A suburban Chicago man and his father are in federal custody on charges they attempted to provide North Korea with machinery and parts that could be used to create a weapon of mass destruction.

Hsien Tai Tsai, 67, and his 36-year-old son, Yueh-Hsun Tsai, are charged with one count each of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. in its enforcement of laws prohibiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago said.


Federal agents have been investigating the two Tsais and a network of companies on suspicion of trying to export goods and machinery from the U.S. “that could be used to produce weapons of mass destruction,” the complaint said.

The father, who lives in Taiwan, was arrested on Wednesday in Tallinn, the capital of the Baltic Sea-coast nation of Estonia. The statement from prosecutors doesn’t speculate about why Hsien Tsai was in Estonia, though it says U.S. authorities are seeking his extradition.

The son, a legal U.S. resident, was arrested on the same day last week at his home in Glenview, according to prosecutors.

{snip} The federal complaint released Monday doesn’t offer details about which weapons systems the machinery could have benefited.

The elder Tsai, who also goes by Alex Tsai, fell under suspicion of U.S. authorities at least as far back as 2008, when he was convicted in Taiwan of forging shipping invoices and illegally shipping restricted materials to North Korea, the U.S. Department of Treasury said in press release at the time.

Treasury officials accused him of shipping items to North Korea that could be used to support its advanced weapons program, and the department in 2009 placed a wide-ranging prohibition on him doing any business in or with the United States. The ban applied to him and several Taiwanese-based companies he helped run, including Trans Merits Co. Ltd. and Trans Multi Mechanics Co. Ltd., the complaint says.

It was the alleged bid to skirt the 2009 prohibition, with the son’s alleged help, that led to the charges in Chicago. {snip}


Speaking to reporters later on Monday, the younger Tsai’s attorney insisted the machinery involved was “unsophisticated.”

“And there is no allegation Mr. (Yueh-Hsun) Tsai knew it was destined for North Korea,” the attorney, Ted Poulos, said. He added about the business deals involved, “It amounts to a rather benign business transaction.”

In addition to the count of conspiracy to defraud U.S. proliferation laws, the father and son each face one count of conspiracy to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and one count of money laundering. {snip}

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  • I’m trying to figure out the geopolitical angle in Taiwanese selling WMD precursor materiel to the Norks, when the Norks would probably find Taiwan an obvious and close-by target for its foreign policy alliance with us.

    But it was probably about the money.

    • I’ve got to admit that I’m stunned as well. If it helps, they were probably paying this gomer in the counterfeit money the NKs are notorious for producing.

      The level of stupidity is simply breathtaking: “I am a successful businessman with access to the world’s largest consumer market. I know; I’ll screw that up by dealing prohibited items to a starving fifth-rate military dictatorship run by a mentally-ill person.”

      • me

        Not if you’re a loyal Marxist infiltrator….

    • So CAL Snowman

      Very strange indeed considering that the U.S. has gone to great lengths to protect Taiwan from Chinese imperial aggression.

  • David Ashton

    Oriental high intelligence is not the only consideration.

    • me

      A parrot is not ‘intelligent’ because it can mimic its master….at least, I think that’s what Confucius said…..

      • David Ashton

        “But Jared Taylor and J P Rushton…..” writes a Mr J Engelman…zzzzzzzzzz.

  • IstvanIN

    Chinese spying for NK doesn’t surprise me. China is North Korea’s ally and not all Taiwanese are against reunification. Look at all the communists to this day in western Europe, Italy and France are rife with them, not to mention our own Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders.

    • Ayers and Sanders are both Socialist and there is a difference between the two

      • jambi19

        You deny socialism/communism as manifestations of Marxism? Why did they call it the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics? Chavez and Castro often refer to themselves as socialists. Enlighten all of us ignorant right wingers please. Pulling out my writings by Marx he describes several strands of socialism. Which one is best? Marx makes them all sound so wonderful. I just can’t imagine why they always sound so good in university classrooms but fail miserably in reality.

        • David Ashton

          Still well worth reading: Robert G. Wesson, “Why Marxism? The Continuing Success of a Failed Theory” (London: Temple Smith, 1976).

  • The__Bobster

    It’s hard to maintain your competitive advantage when you hire potential spies just because they work cheap. Millions of dollars in research will go down the drain just because you wanted to save a few thousand in salaries.

    It doesn’t matter that the paddy dwellers aren’t great innovators when they can just steal anything they want.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Competitive advantages are racist.

      • me

        So are industrial secrets….

  • The__Bobster

    A suburban Chicago man and his father

    A “Chicago man”? The media always try to hide the origin of foreign criminals.

    • David Ashton

      How true – in Britain a “British man” with a dark brown skin, the usual beard and the usual headgear will be accused of “terrorism” against British people.

  • smells_just_like

    Suggesting that colored foreigners might have some allegiance to their nation of racial origin has been deemed a Hate Crime against hard working and dedicate FedGov employees in the State Department.

    • Nathanwartooth

      The argument against locking up the Japanese during WW2 goes something like this:

      “The Japanese people set foot on American soil so therefore they are 100% loyal to the United States and would never try to work for Japan in any way.”

      Basically nonsense.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Why were there so many Japanese people in America in the 1940s to begin with?

      • smells_just_like

        American citizenship for Whites requires they either believe or act like they believe in nonsense, i.e. We are all Equal and Diversity is our Greatest Strength.

        Refusal is grounds for conviction for Sedition.

      • Triarius

        Do not fool the rest. They locked up Japanese, Germans, and Italians. In fact, All four of my grandparents were born in Sicily are during the war (WWII) 2 were locked up in an internment camp. Do they hold a grudge? No. In fact, my maternal grandfather changed his last name and helped the US land in Sicily (due to our mob connections).

        But yet only the Japanese are remembered to be held in internment camps, Like Jews were the only ones held in internment camps in Europe (even though Jews accounted for about 5% of all WWII deaths).

        And plenty of German Jews served in the NAZI army, just the Communist Jews were rounded up. But this is an argument for another time.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    All non-white races are loyal to their own race. Because of this, we should not be putting non-whites in strategically important positions in companies or the government in white nations.

    They have absolutely no genetic imperative to be loyal to us.

    • You’d think simple self-preservation would’ve kicked in. Political loyalty – or lack thereof – aside, the guy was a businessman, so it was only money. It takes a real fool of a businessman to forget what side his bread is buttered on and mess up a good thing.

      Let’s see how happy this Tsai idiot is with his money after the federal court is done confiscating everything he owns under asset forfeiture laws. The money laundering charge will be the killer there, because any dirty money mixing with legit funds or other assets instantly contaminates them. With ties to a foreign country, the Tsais will be held without bond as possible flight risks, which means that fighting this is going to be much more problematical.

      Stick a fork in these doofs; they’re done.

  • APaige

    Once again, another crime committed by the ‘model minority.’

  • HadEnough

    A “Chicago man,” huh? So if I move to Beijing for 20 years, do I become a “Beijing man”? Nope, didn’t think so.

    • me

      Beijing man–didn’t they dig him up a few decades ago?

  • Bobby

    If it were just this one incident, involving an Asian that causes alert people, who still seem to care about the fate of this country to be concerned, I’d say O.K. let’s wait and see. But it isn’t one incident. Orientals, have been constantly stealing and selling stuff and secrets to their home nations. Yes, even Asians who are/were citizens.
    European-America has been so denigrated, downgraded, and endangered by various groups(most of the people here know who they are) including our own home grown traitors, that it’s a wonder we still exist. And it’s also obvious how little,so many so-called Americans care. Baby boomers are riding around the country with campers, not worrying about the politics of this state or the other, believing and feeling happy that “none of it concerns me and my wife”,etc. Others are in a dream world of Hollywood movies, crass materialism, drugs, or just plain floating along. All the treason that they can plainly see, right on the boob tube doesn’t even register. These European-AMericans have some kind of belief that the “authorities” will take care of this. They think that there actually is an Uncle Sam, who is looking out for this nation, despite seeing what happened in Bengazi, at Boston, at New York on 9/11 and at various other events, that then get a spin put onto them by the govenrment, aided by the governments right hand man, HOLLYWOOD,, in which, like Superman, American citizens come out on top in the end anyway. Everythings cool, go home and shoot some hoops, go to a movie, or just do whatever makes you forget about the latest abomination.
    In a well formed essay, your’e supposed to now end with a short comment or paragraph to sum up what went before. That’s what my English teacher told me many moons ago, along with how important it is to learn English.etc But I can’t sum anything up that I’ve written above, because chaos is simply what it is. Does anyone ever get the feeling that chaos is the anti-European-Americans elites best friends? I now go and return to enjoying my white priviledge–the windshield wipers on my 17 year old junker need replacing. PEACE.

    • me

      Well said!

  • Dave4088

    This case once again dispels the myth that every race and culture is assimilable. Most third world invaders remain passionately attached to their countries of origin despite the propaganda and hoopla to the contrary.

  • bigone4u

    This case is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of spying in the US by the Chinese and their running dogs of communism. Then there is the spying done by Israel, with a high profile example surfacing every once in a while. We can’t stop white Americans from selling out their country for money, but we damn sure can prevent a lot of the rest of it through a sane immigration and visitation policy. And by the death penalty for treason convictions.

    • me

      Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are still being whined over by the biased, Marxist-run media. Anti-immigration laws are the only way to stop this.

  • Anon

    I hope the average Amren reader is smart enough to not fall for these lies and propaganda.

    Or to put it another way, follow up with a little research. The specific item they are accused of (ahem) illegally shipping to north korea is a Bryant Center Hole Grinder. In other words, an electric drill. I suppose it could be used for “building weapons of mass destruction”…..the same way a wrench, or a hammer or screw driver could be used to assemble one.

    In other words, this is stupidly sensationalistic from a media point of view and downright despotic from a legal standpoint. It’s the sort of thing that deserves a $100 fine and a cease and desist letter from our government. NOT the sort of thing leading to long prison sentences.

    And, for the record. Of COURSE there are nukes all over north korea. They were planted there by the chinese. At the first hint of refugees crossing the border into china, they plan to turn north korea into a sheet of glass. And the ONLY reason the US is still in the region is because we don’t want china solving the north korea problem that way.

    We are not there defending against the north koreans. That is ridiculous and sad. We are there protecting them. They, long ago, outlived their usefulness to a iron fisted regime that considers them lower than vermin.

    Of course, its tough to sympathize with them….considering the sheer amount of raw evil they embrace. If you ever think liberals can’t possibly get any worse, study NK and its cult of personality/voodoo brand of communism.

    • If power tools are a no-no for North Korea, then it was completely the responsibility of these dingbats to find that out ahead of time and refrain from doing it.

      I’d still like to know how they were getting paid. My mother is a retired banker, and told me over the phone 15 minutes ago that it is impossible to arrange a wire transfer to or from North Korea.

      • North Korea is not a closed country, people can and do visit. Granted, the time they want you to come is when they have their little play, but still people can an do leave it would not be impossible for some one to have a bank account or a contact in another country that could arrange any financial transfer.

        • The currency is also worthless. In 2009 they revalued the won, which effectively confiscated all private savings over about $35 per person. This revaluation also dropped the NK won’s value by 96% relative to the US dollar – to the extent that the NK won (effectively toilet paper) is convertible at all. The Party finance director, Pak Nam-gi was executed for this a year later.

          It gets even better than that; since 1984 North Korea has been in default on the government bonds they sold.

          A second grade class and their pet gerbil could do a better job running an economy, and it seems likely that the gerbil could do about as well on its own.

      • Anon

        Yes….it’s a “big” drill. But let’s be clear on what it is not.

        It is not something the NK could not easily make themselves. It is not a tool specific to WMDs. It is not something you would absolutely need to make a WMD. It is not even commonly associated with them.

        It is not a “high technology” item whose functioning is some deep trade secret. It is not something dangerous in and of itself. It’s not something you would need a doctorate to know how to operate.

        You understand? The way they are treating it, in this context, is a big fat lie. And the primary issue here is they have no interest in actually catching, let alone stopping real security threats. That absolutely does not happen. Instead, what is essentially an extremely minor matter, is used to bring the hammer down….complete with jackboot treatment. A gross violation of our freedoms, or even reasonableness. And it absolutely does not matter that that the situation involved non-whites….because, in case you haven’t noticed, white people have been selected to be at the top of and the main focus of anti-terror efforts.

        It’s all BS and oppression is very much the point.

        Now, if those guys were trafficking in say, yellow cake uranium, that would be different.

        The first thing that should be done is to toss this case right out of court and maybe send those who brought it for a nice stint in the local jail for contempt of court.

        Then deport these chuckleheads and a few million of those like them. Not because of this or anything else they did but because they should not be here in the first place. We neither need nor should seek an excuse.

        And we certainly should not allow stuff like this to be routine. Because we white people are the main target.

        You understand the significance…yes? Clinton/Bush/Obama and their minions claim we need to be a tyrannical police state to deal with all the non-whites. It’s all lies and none of these unreasonable behaviors (example…the TSA) in any way addresses any real problem whatsoever. Don’t be tricked when they drag some impressive looking (but completely safe and irrelevant) piece of hardware like this stupid drill. They want you to look at it and agree we need to increase the stormtrooper budget to deal with the “terrorism”. No…we don’t need that.

        Instead, we should insist on our freedoms (freedoms for white people) and kick the non-whites out. We need to stop jailing blacks, hispanics, asians (and then whites to be “fair”). We need to kick those non-whites out.

        • If it was something they could have made themselves, why would the North Korean government burn through scarce hard currency trying to purchase the item? Mainland China produces lots of machine tools. The good-quality “Craftsman” models sold by Sears are generally made there, as are the entry-level tools sold by Harbor Freight under the “Chicago Electric” label. Why not buy a Chinese-made machine?

          Assertions on this thread that this is “just a drill” not only fail to answer these questions, they don’t even address them.

  • John Eigen

    As an engineering student,

    I understand that Asians really are into engineering, but it is total B.S. that so many of our professors (the majority in some schools) are foreign nationals. Total B.S.

    Any foreign national from China or North Korea should be barred from being a professor in an American university.

    I see Chinese nationals working in our universities that do research here and only train foreign Chinese P.h.D students. It enrages me that we have spineless leadership in this country who sit back and let this happen.

    Hopefully the ruling class of liberal morons will get a rude awakening from a Chinese cyber attack and they’ll do something about this wide scale infiltration and blood sucking.

    • me


  • pcmustgo

    I like Black names better than Asian names.



    • I wouldn’t trade you a Sayaka Nakano for any number of LaTrine Washingtons.

      • me

        I wouldn’t trade you any of these ‘ethnic’ groups for European Americans….

    • Jefferson

      So does that mean you would rather live in Haiti over Hong Kong if those were your only 2 options ? Since you see Blacks in a much more positive light than you do Asians.

  • Viking_61

    More immigrants whose names I can’t pronounce…

    • me

      Yup. It’s truly heartening to see how these immigrants pledge their loyalty to the US, then continue to use their ‘citizenship’ to enrich, aid, defend, and identify with their country of origin. Close the borders! The Trojans are attacking!

  • AugustusAlexander

    LOL, immigration is Amazing. It looks like the system is only there to stop whites from immigrating, Mexicans and South Americans can just walk into the country and if you are Asian/Muslim you can easily get accepted into one of our universities along with a visa so you can get an advanced degree and turn around and make a giant ass bomb.

    It is a joke..

  • Intrepid

    The U.S. needs to exit the Korean War. This isn’t about altruism or stopping Communism anymore; our presence is for geopolitical purposes (i.e., to maintain a presence in East Asia). We’re in their home, and they’re in ours.

  • Some Guy

    “A suburban Chicago man and his father…” These people are not Americans and never will be.

    • Intrepid

      They’re talking about where they live….