US Suicide Rate Rose Sharply Among Middle-Aged

Mike Stobbe, WTOP, May 5, 2013

The suicide rate among middle-aged Americans climbed a startling 28 percent in a decade, a period that included the recession and the mortgage crisis, the government reported Thursday.

The trend was most pronounced among white men and women in that age group. Their suicide rate jumped 40 percent between 1999 and 2010.

But the rates in younger and older people held steady. And there was little change among middle-aged blacks, Hispanics and most other racial and ethnic groups, the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

Why did so many middle-aged whites–that is, those who are 35 to 64 years old–take their own lives?

One theory suggests the recession caused more emotional trauma in whites, who tend not to have the same kind of church support and extended families that blacks and Hispanics do.


Another theory notes that white baby boomers have always had higher rates of depression and suicide, and that has held true as they’ve hit middle age. During the 11-year period studied, suicide went from the eighth leading cause of death among middle-aged Americans to the fourth, behind cancer, heart disease and accidents.


One more possible contributor is the growing sale and abuse of prescription painkillers over the past decade. Some people commit suicide by overdose. In other cases, abuse of the drugs helps put people in a frame of mind to attempt suicide by other means, said Thomas Simon, one of the authors of the CDC report, which was based on death certificates.


For the entire U.S. population, there were 38,350 suicides in 2010, making it the nation’s 10th leading cause of death, the CDC said. The overall national suicide rate climbed from 12 suicides per 100,000 people in 1999 to 14 per 100,000 in 2010. That was a 15 percent increase.

For the middle-aged, the rate jumped from about 14 per 100,000 to nearly 18–a 28 percent increase. Among whites in that age group, it spiked from about 16 to 22.



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  • I think it’s all the economy. I think the job situation for 35-64 whites is way worse than they’re letting on. That’s been the most drastic change in underlying factors in the last ten years, compared to all the other theories they float.

    • The__Bobster

      Jobless Whites is that age group aren’t even counted in the unemployment number, as they have “dropped out”.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        It’s absolutely despicable how they try to disguise the horrific job market for Americans right now by excluding those they consider to have “dropped out of the work force.”

        They’re blatantly pulling a blindfold over the eyes of Joe Sixpack and whispering in his ear, “No, no, the job market is improving! Unemployment is down! You’ll find a job soon, I promise…but in the meantime, please call your senator and express your support for amnesty!”

        • Sick of it

          Yep, they are lying through their teeth while we wait for someone to finally interview us, let alone offer a job.

        • Paleoconn

          True, the real jobless rate is 2-3 times what is officially listed.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Yes. The sense of work ethic — defined as resistance to adoption of the welfare/dependency lifestyle (“going on welfare”) — may be stronger in whites than non-Asian minorities. So a prolonged period of under-employment would be more painful for than for than blacks and even Hispanics.

      • blarg

        the access of a white to welfare is not at the same as that of a non-white, most especially a man.

      • mrcan

        immigrant non-whites live better in the U.S than they do back in their third world countries even on welfare. So on welfare they have large families while struggling whites are trying to process what is happening.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      If you’re going to snuff it, at least go out in style. Head to Chicago, Philly, etc., and make your last stand taking on a flash mob or other black criminal types. You’ll get your death wish and at the same time earn us some respect.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Suicide by diversity. Hell yea, that’s how I’d go.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        You shouldn’t write such irresponsible stuff here, don’t you know these pages are being monitored by the FBI?

    • François

      The economy, but possibly this social climate, in which Whites are slowly being dispossesed and replaced.

    • fakeemail

      Being employed aint so hot either unless you make serious bucks. Used to be a guy who made a moderate income and saved his money could reasonably expect to get married and eventually movie into a decent neighborhood. Nowadays, finding a woman is insanely hard and the good neighborhoods have house prices that are through the stratosphere and completely out of reach for most middle class of even coming close.

      • Nathanwartooth

        This is very true.

        I am stuck at home living with my wonderful (no really they are) parents while I go to grad school so that hopefully one day I can make 45-50,000 and live somewhere that isn’t a nightmarish hellhole.

    • me

      Whites are the victims of our corrupt government, illegal and discriminatory laws, our overtaxation, our corporate overlords, and our ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ Marxists. We do need to start programs for disadvantaged Whites in our neighborhoods….especially the elderly. People need to stop sending money overseas, and the churches need to stop importing ‘poor refugees’ and start taking care of the people in their own communities. We are our own worst enemy!

      • Sick of it

        The elderly are on the government dole. Just help younger white people connect with employers. Particularly recent grads with little or no work experience. We just need to get to work.

        • me

          Nope! I’d rather have a person that wasn’t brainwashed by the Church Of The Poisoned Mind–anti-White Marxism. Most people under the age of thirty are indoctrinated and unable to think for themselves, voting for the current POTUS in overwhelming numbers, and against their own best interest. Younger White people need to wake up to the realities of life before too long….and see what’s causing their current standards of life, that are WAY below that of their parents and grandparents.

          • Sick of it

            Then you will push us into violent revolution to eat. That’s not very bright.

          • RisingReich

            Or just maybe thats exactly what the doctor ordered.

          • ageofknowledge

            Be careful what you wish for. It may not turn out as you hoped. One can go from a bad situation to a far worse one though the choices they make. Sick of it is right imo. The liberty to form into self-reliant communities is present. One does not have to simply go along with the destruction. You; however, may not be what the doctor ordered for such a community. Violent revolutionaries never are.

          • RisingReich

            Fair enough. Nothing is turning out as I hoped anyhow.

      • Debbie Johnson

        My MIL’s church sends money to the negros in Africa. When I ask them why they do that instead of helping the poor whites in their town, this is the stupid reply I get. Those poor Africans need our help too. And they wonder why attendance is down to a pittance. The only people left at that church are older white women. Once they’re dead and gone that church is toast. I say good riddance. Let it close down.

        I help middle aged whites whenever I can. I call them the Wal-Mart workers. These are middle aged whites like myself who ran out of unemployment and are living off of savings OR they’re working part time and living on a razor thin edge.

        My husband and I both live very frugally. Because I’m one of those extreme couponers I give away a lot of food to middle aged whites. I only help whites and mostly middle aged whites.

        I do help out young white families when I can. The fast food place where we eat occasionally has a young white woman working there who is newly pregnant. We’re going to bring her some vitamins, diapers and formula from a local church who hands out food to the needy.

        There are ways to help fellow poor whites. Another thing I do is I collect all my aluminum cans and give it to this one kid who lives near me. He scraps metal and takes it down to the scrap yard once a week. Every little bit helps.

        Our fellow whites need to know we’re on their side.

        • HamletsGhost

          You might want to take a look at that white woman’s baby first before deciding to give her anything.

          • Debbie Johnson

            I’ve met the dad. They’re both white.

          • dr. zchicago

            last week here in chicongo(as one poster calls it) i saw a young white woman begging for money. i started to give at least a dollar. but i
            noticed her talking to a ni, er black guy and i kept walking. dollar still
            in my pocket. thanks,i realize this has nothing to do with the subject
            but i just had to comment on what is happening to the greatest race
            to trod the the planet.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I am also opposed to groups who send charity to Africa. It just goes into a ‘black hole’ never helping anyone. They take what Whites make and destroy it. Google “Africa Addio” for some disgusting activities of blacks after apartheid. They are also murdering White farmers and destroying their farms.

          • ageofknowledge

            I recently spoke to a white Christian missionary returning from Africa. They told me that “Africa is doing OK.” They are choosing to stay in the U.S. to help address the great need here. No lie. True story.

        • François

          Whites should stop sending money to Blacks in Africa. Let’s just allow natural selection to work, and let us watch their numbers decline.

      • STOP Judeo-Masonic-Bolsheviks

        Ummm well…

        The real enemy is the Judeo-Bolshevik press, Hollywood, academia and Wall Street.

        we are a conquered people…

    • FedUp

      When it comes to whites, it’s every man for him self.

      I was better off knowing this fact than remaining ignorant about it.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        This is what happens in every society, to the majority. In China, Chinese victimize Chinese, in Africa,…. etc. Anywhere in the world you look, the minority community (even when they are whites in a non-white country), have their own community. What whites need now is to recognize that they are no longer the majority and begin to organize, focused not so much on politics (because everyone has a different view) or religion (same reason) but simply due to being white. The periferral definitions will eventually take care of themselves, but hopefully not violently (as we hopefully have learned to act better than Hitler in Germany or Stalin in Russia).

  • Erasmus

    Yet another cost of all that cheap “labor” we’re importing into the country.

    Being a free-marketer is not synonymous with being a conservative. A nation is a whole lot more than a broad choice of the latest consumer products. Pity republicans don’t seem to know that.

  • bigone4u

    There’s a signifcantly higher suicide rate among white males than with white females. White men are demonized by feminists, mocked on TV and movies, replaced by incompetent minority youths on the job or made to report to them, told that they are rapists and racists, told the world will be a better place when they are exterminated. It’s a wonder the white male suicide rate isn’t higher than it is. White men need to understand that by killing yourself you’re cooperating with the Cultural Marxist agenda. White women need to stand by their men.

    • Korpiklaani

      Our women hate us, when the white race is all said and gone, and only the brown savage remains…God will ask the white women; “Why on Earth would you willingly murder their race and very souls?” The amount of the disrespect white women have for their own ancestors will lead to the death of our people, Slavic, Celtic, Germanic, Latin, Jew, all wiped from the face of the planet, lost to time immortal.

      • Korpiklaani

        murder your own race*

      • josh

        Sorry…but the jew will still be here.God only knows what he will be blubbering about.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          one-billion Whites genocided and they’ll still be whining about the Holocau$t

        • Jefferson

          Jews marry Non Jews at a much higher rate than Whites marry Nonwhites.

          50 percent of married Jews in the U.S have a Gentile spouse. Only 9 percent of married Whites in the U.S have a Nonwhite spouse.

          So Jews are a way more endangered species than Whites, when it comes to being race mixed out of existence.

          You should look up the term Silent Holocaust.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Yeah, this Joo stuff always makes me laugh and shrug my shoulders. Jewish is a religion first, an ethnic group next. It’s like assuming all Christians are white (they aren’t you guys). There’s an old quote, something about beating a dead horse. I view those harping on the Jewish cause of all things evil as a problem for whites partly because of what you are saying, but also because it really just is an excuse to not think about real time, constructive solutions for whites. Getting free of our own historical junk would be a good start.

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘Jewish is a religion first, an ethnic group next.’

            This isn’t possible. Your statement is ignorant.

            First they are born as Israelites and as members of the Hebrew race. Then they are taught and bar mitzvah’ed or bas mitzvah’ed into their religion…Judaism.

          • François

            They have their problems, and we have ours.

      • RisingReich

        Sadly – have to agree. I’m obviously not going to lay down arms and off myself over it as I view it to be somewhat cowardly to commit suicide, but I sure can understand how one runs out of coping power.

        What does a White man do when life is telling you “You’re going to be alone forever, out of no cause of your own, and your own Women are busy hating you and chasing other races.” ? Where exactly can modern Man go with that?

        You either get rather angry, or rather depressed, it’s only human nature.
        Also, I suspect back in the day more men were married with kids, and many didn’t commit suicide that may have due to the interests of wife and family.

        I myself often wonder “What’s the point in all this?” if I’m destined to be alone forever. Those kind of thoughts don’t manifest kind and peaceful ideas.

        • Korpiklaani

          I got angry…Anger is more useful then sorrow. I’m ready for war…

          • Erasmus

            Good. Be angry. Be sad at first, if you must. But finally get angry. Anger is a whole lot more productive.

          • RisingReich

            Trust me – the level of anger I’ve been at for sometime is extremely hard to contain.

          • François

            Join the club!

      • bigone4u

        Wow! The distaste for white women I’m seeing here is greater than on stormfront. I’m surprised. The women who post here seem loyal and decent to me.

        • RisingReich

          It’s not distaste for white women and of course not for the few loyal ones. It’s distaste for how the majority act towards White men.

          None of this would be discussed if we had no taste for White women. Reality is quite opposite of that. The reason these discussions are happening is because White men CARE, and are HURT by this behavior.

          If you’re happily married with kids I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

          • Korpiklaani

            Could not have said it better myself.

          • Tucker

            Ditto, RisingReich. You really did nail it.

            I wonder where Courtney has been lately? Usually, these are the kinds of discussions that would get her dander up, big time.

        • François

          But what about those who do not post here?

        • FedUp

          Look at the stats. The time for excuses is over.

          50-60% divorce rate for first marriages.

          75% of them initiated by women.

          Men are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money through CS and alimony.

          The state has literally become the new father for women. All I can say to white women is enjoy it for I truly don’t care what they do. Most of you think that there will be a white “awakening” or “revolution”. I can assure you that is not happening. Without the muscle and strategy of white men, there is no revolution. There will be very few white men up for the task for there have been thousands of white men who’ve had their lives destroyed by their supposedly loyal white wives through divorce courts.

          The number of white men who’ve lost their lives and been kicked out of their homes is too great. The number of white men who’ve been barred from seeing their children ever again is too great. The number of white men who’ve been sent to jail due to false accusations of abuse and overbearing alimony payments is too great.

          The new renaissance will be composed of a population of white men who’ve stopped caring about having their lives destroyed for the supposed chance of having children with a white woman. And this is also discounting the number of paternity fraud cases involving white fathers who’ve been cuckolded and duped into raising another man’s child. The newest generation of young white men will put their own lives first before the lives of anyone else including white women.

          • Nathanwartooth

            The only reason why the divorce numbers look so grim is that they include all races, ages and education.

            When you break them down, college educated Whites who marry over the age of 25 only have about a 20% divorce rate.

            Like teen pregnancy rates they are exaggerated by Blacks and Hispanics being thrown into the mix.

            I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem because there certainly is. The divorce laws went from “let’s make sure Women don’t get screwed” to “let’s make sure the Men get’s screwed”.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            So what ? I know about a few divorces initiated by women married to despicable selfish morons. When they told me they’re filing for divorce, my answer was:” What took you so long ?”

          • FedUp

            Anecdotal and irrelevant. The facts point to marriage being a raw deal for men. Get used to more white men going their own way or dating other races like Asian women.

            I thought this place was for people who actually cared about getting to the truth through empirical evidence? Too many people here operate on blind faith. It’s telling.

      • Tucker

        You are right about that observation, Korp. Maybe not 100% of all White women, but I would say that the percentage that have drank the anti-White male, Cultural Marxist kool-aid is at least 50 or 60 percent.

        I arrived at that estimation based on a report I saw about a year ago, that revealed that – for the first time in American history – there were over 50 percent of females who were living alone, unmarried or perhaps divorced, in single family homes. The mainstream media liberals, who are hard core anti-White, White genocide promoting and cheering, slimy Cultural Marxists to their very core – were cheering this piece of disturbing news, as if it were reason for celebration. Actually, to these destructive, hate-filled cockroaches – it is reason for celebration, since their goal from the beginning was to destroy the traditional, White American family structure – just as they had already managed to do in the black inner city and ghetto neighborhoods and a report like this one was seen by them as a positive progress report.

        Incidentally, there is another aspect to the ‘gender’ wars that have been raging since the Marxist initiated turmoil from the 1960s that needs to also be mentioned. It has to do with respect and appreciation.

        As a kid, I remember how the man of the house was shown respect by his wife and children. At supper time, for example, the meal did not begin until the father had taken his place at the head of the table. There was no such practice in those days of kids taking their meals into their bedrooms or in the family room so they could eat and watch TV. The rule was that the whole family sat down at the main table, and everyone ate their meals as a family. And, the parents did not prepare multiple or different meals based on the quirks or immature, juvenile whining of the children; everyone sat down and consumed the main course and whatever side dishes that went along with it.

        These traditional family practices have pretty much been discarded, along with the deliberate Cultural Marxist assault which has targeted the White male and the historically successful, patriarchal oriented, traditional White family structure. So, today – when young White men are in the dating and courtship mode – they often find that even the 40 or 50 percent of White females who haven’t totally succumbed to the anti-White male brainwashing, that even these females are seldom willing to treat their White men with respect or appreciation.

        I get the sense that it never even occurs to many of these White females that they should treat their men with respect and appreciation. However, I still routinely see White men holding doors for White women, and volunteering to do other things for them that are of a chivalrous, old-fashioned nature.

      • Bardon Kaldian
      • mrcan

        I have observed interesting phenomena. If you don’t mind letting your girlfriend regal your friends of life with ‘leroy’ for the rest of your life, there are many attractive and available white women. they eventually do get tired of the black b.s..after a while, plus they want a man with a job and a modicum of responsibility. at this stage of my life I could not subject myself to that sort of humiliation, let alone raise a bi-racial child. some of these white babes are hot to look at but sadly too toxic. we must not lower standards….but re-evaluate our priorities.

        • RisingReich

          Yeah once they get done taking a dump on us for twenty-somthing years and pop out a few mongrels and therefore in the poorhouse – us boring stable non-violent White guys are supposed to gush over the chance to raise the half breed and take care of the now resentfull of all men “Mother”?

          You can count me out. Find some other pushover to manipulate and use.

    • josh

      “White women need to stand by their men” Yep! And the Easter Bunny,Santa Claus and Seamus the Leprechaun should stand by us too. Aint happenin!

    • FedUp

      Long time lurker here and I have to point something out as it has bothered me up until now:

      Why should I, as a white male, be the least bit concerned about marrying a white female and having offspring? For the past few decades, white females have been joining the ranks of feminism’s cause and eroding justice and equality in divorce courts. Now, they’ve made sure that most white men going through the divorce process are stripped of everything they have including the right to see their children.

      The main assumption in this community is that white men have to do their best to ensure the future survival of white Europeans as a racial group. Why should this burden be foisted upon my shoulders as a white male when my ability to find work and maintain it as been made worse by despotic feminists in HR branches of government and corporate America? They’ve also made the playing field unequal through affirmative action for quotas, which not only harms white males but Asians as well.

      The cognitive dissonance is staggering here since we should be responsible for going out of our way to placate white women while they go about joining groups and organizations responsible for many of the crises affecting young white males today. An explanation would be most appreciated.

      There are legions of white males, and I know a few personally, who are readying to go their own way and brave this new world on their own regardless of the consequences of sub-replacement fertility, interracial violence, and so on. The alternative of having a 50-55% chance of getting your soul torn to shreds by a scornful and horrible white wife makes it a risky and dangerous proposition.

      White females can enjoy their future with Bellcurvius because I and many other young white males certainly don’t care anymore. They and TPTB have sold us down the river. It won’t be something that we’ll forget either.

      Disgruntled White male

      • FedUp

        *has been made worse

        **affirmative action and quotas

        ***ready not readying

      • NM156

        You are feeling sorry for yourself. Return to lurking, kid.

        • FedUp

          In no way am I sorry for myself.

          Sometimes it’s good to vent. At other times it feels even better to bring the truth to the table. Many people here are either spreading half-truths about white males or don’t have the full story.

          No, sir. I take pride in my life and enjoy it.

      • Tucker

        I suspect that one of the purposes of feminism, aside from lowering the white birth rate, and a goal of the feminists from the beginning, was to snooker White females into adopting this vile and destructive ideology – because the feminists knew that it would make White women repulsive and unappealing to White men as marriage material.

        Also, a critical component in this feminist war was to also convince White females to become promiscuous. This became a superficial benefit to White men, since they could now have a better chance to get sex without commitment or long term obligations. However, to illustrate the diabolically evil genius of the Cultural Marxist enemy – they fully understood that young men are very seldom able to think and reason in a logical fashion, once their hormones and sexual urges sense that an opportunity is about to present itself. Besides, what healthy White male in his right mind would turn down a chance to have sex with a pretty White female, even if, she was an obnoxious, ball busting feminist who he would consider unfit for marriage material?

        Thus, feminism – as Jared Taylor has commented in some of his speeches at the past AmRen conferences – has made millions of White women very unhappy, since they squandered their beauty and most attractive years by engaging in a series of promiscuous, short term relationships that made no effort to establish a solid foundation for a lasting commitment that would include marriage, children, and a stable and happy family life.

        By the way. I saw an article on some website’s entertainment section the other day whereby the queen of White racial and family destruction, Sarah Jessica Parker is talking about wanting to make another one of her ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ movies. Evidently, this vile witch is not content with the carnage and cultural destruction she and her ilk have sown across what’s left of traditional White America – and wants to crank out yet another movie that pushes even more of this anti-White decadence and degeneracy.

        And, I will bet that the lines of White females outside of the movie theaters that premiere this new flick will be a mile long.

        • FedUp

          “However, to illustrate the diabolically evil genius of the Cultural Marxist enemy – they fully understood that young men are very seldom able to think and reason in a logical fashion, once their hormones and sexual urges sense that an opportunity is about to present itself.”

          I would argue that men are pretty logical, especially when it comes to adapting to new environments that are even more harsher than previous ones. When opportunities present themselves, is it not logical to take them? They are opportunities after all. Interests in the long-run like making sure a white woman is placated by purchasing gifts and paying for who knows what is indeed subverted by quick and easily accessible sex. Would I rather be committed to a long-term goal that has a high degree of failure without any substantial reward where the failure is often associated with the loss of careers, homes, and the ability to be with one’s own children? No way.

          It sounds to me like women are the illogical ones if they all jumped on board the feminist train and thought that it would result in a utopia for everyone.

          Regardless, they reap what they sow. As usual, white men will either adapt or perish as has been the case for centuries. White men are either actively avoiding marriage or choosing to date other races like Asian women. Both trends are rising.

          • ageofknowledge

            When the liberal’s culture war against white men became one against white boys (and boys in general to an extent) most of the great intellectuals predicted the outcome would be the exact opposite of what the liberal’s were hoping for. Instead of assuming the mantle of scapegoat being placed around their necks, these young men would instead choose disassociation with some trending toward rage.

          • FedUp

            Rage or apathy. That is correct. The better outcome for these disaffected white male youth would be to turn that anger into a positive drive of ambition as many have already done. They work hard. They establish a life for themselves, but they do not share it with white women. They either keep it for themselves or share it with a woman of another race. This way of life is on the rise and I’ve known many who’ve decided to do this.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Overall, the problem is with the lawyers who are handling your divorces. They are the ones who pressure your wives into suing you and striping you of your money and rights to see your children.

        And then there are the judges….

        • FedUp

          Okay, but why are over 90% of alimony payments transferred from men to women annually in the United States. Clearly, divorce is lucrative for women and they bank on cashing out their husbands after the divorce.

          Why are white women so impressionable that they can be easily be led to not only initiate 75% of divorces without seeking remediation, but also take custody of their children never allowing a father to spend a healthy amount of time with them?

          Perhaps reading books about knowing how to best fleece men in divorce have something to do with it?

          “Divorce War!: 50 Strategies Every Woman Needs to Know to Win”

          It’s horrendous and shows you what white men are up against.

          Again, you peddle lies. White women are culpable in this and white men won’t forget this.

          • ageofknowledge

            They already are. The male dominated world I grew up in was very protective of and respectful toward women. I look around today and I still see it but it is slipping away rapidly. It’s not uncommon today to see young women treated as “one of the guys” by their male counterparts. These young women are in relationships with passive males that have no intent on marrying them. I’ve heard urban youth tell me they would “knock a woman out if she got in their face.” Unthinkable in my generation.

          • FedUp

            Women are equals now are they not? They have equality and much more as indicated by the sheer amount of privileges and entitlements white men of past generations gave them, especially Boomer white men. Now, white males have added difficulties, but rest assured most of us will manage. We’ll manage without the likes of white women though. As time moves on and as their entitlements continue to spin out of control, even more young white men will do without them.

            You cannot expect us to hold their doors open and to allow them to take our seats when they continually tell us they are equals that should be treated in the likeness of a man. I understand this, but so many of you still expect white men to do more than our fair share like slaves. It doesn’t work that way.

          • François

            “As time moves on and as their entitlements continue to spin out of control, even more young white men will do without them.”

            But what do you expect White males to do? We obvioulsy need to mate with White women, if we want to have White children.

          • FedUp

            I expect them to do what makes them happier and better able to enjoy life. It is true that is what needs to be done. I don’t mean to force those to comply with my views, but it seems that for whites to go above the sub-replacement fertility level many here imply that white males now have to go out of their way to actively seek companionship with white females regardless of whether most white females are willing to go along with it. Most in fact won’t agree to it based on these principles, but will do it only if they are compatible with such males in the first place. There is no reciprocation in this manner and that is why I state that white males should feel free to do as they wish and if that means they are actually with a white female in a relationship because they chose to be with one than that is fine.

            At this point, the ability to avoid demographic destiny is to force white males into doing things they don’t want to do in this current environment. I go a step further and state that to choose such an option advocated by members here is also foolish given that we’ve been betrayed actively by generations of white women going back by at least 50 years to the point where I no longer think white males have an obligation to court or provide for white women simply out of racial solidarity.

            Their betrayal is skin deep and hurt the lives of countless white males physically and emotionally.

          • François

            Unthinkable, yes. But, although I strongly disapprove of cowardly young men who think like that, I think the woemn who act like ùone of the guys” have had something to do with it. Some of them get into fights with other women. So maybe “modern” males have come to believe that, anyone who throws a punch, can or should take a punch, too.

            Just like that rat, Franz Boas, wanted us to believe that races do not exist, some other people (with an agenda) wanted us to think that gender and the sexes, do not exist either.

          • FedUp

            If a woman were to physically assault me, then I have the right to defend myself regardless of her gender.

            That’s precisely what chivalry is – the notion that I have to sit their and keep a stiff lip even if I am abused or assaulted by white women simply because they are women. It’s ridiculous. Meanwhile, such restrictions on behavior aren’t placed on white women in the first place as they’ve been given a chance to free themselves out of being characterized by societal roles whether irrational in the long-run due to lower birth rates or not.

            It’s time white men realized this and enjoyed life for what it is and not what it ought to be. Such delusions only lead to harm.

          • François

            “It’s time white men realized this and enjoyed life for what it is…”

            In this case, perhaps you mean, for what YOU think it is?

            Is that synonymous with “reality”?

          • FedUp

            By that, I meant life as it is or appears to be and not what it should be or will be 50 to 60 years from now. At this moment, men can live out their own lives, find work, and date women from a number of other races. There’s no reason to impose restrictions on oneself unless you do it through a desire to uphold a bizarre morality predicated on upholding an entire cluster of genetic haplogroups when most of those who belong to said groups would not think twice about treating you as you would them based on one’s paranoid delusions, doomsday prophecies, and tribalistic protectionism. Rather, most whites get by treating other whites as they would any other race. It is about doing favors for others while no one is willing to reciprocate except for a few individuals who also comply with the culture of AmRen, which turns into a minority of individuals in reality. As well, the only people who are calling for such action seem to come from a select few communities like this one here.

            Therefore, any man would be unwise to take such advice. What is more realistic? Life as YOU and the rest of the members think it is or life as I and a majority of whites think it is? That is, it’s about work, entertainment, happiness, intimacy, and many other things regardless of who you are sharing your time with? Despite what crime statistics and racial IQ facts state, most people of all races get along pretty well with one another in society. Thus, a majority of whites most likely know at least one non-white as a friend, acquaintance, or spouse in reality.

            I’d say it is synonymous with as close to an observable reality in society as it will get in modern times. The other reality, which is common to members in this community, being that there is a struggle among all the races to survive and compete against one another. Life doesn’t exactly play out like that in the West. At least, not any longer.

            In the end, telling white men to stop what it is they are doing in order to start protecting strange whites from an unknown enemy is ridiculous, especially when white men will have to protect those who’ve aided in their decline socially, economically, and educationally . That is, they’d have to spend their days protecting white women who they should not feel the need to protect. If they’ve already established intimate relationships with women of other races, then it’d be more likely that they’d want to protect them than strange white women.

    • LHathaway

      um, do you really have a bigone? And is it what i think it is?

  • It makes perfect sense. White guys have no problem with their own countries committing suicide.

    • François

      Too many of them simply do not understand, their countries are committing suicide, as you say.

    • Triarius

      Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society – Aristotle

  • 48224

    I just turned 50, am a white male, and I think I know how these folks feel. Don’t get me wrong here. I am pretty happy but the older I get the more I see going wrong in the world and it seems more and more hopeless for mankind.

    Disgenics will ruin the earth, not nuclear war.

    • brengunn

      I don’t think so. Sooner rather than later there will be a scientific eugenic solution to any lapse in fitness that the modern world has brought about.

      • Sick of it

        The eugenicists in power hate the white race and think idiotic savages who are on top because they are utter psychopaths are the best genetic stock!

  • The__Bobster

    Beyond all this, I remain convinced that the ongoing displacement of whites is having a mass psychological effect that isn’t fully understood or even realized. We live in a society where whites are downgraded and dismissed, their group identity strictly forbidden from expression and their individual identity only slightly more tolerated. White kids have multiculturalism shoved down their throats from Day One, and white adults must bottle up their most deeply-felt sentiments on race, suffer the disenfranchisement of unemployment through affirmative action, lock-out from prestigious colleges, and physcial displacement from illegal immigration.

    You can’t even get directions at the gas station because the turban-wearing Indian behind the bulletproof window doesn’t speak English. I’m surprised MORE whites are killing themselves.

  • The__Bobster

    I can’t understand people who commit suicide instead of taking out the ones responsible for their misery. That’s letting the bastards win.

    • The Final Solution

      When whites do take anyone out with them they always only manage to kill other white people. Even these so-called white supremacists….

    • RisingReich

      “Die with your boots on”

  • Katherine McChesney

    Black blogs are having a field day with this article. I read their comments on links on SBPDL. They ‘love it’ and claim it’s because of our ‘unearned privilege’.

    • Reginald

      Given the high level of institutional and systematic racism that so many Blacks have to deal with from bigoted Whites like you and others of your ilk, it’s a wonder that Blacks have managed to function as well as we have.

      • josh

        “Given the high level of institutional and systematic racism…” Allow me to translate to English:Given the massive massive transfer of wealth and privilege to blacks, and allowing blacks to indulge their black savagery,its a wonder they havent killed themselves off!

      • HamletsGhost

        Your people don’t function at all. You’re not even a stone-age race. More like a mud-age one.

        • NameName

          With an IQ of Mental Retards

        • That might be spot on. Look at the homes tribalized black Africans make for themselves: mud and sticks.

          A beaver can do the same thing.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Beaver is better.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I see some black named “Reginald” had a retort for my comment that was deleted. Wish I could have read it. But seriously it was probably just like the usual lies we hear by blacks…the ‘broken record’ argument that ‘slavery’ and Whites are the cause of their problems. I heard the same boring argument from a black man yesterday complaining about the suffering a black goes through and how rough life is when they have a white girlfriend who reports them to the police. I didn’t let him gain the upper hand and gave him all the facts regarding the crimes they commit and how forty years of Affirmative Action has failed to make blacks take responsibility for themselves. He thinks blacks are mistreated. Blacks are the dumbest people in history. Selfish and egotistical. Always complaining and never grateful for anything.

      • guest

        As you know, Reginald, in the U.S. the institutional and systematic racism is against white people.

        I will acknowledge the effectiveness of your oft-repeated lie, however.

      • Debbie Johnson

        If whitey is SO terrible Reginald, why does your race keep following us? When whites try to create their own community, separate from you, YOUR black run government comes in, forces upon the community Section 8 and forced busing of black children into white communities.

        If you’re so oppressed, why don’t you build your OWN cities and your OWN communities and support yourself? Surely all of terrible racists wouldn’t mind that would we? I wish blacks would have their own towns, their own schools and hire only blacks.

        The MAIN reason your kind has functioned as well as you have is due to affirmative action and set asides for black businesses. Why haven’t I seen black rappers, black sports starts or black actors and actresses start business or heaven forbid adopt black children, you know like the ones from Haiti?

        And please, please, start shaming blacks like Tiger Woods, Eddie Murphy who marry white women. They really need to stick with their own race.

      • NM156

        Well then you should concentrate on creating your own institutions and systems. Then, you’d have no one else to blame when they fail.

      • Nathanwartooth


        You only “function as well as we have” because you are living in a White country.

        Pick a Black country, any Black country and try living there for a while. You will be BEGGING to come back to evil Whitey’s country when you realize that Blacks can’t create or run civilizations worth living in.

        You should be thanking God every single day that you are not living in a country run by your people.

    • This goes to show you how screwed up the “logic” process is among our obsolete farm equipment. How does privilege explain suicide? Like I said, I think it’s the economy, and if we had privilege, we would have virtually no unemployment in the 35-64 age range, ergo the suicide rate would be far less.

      • Shaun

        “This goes to show you how screwed up the “logic” process is among our obsolete farm equipment.”

        Quote of the month.

        • RisingReich

          Bellcurvious is a close second.

        • ChiefDanGeorge

          If we knew then what we know now, we would have picked our own damn cotton.

  • We have no home.

  • professor

    I know that this will sound callous, but the only way that our people will become aware is that their personal societal pain level increases to the point that they can actually feel the effects. This is an indicator that it is in fact happening and the weaker ones who can’t bear it are weeding themselves out. Individually sad but it occurs under various stresses and reveals an awakening.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I’m sure the dems and Tim Wise are gloating, this is not bad news for them:

    So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness.

    The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.

    –Tim Wise.

    Guess they opted for “Change” instead of “Hope.”


  • Diamond_Lil

    We must wean ourselves from our attachment to possessions. Losing things is not important, losing family is.

    • Sick of it

      Agree on the one hand, disagree in that penniless folk can’t survive, let alone procreate. The government supports every other race.

    • guest

      We are, by nature, builders of both and should lose neither.

  • smells_just_like

    The weaker side of Whiteness is beginning to see the future better than the stronger side is. When Whites know that they will be submerged under Diversity Hell, they refuse.

    • Sick of it

      So far, they just keep running away to newer suburbs or rural areas.

      • smells_just_like

        Demographic change will reach out and grab them through higher taxes.

        Diversity will control all State governments, and all White flight neighborhoods will be taxed retroactively to pay for social remediation of the “areas of abandoned color”.

        White won’t even be able to flee to another country, because the UN will eventually have taxing power against Whiteness.

        It’s over. Your job is to know where the White elites live…

        • ChiefDanGeorge

          I concur with your predictions. Even when whites are a numerical minority, our black and brown Congress will assert that whites still possess a disproportionate amount of the country’s wealth, thereby justifying confiscatory tax rates for whites. Demographics is destiny.

          • smells_just_like

            They will do it in honor of Tutu, who called for a tax on Whites.

            We won’t have enough Whites left to resist.

  • IstvanIN

    But this is what the Gang of Eight wants. The middle-aged white male, rather than being valued for his experience, is replaced by the imported, brown HB1. I understand the feelings of sadness and desperation, the future looks truly bleak for us, disposed from the nation our grandparents left to us.

  • Triarius

    This is what happens to a demographic when the future looks bleak, your society and culture and crumbling around you, and everywhere you look you are constantly reminded everything if your fault and are hated for it.

    4th century Western Roman Empire probably had a higher than normal suicide rate, too.

    • LHathaway

      4th century Western Roman Empire probably had a higher than normal suicide rate, too

      At least they are still white, and it’s been 16 Centuries.

  • Funruffian

    It sickens me knowing men from my own race are increasingly doing themselves in. Someone needs to be there for them and tell them everything will be OK.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      These “men” are the ones that either explicitly or implicitly supported feminism, multiculturalism and anti-White discrimination. The world they left their children is, in every way, worse than the world they inherited. Perhaps at some level they realize this and cannot handle the grief.

      • Funruffian

        Depression and despair play a big role.

    • Sick of it

      Help them with real marriage counseling, not the feminist family-destroying standard in that field. Help them by connecting them with employers.

    • FedUp

      No, the message needs to be that no one will be there for them, but that they must take what they want from society. Chivalrous notions of upkeeping the race, a white wife, and white children are only going to keep them depressed and on medication. It makes no sense! There is no racial solidarity and there is no racial awareness among the general population of whites except for this website as well as a few other small communities. The last thing I, as a white man, need to do is worry about what can happen 50-60 years from now. Collectivism based on my European heritage is illusory and such a concept does not exist in the minds of most whites. You’d be setting yourself up for trouble if you continue to think like that as such thinking is not based on reality.

      Look up the soushoku danshi of Japan. Japan is ethnically homogeneous yet Japanese males are increasingly becoming disinterested in marrying. White males would be better off concerned with their own immediate needs like finding a job, staying healthy, and enjoying life through things like sports and video games.

      When most users on here are advocating that whites should stick together with other whites in public or at least give each other support, you are only setting young white men up for disaster since such a construct does not exist in reality. You are asking men to perform the usual tasks of being a provider AKA slave to other white men and white women. I do not follow the “logic” of most people on here because I, as a white male, would have to spend my time concerned about whether or not white women are safe and having babies as well as whether or not we’ll be around a century from now. Such matters are trivial in the end.

      Be a MGTOW and you’ll have fewer problems in your life.

      • NM156

        Why would you bother typing all that?

        • FedUp

          I don’t know. I just felt like it.

          Why would you bother asking that question?

          • David Ashton

            It’s a suicide note for others to emulate.
            Well, my grandchildren will still be here when people like you are dead and forgotten.

          • FedUp

            I don’t care if you’re grandchildren will be alive or not. What happens to them is none of my business and whether I’m forgotten doesn’t matter in the slightest. You’ll most likely be forgotten long after you die as well eventually.

            What was your comment supposed to accomplish other than try to shame me or feel guilty in a passive-aggressive manner?

          • FedUp


      • François

        “…and enjoying life through things
        like sports and video games.”

        And White boys can grow up to become aging virgins who work in the tedious jobs the colored majority will allow them to have from monday to friday. And spend their weekends watching Black athletes on television, playing videogames, and masturbating (since they will have rejected White women)!

        Brilliant, shining future for the White race!

        • FedUp

          A total rejection of white women doesn’t lead to an absent sex life. A rejection of white women is simply that. They could date white women for sex as I’ve known some who have or they could date women of other racial backgrounds as well. Either way, men don’t have to impose restrictions on what they do any longer for the preservation of whites.

          Encouraging white males to choose an option that already has plenty of problems associated with it is madness. I’m told that I have to marry, which already has a significant rate of failure where the man loses everything, when I already have enough access to sex. I must do this to preserve something that I don’t care to preserve? Why don’t members of this site encourage white females as often as I see them encourage white males? Is it because white males have to be the approachers?

          White men do so already. But, like all children putting their hands on the stove, many won’t do it again.

          Perhaps you should tell white women to “Woman up” instead of telling white men to “Man up”.

          • François

            “Encouraging white males to choose an option that already has plenty of problems associated with it is madness.”

            Oh? Because, relationships with non-White women would necessarilly be free of any troubles…? How much experience have you had with women of other races or ethnic groups?

            “But, like all children putting their hands on the stove, many won’t do it again.”

            But most will be are able to rise above generalizations like “I’ve had a bad experience with a White woman, so all White women must be avoided”. Everything doesn’t have to be like simple operant conditioning.

            “I’m told that I have to marry…”. This is the year 2013. Lots of people do have and raise children, without actually being wed.

            “…when I already have enough access to sex.”

            Of course! You wrote that you prefered video games to the majority of women in the US (White women), just like you also wrote that «a girlfriend is a waste of time», so what could you be, if not a 21st century Giacomo Casanova?

            “Perhaps you should tell white women to “Woman up” instead of telling white men to “Man up”.

            Well, sometimes I do, but not in those terms.

            But rather than to argue with you, FedUp, I’ll say: you are a free man, and able to make your own choices. And you say you just don’t care what others think of you. I’d say you are firmly convinced that you have it all figured out, so be a Man Going Your Own Way, as you say. It is your right to do so.


          • FedUp

            I’m not currently looking for a relationship with a woman. There’s also a few flings on the side. Video games, work, and sports are my main focus and not relationships. Sex can be had without being in a relationship just like how children can be raised without being wed. See? I can enjoy video games and sports without having to worry about marriage or making white babies with a white wife, but enjoy sex regardless. Did you really have trouble figuring that out?

            You’re missing the point entirely. It’s not necessarily about what I am doing, but of what most white males are striving to do. That is, they will date who they want and befriend who they want regardless of your message about preserving the white race. Most young white males don’t agree with this site’s message and probably never will so I wanted to be able to let the other white male lurkers/posters on here know that they are better off spending their days enjoying it and not spending it in front of a computer screen or stressing out about racial politics. This obviously won’t apply to some like yourself, but it’ll apply to many and that’s all I’m concerned about.

            Despite the broken record of the frequent posters here, all it really takes is one person to snap other white male readers back to reality.

            “Well, sometimes I do, but not in those terms.”

            Whatever your message to them might be, you better think of something better because young white females of the newer generations are even less likely than white males to go along with plans for racial self-preservation.

  • Neuday

    Before every Renaissance there is a degradation. We whites, and Western Civilization, are entering into the degradation, but eventually there will be a movement to reclaim past glory, to resurrect our civilization; a rebirth of prior greatness. We need to stick around, preach to the remnant, cut short the degradation and hasten the rebirth, taking great care not to make the same mistakes made by the founders of America 1.0, namely, keep the savages out and the Christ in.

  • I suspect the reason the suicide rate among blacks and Mexicans hasn’t climbed is because they are much less likely to feel personally responsible for their circumstances.

    Things have certainly been better in the past for me financially, and I usually get a dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder each winter, but I didn’t this year. We’re on top of the bills, the three of us have been healthy, and I stayed busy on projects around the house while the weather was nasty. No complaints.

    Someone who gives up and offs themselves is simply guaranteeing that things aren’t going to get better, and is imposing an added emotional burden on their friends and relatives, who may be having a tough time themselves.

    • Sick of it

      Actually, it’s because the government funds their families. They even get cars and businesses on the government dime (or rather, the taxpayer’s).

    • Katherine McChesney

      Glad you didn’t suffer from SAD this winter and that you’re healthy and functioning well. It’s great to read positive news on this site.

      • The name of the game is staying busy. I think the suicide rate has very likely climbed because white men who have been laid off and possibly also divorced right afterward don’t know how to stay busy without their jobs. Some of my friends just watch TV when they’re home in the evenings. Once a fellow doesn’t have anything productive to do, television, taken by itself would seem a rather unsatisfying form of entertainment.

    • Ken

      or Blacks don’t need to self-execute, because their comrades will do it for them.

  • LHathaway

    maybe whites suicide more because they have elevated expectations. . always being told whites are doing just great while people of color need help – while affirmative action and race-pride for only people of color is the real reality. Maybe, instead, whites commit suicide because whites, and specifically white men, are officially to blamed for all the problems in the world past and present and for their projection into the future. white men cause all creatures living on planet earth to suffer. maybe white men just haven’t yet been taught all the coping technecs each other group, who are oppressed by the larger society, have learned. maybe they need girlfriends. Who knows why?

    • FedUp

      “Maybe they need girlfriends.”

      I assure you that’s the last thing we need. White males have a higher suicide rate than white females and you can’t chalk it up to “they need girlfriends”. That statement is not accurate at all. Nowadays, through false accusations, there is a climate of fear when considering relationships with white women. Personally, I am not afraid, but I’ve realized that a girlfriend is a waste of time. The expectations of chivalry, paying on first dates and for other things, and doing most of the work in the relationship, which is what most white men have to put up with, are good reasons for wanting to enjoy life on their own. We are supposed to be living in a gender equal society yet such expectations are ridiculous. Expect more white men to learn about the herbivore life. It could save them.

      Coping techniques are important, but they certainly should not include collectivism and racial solidarity for such concepts are not based on reality. White men need to be more concerned about their own welfare and not that of white females and white children. This may seem contradictory to the ethos of the community here, but it’s the only way you could stay remotely positive about life and your own fulfillment. Working yourself to death by proselytizing the demise of Europeans and stressing over culture, demographics, and the like are a waste of time for most young white men like myself. Most whites I know put their own needs first and treat everyone else including other whites as if they are beneath them. Again, collectivism and ethnic solidarity are not based on reality. This website gives a skewed picture about what most whites feel.

      White men need to know this and accept life for what it is. That is, you’ll be pushed onto the ground and kept there if you don’t learn to get up and take what you need while disregarding others including whites.

      • NM156

        Is there such a thing as toxicity from drinking too much Pepsi? Trollers need to switch to Chivas Regal. It’s a wittier drink, no?

      • Snowflake

        Mr. FedUp, agreed it is a tough world and many people are cruel to each other in the dating scene and in the business world, but please don’t give up on White women. Life is much more fulfilling when you have a trusted mate who loves you. Someday that special lady will enter your life. As a tip: look for someone who is sweet and loyal and who sees life similarly to you. These qualities are more important than money.
        Some women are unwise and immature (just like men) in their twenties. It sounds like you have met your share and are disillusioned. I’m so sorry. Just to let you know: when a woman reaches about age 30 and still hasn’t married she starts getting serious about finding a man who is good husband material. If that age group appeals to you, you could date women of that age right now. Or pursue your interests as you are planning and at some point destiny will send a good lady to cross your path. Best wishes!

      • Bardon Kaldian

        Immature. Ego-centered life is for losers.

        • FedUp

          As long as one enjoys what he or she does, the opinions of others are meaningless.

          Ever think that a man can work, have sex with women, and not have to commit to raising a family? It’s possible. I even know of a white male who’s been in a committed relationship with a white female for decades and never had children.

          “If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”

          -Marcus Aurelius

          So far, no one has explained to me why it’s not right.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Why would anyone explain to you anything ? Live your life, it’s no one else’s business.

          • FedUp

            Precisely. The more white men who realize this the better off they’ll be. Shaming men for not wanting to continue to white race is like shaming men for white privilege. I do what I feel is important and if that means dating an Asian woman or not having children than so be it.

            Telling white men that they have to be concerned about being responsible for uplifting the white race out of sub-replacement fertility limits their freedom to choose. It’s also childish and fulfills some of the awkward damsel-in-distress fantasies of some of the members here.

          • FedUp

            *continue the white race

      • Realist

        FedUp speaks true in that, one must be pro-white because one likes white people and not because one is simply anti-black. Love of anything must proceed as a positive desire and not a mere emotional negation of something else, or else how will you stick with the thing you wish to defend when the going gets tough?

        • FedUp

          The problem with such an assessment of solidarity of whites does not take into consideration the amount of young whites who’ve already formed relationships with non-whites, both mutual and intimate, in Western countries. In fact, the vast majority would probably claim to have at least one non-white friend. It doesn’t take into the consideration the technology used to make our lives easier and prevent us from really desiring any unity.

          What most of you see here is a community of whites. It really exaggerates the notion that whites are just as cohesive in the real world as they are online. For most young white males like myself, an awakening of the European consciousness is probably the last thing on our minds as most of us are concerned about finding work, going through school, spending time with friends and a girlfriend.

      • A large element of the “climate of fear” you mentioned is due to the fact that a significant segment of American women have been successfully convinced that city police departments exist to solve – by force – all their relationship problems for them.

        • FedUp

          Of course, the Duluth model of domestic violence is very anti-male and unlawful, but what can you expect from such feminist-inspired trash?

          The problem I find is that many people feel that the most harmful things happen to whites because of what non-whites do. One must only look at what white women have been doing to disintegrate the rights of white men across the West. It is betrayal from within and it won’t be forgotten. At least not by a majority of white men who are a part of generations Y and Z today. Some delusional folks in the comments section think that there will be an awakening of the young white men of this generation as they grow old.

          They have no frame of reference. We are the generation of young white men who were shamed as “potential rapists” by feminist teachers in schools. We were given all sorts of medications because of our energetic behavior. We were taught that violence against white men by white women is alright as it demonstrates their empowerment. We were barred from going to the best university programs because not enough white women were present in them. We were shamed for a history of “patriarchal oppression” even though every boy and young man alive today had no such affiliation.

          We’ve been burned. We’ve been beaten. But, we won’t give up. The number of white men who will prefer to date Asian or East Indian women will most likely rise. Many others will choose to go their own way as it’s way better than appeasing those who’ve betrayed us and sold us down the river to develop their supposed utopia born out of their misguided ideals.

    • Katherine McChesney

      White men seem to have a need to do well in life. They like to be productive. They are more responsible. They have a personal need to work for their living, to support their families and contribute to society. When their options are stolen from them they suffer for it.

      Blacks, on the other hand….

      • LHathaway

        so. . if we just act more black, we wont suicide as much?

  • HamletsGhost

    Things are getting real. More real by the day.

    When people get depressed about the way things are going, I always rush to remind them, that the system, like the Soviet Union, looked solid and menacing from without, but from within it was tottering on rotten props.

    Middle-aged white men are the pillar that upholds the whole system. It’s THEY who pay the taxes, obey the laws, and fill the ranks of middle-management that keeps the wheels moving. If they abandon the scheme, watch things fall apart.

    To a point, this has already happened. Think Detroit and other cities destroyed by the black tide. But then whites could retreat to the suburbs and keep going by paying various diversity taxes.

    No more. Now even the lily-white Mid-west is getting flooding with bilge from all corners of the globe. All supported by the gubbamint, in turn supported by the same helotized whites who fund their own destruction. Think of someone sawing of the tree branch he’s sitting on.

    Collapse is coming. Rejoice, rejoice!

  • Opie

    If I woke up every morning and all I see is unhealthy looking pale skin,
    I would be depressed too.

    • NM156

      Disparate impact alert! What Kommunity Kollege do you attend, sir? Has your Pell Grant been cut?

    • Conversely, no matter how much you wash yourself, you must never look clean. You are the human stain.

  • Opie

    Well,Darwin was right.Survival of the fittest.The weak minded will weed themselves out.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Shut up. You got manpower, we got firepower. You’ll be erased.

  • Opie

    White women I can’t explain,but as for white males I can understand why they
    would want to end it all.Carrying all of 4″ through a lifetime is a depressing thought.

  • AugustusAlexander

    White and Asian men have a tremendous amount of responsibility and shame…..when they get old and life sucks hard they tend to take their own lives instead of taking someone elses with a crime/quick fix.

    Its not easy being a white man with a family to feed and carrying the country on your back.

  • FedUp

    As a young white male, it’s been pretty tough finding a job and I’ll admit I’ve felt down before.

    Although, making sure I have offspring with a white female is the lowest of my concerns for various reasons. I don’t even consider it a concern at all. A lot of you on here seemed to be concerned with what happens to the world many decades from now as whites decrease in population proportionally to other racial groups, especially white men. There’s an over-representation of white men on here I’d say.

    To fellow white men:


    Why do you have to concern yourself with this stuff? Just live out your own live and enjoy it to it’s fullest. Who cares about making sure you can fix the sub-replacement fertility level? Most aren’t going to do it and you alone won’t be able to. Go your own way.

    Look up the grass eaters of Japan, the soushoku danshi. They have the right idea. Live life for yourself. There’s no need to cry yourself to sleep while thinking about the fate of White Europeans and medicating yourself until you go unconscious. There’s no need to stress over this at all. I can’t share your concerns because I want to look forward to enjoying life regardless of what the future holds.

    Think about it. Why are a majority of you on here white male? You care too much about this. I can tell you most white females don’t care about this and I know many who spend their days partying, drinking, and working instead. They’d sooner join a feminist cause than this website.

    You know this is true. If this was something to actually care about, then the gender ratio would be more equal here among whites. The problem with all of you is that you care way too much about this.

    Travel. See the world. Hike. Fish. Read your favorite books. Find a better job. Something that’ll make you happier. All of this isn’t worth it.

    • FedUp

      *live out your own life

    • NM156

      All of this does make me happier, FedUp. It’s just like hiking, fishing, and traveling. Having a mission in life and a family is what makes us happiest.

      • FedUp

        Then I wish you the best.

        I am more concerned with the fact that most people on here expect more white men will follow suit and become more racially aware due to changing demographics.

        There are a growing number of white men who are waking up every day and realizing that they need not follow the life script of having a white wife, 2 white children, and a white picket fence. The facts show that for many white men this can lead to disastrous outcomes that will end his marriage or, worse, his life.

        Many white men will simply not jump on the solidarity bandwagon. There’s too much to lose by taking that route as it is. I, and many other men, thrive as individuals and not as a collective. For when we are part of the collective, we are generally discarded, disposed of, or made to pull the plow so to speak while the women sit their and watch. There’s no reward in doing that. That kind of life is increasingly being made obsolete. If you and all the rest here want to try to get society to go back in time when things were different, than so be it. But, you must realize that many white males just don’t want to put up with that anymore.

        We’re broken. We’re beaten. We’re tired. But, we’re not out.

        • FedUp

          *there not their

          • David Ashton

            Some of us believe in what Nietzsche called “socialism in time” (as distinct from socialism in “space”): one can imagine how others recently born or yet unborn will find the world they inherit, and seek to make it better rather than worse for them. You will just disappear, full stop.

          • FedUp

            And so will you and your descendants as well eventually. Whites are declining proportionally regardless. Many white males including myself have chosen better paths to go on our own or date women of other races who actually appreciate us and refuse to treat us poorly.

        • robinbishop34

          What you aren’t understanding (yet) is that your defeatist attitude is not an intrinsic response to ‘changing demographics,’ but programmed acquiescence. Most people that comment here are speaking on specifics but the mechanisms of white displacement are much broader and more treacherous than you may understand. It CAN be broken however, and quite easily I believe.

          If every white man like yourself with their passive acceptance of these foolish Helter Skelter prophecies would just take on a positive outlook for the future, the idea that Western civilization would become a third world s**tpile would be about as likely as any African nation reaching the moon.

          • FedUp

            Who’s the fool? I merely wish to maximize my enjoyment out of life in the present and refute misguided ideas about preparing to sustain the white race from whatever may come. It’s like being alive only to prepare for the afterlife. No one is even sure of what’s to come and most people here could be talking without any idea of what the future holds. You seem to have delusions on what’ll happen decades from now whereas I merely refuse to be a pawn in this game as a white male. I don’t have to participate in fixing a society or economy that has already been made unequal for men by white female feminists. It’s a joke.

            It’s like Ahmadinejad and Hitler planting trees in Israel. I don’t need to side with those who were acquiescent when it came to the erosion of my civil liberties. It’s insulting and pathetic.

          • robinbishop34

            Since when is maximizing enjoyment out of life and fighting the good fight mutually exclusive? They seem to go hand in hand to me.

          • FedUp

            What you call “fighting the good fight” is a waste of time only for the reason that white males like myself would be asked to go out there and do something that other whites have already deemed unnecessary. In fact, most young whites vilify others for doing as such. Just like this website, the majority of those who would be tasked with such activism would have to be white males for most white females have no problem with the modern multicultural society. They spend their days doing what white males should be doing. That is, studying, working, partying, and so forth.

            You can do as you wish just like the rest of the people here, but don’t expect most white males to jump on board with this as we’re checking out. Most young white males of the newer generations aren’t the plow for white women’s avarice, demand, and selfishness.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Your view of women is seriously impaired. I hope for your sake that you meet some women who are responsible, moral and intelligent.

      • FedUp

        I and many other white males have chosen alternative paths. I’ve been with women who were mostly irresponsible, abusive, and demanding, but I’ve also been with women who were gorgeous and kind. The former was white and the latter was Asian. You just can’t expect us to go back to the grind of marriage and put up with that. There are many other ways of life that are becoming more acceptable and increasingly popular in some countries.

        Many of these young white males I know would’ve been great candidates for marriage and I don’t doubt that they would’ve been loving fathers, but they’ve been cheated on by their white spouses or proverbially burned too many times. They are future dentists, engineers, and laborers maintaining America’s infrastructure, but they chose their path without planning to marry white women or have children.

        I’ve known a father who was pushed out of his children’s lives by his white wife in favor of a newly met boyfriend who abused his children. The potential for heavy losses for men is too great for marriage to be considered as a viable option nowadays.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Hogwash. The most developed races (White, East Asian) have alway had the highest suicide rate. The others are simply too dumb or resigned to fate to to this.

  • Reverend Bacon

    I don’t see this in any of the comments nor in the article. But my take is as follows:
    -Blacks, for many reasons which we can debate, have unquestionably higher self-esteem than the rest of us. Liberals ignore this, especially because in the US higher self-esteem is correlated with lower intelligence. I suspect it’s all the “black and proud” BS that our taxes pay for in media PSA’s and school-based support groups. Thus, they are less likely to feel bad enough to eat the bullet in the first place.
    – When blacks do decide to check out, they do it in a way that’s not recognizable as suicide, and thus not counted: Suicide by Cop. This increases their chance of leaving behind an inheritance, in the form of the Ghetto Lottery. Mom and Dad, unlikely still together, unite to cry racism by the cops and how they shouldn’t have shot their angel, despite the fact that he was trying to shoot them.
    Thus, we have fewer blacks committing suicide, and those who do prefer SBC.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Higher self esteem???? I believe they have huge egos and no self-respect. If they had self-esteem they wouldn’t be the losers they are.

      Whites = suicide
      Blacks = homicide

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    The Oregonian ran the story last Friday (May 2) because the rise is highest in that state. At the top of the heap of hasty exits are guess what – white males. That article used more statistics than the CNN article I saw the next day that interjected Amerinds as the top suicide number. The reason the Oregonian article gave for the rise in White Male suicide rates is that they usually have the least family support and they have suffered more job loss during the recent recession. The jobs that are coming back are not the same ones that disappeared then, so many men find themselves out of the statistics count altogether, except when they show up at the morgue.

    My own Politically Incorrect analysis (that I hope many here share) is that males, and in particular, white males have chronically been forced into the role of the most unlovable of all villains and of course the main villain in Western Culture. Feminism is the chief architect of this trend. They have to be, as they announced in the early 1980s that white men were the evil of the world and that no white woman ought to birth a white baby. I cannot remember an actual proclaimed hope that white men would hopefully commit suicide in droves, once they were herded out of the best jobs and into a continuing decline, but I don’t think they had to, the hatred was there clearly enough. Now that these attitudes have been generalized into American culture for a few decades, no one has to make the nasty connection, due to social amnesia, but the mechanisms are well in place. Every day, you can see suggestions for the replacements for white men paired up with white women on tv programs, films, and constantly in not-so-subliminal suggestions in commercials.

    For myself, realizing that my suicide is the planned outcome of the social engineers of the Left, I refuse to ever succumb out of PURE SPITE. These white men who commit suicide do so because the bottom line is that there is no love for them expressed in our culture, in fact the opposite. When they are finally painted into the corner, I suspect it is their own liberalism that won’t allow them to convert this rejection into constructive “hate.” Hate is good, if it keeps you alive. The emotion is taxing if there is no love to be found anywhere. This is why whites need to seek out and find local support for themselves. The problem for men is that we have always been raised to be self-sufficient emotionally, when this is really impossible. I have known many white male loners who right about now are in their mid sixties and likely at risk. Something else I haven’t seen taken into consideration is the likelihood of many suicides helped along by increased presence of chronic debilitating diseases that decrease quality of life. I had an uncle that had MS for years. He was a doctor. He always said that if it became too unbearable, he would end it himself and he did. Another uncle (also a doctor) suffered with diabetes for many years. One morning, he sat down and wrote a loving note to his wife, went into the backyard, wrapped a towel around his head and did the deed. (I ought to note that both Oregon and Washington now have “Right to Die” laws).

    I’ve read posts on CNN where some have said that it’s better that these guys shoot themselves rather than go on a shooting spree. I notice that these shooters are usually young men who seem to think that when they don’t get what they want, it’s time to take it out on people in general. I actually think its got a large spoiled, Gen X factor involved, even these Boston Marathon terrorists (the older brother radicalized after being rejected as a perspective member of the Olympic Boxing Team). Older whites commit suicide less for political reasons, but more for medical, financial, and SOCIAL reasons. The social reasons ARE an outcome of the political power plays that I touched on in the second paragraph, above.

    Our culture has always been a fairly rough and tumble proposition for everyone but the very wealthy. (During the CW, the wealthy on both sides could buy their way out of service). Oh, yes a few have found a paradise, at least temporarily, but the nature of America has usually made that a temporary experience. Indian burial sites are considered sacred forever, but most of my American ancestors lie in graves that have been desolated. The question now seems to be whether we can come up with a better way to treat our own or if the meaning of being an individual in a “free” country ultimately means the ultimate violent turning of oneself upon oneself. There must be a better way.

  • robinbishop34

    “…there was little change among middle-aged blacks, Hispanics and most other racial and ethnic groups”

    In response to accusations of abuse of Tina Turner and her claims (to him) that she was going to kill herself, I once heard Ike Turner say that black people commit suicide by jumping out of basements.

    They kill each other, kill their unborn children (God help me but I’m glad for this), kill whites… but not themselves.

  • Guest

    It is the stated mission of the cultural Marxists to eliminate the white male and Western Civilization in exchange for Stalinism v2.

  • Truth

    Google cultural Marxism. Case closed.

  • evilsandmich

    there was little change among middle-aged blacks, Hispanics and most other racial and ethnic groups

    Maybe it’s because those groups hold to the old adage that you can always ‘take one with you’.

  • JohnEngelman

    Both political parties are complicit in opening American borders to immigrants, who of course exert downward pressure on wages.

    The Tea Party, which dominates the GOP, is opposed to the kinds of policies which during the Great Depression reduced unemployment. The Tea Party is also opposed to helping the unemployed.

  • Ella

    Not surprised a bit knowing the Boomers used and still use more drugs than any other generational group comparing overdose reports from US emergency rooms. Combine unemployment (indebtedness) and alcohol/drug abuse, you have increased depression and suicide risk. Whites need to cut the drugs– alcohol, pill popping or whatever. And Whites live “separate” and “isolated” from each other so support groups are weak / non-existent.

  • dondiego

    I will probably commit suicide in 15-20 years time, aged around 60. I am white, exiled to another country (Australia- from N.Z) and have had serious internal injuries and reasonably traumatic brain damage.

    The recent past and present are not pleasant. I moved here for the warmer climate and the white people. [As this site has noted Australia has changed, perhaps irreparably]

    I share the sentiments of an earlier commenter: Stick around and fight the (evil) absurdity; a stoic, pugilistic sort of attitude.

    Could there be many in the number who know, as I do, that the future promises degenerative physical and mental problems? I hope to know when my time is up and not go through a pointless bout of dementia, as my (hard but fair Scottish) Grandmother did.

  • Christopher

    I’m 52 and was hospitalized with “suicidal ideations” last year. I was losing my job, couldn’t find a mate, saw the world going to hell…and seeing how young white men are treated in this culture – I’m really afraid of the future.

    • Ella

      As you get older, there are more available women for you to date and it’s actually harder on single women over 50 plus since they end up trying to date men in less numbers (dead from accidents or disease). Men tend to get the benefit and can date ten yrs younger—lucky you! So it’s not so bleak as long as you stabilize the finances. You get to date younger women and more available overall. For older women, it’s super competitive. I hope you feel better and found a good job. It takes about 50-100 applications now to be hired.

  • Paleoconn

    If the majority of the White suicides are diversity-loving liberals, there is at least an upside to this story.