Scientists Find Ethnicity Linked to Antibodies

Medical Xpress, April 17, 2013

Cracking the DNA code for a complex region of the human genome has helped 14 North American scientists, including five at Simon Fraser University, chart new territory in immunity research.

They have discovered that a good number of our antibody genes, how well they operate and, potentially, what they fight off, actually vary from person to person. That means even though drugs, treatments and vaccinations are designed to treat whole populations our response to them could be individualistic.

After completely sequencing the immensely repetitive DNA in the human genome’s one million nucleotide-long immunoglobulin heavy (IGH)-chain locus, these scientists have also found ethnicity influences immunity.

“Time will confirm the extent to which this is true. But we’ve found that sections of the IGH-chain locus’ DNA sequence are either missing or inserted into a person’s genome, and this could vary depending on ethnicity,” explains Corey Watson.


Scientists have long known that our IGH-chain locus is our most prolific producer of the 50-plus varied and diverse antibody-encoding genes that our B cells use to fight off infections and diseases.

But thanks to new data-mining technology, this is the first study to radically refine and, until now, roughly-piecemealed genomic map of the human IGH-chain locus.

“Because this is the most complete version of a human’s IGH sequence,” says Watson, “our data has been integrated into the official human genome project assembly.”

Using a single chromosome of an individual, the latest study sequences all possible antibody-encoding genes in our IGH-chain locus. It also identifies 11 possible large DNA insertions and deletions of antibody-encoding genes in the region that determine our antibody gene count/diversity and, in some cases, have been implicated in disease susceptibility.

The scientists uncovered the link between antibody makeup and ethnicity when they screened the chromosomes of 425 people of Asian, African and European descent for several DNA insertions and deletions.

“Again, it’s early days,” emphasizes Watson, “but these findings could mean that past environmental exposures to certain pathogens caused DNA insertions or deletions in different ethnic groups, which could impact disease risk. Our results demonstrate that antibody studies need to take into account the ethnicity of DNA samples used.”

This study’s findings will advance research on how IGH-related antibody genetic variation between individuals impacts our ability to fight viruses such as the flu and HIV.


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  • David Ashton

    “Scientific racism!”

    • RebelliousTreecko

      We must counter this bigotry with the power of Scientific Egalitarianism.

  • Oil Can Harry

    This study is pure junk science. Race is a myth, a social construct created by white bigots as an excuse for colonalism.

    I learned that from Tim Un-Wise and Steven Jay Ghoul, both of whose integrity is beyond reproach.

    • Carlos Geary

      No, races do exist, worldwide is considered that there are only three races, each one of them have sub races; but there is no inferior or superior races. Races are only important in some way in the medical field.

      • Gunrunner1

        Or if you want to hire engineers, scientists and inventors, And the Jews would want to have a word with you, they REALLY think of themselves as the chosen people, the Super race. Notice they use the word “anti-semitic” (which refers to a race) rather than “anti-jew”. Of the “three races”, Whites are less than 9%.

        • Carlos Geary

          There are a lot of people in this world that think of themselves as the chosen people, the blessed people, the exceptional people, the super race, the supremacists race. The faraons of Egypt and the Incas rulers considered themselves, to be descendant of their God (half God). The Merovingians kings of France claimed to be descended from Jesus.

      • David Ashton

        The primary races are Causasid, Mongolid, Negrid, Australid and Sanid. There are sub-races and cross-breeds. Genetic differences between them are not only of medical-treatment relevance.

        • Carlos Geary

          There are only 3 main races, caucasoid, mongoloid and negroid and subraces. There are people that do not quite fit in any race, like the african pygmies and australian aborigenes. The Australian aborigenes were thought to be an ancient mixture of caucasian and negroids, because most of them are born with blonde hair. However, DNA studies found that their blonde hair and the caucasian blonde hair are from differents genes.
          The genetic difference is only relevant in the mind of some people (myths).

          • David Ashton

            My information came from a synthesis of studies of biological anthropology, including those by Garn, Coon, Cavalli-Sforza, Baker, Osborne, Sarich, &c.

    • fargo7289

      actually that’s not true… there are diseases that occur more in one race that others, sickle cell anemia being the most prominent example, I think.. I also remember seeing a documentary years ago that shows how some disease occurs mostly among Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jews…

      • Fr. John+

        Yeah, bearing the curse for Deicide generationally, is a real bummer.

  • 48224

    I am an avid watcher of science programs on cable. I was totally shocked last month when I saw a program that outlined how many white Europeans are immune to AIDS. I had never heard this before. See link:

    • So CAL Snowman

      Yes it’s good stuff but, actually we are immune to HIV and it is the result of a mutation. The mutation of the CCR5 gene into the CCR5-delta 32 gene inhibits the cellular receptor used to gain access to the immune system by HIV. However, to be completely immune you must inherit the gene mutation from BOTH parents. A mutation on only one x (female) or on either the x or y(male) will only make you resistant.

      • haroldcrews
      • pcmustgo

        WOW, PLEASE DON’T SAY WHITES ARE IMMUNE TO HIV… MANY WHITE GAYS HAVE IT… and a few white women too. We are less likely to get it , I suppose, but not all whites are immune

  • bigone4u

    Science daily destroys lying liberal propaganda about race and feminist lies about gender. I’m loving it.

    • fargo7289

      so what exactly do you consider “liberal propaganda” about race?

      • bigone4u

        We could go on and on, but let’s start with the idea that IQ is unimportant and the tests are biased against blacks. Then there’s the idea that that race is a social construct–that races don’t exist. So much more but I’ll stop there.

    • haroldcrews

      Lies can prosper a short while but in the end Truth is more powerful. Competition and liberty produce Truth over time. At the very least they knock down accepted lies. Free scientific inquiry gives me hope.

      • Sue

        I do hope you’re right. There’s a 60 some odd year myth rolling around that’s still going strong.

  • Zimriel

    Well, yeah. All those dead Native Americans could have told them that.

  • The__Bobster

    Here’s hoping that not all scientists can be bribed or coerced to hide the truth. That’s the job of the media.

    • StillModerated

      These boffins will, thankfully, continue the work of Phil Rushton and Arthur Jensen.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Antibodies be raciss en sheeeet all up en heeah.

  • haroldcrews

    Hasn’t it been known for centuries that sub-Saharan Africans are largely immune or very resistant to malaria? Isn’t that why they were brought here?

    • 1stworlder

      Sickle cell disease/ even being a carrier lets them survive malaria. You might not think it is worth 30 points of avg IQ now, but if you didn’t know how to make quinine or other antimalarial drugs it would be better than death.

      • Erasmus

        Individuals heterozygous for the sickle cell gene survived long enough to pass on their genes to their children.

        Malaria prevented Portuguese and Dutch slavers from penetrating into the western African hinterland, so native Africans were needed to go in and do the enslaving for them. Without the cooperation of black tribesmen, the West African slave trade would not have been possible.

      • dogbone

        (If I remember correctly) There is a certain gene pattern present in people with brown skin that makes them immune to Malaria and Syphilis. There are 4 possible patterns. (o-o);(o-x);(x-o);(x-x). Either (x-o) or (o-x) will make them immune to Malaria and Syphilis. (o-o) makes the susceptible to Malaria, and (x-x) makes them susceptible to sickle cell.

        Supposedly the black plague wiped out most of the white gene pool that wasn’t A+ blood type. People with A+ blood had a greater immunity to the black plague. People with A+ blood are also more immune to AIDS, but they have no immunity against malaria and syphilis.

        • haroldcrews

          Blacks in the US according to the CDC have 6.7 times the reported rate of syphilis than Whites for 2011. Which is actually down substantially from the previous two years. Blacks in 2009 had 9.2 the reported syphilis rate of Whites.

          • George

            This is a genetic defence against individuals’ behaviour or external threats to the organism.

            If there’s a need for a defence, organisms will evolve to meet that need. Blacks have a greater need for defence against malaria (the mosquitoes that carry it aren’t as hardy in moderate climates). Blacks also have a greater need for defence against syphillis because of their sexual behaviours.

          • dogbone

            Blacks and Mexicans can get syphilis and transmit it, but it doesn’t make them insane like it does white people.

        • Gunrunner1

          No,the black plague is still here. One of them tried to hit me up for a cigarette not 30 seconds ago. I blew smoke in its face and said, “I don’t smoke” and It went away mad. I think the only real good immunity is a .45.

  • josh

    Aren’t “anti-bodies” racist?

    • Gunrunner1

      Best comment! Anti-bodies are programmed as to what is either “of the body” or “not of the body”. What is “not of the body” is encapsulated and rejected or destroyed. Anti-bodies are the epitome of racial philosophy reduced to the molecular level. Viruses and bacteria can be thought of as 5 negros in a Cadillac with rims riding through the White part of town.

  • APaige

    DNA is a social construct…. well (cough) its ‘hereditary’, but not ‘biological’. We are all the same -so we should celebrate our differences-if we had any.

  • MBlanc46

    All sorts of medical conditions and treatments have racial components. All medical personnel are at least in part race realists.

    • JohnEngelman

      But to keep their jobs they need to know what not to say in public.

      • MBlanc46

        And some of them just compartmentalize. It’s easy enough to attribute physical difference to genetics, but attribute behavioral difference only to culture.

        • JohnEngelman

          Environment can change in a generation. Genetic characteristics take hundreds and thousands of years to change.

          Everywhere in the world Orientals have lower crime rates and higher average IQs than whites, who have lower crime rates and higher average crime rates than Hispanics, who have lower crime rates and higher average IQs than blacks. Anyone who points that out in public has to blame white racism for the differences, or he may lose his job, and perhaps his career.

          • MBlanc46

            I do hope that we’re on the verge of a change. The data are becoming ever more clear that intelligence is hereditary and that there are clear racial differences. How much longer can people continue demand equal educational outcomes between ethnic groups? I suspect that the genetic basis of other behaviors (tendency toward violence, e.g.) will become empirically confirmed. So far, those who hold our views are confined to places such as Amren. How much longer can the evidence for our views be suppressed?

          • JohnEngelman

            American Renaissance is a valuable resource where the truth may be told about the innate nature of racial differences.

            Unfortunately American Renaissance damages its credibility by sympathizing with secession and expressing hostility toward Abraham Lincoln.

            There is a market for those sentiments. The market is insufficient to be the beginning of a movement capable of changing the United States.

            One does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

          • MBlanc46

            There sure are a lot of people here with whom I have very little in common. It does seem to me that the sentiments that I have about the behavior of certain ethnic groups (which sentiments you seem to share) are much more common in the general population than the organs of communication would lead one to believe. To focus the discussion on blacks, one would have to be quite inert to not be aware of the magnitude (and even apparent increase in) black crime. In everyday life, I hear more and more allusions to that awareness. What is of interest to me is how to encourage people to fully express that awareness so that something can be done about the problem.

          • JohnEngelman

            Recently a white liberal friend of mine moved to Oakland, California. When he asked for my advice on how to avoid being a victim of (black) crime I shared lessons I have learned by being such a victim myself.

            He did not respond with shouts of “Racist!” He thanked me.

          • MBlanc46

            I think what you’re indicating is that there is an undercurrent of awareness of negative black behavior. But people are still very leery of putting their heads above the parapet for fear of being labeled “racist”. Do we need to draw them out one by one, or will a critical mass (due to, say, flash mobs, school cheating scandals) be reached where enough people will stand up and say “Enough!”

          • Gunrunner1

            Secession is change. Further, it is clear that some secession is simply going to happen by Demographic default, such as Aztlan. La Raza knows it and is planning for it either as a complete breakaway State or conversion to a province of Mexico. Change is inevitable, just as in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Two weeks before the wall came down Russians really though that the Cold war and the splitting of the World into two sectors was “forever”. The wall didn’t come down because people were “articulating and channeling sentiments that already existed”, but because someone forced the change, ignored the rules and the whole edifice was so rotten, so full of lies and contradictions that it shattered.

            White people need a Country of our own.

          • MBlanc46

            What’s your plan for that? What bits are going to secede? Exactly how are they going to do it?

  • Ralph

    Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.

    Genes are us. Race is real. “Race” in humans really means subspecies.

    • Carlos Geary

      You are wrong.

      • Ralph


        • Sloppo

          I believe Congolese natives will design and build cars which are better than those built by the Germanic and Japanese tribes before Carlos will explain his viewpoint. Just a hunch.

      • haroldcrews

        Please esplain Carlos. Stupid joke I joke but I couldn’t help myself. But I would like to hear an explanation as there are different arguments that could be put forward either way.

      • David Ashton

        Science has moved on with much more detail since differences were listed by, for example, R.Travis Osborne et al (eds) “Human Variation” (NY: Academic Press, 1978), but you could make a good start in self-education by starting with this primer.

  • Ralph

    Discussing humans without bringing up race is as stupid as discussing dogs without bringing up breed. We need to start teaching this basic truth to help deprogram weak seed and easily suggestible Whites who have been so brainwashed by the anti-racist cult that these Whites are our present flat worlders.

    • haroldcrews

      Perhaps that is why Chihuahuas are so popular among DWLs. They believe them to be guard dogs. After all nobody needs to carry a handgun when you can slip a guard dog in your purse. It’s all so obvious now. If people are blank slates then why aren’t dogs?

  • a multiracial individual

    It is a shame that Rushton did not live long enough to see vindication. Here is a Donahue program from 1990 in which Rushton has to sit next to a charlatan that appears to make a living out of getting people fired for being “neo-nazis.”

    • JohnEngelman

      Watching those three videos was like watching a boxer from another city fight a home town boxer where the fans favored the home town fighter, and where the referee was dishonestly biased in favor of him also.

      I would love to have watched Professor Rushton and one of his detractors debate before an audience that was predisposed to like what Rushton had to say.

      It seems unfortunately the case that in order to recognize the undisputed facts about racial differences one probably needs to feel differently about the different races.

  • thoughtcrime

    Science is proving more and more that Nature is racist…