1 in 3 Adults in Parts of L.A. Are in U.S. Illegally, Study Finds

Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2013

In some parts of Koreatown and South Los Angeles, one in three adult residents is in the country illegally, according to a study released Tuesday by researchers at USC.

Countywide, about one in 10 adults is an immigrant who crossed the border illegally or overstayed a visa, the study found. Many of those immigrants have put down roots here: Half have been in the country for more than a decade, and 12% are homeowners.

Many are also the parents of American citizens. In Los Angeles County, one in five children has a parent living in the country illegally, according to the study.


As the debate over immigration reform gets underway in Washington, the stakes for California are particularly high.

One in four of the estimated 11 million people thought to be in the United States without legal authorization lives in California. Statewide, the USC study estimates that about 7% of residents, or more than 2.6 million people, are in the country illegally.

In Los Angeles County, 63% of immigrants here illegally are from Mexico and 22% from Central America, according to the study. Eight percent are from the Philippines, Korea or China.

In the Bay Area, the percentage of Asians in the unauthorized population is much higher, 23%. In the Sacramento area, 8% of immigrants in the country illegally are from Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union.


Nearly half of the county’s immigrants here illegally lack a high school diploma, and 60% do not speak English well, according to the study.


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  • Luca

    I must take issue with this study, it is rather incomplete.

    Unfortunately, no was study done on how much it costs taxpayers to educate, incarcerate, feed and house the lawbreakers. Also overlooked was how much money they earn under the table, how much they avoid in paying income taxes, how many hospitals they have closed down and how much disease they have brought into the country. No figures on driving without a license, drunk driving, not registering or insuring vehicles, and how many deaths we can contribute to their cultural practice of drink, drive, run into someone and leave the scene.

    This rather incomplete study also neglected to mention how many are rapists, pedophiles, wife beaters, murders, gang-bangers, car thieves, drug pushers, shoplifters, home invasion burglars, con artists and graffiti artists.

    This information is somewhat available through LAPD’s Most Wanted List. Take a look and you’ll find that whites and, even amazingly enough, blacks, are woefully underrepresented. It is easily 90-something percent either hispanic or immigrant, I simply don’t have the time nor the stomach to count them.


    • Nathanwartooth

      From what I understand hospitals in California do not get reimbursed for the care of illegals yet they are required by law to serve them.

      Big hospitals could easily be one of the groups lobbying for amnesty so they can charge their care to the government instead of eating it.

      • The__Bobster

        I believe they can already do that under Obongocare.

      • The hospitals are not taking the losses of the illegals. The locals are paying or some federal program is paying.

    • Jefferson

      Urban ghetto movies like Training Day, Blood In Blood Out, and End Of Watch accurately portray Hispanic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. These neighborhoods are very undesirable because of their rich vibrant diversity.

    • ageofknowledge

      Well stated Luca.

  • smells_just_like

    You have no right to complain, because you are paying for it.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “you Amreners”

    What kind of insult is that? Are you not also one of us?

  • So CAL Snowman

    “In some parts of Koreatown and South Los Angeles . . .”

    You know they threw Koreatown in there so that they wouldn’t be accused of just ragging on the mexicans!

    • Luca

      Plenty of Mexicans live within the confines of Korea Town. They are everywhere.

      • ageofknowledge

        The last census shows that Koreatown, Los Angeles is 54% Latino and that 22% of the 54% are Mexicans from Mexico.

        Actual Koreans make up only 23% of Koreatown, Los Angeles now. It used to be much higher but rioting and illegal immigration does take a toll on a community.

  • The__Bobster

    Funny how that doesn’t change the “11 million” number. We know that there are 30-38 squat monster invaders here.

    • Greg Thomas

      I’m convinced we have 10 million alone in California.

    • Triarius

      In 2002 when I was still in high school the number was 12-20 million. That number was parroted for almost a decade. Honestly, it is probably 30-35 million with 50 million including anchor babies. 11 Million is a joke when the most liberal estimate was 12 million over a decade ago.

  • The__Bobster

    We didn’t pick those RINOs. They were hand-selected by the elites.

    • Triarius

      And we all know who the elites are. Just look at their dual-citizenships.

  • The__Bobster

    Many are also the parents of American citizens.

    Only if the 14th Amendment is misinterpreted.

  • Jefferson

    You hear more English being spoken in Manila than you do in Los Angeles. That is what my cousin who used to be stationed in The Philippines tells me. He now lives in a suburb of Los Angeles and he tells me he feels like a foreigner there.

    • And most of the farming uses harvesters that do not require murdering animals to operate. Lower price(no taxes paid, no insurance mandates) landscaping will be the end of this country.

  • Outside where I worked, one day I tried to ask the building’s window washers how many entire floors in the building were completely empty. Their manager told me none of them spoke English. Most of the workers around the corner at a fastfood restaurant spoke no English either. I am willing to bet parts of Chicago are as bad or worse.
    To be employed, I must produce two acceptable forms of identification, birth certificate (You reading this Barack?) and my SS card.
    How do these people get jobs? When an individual speak absolutely no English, it is pretty obvious he/she just hopped the border.

    • Oh, now I know:

      The criminal complaint also alleged that the Little Village ring relied heavily on a photo shop owned by the father of Ald. Ricardo Munoz (22nd), Elias Munoz, though no charges were filed against the elder Munoz or his employees.
      The complaint states that undercover agents posing as buyers negotiated transactions for fake IDs inside Nuevo Foto Munoz, and that the shop kept worksheets “for customers to fill out which indicated the name and other information they wanted on fraudulent identification cards.”
      That drew the ire of Ald. Munoz, whose ward includes Little Village.
      “They found nothing,” Ald. Munoz said. “They confiscated a couple of cameras, and he’ll probably get them back in a couple of days when they figure out the pictures in the cameras were from baptisms. I know my dad takes pictures for passports and IDs. What people use them for, I don’t know.”

      Our anchor baby alderman’s parents are selling illegals fake IDs.

      • mobilebay

        And the “gang of eight” think they are going to check out each and every illegal before making them citizens? Even the illegals don’t know who they are anymore, they’ve lied so much. Give it a good try though. Shouldn’t take more than a century to straighten it all out. But long before then, we’ll be done as a country.

    • Greg Thomas

      Easy, as soon as one mexican gets their foot in the door, they bring in all their raza. Before you know it, the entire staff are mexicans, most illegal. These criminals all know where to pick up a SS card. Another trick the invaders have found is to use their anchor spawn’s ss number. Obviously if you are a mexican, there is little to no scrutiny of those papers you produce

    • Is this how you found out the falling wage scale for skyscraper window washers? Tell that story again, because it’s right in this story’s wheel house.

  • bigone4u

    These facts suggest a modern update to the old Bevery Hillbillies TV series. In the new version, Jose Clampetto and the clan are illegal Mexicans who speak no English. But their libtard neighbors, aware of their $100 million lottery winnings, welcome them to Beverly Hills and try to treat them like something other than the ignorant low IQ peons they are. I’ll leave it to the Hollywood script writers to flesh out the characters and the plot, but the new version should include a visiting cousin who was a druglord back in Mexico. Won’t that be hilarious?

  • George White

    I’m here in Los Angeles at ground zero, and if whites in the rest of the country had a clue, even a HINT about what it’s like here, they’d be screaming NO AMNESTY from every rooftop. Anybody who thinks that the USA should be more like mexico, HAS NEVER BEEN TO MEXICO.

    • JDInSanDiego

      I’ve been to LA and Tijuana but not to either in over 11 years. In that time I’ve been to Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Japan, China and Australia – all on different trips in different years – as well as all over the US. It’s funny when we see TV commercials or hear radio commercials asking us to “come back and see what we’re missing.” No, gracias.

  • almost the entire GOP has sold out…tell you the truth, they were never on our side anyway. They only pretended to be.

  • KenelmDigby

    “12% are homeowners.”
    How the Hell can that happen?
    Don’t the mortgage lender, lawyers, real estate agents, or whatever make strenuous enquiries into the status of the person to whom very large sums of money are being staked?

    • Luca

      No, that’s part of the housing bubble problem in the LA area. We looked at beautiful new 5-bedroom homes that had 6 families living in them. Refrigerators in the living-room, stoves on the back patio, homemade partitions to create an illusion of another room etc. LA is one big outdoor Leftist insane asylum.

  • IKantunderstand

    Because the United(for now) States of America claims there is N number of illegal aliens in this country, I say say they are damn liars! There are ( N + dreamers + visa overstayers) x f’ing infinity. Of course, the good news! is that as the United(for now) States of America descends into third world poverty and despair, perhaps less people will want to move here. However, I don’t think that will happen. Everybody in the world wants to be White. Bottom line. Why do I say this? Please, everybody in the world knows about fashion. You do not need to be a rocket surgeon(joke) to design clothes, edit a fashion magazine. And yet, the fashion world is dominated by Whites. Sure, Blacks complain all the time they are excluded. And there would be some people who would point out that wearing a grass skirt is not high fashion(oh sorry, forgot about the cultural relativism for the rest of my life). My point being, although Blacks are never going to be famous scientists, they are now enjoying slavering by Whites. Now would be the perfect time to stick it to Whitey. Have your own fashion icons. Have your own designers. The same goes for the Asians. What we have now, is all the other races of the world trying to fit in with Whites. Look, do your own thing, stage a fashion catwalk in Detroit. Make gunshots part of the show. I don’t know what you should do, but I do know this: White people fashion has existed for a long time, and we are absolutely amazed that we have to include once again whiners of other races. If you are a good designer, Whites will embrace you. However, since we Whites seem to be the only arbiters of all that is fashionable and au currant , why don’t the rest of you, and by “you” I mean the rest of humanity that equals 91%, come up with your own culture and society? Why are you still sucking off ours? The reality is this: there are enough people of non-White origin to field their own “unique” culture. I promise you, we White people will be absolutely jubilant if you do so.

  • a multiracial individual

    Gotta love how they threw in the Asians and Russians at the end….
    Translation: Hey guys, not all “undocumented” immigrants are Hispanic, we got Whites and Yellows Too!…..lol

  • a multiracial individual

    One day the Asian and White Spanish speaking population of this country will make fun of Mestizo Spanish in the same way White and Asian English speakers make fun of ebonics now.

  • Epiminondas

    California is cracking under the strain. Another decade of this ought to bring them crashing down. I just want to enjoy the look on the white liberal faces when it happens.

  • evilsandmich

    Countywide, the number is one in ten.
    I gotta tell you, that’s depressing. If I was informed that one in ten of my neighbors were career bank robbers then I figure that would be the end of banks. If one in ten are illegal immigrants (to say nothing of ‘legal’ immigrants) then I figure that would be the end of, well, I’d rather not say.

    • me

      Aaaay yay yay yay…

      I am the country bandito!

      I steal all your country….

      I steal your jobs, too….

      I steal all your welfare…

      I take ALL from you….

      Aaaay yay yay yay ….

      I am the country bandito!

      I have the La Raza,

      The SPLC, too!

      And if you dare protest,

      I’ll call racist on you!

      Aaay yay yay yay….


  • guest

    Let me give you an on-the-ground report from LA:

    They cannot pave the roads. The streets are reverting to dirt roads. People don’t drive on Wilshire anymore because the car gets destroyed. I’ve had to re-weld BOTH the front rims on my car.

    The schools are some of the worst anywhere. There are endless race riots in the schools with blacks warring with Hispanics. Whites are absent completely and must go to private schools, or their parents flee to segregated cities.

    The city is careening into bankruptcy and no one cares. The two candidates for mayor right now are both utterly beholden to public service unions and whoever wins will eagerly signing contracts giving DWP parking attendants millions of dollars worth of benefits.

    I hear police helicopters chasing people around several times a night. LAPD no longer responds to most calls and barely investigates burglaries.

    Hit-and-run accidents are routine. Jose from Mexico has no license so if he hits someone, he keeps going! I know several people who have had hit-and-runs. I bought a dashboard camera for my protection, also because car insurance scams are rampant. LAPD no longer cares about hit-and-run accidents, even if it involves injuries. LAPD has a special order to ignore unlicensed driver violations.

    This all means that Jose can drive without a license, by order of Chief Beck, but I have no way to carry a pistol here, also by order of Chief Beck. Jose won’t get in trouble for unlicensed driving, or even more serious crimes, but if I (a white) am caught peacefully carrying a gun with no criminal intent, I’ll end up in prison.

    Speaking of prison, our sheriff is being investigated by the FBI for the way he’s running the jail system, and California’s prison system is so overloaded that it has been under Federal court management for years now, and they are being forced to early-release thousands of inmates.

    And finally, the LA Times now has a policy that they are not allowed to refer to “illegal immigrants”. I’m serious. I’m serious about everything in this post – look it up.

    Diversity! “Dreamers”! No person is illegal!

    • guest

      Oh I forgot to tell the story of Hispanic-controlled Bell, where the almost entire city executive leadership was indicated, and the mayor’s defense was that he can’t be responsible because he can’t read and understand. The city was funding itself by towing and impounding every vehicle that came through, but that still wasn’t enough and it will likely go bankrupt.

      South Africa plunged from advanced first world country, with nuclear technology, advanced medicine (the first heart transplant) and safe cities, into grim African banana republic, within the space of 10 years. California is showing the world that America can achieve the same magic.

      I could go on and on on and on. I need to figure out where to move to next, because that’s what whites do when things get bad: we move.

  • Truth

    Driving home from the store today I saw a couple of Sureno gangbangers being detained the sheriff’s department. Three squad cars too. But it’s so common that I hardly noticed. It’s all just part of the landscape now.