Defense Attorney: Prosecution of Gosnell Is ‘Elitist, Racist’

Elizabeth Harrington, CNS News, April 29, 2013

Defense lawyer Jack McMahon delivered his closing argument on behalf of abortionist Kermit Gosnell on Monday, accusing  prosecutors of “manipulating” the case to engage in an essentially “racist” prosecution of the man charged with four counts of first-degree murder, killing babies born alive during abortions by snipping their spinal cords with surgical scissors.

“Never have I seen the presumption of innocence so trampled on, stomped on,” said McMahon in court today, adding that the Philadelphia district attorney’s office “tried to manipulate everybody” and was pursuing an “elitist, racist prosecution.”

“Dr. Gosnell is not the only one doing abortions in Philadelphia,” McMahon said, “but he was an African American singled out for prosecution.”

“We know why he was targeted,” he said.  “If you can’t see that reality, you’re living in some sort of la-la land.”

Speaking for nearly two hours before the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, McMahon painted Gosnell as a doctor who cared for his community “providing a service” to vulnerable young girls.


He talked about 13-  and 14-year-old “desperate young girls.”

“And who comes to help them?” McMahon asked.  “Dr. Gosnell.”

“He gave them a solution to their problem,” he said.  “They went in for a service and Dr. Gosnell got it done.”

Gosnell, 72, is facing four counts of first-degree murder for the killing of babies born alive after abortions, and a third-degree murder charge in the anesthesia-overdose death of a mother, Karnamaya Mongar, at his clinic the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia.

He is also charged with infanticide, conspiracy, abortion at 24 or more weeks, theft, corruption of minors, solicitation and other related offenses.

The grand jury report presented in the case asserted that Gosnell killed “hundreds” of babies over the years, by cutting their spinal cords with scissors after they survived late-term abortions.


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  • So having a problem with an abortionist killing black women and black babies makes someone an anti-black racist?

    • Manaphy

      Congratulations. You just summed up all Bantu logic in one sentence.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I suspect a genuine anti-black racist would be inclined to give Gosnell a “high five” and want him released and returned to his practice.

      • Troy

        I have no problem with this suggestion

      • Room101

        It would be “racist” to jail Dr. Gosnell.
        He’s a hero of the ghetto saving hundreds of thugettes from minor and temporary medical inconveniences.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Gosnell was also a young man – a baby, really – who was just about to turn his life around. He loved Skittles and iced tea so much.

          He must have fallen with the wrong crowd. We need to get those scissors off the streets, and start pressuring Obama and congress to take on the scissors lobby.

          • TheAntidote

            Yeah, but he wasn’t an aspiring rapper “at risk”. Perhaps they should wrap him up in a hoody so the jury can more easily perceive his victim status.

        • StillModerated

          Gosnell should get a Crimestopper Award.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I’ve read a lot about this case — found out more than I ever wanted to know, listened to horrific testimony, looked at photos that were beyond unspeakable.

      There were plenty of White women who visited this butcher shop and killing ground.


      • borogirl54

        From what I understand, the white women that he saw as patients were placed in clean rooms and were given more personal attention from him than his minority patients.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          From the testimony:

          Tina Baldwin testified that Gosnell treated women differently, based on their race. White women ‘with money’ were taken to an ‘immaculate’ upstairs room where Gosnell treated them personally. Poor black, Latino and other women were kept in the clinic’s dingy, dirty downstairs rooms, and were usually treated by medically unqualified staff.

          Tina Baldwin said she asked Gosnell about why he treated white women differently from the others. She recalled him saying, ‘Sorry, but that’s how it is.’


  • Katherine McChesney

    He is trying to deflect the fact that Gosnell is a serial killer and mass murderer.

    • dukem1

      My take is that if this guy were white, he would have been shut down and jailed years ago…

      • I know that if I was found to have jars of dead baby hands and feet in my cupboards, I wouldn’t be being prosecuted because of my race.

        • Room101

          If you were black, you wouldn’t be prosecuted at all.
          At least not for a few decades.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Why on earth would he save the evidence? That’s like child-molesters who film themselves doing their stuff!

          • toldev

            I think he did that because, as Katherine said, he is a serial killer. Not all serial killers keep body parts as mementos, but the sickest of the sick tend to, eg: Ed Gein or Jeffery Dahmer.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        If he were White, this would be headline, national, above the fold news blasted from every TV and radio station.

        Instead, his blood-soaked clinic was allowed to operate for 17 YEARS w/o a state inspection.

        As it is, the national media have barely covered this case.

        Why? Because Gosness is BLACK and is one example of black, failed AA doctors.


        • Another reason there was no scrutiny is because aborticide is the holy sacrament of the church of gender equality.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          court staff, convinced it would attract journalists from around the nation, has set aside three rows of seats to accommodate up to 40 reporters. But all Thursday morning, as Ashly Baldwin testified to horror after horror, only one reporter was in the reserved seating.

    • Integration Anxiety

      Kind of hard to remove gruesome images of newborns being butchered like that. But yes I can see your point. I mean what else is this guy going to say for his client? But I have the same thoughts about this as Kit Ingoldby & Manaphy. I always wondered why, during a murder trial of a black suspect/ black victim, the lunatic apologists would claim racism that they were going after the assailant in the first place. I don’t know- call me crazy but the idea of an innocent person dying and that family not getting justice ( in other words allowing black on black violence to go unabated) would be the real racism. These common sense voided looney liberals

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I suppose its a good defense strategy. I’m guessing the jury is mostly-black; however I can’t see this guy going free.

    • The__Bobster

      I’m seen the testimony. It’s so horrendous that not even 12 Nubian princesses would set him free, especially since most of his victims were black.

      • MekongDelta69

        I’ve heard some of the testimony and I’d LOVE to believe you.

        But blacks are so far gone, that most of the times, race trumps feminazism, abortion and even murder.

        Look at O.J. (for just one example of endless examples).

  • MekongDelta69

    This is NoBama’s ‘post-racial’ America on steroids.

    Blacks can think, say and do whatever the hell they want and then scurry under the bed and hide behind the all-powerful “racism” shield.

    They’ve been able to do that for 50 years, but the dictatorship of NoBama / Hold-Em-Up has just about made it totally legal now.

  • vladdy1

    You know it’s a case of “the soft bigotry of low expectations” when a black doctor isn’t even expected not to murder babies.

    • Dr. X

      Abortionists and black affirmative-action doctors are the absolute bottom-feeders in the medical profession. This guy was a twofer, a perfect storm. I’d be VERY curious to see where Gosnell ranked in his class in medical school, but I’m willing to bet that it was so low he should rightly have failed out but didn’t because of his race.

      • borogirl54

        I have read where Dr. Gosnell was not even a Board Certified OB-GYN.

  • The__Bobster

    “Dr. Gosnell is not the only one doing abortions in Philadelphia,” McMahon said, “but he was an African American singled out for prosecution.”

    Yes, but the other doctors weren’t delivering live children and then slaughtering them.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Probably also none of them have any patient malpractice deaths under their belts.

  • IstvanIN

    I don’t care what they do to each other. Not my problem.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I think this is called “No harm, no foul”.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I wouldn’t care what he was doing if he was doing it in Africa. But he’s bringing barbaric African “medicine” to a white nation, and that puts it under our jurisdiction.

      I hope he gets jailed for life, or the death penalty. Even better would be deportation to Africa, but we know that will never happen.

      • KittyAmerica

        And how did he get through medical school? He wouldn’t have had a medical license without the great equalizer.

        • It was said that he was not competent to perform “partial birth” abortions, and this was his solution.

  • bigone4u

    Civilization as we have known it will suffer another blow if this wealthy murderer is freed to go back to his butchery. His butcher shop (not clinic) would do Dr. Menegle proud.

  • WR_the_realist

    Every time a black person gets caught committing a felony his first line of defense is to cry, “Racism!”. We see this over and over again.

  • brengunn

    How can a child be born alive after an abortion?

    • toldev

      Basically what Gosnell was doing was inducing labor in women who were in their third trimester. In most cases, a child will survive that. That is the reason he had to clip the child’s spinal cord. Calling what Gosnell was doing “abortion” is a whitewash. What he was actually engaging in was infanticide.

      If you search online about the case, you can see actual photos of the “aborted fetuses”. What you will see appears to be full term infants with a stab wound in the back of their necks.

      • brengunn

        Oh, then he should get what’s coming to him. I’m all for the pro-choice movement but really this is more akin to murder.

      • brengunn

        Just looked up the pictures of the babies and to me they look like full term babies, fully formed and capable of life. He should go down.

        Oh, they don’t look black either. Or the one in the Atlantic didn’t.

        • jambi19

          Black neonates look very light skinned when they are born.

          • toldev

            Yes, and not all of Gosnells’ clients were black. He had many Hispanic clients and clients of other races as well.

      • borogirl54

        Some doctors will inject a medication called Dioxin into the fetus’s heart to kill it before starting the abortion to make sure that there will be no live birth. Gosnell did not do that.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          In some cases he did use dioxin.

          From the testimony:

          Ashly Baldwin, 22, testified that she began working at the clinic when she was 15. Though unqualified and unlicensed as a medical technician, she began medicating women, even administering injections with a butterfly needle, under Gosnell’s instructions.

          She testified that she saw digitalis injected, and explained that its purpose in abortions is to kill the unborn child so ‘it would come out dead.’


        • Michael_C_Scott

          Probably not “dioxin”, unless that is also a trade name for something completely different from the dioxin I am familiar with via my background as a chemist. The one I know is a carcinogen that was an unwanted side-product of Agent Orange synthesis.

  • Puggg

    I’m probably going to Hell for what I’m about to say.
    But for the physical horror of this story, I don’t care, and I especially don’t care about the race aspect. Odds are, if any of these children that Gosnell murdered would have lived, they would have probably been future thugs, gang bangers and felons, and some of them might have even murdered white people. As it is, the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania jail and prison systems have a few more open spaces for what Gosnell did.

    • Dr. X

      Sorry, I can’t abide by that. Many blacks may behave like savages, but not all do. And they are still human beings. I say that we should sterilize the ones on welfare and in prison and prevent them from migrating to the U.S. from the Third World, but I can’t say we ought to kill newborns of any race based on what they might become. If we want to maintain our status as civilized whites, we cannot condone the behavior of the savages.

  • Glickstein44

    Jesse Petersen has something to say about it…

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    As a black doctor and beneficiary of affirmative action, his competence should be taken into account. You never know, he could have just confused the spinal cord with the umbilical cord.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    What dim-witted woman waits so long to abort an unwanted Afritard fetus? Did they simply fail to understand they were pregnant until after six months? When my wife and I had our daughter, it was quite noticeable! There’s also the question of birth control: what part of using the pill or – better yet – Norplant or Jadelle is so supernally complicated?

    Yes, they really are THIS stupid.

    • toldev

      Well, your wife probably doesn’t weigh 400 lbs. either. But if she did, she may not realize she was pregnant until the third trimester either.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I guess there is that. I forgot that so many black women look like “Precious”. Mechanical difficulties aside, wouldn’t a gal that heavy have biological trouble getting pregnant?

        • Rhialto

          If her sperm supplier is black, it would facilitate impregnation.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Sometimes, but not always. There are plenty of morbidly obese women who can still get pregnant quite easily. It helps if she’s still relatively young, in her teens or twenties.

        • A black would have sex with a hole in a tree if it was smooth and felt good.

    • Unperson

      It’s completely different in their world. In the ghetto, Norplant is the name of the homie who done got Jadelle pregnant.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Wouldn’t that be N’Orplant?

  • Glickstein44

    3801 Lancaster…gruesome–beware…

  • APaige

    Black doctors are better at killing than healing.

    • Secret Tribunal

      Has anybody discovered the secret claims rate differential between black and Whites insured under medical malpractice policies?

      Since the premiums aren’t allowed to be race based, White doctors must subsidize the blacks. White privilege is expensive.

      • White privilege is very expensive.

    • There are very few black “doctors” in the country who should have the the status of MD. In the Uk they have remedial med school whose sole purpose is to increase the number of NAM “doctors”. I am willing to bet more than a few of them, who as soon as they graduate, start singing a certain Neil Diamond song …. “America”.

    • Unperson

      As Michael Jackson learned only after it was too late. Jacko surrounded himself with white people — with the notable exception of his personal physician. And we all know how that turned out.

  • I notice he did not address the death of Ms. Kamayana Mongar, the refugee woman who died because she was given too much anesthesia. This was his fault as he was allowing his medically untrained office staff administer anesthesia.

  • robert

    There are blacks on the jury and the defense is looking for a black to hang the jury out of racial loyalty.

  • Secret Tribunal

    “Blacks are very aggressive and they feel empowered with one of their own as president and Eric Holder as Attorney General. But what we see now is nothing compared to what we can expect in the future when violence against Whites will go unprosecuted, not just ignored by the media.”

    -Kevin MacDonald, Occidental Observer, 2012

  • thoughtcrime

    If he was performing abortions for blacks only, then give the man a medal and let him continue his important work…

  • Lygeia

    You could watch the movie “Saw” and it would be less disturbing. Kermit Gosnell was arrested for have snipped the babies’ spines at the base of their necks, essentially decapitating the babies.

    What Gosnell did was induce labor in the mother so that she would give birth to a premature baby (and yes, I am going to call it a baby, and not a foetus) which usually results in the baby dying.

    However, sometimes the baby survives premature birth. Kermit Gosnell was doing, inducing a premature birth hoping it would kill the baby, but if it didn’t he viewed it as a “failed medical procedure.” He then

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Philadelphia district attorney’s office ‘tried to manipulate everybody’ and was pursuing an ‘elitist, racist prosecution.’

    This is a Philadelphia jury so this line of defense may just work and Gosnell just might walk.

    It worked for double murderer OJ in Los Angeles.


  • Bill

    Are we not getting sick and tired of that same old excuse for black criminality? Particularly when black crime is so much more heinous as a rule? I know for sure I AM.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Gosnell made sure that his white ‘patients’ were placed in the cleaner rooms while all others were placed in the filthy rooms. This way, according to the Grand Jury Report, it would be less likely that the white women would report the abortionist or the foul clinic.


  • Room101

    President Obama should promise to pardon Dr. Kermit Gosnell for his rather crude and inhumane methods of serving humanity.
    Every urban neighborhood should have places like these right next to pawn shops and pay-day-loan places and liquor stores and McDonald’s..

  • Erasmus

    Upholding the law be raciss’ shu’ ‘nuf!

  • .

    This guy’s so covered with blood, you can’t even see he’s black.


  • blindsticks

    He wasn’t merely aborting babies he was murdering them outside the womb with many still screaming and drawing air. Breaking their backs and slitting their spinal cords and dumping their corpses like so such trash. Sheer butchery. In fact of you go to Telegraph blogs online you will see a number of blogs on Gosnell in detail, described by one blogger as ‘probably the most disgusting serial murderer in American history’. That is until the usual white apologist libtard comes along and brings up Dammers and the other generally known whiter ones So evidently it’s still sometimes allowed for us to do some things better than the blacks.

  • robinaprichard

    Just say no to communism.

  • robinaprichard

    Speaking as a former fetus, I oppose abortion.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’m pro-choice, so long as both parents are light-skinned. I’m pro-death (as in MY choice) if either of them is not.