Protestors Picket AmRen Conference

Josh Arntz, The Tennessean, April 5, 2013

“1-2-3-4. Don’t go in that hotel door. 5-6-7-8. We don’t want no fascist state,” protestors shouted Friday afternoon.

A handful of protestors picketed the annual American Renaissance conference Friday afternoon at the Montgomery Bell State Park inn and conference center.


Montgomery Bell State Park is hosting AmRen’s annual conference this weekend for a second consecutive year.

Four protestors with the Coalition to Shut Down AmRen, and two picketers with the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition chanted against AmRen’s views Friday afternoon outside the park inn. They also displayed placards remonstrating fascism and racism.

“AmRen, AmRen. Rich and rude. We don’t like your attitude,” shouted Coalition to Shut Down AmRen protestors.

Park rangers stood vigil in front of the inn to keep the peace. The rangers warned a young demonstrator not to use profanity after he flipped off a man taking his photograph.


[Editor’s Note: Photos of the protesters are available at the original article link below and here.]

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  • The__Bobster

    Wow! Six libtard protesters….. and they had such class, too…not! Obvious mental defectives.

    • StillModerated

      Did we meet, Bobster?

      • blight14

        Yeah Bobster, were you in attendance? ‘Mr X’ perhaps? lol………B

  • The__Bobster

    “AmRen, AmRen. Rich and rude. We don’t like your attitude,” shouted Coalition to Shut Down AmRen protestors.

    We’re rich? Oh yeah, because we wear suits.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “Rich”? Let’s see:

      I have a 20 year-old suit I bought at a K.G. Men’s Store, I think for $135 or so, a blue blazer I’ve owned since high school, a herringbone tweed jacket I bought at a thrift store for $10, two pairs of khaki slacks I bought at Costco for about $20 each, and neckties that were mostly gifts. Even without cost-averaging these over the past 20 years, I’ll bet I have less money in dress clothes than most of these folks spend on drugs in a good month.

      Probably none of these protesters missed work.

      • StillModerated

        My guess is that they were the useless progeny of unscrupulous Nashville music brokers, and whose fathers had divorced their dowdy mothers in favor of a trophy wife with a prenup. The trolls still live in mommy’s basement smoking dope, watching porn, and rubbing their magic lamps.

    • Puggg


      Really, I saw the pictures of the protesters, and they are the spitting image of what they think of us, at least when they’re not accusing us of being “one percenters.”

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Bathing and wearing clean clothing must be some of that “transphobic” stuff they think we should worry about.

        • blight14

          I was there, they were indeed disgusting and dirty, both on the outside and the inside….the sign they had that said ‘Repeat Dresden’ was a perfect indicator of the latter……..

          • Michael_C_Scott

            There’s nothing quite like cheering the mass-murder of innocent women and kids after the war in Europe was all but won when one wants to seize the moral high ground!

      • Liberalsuck

        They hate us either because we are a threat to them, or there is something about us that reminds them why they hate themselves.

      • Katherine McChesney

        They looked dirty and unkempt. Indication of lack of self-respect. Bet those guys have trouble getting an attractive, wholesome female to even look at them. They look like basement dwellers.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          “Basement dwellers” is probably spot-on. I imagine they live in their mothers’ basements.

        • Luca

          But you have to love the guy holding the “Go back to Europe!” sign. Where does he think his ancestors came from? He gives the term “useful idiot” a whole new perspective.

          My theory is these guys were promised some Meth if they would just hold up the signs and recite a few chants.

          • brengunn

            “Go back to Europe!”

            I think that’s what you call hipster irony.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            In my case, that would be 13/16 of the way back. This sounds like the Azores, except I don’t speak any Portugese.

          • Beetlejuice

            Exactly. Those guys were nothing more than useful idiots paid to scream whatever their minders told them. They are a diversion and I wish more people here could see that.

            The REAL subversives were inside the conference, incognito, pretending to be part of the conference,taking names and numbers to send to employers. Don’t believe me? Ask what happened to San Francis after he attended an AR conference.

          • David Ashton

            AmRen organizers should make a video of their audience and examine it for signs of subversives.

          • The Ice Queen

            Any idea of who they might have been? There are a couple of people that I chatted with that I had some reservations about.

          • Beetlejuice

            No idea. I didn’t attend this year due to time constraints but I have in the past. I was wary immediately when at least one attendee asked for my name and if he could take my photo. Absolutely not. I noticed this particular person insinuating himself into all kinds of discussions with AR attendees all day and into the evening. I was very suspicious of why he was there and why he wanted to confirm everyone’s identity and even take photos. I also knew that everything that was said was instantly told to the SPLC and probably the ADL as well because they posted it on their website. They have power, connections and financing that the rest of us can only dream about.

            Bottom line? Trust no one. I couldn’t afford to have my presence at an AR conference revealed to the organization I work for, I would be immediately dismissed and branded as a racist. Another reason I longer attend AR conferences, I can’t chance losing my career at my late age.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Sorry I missed it; they can take pictures of me all they want. Who would they tell on me? My blood pressure is just under half of what it was when I had a real job, so I am very happy right where I am. I really need to get out to one of these.

          • Beetlejuice

            Jared Taylor is well aware of the risk to some of us who attend the AR conference, especially after what happened to Sam Francis. Therefore, he asks if we prefer to use a nom de guerre instead of our real names. I respect him greatly for this.

            Some of us have families and elderly to support and cannot risk our employers finding out that we attended a White supremacist conference, as the media and SPLC put it. Yeah, a real hate fest. Unfortunately, they can get the message out better than AR can and it has been branded as such.

            As the SPLC gets instant information about the conference, I trust no one there. Notice how few of us here are able to use our real names.

            I don’t need my photo or real name splayed across the Internet for my employer and any future employer to see. This is the police state we live in.

    • PaRed

      Don’t forget, you bathe regularly also.

  • Those hippies are an embarrassment to their own cause. Expect their protest to get little coverage in the news. The liberal agenda does not want burned out pot heads representing the Dogma of Diversity & Multiculturalism.

  • Barrack Osama

    Good lord those are some lame chants.

    By the way, how do you shut down a nonviolent private organization? Are they some kind of “ironic anti-fascists”?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “How do you shut down a nonviolent private organization?”

      In Britain, you get the police to do it for you.

      • David Ashton

        Watch YOUR constitutional back, my fellow Americans!

    • StillModerated

      The irony is that we do live in a fascist nation. The John Birchers explain that as one in which big government, big banks like Goldman Sachs, and big corporations like Monsanto get to do whatever they want — usually at our expense. That was why I fed their stupid chant back to them. I don’t want a fascist state either, because I want a limited republic which leaves its people alone.

      Many attendees begged me to ignore them, but they can be provoked rather easily into violence, about which the cops had no difficulty. One of them muttered, “come on, just do one thing stupid.” Telling the females among them to have babies cuts their psyches deeply because they’ve usually had an abortion or three. And as for the sodomites….

      • blight14

        Indeed, a disgusting collection of unwashed masses…….I asked one of the park rangers if ‘protocol’ ever saw them all taking a break at the same time and he winked and said no, but it may be a good idea for some reason…..wink, wink…..

  • Liberalsuck

    “””1-2-3-4. Don’t go in that hotel door. 5-6-7-8. We don’t want no fascist state,” protestors shouted Friday afternoon”””

    1,2,3,4, don’t be a liberal whore, 5,6,7,8, liberals hate and can’t debate.

    • Claire Jason

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      • Katherine McChesney

        spam. errr….SCAM!

        these messages have got to be lies. no one makes this kind of money working on the internet. this is a scam.

  • Old Right

    Come on now, what did you expect? Rational discourse?

    I’m flattered to know that they consider us to be that much of a threat. Sometimes I wonder whether we’re making much of an impact at all.

    • LAFCD3

      If they want to see a ‘threat’, how about they go to the ghetto or we drop them off in some Islamic-run country or to Tijuana? I’m sure they’d love to hear about how much they ‘hate white supremacy’ while Tyrone, DeShawntae, TuPac all beat them and kill them for their money. I’m sure the Islamic countries really want to hear them rip on God or anti-abortionists or tell them how they support gay rights. White (religious?) nonliberal people like us have been quiet and caved in to these leftists for so long that soon our quiet, civilized response from them will backfire on them badly.

  • CJ Haze

    This was my first Amren conference. I met the honorable John Derbyshire, the fellow 6’5″er RamZPaul, Vdare contributor and inspirational James Fulford, the well-informed Dr. Roth, the compelling Francis Robert, and a plethora of good-natured, successful men and women concerned with our future as white, western cultured people.

    As for the protesters, it was a menagerie of emasculated lapdogs that were bussed in. The state troopers were not there to protect us; they were there to protect the protesters from themselves.

    I am working on an article to submit to Mr. Wolff and I hope it makes it on here for others to read.

  • Kathy M

    I’m missing something here. How does AmRen get turned into Nazis and/or the Klan by these protesting infants?! Are they that ignorant? I’m white. I have racial interests — like everyone else!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Come now; surely you don’t expect rational thinking from unemployable, habitual drug-users. The inconsistency in their attempt to stifle peaceful discussion in a democratic society while calling their chosen enemies “fascists” is already mind-blowing!

      As Mark Twain once said, “Only fiction has to make sense.”

    • Anna Tree

      Actually maybe it is an idea: to hold the Amren “NAAWP” conference next time near a NAACP or a La Raza conference. To point that we should have as much rights than they have, like you say, racial interests like everyone else.

      Although sadly, it could be a bit dangerous 🙁

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I’d rather it was in Vegas. First, I’d just drive there, and second, the cheap drinks and “all you can eat” buffets have a certain appeal.

    • Beetlejuice

      Pull back the curtain. Who is funding them? Who bused them in? Who gave them the information about the conference?
      They have the powerful media, government and academia on their side; we do not.

      • blight14

        Juice, watch the RamzPaul video on the subject, a certain ‘Cantor Berman’ and his lovely bride appear to have been involved in organizing the protest……..

        • Katherine McChesney

          ‘….his lovely bride….’

          You are kidding aren’t you. Did you see her teeth? She was dentally challenged. She looked like she could be the mother of those four unkempt ‘protesters’.

          • blight14

            Yes, I’m kidding…..and I’m a dentist….

  • bigone4u

    If there were no protests, The Tennessean would not have given the Conference any publicity. Thank you protesters. And a tip of my hat to you for dressing up in your “libtard stereotype” costumes. Very thoughtful and considerate of you to make yourselves look that more stupid.

    • GM (Australia)

      True, having a few protesters must be quite encouraging. Even more encouraging would be to attract some extensive national media coverage (either good or bad) The next step to success would be to see the politicians to sit up and take some notice of Amren and its concerns. Real success will be when the politicians start to fear Amren in the same way that they are all frightened of the NAACP.

      • liberalsuck

        These clowns wouldn’t dare protest a New Black Panther Party meeting or harass Islamic radicals having a rally. No. Who do they attack? Christians or Mormons or conservative white people. Why? Because for so long we haven’t fought back. If we did strike back at them as hard as blacks or muslims would, these liberal pansies would back off.

        • Katherine McChesney

          SPLC labels the NBBP as a hate group. They’ve also tagged Black Footsoldiers as a hate group.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Perhaps, but they don’t dare protest those folks, do they.

            In the 1980s, the animal rights activists were prone to splashing blood or red paint on women wearing furs, but never on bikers wearing leather: Same reason.

    • Liberalsuck

      When those leftists draw attention to us and try to silence us, be it an Amren conference or shutting down the American White History Month page on FB, etc…all they do is draw more attention to us and we attract more followers. Here’s what I’ve learned in life. When I hate somebody or something, I don’t tell others about it. Like liberals or Tim Wise. I’ve learned not to tell others about him, because it gives them more attention. Now, if our enemies are using our money and/or if they are getting away with something we couldn’t or if they are preaching violence against us, certainly, yes, then I’ll tell others. Other than that, I just ignore them.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Er… those aren’t costumes; that’s how their sort normally dresses. If one of them woke up someday wanting – for reasons unclear – to go to a job interview, they would dress in the same manner, because all of their clothes look like that. I got my bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Cruz, so I know these critters pretty well.

      I’ll bet the six put together don’t even own a single good polo shirt, a clean pair of jeans and a pair of Top Siders or similar deck shoes between them, let alone any dress clothes.

      I’ve seen some minor changes among the left’s fashionistas in recent years, however. In cold winter weather, I generally wear a brown Russian rabbit-fur “ushanka” hat. I used to get hate-filled looks and occasional criticism for wearing animal fur, but for the last few years, on particularly cold days, all I’ve received are somewhat envious smiles, even in Boulder. A real fur ushanka has a knit beanie – even a good wool one – beat hands down, especially in any sort of wind. I wish I’d bought a gray one as well, back when they were cheap.

      Even with some signs of practicality on their part springing up, I’m not optimistic about them developing any sense of personal decorum. They look stupid because they don’t know any better.

  • Spencer E

    Last time I checked calling someone rich is isn’t a insult. Roll with it.

  • Sue

    Nathaniel Berman, a Jewish cantor at a Nashville temple, and his spouse represented the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Jews are smitten with blacks. They won’t live in their neighborhoods, won’t mix with them but when the chips are down they’ll backs those criminals up.

      But remember that it’s well known that Jews in Germany betrayed that country, which led to their genocide. We also know that they are part of the Illuminati.

      • bigone4u

        Thank you for bringing up the Illuminati, a word I’ve been afraid to use. Did you see the link on Drudge yesterday where Biden called for a New World Order?

        • Katherine McChesney

          George H.W. Bush beat him to it. Biden is a clown. He does things for effect. He probably doesn’t know what the NWO means. He’s just a drunk and a tool of the Jesuits.

          • White man’s burden

            Hitler spoke of a “new world order” before that. There’s some great books on the subject and it seems to all tie into the “Mystery Babylon” religion. It’s more modern flavors have origins dating back to the 5th century as the Priory of Scion, Later splitting into the Templars and Rosicrucians, who in turn mophed into French and Scottish Rite freemasonry. Illuminati was originally a branch within French Freemasonry.

            “The Jews”, while a very convenient scapegoat, have largely, as a people, done nothing more than we’re trying to do… stick together as a race and protect their fellows. Also, just as has happened to us, their churches, government, and industry leadership positions have all been infiltrated and co-opted by these same secret societies. Being as loyal to eachother as Jews are, they are very easily manipulated as a group by “leaders”.

            I defy anyone to do some research and find differently. The end-game is a one world socialist government. The people involved use the Hegelian dialectic. There seems to be a bit of a schism as to how we will have “one race” ultimately. There seems to be a faction that prefers us ALL becoming some mud brown through miscegenation and another faction that prefers genocide after the mud people have outlived their usefulness.

            It is very easy to see how blacks and browns are used as a catalyst to destroy the middle class through integrating schools (dumbing down everyone to the level of blacks), miscegenation, bleeding resources through welfare programs, and creating the need for oppressive police state measures to “combat crime”. At the same time, these browns typically are of a simple enough mindset that the cradle to crave care and protection promised (but never truly delivered) by socialism is very appealing to them and they will work diligently at the ballot boxes to further this end.

            Anyway, organized jewery does play a part in the destruction of western society but by my estimation it’s only one arm of the octopus. I’m currently reading the book “Scarlet and the Beast” which seems to have some excellent information in it that exposes the invisible hand behind guiding world events that otherwise would make little sense.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Which Jews betrayed Germany? Walter Rathenau, who organized German finances during World War One and kept his country in the fight? He was murdered by extremists in 1922. Maybe Werner Voss who fought against Britain’s No. 56 Squadron alone until RAF ace Arthur P.F. Rhys-Davids shot him down and killed him?

        • NYB

          Fact check: Werner Voss was officially Lutheran.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Curious that Hermann Goering would later try so hard to have a “Lutheran” removed from the honor roll of German WW-1 pilots.

          • David Ashton

            Did not Voss have the Star of David on his plane like other Jewish pilots?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Some of them did, including several Austro-Hungarian pilots. Voss’s personal markings on his last airplane, Fokker Dr. I (triplane) build number 103/17 were a mustache and eyes painted on the yellow engine cowl. The airplane itself was the usual Fokker dark green with silver-grey streaks on the upper surfaces and light blue on the underside. This was the third prototype Fokker triplane. The first, “V-4” (“V” was for “Versuchsmachine”) was rechristened 101/17 after acceptance by the Luftstreitkraefte and tested to destruction, the second was 102/17 and given to Manfred von Richtofen and Voss got the third. Each of those two men would die in these recpective machines.

            Voss’s previous airplane, an Albatros D-III also had factory colors, including the usual unpainted, varnished wooden fuselage, but with a red heart on each side, as he missed his girlfriend (not uncommon; Ernst Udet missed his as well, as his late-war airplanes always had LO! painted on the fuselage sides, for “Lola”.)

          • David Ashton

            Thanks for this – the sort of quality detailed data that is so preferable to rambling rubbish that plays into the hands of astute, well-read and well-funded opponents.

      • Beetlejuice

        They are smitten with blacks as far as they can use them as a tool in their ongoing war against their REAL enemy, those whom they feel most threatened by – – White Americans. You know, the very ones that defeated the Nazis, liberated the concentration camps and cough up 3b/year plus high tech weaponry for Israel.

        • Dave4088

          Try 4 billion officially. Unofficially the figure could be as much as 20 billion according to ex-congressman Jim Trafficant.

      • David Ashton

        “The Jews are part of the Illuminati.”
        How do you “know” this?
        The price of free speech is nonsense, but it fits better on the side obsessed with transphobia, etc.

        • PesachPatriot

          The “illuminati” is one of the worlds oldest conspiracy theories….they allegedly founded the US, started the unpleasantness between the states and both global unpleasant debates. I think the reason people are attracted to conspiracy theories to explain everything is because many things in history do start with small groups “conspiring” to set in motion large events….It is also comfortable to think that the world has some sort of plan and is run by someone, even if its someone you can’t stand. I wish every thing bad that has happened lately on this planet was some sinister conspiracy, but even the most powerful men and women in the world of any time period can not control everyone and everything perfectly.

          • David Ashton

            There have been and are a lot of little conspiracies, but not One Great Big Secret Conspiracy.

        • Katherine McChesney

          The Jesuits hired Adam Weishaupt (a Jew) to organize the 13 families who made up the Illuminati. The Rothchilds are part of it. They’re Khazarians who married into White Gentile Wealth/Royal Families to gain their political power.

          • David Ashton

            I am afraid this is getting worse. David Icke – without the Lizards from Planet X via Lost Lemuria (or perhaps not?).

            I spent several years investigating conspiracy theories, big and small, and concluded that there have been various overlapping combinations of interest, some of which tend to push our societies in undesirable directions, a rough list of which appeared nearly 100 years ago in Nesta Webster’s “World Revolution”, i.e. the abolition of (1) monarchy or constitutional government, of (2) the traditional family unit, of (3) national sovereignty, of (4) private property inheritance, and of (5) religion, especially Catholicism. I have noticed these features in modern “Cultural Marxism” and have personal knowledge of the subversive methods used to establish “multiculturalism and anti-‘racism'” in western academia, media and politics.

            I have seen no proof that Adam Weishaupt was Jewish. He had an education from the Jesuits, whom he disliked and some of whose writers in later times were prominent critics of freemasonry and communism.

            At the close of the 19th century there was political co-operation in France between Masons and Jews in hostility to clericalism, and this is reflected in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which, as I noted in an AR post time ago, is nevertheless NOT an authentic document.

            The Khazars provided only a small percentage of the Ashkenazim.

            Is it worth going on with this…..?

      • Liberalsuck

        Jews have been influential in bringing in nonwhites to Europe that now not only are the whites in Europe becoming more nationalistic, but these Muslims and other third-worlders are turning on the Jews.

    • “Anti-Nazi Klan?”

      Berman might be good at singing, but not history. I remember not long ago there was a conversation here on AR about the mostly bad relations (in spite of their ideological similarities) between the German National Socialist Workers’ Party (“Nazi”) and the American Ku Klux Klan. Someone posted a cartoon of German wartime propaganda that depicted the United States as a joint effort between Jews, blacks, American Indians and the Ku Klux Klan (?) to destroy the Reich.

      I guess, then, the best Anti-Nazis were Klansmen, and the best anti-Klanners were Nazis.

      What I do know is that, again, in spite of what would seem to be ideological similarities between them, proto-Apartheid South Africa was not allied with GNSWP-era Germany for one big reason: ZA was still a British colony, and South Africans were expected to support the Allies. I also know that that irony wasn’t lost on many South Africans of the time, who tried to act as a fifth column within ZA in support of Germany, and the London-allied colonial government was arresting such fifth columnists often during the war years.

    • anonymous_amren

      “Nathaniel Berman, a Jewish cantor at a Nashville temple, and his spouse represented the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition.”
      His spouse is the woman with missing teeth that RamZPaul is trolling in this video:
      You can also see their “Anti-Nazi Klan” sign, and hear Nathaniel Berman’s interjections. They are completely clueless and RamZPaul’s mockery is priceless.

      • blight14

        As I dentist I submit that she should consider spending a few $hekels on her teeth…..

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I said something similar below, but the wisecrack I made doesn’t seem to have passed muster.

          Isn’t having bad teeth one of the accusations the left likes to direct at us? I’ve seen meth users with better teeth than this gal. In addition to the mess up front, she seems to be missing everything back past the upper left canine, or is that an incisor? A premolar? It’s hard to tell with so much missing in front.

          If I have this straight, the “racist hillbillies” at the conference wore suits and ties, and the voices of “enlightened reason” protesting outside looked like trailer park meth addicts.

          • blight14

            You pretty much pegged it MCS………….she and the rest were truly vile creatures….my desire to ‘intervene’ with a few of them was only kept in check by my greater desire not to go to jail…….

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Here’s an amusing thought to cheer you up: given the obvious lack of attention to dental care they exhibit, imagine what the insides of their homes look like!

    • blight14

      That must have been the yarmulke adorned ‘gentleman’ that parked his SUV sideways in two parking spots Friday afternoon……was he in attendance Saturday or Sunday???? I don’t remember seeing him after Friday…..

      • Katherine McChesney

        saturdays are the Jewish Sunday. It’s called “Sabbath”. Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday.

        • blight14

          The guys name is ‘Cantor Berman’…………..

        • David Ashton

          Most of us knew that bit already.

      • Sue

        The signs posted are not what normal kids would write, the never again and Dresden. Kids don’t even know about Dresden. Only one group writes this s*it.

        • blight14

          A certain ‘Cantor Berman’ was the guys name….he was likely instrumental in the protest…..granted, we all know not to mention that pesky 800 lb gorilla…..

  • Dan Reardon

    There should be some pictures available soon showing Ramz Paul standing with the protesters wearing a pink sweater. I don’t think they ever realized they were being ridiculed.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The pink sweater was a good one; it’s a shame he didn’t think to bring an aluminum foil hat.

    • anonymous_amren

      Here it is:

      “My trolling now is starting to reach epic legendary status.” Couldn’t agree more.

  • JohnEngelman

    If the American Communist held a conference somewhere few people on the right would care, and none would interfere.

    • Derelictus

      Well there are “Socialist Scholars” conferences every year, the “World Social Forum” in Brazil (Marxist alternative to World Economic Forum in Davos), numerous “White Privilege” conferences in the heart of White America…all part of the Left’s paradigm, although none of them are specifically “Communist”, although neo-coms love to take part in them.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I can’t imagine thinking communists relevant enough to waste gas money driving over to protest them, let alone the insane waste of time it would entail. I’m already behind on eight different woodworking projects, a kitchen window that needs fixed and with the weather having turned nice, my daughter and I have been flying her remote-controlled pterosaur. Picket some communists? Oh, please!

      Even the officially “communist” People’s Republic of China isn’t anymore; they practice a form of state capitalism, and the only self-styled communists in the US are visually indistinguishable from the folks who hang around the bus station begging for change or cigarettes.

      • Nathanwartooth

        A flying pterosaur? Sounds awesome.

        Dinosaurs are one of my favorite things ever.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I made it for her as a Christmas present. It flies by flapping its wings, and stores in a perched position on its feet and wing claws. I originally wanted to make an archeopteryx, but gave up when I realized I would never be able to get the feathers to look right.

          My wife and I believe most of the troubles afflicting Western society we gripe about here on AmRen are directly do to runaway consumerism, so as a family, we’re not big on buying a lot of stuff.

      • Liberalsuck

        These leftist protestors complain about ‘white supremacists rallies’ and how they are ‘destroying our community’, yet after they’re done ‘protesting’ they will go back to a pub or coffee shop in their nice, clean white neighborhood smoking pot and bitching about ‘anti-abortion Christians’ or ‘fuc-ing Republicans!’ or about Tea Party people. Maybe they live in their mom’s basement and she does all their laundry for them, too.

    • Room101

      It happens every Monday through Friday across thousands of government schools all across America and in every government office and agency and bureaucracy.
      A few care and object, but none interfere.
      Or else…

    • David Ashton

      You might even meet some of your old friends.

    • David Ashton

      The “communists” are well entrenched in western colleges and academic publishing. Race realists are not.

  • c684570

    These people really need to look up the word “fascist”. Or look in the mirror. Either will suffice.

  • Greg Thomas

    “Four protestors with the Coalition to Shut Down AmRen, and two picketers with the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition.”
    Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition? I guess it was a slow day on the Nazi-Klan front. Do these bigots show up to protest when La Raza comes to town.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’m suprised it wasn’t six people each representing his own one-person “organization”.

      This has me thinking perhaps I should form my own left-wing organization. I’ll call it “Anti In Solidarity Against With”, and my first objective will be to get people to stop using the number 11, because I believe it is a racist, sexist, transphobic number that disproportionately affects handicapped vegetarian lesbians of color in the Third World, since they can’t count that far on their fingers.

      I’m also going to press for repeal of the Second Law of Thermodynamics because by preventing anyone from generating as much power as they want for free, it clearly favors wealthy, heterosexual white males.

      As for the “Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition”, is this a coalition of Klansmen who are against Nazis? Shouldn’t that therefore be the “Anti-Nazi Klan Koalition” instead? I’m new at this.

    • Beetlejuice

      They go wherever their anti-White cult minders bus them, screaming whatever they’re told to scream. Don’t give them any credit, they are red herrings doing their masters’ bidding.

  • bigone4u
    Zombie has made a career out of photographing weirdo protesters in California. They make the Amren protesters look positively normal by comparison. Warning: Some California protesters use nudity in making their point–you may not want to look.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Is it my imagination, or are most of those people wearing facial expressions that make it obvious something is very seriously wrong with them?

  • anonymous_amren

    “1-2-3-4. Don’t go in that hotel door. 5-6-7-8. We don’t want no fascist state,” protestors shouted Friday afternoon.

    Unlike the protestors, I [i]do[/i] want to have no fascist state. Protestors always get angry about the lack of a fascist state when they are trying to suppress our freedom of speech.

    Was that simply honesty by the protestors, a Freudian slip, their ignorance of basic English grammar, or an attempt to copy how black people and Hispanics talk?

    • Beetlejuice

      They are unthinking, programmed drones, a robot army, spouting the marxist slogans that have been drummed into them by their cult leaders. Most likely they were bused in, fed and paid a few dollars to rant and scream “racisss” on cue, like Pavlov’s dogs.

  • Maybe your new BFF & protester lady dislikes AmRen’s support of dental hygeine.

    Just saying, that picket fence needs a coat of paint.

  • eavesmac

    Give the protesters more rope…….

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Yes; the jokes about them practically write themselves!