How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment

Nancy Ditomaso, New York Times, May 5, 2013

It’s easy to believe the worst is over in the economic downturn. But for African-Americans, the pain continues—over 13 percent of black workers are unemployed, nearly twice the national average. {snip}

The most obvious explanation for this entrenched disparity is racial discrimination. But in my research I have found a somewhat different culprit: favoritism. Getting an inside edge by using help from family and friends is a powerful, hidden force driving inequality in the United States.

Such favoritism has a strong racial component. Through such seemingly innocuous networking, white Americans tend to help other whites, because social resources are concentrated among whites. If African-Americans are not part of the same networks, they will have a harder time finding decent jobs.

The mechanism that reproduces inequality, in other words, may be inclusion more than exclusion. And while exclusion or discrimination is illegal, inclusion or favoritism is not—meaning it can be more insidious and largely immune to legal challenges.

Favoritism is almost universal in today’s job market. In interviews with hundreds of people on this topic, I found that all but a handful used the help of family and friends to find 70 percent of the jobs they held over their lifetimes; they all used personal networks and insider information if it was available to them.

In this context of widespread networking, the idea that there is a job “market” based solely on skills, qualifications and merit is false. Whenever possible, Americans seeking jobs try to avoid market competition: they look for unequal rather than equal opportunity. {snip}


Help is not given to just anyone, nor is it available from everyone. Inequality reproduces itself because help is typically reserved for people who are “like me”: the people who live in my neighborhood, those who attend my church or school or those with whom I have worked in the past. {snip}

Because we still live largely segregated lives, such networking fosters categorical inequality: whites help other whites, especially when unemployment is high. Although people from every background may try to help their own, whites are more likely to hold the sorts of jobs that are protected from market competition, that pay a living wage and that have the potential to teach skills and allow for job training and advancement. {snip}


The interviewees in my study who were most angry about affirmative action were those who had relatively fewer marketable skills—and were therefore most dependent on getting an inside edge for the best jobs. Whites who felt entitled to these positions believed that affirmative action was unfair because it blocked their own privileged access.



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  • pcmustgo

    Many whites (ahem, me) have tried over and over and over again to treat blacks as total equals and develop friendships with them,. They have failed us time and time again.

    Most black “friends” treated me like racial enemies. Knife to the gut. Ditto for many friends of other races.

    • Gay Black Man

      I would chalk this up to two things. First, you have had very limited contact with people. Second, you have been the victim of unusual bad luck.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Stop upvoting your own comments, you’re not fooling anyone.

      • pcmustgo

        Don’t you dare tell me that. I was a liberal. Coming of age in NYC, the vast bulk of my connections were non-white. It left me scarred for life.

        It isn’t bad luck. It’s bad blacks.

        And other resentful non-whites. And what are you doing on OUR site anyways?

        • WhiteFight

          “Coming of age in NYC, the vast bulk of my connections were non-white. It left me scarred for life.”

          I had a similar experience growing up. When everyone is dissimilar from you, you tend to become isolated and develop all the bad habits and neurosis that goes with it.

          Of course, that experience is not unique and there are many sociologists and psychologists who have demonstrated the deleterious effects of diversity, but the state religion will hear no criticism.

          • pcmustgo

            This actually happened to me during the college/grad school years. I was unprepared for it, growing up in a lily white suburb. I went from a 95% white environment (typical liberal upbringing) to a 80% asian/black/latino, 20% white environment. Or something.

            Put is this way. My BEST FRIENDS were white friends. As a kid you can hang with non-whites because life is about simple, superficial stuff like partying and classes, and you know, just being young. Life is innocent and full of magic.

            It’s documented, and everyone of every race knows, the races drift towards their own as they age.

            I’ve had dozens of awful experiences with “friends” and social aquaintances of other races.

            The fact that asians and blacks and latinos think they can maintain their little self-segregated ethnic clubs and informal social circles while expecting whites to be socially post-racial at all times speaks volumes- whites are the non-group, the void, the group that dare not be a group. And we’re not supposed to care or have feelings.

            It’s such a BETRAYAL. David Mamet, in his play RACE, wrote about this betrayal. This trying over and over again to trust blacks once again- and only to have them let you down again and again. And again. Ditto for the other groups.

            It’s a total loss of innocence too that alters who you think you are.

          • pcmustgo

            By age 30, even age 27, all the races are self-segregating.

          • pcmustgo

            Mamet’s play Race is a must-see for anyone on this board. He perfectly captures the emotions, the distrust of racial interactions.

          • Jefferson

            Where I live which is San Francisco, Blacks make up only 6 percent of the population. Yet despite this, they have their own highly segregated Black neighborhoods.

            The majority of Blacks in San Francisco live in neighborhoods where there are little to no Whites.

            Black neighborhoods in San Francisco are located very far away from the popular tourist areas. So most tourists in San Francisco never get to see the Black side of San Francisco. Which is a good thing because it drastically reduces their chances of being robbed, stabbed, shot, or beaten.

            Some people say San Francisco has an unofficial Jim Crow law when it comes to the high degree of residential segregation between Whites and Blacks here.

          • saxonsun

            Here in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to get tourists to visit areas in the Bronx and Brooklyn that have been traditionally non-white. What a joke. Can you imagine if these poor folks actually take his advice?!

          • Guest

            Maybe they should have this guy lead the tours! This guy seems fearless.


          • shmo123

            I lived in SF for many years, and the neighborhoods I lived in– Cow Hollow, North Beach, Nob Hill– had no black people at all. I mean zero. However, while I agree with you about the high degree of residential segregation, (find a city with any whites left where there isn’t), I think the reason is very simple: San Francisco is simply too expensive, and most blacks have long since abandon it for Oakland and cheaper environs. You could make the claim about other parts of the Bay Area, like Marin County. Whiter than the driven snow, and the reason? Cost. When a small fixer-upper goes for 600k, you won’t find many section 8 houses. However, to be fair, Marin county does have Marin City, the only portion of the entire county that had any blacks at all.

          • pcmustgo

            Hipster whites are pouring into Oakland now too.

          • Jefferson

            The majority of the Occupy Oakland movement is made up of White hipsters, even though White people make up only a quarter of Oakland’s population.

            Oakland is still a predominantly NAM city.

          • Hadenough

            Maybe in time, the whites will transform Oakland back to a nice place to live. We have that going on in the Houston area as well. Up until the last 8 to 10 years ago, most whites in the Houston metro area fled the inner city, especially inside Loop 610, for the suburbs. A few years ago, when the government decided to bring the ghetto dwellers to the suburbs in the form of Section 8 housing, many whites have returned to the inner city, and are refurbishing old homes, tearing some down, and rebuilding. They have transformed former blighted neighborhoods into high dollar real estate. The blacks can’t afford those neighborhoods anymore, so they’re heading to the suburbs in huge droves. Isn’t it amazing the difference between majority white neighborhoods and majority black ones? Whites move to an area and it becomes safe, clean, and a pleasant place to live. Blacks take over, and the area becomes a noisy and chaotic crime ridden hellhole. I recently sold my suburban house that I lived in for 24 years, and moved to the country because of minorities taking over the area. I’m now in a secluded and isolated small development with deed restrictions, but we have no municipal services, government offices, bus routes, or anything blacks look for when they’re deciding where to move. Hopefully, I’m far enough out that they won’t catch up and find me in my lifetime.

          • pcmustgo

            Interracial friendships are limited and superficial- and therefore annoying and not worth the time.

            Oh, I forgot to mention full of turmoil and mindfields.

          • Gene

            The same can be said for many same race friendships for that matter.

          • Nick Gherz

            When you deal with blacks, you need to lower your expectations. This way you might sometimes be pleasantly surprised.

          • ms_anthro

            The honest, courageous and strong among us reluctantly admit that multicult dogma is a suicidal ideology, abandon it, and make peace with reality. The liars and weaklings double down on this ideology and work tirelessly alongside their racial enemies and competitors to destroy their own kind. Stockholm Syndrome? Who cares? They are not us. They choose not to be like us anymore.

            Don’t ever let an anti-White or multicultist make you question what you see with your own lying eyes. Your own life experiences are far more valuable to you as teaching tools than their pathetic need to engage in groupthink and uphold a dangerous lie. It’s like taking life coaching advice from a suicidal person.

          • pcmustgo

            No, the white liberals don’t work tirelessly alongside non-whites. They self-segregate in lily white neighborhoods without even realizing it and then lecture the rest of us.

          • Svigor

            Blacks aren’t really capable of a proper friendship, at least not as defined by whites. Their time horizons are too short, their conscientiousness too low, their impulsiveness to high, their mean IQ too low, etc. They get tempted, and they stab you in the back. And then act as though you’d have done the same thing.

            It’s not really a deliberate choice; it’s just that expecting true friendship is asking more than they can deliver.

            I grew up in a mostly-black neighborhood, I know blacks well. Projecting white norms and capabilities onto them is normal, but it’s also a mistake.

          • ms_anthro

            Great post. Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam is an eye-opening read, especially since Putnam is a liberal who desperately wanted to prove diversity is a strength and not a corrosively destructive factor in any society.

          • pcmustgo

            I was too! I was Robert Putnam. I also had (have) a tremendous respect for Black culture because I’m a singer into their older music. I also actually lived diversity to a very high degree in my personal life.

          • pcmustgo

            I’ve had almost a dozen black roommates. Asians too. I actually LIVED with Blacks… black women. In the same household. Not “hi/bye neighbor “.

        • >>And other resentful non-whites. And what are you doing on OUR site anyways?

          He’s trolling.
          Down vote his posts and they will disappear. Then perhaps he’ll get the picture.

          • Tim_in_Indiana

            Better way to make trolls go away is to simply ignore them, something Amreners apparently are unable to do.

          • pcmustgo

            He’s another Black/non-white who doesn’t understand white people even when he tries. They don’t even “get” why whites are angry, which is why I actually think it’s important whites publically talk about why they are.

        • LHathaway

          “And what are you doing on OUR site anyways”?

          My, how quickly the victim becomes the oppressor! All you’ve learned from exposure to non-whites is how to be like them. So we’re all ‘F’up now, except for leftists who have little real contact with people of color. . . and who, unknowingly, do everything they can to infect more people with evil. . .

          • pcmustgo

            Can’t deny I’ve become much more “racist” over the years. Sorry, self-preservation takes precedent over war-torn, anti-life diversity. We don’t want to spend our lives endlessly bickering with you. Would rather live in peace.


      • pcmustgo

        That’s another thing that angers me about YOU BLACKS. Or you non-whites. You always ASSUME whites have “never met a black person before” and are just pre-judging. Some of us have TONS of experience with you. And Asians. And other groups. Dating you, living among you, hanging out with you socially, working with you, riding the subway with you, etc. Are we all such racial innocents?

        There are many whites out there who genuially tried to befriend and socialize with blacks or asians or whatever and went into it innocently. And walked away horrified. Racial realities. People go where they are wanted and treated well. People like people who like them.

        All of you non-whites irritate us with your whining, white-bashing, competition based hatred and BS…

        • Luca

          The word “prejudice” has always meant “pre-judge” to me. My negative views of blacks come from and are based upon my real life experiences. Not my fault that my observations had a negative outcome.

          • Morris LeChat

            Mine as well, I was taught to “pre-judge” them in a positive, pc light. Several years of disconnect between the liberal brainwashing and the reality that I experienced elapsed before I totally discarded the brainwashing.

          • pcmustgo

            Lots of painful expereinces though that can scar and anger you for life.

          • Unperson

            The word “prejudice” has always meant “pre-judge” to me.

            It has always meant “pre-judge” to the dictionary, too. What we race-realists do is not to pre-judge but to POST-judge.

            Tragically for us, there is no such word as “postjudice.” But we really need SOME word for this, because as it is now when the “anti-racists” pick up the “prejudice club” to beat us over the head with, we lack a “club” of our own to fight back with. The lack of a commonly accepted term meaning “My negative attitudes towards certain groups are the result of experience, not of ignorance” leaves whites entirely defenseless on this issue.

          • pcmustgo

            Absolutley! PREJUDICE IS A GOOD THING! When judging a person, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (stop giving your abuser a second, third, endless chance. I gave blacks and the others about 100 chances. Enough!)

            Apply that theory to groups, and wham, there’s that evil “prejudice”.

        • saxonsun

          Quite so–I’ve had the “pleasure” of exposure to blacks since I was kid. I and my friends have been victims of unprovoked racial attacks–I fought back.

        • Some Guy

          I lived in Oakland CA for 3 years. In that short time I could write hundreds of bad encounter stories with the brothas. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been called a “crazy cracah”. I was raised to believe that we are all equal, but reality shows me differently.

        • Gay Black Man

          You obviously do not know me.

        • Svigor

          Too true. Whites in general have far more experience with other races than any given non-white race. China is not diverse. Africa is not diverse. Asia is not diverse. Central and South America are not diverse.

          Only North America and Europe are diverse.

      • Hush, troll.

        • Adam

          Actually, Gay Black Man has been a regular commenter for awhile. Possibly longer than many of you.

      • Triarius

        I am in my late 20’s and lived in Detroit for almost 8 years. I have tutored inner city youth for grad school and worked for 2 multinational corporations that everyone would easily know if I said their names. I have met thousands of blacks, young, old, rich, poor, and everything in between. I have worked with blacks in every walk of life.

        I have also done the same thing in the DC, again with the wealthy ivy league blacks and the poor ones from crack houses.

        I have met enough (thousands), and I assure you the problem is blacks themselves. The number of competent blacks I have met that can do their job I can count on one hand, and none were men now that I think about it.

        Edit: Almost forgot this:

        Constant exposure to dangers will breed contempt for them – Seneca the Younger

        • Morris LeChat

          I currently work at a company with an AA hire that produces at one quarter the quantity that we contract for, and his work is of a quality that no one would accept if it came form a white man. He is late 8 out of ten times. Yet we all have to suffer his presence and produce more to cover for him. I can see that he feels entitled to this situation.

        • jtkayLA

          I’ve had similar experiences. The blacks I know who’ve been competent at their jobs have all been women. The men seem to walk around all day yakking and flirting, or they simply disappear for hours on end. I have to add that some of the women have been much more than competent at their jobs. I managed a black woman at my last job who was super smart, extremely productive, and just plain fun to be around. Also, she was going to graduate school part-time and raising a teenage daughter on her own (she was divorced). Quite frankly, I always feel bad for people like her who fall so far outside the norm–it must be isolating for them.

          • pcmustgo

            No, she probably assumes and deludes herself that most blacks are like her. And wants to push that concept on you.

            I don’t necessarily find Blacks to be incompetent at everything. Just their hostility that’s unbearable and too much to handle. Anything to avoid it. It’s nightmarish.

          • Svigor

            Which dovetails nicely with my constant assertions that there’s a lot more wrong with blacks than just IQ. It’s a whole battery of congnitive deficiencies, which are most starkly apparent in black males: high impulsiveness, high aggression, short time horizons, low conscientiousness, low IQ, etc.

            Black males seem like they all have ADD, and score high in sociopathic traits.

          • Hadenough

            What you said hits the nail on the head. I don’t understand how Western civilization, with all it’s scientific knowledge and technology can ignore what our eyes see and experiences teach us about the black population. There are a small percentage of them (around 10%) who have 100+ IQ’s that may be as capable as an average white person. The majority fall into the category of low to retarded intellect. That’s why so many black males end up in prison. It’s not because of racism, discrimination, and the legacy of slavery. This information about racial differences was abundant in the early to mid 20th century and was then later repressed and labeled racist propaganda by leftist egalitarians. You don’t have to be a brilliant scientist to look at the state of Africa and it’s non-existent history to figure this out. Can you imagine how these people appeared to European explorers some 400+ years ago? The encountered a heathen population with no written language, who never heard of or saw a wheel, and of sub Stone Age existence. In America, we have example after example of what happens when whites flee an area and blacks take over. I haven’t seen a positive outcome with that yet. As a country, America will never solve the race problem until we can get the courage to accept what is real and the truth about our differences.

      • Gay Negro is just trying to hijack the thread.

      • Morris LeChat

        nope, I have had extensive contact with black people, and I can verify what pcmustgo said. he is absolutely correct. I can chalk YOUR statement up to one thing, you are a black that is trying to keep the “shuck and jive” going, best not to attempt that here.

        • pcmustgo

          Other diversity friendships can suck too for other reasons. Diversity is the problem, not the solution.

          • Morris LeChat

            “Other diversity friendships can suck too for other reasons. ….” I think gay black thing has that base covered too.

        • pcmustgo

          He probably is some exception to the rule who thinks he likes whites whose never had a White “tell it like it is” to him.

          • Morris LeChat

            I’m sure that gay white men who have the courage to tell him how they REALLY feel are few and far between.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

        20 percent of black adults with full time employment in this country are government workers whose compensation package value far exceeds that in the private sector for work of equivalent demands of effort and competency.

        Sounds like the Gullahs have pretty healthy social neworks in gubimint work to me.

        • Svigor

          Care to tell us where that 20% stat comes from? I did a search some time back and I don’t recall ever finding that number.

    • pcmustgo

      Let’s talk about Interracial Friendship, everyone. I think it’s a very interesting topic.

      Half Sigma had a super interesting post on this. on whether it’s possible for whites and blacks to be friends- REAL friends. Issues that limit/inhibit interracial friendship, besides reverse racism, having to re-explain every time to Blacks that you’re not descended from slave-owners, etc , nasty, hateful comments that reek of sexual competition and jealousy from them (especially Black women), and, in the case of blacks, creepy, weird glares. eyerolls, screw faces, angry body lanugage, and constant, irritating, flawed logic whining from minorities, are issues like them favoring people of their own race as inner circle friends (which makes you feel dumb for ever trusting them in the first place, or treating them as an inner circle friend), total cultural alienation (the I have nothing in common with these people feeling and communicating with them feels superficial and strained).

      You begin to see that interracial friendships will never work out. There’s a 90% chance x, y, or z will go wrong with them, even if you’re a liberal. You throw in the towel and stick to white people, whom you don’t have to experience these issues with, who are imperfect nonetheless. No one said all white people make great friends either. Friendship involves trust and trust pretty quickly breaks down around diversity. You can’t even trust that a non-white (including an asian) doesn’t have some creepy resentment towards whites.

      After you experience these betrayals, these disappointments, and these exasperating frustrations over and over and over again, you go from being a (young) white person who genuially tries to bridge the racial gap, be open minded, considers themselves the kind of white to have “black friends”, to a person who has a strong, strong desire to avoid the other groups and the tensions, drama and arguments they bring to the table.

      Non-whites just become “not worth” the extra drama, explaining, etc. They will NEVER understand white people. There’s a few who even try and still can’t.

      • pcmustgo

        I went from admiring and having zero distrust of Blacks and other non-whites to distrusting ALL of them.

        Forgot to add, people of ALL races avoid interracial friendships because around other races , you have to “walk on eggshells” and be all fake and phoney and lie about what you REALLY think about _____________ blacks, whites, asians, mexicans, etc.

        Interracial friendship= fake, phoney, strained, superficial , “for the sake of diversity”, etc. Usually a white liberal who feels guilty and wants to include the Black who is just trying to prove to their white boyfriend/girlfriend they have white friends too.

        Usually involves a non-white (black, asian, whatever) who wants to inter-racially date. They are using you, however innocently, to gain access to other whites and be viewed as an accepted part of the white social scene.

        • pcmustgo

          This was about a 10 year process for me here in NYC. About 10 years of being a white minority and having one meaningless, shallow “friendship” after the next.

        • John Eigen

          I went to two colleges in my state that are both less than 50% white (all the major colleges in my state are under 50 percent white) and all of the non-white “friends” I’ve had were NEVER anything like the white friends I have from my town.

          All of the interracial friendships I’ve had were shallow, and basically just existed to use me.

          The first one was with a really out-going Asian, who I later found out was gay and had white fever. He kept texting me months after I cut myself off from him.

          The second one was with another Asian, who just used me all the time to find out what was going on in class and if he could borrow my notes and books.

          The third was a black guy from Nigeria who desperately clung to me, but only because he needed me as a life raft to pass his classes. Outside of school work, he never attempted to speak to me. On top of that, he behaved bizarrely, texting on his phone when I was trying to talk to him, showing up an hour late to do an assignment with me, creeping behind my back when we were walking somewhere, trying to steal my lab book, licking his fingers before touching lab equipment and my pencil, spacing out in the middle of assignments, and doing random impulsive actions.

          The last one was a guy from Colombia who used me for rides because he didn’t have a drivers license.

          That’s pretty much it. Nothing beats the good, old white friends I can call up anytime of the day about any subject whatsoever and ask them to go do anything from getting lunch to traveling to another country.

          • pcmustgo

            They must feel ALIENATED around you too! It’s a mutually disapointing experience, interracial friendships. Everyone winds up resentful. Many of the non-white immigrant types are intimidated by your Americanness, your natural Americanness, and your proficiency in our culture.

            Being around whites feels effortless. Well, only in comparison to being around tons of non-whites!

            I agree, most of my non-white friends used me. But , IDK , I’ve had white friends screw me over in awful ways. Nonetheless, I have more IN COMMON with whites. I never feel strained around any white of any background… poor whites, whatever. We may not match exactly, but yeah, we whites speak a common language.

          • pcmustgo

            With limited exception, sometimes immigrant whites who barely speak English there’s some strain around, but American whites, no problem. Southerners, Northerners, Midwesterners, Jews, Germans, WASPS, Liberals, Republicans, bring it on…. yeah, we’re different but we have so much in common in comparison.

      • saxonsun

        And this makes me wonder about all those white female/black male unions. How do these white women deal with this?

        • pcmustgo

          It’s WHY those unions fall apart so fast. They get divorced- that’s how they “deal” with it. Or he takes off.

      • jtkayLA

        I’ve never had a close black friend, but I have some close friends who are Asian–mainly Koreans with a few Chinese and Japanese in the mix too. They are all second or third generation and most have very little connection to their ethnic roots. They all grew up in mainly white upper middle class environments. They’re as assimilated as any of my white friends. There’s never been any sort of racial tension or resentment. A lot of that I chalk up to great parents. Most of them were the sons and daughters of doctors or academics and were very deliberately immersed in American culture from birth. They never developed that common sense of otherness and resentment, which I believe is often handed down through the generations.

        • pcmustgo

          See, almost ALL of the Asians I knew were first or second generation, pretty “asian”. There is a spectrum among Asians, and every group.

          Some “do better” with Whites than others.

          • pcmustgo

            Most Asians prefer other Asians though, and they have countless asian-american clubs everywhere. Most are immigrant types. Most “assimilate” by cloning our personalities. Most will have Asian best friends- you will be on the side.

    • Morris LeChat

      I once worked somewhere where we had a “mandatory” racial sensitivity meeting we were all supposed to attend. I called in sick the day of the meeting. I heard about it later. It was a black man telling white people how bad they are. I was supposed to “reschedule” a meeting. Guess what, Mr. Superblack was too lazy to agree to come in for another meeting, or perhaps he was intimidated at the thought of meeting someone one on one. Either way, no one ever brought up the subject about me rescheduling after about a week. I escaped that BS. One just has to know one’s enemy, stupid, cowardly, lazy.

  • bigone4u

    The professor’s biased, misleading oped disgusts me. I’ve seen political agendas intermingled with facts as in this oped quite a few times in my 30 year academic career and it always makes me cringe. Whether people network while looking for a job and how effective it is as a strategy is a research topic in labor economics that’s been around 50 years, so there’s nothing new here other than the Marxist spin.

    The author subtly leads the reader (especially black readers) to question whether whites have jobs they do not deserve to have on their merits by inserting the term “privilege” in her oped. Very clever, but obvious to careful readers. Second, I did a tiny bit of research and found a scholarly paper from the 90s that concluded that networking of this sort does not necessarily lead to the networker getting the job. In other words, networking does not appear to be effective per se. This professor ASSUMES that networking is effective as a means of getting a job, when experience and qualifications are what cause someone to be hired.

    Moving on to the author’s claim that whites are opposed to affirmative action because it removes the favoritism we have always enjoyed, again her spin is a whole lot of malarkey. No white person I know expects to be hired into a job just because they have a friend already working for a company. Actually, it could easily be the case that all applicants, black and white, have a friend on the inside. A person expects to possibly be hired if they have the best credentials and they can “sell” themselves during the interview. White criticism of AA is about the fact that most whites have observed a black hired for AA reasons, but who is lazy, stupid, and disruptive at worst, and merely incompetent at best.

    Let me raise an issue she doesn’t. There are many older whites thrown out of work due to the Great Recession, who have been unable to find replacement jobs. Where is the white privilege she is obsessed with? Shouldn’t older whites be finding jobs due to their many “connections?” Her whole research is junk science, debunked by other better research done by others, plus common sense.

    This oped sets out to do what it was intended to do–make undiscriminating white readers guilty, upset blacks, and create racial tensions over a nonissue. Oh, and get her a raise and pats on the back from her Marxist professor friends. Well done, dearie

    • me

      It’s automatically your fault, whatever it is, because of your ‘White Privilege”. Whether it’s Black unemployment or starving Mongolians in China–IT’S YOUR FAULT! And don’t you DARE forget it! The Church of the Poisoned Mind–anti-White Marxism….

    • Morris LeChat

      the BEST form of networking is performing or producing so well that everyone will recognize it.

      • Svigor



    Is the NYT going to explore the role of social networks on Jewish employment in Hollywood, Wall St. and the news media?

  • pcmustgo

    I was a white minority in my peer group for a good chunk of my life. I now visit amren daily.

    Any questions?

    There is no pain like the pain and hurt of interracial friendships. There is no annoyance, no nastiness, no horror, no foulness, as bad as that. There is nothing like realizing your friend views you as a racial enemy. There is nothing like discovering the creepy racial hatred your black or asian friend has for you.

    • pcmustgo

      Btw, I only hung with them because moving to NYC was super hard for me socially. Very atomized here, very difficult city for an 18 year old to navigate socially pre-internet…

  • Bill

    The getting ahead by relying on family and friends thing is this: if a person is hired, and he is a hard worker and smart, the employer surmises that the person’s relative will also be a hard worker and smart. Likewise, a friend recommending another friend is NOT going to risk his job status by recommending a lazy lout. But blacks? If you hire one, he or she is most often are lazy, attitudinal, hitting on women all the time, speaking in ebonics, can’t read, and are surly on phones. WHY on earth, having made that mistake once, would an employer hire that lout’s friend or family member? He is trying hard to get rid of the lazy bugger without being sued.

    • .I had to push on a buzzer five times to day to be buzzed into a building today. I could see from the entrance that the black doorman who should have been out front to open the door for me was busy chatting up the black female front deskperson ….. They don’t give a crap about work.
      Bill …. MF Global, before it blew out, used to fire entire departments just so they wouldn’t have to face the lawsuits that would have been filed by a single black was fired

    • Morris LeChat

      I know of very few people working where a relative works. Of those I do know of, it is usually a detriment. The positive qualities of an employee are not automatically transferred to the relative. they are recognized as unique to the individual. The negative qualities or behavior of a relative though will cast a cloud of doubt or suspicion on the other relative. The same thing with “friends” at work. If you are friends with a person that shows poor character, it will taint you while being friends with a superb performer offers no benefits, it in fact invites a comparison that is not always helpful.

    • saxonsun

      Reminds me of the interview with the black guy in Ohio who helped the kidnapped woman. He actually said that white girls don’t run to black men “unless they be horny.” The white reporter’s expression was priceless. But this black will get a pass on his filthy language.

      • pcmustgo

        no, unless they are homeless or have problems, right?

      • Svigor

        That’s an interesting claim, because I saw the quote in an article, and it was very different there. Something along the lines of “you know something’s wrong when a white woman runs into the arms of a black man”; you know, ’cause whites be all raciss n’ $#eiit.

  • Erasmus

    When does the study come out about how social networking among blacks drives flash mobs?

  • So blacks are unemployed because they don’t use Facebook and Twitter enough?

    That’s about as believable as the story we got here on AR yesterday, that black children don’t have big vocabularies because black women who are mothers of young children don’t talk enough.

    • “Black women don’t talk enough.”

      That has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read.

      • Like a caption from a comic.

      • Hadenough

        I got a good laugh out that one, too. Liberals come up with they most idiotic excuses for black behavior or shortcomings. Worst of all, there are a lot of lemmings who believe it! Most black women I see around the city where I live look as is if they were born with a cell phone as part of their heads. They talk almost 24/7.

        • You mean a sail foam?

      • Svigor

        Yeah, they need to talk MUCH LOUDER, too. There are some people a block over who can’t hear them, sometimes.

        It’s so great when black acquaintances run into each other in public. It typically goes:

        “[SHOUTED NAME HERE]!”



        Shouting ensues, often accompanied by dancing, shucking, jiving, etc.

  • APaige

    Networking has always been about ‘who you know.’
    The new economy is also about ‘what you know.’
    The latter is the real problem facing blacks.

    • Johnny Clay

      Unless you work for the federal government, then no matter who you know or what you know, if your black and female, you have a leg up on every other applicant.

  • Well, golly gee, Nancy! I do NOT expect Mohammed at his family owned business to hire me, nor do I expect Pedro to hire me at his taqueria. I guess ol’ Lakeesha better “Call on Tyrone” and network with who she knows, but she can’t use my phone.

    • Luca

      She’ll just use her ‘bama phone. Which you paid for indirectly anyway.

    • evilsandmich

      Through such seemingly innocuous networking, white Americans tend to help other whites, because social resources are concentrated among whites.
      As you point out, this behavior is hardly issolated to whites, but we’re the only one’s not allowed to do it.

  • 48224

    With all the millionaire black athletes out there, you’d think a few of them would get together and start some businesses and hire mostly black employees… ex Detroit Lion Mel Farr did with his car dealerships. Oh, wait, he went bankrupt!!!! Never mind.

    The fact of the matter is, blacks excel at one kind of jobs….GOVERNMENT JOBS. Yep, when you have no competition, no incentive to innovate, no chance of getting fired for sleeping on the job, blacks do just fine.

    • Jane Johnson

      Excuse me, but they most definitely do NOT excel at government jobs. They excel at being hired for government jobs, and public service unions make it almost impossible to fire them for their lack of excellence, or even competence.

  • The__Bobster

    For Whites, the social network is more class-driven rather than race-driven. That’s why it’s difficult for a lower-class White to get into an elite college or get a high-income job.

    • pcmustgo

      I grew up upper middle class and privileged (relatively…). Don’t assume all well-to-do whites have all these endless connections.
      I would say having a people-oriented (aka, popular) personality and good looks and all that goes into “popularity” help more than anything.

      • The__Bobster

        I grew up poor and had zero connections. I had to make my way on my own, with AA hiring working against me.

    • pcmustgo

      Rich kids are bullied more than poor kids. The white world is full of class resentment.

      • The__Bobster

        In my school, the rich kids paid the thugs to bully others for them.

  • The__Bobster

    I know of a White gubmint manager who told the darkies under him to go into their churches or get on their tom-toms and tell their homies that the gubmint was hiring. He said no such thing to his few White employees, as his bonus didn’t depend on them.

  • jay11

    If the writer of this article had the chance to give her niece or daughter or old friend a leg up with a job opportunity, would she do it, or would she hold to principle and not help her own in favor of some random, unknown person-of-color?
    Of course she would help those she knows. Only a liberal would fault others for something they would do for themselves. Blacks help each other too. Everyone does it. They won’t even ‘snitch’ on each other if they see a crime. Even members of ‘the tribe’ are taught that in their religion! And only to help each other.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I would rate this comment up to the top if I could. That’s the bottom line. It’s not only human nature to help those you know, it’s normal, logical and rational. If blacks would create and support their own businesses, then they wouldn’t rely so much on whites to lift them up, but they largely don’t, and I think we all know the reason why.

  • Jimmy Rustles

    This study must explain why the Asian unemployment rate is less than that of White Americans.

    • Jimmy Rustles

      because of this rampant curse of “racial discrimination” and “favoritism”

  • sbuffalonative

    Maybe blacks drive black unemployment.

    • Morris LeChat

      yeah, it’s like that show “bait car”

  • Tyrone Ooks

    I believe a lot of the employers won’t hire them because they have the emotional control of a two-year-old. Do i even need to mention all the herman cain lawsuits or the civil lawsuits, etc?

  • bubo

    Why won’t them mean ole whiteys gibs De’shawn’ique and Quantavio’us no jobs?

    • smells_just_like

      Soon, it will be a Hate Crime to run background checks on Diversity.
      “Only a vile racist would wonder if our vibrant job applicants have criminal records.”

  • brengunn

    Like the NYT isn’t crawling with interns who are family friends of employees or large advertisers? No, no, no, that doesn’t happen there!

    Look, this is just human nature. Your daddy’s a mechanic, there is a good chance you’ll be able to get a job as an apprentice mechanic through his contacts. Your mother is a cook or child carer? Your sister might be able to get a job through her contacts. It’s completely natural and trying to eradicate it through legislation would be another failure as it goes against all human instinct.

    It seems the real problem for blacks is that they don’t have enough black owned businesses If they did there would be no problems. Or, considering the nepotism shown by black politicians maybe there would be problems. Who knows?

    If blacks can’t even run the businesses in their own neighbourhoods, leaving it to other more entrepreneurial peoples, why should whites feel guilty for their elevated unemployment levels?

    • sbuffalonative

      Favoritism used to be called Nepotism. I’ll assume this woman is trying to make a name for herself by coining a new term.

      We should ask this woman to do a story on favoritism at the NYT.

  • Ralph

    Two things:

    1. As always, an article about white privilege and an achievement gap between whites and blacks leaves out the Asian population.

    2. Let’s assume the author is absolutely 100% correct. Doesn’t that just pile on more evidence to the theory that diverse societies do not work? That after 50 years of forced integration, whites and blacks still do not want to mix to the point necessary for them bring equality to a multiracial United States?

  • So CAL Snowman

    My mentally disabled cousin was made lead engineer of IPAD design at Apple, Inc. because my uncle is a big time player at Apple. My uncle told me that they do not look for intelligent individuals with Ph.Ds in math and computer science, they only look for White people with GEDs.

    I LOVE the soft racism in this article; basically black people NEED White people to give them a job! Blacks are unable to procure employment without the Visible White Hand Of Economics.

  • Boiled down, this article is saying that whites approach the search for employment with a more serious attitude. Oh, no! This is terrible!

  • Puggg

    NYT is upset that a straight gentile white man somewhere has hired another straight gentile white man for a job.

    • smells_just_like

      NYT hates Hate Crimes.

  • smells_just_like

    Times Like These Call for Extreme Racist Clairvoyance:

    “the pain continues”

    You are supposed to lessen your grip on your White privilege by worrying about whatever blacks say causes them pain, and do so while saying “It’s taken us too long”.

    “entrenched disparity”

    Dogwhistle that tells the FedGov to “do more” to crush your White privilege.

    “strong racial component”

    Alarm bells tell Civil Rights activists that a big check is on the way from Soros-DOJ-FedGov to empower them to “dismantle racism” in the courts.

    “social resources are concentrated among whites”

    White privilege is still a vicious threat to equality and democracy and must be ended.

    “it can be more insidious and largely immune to legal challenges”

    But it isn’t immune to black violence and activists judges and Obama National Civilian Diversity Security Force of Color.

    “Because we still live largely segregated lives”

    White privilege is still hurting everyone because we haven’t swarmed it yet with enough Diversity.

    “Whites who felt entitled to these positions believed that affirmative action was unfair because it blocked their own privileged access.”

    We must eliminate White feelings of entitlement by mandating harsh and long over due affirmative action and hate crime laws that prevent Whites from giving jobs to other Whites.

  • >>>The most obvious explanation for this entrenched disparity is racial

    Um no.
    The most obvious explanation is the dysfunctional nature of the black community.

  • PDK

    Here in America, from what my own eyes have seen, if there is any sub-species that practices racial nepotism it is the Negro sub-species.

    One example that comes to mind came from a commenter somewhere, perhaps here at Paul’s, who played semi-pro basketball.

    As he related, blacks are quick to throw cheap shots such as an elbow to the face of a white but not a black, translation, this is our sport whitey, get out.

    When black numbers get sufficiently high in any work place rudeness and aggression towards and against whites becomes the name of the game.

    The black author mentioned that black unemployment is higher than white, that blacks are under-represented in the employment sector. What she failed to point out however, is that black businesses are also under-represented everywhere in America because blacks are incapable of creating and maintaining their own businesses. Otherwise, why don’t blacks create their own business and do to whites what they pretend they think whites do to them?

    Lastly, if there is any reason an employer does not wish to hire blacks it is because experience shows that blacks steal more and work less than their white counter part.

    I should also mention that blacks, for numerous reasons are bad for business.

    It is a no brainer, if your in business, pursuing success and profit, avoiding black employees is an ingredient that comes with the recipe for said sucess. Thanks.

    • A CVS opened up across from me a few years ago. They hired only blacks when they opened, other than the pharmacists. I was in there one night before they cleaned house and heard the manager (who was black and also dismissed) discussing the loss with the district manager of $68,000 in the month prior to “house cleaning”.

      • Hadenough

        Dey probly had dey hands in da register and dats how dey loss $68,000.

  • The Final Solution

    This article reads like a freshman college paper. Opinion-driven with unfounded conclusions based on zero evidence and completely categorical claims – “The most obvious explanation for this entrenched disparity is racial discrimination”, “social resources are concentrated among whites”, “Such favoritism has a strong racial component”….like I said, NO evidence whatsoever to support these conclusions. For liberals, especially when the subject is race, no evidence is needed. Facts are discouraged because facts are a product of a white male system like mathematics and stuff. Part of an imposed economic system of institutional racism and all that.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I would have received a C maybe a C+ if I wrote this freshman year.

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    “Getting an inside edge by using help from family and friends is a
    powerful, hidden force driving inequality in the United States.”

    Das rite, deh jus’ ain’t no developed social network mechanisms fo’ us bro’s an’ sistahs. Tell dat to deh crackers who can’t git no five to six figga yob at deh post office, deh IRS processing center, MARTA, CTA, deh Housing Authority, HUD, deh Federal Administrative Office o’ deh Courts, deh Kahmoonity Kollege Kontinuin’ Edjukashun deans office, deh Civil Rights Museum, ad nauseum.

    • PlumberofNazareth

      Brutha, yoos can’t be fogettin deh Destruct ah Motah Vehikulars.

  • bubo

    Germany is an industrial giant. Equatorial Guinea isn’t. Because racism.

  • PlumberofNazareth

    This is just silly. With the exception of a few groups like the Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Scots-Irish, blacks practice racial and familial favoritism like nobody else. Take higher education as an example. I can think of no other profession that requires more personal connections and networking than a college professor. Can you imagine a “cracker” (no matter how qualified he may be) getting a professorship at a black university like Howard? Neither can I. Can you imagine a black guy getting a teaching position at an Ivy League school like, say, Dartmouth? From their faculty page, there have at least 11 black professors. Even Hillsdale, known for being a right-wing and disproportionately white college, has four black professors.

    Seriously. Modern social science cannot get more ludicrous than this.

    • IstvanIN

      With the exception of a few groups like the Vietnamese, Cantonese, and
      Scots-Irish, blacks practice racial and familial favoritism like nobody

      There is that one other group that dare not speak its name….

      • Luca

        Armenians? (joking)

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty


  • IstvanIN

    To know blacks is to NOT recommend them to a friend for employment. An enemy, perhaps, or a business competitor, but not a friend.

  • Hadenough

    With names such as Squasheka, Lashunda, Sherron, Tameka, Ladarius, Keshon, Dantravius, etc., what do blacks expect when they send in a resume? It’s like wearing a big flashing neon sign that says “I’m Black!” I believe these made up black names come on a little too strong and give a warning to any prospective employer. If blacks started giving their children regular names again, maybe they would get more calls from potential employers who see their resumes. Liberals are just clueless when it comes to trying to understand blacks they don’t live around, work with or are forced to associate with. That’s why they come up with all these ludicrous excuses for black failure and behavior.

  • StillModerated

    Since 60% of blacks don’t know their fathers, I guess there’s not really much to network except visiting the gimmedat social programs — free clinics, WIC, welfare offices, social workers, etc. — with their mothers.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The interviewees in my study who were most angry about affirmative action were those who had relatively fewer marketable skills—and were therefore most dependent on getting an inside edge for the best jobs. Whites who felt entitled to these positions believed that affirmative action was unfair because it blocked their own privileged access.

    Notice how everything is phrased in a way to attempt to drive sympathy towards blacks and away from whites, no matter how poor said whites may be. The above could just have easily been written:

    The [white] interviewees in my study who were hurt most egregiously by affirmative action were those who had slipped through the cracks of the skills training industry—and were therefore most dependent on family and friends for decent jobs. Whites who were denied these positions due to affirmative action were therefore doubly betrayed.

    The slanted writing style makes this “study” nothing but a work of pure propaganda.

  • So white social networking is driving black unemployment, and the fact that blacks drop out of high school as functional illiterates with absolutely no marketable skills has NOTHING to do with their later joblessness.

    While we’re engaged in this sort of pie-in-the-sky fantasy, Nancy Ditomaso, I have a remedy for black unemployment: they could all go to work for the Easter Bunny.

  • LHathaway

    The job search is just unfair, unless your white and victim of ‘affirmative action’ in which case, more unfairness is what you deserve. Notice, there are very few statistics in this essay. Wonder if the author, in his specially-intuned, discerning, search for unfairness, every thought to highlight the fact that 96% of the bus drivers in Atlanta and Washington DC are black? Does injustice need to be highlighted or not? 96%? Whites are still 60% of the country and when it comes to those old enough to work, well above 60 of the job market.

  • JDInSanDiego

    Sea levels are 300 feet higher today than they were before the last ice age ended about 11,000 years ago so a lot of the evidence that would support the Solutrean theory is underwater. See Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods.” He suggests that a comet impact quickly melted the ice sheets and that this is the origin of world wide flood “myths.”

    • A comet impact would cause the opposite. The dust thrown into the air would be very similar to the ash ejected by a major volcanic eruption, like Tambora in 1815. The 160 cubic kilometers of ash ejected into the atmosphere substantially reduced the amount of sunlight reaching the earth and caused worldwide crop failures and the worst famine of the 19th century. 1816 became known as “the year without a summer”.

  • If only all the blacks listened to ape jacksons and al coons advise.

    eek ook

  • hastings88

    We don’t know them because they are not worth knowing. Businesses don’t want to hire irresponsible, criminal, surly employees.

  • Themba Maxwell Mbiza

    Favoratism is a choice you have, but blatant discrmination due to government policy, is another. The latter leaves al lot of white ( well qualified ) South Africans jobless, prevent them from getting certain qualifications like medical Docters etc.

    If you are white and employ whites you can sort a problem out . If you employ non whites and a person does not perform up to standard, you can be sure to be accused of being a racist when you want to address the problem. Maybe that explains the phenomenon.

  • White Libertarian

    The idea that getting the inside track on a job from family and friends indicates a lack of reliance on merit or ability is absolutely false. Anybody who’s ever recommended a friend or a family member for a job knows that you don’t recommend folks for jobs that they couldn’t do, otherwise you’ll look bad yourself.

    The job market is still based on skills, unless of course we’re talking about government jobs, then all bets are off. Anybody in his right mind that owns or is a hiring manager in a free market company wouldn’t hire somebody unless they could do the job, regardless of how they came to know about them.

    But of course someone who’s been in academia their whole life (as this author has) wouldn’t know anything about free markets, as they ONLY know getting jobs through connections and favoritism, simply because academia and government jobs DON’T REQUIRE skills that would fetch a fair price on the free market.

  • Morris LeChat

    In my several decades of being in the workforce I have become conscious one quality that exists amongst whites of European descent and I have also noticed it’s total absence amongst blacks. I believe this one quality is a major factor in the difference in the nature of the world that each people creates. That one thing is “altruism”. I have noticed that white males will do things, under the radar, to help and advance the career of someone they believe is worthy. They will see qualities in another man that they admire and appreciate and give assistance in ways that are not always apparent. Of course, when it is a person in a high position it is usually apparent, but there have been others along the way that helped connect the beneficiary with the person in the high position. In short, I have seen secret affections that and I think these really explain much of the white business world. These affections are not meant to be noticed and are never expected to be returned and more than likely would be denied out of embarrassment . So what I see is a culture of secret affection and helping hands where those who are the most likable as well as competent rise to the highest positions.

    What I see in the black organizations is the complete and total opposite. A total mirror image. I see a ruthless attitude of putting oneself before others at all times, trying to get the most recognition, trying to speak the loudest so that they end up all yelling and shouting over each other-which eventually breaks out into violence. I see secret hatreds nursed instead of secret affections. I see that the whole idea of doing something without ever any thought of a repayment or benefit for oneself is scorned and laughed at. Black companies and organizations are almost non existent for this very reason. They are not capable of a culture with an underlying positive aim. They are all sitting, at the ready, to take as much as they can, and hurt as many people as they have to in the process. They live for the thrill of violating another, for subjugating them, even if they know it will only be temporary. So they have no businesses nor companies, no world of their own to go to for jobs and advancement. So they show up at the doors of white enterprises, with their nature fully evident or eventually evident and complain about their lack of advancement. They are recognized as ruthless looters, they are recognized as different and hostile. Every black city government in this country shows this exact disfunction. Now we are told we are to embrace these beasts instead of our fellow beings that we have affections for… I don’t think so!

    • pcmustgo

      mmmm, not disagreeing with you, but companies and corporations are FULL of bullying, plenty of white on white bullying? Trust your co-workers? Hell, no! I was bullied many times by other white women on the job.

      • Morris LeChat

        the female world is a whole other world

        • roger

          and woe be to straight white men in that world

  • GB101

    The most obvious explanation for this entrenched disparity is racial discrimination.

    Isn’t this interesting? This writer just states what is “obvious.” The obvious requires no evidence, no analysis, no defense, no consideration of alternative explanations. It is obvious that she is an intelligent or knowledgeable person.

    • “The most obvious explanation for this entrenched disparity is black stupidity, lawlessness and laziness.”

      See; this form of “proof by assertion” works both ways.

  • archer

    this article is correct, that’s how I’ve gotten most jobs in my life through people that knew me and trusted me. this type of “hiring” behavior has been going on forever, it’s not racist. if you have a trade, which many white people pick up from their fathers you have a marketable skill, but when blacks are without fathers at least 75% of the time this severely limits their ability to learn a fall back skill early in life. I was a mechanic for a good part of my life, so was my father, I never made a lot of money but was always employed even in the worst economies we’ve suffered through and was always able to pay the bills and put food on the table. many of my sons friends are in the “trades” that they also picked up from their fathers.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    “Blacks are not discriminated against because of the color of their skin. They are discriminated against because they have not anything to offer that people want to buy.”

    “In 1952, the average black man’s income was 57% of that of the white man’s, but in 1962 it was only 53% of his income. In a period of ten years, the black man’s income had dropped 4 percentage points in comparison with the white man’s income. The main reason for this is black lack of understanding of our capitalistic system of government. Capitalism is defined as “an economic system in which capital and capitalists play the principal part. Specifically, the established economic system of most modern civilized countries, in which the ownership of land and natural wealth, the production, distribution, and exchange of goods, the employment and reward of human labor, and the extension, organization, and operation of the system itself, are entrusted to, and effected by private enterprise and control, under competitive conditions.”

    “This black America does not understand. Let’s take, for example, distribution at the retail level. One-sixth of all people employed in America are employed in retail selling; 11,650,000 people in retail sales as of 1962. If the black man had the amount of initiative, courage and imagination required, he could control the retail selling in his own community. Since he represents 10% of the population of America today, he would be able to employ 1,065,000 people. There are 1,788,325 retail establishments in America and yet in New York City, where there are over 1,000,000 black people, they do not own over 15 businesses which employ over 10 people.”

    Quotes by S.B. Fuller from a December 6th, 1963 speech to the National Association of Manufacturers. (At this time, SB Fuller was one of the wealthiest blacks in America). The original quotes used the word Negro in place of Black.

    For his honesty,blacks boycotted his businesses. Facebook does not drive up black unemployment, these people do it to themselves. “The white man’s ice is colder!”

    • Morris LeChat

      wow, excellent post

  • Bruno

    MOST Whites do not associate with blacks, we are too different. I didn’t say BETTER I said Too Different. blacks for the most part do not come to the White level, Whites sink to the black level.
    Smart Whites know a black can never be a true or trusted friend because it will always come down to how they have been denied success by the White Man.
    To see what they can do check out Kenya the birthplace of, well you know who I mean!

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, minorities in general are constantly exploiting time among whites to endlessly complain and blame. When you set them straight on the “disparities” and why the inequality exists- out of wedlock parenting being one example, they get angry or fight or debate or “get back” at you, usually with a below the belt (in the case of blacks, often literal, usually a sexual taunt at whites) remark. They don’t get the difference between mean spirited foulness and honesty.

  • Epiminondas

    This is an article designed to plug the continuance of affirmative action. AA is coming under pressure, and more and more politicians are beginning to question it. Along with dismantling parts of the voting rights act, these activities are beginning to alarm white liberals and their creatures. As Scalia said recently, we will have only one more chance to get rid of these poison laws before it’s too late and it becomes a permanent feature. Obviously, many white liberals are so self-loathing, they are actively assisting in the destruction of the European race. Naturally, there are some on the left who want to see our civilization destroyed forever.

  • Martel

    I never had a job I got via a friend, peers or family members. I am white, are other whites holding out on me?

    What is going on here!

    • Morris LeChat

      same here. I saw people doing what I thought I wanted to do and I asked questions and applied for a position.

  • Greg Thomas

    Soon, it will be a hate crime for other Whites to even associate with each other.

    • pcmustgo

      Try forming a white club (even a non racist one, or none offensive one) on …. try.

    • Jefferson

      Soon it will be a hate crime for any U.S state to be 90 percent White or close to 90 percent White.

  • Unperson

    I suspect liberal dailies like the NYT actually provide their journalists with pre-fab headlines to create stories from. One of these sturdy, all-purpose templates is surely, “How [ANYTHING EXCEPT BLACKS THEMSELVES] Drive Black Unemployment.” The editor assigns this sentence to a writer, the writer fills in the blank, and then cranks out 1000 words of blame-whitey boilerplate, using the appropriate terminology and sticking to the official narrative of white villainy/nonwhite victimology. And another day’s column-inch quota gets met.

  • Paleoconn

    Shocker that most people would want to hire people like themselves, ie. hard-working, conscientious, professional, well-dressed, ambitious, respectful, etc.

    Here’s a solution: why don’t blacks and other minorities start their own businesses where they can hire their buddies and family? There’s always the public sector which is almost exclusive to minorities, especially the urban transit authorities and the postal service.