by definition impervious to thinking.

      • FedUp

        “Hatred of white women?”

        Far from that. White men are aware of the truth now and aren’t afraid to speak out. They’ve been deathly afraid of doing so for decades without the Internet and now we are being a chance to air out our frustrations directed at a culture that white women have helped prop up. A culture that demonizes white men and ensures that everything is taken from him in kangaroo divorce courts.

        White women have shown their absolute vitriol toward white men through career-ending and dream-crushing quotas and AA. Biased divorce courts actively turn us away from the marriage option. Marrying white women is no exception to this. It’s best to go our own way.

        If what has been witnessed is not absolute hatred toward white men in the past 40-50 years, than you cannot claim that what you are reading is hatred by any definition. Free speech is a natural right after all. Actions speak louder than words anyway. We aren’t marching in the streets oppressing the poor white wimminz.

        Then you turn this around and call yourself the victim disregarding history and what could possibly cause such frustrations. Get over yourself! I know white and married men who are absolutely frustrated with their unbearable white wife and are looking for any way out of their marriages. That’s reality.

    • Beetlejuice

      Thread winner and THANK YOU.
      You expressed exactly what this article is: More anti-White propaganda and agit-prop by those who seek the destruction of the white race, culture and heritage.

      We are in a LOSING battle to save our DNA and our homelands which are being flooded by our enemies with nonWhites from the Third World, yet there are whites on this site who promote and advocate Asian women over White women.

      It’s bad enough we are surrounded by white-hating enemies in the media, entertainment industry, Hollywood and Washington DC but to find it HERE on a pro-white site with commenters piling on to bash our own White women.

      The ADL, SPLC and others who claim this is a “hate site” must love it when White men bash White women, it means they’re winning and we’re losing, and it’s a great way to drive even more White women away from pro-White movements.

      Geez, I wish AR would stop posting these kinds of articles.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Finally after scrolling through reams of hateful, anti-White comments.
      I wondered why this article was posted when I saw the headline. To stir up the pro-Asians who regularly troll this forum? Because that’s what it’s done, just like every pro-Asian article before it.
      Does anyone know if Asian sites post pro-White articles and if Asians “disss” their women the way white “men” on this thread are debasing white women?
      No wonder we whites are headed for extinction.

    • Will

      Time to move out of you mom’s basement pal. I’d suggest, you start with craig’s list and work your way from there to eharmony. Otherwise, I see no future for your genes.

  • J. Rockwell

    The closer two racial groups are genetically, the more likely they are to intermate of their own free will.

    Europeans and East Asians are relatively close genetically. Their IQs and behavioral tendencies, while obviously different, are in the same general ballpark.

    Sub-Saharan Africans, on the other hand, are by far the furthest genetically from all other races, as all non-sub-Saharans evolved from the same small group(s) that walked out of Africa over 100,000 years ago. Thus, their IQs and behavioral tendencies are off on another planet when compared with Whites and East Asians.

    That’s why you see Whites and East Asians intermating relatively freely of their own will, whereas it usually takes some sort of outside pressure (media brainwashing, lack of non-black alternatives as in colonies, etc.) for Whites to mate with blacks.

  • The Final Solution

    I’ve spent a year in Korea and dated numerous Asian women. The submissive stereotype is absolutely true and anyone who says it isn’t is not aware of reality. They are nothing but feminists who hate the fact that women in Asia are not as liberated as western women. White men obviously find the submissive trait a massive relief from the rude, selfish, arrogant attitudes of white women. Most white women are nearly unapproachable. Women in Asia are what I imagine white women were like before the 1960s. I always thought it was hilarious that any white women who end up living in Asia suddenly become invisible – no white man will even look at her in comparison to the millions of Asian beauties who still look and act like real women. The white women won’t date any Asian men either so they end up throwing themselves at the few white guys around who usually won’t give them the time of day.

    • jtree

      I’ve spent a little time in East Asia as well and have seen a lot of white men getting played by asian women. The types of white men who seem to be attracted to them are usually of the timid and awkward variety that probably find it difficult to approach the modern western woman. I’m not particularly worried about the phenomenon of yellow fever amongst a small subset of whites. Although it may disappoint asian women to hear this the majority of white men do not obsess over them, let alone find them all that physically attractive. The real root of the problem of course is the socio-sexual poison of feminism that has completely ruined the once healthy and mutually beneficial relationship that white women and white men had with one another in the not so distant past.

      • Funruffian

        How do you then explain the phenomenon of Korean and Vietnam war vets who brought back young Asian brides with them? Surely, they found something positive and lasting about the bond.
        I’ll admit that I find many Asian women attractive and sexy, but they don’t necessarily replace my own race, because they are Asian. I’ll admit that, in general, White American women are more demanding and less docile than most Asian women. I dated a really cute Fillippino girl after my divorce. She was gorgeous and had a personality and generosity unlike many women I have met before.

        • jtree

          You are talking about the “war bride” phenomenon that happens when americans fight longstanding battles in foreign countries. This happened in Europe to a much greater extent than either Nam’ or Korea and I’m sure a part of that was due to the desire of the conquered women to escape decimated countries where many of the healthy aged males had been destroyed. I would like to know how many of those marriages ended up lasting vs. ending in divorce but that information might not be available.

          My post was not arguing against the fact that certain white males are attracted to asian women but rather that they are ,overall, a small subset that tend to demonstrate similar characteristics from my observations. I don’t see miscegenation as being particularly healthy or desirable either, and the fact that the elites are so relentless in pushing it as propaganda should set off every nationalists alarm bell.

    • Beetlejuice

      You are an anti-White who supports pro-White genocide.

  • So…where is our semi autistic sinophile troll, and why has he not weighed in on this subject yet?

    • josh

      No doubt trolling the newest asian porn sites!

      • Beetlejuice

        Careful. I asked the same thing a few days ago and was zapped immediately. This is a faux white news and issues site because it keeps posting articles like this and allows the “semi-autistic sinophile troll” to run his mouth at will while any posts challenging his are deleted.

        • LHathaway

          shut up, idiot. lets see if they allow that.

          • Beetlejuice

            Your reply is SILLY, a sure sign of a sociopathic nut.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Pot. Kettle. Black.

        • David Ashton

          Not all of them.

    • The__Bobster

      He’s busy with his Lotus Flower dating service site.

  • pcmustgo

    Have noticed white males here in NYC prefer to marry FOREIGN asian women who can barely speak english. LIterally. Not “asian-americans”.

    • Ralph

      NYC? The Jewish capital of the U.S.? Well, maybe we should encourage them to miscegenate and destroy themselves.

      • The__Bobster

        You’d be amazed at the number of jewish-Japanese relationships going on in NYC. They actually have a lot of similar interests.

      • IstvanIN

        It is actually a survival technique.

      • Jefferson

        A half Jew and half Japanese off spring would most likely have a very high I.Q.

        Since neither Japanese nor Jews are at the bottom of the racial food chain like Amerindians and Sub Saharan Africans.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Nice try again, but the fact that this world is still completely dominated by Western Civilization and White technology proves that IQ isn’t obviously everything. Especially when you’re using the White English language, electric power, computer, Internet to communicate to us here, NOT the ashkenazi or chinese ones.

          • Jefferson

            Explain this fact, why aren’t WASP Americans the group in the U.S with the highest percentage of bachelor’s degree holders ?

            Gentile Americans lag behind Ashkenazi Americans and Asian Americans when it comes to bachelor degrees holders.

            And you talk about technology, the majority of Whites in Silicon Valley are actually Jews and not WASPS.

            Jewish sounding last names in Silicon Valley are a dime a dozen. They certainly outnumber people with WASP sounding last names.

            Jews are extremely tech savvy.

          • Bossman

            PBS recently showed a documentary on the beginnings of Silicon Valley. All the people in this film were dark-haired and looked Jewish even if some of them were not real Jews. Back then, there were no Asians to be seen and certainly no women.

  • Come on, Engle, tell us how asian dna accounts for the pheremones that japanese women produce that makes us whites go crazy for them. And please quote Jared Taylor in your response, as you always do.

    • JohnEngelman

      Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.


      Scientists have discovered that white people tend to choose other races when asked to rate which faces they find most attractive.

      The scientists discovered that white men prefer the facial features of Asian women while white women go for the faces of black men

      Men and women aged between 18 and 30 were shown 600 faces of the opposite sex and asked to grade them for attractiveness.

      The women tended to go for black male faces, followed by white and then Asian.

      Men plumped for Asian women, followed by white, then black.

      The Department of Psychology at Cardiff University, which carried out the study, says the results of their research are reflected in society.


      The article does not explain why many white men prefer Oriental women, but in his essay, “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,” Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who spoke at six American Renaissance conferences said that Oriental women have less testosterone than white women.

      • Brent Delph

        This has to do with years of media indoctrination.

        • JohnEngelman

          Your statement reminds me of a statement I read years ago by some women’s libber. She said that men prefer women in their late teens and early twenties because Playboy magazine features women in that age group.

          Actually, men of all ages have an instinctive preference for women in that age group because they are more likely to have healthy babies, and less likely to die in childbirth. Sexual preference is about procreation, even when people do not want to have children.

          Media indoctrination is only effective when it is consistent with what people want to believe and experience in their own lives.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Another social anthropologist here to tell us his opinion of what is and isn’t normal in the White race.
            So anti-white you are.

          • InCase

            But true also. Truth hurts eh?

          • Luca

            I believe since we are all animals at heart, basic primitive instincts are triggered by visual stimuli. I believe a woman is subconsciously attracted to a strong, tall, muscular male, who appears to have the ability to to hunt well and therefore be a good provider for their offspring.

            A man is attracted to a woman with large breasts as this is an indication of her being able to feed their offspring. They also want a woman who will be a good worker and subservient to a degree as this will create less conflict and allow more work to be done in the home. Nice sized buttocks indicate strength to walk long distances and an ability to live off fat reserves if the need arises. This helps to explain the modern male attraction to T&A.

            At the next level some intellect takes over and after an initial primitive attraction. Thinks like personality, demeanor, intellect, ability to earn money, stability, security etc. enter the female thought process.

            With men it would be, physical beauty, femininity, demeanor, compassion, nurturing skills, personality, intellect, etc.

            Works for me.

        • Jefferson

          If the vast majority of White people are easily brainwashed by media indoctrination, than the so-called “intelligence” of the average White person is overrated.

          If a White person is encouraged to race mix because he or she saw “Save The Last Dance” for example, than that White person is not exactly the brightest bulb in the room.

          • LHathaway

            white intelligence is obviously over-rated.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Who is paying you to write anti-White comments? The ACLU, SPLC or ADL?

          • Vodel

            Uh… where’s the anti-white part in his comments? Is English different in your part of the world or you just can’t handle reality?

          • Beloved Comrade

            What insecure keyboard nerds like you will never understand is that IQ tests don’t measure ingenuity, imagination, talent, vision, dexterity, resilience, courage, desire, motivation, independence, self-control, honesty, etc which are all genetic traits and qualities that Whites overwhelming possess over Jews, Asians and blacks.

          • Vodel

            Your comment doesn’t make any sense. Without any of those qualities how will one survive and move forward on this challenging planet? There are literally many places in Asia and Africa, where it’s challenging to survive. How did Asians or Blacks make it this far?

      • Beetlejuice

        Psychology is not a science, it is psychobabble passed off as legitimate fact and is being used to justify the destruction of the white race and white culture. Freud was nothing but a dirty old man who sought to legitimize his sick, sexual fetishes. Ditto for Kinsey whose work has been legitimately discredited.

        Psychology does not meet the five basic requirements for a field to be considered scientifically rigorous:

        1. clearly defined terminology

        2. quantifiability, highly controlled experimental conditions,

        3. reproducibility

        4. predictability

        5. testability.

        So save us your sanctimonious comments and posts.

        I encourage everyone to immediately vote down and flag Engelman’s comments, he is anti-white and pro genocide of the white race.

      • I can only speak from personal experience, but Asian women do have attractive facial features.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        More gobbledegook and sputtering from AR’s resident white hating pro-Asian shill. Nothing new to see here.

      • David Ashton

        Just for once unfortunately I cannot out my hand on his article, but the purpose, methodology and conclusions of this Cardiff study were seriously attacked by a competent scientist. My recollection is that the number and selection of the men and women, among other defects, were criticized.

  • The__Bobster

    Damn, I was going to send this story to John Chinaman because the “docile” paddy-wader is such a nasty beeyutch.

  • BAW

    Whoever said that “Asian women are docile and submissive” never heard of Amy Chua or Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

    • josh

      How about that chick from The Atlantic,who divorced her (Asian) husband and wrote about him as “kitchen bitch”?

    • The__Bobster

      The docility is a myth. They’ll cut your heart out and feed it to you to advance themselves and their children.

    • Jefferson

      Amy Chua is 50 years old, yet she looks younger than most White women who are 40 years old.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        More anti-White ad hominen sputtering from Jefferson. Nothing to see here.

        • Jefferson

          It is not my fault that Amy Chua was blessed with having genes that do not make her age fast.

          You could say that makes her racial genes superior to the White Lindsay Lohan for example who is 27 but looks 47.

      • David Ashton

        My English blue-eyed wife looks 30 years younger than her actual age (which I am too much of a gentleman to reveal, but older than Ms Chua). So what?

  • a multiracial individual

    Most White guys will date an attractive woman of any other race before they would date an unattractive White woman. That is the whole point about interracial dating. Most White guys do not date Black women because they do not find most of them physically attractive. If all more and more Black women looked like Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Gabrielle Union, then more and more White guys would date them.

    • Brent Delph

      Bingo. Guys are wired to seek BEAUTY, while women seek MONEY.

      • Beloved Comrade

        What are you a psycomatrician or physiologist who has studied brain patterns in “guys” and “women?”
        Are you here to tell us what is “normal” and not normal in men and women? This is what our anti-white enemies do, use psychology babble against us passed off as gospel truth.

    • Beetlejuice

      It is your OPINION that “most White guys” will date an attractive woman of any other race before they would date an unattractive White woman.

      It’s already been established here that you are an anti-White who supports the elimination of the White race. You are an enemy of Whites.

      • a multiracial individual

        I support the destruction of the White race?

        • Jefferson

          Apparently telling the truth means you do. Some people here are delusional enough to believe that 99.99% of White men have ZERO desire and NEVER think about what it would be like to have sex with a Nonwhite woman from Latin America or Asia.

          • Beloved Comrade

            You must stop with the silly posts, Jefferson.

            The “Asian women are better than White Women” argument you’re using plays right into the hands of anti-whites who are desperate to avert attention away from their white genocide guilt and their anti-whiteness.
            Which are you? Anti-white or an infiltrator paid to denigrate the white race?

      • Jefferson

        So in your opinion most White men would rather date the manly dyke looking White Janet Reno for example over the Asian Jamie Chung who has appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine’s hottest female celebrities.

        • a multiracial individual

          He must be that 0.001% of White guys that would rather get with Janet Reno than Jamie Chung.

          • Jefferson

            Not even Larry The Cable Guy would date Janet Reno, let alone a White guy who is in the same league as Ryan Gosling in the looks department.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            You need to join Jefferson at the non-White porno site before you make an even bigger fool out of yourself.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Another anti-White sicko. This thread is full of them

            I look forward to the day when brainwashed Anti-Whites like you are exposed as the sick idiots you truly are.

        • Beetlejuice

          Dear Jefferson:

          Why can’t you reply properly? Think about the thousands of people reading this and seeing your childish answer, without actually debating or having any point but mockery. I can ask you back; Were you bullied as a child? Because most bullies were.

          If you have paid anything for whatever education you have you may want to see about getting a refund.  

        • I would dater neither. Maybe because I really am pro-White or because I don’t have such low standards where Janet “Man Hands” Reno would even have to be an option for me. If your dating system swings from an Asian girl whom you say is one of the “hottest female celebrities” to the only White woman you can get a date with being Janet Reno, then I’m gonna call BS and tell you that you might want to hide your wallet and other valuables, because you are being set up.

          • Jefferson

            What I am saying is that it is a FACT that most White men would rather have sex with an attractive Nonwhite woman over a hideous looking White woman, if those were the only 2 options presented to them.

            Just like most White women would rather have sex with the Biracial Dwayne The Rock Johnson over the late White Chris Farley, if those were the only 2 options presented to them.

            The Rock has an 8 pack body while the late Chris Farley had breasts larger than most women, due to his obesity.

            The vast majority of White people are not so hardcore racially aware that they would choose to have sex with a hideous looking White person over a very attractive looking Nonwhite person.

          • Again, neither is always an option. Your premise is that you only have two options, and of those two options one is something you call attractive, while the other is something you call hideous. If the world existed in a vacuum, then you might have a valid point. But we live in a world where those kind of choices are not simple A or B situations. If a guy can get an “attractive” non-White, then it goes without saying that he should be able to get an attractive White woman. We are talking about pro-White people, right? Because it’s starting to sound like you are describing just another guy drinking the multiculty kool-aid.

            If you had wings and could fly, would you choose to fly or sit on the ground?

          • Jefferson

            It has nothing to do with multiculty kool-aid. Horny White men with high amounts of testosterone and sex on the brain think more with their penis. They could care less about racial purity. They just care about getting laid.

            That is why you see White guys like Hugh Grant for example getting caught having sex with Nonwhite prostitutes.

            White men are still men after all and men are sexual predators, so it is not surprising that so many White men do not discriminate against Nonwhite women when it comes to sexual intercourse.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Son, you need to find yourself a non-white porn site to relieve yourself.

          • So pro-White people should take notice and start a campaign attacking the White man’s penis because it can’t control itself?

            One group claims that it is the White women and their slutty, materialistic, selfish and self-centered attitudes that are the reason White men end up dating non-White women. Now you are telling us that it’s a fact that White men have a penis and just can’t control themselves.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Do not despair, Celestial Time.

            Fed UP is just presenting his RATIONALIZATION for the ethnocide of White People wherever they dwell by promoting intermarriage and miscegenation with non-Whites.

            Anti-Whites ALWAYS find some excuse or another to JUSTIFY White Ethnocide.

          • David Ashton

            Of course, falling in love seems a dated concept altogether to some of the locomotive genitalia who post here. So much for the conjunction of Cultural Marxism with Commercial Hedonism, the pincers squeezing our family-nation-race civilization into a swamp without structure or standards.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            What are you? A social anthropologist pronouncing your lofty (and warped) judgement on the White race?

            It is merely your OPINION that most White men would rather have sex with an attractive Nonwhites. You have no facts to prove your point. But my point here is not to discuss whatever thinking skills you rely on. I am going to try and help you out a bit. You clearly got ripped off when they told you you were learning critical thinking.
            The good news is you won’t be passing on your DNA into the White gene pool.

          • Beloved Comrade

            FACT? Facts can be backed up with hard evidence.

            So prove it.

            Look, man, if you’re into masochism, find some chick with long black hair who’s into whips and chains and have her beat the hell out of you. Just don’t take it out on my Race.

          • Jefferson

            The vast majority of single male foreign tourists in South America and Asia are White men.

            Go ask A Filipina bar girl for example what is the skin color of the vast majority of the foreign tourists who ask for her sexual services. I guarantee she will not say dark skin men.

            Most Black men are too poor to travel around the world to have sex with foreign women.

            International sex tourism is driven mostly by single middle and upper class White men with lots of disposable income.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Such silly extrapolation (look it up). Buying into some anti-White media magazine’s idea of what is and isn’t “hot” in female celebrities.
          No wonder you have such warped opinions and a twisted world view.

    • Jefferson

      International sex tourism is mostly driven by horny White men traveling to Asia and South America to have sex with Nonwhite women.

      Countries like Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, etc are very popular destinations for White male sex tourists.

      • Freya

        No idiot they’re going to stick it to kids, and often white ones.

  • I’m so glad I never really had problems finding White women. I’m not saying that it isn’t difficult to find really good ones, but it isn’t as hard as people make it out to be.

    Being an alpha is good.

    • smells_just_like

      What this story is about is making White men feel guilty for not choosing blacks when choosing non whites. If they do the right thing by not making White babies, they shouldn’t make yellowish babies when they can be making mulattoes who will make the best generals in the Diversity Hell Army of National Security.

  • smells_just_like

    White men are marrying Oriental girls because White girls can no longer be trusted to have kept their sexual experiences Whites Only. Orientals have more pride that White girls. We are doomed.

    • bubo

      The leftist media sees nothing wrong with promotion of black male/white female couples. It subliminally tells young white girls that having relations with black men is a natural thing.

      Our enemies are truly evil.

    • Beetlejuice

      We are doomed because of men like you who toss white women aside for asians.

      That makes you anti-white and pro genocide of the white race.

  • bubo

    I know this. If you are a regular guy with no “game” you are practically laughed at by all women nowadays. Even money doesn’t matter. Look at Zuckerberg. Billionaire that’s going to wife up a chubby Asian 5.

    • Beetlejuice

      Zuckerberg is not white.

  • sorry for that, I only prefer White women and always has.

  • White ladies, I address you with my advice. Do not lose hope of conquering the shy white guy afflicted with the Asian fetish. Once you understand the psychology, it becomes much easier.

    The key is to be adaptive around his shyness during the initial stages of flirtation. Do try to be sexually attractive, but in a way that stresses modesty and indirect suggestion. You can become more assertive and feminist later, just as many Asian women actually do after they have the white man wrapped around their finger. It’s likely that your target is sexually and emotionally insecure, perhaps even virginal, and he is looking for a sincerity or even a type of childish infatuation that he failed to experience at a regular pubescent age. The Asian fetish is basically akin to the Lolita complex. So from your perspective, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a little innocence and then revealing your adult personality slowly.

    As for white men with an Asian fetish, my advice is grow up and have some racial pride. Aesthetically and biologically white women are by far the most brilliant. Yes they’re going through a difficult stage with feminism, but everybody struggles with the modern world. If you need encouragement in appreciating the beauty of white women, remember the archetypes: study western art and literature (Shakespeare’s women, the women of European Painting, ancient Greek Sculpture, etc.) You need to appreciate that today’s white women are descended from a great artistic and religious tradition, even if they do not always act that way.

    • Themistocles

      Look up the status of women during Athens’ Golden Age.

      • Why should I, as I know it by heart? Of course laws and morals were radically different, but that does not invalidate the comparison, just as there is a valuable comparison to be made between the western-created science of today and the Greek antecedent, even though they rest on different foundations.

    • Korpiklaani

      Studying what White women were, and seeing what they are today would only bring more pain to the already emotionally distraught, apparently future-less, drowning in sorrow, broken back White man who still harbors hope for his people. Us White men have been societies pack mule for the last 2000 years, were about done, we only have a few miles left in us…I pray for the safety of White women in the up coming collapse of the Western world, but praying is all I can do.

      • I totally disagree that despair is the result of studying history. Pessimism maybe, but even then, it is far better to be informed about the situation. If you’re afraid of studying history, you need to develop a higher tolerance for suffering.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I’ll save you the documentary. Here are the reasons:
    1. They are some of the last women on earth to not be ashamed of being feminine
    2. They are gentle and softspoken
    3. They do not have a feminist agenda…they truly love taking care of their man and will not whine if you ask for anything.
    4. They are interested in real things life has to offer instead of Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.
    5. They are not ditsy and annoying
    6. They do not chop their hair off
    7. They are not fat and will keep up with themselves even in later ages
    8. They allow a man to be a man
    9. They are not going to embarrass you in public and tend to be very ladylike
    10. Because they like white men in return

    • Korpiklaani

      I only date White women anymore, but the most feminine, and down to
      earth girl I ever dated was a 50/50 Korean/German in high school(2nd
      best was a sexy little hispanic). I live in St.Louis, half the white
      girls in school had black boyfriends, so I figured I’d cross the race
      line too, but I’d never do it now! I only date white women, that’s why
      I’m so frustrated with them. They treat me like crap, I just don’t understand
      how they could believe the B.S. feminism has taught them, it’s almost
      dangerous to date them anymore. I still don’t agree with the White man,
      yellow woman pairs either by the way…it’s just I understand.

      • Freya

        Ha ha you can all go date whoever the H you want. We don’t need you! sperm donation…

        • FedUp

          Well, that was quick.

          What happened to your concern for the survival of the white race?

          If only men could refuse to give Big Daddy Government the money you’ll take to raise your thugspawn….As opposed to being coerced into supporting the welfare state single white baby mamas take for granted.

          In the end, I’d rather be forced to pay the thugspawn tax than to potentially live in misery with a white woman for the rest of my life without any way of opting out.

          Also men take note, donating your sperm that another woman will use does not make you a free man! There’s been a recent case where two lesbians forced to make a sperm donor pay child support through a court of law. They won. That set a legal precedent and now there is a legitimate danger to consider when you want to donate your sperm. If more women are running to the sperm banks to pop out kids that they can’t support, then they’ll force the state to come after you.

          Guard your sperm with your life!

          • Your jilted DNA won’t be missed in the gene pool.

          • FedUp

            I assure you that you won’t be missed long after your dead either. I don’t concern myself with what happens to my DNA though.

          • And yet here you are on a supposed pro-White website that is clearly hinged on the notions of DNA and race.

          • FedUp

            Sure, but this a specific article pertaining to a certain topic. I’ve felt that I wanted to comment on it because I am seeing a lot of false facts and misguided beliefs about dating Asian women. I understand those notions, but I have differing views on them. Most of the time the articles here are of high quality and I enjoy reading them, but don’t participate in discussion.

          • Beloved Comrade

            FedUP is delusional. Either that or he’s a paid infiltrator. I notice a lot of comments are being taken down, but not his. Wonder what the motive is behind that.
            What kind of site did you say this was again?

          • FedUp

            It seems that it is wrong to have a legitimate opinion about interracial marriages without being seen as an infiltrator.

    • Brent Delph

      Asians have high IQ’s. Asians have low crime rates. Asians have very low levels of out of wedlock births, even lower than whites. Fact is, Asians outdo whites at “being white.”

      • Beetlejuice

        Asians have poker-straight black hair, black eyes and sallow skin. Only Whites carry the DNA for blue, green and hazel eyes and red, blond, auburn hair.

        You want to toss all of that away, that makes you anti-white and pro-genocide of the White race.

        • FedUp

          Get over yourself! I’ve never seen such pressures directed at white women on this site before regarding dating and relationships. Where are all the comments making sure women are restricting their choices to white men only? Cue the rolling tumbleweed. White women aren’t shamed in the same way white men are. Why is this? Is this community not concerned about preserving the white race?

          Judging by your posts, I’d say you are a jealous and callous white female afraid of the fact that white men can be proud to say they are in a loving and warm relationship with a female of another race. Knowing how white men have been stabbed in the back and treated like nothing more than wallets post-divorce, I’d say that I wouldn’t feel the slightest bit annoyed if a white man can find a loving Asian woman and start a warm relationship with one.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Aren’t you angry.

            I’d say no, this community isn’t concerned with preserving the white race. Not when we have those (Like You) who encourage intermarriage and interbreeding between races.

          • FedUp

            What incentive is there in maintaining racial purity? I’m looking for a legitimate reason and not because you like the way whites look. If more white men are marrying Asian women than that clearly means the opposite is true. There is more of an incentive to date Asian women than white women or else these figures wouldn’t be relevant.

          • Beloved Comrade

            You must be a paid infiltrator here to “dissss” whites. Who’s paying you AIPAC, ACLU, ADL, SPLC or all of the above?

          • FedUp

            No refutation of the argument. Just empty accusations. I’m not paid by anyone. Although, being paid to post comments on an Internet website would be pretty neat.

    • Beetlejuice

      Do you think all white women are like this? Really?

  • IstvanIN

    I can not speak to the whole mail-order bride issue, which I find bizarre in this day and age, but I will state my observations from here in NJ: the young Asian/White couples I see here appear to be between men and women born and raised here. The girls sound American and have an American way of walking and manner of dress, women from the Orient walk differently. I think, among young people, it is just the fact that they live near each other, have grown up together and like each other. I see college boys in the supermarket, Whites and Asians, obviously school buddies. I have seen Asian and White school girls on the train, they sound alike, dress alike and appear to be friends. Asians Americanize in one generation faster than blacks have in 20. These kids know each other and it is inevitable that some miscegenation will occur. Perhaps a few old men are “pervs”, although more than likely they are just lonely. But most of it is due to living in close proximity and nothing more.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Those peaceful submissive Asians turn into crocodiles once they are hitched. People enjoy slamming white women all over the place. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. We work then are too career focused. We don’t work then we are Daddy’s girls and we are spoiled. We have sex we are sluts, we don’t have sex we dykes. It’s a catch 22 if you are a white American woman. So, I gave up and had two kids on my own, plan on having more hopefully. My kids are German Dutch, Slavic, Norwegian. White people of both sexes must unite and stop white bashing to preserve our genes

    • Korpiklaani

      Tell your fellow White women they need to FOLLOW us White men. That would be a great start at fixing the relationship between the sexes. It’s White women that pass white men over on an epidemic level!

      • White Mom in WDC

        What about walking hand in hand, side by side?

        • Korpiklaani

          We tried that! 50+ EFFING years we’ve tried that! Look at where it’s gotten us!!! GET IN THE BACK SEAT!!! Men should drive from here on out…

          • White Mom in WDC

            Most women are fine with guys leading. They are just not into being dominated

          • That’s the difference between the men and the boys. A man drives and the woman doesn’t even know it until they’ve reached their destination. The boy drives and he can’t resist the urge to make sure the woman knows he’s driving by swerving side to side every few minutes just so everyone else on the road knows he’s in control.

          • Korpiklaani

            Hey, I’ve stepped out of the effing car all together, when you let your little lady friend wreck the car, you can fix it on your own. I won’t lift a finger to help you.

          • I don’t think I would expect you to lift a finger it it’s my car. Besides, I’m a guy. I don’t stop and ask for directions, and I don’t ask for help when I can fix it all myself with duct tape. That’s just how I roll.

    • connorhus

      And your implying that 90% of the White Women indoctrinated with Western Feminism don’t turn amphibian-like as well after marriage? At least the Asian Crocks usually remain slim.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Not always true. I’ve seen many stock Asians pre and post marriage, baby, etc I’ve seen many white women who are thin post baby, I’ve seen both sides.

        • Freya

          Don’t even bother. We don’t need them, we can have adorable white babies without them 😉

    • White Mom in DC,
      You are so right. It’s a question of when the “crocodile” is unleashed. White men need to see that Asian women do not remain so submissive as they first appear, and white women need to develop their cutesy, vulnerable, Lolita act, so that they can compete with the Asian women who attract the insecure white men.

    • Beetlejuice

      Finally a breath of fresh air from the White women bashing.

      We White are facing the GENOCIDE of our race while our enemies encourage us to miscegenate with nonWhites, through the media and entertainment industry mostly.

      • White Mom in WDC

        My womb takes white sperm only !

        • Straight to the point. That should be on a damn bumper sticker.

          • Beloved Comrade

            I’ve read your posts and I want to laud and praise you for standing up for the white race. Standing up for white women is supporting the white race because without them and their support (and their ability to reproduce) there is no white race.
            So many here seem to be either enemies or siding with our enemies, those who desire white genocide. Either that or they’re paid infiltrators from the ACLU, etc.

        • Puntcakes

          TMI on all the white semen inside you…

          • Freya

            WTMI on the minutiae of white men’s sexual hang ups get posted on here regularly. You’re just bitter because you know that white men are totally unnecessary to white women.

          • Totally disagree. If she was going to make a point, then that’s the way to do it. You can’t misconstrue a statement like that.

    • Brutal Defiance14

      Oh please! White women are NOT the victims here! They gladly joined with blacks to bring humiliation and destruction to White Men! It turns out the muslims were right all along about women unfortunately. The Western World is doomed and its own traitorous women have played a huge role in our downfall! The one silver lining in all this is liberal feminism will be utterly destroyed when Islam finishes off the wretched decaying west!

      • White Mom in WDC

        How did I betray you? By working and going to school and not getting fat? I paid my way, and what do I get ? Slammed! I tried out there my friend, but it is cruel times and men’s hearts are hardened by the overall pornification of our culture. Just look at the case in Ohio.

        • Brutal Defiance14

          I did not say that you are a traitor! I was talking about the hordes of liberal anti-white male black-worshiping white females that are actively working to destroy us. They are in for one heck of a rude awakening when Islam and China takeover!

          • White Mom in WDC

            Not so fast. China is on shaky ground my friend and welfare for Musloids is getting cut. The white goose is not cooked yet

          • Brutal Defiance14

            I agree but the problem is that we are running out of time. I really hope we turn this thing around before its too late.

          • Beetlejuice

            Then tell those who are insulting, debasing and demeaning white women to knock it the hell off. Our enemies are loving this, we are doing their job for them without any help from them.

          • Beloved Comrade

            This thread has been infiltrated and I’m not even at the half-way point yet. Our enemies plan is to first shut down the commentary by distracting, throwing bombs and riling up the regular posters, go after any sponsors, hard, and then shut down the site by going after the server. They have paid provocateurs who do this. I’m sure it’s no exception here, many pro-white sites are under attack right now.

            I know because I donate regularly and many report in their pleas to donors that they’re under attack., in fact I got a letter personal yesterday from a pro-white site desperate begging for money. Another plea came from the owner of a pro-white site who said he was being hit with phony litigation in order to bankrupt him.

            Divide and conquer, that’s how it works. We have a lot of enemies and posting these types of articles only makes it more difficult for those who wish to preserve the white race.

          • You can’t do that effectively without the “right” kind of moderation in place. hmmm

          • White Mom in WDC

            People like u who realize that we are running out of time will prepare. The rest, well, oh well. We need to get radical and do major paradigm shifts in our thinking. We cannot play by the rules! Boycott paying your credit cards mortgages, whatever. Pay yourself first! We bankrupt the system

          • I like it when women give the green light to become a little more radical and use some lateral thinking.

          • Honey

            “The white goose is not cooked yet” – love it!

    • Freya

      I really think more white women should just do this. No one needs misogynist white men. They are obsolete and totally irrational. They hate us either way.

  • connorhus

    I have known several Asian Women from Korean to Chinese and a few Filipinos if you want to count them as Asian (some don’t). By and large many Asian women find White Men just as attractive as some White Men find Asian Women. I am not speaking from information gleaned in a romantic sense either, I have been merely friends with many Asian Woman and White Men full fill a similar niche for Asian’s as “Yellow Fever” supposedly does for White Men.

  • Brent Delph

    Debbie Lum is an anti-white idiot. If an older white guy doesn’t wanna date a whale, and goes for a slender asian woman, well then, he MUST be a loser and a pervert. NONSENSE. Men are men. Men want to have attractive women, period. It has nothing to do with “white privilege.”

  • fakeemai

    It’s because a huge amount of white women have become completely impossible and/or fat.

    • That might make sense if there wasn’t an overabundance of grown White men living vicariously through “their team” and cheering on the new recruiting class of black youts. White women do have it pretty tough. Should she choose the wigger, the adult-sized child wearing the XXXL jersey and talking about the new recruiting class, the emotionally crippled misogynist, the insecure wallflower, … decisions, decisions.

      In all honesty, I’ve seen more good women who were ruined by bad men than vice versa.

      • Freya

        Wow you really are an alpha.

      • FedUp

        And I’ve seen more men ruined by bad women than vice versa.

        See how that works? Anecdotes only get you so far.

        I’ve seen men at their wit’s end trying to make their marriages work, but their wives wouldn’t have any of it. They’d cheat and threaten to divorce all the while knowing that they’d win everything while their husbands would lose everything. Worst of all the children would be a pawn in their emotional arguments. I’ve heard stories from men claiming that their wives were so unbearable that they buried themselves in their work or appreciated the travel time between their homes and work more than anything else.

        And these were good men too. Men who wanted nothing more than to love their wives and provide for their families. Most would agree with you mainly because of this irrational fear that a few typed words on the comments section of an Amren article criticizing general behavioral trends of white women will scare them away from this site. Who cares who leaves and stays? It reveals more about the fragility of their egos than it does anything else.

        It also reveals their blatant hypocrisy as white women posting here have been calling white men who date Asian women “cowards” and “childish”! If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

        As for the generalization that white men are more likely to treat white women like trash, it’s rubbish. 75% of divorces are initiated by women and most marry up afterward while men sulk and become depressed after it. They marry up with men who have more money and social status. Who’s materialistic and uncaring? Domestic violence abuse is about 50-50 in relationships with women being more likely to be accused of verbal abuse.

        What’s the saying? “The more a lie is spread the more likely it becomes truth?”

        It doesn’t work that way. Most men know what I speak of and statistics back it up. White men’s character flaws aren’t driving them toward Asian women. A culture of abuse, disposability, and mistreatment has men turning away from white women and toward women of other races.

        Even if it is a result of their character flaws, what are you going to do about it? They’re in a happy relationship and as many here like to claim they are a weak link in the white race. It’s a win-win.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Funny coming from someone who said: “At least it shows how people like you take the FACTS that support your “side” while you neglect the FACTS that actually put holes in your perspective or theory.”

          Which FACTS might those be?

          So much anti-White vitriol is based on opinion and not fact, just like what the media and Hollywood do to further their hate-Whitey agenda.
          And that’s not just me.

          • FedUp

            I’ve already posted the facts. Read the fourth paragraph from the bottom.

            Also, white Western feminists have destroyed men’s lives through quotas, affirmative action, feminization of schools leading to female favoritism and male shaming, sexist health policies like Obama’s health legislation, biased divorce courts, and so much more.

            The onus is on you to prove to me that white women don’t have vitriol and hatred towards white men. The facts state otherwise.

          • I’m happily married. I’ve never had much of a problem in my adult life finding datable White women. There’s my proof.

            This article on a supposed pro-White website is filled with the exact vitriol and hatred that you speak of. It’s just directed at women instead of the men. In fact, I don’t see many self-described pro-White women consistently trashing men in the same manner as their male counterparts seem to effortlessly trash the women.

          • FedUp

            Good for you. If you like white women, then more power to you.

            If you don’t like men’s opinions on why they date Asians, then go somewhere else. There are plenty of other sites that are more censoring when it comes to free speech.

            As soon as a man gave his opinion, many of the white women here got on his case. If you haven’t seen that, then you are obtuse or a liar.

          • If you like White women?

            When did AmRen turn into a totally anti-White female, Asian dating service?

          • FedUp

            Why are you so shocked about that comment? It’s a public website.

            I’ve been with white women and Asian women. I like them both, but I won’t feel any guilt in my choice of having an Asian wife if I were so inclined to marry one.

          • I’m no more shocked to see those kind of comments than I would be seeing the anti-White male agenda when I go to mainstream media sites or turn on the TV. What is shocking is that a supposedly pro-White website would allow anti-White female malcontents to fester and spawn.

          • FedUp

            It’s funny how you think being open to dating women who are Asian is automatically assumed to be “anti-white women” all because of what men say when they give their opinions explaining why they dated Asian women or are married to one in the first place.

            That is poor reasoning right there. Dating an Asian doesn’t make me anti-white. It pretty much means I’m indifferent about dating a white woman and the kind of men white women date. I’ve dated a white woman before hooking up with an Asian woman so there’s not much more to say really.

          • You are anti-White female. Convincing yourself otherwise doesn’t magically convince pro-White people.

          • FedUp

            Again, you back me into a corner without any real refutation of anything I’ve said. I sense a lot of hostility.

            There are white men who I consider to be heroic and have decided to date Asian women. Many of whom are in the armed forces. Why are they all of a sudden whites who aren’t worthy of respect?

          • You’ve said being in interracial relationships and taking non-White partners is just a personal choice. I never once said that you don’t have a choice. The entire “refutation” is based around the fact that a pro-White agenda doesn’t exist with your choice. I am pro-White. I DO discriminate when it comes to relationships. You are not pro-White. You pretty much lumped yourself in with the misogynists and other anti-White-Female losers. What needs to be refuted further?

          • FedUp

            Why must I have an agenda with my choice? You’re very confusing. I already stated I’ve been with both Asian women and white women, but if it came to a point where I married an Asian why would that be anti-white? Ultimately, I’d base my decision on my own reasons that you may or may not agree with.

            I don’t make the decision with an inherent wish to cause harm to white women and thus be anti-white female. I already stated I don’t care about what white women do in their romantic lives. Rather, I made the point that shaming me for my decision to do this as being a conspiratorial act of implicit genocide is already damaging to my own liberty as a white male. I want to maximize my own happiness and if not being mistreated by a white woman in favor of dating an Asian woman is along the path than I’ll take it.

          • a pro-White agenda doesn’t exist”

            You seem to be the one confused. I have the agenda that is plainly stated. Your “indifference” is an agenda to try and make yourself seem rational in my world of racial preferences. I just don’t care about your happiness if it comes at the expense of my pro-White views. You are NOT pro-White. You ARE indifferent. How many pro-black or pro-Asian or pro-Jewish websites do you go to and tell them that their own wish for autonomy is something you don’t agree with?

            If you know you are on a supposed pro-White website where DNA and racial preferences are talked about exclusively, then why in the world do you think you are going to talk about your fetish and indifference to miscegenation and it not be an issue? I know you probably think you are really smart and rational, but to push your views in the manner you have is nothing short of an obvious agenda. I’ll call it an anti-White Female agenda, and you can call it a preference.

          • FedUp

            My indifference is an agenda to try and make myself seem rational in your view? You are reading way too much into this.

            Indifference and having an agenda are contrary. All I did was refute many comments who disparaged white men who date Asian women as taking part in an abnormal and degenerate act. I felt it was wrong and explained my position with sound evidence regarding why white men will choose to go for Asian women. Whether you choose to hear the argument or not is your choice and not mine. Then, most of you shame white men who hold these views as having subhuman traits and that they want to see the white race eliminated. That is a false narrative.

            Most of those white men want to love and just be loved in return. They got what they were looking for and were happy with their results. They were aware of wider cultural realities in America and chose their path.

            If wanting to be in a loving relationship with a woman regardless of whether she’s Asian is anti-WF and wrong, then so be it. I don’t care. If it’s against your pro-white views, then so be it.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Yes, it’s a public website but heavily moderated. It’s what the site chooses to post which comments to delete. The pro-Asian, anti-White comments seem to stay up while any challenges are taken down. Ditto for Jewish comments.

          • FedUp

            AmRen left my comments up because I didn’t breach their terms of service or anything like that. I don’t advocate hatred, displacement, or violence and never will. I am merely giving my opinion and I back it up with notable stats and facts.

            Honestly, most challenges have been relatively weak so far.

          • Beloved Comrade

            When AmRen started letting John Engelman run his mouth and delete the comments of anyone who disagrees with him or rebuts him.
            This has always been a pro-Asian fetish site, but I know you know that.

          • I definitely know that AmRen has been much more lenient with pro-Asian and pro-Jewish comments than other sites. It just seems like it has gone from leniency to full blown philia at the expense of any actual pro-White agenda.

          • Beloved Comrade

            FACTS? I haven’t seen one fact from you. You post nothing but personal anecdotes that others have written and post them as facts.
            Are you anti-White, non-White or a self-hating White? Which is it?

          • FedUp

            Read the comments section as I’ve posted plenty.

            I’ll repeat myself once more.

            Most feminists in America are white. Feminists have been actively engaged in propping up quotas and AA that have destroyed many opportunities and dreams of men. They’ve been involved in lobbying for sexist health legislation like Obama’s health care legislation. They’ve been consistently supportive of abortion which obviously affects the white birth rate. They’ve influenced the feminization of schools which favours girls instead of boys in terms of achievement. They’ve dismantled athletics for men in college through Title IX. They’ve supported the divorce industry that destroys men who get married through exorbitant alimony payments and CS. There’s much more.

            You’d have to prove to me that white women don’t have extreme levels of vitriol for white men. The few women posting on this site are part of an insignificant sample size as most white women actively support the aforementioned initiatives. Their activity here does not convince me of a paradigm shift or that most white women don’t hate white men. Actions speak louder than words frankly.

            Your placid acceptance of their behavior over the past 40 years in dismantling men’s rights by shifting blame onto men for not doing more for the white race and instead dating other women of different races for their own personal, but legitimate, reasons is really telling. Who’s the anti-white now?

        • You’re on the Internet, and specifically commenting on an article where a few single and lonely guys talk about trashy White women being the absolute norm, and being the reason White men date non-White women. At what point did it occur to you that most of the comments here are anecdotal?

          There are millions of us White guys who don’t seem to have a problem with finding good White women. Either you and the rest of the anti-White female crowd are doing something wrong, or maybe you are just telling us that our women are trashy. Which one is it?

          • FedUp

            That is why most of the top comments are denigrating white men and their choice of marrying Asian women. Right?

            That is why a majority of the users here are jumping to white women’s aid instead of supporting a white man’s choice to date and marry Asian women. Right?

            There shouldn’t be any problems with white men choosing Asian women. Most people here start raging and complaining about why white men are doing this. As soon as a white man comes along and explains his reasoning, he’s cast aside as an anti-white hater who beckons white genocide. It’s insane and ridiculous. Some white men have been genuinely mistreated by white women and have found love in dating an Asian.

            If you think that they were just unable to put up with a “strong”, “independent” white woman, then you are delusional. Either that or you simply have an irrational, reptilian hatred of white men who do this. Which one is it?

          • You are on a supposed pro-White website. What warped universe do you live in where you believe White women are going to passively accept a White man relishing his Asian fetish over the “slutty, materialistic and not-so-feminine” White women?

            Are you going to go to an Asian Nationalist website and talk negatively about Asian men, just because you have a thing for Asian women?

          • FedUp

            I don’t care about whether or not they accept white men dating Asian women or not.

            Also, white men dating Asian women to you is now an “Asian fetish over the slutty materialistic, and not-so-feminine White women”.

            You already reveal your prejudice on the topic so I already know why you can’t even understand the argument. The article is about white men dating Asian women. Some white men posted about why they do prefer Asian women because that is the topic. White women lash out at them because of their reasons even when it has nothing to do with them personally. Pretty much all the top comments are shaming men for their choice and when men defend their choices by replying to them they get insulted again.

            I’m not sure why so many men are ready to jump in to save the damsels in distress when you are all pretty much clearly wrong and expressing bigotry more than logic. Do you think you’re going to get laid by acting like a white knight over the Internet or something?

            It’s clear that when men do something. They are wrong. When they don’t something something, they are wrong again. We’re sick and tired of the games.

          • FedUp

            *when they don’t do something

          • The only part you seemed to get right was your last sentence. You are sick and tired.

  • The ice Queen

    Two cents from a white female: I can understand why white men are fed up with white Western women. They have become coarse inside and out. What happened to femininity? I was in a coffee shop recently in a city populated by Latinos, Cubans to be exact. I noticed something about the women; they were all feminine. Even older women wore dresses, makeup, and some jewelry.

    During Easter week, in a predominately white church, I saw far too many white women that looked schluppy, one even had shorts on. I think there are times when a little more effort should go into dressing for the occasion. On Palm Sunday, after witnessing droves of women in black pants and restaurant shoes, I saw an elderly woman, maybe late 70’s, stroll into the fellowship hall. She looked absolutely beautiful. You could tell she took some care about how she looked before heading out the door, but it was also an inner beauty which was evident in the way she carried herself. Femininity is inward, not just outward.

    On Easter Sunday, things looked a little better. No shorts at least. Out of a thousand bare heads there was one spectacular Easter Bonnet. And wouldn’t you know it was an Asian lady hanging on the arm of her white husband?

    i don’t mean to sound shallow, outward appearances aren’t everything. But, honestly, I can understand why men would be attracted to an Asian woman with at least some essence of femininity than a white woman in black pants and man shoes.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      You have made an excellent point. Men are attracted to WOMEN, not men with breasts and vaginas. Feminists have done an excellent job of robbing White women of their femininity.

      • The Ice Queen

        Beautiful pictures. I hope no one takes my comments in the wrong way. White men in general may think this way, but I would hope that white men who are race realists would draw the line in the sand and not marry outside of their race. It would take more time and patience to find the right person, but it would be worth it and the right thing to do. And yes, I think feminism has robbed women of their natural tendencies, and we have all suffered for it.

    • Freya

      I think you are totally full of crap. I stopped wearing make up in college, did almost everything I could think of to discourage male attention, including cutting my hair short and for a brief period shaving it off completely, and still, I got harassed. Yeah, I had a beautiful face back when, family members models, etc. Au natural did not protect me. Further, white men as far as I can see will endlessly harass a woman who is a challenge. This occurs to a tragic degree.

  • Funruffian

    Let’s just cut the bull for a moment. Guys want what they find physically attractive. If a nerdy or goofy guy has a chance to score with a hot Asian chick, he’s going to darn well go for it.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    It’s Asian women who have white fever. I live in northern Virginia and literally cannot go out without getting hit on by Asian women. They are simply enamored with us. Even ugly and geeky white men can get laid by decent looking Asian girls. It has zero to do with money as they will often pay for dinner and drinks.

    Think PBS will devote a documentary to that?

    • The grass

      I was believing in your post until I read

      “Asian women also pay for dinner and drinks”

      Slap yourself in the face. BSing does not work here.

  • Beetlejuice

    I love reading threads like this. /sarc

    I haven’t even read the first post but I already know this thread is going to be full of insulting comments about White women, how “ugly, hate-filled, ball-busting, fat, ill-mannered and stupid they are” vs. “beautiful, far-superior, feminine,” Asian women.

    Our enemies love it: We are doing their work for them: creating discord and driving wedges between White men and women instead of seeking ways to preserve our precious DNA that only WE Euro-Whites carry and are able to pass on. Asian cannot pass on our blond, red and auburn hair and blue, green and hazel eyes.

    All of it leads to White genocide. See the “White suicide” article above.

    • Smitty

      At least threads like this expose the frauds.

      • Beetlejuice

        Like you.

        • Enticer

          No,like ur sister.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Like your mother.

          • Enticer

            Like ur Gay Daddy.

    • FedUp

      At least it shows how people like you take the facts that support your “side” while you neglect the facts that actually put holes in your perspective or theory.

      Many white men are aware of the truth and all manner of shaming them through supposed racial solidarity, gaslighting, and other tactics is useless.

      I’d rather be a happy white man with an Asian wife than a miserable white man with a white wife. That’s just me.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Beetlejuice is correct. There are very few facts on here, mostly opinion and anecdotes which people try to pass off as scientific fact.

        I try to stand up for the women of the White race and am slammed down by White men. No wonder my race is being decimated and pushed around.

        Do you enjoy reading comments where White women are thoroughly trashed? I don’t. But that’s just me.

        How about saving your vitriol for real enemies of the white race, who aren’t white, by the way. While we’re busy fighting each other, they’re implementing a genocide against us in all of our homelands.

        Nah, better to spend time mouthing off that White women are ugly, fat, shrewish. Maybe your mother and sisters were this way.

        • FedUp

          I’d rather spend my life enjoying it with someone who truly cares about me and loves me for who I am.

          I don’t care if she’s Asian because it involves my emotional comfort and personal happiness.

          And, people’s opinions about why white men are choosing Asian women more than ever before are simply anecdotes. To those men who’ve chosen their Asian partners, they felt that they made the right choice. Who’s to say that these men are wrong?

          Why won’t you stand up for white men and their choices? Why put white women on a pedestal? That is quite bigoted.

          • Beloved Comrade

            What is wrong with standing up for white women — or white children or white men? This should be natural and normal yet people on this thread who do are being attacked mercilessly and called “bigots.”

            If I, as a White, don’t stand up for the White race, who will? Jews? Asians? Blacks? Hispanics? All are wish our demise, to take what we Whites have built.

            Anti-Whites are working 24/7 so we don’t preserve ourselves. “Our” schools, churches, government, and media all preach that opposition to INTERMARRIGE is “racist,” and no other message is allowed to be heard. They only push this only on the White race, especially White children,not blacks, Asians or Hispanics, only Whites.

            It is especially egregious when other Whites join in this White hatred which is so evident here. Standing up for White women IS standing up for the White Race because w/o White Women, there Is no White race.

            I can’t make it any clearer than that.

          • FedUp

            Nothing is wrong with that, but you should read some of the top comments again. People are displaying a certain degree of revulsion and disgust for white men’s choices in dating Asian women. It goes beyond simple disagreements, but a flat out belief that this practice is abnormal or unhealthy. What is more unhealthy? Dating an Asian woman who you love and care deeply about or being with a white woman who you are miserable with because of some abstract notion to preserve the white race? It seems that being pro-white means you have to be anti-male as men are shamed for wanting to opt out for a better life in favor of their own rational self-interest.

            What’s wrong with men expressing their desire to date Asian women? Are white men who do this somehow lesser beings for their choices? Some of these men are heroes like Navy SEAL Matthew Axelson. Is he no longer a man worthy of praise even after he died fighting for his country because he decided to marry an Asian woman?

            If being pro-white means trampling on a white man’s rights wherein he needs to placate a white woman regardless of who he’s attracted to, then I disagree.

            This type of reverse victimology is illogical because white men dating Asian women is not an infringement on any white person’s liberty or right to self-determination. Rather, barring him from his choice because of his awareness of the wider culture and his decision to be with an Asian woman is a limitation on his freedom of choice.

            I claimed it is bigotry because most of the commenters here were not merely disagreeing with the practice, but calling it an outright abomination as a result of abormal behaviour or personal character flaws. That I believe is wrong.

          • Smitty

            I don’t have a problem with White men dating asian women…I do have a problem with White men who need to express their desire to date asian women and who actively promote such…Why the need to shout it out on the rooftops or on the pages of pro-White Amren?…once upon a time gays also kept their preferences to themselves,and for good reason,until those who shape fashionable opinion made them shout their preferences out also.Frankly i dont want to hear your reasons why you choose the dating preferences that you do…your ramblings are more appropriate for venues like Jerry Springer & other related disgusting shows…but not here on the pages of Amren.My God,can’t you respect your own privacy?Why do you feel the need to share it with everyone else? Begone with you!!

          • FedUp

            It’s a public forum and I wasn’t here to just share my views. If that’s what you got from it than you are mistaken. I came here to refute most of these disparaging and insulting comments about why white men choose Asian women. If all of you have the freedom to make such ridiculous claims, than I have the freedom to refute them and back up my own claims with facts. That’s what a fair debate is, but I can see that you are not interested in a fair debate.

            As for hearing about our reasons, that’s the topic of the article! Not only that, but most of them have been direct refutations of other people’s more vicious and nasty arguments as to why white men do this. Then, you have the audacity to complain about hearing them when I see it as more of an act of fairness given what has already been said about men who make this choice.

            White men barely “shout from the rooftops” about this. If most of the comments were putting us in a bad light, expect resistance to the mainstream opinion about these men.

        • ..oly

          sounds like you have a fetish for gay eskimo’s.

  • Beetlejuice

    Yep. Just as I thought. Read about 1/4 of this thread and it was filled with hatred for White women (with scant few exceptions like WhiteMomInDC and Celestial Times).
    When I reached Engelman’s comments I stopped reading because I knew what was coming after that.

    Tell me again why I should support this site when it continues to post articles that invite anti-white women comments?

    You guys want White women to support this movement but from looking at the comments here you’re doing a great job driving white women away.

    Good job American Renaissance, keep driving a wedge between White women and men and continue to let Engelman run his mouth about “superior” Asians.

    Our enemies who wish our genocide love it because they don’t have to lift a finger as we are destroying ourselves.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      They’re doing the job for the media and doing it well. You’re getting a good, eye-opening look at how (some) White men feel about White women.

      Doesn’t give much hope for the White race, does it.

  • Edmund

    It’s better to be alone and childless than to race-mix.

    White men and white women who race-mix should be charged with genocide. They want white children to disappear from the face of the world or to be a hated, discriminated, exterminated minority in their own countries.

  • LHathaway

    why should anyone be happy about a 60 year old dude marrying a 30 year old girl. Except, perhaps, the 60 year old guy – if he has no sense of shame.

  • Edmund

    Who normal wants his nation to mix with others and disappear?

  • LHathaway

    I’m intimidated by white women. I think we’re supposed to be with all the encouraging of ‘feminism’, ‘it’s my body’, stalking laws, harassment laws, speech laws, ‘tolerance’ statements – buffed up guys over-conscious of ‘protecting women’ – not from assault but from someone who isn’t enthusiastic enough about ‘feminism’. You’d be better off having a lawyer write up a contract before meeting and going out on a date, let alone getting married – except that would be ‘insensitive’ and a real woman wouldn’t even talk to a guy who asked for an agreement. I’m scared, probably on some unconscious level, but I don’t choose to go Asian. . .

    • Beetlejuice

      Well, that is exactly what a SOCIOPATH would say.

  • Mahound

    Mixed marriages need to be stopped. No good will ever come from this plague.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Good job. So many Whites here who support the demise of the White race.

  • LHathaway

    “White women are NOT the victims here! They gladly joined with blacks to bring humiliation and destruction to White Men!”

    Some one brought up Russian women. . when I was in college we had a young student who happened to be an immigrant from Russia. . . One day she was talking about Russia. She went on about all this ‘sexism’ in Russia. She truly believed women were all suffering greatly in Russia and were all ‘victims’. She wanted to believe it, probably. She was quite young already, so must have been ‘remembering’ it from when she was 15 or so, maybe younger. I felt it was totally fake. Something she’d learned in ‘school’ in Russia. She certainly believed it. Anyway, Russia had a huge ‘russian bride’ uh, womb drain, around that time. . and many Russian women in the US it seems, treat their boyfriends badly. U know, not to say just stupid stuff – but feminism is empowering, giving additional power to those already in power and absolutely in the driving seat – at least when it comes to children, families, and male/female relationships. ‘Patriarchy’? let’s be honest. Women own children, and have for perhaps hundreds of years now. Now they control whether-to-make a baby process, in advance of having children. And now they have more money than us too.

  • thoughtcrime

    The main reason for White men going for Yellow women is that the Yellow women are more submissive sexually. That is the way things USED to be with White women who know have been infected with “women’s lib” and feminism which is virulently anti-male, anti-WHITE male in particular. So many “libber’s and feminimrods” are more than willing to bend over and take it from a black buck with a double digit IQ and vocabulary with ZERO potential to provide ANY kind of stable income for her. The White woman is no longer in need of a male for a source of income, she has her own career aspirations to consider AND she has all the welfare programs to fall back on…so who needs a husband who can provide…right? It all hangs together. The welfare state and feminism has effectively DESTROYED then natural dynamic between the sexes. This has effected both blacks and Whites, in blacks it is more pronounced which is why you have 70% illegitimacy ate among them and why so many gov jobs are just given to under qualified and incompetent black women. Black men have largely become disgusted with how unsavory black women have become and thus they target White women who are propagandized o bedding down with them to show they are not racist and also driven by their instincts to seek out a strong male.

    White males no longer qualify as “strong males” for them, even though all women no longer feel the need for a male to provide financial security. The “strong male” aspect is purely sexual and since so many White males are fat, soft and feminized…White women see them as weak and sexually unappealing. That is why they are now targeting black males so often to get their sexual gratification.These White skanks may not see the black male as “husband material” or “father material” they see how they treat “dey keeds” which they invariably have with at least 1-2 sheboons but the White female has plenty of birth control options so she can have her “chocolate” and eat it too. Consider that even the most militant feminazis develop soaking wet panties when they are in the presence of a truly Alpha Dominant male…even GASP a White one. They have simply developed beta male intolerance to a massive degree and since 80+ percent of ALL White males they come across are betas…they shun nearly ALL White males.

    The White male has been softened, fattened and feminized BUT White males still have sex drives and they still have a need to feel “dominant” over a female…thus they target the more sexually submissive females of all and that is Asian females.

    So to sum up.

    Welfare and feminism created an atmosphere in which race mixing is now accepted if not preferred. It is normalized.

    Truly a sad state of affairs.

    • Brutal Defiance14

      Your post here is exactly the reason I have given up on white women! They have NO racial loyalty at all and are thus not worth fighting for!

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Face it: White men who date non-whites are basically self-hating white losers who either do it for attention or because nobody else would have them.

        • FedUp

          “Because nobody else would have them”

          Except Asian women. That’s what’s important here. I couldn’t care less what a spiteful and narcissistic white female has to say about that.

          Shaming men with comments like that won’t work. How stupid do you think we are? No, wait. Let me rephrase that. How dense are you?

          • Beloved Comrade

            Dumber than a White person who believes that it’s A-Ok for Whites to breed themselves out of existence with Asians or other non-whites?

            Try again.

          • FedUp

            You’re assuming that I care about that. I’m not a collectivist and I also don’t care for demographic trends happening 50-100 years from now.

            I’m more concerned with my own life and present interests.

  • Honey

    Recently I was talking to an Chinese woman from Singapore whose daughter lived in America. This lady told me her daughter only wanted a ‘honkey’ as a husband because white guys were so submissive. Chinese men were too demanding.

    I spent time in Korea and found that I was just considered to be a low class bitch by both Korean and White males – so it is true that white women get left behind in Asia. However I don’t think the stereotype of white women is correct and I was quite hurt when told that as a white women I was loose, selfish, would make a bad wife and mother and would only think of myself and my career.

    I actually stay away from men who have ‘yellow fever’. I find they at best look down on white women and at worse hate us with a passion. The women they marry generally portray themselves as someone they are not to get hitched and then when there is a inevitable personality conflict will openly complain to any women, including white women.

    I find it frustrating listening to these women. They play up to the positive stereotype of Asian women and use the negative stereotype of white women to their advantage. Then when things get awkward in their relationship with their white man they will dump it on white women and make out they are the victim.

    It seems that at every opportunity white women are put down and demonised. There is huge difference between equal rights for women and the man hating, anti-feminine Femo-Nazi movement. Older women have told me that when they fought for women’s rights they were not fighting for what the modern feminist movement has morphed into.

    • The white men with yellow fever don’t hate white women, or at least the sentiment of hate is very close to ardor and it can change back to white-woman passion with the right sexual chemistry.

      To conquer the asian-fetishizer, just be more versatile in your personality. Act naive, innocent, and doey-eyed, all full of sweetness and light. These white men are generally not against other sides of your personality, but at the beginning, they want to see the sweet little girl who is inside of you.

      And by the way, try to make friends with white women rather than Asian women.

    • Korean guy

      I find white women very adorable and even dated two in the past. They were very wise and taught me a lot and helped me grow.

      I asked a white girl out a few weeks ago but was turned down. I do ask white girls out.

  • Why are the moderators deleting all of my posts? Just asking.

  • Dave4088

    I live in a medium sized city and I rarely see white males with Asian females. About 70% of the interracial couplings are black men with white females. Perhaps the white man/Asian female coupling is more of a thing in major metropolitan areas.

  • Sino-Tibetan Guy

    Young Asian American women and young blonde White American women have one thing in common that I’ve noticed.

    They love to draw attention to themselves by superficially protesting the stereotypes that are associated with their identity.

    First and foremost, let’s be clear that all women love attention and that race plays a huge factor in one’s identity. Asian American women and blonde White American women love to play the stereotype card to draw even more attention to themselves. Exalted, enlightened and liberated Asian American women feel the need to superficially protest the stereotype that they are submissive whenever the issue is brought up but will end up choosing a White male most of the time. Blonde White women will protest the stereotype that they are naive and stupid whenever the issue is brought up but will always flop their hair around while being articulate and argumentative about it. The cold hard truth is that these women are pampered by the males in their lives with attention and can’t get enough of it so they feel the need to protest stereotypes associated with their identity.

    I have many female relatives and friends and I know the social psychology of Asian American women too well especially as it pertains to race. Asian American women will choose a White American male over half of the time even at the exclusion of Asian American males for a couple of very simple reasons.

    Asian American women have a disdain for Black and Hispanic male culture and are quite overt about this at times. They find White American male behavior and their treatment towards women more similar to the way they are usually treated by Asian males. But the self-hate that they have accumulated most of their lives by comparing themselves with Caucasian females naturally draws them towards White American males even at the exclusion of Asian males half of the time. Other factors such as physical characteristics, IQ, culture, and media thus gives White American males a significant advantage over Black or Hispanic males when it comes to choosing mates by Asian American females. Half of Asian American females are neutral when it comes to choosing an Asian or White male and the great majority of the other half exclusively prefers White males while a low percentage are neutral about Black or Hispanic males.

    This documentary reminds me of Amy Tan’s novel/film the Joy Luck club. Both films by both directors have one goal in mind and that is to draw attention to their superficial female issues while denigrating the Asian male. It is very true that males of all races give Asian American females the extra/prolonged stare while in public. Also physically speaking, Asian American females are the easiest prey to predators. A smart non-self hating Asian female will usually just ignore the typical non-Asian male who makes the aggressive moves towards her and ignore the issue of yellow fever altogether but the self-loathing Asian female who desires to be with a non-Asian male to begin with will always superficially protest the submissive geisha stereotype.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Blond White women “always flop their hair around?”

      Are you a social anthropologist studying and judging white and normal people, categorizing them so they know more about what their identity should be?

      That’s anti-white supremacist behavior. But then a lot of anti-White ideology is based on opinion and not fact

  • BaronBaal

    Ridiculous. I married an asian woman (Chinese) because they are nice and firm and they are feminine! They actually enjoy being women and they aren’t psychologically screwed up like white women are. They are also conservative, value the family, and faithful. They are, in a way, what white women used to be and that’s why white men are naturally attracted to them.

    • FedUp

      Careful. There will be plenty of people who are frothing at the mouth and ready to tell you why you are wrong in your choice of a spouse.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Standing up for the white race is not “frothing at the mouth.” We are in a vicious battle and it is NOT our job to be fair to people who are aiming to destroy us, which is exactly what miscegenation and intermarriage do.

        • FedUp

          How do my or any white man’s actions affect you personally if we decide to date Asian women?

          By reducing our population?

          Why should I be concerned about trends occurring decades to a century from now if that means having to change my own dating habits, which might affect my happiness and intepersonal relationships in the present while I’m still alive? I don’t see it as being that important. At least not to the extent of limiting who I am allowed to date and have sex with.

          • NotARealName

            The readers of this pro-white site apologize for “cramping your style” and “freedom” by imposing a racial standard on dating and sex. A solid society cannot be built by members more concerned with themselves and their fetishes than their community.

            Nobody says that you will be unhappy with a nonwhite, but you will fail your race if you choose to be with a nonwhite. Now if you have a characteristic that makes it almost impossible for you to find a decent white woman, like a serious criminal record, then nobody should blame you for choosing a decent Asian. But remember there are 60 million white American women. There is a good chance there is one for you.

          • FedUp

            Yet, white feminists creating most of this anti-male legislation and population reduction policies aren’t failing the white race? Only white men are capable of failing the white race now? Again, white feminists have made such an environment that is hostile to white men now to the point where I feel that an obligation involving placating them is foolish, hypocritical, and directly opposite of enjoying my life and being free. Why do you expect me to submit to those who’ve been busily engaged in eroding my rights and civil liberties as a man? It’s ridiculous.

            There may be 60 million, but what if I come across an Asian woman while looking for a date? Do I have to go around the country or sift through numerous online dating sites looking for the most compatible white woman? Why do all of that unnecessary work when I could settle for someone else a lot faster, especially when she is a good choice that I’m happy with regardless if she’s Asian?

            Are you serious? Thousands of white women date drug dealers, white trash, and thugs. Stop making them out to be angelic beings for they are not.

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine married a beautiful Korean American girl and prior to meeting her he dated several other Asian girls. His motivation was that according to him, One never knows where and with whom, the younger generation of White girls have been. They have their fling with the pongids and then want to find some “poor dumb bastard” (sorry Gen. Patton) White guy with whom to settle down and in some cases raise her “mulatto” kid.

  • enough already

    One thing I notice about all these intermarriages is that they all bring their ‘brides’ back to live in white neighborhoods.If they love these foreigners so much why dont they live in their wives areas,so phoney.

  • snow

    “Oriental student females practically throw themselves at white men, offering sex for the chance to be in a relationship.”

    Is this even realistic? Did any of you honestly ever see this? In my city, female exchange students from East Asia simply hang out among themselves and with male exchange students from their own country. They sure love McDonald’s products though.

    Are there many WM/AF couples? Possibly, but even this AmRen article states that it is the white men who go for Asian women, instead of the other way around.

    “The 60-year-old, who works as a garage attendant at the San Francisco airport, spent years looking through mail-order catalogs and dating websites, trying to find the perfect mate.

    ‘Over the course of the last five years there must be hundreds of different girls from China that I’ve been writing to,’ he explains in a trailer for the movie.”

    We can see that it is “white men going for Asian women”, not the other way around.

  • The rampant Asiaphiles and anti-White female atmosphere here is not something I think most real pro-White people want to be a part of. Is a new website the only remedy?

    • Beloved Comrade

      How about a new planet for the White pro-Asian freaks. I wish they’d take it somewhere else and I wish American Renaissance would stop posting articles like this. It only adds to White hatred from our enemies.
      News Flash for the clueless here: Asians are NOT our friends.

      I haven’t even read one comment, only yours but I can imagine what is down line from here.

    • FedUp

      So being open to dating women of other races is now being anti-white female?

      Why do you have to be anti-white female if you are dating an Asian woman?

      Can’t I just be indifferent? I don’t care about what white women think about if I am dating an Asian woman nor do I care about who they date. I’m not anti-WF in any way. They do what they want. I do want.

      That sounds fair to me.

      • I’m not totalitarian or even completely closed-minded to a tiny percentage of dissent within my sphere. You can be anything you want to be. You just can’t pass off your own fetishes or personal choices as some kind of rational alternative to what pro-White actually means to me. Should I also welcome with open arms lily White Susan and her new beau, Shawntavius? No thanks. I’ll pass.

        • FedUp

          That’s the whole point. I want to make my decisions regardless of what you feel is pro-white. I think it’s arbitrary as I could easily end up with a worse alternative in a mate by being with a white female who treats me poorly than with a female who is Asian and treats me like an equal partner.

          Personal happiness and the ability to enjoy life with someone else who means a lot to me is more important.

          If wanting to be treated with dignity and compassion by an Asian woman is a fetish to you than so be it.

          • You seem like an extremely self-centered and self-absorbed person. If you really want to do what you want, then why aren’t you doing it instead of infesting websites that are designed to give pro-White people an alternative choice in rhetoric? You have Multicultyland to play in. Why are you here other than to try and stir the pot?

            You are trying to get attention.

          • FedUp

            Self-centered and self-absorbed? Funny coming from a guy who defends white women who feel that they should be at the center of a white man’s attention at all times.

            Now you think I’m trying to get attention?

            You’re wrong. All I did was refute those who said that white men who do this are flawed and less intelligent or normal than other white men. It’s a personal choice that they wish to make and they don’t have in mind harming other whites. What they do have in mind is looking for other women for they have their own justifiable reason for leave the dating pool of potential mates for white women. They are aware of the wider cultural problem of anti-male legislation supported by mostly white feminists.

          • You’re just diverting attention away from the question I asked. Do you have a problem with direct questions?

          • Korpiklaani

            Remember White women have rights, not us. White women are the most privileged ethnic group on the planet, yet play the victim masterfully. Look at what White women have pushed for on the congressional level, since they got the right to vote. From the first moment they got the right to vote they started voting against the best interests of our race, and started voting for the interested that just made them feel all warm and fuzzy, like outlawing prostitution, if you disagree then out come the old feminist shaming tactics. The problem is were on to those shaming tactics, and White women know their “white knight” enforced matriarchy is coming to an end, and they ain’t happy….of course white men will be blamed as usual, but things might actually get so bad the “strong”, “independent” women backed up by big gov. for so long starve in the streets with their mutt kids, just like every other 3rd world hell hole. Then and only then might a shift in their consciousness take place, then the question is, can our people summon the perseverance to see the other side of it all.

          • FedUp

            My problem is with the white knights like celestial time. They don’t realize how their views are directly contrary to promoting while male freedom. Rather, they want white female freedom at the expense of men’s freedom where they are expected to receive abuse all in the name of the preservation our race. There are better alternatives where you can keep your mental health and physical health in check, but they don’t see it. They also expect the white man to be the work horse while these anti-male laws in the courts and the economy still exist. It’s ridiculous.

          • Korpiklaani


      • FedUp

        *I do what I want

  • Ted

    It takes over 4,000 hours of watching Oprah and The View for an Asian woman to go bad a become a Real American Female.

    I understand the strong demand by heavyset white females for a black, just look at the blacks fine record of cARING FOR HIS FAMILY AND AVOIDING DRUGS AND CRIME. Can you blame a white woman for wanting a piece of that?

    Never Forget “Only Non-Whites can say they prefer their own kind”

  • oTTO


    Seeking Asian Female looks to discover why many men see Asians as ideal wives, a concept that is ‘very painful for the Asian-American community,’ Ms Lum told ABC News.
    Very Painful she says, that’s really funny if a White said the same thing they might get 39 years in prison for RACISM?

  • Tucker

    Not that I approve of any kind of race mixing, but doesn’t the tone of this article kind of sound like the leftists are insinuating that there is something ‘evil’ about White men who are poaching Asian women? That’s the subliminal message that my radar picks up.

    I thought about it for a few minutes, and since the left is always screaming how much they love and support racially destructive race mixing – but, yet, are being curiously inconsistent on this particular type of race mixing – it seems to me that these leftists find themselves caught in a very peculiar quandary.

    They love race mixing, but absolutely are consumed with a genocidal, homicidal hatred for ‘White males’. So, in some kind of perverted and twisted way – it seems as if they are angered over this issue, not because they aren’t in favor of race mixing and mongrelization, but because they hate White males so much that they don’t want White men to have any female companionship at all. They hate the seed of the White man and do not want any of it to be carried forward where it might produce offspring that have even a partial amount of White European genes.

    Tip for my fellow White guys: Let’s save every bit of our seed for the females of our own race. They are the only females who deserve it.

    • Korpiklaani

      You don’t understand my friend, under the cultural Marxists, us White men shouldn’t be allowed to breed with ANYONE regardless of color. THAT is how much the “tribe” fears us Slavs(or any other White man)!


    This article proves it; all white women are racist. Check your privilege, cunts!

    • Korpiklaani

      Hear. Hear.

  • bleep

    I wonder if it’s just because asian women are less afflicted with third wave feminism and misandry and, while they can still have their own unique fiery temper, don’t believe in hating men to death and abusing the relationship and instead want to make it work like a normal, rational person.

    • Or it could be because the vast majority(I would say 8 out of 10) of guys who go that route are emotionally and/or sexually inferior and want to attach themselves to something they feel will give them the illusion of being more macho. If someone is a self-described anti-racist, then this probably wouldn’t apply to them, of course. But most of those with the Asian fetish and espousing the anti-White female rhetoric, while still trying to attach themselves to pro-White views, are more than likely wimps and emotionally defective in some manner.

  • I think the issue is being labeled by the “moral subjectivists” (what is a cultural marxist but one who believe there is no objective value judgments) as one of racism and domination because they need to obscure the fact many of these men are looking for women who still have some sense of objective morality. The problem is many western women (regardless of race) do not have such notions because they have been through the public school brain washer.

    • Men have been through the exact same system. Are we supposed to believe that the wiggers and black emulators, couch potatoes and jock sniffers, wife beaters and insecure control freaks, alcoholics and methheads, perpetual pessimists, effeminate metrosexuals, and all of the other bad characters and characteristics of the modern American male is just some reactionary response to bad White women?

  • The_Sensible_One

    It’s quite obvious WHY. White women are generally intolerable for any length of time.
    As such white men want wives not whores who will steal everything they own.
    It’s not our fault white women refuse to provide this, so if we have to go to some asian country to find a woman who WILL be a wife then we shall.

    • Are you single?

      • The_Sensible_One

        Married with three children.
        Married a Scottish woman from a rural community. She thinks feminism should have ended with the suffragettes.

        Before her I had not met a single white woman interested in being a wife. They were either gold diggers or just desperate to get as much cock inside them as possible. Meanwhile most asian women I met were more interested in being a wife and having a family.

        • The label of feminism is about as useful as the politically correct crowd throwing out the word racist.

          You make things so nice and neat that one would have to believe himself to be foolish to even entertain the thought of White guys in American society being idiots, wiggers, junkies, liars, cheaters, and all around perenial losers. I’m assuming that if you were female you would tell me how easy it would be to find decent guys who weren’t just trying to get in your pants, being abusive, or trying to control every aspect of your life?

          Is your wife one of the intolerable whores who tries to steal everything you own, or would that be just the White women who are in relationships with guys who aren’t you? Is it your mother or my mother? Perhaps it’s your sister or my sister? Maybe the intolerable whores are just every White woman who isn’t your wife?

          • The_Sensible_One

            Well good point. I should say modern feminism. With it’s obsession on some vague concept of “patriarchy” and “male privilege”.

            Also I’m British not American. But we face similar issues. You seem to imply that white women are incapable of any wrongdoing, that everything is a mans fault.

            Women are more likely to be abusive than men.
            Single mothers are far worse for their children than single fathers.

            I shall assume you’re an American white (I use the term sparingly in regards to Americans) woman. And a feminist judging by your language.

            No my wife is not intolerable. She isn’t very interested in my money and unlike most white women these days wants a decent sized family. I was only planning on three children at most but she wants something closer to six.

            Most white women these days don’t want families. They want to focus on their careers and then have children in thirties and forties. Unfortunately as the first group of third wave feminists have found no men want them at that point.

          • What I implied is that everything negative that a White man can claim about modern White women, those White women could just as easily claim an equally negative aspect about modern White men.

            Why do people pretend that men are some kind of poor oppressed creatures that are preyed upon by women?

            I’ve never had too much trouble finding good, feminine women. It’s not like I’m some kind of suave billionaire, so it just makes me wonder what in the hell guys are doing so wrong.

          • The_Sensible_One

            Lets put it this way.
            I have seen far more men and children with their lives ruined by the actions of a woman than I have seen women with their lives ruined by a man.

            The sad thing about the negative aspects of modern women is that they are far more pervasive and regarded as positive traits by the media and parts of society.
            A woman should focus on her family not her career. I understand many feel that previous generations were “oppressed” and “forced” to stay at home and tend to the children. But do you think there’s any mystery as to why women these days seem more miserable?

          • I’ve seen the exact opposite. So what does that prove?

          • The_Sensible_One

            That you’ve surrounded yourself with angry feminists.

  • my2cents

    As a Asian MAN (yeah that’s right a MAN) and I might be accused of trolling here, all I see is a bunch of white males whining about their sorry predicament.

    Perhaps you males are just not good enough for white WOMEN, never have, never are and never will. Has it ever occur to you white males that you are just not:

    Smart enough
    Sociable enough
    Handsome enough

    Methinks it’s in your inferior genes. Now that I think about are white genes even worth preserving? If you males were ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS, I would see you males pairing up with intelligent good-looking women. But you don’t. You get the dumb ugly ones most of the time who don’t even give a damn about you. The rest you PAID to have sex with. Basically you white males suck.

    Face the truth, you white males were never good enough for anyone. Learn to deal with your sorry predicament…

    • DLRisVH

      Sounds to me like your Asian girlfriend left you for a White male.

      • my2cents

        Sounds like my comment struck a nerve, didn’t it?

        And no, my girlfriend and I are very content with each other. Nice try though.

        And why would she leave me and settle for someone less smart, less handsome, which includes 95% plus of you white males? Admit it, you white males were never good enough for anyone…

  • David Ashton

    If most of the comments on this site are any guide, US society is going through a severe sexual crisis as well as a racial one. Marxism-Hedonism.