White Americans Most Unhappy with President Obama’s Performance

Leonardo Blair, Christian Post, April 12, 2013

A majority of white Americans are unhappy with President Barack Obama’s job performance, suggest recent Gallup polling data, and it’s not just because of his race, say political scientists from two of the nation’s top universities.

The latest weekly snapshot of President Obama’s approval rating provided by Gallup shows the president with a national approval rating of 48 percent among all adults. When that number is broken down by racial demographics, however, the distance between the approval ratings of white and non-white Americans is staggering.

Reflecting a weekly decline of just one percent, 76 percent of non-white Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance while among whites that number has remained flat at 36 percent.

A breakdown of the non-white numbers gets even more interesting. President Obama’s approval rating among blacks fell by eight percent from the week before the latest round of polling to 87 percent while it jumped by five percentage points among Hispanics to 69 percent over the same period.


Carol Swain, a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University who recently authored Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise and launched a TV show of the same name, said whites are not happy with the president because they feel he is not working in their interests.

“It’s obvious that a lot of white people feel that he is not operating in the interest of the country and they’re suspicious of him and his administration,” she said.

“The administration has taken action, especially through the Department of Justice that would cause some people to fear that there is racial bias that would work against white people whether it’s true or not. They have taken action with regard to voting rights and some other issues that would make them seem suspect,” explained Swain.

In her comments on the polling data she also notes that a desire among people to be politically correct with their responses could belie Americans’ true feelings about President Obama regardless of race.

“The survey shows 36 percent support (among whites), if people weren’t lying it probably would be 20 percent,” said Swain.

“I think there is a tendency to give the politically correct answer especially when you’re talking about a black president. White people don’t want to be perceived as racist and so I think that they’re lying and a lot of blacks I guess, they are too,” she said. “I know some black people that are unhappy with the president but I don’t believe they would tell a pollster that.”


For many black Americans, she added, Obama’s high approval rating is: “All about race and in some ways it’s about racism because they are not holding the president to the same standard they would hold a white person to.”

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  • The__Bobster

    Reflecting a weekly decline of just one percent, 76 percent of non-white Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance while among whites that number has remained flat at 36 percent.

    It’s obvious that Obongo has declared war of us and the darkies approve. I just wonder what mental disorder the 36% “Whites” have.

    • Anan7

      “It’s obvious that Obongo has declared war of us and the darkies approve.
      I just wonder what mental disorder the 36% “Whites” have.”

      There’s an article around here somewhere about “pathological altruism.” http://www.amren.com/features/2012/07/pathological-altruism/

      One reason so many Whites support Obongo is NIH related activities. Many professors support the Democratic Party because they believe that they’ll get their research funded if a spendthrift like Obongo runs the show. It’s hypocrisy, and as many here on AmRen know, ultimately self-destructive in the long run.

      But it’s not like the Republicans would be any improvement, either.

      • Anna Tree

        I often post a sum-up of that great amren article:

        “From Pathological Altruism, by Barbara Oakley et al.:
        “PA is generally defined as a sincere attempt to help others that instead harms others or oneself, and is “an unhealthy focus on others to the detriment of one’s own needs.”

        “PA is likely when people “falsely believe that they caused the other’s problems, or falsely believe that they have the means to relieve the person of suffering.”

        “the false belief that one’s own success, happiness, or well-being is a source of unhappiness for others.” PA “often involves self-righteousness,” and can result in “impulsive and ineffective efforts to equalize or level the playing field.”

        I think all this sounds a perfect description the white liberalist attitude towards non-whites but nobody said this in the book: they may even not be aware of the elephant in the room!

        Again from that book: “glorifying altruism is both recent and Western.” “a society must have a certain level of material wealth before it can value certain kinds of altruism.” “only whites have decided “to elevate altruism above other culturally promoted ideals, such as tribal patriotism and glory-at-arms, which our ancestors considered paramount.” They have gone even further, extending tribal altruism to the entire world, though “some other cultures consider this Western quality to border on madness.” It is madness, but the whites who say it is madness are accused of racism.

        I think we are brainwashed, starting in the schools, that our “Humanity as a whole might benefit the most if individuals made no sacrifices for their local group.” (this IS a real quote in the book!!!)

        Seems the whites are the only race who don’t know about the prisoner’s dilemma! We cooperate! But all the other groups don’t. Check that game theory: we will always loose, they will always win (well that unless the Chinese take our place, then a lot will change I think).

        At least one of the contributor of the book warns: “if groups want to act altruistically towards other groups they should at least look for groups that follow the same rules.””

        Actually I often quote/plagiarize many of you guys. Hope it is okay.

    • Dr. X

      Precisely! That 36% should be committed to a lunatic asylum!

    • Non Humans

      That mental disorder is known as ignorance. Most of it brainwash-induced.

    • Tucker

      They are self-hating, self-loathing white losers who secretly wish they were black.

      I remember, right after the November 2012 elections – I was in one of the upscale, trendy grocery stores in my area. The kind of store that a lot of these status conscious, liberal, white social butterfly types tend to be attracted to. I was standing behind my cart, quietly waiting in line at a cash register – and I looked around at the other customers who were milling about in the store, doing their shopping. 99.99% White. The thought crossed through my mind – I wonder how many of these white people are responsible for putting Obama back into office for another 4 years? Or, who helped put him there in the first place and then did so a second time, because they wanted to prove they weren’t ‘racists’?

      Incidentally, there are a few clues that will help you spot a White race traitor & Obama voter. Look for tattoos on chicks, or on guys – look for nose, lip, tongue, or eyebrow piercings, and a general disheveled sort of appearance. White guys with baggy pants, untied sneaker shoelaces, dred-locks in their hair and if they are wearing a t-shirt that has some black rapper or sports figure’s face on it – that is a dead giveaway. For chicks, look at the kids that they might have with them – and if they look like they are mixed race kids, then check the ring finger of the chick and I bet it will be ring-less.

      Obama Voters. The racial dregs of the White European gene pool.

      • Evan

        Actually, there are a lot of White liberals who are very clean cut and sophisticated.

      • pcmustgo

        Wealth shelters.

  • % of whites who do approve? Let’s see:
    Under 21?
    Woodstockian hippies?
    Ivy League college professors?
    Dope heads?
    Chronically unemployed?

    76% of non-whites approve of Obama’s job performance, but 99.9% of them will still vote for any minority who runs against a white candidate.

    • Jefferson

      In Europe, a majority of the White population there have an extremely positive opinion of our Kenyan president.

      Countries like England, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, etc all love Obongo.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Well of course Europeans (no need to qualify that with White) tend to be much more left wing than Americans, as their governments are all one form of socialism or another. Socialism can work when the population is relatively small, homogeneous, intelligent, productive, and blessed with natural resources.

        • Jefferson

          European socialism can not work because White socialists all love racial diversity.

          The same left wing White socialists in England who were out in the streets celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher, are the same left wing White socialists who would never in a million years hit the streets of England to protest against the increasing number of Muslim and Black immigrants into their country.

          Europeans ONLY hit the streets to protest and celebrate left wing causes like spitting on Margaret Thatcher’s grave. Europeans NEVER hit the streets to protest and celebrate right wing causes like demanding that all Muslim South Asians and North Africans be deported from Europe.

          That is why I do not feel sorry for the eventual collapse of Europe. I blame Europeans for voting these far left wing politicians into power.

          I blame Europeans for not embracing right wing politicians.

          • On the other hand, Europe, especially continental Europe, is closer to solving the problem in political terms than Americans are, because they have credible nationalist political parties, and they have those because those countries are both historically ethnostates (by and large) and have multi-party political cultures and systems which are conducive to having multi-party systems.

          • jambi19

            Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

          • exaggeration police

            QD how often do you check your blog for emails/complaints to it?

          • exaggeration police

            And would you mind relaying contact info through it privately so it doesn’t need to get posted here or there, between me and another reg Amren poster?

          • pcmustgo

            Europeans are addicted to unrealistic socialist whining and protesting. Americans are addicted to apathy and reality TV and crony capitalism.

          • David Ashton

            For some years past in Britain people who hit the streets to protest against (say) Muslim immigration are confined by the police, if they get permission to march at all, and encounter one-sided hate speech/public order legislation, or encounter officially tolerated “counter-demonstration”. The complex way the system was further subverted after the coup against Thatcher will not persuade, or even interest, an American who thinks most European men are a bunch of sissies, or how it is impossible to obtain guns for personal self-defense.

          • 5n4k33y35

            The collapse of Europe cannot come soon enough, because that is the only way to awaken them from their WWII propaganda induced white guilt stupor which has mesmerized them.

      • It may not really have much to do with the political spectrum. There is a strong undercurrent of anti-American contempt and jealousy in Europe, even among white Europeans. They love Obama because they know he’s a lead anchor around America’s ankles.
        If my worst enemy wanted to club himself with a hammer, my approval rating of him would go way up.

      • Alexander from Flanders

        1. I’m from Europe and I can garantee you that most white people here DO NOT like Obama. The people I know see him as a joke, a clown. The US presidents of the last 25 years are seen as clowns. It not just the Kenyan.

        2. Americans truly are dumb when it comes to understanding real healthy socialism. You people just don’t get it, do you? The liberal-left are NOT socialist. They pretend to be, but they are actually anti-socialist. But first you have to know what real socialism is, and I have noticed that Americans just don’t get it. Real socialism is actually very nationalist, and it can only work with a homogeneous WHITE population.

        Nationalism is a European thing (at least at the moment). It’s the US that is lacking in Nationalism (the real stuff), not Europe. We see over here more and more progress in the political arena. That does not mean we are there yet, but at least it’s moving in the right direction.

        • Jefferson

          [QUOTE]1. I’m from Europe and I can guarantee you that most white people here DO NOT like Obama[/QUOTE]

          Do you have stats to back up your claim ? Because all of the states I have seen say the opposite. The Kenyan is extremely popular among Europeans.

          Obama is way more popular in Europe than he is in The United States.


          Obama has an 88 percent approval rating in Germany, 84 percent approval rating in France, a 76 approval rating in Spain, and a 64 percent approval rating in Great Britain.

          The vast majority of Europeans do not have a single right wing bone in their body.

          [QUOTE]2. Americans truly are dumb[/QUOTE]

          Europe will soon just be an expansion of Pakistan and Egypt. So Europeans can not be that smart either because you people just sit back and do NOTHING about the racial demographic change in your continent. And that is because you European left wing socialists are a bunch of submissive pansies. You people are going to give up your continent to Muslims without putting up a fight.

          • NeuBismarckian

            Dude……..Our cousins across the pond are putting up way more of a fight than we Americans are. They have nationalist parties that grow in electoral strength and ideological appeal, while we have nothing of the sort in the United States. Europeans invented what it means to be truly right-wing, while we only have the Conservatism Inc., anti-white Republicans here. I wish we had a group like Golden Dawn, that walks the streets of Athens beating up immigrants and taking 12% of the seats in the Greek Parliament. I wish that even 10% of Americans wanted a Fuhrer, like 14% of Germans do. I wish that we had a figure like Geert Wilders here, that warned against the effects of the hordes of mestizos flooding into our country and could do so openly and without being immediately shut down by the media (and Wilders’ Dutch Freedom Party is the third largest party in the Netherlands, fyi).

            The white revolution will begin in Europe. White Americans have no recourse politically, so we can only hope that the entire house of cards collapses because only then can we achieve our goals.

          • Melanie

            No, we have no recourse politically, that much is clear-but we are armed and getting more heavily armed by the minute-have you checked out the figures for gun sales in this country in the last, oh, year or so? And every time another gun control bill is sneaked though, the next day, gun shops are sold out. And the people in the lines are white.

          • Tucker

            Post the November 6th, 2012 election – the communist left (Democrats) and their contingent of moles and termites inside the GOP (RINOs,neocons) sense that the racial demographics are now such that the GOP is finished at the national level – and that’s the #1 reason why these totalitarians immediately ‘arranged’ for an event to occur which could be used as pretext to try to disarm the American citizens.

            The Communist left understands that the Whites in the Red States are arming themselves and they also understand that a repeat of 1776 will be the only remaining recourse for Whites to free themselves from the planned Communist tyranny and permanent status as a white tax slave – once the Democrats have achieved their permanent one party dictatorship. Hence, they want to remove that option from the table.

            The GOP might still have the ability to win state and regional elections in the ‘Red State’ areas for a few more cycles – but, the Communists have a plan to end that, by resettling thousands and thousands of third world ‘refugees’ into the Whitest remaining states, such as Utah and by passing all these illegal alien friendly laws like free tuition, drivers licenses, and as many other freebies as possible that will help attract the parasites.

            And, remember: None of what is happening to White Americans could be taking place without the treason being committed by our white elite class. So, my advice to every racially healthy White American – is to learn how to recognize a RINO and a NeoCon and understand that these rats are your mortal enemies – because they are in cahoots with the anti-White left who are seeking to genocide White European Americans.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Have you checked out the availability of ammo lately? There IS none!
            What good is having the new “Pocket Hose” if they decide to turn off the water?

          • Melanie

            There are a lot of us who grew up in a hunting culture, who didn’t come late to this game. It didn’t just recently dawn on us once the HNIC was elected, that this day might come. Our caches are fine, and we add to them as we can. Many of us know how to make our own.

          • hastings88

            I agree, NeuBismarckian. Europeans are much closer to re-establishing ethno-nationalism. It may really happen there because they can invoke the argument that they are the indigenous people. I predict that the U.S. will invade or bomb any European country with a new nationalist government. Our common enemy is going to kill it in the crib.

          • NeuBismarckian

            Oh God, that scenario is beyond horrible to contemplate; it’s like accepting our extinction with nothing but a whimper. I really don’t underestimate the power of THE enemy, but the United States would have very little justification to invade Europe again if, say, Hungary established a nationalist government and didn’t embark on a quest for empire-building across the Continent like the Fuhrer did. As long as the hypothetical government expelled the non-Hungarians, but didn’t attack Slovenia (thereby not breaking the stipulations of the NATO charter), then hypothetically, all is well and should remain so for the US and its European neighbors (whose citizens would most likely highly approve of the move).
            I predict we’ll know soon enough though…

          • Harry

            “64 percent approval rating in Great Britain” That’s because he is president of America. If he were Prime Minister of Britain it wouldn’t nearly that high.

            Easy when we don’t have him. As for most Europeans approving of immigrants. Not true. The vast majority are against it.

          • Harry

            We should be looking to what unites all white brothers. Not nit-picking. It’s decisive.

          • I take it you mean divisive – not decisive.

          • josh

            The ultimate irony: The one wealthy,hi tech democracy that is moving right at a furious pace and that does NOT love Obama:Israel. Strength for me,destruction for thee.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Our continent, not their continent. Europe belongs to all Europeans where ever we may live. If white Americans all felt this in our bones, we would not have this mutual resentment with Europe.

    • guest

      I’m gay and I don’t support Obama. I think he is a racist tyrant like Robert Mugabe. You stereotype ALL gays are certain way, they ALL do this, etc. There are siginficant amount of folks who do not follow your preconceived stereotypes. You often don’t know who they are because they don’t tell you. I know gays who are cops, special forces, firemen, contractors. The list goes on. They only stereotype I know is a South African gay waiter. Both of his parents were brutally murdered by blacks. His friends, who weren’t killed, moved out of their enclave in Jo-burg, and now surround themselves with electric fences and razor wire. They don’t support Obama either. I know of gay guys in rural areas who stockpile guns and fly the confederate flag. Many abhor those revolting parardes in San Francisco, as well as that type of radicalism. I dislike left wing gays and radical liberals so much that I would be moderated if I gave my true opinion. You are wrong if you believe that all gays are Obama supporters. Many are race realists. There are more than you could ever imagine. We have families as well, and we want to stop the destruction of our countries.

      • dd121

        It’s a stereotype because only about 98% of gays are liberals. Just think what the liberals-dems have done. They’ve carved up the country into “oppressed”, tribal groups and have convinced them that Republicans hate them. It seems crudely stupid but my God has it ever worked for them. The American people are stupider than I ever imagined. On that level I think the average liberal yokel deserves what’s coming. By the way ladies, enjoy your free tampons while it lasts.

        • IstvanIN

          Let’s be honest here, it is very difficult to be gay and a Republican. Gays are the Republican’s punching bag. Republicans like Santorum think that being rabidly anti-gay makes them “conservative”. It doesn’t, it simply makes them anti-gay while the rest of their policies are destructive to both the US in general and European-Americans in general. I have met conservative gays, it shocked me at first, but they are out there. In addition, Democrats are very good at pandering to assorted “minority” groups. They are FOR various issues. Republicans, for the most part are very wishy-washy, even on issues like abortion. You couldn’t find a better example than Mitt Romney, did he gives us anything at all to vote for him on? I voted Romney only because I was voting against Obama, not actually for Romney. If the Republicans coalesced around certain key issues that are really bringing this country to it ultimate destruction they could probably get 80% of the white vote.

          PS: what does the free-tampons comment mean? I am baffled over that.

          • dd121

            I was being sarcastic about the tampons. The issue that dems invented was the “war on women”. The so-called issue was when the democrats declared that the mean and evil Republicans wanted women to pay for their own birth control. It was just part of the dem tactic to create another “oppressed” group. Even though the repubs never intended that women should pay for their own birth control, in the dem controlled media the “issue” stuck. God, all those stupid women were completely played by the media and the dems and a lot of white female votes went to the dems.

          • IstvanIN

            Ah, sarcasm! Thanks for the explanation, I was thinking it was another welfare program like WIC and Obama phones.

            Goodness, people should pay for their own birth control? Horrors! Another reason why the Democrats win so many elections, most people, and overwhelming blacks, are completely ignorant about economic issues and really do think the government can give them stuff for “free”. That 30 year old “hoe” that Rush Limbaugh criticized is a prime example.

          • pcmustgo

            IDK, I think free distribution of condoms would save the tax-payer a lot of money. It already happens a bit at health clinics and here in NYC sometimes nightclubs, but yeah, I say plaster them everywhere.

          • FredMertz

            Make sure theyre Magnum so theyre useful for the intended target!!

          • Ella

            It’s a Boomer’s Free (narcissistic) Love for ALL at no cost. You get “free” birth control (BC) or low co-pay, low cost/free abortions now if BC fails, and plus, low cost male treatments to extend the man’s sex life into the 80’s through health insurance.

            Then if you want a baby, the co-pays are 3-4K with health insurance for hospital services. Co-pays are there for each OB visit depending on your plan. I STILL had to pay a co-pay for breast exam under Obama’s new legislation. Mark-up on drugs are 2x”s as high in blessed USA comparing to EU drug stores. Our govt makes us poorer not through tax but inflated medical and housing costs due to over-population and lobbyists.

          • 5n4k33y35

            What did Rick Santorum say that was “rabidly anti-gay”? Marriage is between a man and a woman? You could benefit from a little deprogramming:


            Secondly, dd121’s joke about free tampons was not far off the mark. Remember Sandra Fluke’s contraceptive budget, Rush Limbaugh’s wisecracks for which he (unfortunately) apologized?

        • Katherine McChesney

          ‘… enjoy your free tampons while it lasts.’


        • pcmustgo

          Most gays preferred Hillary Clinton over Obama and don’t like Obama. True they view themselves as victims and get into rabid identity politics, but apparently there is quite a divide between white gays and black gays.

          • Rebel Rebel

            Not true. Most gays are support Obama over Clinton

      • khesanh67-68

        I have no problem with anyone who will align himself with us once everything comes apart in this country. Then will not be the time to be asking about those things. It will only be time to protect ourselves, families, friends, and comrades in arms.

        • Tucker

          Absolutely incredible, khesanh67-68. You, sir, are a perfect example of WHY racially healthy White European Americans have been getting our hind ends stomped for the last 60-odd years and why the ‘traditional conservative/paleo-cons’ on the right have lost EVERY major battle on every major issue that deals with the Cultural Marxist war on our race and on our culture.

          Your flavor of naivete is suicidal, friend. Whites who believe as you do, would find themselves to be putty in the hands of the devious and conniving enemy who seeks our destruction. ‘I have no problem with anyone who will align himself with us once everything comes apart in this country’?

          Are you so wet behind the ears that you fail to understand the tactical application of ‘The Trojan Horse’ weapon? Are you so clueless as to fail to realize that advocacy of this kind of ‘big tent’ policy is playing squarely into the hands of the enemy we are fighting – and who has in the past taken maximum advantage of such a weak kneed attitude and used it to place their subversive enemy moles inside our camp, where they can work from the inside to undermine, thwart, subvert and neutralize the effectiveness, as well as the progress, of pro-White organizations and movements? Are you so blind and naive to not understand that this enemy we are fighting is not a chivalrous opponent – and that they are willing to lie, cheat, use deceit and deception, and pretend that they are on our side and ‘one of us’, when they are not? Your ‘no problem’ with letting these opportunistic liars to join our pro-White movement – once ‘everything comes apart’ – is a perfect recipe for letting our enemies to burrow into our movement, use it as camouflage, and then wait for the right opportunity to begin their anti-White, White genocide agenda all over again – once the ‘heat’ and chaos has subsided.

          Where do you think these despicably evil, race treasonous RINOs and Neo-Cons came from? Answer: The stupid GOP establishment allowed these termites to move from the left, i.e., the Communist, virulently anti-White Democrat camp – into the GOP a.k.a, the Trojan Horse tactic – and once inside, they have worked to destroy the GOP and to transform the GOP into a party that is just as anti-White, if not more so, than the Democrat Party.

          You have a lot to learn about the enemy we face, before you are capable to be giving advice to our fellow White brothers and sisters.

          • khesanh67-68

            Interesting reply Sir. But I think we’re talking apples and oranges here. If I get your jist, you’re talking politics of some sort, while I’m talking all out war/violence with no prisoners taken – the black flag. Whosoever is with us and puts his/her life on the line is fine with me. Nothing less than that though. All in, do or die.

          • Tucker

            I apologize if I was too harsh in my reply to your original comment. I meant no disrespect, but I do admit that I have grown very weary with the almost child-like level of naivete that I see coming from so many of my fellow White European men and women.

            Our people’s greatest strength – our innocence and desire to always be as fair and honest as possible to one another, when extended across racial lines – turns into our greatest and, I believe, our potentially most fatal weakness.

            To make matters even worse, our #1 enemy has scoped out this vulnerability in our race and they exploit it with a degree of destructiveness that will eventually help them destroy our entire race, unless we can learn to cure ourselves of this suicidal habit of extending our natural altruism to races other than our own tribe. The same realization has also occurred within the other minority groups, as they watch how quickly the White man will grovel and beg for forgiveness, and cower like a scolded dog whenever a minority places a race card on him.

            Years ago, I remember having a conversation with two females at my place of employment. One was a White female, and the other was a Black female who I had known for a number of years and who I was moderately friendly with. I forget the exact context of the conversation, but somehow the subject of slavery came up – and the White female began to immediately spew forth all sorts of apologetic sounding baloney, as if she or I had personally owned slaves and therefore obliged to apologize to this Black female. After she had gushed forth for several long and comical moments, I looked directly at her and politely asked: “Would you mind telling me how many times per day, on an average day – do you find yourself consumed with a desire to apologize to a minority for being White? Or, to apologize for slavery – which is something that neither I or you had nothing whatsoever to do with?”

            I wish I had had a small camera, like those tiny little hidden cameras that James Bond have in their pens or tie-tacks – so I could have captured the expression that came across the face of this guilt-ridden White female. As for the Black female, she busted out laughing – because, she understand my point immediately.

            So, believe me when I say that race wimpy Whites are held in very deep disdain by most minorities, because they see such behavior as racial cowardice. Granted, they probably enjoy feeling the power they have over such Whites – but from our perspective, these Whites are to be seen as defectives and most of them will probably decide to sell us out, if we allow them to join us in our movement.

            Hence, we cannot have a Big Tent policy. There will need to be a vetting policy of some kind established, and some method devised to weed out the dysfunctional or unreliable applicants. Or, potential enemy moles.

      • trolls suck

        troll alert

      • Tom

        To be honest, your post sounds suspect. Moreover, if true, you and your fellow gays are still in the severe minority. The overwhelming majority of gays support Obama and liberal causes. .

    • eduard

      Don’t forget the usefull idiot celebs in Hollywood namely the George (C)Looneys and Neil Patrick Harris’, and not to forget the tart from that miserable mining town Benoni; Charleeze Theron.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Charleeze Theron is a disgrace, given what is happening to the Afrikaners.

        • African Immigrant

          I deeply admire Charlize Theron. She is a true, dedicated humanitarian.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Apparently only to selected humans.

    • taylorworld

      have a death wish
      submissive weaklings
      spineless bums
      have a sense of false guilt
      have never been robbed or raped
      live in a fantasy world
      like bruce springsteen
      listen to rap as wiggers
      yale grads
      named bush

      worship thomas pc jefferson
      have visited the lincoln memorial
      have visited ford theater
      have no problem being called yuppie
      live within sight of any big city skyscrapers
      surnames end with berg stein witz
      hate nascar
      admit to being a fag
      admit to being a lez
      move south to escape their mess

    • Gene

      You mean more like under 35.

    • pcmustgo

      Super young, naive, clueless about the world and reality types. Under age 25 I’d say.

  • Garrett Brown

    64% still isn’t enough to get him out of office though unfortunately. Hopefully thee 22nd amendment remains intact.

  • anarchyst

    What Kwame Kilpatrick did to Detroit, the o’bama is doing to the nation.

    • Jefferson

      Every Black politician in Detroit is as crooked as Idi Amin. An honest Black politician who cares about the people is an oxymoron.

      • IstvanIN

        Sad but true, few black politicians seem to even care about their own people. Not that our own politicians are much better. The only black politician I can think of here in NJ who seems OK is the current mayor of Newark. Compared to his predecessors, Sharpie James and Ken Gibson, Corey Booker couldn’t be worse I suppose, but so far he seems to be doing as well as can be expected, considering what he has to work with.

    • StillModerated

      Sic semper tyrannis!

    • ConantheContrarian

      Detroit would be better off ruled by Sauron.

  • bigone4u

    What’s not to like? Bad economy; broken promises; constant vacations; foolish,arrogant meddling wife; claims right to kill or imprison American citizens without due process; skyrocketing debt; radical pals like Bill Ayers; anti-white AG; unqualifed Supreme Court appointees with an axe to grind. Somewhere there’s a David Letterman Top 10 List: Top 10 Reasons to Try Obama for Treason; or Top 10 Reasons to Deport Obama to Kenya.

    • Erasmus

      Sounds just like what you’d find in an black African country.

      • White Mom in WDC

        We are South Africa

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I need to disagree with the point about killing Americans. These “Americans” who become Muslims are NO LONGER Americans. You adopt Islam then you reject the entire philosophy of what USED TO make up America.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Good stuff about PC whites.

    When you live under an oppressive government and society that seems to exist to humiliate and destroy you, you gotta watch out what you say.

    That’s why sites like this are so valuable.

    I gotta say, though, I swear every poster here is being watched and deemed either dangerous or not. I may be paranoid, but Obama and Holder are watching.

    Buy all the guns and ammo you can while you can. The worst nightmare will be when the gubbamint has a monopoly on force and no longer fears violent backlash.

    Whites need to organize on multiple levels. One idea I keep getting is something similar to the NRA called the “Well Ordered Militia”. Not opposed to NRA, but very law abiding and dedicated to political action on the part of those who oppose.

    • Puggg

      NRA proves: Organization works and gets things done. I could do without their pandering to blacks, though.

      • Erasmus

        Maybe the NRA owns huge numbers of shares in a brewery that makes malt liquor or in KFC or Popeye’s….just saying.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yeah – like a white, anti-liblefty NRA. Call it the Well Ordered Militia (we’re part of a well ordered militia, lol). Teach gun safety, all the stuff the NRA does (except pander to blacks) and serve as a sort of White interest group/social networking organization. Abide by laws, lobby, be there as a presence to remind those that wish to destroy us that if they think we are so evil, perhaps they better back the f**k off.

        • equally vigilant

          What part of the country are you in?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            The once fine state of Souf Crakalaka. Still some good people here.

          • equally vigilant

            I think we should be developing exactly that – a white interest group and social and lobbying network organization, or thereabouts. For one, it would save time as focusing on goals tends to unite even those who won’t agree on a rigid dogma or ideology. For another, it’s ridiculous to be doing this on here right in front of everyone. I won’t strategize out in the open; that’s asinine even if it only involves contemplating purely legal actions. To be unapologetic and white is a hate crime and possibly a violation of the Patriot Act, which Obama has expanded geometrically. I also consider it paramount to try to preserve pro-whites’ privacy so that those who cannot risk being blacklisted, etc., can still contribute. I’ve found one person on here who has agreed to pass on info on a personal blog but don’t think s/he’d do it as a rule, so since I’m out of ideas for exchanging contact information, what can you suggest? I don’t agree with you on certain issues, but I’m sick of talk, intent on action and willing to unite *to get something done.* And you unlike many posters don’t harbor deep issues towards women, which I can dig.

          • anonymous

            I’ve met a few people on prowhite sites in person, but I’m very cautious. You don’t know if they are liberal ‘antifa’ troll thug types or someone trying to set you up or wants you to do something illegal. Be careful.

          • equally vigilant

            Caution is the rule, hyper-vigilance should be maintained vigorously. I’m not susceptible to being conned into doing something illegal, but I definitely think there are real time trolls and worse who will pose in order to possibly lie about something pro-whites ‘said’ (or ‘did’), try to record ‘gotcha’ commentary we actually made, or just simply gain information on who and what. And yeah, there are government or related types out there trying to even foment illegal activities amongst ‘subversives,’ although I think these days just lying about something we ‘said’ could land us in prison under the PA.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Great advice. We must be careful, not lose our heads…

            I’m sure we’re being watched here, everywhere we post.

            See you in Valhalla. (I gotta stop watching that “Vikings” show, lol)

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Hey. Have not forgotten u. Been working like a white man recently, getting some ideas. If you have not already, register with discus to get e-mail notifications of responses to your posts.

            Are you registered with a fake name e-mail account? I am under the nom de guerre/nom de plum, Pat McGroin.

            Something’s in the air. Can you feel it?

            V (yeah, for real, lol)

    • equally vigilant

      You’re not paranoid at all. Ever read the Patriot Act? Just publicizing rigorous criticisms of the federal government these days, much less on the subject of race, could land you in prison. google the name Susan Lindauer as just one odd example, though not of the race-challenging issue.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “And you unlike many posters don’t harbor deep issues towards women, which I can dig.”

        Why would anyone truly concerned with his folk denigrate his (loyal) women? What folly. Why would any real man be ashamed that his strength he owes to a strong woman?

        Time and again in the glorious history of our people strong women have ridden into battle alongside their men. Nordic shield maidens and Sarmatian Amazons. Teutonic “screeching women” shaming their menfolk into acts of death defying courage. Robert Guiscard riding into battle with his wife, Sikelgaita at his side in full armor.

        Certainly I can understand many White men’s disgust at the treacherous whores who breed with beasts, but to disrespect GOOD WHITE WOMEN who stand at our side and share our suffering and humiliation is inexcusable.

        Disrespecting and degrading women is the way of the undermen, not us, and those of us who ape our enemies in this regard need to rethink their opinions. Perhaps they are not of us after all…

        • 5n4k33y35

          You’re wrong on women. Glorifying the few historical examples of women in battle is something only to be rarely indulged in. Females are the reproductive bottleneck so they are not the first to fight.

          Women are considered more worthy to live than men in almost any crisis, but that does not make them more worthy of respect. Also, girls are generally more important than women. It is far important to respect girls than women.

          Too much deference for women will invariably corrupt the girls, as it is the women’s means of sabotaging any upstart girls who may challenge her status as she comes of age. Girls have to be protected from the negative influences of jealous, treacherous women.

          • NeanderthalDNA


            1. I have no problem with women choosing to take traditional roles. In fact I think it’s far more natural than women riding out to battle. Those traditional roles are very very important, should not be denigrated by “feminists” nor by “chauvinists”.

            2. Groups of women can indeed be pits of vipers, which is why I generally prefer the company of other men, especially in the workplace. Furthermore “feminism” has created a hypocritical form of deceit in many modern women who yammer about “equal pay for equal work” and such but…almost ALWAYS only consider potential mates who earn more money than they and will take care of them as the principal income earner.


            3. Exceptions abound and I’ve always preferred women with whom I can have a good conversation.

            4. Those who really wish to have a crack at traditional male roles should be given a chance. Some are really good at it. I think they will always be in the minority regardless, so…so what?

            5. I really don’t think it wise to alienate white women by…that stuff you’re talking about. In practice White men treat our women better, with more respect, than just about any other group and I think that’s a strength. We need all the women we can get involved in the Movement and I find it hard to stomach anything that might serve to drive them off.

            Honey or vinegar? You should keep those ideas locked away on a site trying to save our race. Unless of course you are really engaged in some form of agit prop.

          • 5n4k33y35

            You’re right about the mythical pay gap. Not only are men expected to be the providers, the pay gap does not really exist.

            The slogan is “equal pay for equal work”, and that’s what is already done.
            If women were more efficient and cheaper employees, women would be
            hired exclusively instead of men to save money.

            NeanderthalDNA: “White men treat our women better, with more respect, than just about any other group and I think that’s a strength.”

            Maybe you’re right, but holding women above men has indisputably become our biggest weakness.

            NeanderthalDNA: “We need all the women we can get involved in the Movement and I find it hard to stomach anything that might serve to drive them off.”

            As often as not, women are attracted to those who push them away, and repelled by those who wish to attract them. Rather than taking a woman’s word for what she approves, watch what she does.

            Girls on the other hand, are inherently more virtuous than the majority of women, because youth and innocence are virtues already.

            The traditional refrain is this: “Women and children first”. In most circumstances, it ought to be children before women.

            NeanderthalDNA: “Disrespecting and degrading women is the way of the undermen, not us, and those of us who ape our enemies in this regard need to rethink their opinions.”

            If you consider how far men have fallen relative to women in Christendom during the last century, it should be obvious that the primary problem with modern society is not a lack of respect for women, it is a lack of respect for men.

            Those who ape our enemies… Who would that be? Those who take their doctrine on gender roles from Jews, perhaps? Traditionally, Christians have more in common with Muslims than with Jews, regarding gender roles.

            It is more reasonable to blame Jews than Muslims for the loss of stature of the Western man, but the true culprit is modernity. To some degree, we’ve rendered ourselves obsolete by doing such a great job as builders of civilization.

            We’ve also been marginalized by the anti-white doctrine of Feminism, which has its roots in the Frankfurt School Marxist doctrine (of Jewish origins).

            In any case, we must reassert ourselves. Muslims are not the only ones who stubbornly cling to their marriage traditions. Hindus have their traditions as well. Christians have also been known to favor archaic marriage traditions.

            Mohammed and Aisha were not without historical precedent in their marriage arrangements, as a man and a girl.

            The degree to which you identify with Feminism is a personal choice which does not make you more intrinsically white, but it might make you more Jewish in character.

  • Jefferson


    A breakdown of the non-white numbers gets even more interesting.
    President Obama’s approval rating among blacks fell by eight percent
    from the week before the latest round of polling to 87 percent while it
    jumped by five percentage points among Hispanics to 69 percent over the
    same period.[/QUOTE]

    A whopping 69 percent of these “natural Republican” Hispanics are perfectly happy with Hussein Obama’s job performance.

    What would the pro-amnesty Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Rand Paul have to say about this ?

  • “It’s obvious that a lot of white people feel that he is not operating in the interest of the country and they’re suspicious of him and his administration,” she said.

    no dip sherlock! No, alot of White people feel thier country is being destroyed, day by day.

    • Katherine McChesney

      They’re feeling the pinch.

  • Robert Binion

    When the President stops dithering on Keystone Pipeline, his numbers among whites will be even lower. Even now, newsies seem to be giving him a little cover. A “Yes” will enrage his base and they are not gentlemen.

  • soccer2mom

    There is not a day that goes by that I ask what is wrong with the voting public. A minimum IQ should be mandated in order to vote. Reading could be the first basic requirement. Unbelievable still, that the unthinking voted an unqualified foreigner into our white house. And if that does not make you angry. . . I guarantee this will. You might want to read what your DOD has been cooking up in the name of defense on US Soil. They are calling it the Posse Comitatus Act, and here is where you can read it, https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2013/04/12/2013-07802/defense-support-of-civilian-law-enforcement-agencies#h-16. Ask yourself this, if you are in the military, or National Guard, will you turn those weapons on the very citizens you are fighting to protect. You may have to make that decision sooner than you think!

  • Truthseeker

    Liberal policies for the last 50 years have essentially been “do the opposite of what’s best for white people.” Those who are competent enough to run this society need to forgo any concern for their own well-being because the system that their ancestors built and has proven to work for them doesn’t work for the less competent in their midst. Even if the high standard of living previous generations worked hard to give them is lost, it’ll all be worth it if it results in white people not offending anyone’s sensibilities by displaying higher levels of happiness.

    This article is heartening. Slowly but surely, white people are waking up.

  • Frank Smith

    How do we get that 36 percent down to 20 percent? In my opinion, it can only come from economic collapse. Only a radical downgrade in standard of living can make whites take action against the savage barbarians in their midst.

    • Tucker

      One major benefit of an economic collapse, as long as it is a total collapse and one that throws the entire nation into a state of chaos and pandemonium like something out of a movie like ‘The Road Warrior’ – will be the reaction of the White liberals who make up that 36%.

      I believe that these deracinated White losers will be energized like never before, and they will be stampeding, and probably trampling one another over their rush to flood into these inner city neighborhoods to engage in their favorite past-time, i.e., competitive altruism. “Oh, gee, we have to go help these poor blacks and mestizos!” will become their battle cry.

      And, in those neighborhoods – they will encounter violent predators who will proceed to gang rape the white women to death, castrate and torture and mutilate the white males of the Chrissy Matthews variety, and that’s how the 36% will be taken care of, Frank.

      Frankly, no pun intended, I can hardly wait for the entertainment to start.

  • sbuffalonative

    Speaking of polls. AR has reported on polls that showed that as much as 80% of Americans wanted a crack down on illegal immigrants. This was never reported on the evening news.
    NBC Nightly News enthusiastically reported that 64% of Americans now support amnesty.
    Why didn’t they report the 80%? Pure brainwashing. They’re pushing this so now people will be pressured to support amnesty just to be a part of the majority.

  • Puggg

    Reflecting a weekly decline of just one percent, 76 percent of non-white Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance while among whites that number has remained flat at 36 percent.

    So? White people aren’t allowed to have an opinion. Heck, from the way I hear certain Repugnantican Party talking heads chatter on, you would think that white people aren’t allowed to vote.

    No pun intended on “Repugnantican,” even though it contains “pug.”

  • guest

    Everyone knew that many whites in this country disapproved of Obama’s performance. Unfortunately, many more whites still voted for him because they have been brainwashed into becoming braindead leftists who are so scared of being labeled as racists that they’ll sit back and watch as their fellow whites are used as doormats and punching bags for everyone else.

  • LHathaway

    Is it just me or can no one get a decent job? We must work 60 hours at two jobs to make ends meet? Is that how it is going. . I have no idea. .

  • IKantunderstand

    “When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Now, in today’s world, what do i do? I’m thinking: H/T Thomas Jefferson. Well, screw that. As you know, that was the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. White Americans declaring their independence from White Brits.(I know I’m being redundant with White, bear with me, please.) It is time, that we Americans, once again Declare our Independence and “dissolve the political bands” . We Americans of the United(for now) States are no longer connected to the multitudes of non-Whites foisted on us, without our permission. We Americans do assume the separate and equal station according to nature and God. We AMERICANS declare our Independence. And, believe me, we will achieve it, or die. I’m really, really tired of the way this country is headed. White people have nothing to lose, anymore. I didn’t go to the Amren conference this year, because I was scared to go. I’m done with being scared, I’m done with being a coward, I’ve had it. I would rather fight and go down swinging, than to capitulate anymore.

    • White Mom in WDC

      I am with you. In my mind I have seceded. I did not ask for this country. It is not my job to work and pay for Rosa’s six kids, and that is infringing on my freedom and pursuit of happiness.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Scared you’d lose your job? People need to lighten up. Whites are still the most powerful so quit visualizing defeat. Defeat is not in the realm of possibility for white society.

      Also, even though we’re white, we’re still part of the human species. It’s not as if we’re at war with space aliens, so we needn’t be quite so dramatic. Think of it this way – if white people are scared, everyone else must be terrified.

  • HKwills

    “Reflecting a weekly decline of just one percent, 76 percent of non-white
    Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance while among
    whites that number has remained flat at 36 percent”.

    A consequence of one group that wishes to parasitize another group; which other group does not wish to be parasitized. Quite explicable and beyond reconciliation.

  • anarchyst

    BOTH major political parties are GUILTY of violating the Constitution of the United States of America and their “oath of office”. Indictment, prosecution and execution of sentence for treason is warranted.
    The democrats want uncontrolled immigration to “buy” votes and the republicans want uncontrolled immigration for cheap labor.
    BOTH parties could give a damn about the TRUE white Americans that built this country.
    It is curious to note how those who are “oppressed” by the United States of America still risk life and limb to get here while spouting off how “superior” their home countries are. This also goes for many white Europeans as well as “third-worlders”.
    When I encounter those types, I pose a statement “If life is so wonderful in your home country, why did you come here?? Go back to where you came from”. The look on their faces is priceless.

    • jambi19

      There are a ton of bad Republicans. There are zero good Democrats.

      • soccer2mom

        EXCEPT. . . for the RINO’s. They switch parties at whim when it looks like they will not get elected in the party they are in. That is why so much corruption, blatantly thumbing noses at the US Constitution, committing atrocities with our enemies, and turning our backs on our allies. Again I say that a minimum IQ requirement to vote should be mandated. If even one of our elected Washington Bureaucrats had any inclination they would be moving to impeach this nut case(sincerely and clearly he is unqualified and must be borderline sociopathic with a god complex) and try him for the posturing that goes against every fabric of our Constitution and History. Enough executive orders that take away more of our freedoms when the problem is with his own race and kind. He chose to go over to the African American side to get votes needed, so the argument his mother was white is no longer a viable argument. He chose and used his race and made pathetic promises to a race that thinks the world owes them a living. So, no it is not one or the other party-not anymore. The GOP has lost their edge because they also have not distanced themselves from the liberals that jump parties to get elected. They welcome the enemy into camp and expect a different outcome.

  • In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • ViktorNN

    This is good news, and I think it can be seen as things moving closer to the day when whites in this country regain a sense of white racial identity and start organizing in their best interests.

    The question is how to get whites from acting “implicitly white” to “explicitly.”

    There are two sides to answering this question: one is to find issues with which to propagandize and show whites the racial nature of the forces arrayed against them, thus showing to them the need to organize racially.

    The other is to show that once enough whites are racially conscious they can emerge from being a silent majority to being a vocal majority.

  • Johnny Clay

    Obama is an Affirmative Action President. Had he been white, he would’ve been trounced in a landslide last November. Because he’s a person of color, he was given a second chance. Of course, he also had 4 million voters who could’ve ousted him sitting home in a hissy fit on Election Day, too.

  • anonymous

    I’m not sure these statistics are really all that meaningful. For decades now, white voters have been almost evenly divided between the two parties. As a result, ANY reasonably presentable candidate, Republican or Democrat, can expect to get somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of the white vote. Hunter Thompson wrote about this when he covered the Nixon/McGovern race back in 1972 and nothing has really changed since then.

    If Obama still has around 36 percent support among whites, then his support hasn’t really eroded all that much despite everything that’s happened. Blacks, of course, have always voted as a block, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to compare the white and black votes this way. The main difference is that whites don’t vote as a racial group the way blacks do. I won’t read very much into these numbers until the percentage of white support drops to, say, twenty percent or lower.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, and most of these white liberals live in a bubble world and only listen to left wing media and haven’t even tried to hear the “other side of the story” or realize there is one.

      • David Ashton

        They are like members of a religious cult.

  • Ella

    I have White relatives that voted for this clown and they don’t regret their choices. They see no wrong and at war with the “evil” conservatives.
    1. They want gay marriage even as Christians….all must be “equal.”
    2. They want society to be extreme “secularists” much like early communism.
    3. They hate a CLASS system and all should be re-distributed to poorer classes.
    4. They despise big families over 2, especially for Whites whereas we supposed to be the humane tax payer and sacrifice our own children for others who would NEVER reciprocate the same to us ever.
    I hear them discuss their views as “superior” to be utterly righteous as anything “Right” has become evil especially, when we block appointed Obama to do his will. Obama is their highest. They refuse to even critique his policies; no politician does 100% right for each voter. Ouch, they are Boomers.

  • pcmustgo

    BECAUSE MOST WHITES REALIZE ON SOME INSTINCTUAL LEVEL (gates-gate) HE’S RACIST AGAINST WHITES. The non-whites don’t pick that up or simply don’t care.

  • pcmustgo

    Well, hell, only 39% or so of Whites even voted for Obama, so whatever.

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    Many of those White people who don’t approve of his performance were the same ones who voted for him a second time.

    • Bobby

      True. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, and I have observed that there are quite a lot of STUPID WHITES, QUITE A LOT. Really a lot. ………………………We are our own worst enemies, even when it comes to the most serious matters.

  • David Ashton

    When even someone who has read several translations of the Bible from cover to cover and thinks that white people have no special entitlement to the USA, like John Engelman, is “disappointed” with Obama after voting for him, then a political earthquake may be on its way.

    Meanwhile, can American patriots and European patriots stop sneering at each other?

    • Bobby

      Good point David. Perhaps they should start another confict between each other that ends up reducing whites to 2 percent from a current 7 percent. LOL…..morons.

      • David Ashton

        Three wars: the Boer War, WW1 & WW2. None of them really necessary, all of them disastrous for white civilization. Never again.

        • 5n4k33y35

          The Civil War was not necessary either, even on humanitarian grounds. Slavery was already obsolete. It would have been phased out within decades.

          The time for whites to go to war against the slaver owners and traders was when the slavers first began bringing black slaves to America.