Obama Admin Opposes Asylum for German Homeschooling Family

Susan Berry, Breitbart, March 29, 2013

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has launched a petition on the White House website that urges the Obama administration to grant permanent legal status to the Romeike family of Germany. The family sought asylum in the United States because they homeschool their children, which is almost universally illegal in their home country.

In an unprecedented decision in January of 2010, a U.S. immigration judge, Lawrence O. Burman, granted asylum in the United States to Uwe and Hannalore Romeike. It was the first case ever to recognize homeschooling as a reason for granting asylum. In his decision, Judge Burman observed that the rights being denied the Romeikes were “basic human rights that no country has a right to violate.”

In addition, the judge expressed concern that while Germany is a democratic country and is an ally of the United States, this particular policy of persecuting homeschoolers is “repellent to everything we believe in as Americans.”


However, just two months following Judge Burman’s decision, the U.S. Government Agency for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) filed an appeal which claimed that homeschoolers were too “amorphous” to be a “particular social group.” The appeal argued that “United States law has recognized the broad power of the state to compel school attendance and regulate curriculum and teacher certification,” as well as the “authority to prohibit or regulate homeschooling.”

Though Judge Burman had determined that the German state’s policy of imposing heavy fines, the loss of custody of children, and possible criminal prosecution over homeschooling amounted to persecution, ICE criticized him for disregarding a case before the European Court of Human Rights which ruled that “the public education laws of Germany do not violate basic human rights.”


In its appeal, ICE argued that the U.S. government has the authority to simply prohibit homeschooling, and that this fact should disqualify the granting of asylum to the Romeikes. ICE further noted that Judge Burman “did not address how under various state laws of the United States a person can be similarly prosecuted for not sending one’s children to school.”

The Romeikes’ case, Romeike v. Holder, is now before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and will be heard on April 23rd.

According to Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman, the attorneys arguing for Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration have put forth two central arguments. The first is that there is no fundamental right to homeschool. Second, the Romeikes’ case failed to show that the family suffered discrimination based on religion; they claimed the Romeikes did not prove that all homeschoolers were religious and that not all Christians believed they had to homeschool their children.


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  • Puggg

    Obama finally found someone he wants to deport, and by “deport,” I mean literally deport.

  • wattylersrevolt

    This really goes to the heart of the big lie of the race-replacement enthusiasts and their nonesense about America being a nation of immigrants. When they blather on about the US being a nation of immigrants what they really mean is that Native Born White Americans must never express a racial preference in immigration policy. This was the ideological basis f for agitating for the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…the 1964 Civil Rights Act writ large. But what happened after the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was passed? Europeans were largely excluded from migrating to America, while at the same time, high fertility nonwhites flooded into America. They formed a rapidly growing and massive voting block that installed a Kenyan Foreigner as adictatorial POTUS who is highly racialized..as is the high-fertility nonwhite voting block that installed him. And both are openly highly racialized with the full blessings of the White Greedy Cheating..Noam Chomsky-nice home on Nantucket…comes to mind.

    Do you think for one second the following will happen 100 years into the future:an “American” hindu family sitting around at dinner time all agreeing that “America’s” immigration policy is racist because it excludes Europeans completely, and that how terrible it is that White Americans are a very small racial minority within the borders of America…and that it would be much better if the majority of “America’s” doctors were White Americans.

    It is a stinking rotting double standard. We don’t need the Greedy White Liberal Cheating Class’s permission to revolt against an open and deliberate policy of race-replacement. Just as we don’t debate and negotiate with trichinae and bacili…we do not need the permission and blessings of the filthy stinking White Liberal to revolt. Who cares what they think.

    • The__Bobster

      Do you this just happened by chance? The culprits are rubbing their little ratlike fingers together with glee, little realizing that they will become victims of their own scheme, too.

      • IstvanIN

        There is some small comfort to your final phrase.

      • Felix_M

        Revolutions (even social ones) usually eat their own. Were it not for the fact that so many innocent people suffer in their mad-cap social experiments, I would look forward to the fall of the criminals who’ve turned our society upside down with unabated glee.

    • ms_anthro

      Exactly so. You don’t ask your murderer’s permission to fight back in defense of your own life. You do it and you do it with lethal force. Whites are slowly realizing this.

      The Germans’ mistake was assuming the US Government might act in good faith. They should have come here illegally and gone underground. Plenty of good Christian homeschooling Whites would have taken them in and kept them safe. I’m sorry for them and hope they find a solution. Educating your own children is a sacred human right and anything that stands in the way of that is evil incarnate.

      We Whites need to stop asking permission to save ourselves and just start doing it. White refugees should be welcome in White communities here in the USA. We should import them whether they have official permission to be here or not. Who wouldn’t want a hardworking, intelligent, industrious German family to be their neighbors or boarders?

      • refocus

        Whites cannot go underground. The face scanning cameras at every intersection and in every store and gas station would report their location by the second.

        • ms_anthro

          Utter nonsense.

  • Paleoconn

    They’re White, they have lots of kids, they work, they home-school (ie. not willing clients/servants of the State) therefore they are undesirable to Obama, Holder and Associates.

    • fakeemail

      If they don’t need taxpayer handouts, then Obama/Holder don’t want them here to pursue the 3rd world American dream.

      • Paleoconn

        Also, not likely to vote for homo marriage and gun control and expanded abortion and open 3rd world immigration. Gummint not interested in such people who have their act together.

  • Maude Amee

    No whites please. Third World under construction…

    • IstvanIN

      under “destruction”.

    • Ella

      You said it. The elite and minorities will not be satisfied until we disappear of leave. There are Anglos who gladly sold us out for monies and power.

  • Felix_M

    The Obama administration hates everything that isn’t gay, illegal or minority.

  • ViktorNN

    The Obama Admin argument that “there is no fundamental right to homseschool” sounds somewhat sensible, I suppose, but the converse – that the state may have the power to compel people to attend public schools (and homeschools aren’t an acceptable substitute) sounds downright oppressive.

    I am okay with the state requiring some form of education for kids up to a certain age, but surely parents should have first choice in deciding how that education will take place.

    And of course we have to wonder if there’s some not so subtle discrimination against fundamentalist Christian white Europeans going on here.

    • Alexandra

      Of course there’s discrimination going on against us “fundies.” I would dare say that the right to homeschool is in line with the right to exercise your religion. It doesn’t trample on anyone else’s rights.
      I have to do a facepalm at people who think that forcing children to go to public school makes them smarter. Look at blacks. Then there are those of us who were reading before we even started school.

      • anarchyst

        You are correct. Public school supporters tout “socialization” as being necessary for human development. Let’s look at the “advantages” (socialization) of a public school “education”–rampant drug use, unbridled sex due to “sex” education, normalization of perverted behavior (homosexuality and the like), “values clarification”, cliques and bullying, leftist marxist “indoctrination” (brainwashing), promotion of non-Christian religions and secular humanism, forced psychotropic “treatment” for normally rambunctious boys, etc. the falsehoods surrounding ADHD and ADD.
        Since these “advantages” are what can be expected for children attending public school, I want my children to have no part of it.
        Sending your children to “public school” is tantamount to “child abuse”.

    • I think that the whole problem here is that these people do not belong to a persecuted political or racial group. For example, if they were a same sex couple from Uganda and homeschooling their kids, they would get political asylum with no problems.

    • Felix_M

      Hmmm? No fundamental right to homeschool, i.e., to have a say in how one’s children are raised, yet a fundamental right for two bulldykes or two queens to get married?

      Truly. The inmates are now really running the asylum.

    • Old Right

      There is a fundamental right to home school:
      “The enumeration of certain powers in the Constitution shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People,” or words to that effect (Ninth Amendment).
      Outside of the New England “common schools,” hardly anyone at the end of the 18th century taught children in any other way. Such a right would have been assumed.

      • ViktorNN

        Okay, fair enough. My point is that the “right” comes in sharper relief when you consider the opposite – which is that the Obama Admin seems to endorse in a roundabout way the position of the German govt which is that government should have the power to deny parents the choice to homeschool their kids. This is plainly absurd and an injustice.

    • Nate Miller

      To be frank, I hate the idea of homeschooling and most if not all home schooled kids I encountered were some of the dumbest, incompetent and most socially awkward people I have ever met in my life. It beats me how these folks even get employed. The smartest people in our country were and still are products of public, private or more recently even charter schools. Home-schools = places for sheltered little idiots & oafs! I challenge you to show me or name me ONE great scientist, pioneer, innovator, politician, musician, artist, writer or economist who was home-schooled? Not one! In fact most of our greatest thinkers were products of public schools who like everybody else had to rough it out & survive. We learnt our life lessons the hard way, Darwinian style!

      • Martha Vancamp

        I agree, when I think of home schooling, I think of the typical Bible thumping, brimstone n’ fire preaching nutty evangelicals who reject modern science & evolution and instead blindly cling on to that young Earth creationist nonsense!

        I’m glad Germany bans home schooling, no wonder Germany has a far superior standard of education, science, mathematics and academic curriculum, German students like other European and Asian students outscore white Americans in academic scores. It is about time to ban home schooling in America. We need to produce more smarts NOT stupids!

        • Kblankenship7

          Ban it so all children are products of central government school indoctrination?
          How does this help Europeans?

          • Martha Vancamp

            Well the evidence points otherwise. The United States is probably the only western nation which has home schooling. In Europe & Asia it is banned. And we can see which nations show higher academic success. Home schooled kids are morons. I’ve seen some American home schooled foreign exchange students in Germany and compared to the German student, they are pathetically incompetent! One can be indoctrinated in a home schooled setting based on the personal prejudices of the parents.

            A good example of home schooled fools is the Neo Nazi mother- April Gaede who home schooled her 2 daughters, where Nazis were good and the allied powers (USA, UK, France) were evil.


            Btw, April Gaede is an American citizen and the last I heard, her two then brainwashed blonde daughters (Lynx and Lamb) who used to play for a white supremacist band known as “Prussian Blue” grew up went to college ( Public education) and have since turned liberal, rejecting the filth taught by their delusional deranged Nazi mother.


          • Kblankenship7

            Legal in Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland (some cantons), UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, New Zealand. Where is your evidence? “Probably” the only western nation? Can you admit you are wrong in this regard?

          • Martha Vancamp

            Genius, read again, unlike America, the homeschooling in those nations in Europe are legal under RESTRICTIVE & stringent conditions and ARE state controlled. If you home school your kid in Europe (unlike America), you HAVE to use the same text books and materials mandated by the State. If you are caught trying to teach something else which opposes the State’s authority, it becomes illegal and the home schooling zoo will be quarantined!

          • Kblankenship7

            Citation please? You are obviously wrong regarding legality, Care to be mature enough to admit it?

          • Martha Vancamp

            Home schooling legal rules in Austria (Europe):

          • Kblankenship7

            You claimed illegality, and provide a link proving legality. How does that support your claim of illegality?

          • Martha Vancamp

            I stand corrected, banned in most of Europe would be precise. I stand by that statement. Some Europeans where homeschooling is legal are on the process of banning it too. Eg: Sweden. Good for them 🙂


          • Kblankenship7

            Das dachte ich wohl.

        • Deport White People

          Of course you would think that, because you are probably a product of government indoctrination “schools” and lack the critical thinking skills to discriminate fact from propaganda (fiction).

          An honest evaluation would more likely point to the fact that since integrating schools the curriculum has been dumbed down to a point where the 80IQ average sub-saharan farm equipment can maintain an acceptable passing percentage. I’d wager the average place of learning in Germany or Japan is probably less worried about metal detectors and armed police to keep jungle savages under controll and has half a chance to focus on actually teaching those with ability.

      • Kblankenship7

        Shilling for government schools? Read Meyer v. Nebraska. The parents have the right to direct the upbringing and education of the children. Did you lose a spelling bee to a homeschooler or something? Your position in regards to the Romeike family is anti-European.

        • Nate Miller

          Funny that you talk about spelling bees! Most Spelling bee winners are Asian Indian Americans who are ALL products of public and sometimes even private schools. I’m sure those low IQ home schooled white evangelical dolts were incompetent to even register for a spelling bee competition. There is nothing anti-European about telling the truth. Did you not know that of the 13 Spelling Bee competitions ever held so far, 9 out of the 13 winners were Indian Americans from public schools? Sorry, NOT ONE home schooled kid ever won a competition, hmm, wonder why?


          We need fighters, not sheltered little she-boys clinging to mama’s lap. Homeschooling is for the weak & stupid. Public school makes you mentally & physically stronger and smarter – Darwinian style! In the end when it comes to white struggle, it won’t be those numbskulled effeminate home schooled white christians, but real white men and women who roughed it in public schools and became tougher.

          • Kblankenship7

            Dolts, oafs, she- boys. All just namecalling. You have no proof regarding academic achievements of home schoolers, and thus resort to childish epithets. You sound like a child.

          • Nate Miller

            Well home schooled kids ARE for the most part : oafs, dolts and over protected, pampered she-boys! And unless you are mentally retarded, there is NO need for a home school. Well you sound like a naive child. And what good is homeschooling anyway? Almost ALL our top scientists, artists and thinkers are products of public schools. With the exception of Francis Collins, there is NO significant famous thinker or scientist who would qualify as a product of home schooling!


            Besides, I have given factual evidence and logical arguments to prove my points. On the other hand, you have failed to do the same.

          • Kblankenship7

            Just name-caling. “Unless you are mentally retarded” is not a citation to fact.

          • Nate Miller

            Unless you are blind in addition to being plain stupid, how could you possibly miss the links and evidence that I gave in my previous posts. I even used your own idiotic arguments against you. When you claimed that home schooled she-boys were supposedly outstanding at “Spelling Bee” competitions, I used your own premise to debunk that silly claim and instead produced evidence to prove that most of our “Spelling Bee” national competition winners were in fact Indian-American (Asian Indian) kids educated in public/ private schools as opposed to your imaginary home schooled “geniuses”!

            The same with Intel Science/ Math/ Innovation National & International competitions. The winners are generally Asian Americans (Chinese & Indians), Jewish and Liberal whites who are all products of public/ private schools – State controlled. NOT once have I heard or seen a home schooled “genius” win these competitions.


            Indian American – Nithin Tumma (Public school student) wins the prestigious International Intel Science Innovation competition for 2012, his work is a break through in cutting edge Cancer research.


            The 2011- 2012 International Google Science Talent/ Innovation competition was won by 3 American teens who are all products of public education, yet again!

            1. Shree Bose ( Indian American) Age Group: 16-17 (Senior High)
            2. Naomi Shah (Indian American) Age Group: 15-16 (Junior High)
            3. Lauren Hodge (white American) Age Group: 13-14 (Middle school)


            Asian Americans dominate the science/ math competitions and outscore all other ethnic groups. The irony here is that, these Asians ( Chinese & Indians) are products of public/ private/ charter schools NOT home schooling. Even those whites who win these competitions are ALL products of public/ private schools.



            Research and studies time and again disprove your belief that home schooled kids are better than those educated in public/ private schools. Nonsense! The facts prove other wise. If you remove the low IQ blacks and hispanics and the rampant PC culture in public schools, I believe they would be the most ideal places to learn. I support segregation, high IQ whites, Jews, Asians in one group…low IQ blacks, hispanics & muslims in another.

          • Martha Vancamp

            I agree. Indian Americans like other east Asian Americans excel at science competitions and more so in the creativity/ innovation department. Nithin Tumma, the Indian American who won the 2012 International Intel Science Competition, unlocked the biochemical signal pathways in Cancer. He is now in Harvard.
            This year’s Intel Science Award winner is a Jewish girl, Sarah Volz, who won the award for her work on bio-fuels. Oh and did I forget to add that Sarah like her predecessor Nithin is a proud product of public education! Sarah Volz represented her public high school, the reputed “Cheyenne Mountain High School” in CO.

            Still waiting for the home schooled “genius” to show up!

          • Kblankenship7

            Blind…more insults. Grow up kid.

          • Nate Miller

            LOL. No facts to support your childish claims and so the projection! Grow up kid!

      • Deport White People

        ” In fact most of our greatest thinkers were products of public schools ”
        Well, except for “loosers” like: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Grover Cleveland,James Garfield,William Henry Harrison ,Andrew Jackson,Thomas Jefferson,Abraham Lincoln ,James Madison,Franklin Delano Roosevelt ,Theodore Roosevelt ,John Tyler ,George Washington,Woodrow Wilson, Stonewall Jackson,· John Paul Jones, Robert E. Lee, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, Pierre Curie, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Oliver Heaviside,· T.H. Huxley, Blaise Pascal, Alexander Graham Bell, · John Moses Browning, Peter Cooper – invented skyscraper, built first U.S. commercial locomotive, Thomas Edison, · William Lear – airplane creator, Guglielmo Marconi,· Eli Whitney (made blacks obsolete)· Sir Frank Whittle – invented turbo jet engine, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Agatha Christie, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Charles Dickens, Robert Frost, C.S. Lewis, George Bernard Shaw, Walt Whitman, Andrew Carnegie· Amadeo Giannini – Bank of America’s founder,· Horace Greeley – New York Tribune founder, Ray Kroc – founder of McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain, Adolph Ochs – New York Times founder, Joseph Pulitzer, Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony,John James Audubon,· Clara Barton – Started the Red Cross,· Davy Crockett,· Sam Houston,· Thomas Paine, Martha Washington,Frank Lloyd Wright,
        Your “public education” is straight from the communist manifesto. Take your socialist dream-land and stuff it up your arse. America needs great THINKERS and ACHEIVERS not mindless, indoctrinated zombies.
        In this day and age anybody who would put their children in the monkey exhibits that pass for “schools” is absolutely insane.
        Though I suppose your ignorance is a real testemant to the quality of your public education huh?

        • ms_anthro

          The only people who can credibly shill for public (and private and charter, which take federal funding and thus has to abide by federal curricula guidelines) are the people working for the bureaucracies that created them. US students are some of the most poorly-performing in the First World.

          Ignore the teachers union troll.

        • François

          Right on, my friend!

        • Nate Miller

          Most of your list is incorrect. Albert Einstein was NOT homeschooled. He was a product of Public and Private schooling. In fact homeschooling.does not even exist in Germany.

          Albert attended a Catholic elementary school from the age of five for three years. At the age of eight, he was transferred to the Luitpold Gymnasium (public school) where he received advanced primary and secondary school education until he left Germany seven years later.

          Source: John J. Stachel (2002), Einstein from “B” to Z , Springer, pp. 59–61, ISBN 978-0-8176-4143-6, retrieved 20 February 2011

          I also doubt most of the list that you composed fell under the category of the typical low IQ home schooled dolts!

          Abe Lincoln was NOT homeschooled, he read books by himself which is completely different from parental guided home schooling.

          Alexander Graham Bell was enrolled in the Royal High School (Public education), Edinburgh, Scotland….again not some low IQ home schooled moron!


          And I could go on debunking the ridiculous list of supposed “home schoolers” that you composed. A good number of people in that list, at least the smart ones were by NO means home schoolers…heck they’d probably laugh at today’s standards of conservative home schooling! Public/ Private school education has produced the smartest scientists, engineers, medical doctors and thinkers of today! Not everything is about those “dreadful commies” that you seem obsessed on. Stop being so paranoid and get a life!

      • anarchyst

        You must be a public school teacher 🙂

  • The__Bobster

    Obongo is electing a new people. Germans are the old people, the only kind that he’s willing to deport.

    • newscomments70

      Ironically, Obama has an 80% or so approval rating in Germany. All of the German and Austrian born immigrants I know in the US voted for Obama, even the older ones. Americans with German ancestry are often conservative and race realist. European Germans are braindead liberals that LOVE black people. They don’t just tolerate them, they LOVE them and accuse us of being horrible racists.

  • Bobbala

    It never ceases to amaze me how people are shocked that negroes don’t play fair … present company excluded.

  • JackKrak

    Sorry, guys – we have to make room for Latinos who won’t go to school at all or, if they do, turn the school into something resembling the one they left back in their donkey-intensive homelands. This, in turn, will encourage more white Americans to homeschool their kids.
    Neat, huh?

  • Well, Republican Party, I’m waiting on you to pounce on this.
    Hello? HELLO?

    • NM156

      Immigration policy has been handed over to the left and it won’t be returned anytime soon. Like all other cave-ins by the right, immigration policy has been subject to what Margaret Thatcher called the “ratchet effect”:
      “the Left claimed all the arguments of principle, and that all that remained to the Right were the arguments ofaccountancy — essentially, when and how socialism could be afforded.

      It was this fundamental weakness at the heart of Conservatism which ensured that even Conservative politicians regarded themselves as destined merely to manage a steady shift to some kind of Socialist state.[Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture (“Liberty and Limited Government”),January 11, 1996 ]”

    • RisingReich

      I for one am convinced that some ‘party’ – ‘tribe’ – ‘cartel’ – whatever you’d refer to them as – has some kind of SERIOUS dirt on most office holders in this ‘country’.

      I have my money on rampant homosexual degeneracy and pedophilia.

      See Lindsay Graham and Bennett from Colorado.

    • ms_anthro

      Why do people keep pretending the GOP is opposed to Third World invasion of the USA? They’re as enthusiastic about it as the donkeys. The two parties are tentacles of the same monster.

      • Republicans and Democrats are merely two sides of the same, rusty coin.

  • bigone4u

    I hope the judge kicks Holder’s sorry butt hard on this one. That loathsome excuse for a legal mind deserves much worse, but at least a nice family might move in next door rather than the filth and trash that Holder/Obongo defend every day.

    • François

      ” That loathsome excuse for a legal mind deserves much worse…”.
      Affirmative action takes low-IQ Blacks and makes them into particularly mediocre professionals like this one. Other example that would come to mind, would be former supreme court justice Clarence Thomas, and of course, Barack and Michelle Obama.

  • Bobby

    Yes, this has happened before–all cases involving people of European origin. I remember one case invovling a Canadian kid, another case involiving a girl from Sweden, living in California!!! of all places, the state with the most illegal aliens. TO WHOM IT MIGHT CONCERN: DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

    • François

      Pretty obvious.

  • Snowhitey

    Homeschooling is illegal in Germany because they want to make sure each and every German knows the “real” story of the Holocaust, the official version. That is the main reason but other reasons include brainwashing the public so that they don’t know their country’s sovereignty has been sold down the river by their politicians and elites. There is no real Germany, there is only the European Union.

    • potato78

      That’s Germen want to do the cause, right?

      United West Europe!

      Sacrifice you have to take?
      Just like US, Unite the whole world.

    • Sloppo

      My German friend’s recollection of the holocaust story isn’t so much like the “official” version, but that’s probably because he didn’t watch all those informative Hollywood movies. He just got his information from living in Germany during WW2.

      • François

        Yep, he should have watched Schindler’s List. That way, he would have know what he was talking about, that evil Kraut!

    • Salarino

      I think it was actually made illegal when Hitler was in power and has more to do with having manageable, moldable citizens. Home-schooled individuals don’t fit so nicely into that pre-cut box. The Holocaust just fits into the curriculum now.

  • potato78

    Ubama should give the family Asylum for home schooling suppression in Germany.
    But what about India, South Asia, Africa, South America people, who also would claim the same privilege?

  • Greg Thomas

    They are the wrong color. Meanwhile, illegal invading mexicans get amnesty for simply being the “victims” of crime.

  • dd121

    Could their be plainer proof that our elected negroes hate us and our civilization?

  • Jss

    That’s right no fundamental right to homeschool. Only the state has fundamental rights in regards to your kids. And that’s what the founders intended for sure. Of course this is all about race though. Soon the the history books will say that the revolution was a brave a coalition of homos, black slaves, and other oppressed minorities led by MLK, Rosa Parks, Mohammed, Pancho Via, Santa Anna, dances with wolves, and jango and the red tales against assault rifle owning White male Neo Nazis who used their privilege to oppress the people who picked the lettuce and cotton which built this country after stealing it from Mexico.

    Anyways I’m sure if they had been Turks from Germany that wanted to ensure their brood had more Islamic education such ensuring the girls couldn’t read then the Obama administration would ask if them if they had any relatives they would like to bring as well.

  • IKantunderstand

    As a White American, I am alot of different European stock. German is one of them. Growing up, I was charmed by an old family saying; when we were leaving a Christmas, or Easter dinner, all of us would say “Fart good home”. We kids thought it hysterically funny! It wasn’t until I was older that I realized it was kind of crude or weird or something. So, I asked my Mom. She said, “Well, it was something my great grand mom used to say, but it was in German, it was: ‘ Farht gut home.’ Translated from the German, it basically meant, travel well to your home”. But everybody who spoke English, loved the fact that the German word for “travel” sounds like fart. So, we just kept saying it. Sorry about boring you guys with this, but other than the demonstrated anti White position of every aspect of our so-called government, I am particularly incensed that this directed against Germans. I am sick to death that Germans are still held to be the most evil people of all time. Enough! I think they had the right idea, before they were beaten down. And, no matter what, are still held in contempt by the media. Well, here’s what I have to say: Whites, fart good home: to the suburbs, to states that become ours, whatever we have to fight for as ours. Fart good home!

    • gemjunior

      I was watching Ahmedinajab talking about his visit to Germany. He was explaining how difficult it was for him to understand how a nation could allow so many constant reminders of negative things in it’s past – he meant all the holocaust memorials. He was trying to make sense of the German’s masochistic tendency to remain forever flogged in punishment for the holocaust – never moving past the event because on ever corner there was some memorial. Probably the interview is somewhere on youtube for anyone who wants to look for it if you’re interested. I’ve never heard much from this man, demonized as he is, but this is one thing I thought he was right about. He was articulate (as I am not) and didn’t seem nearly as demented as he is commonly portrayed.

    • François

      I guess that says something about the people who control the mass media.
      Why are there still movies being made, books being written, etc, about the evil Nazis (and a lot of times that term is equated to “Germans”), but you practically won’t hear or see a word about how the Arabs spread Islam through conquest? About the empire of Gengis Khan? About the Stalinian purges in USSR? About the kinds of incredibly cruel things some of the Chinese emperors enjoyed as forms of entertainment?

    • François

      “Farht gut home”.

      Yes, if I remember correctly, the infitive is farhen, and this would be an imperative form.

  • potato78

    In a stunning development this afternoon on the Capitol
    Hill, both the house and senate passed the Work and Family Balance Act.
    10 more holidays a year will be added to the calendar starting 2014. The
    ostensible reason behind this is to create more jobs. A very much
    surprised president Obama promised to sign this bill into the law next

    We interviewed a few people to get their reactions to this bill.

    Our first interview guest was a cotton trader named Mr. Reichmann in
    NYC. He was furious about this bill and was ranting that his labor cost
    is going to skyrocket and he was already taking a bath with his cotton
    future contracts and has put up his south Hampton beach house for sale
    to pay the debt.

    Then we walked by a Shanghai dumpling stand near a trash dump in
    Flushing. Two gentlemen, later identified as Mr D and Mr O, were hastily
    stashing away a few pieces of discolored meat. We interviewed them
    through an interpreter. They were mumbling about shanghai, river, dead
    pigs etc. Our repeated attempts to interview them about the holiday
    matter were fruitless, because they had no idea about what we were
    talking about. Both seemed to be illegal in this country, because one
    said that he’d give up his left nut just to get a green card. At least,
    that’s what our interpreter said to us 🙂

  • Drew

    In the first two centuries of British colonization in America, there was nothing resembling
    public schools. Most schooling in New England was in one way or another a variation of
    home schooling, with church schools very evident in larger villages. Somehow to
    contend there is no right to homeschooling is a kind of historical lobotomy. Video
    technology will be a massive boon to homeschooling. Not only can kids be linked among
    like minded families via technetronic means–the actual minute by minute conduct of learning
    can be recorded and demonstrated. You can’t fail to sense when a child is connected to
    what is going on and when he/she is not. The child has a right to this kind of interface,
    and whether it takes place in a barn loft or a suburban public school, is rather beside the

  • Drew

    There’s irony in the Obama administration opposing homeschooling. The President’s
    schizy mother, Stanlee Ann Dunham Obama Soreto, used to wake him up at 4;30 a.m to
    “homeschool” him in resistance toward imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism (all, no
    doubt interlarded with much Oedipal ooze) to complement the lack of such emphasis in
    the public schools he variously attended in Indonesia. He had to run away from her to
    live in an upper middle class environment in Hawaii in order to escape homeschooling.

  • Shattered

    But Obama’s own relatives, who were here illegally, got their paperwork approved and expedited no problem.

  • Daisy

    “Second, the Romeikes’ case failed to show that the family suffered discrimination based on religion; they claimed the Romeikes did not prove that all homeschoolers were religious and that not all Christians believed they had to homeschool their children.”

    Well, my christian forbears, irish and german catholics, scottish and dutch calvinists, just so happened to believe that they had to leave Europe and come build America. Perhaps I should be deported. Just when I’d seen it all in the war against whites…

  • Derelictus

    So what can we do to help this family? I would gladly donate money to help pay for their legal fees, and/or resettlement costs to another country besides this sinking ship of ours called the USA (Canada, maybe? Argentina??)
    I’m truly sickened by this whole affair. Our country is ruled by vile, petty, disgusting ‘human’ beings.

    • ms_anthro

      All countries are these days, it seems.

  • Nate Miller

    President Obama is 100% right! Since when do “home-schoolers” constitute an ethnic/ religious or national group? He is only following the law of the land. Asylum can only be granted to people on the basis of race/ ethnicity/ nationality/ gender/ orientation and religion. However, this does NOT include people with a particular social taste. This implies that if I am a Heavy Metal lover or a Communist or for that matter a home schooling advocate, I cannot file for a green card or E3 (Asylum) status in the United States.
    Technically, if South Afrikaaner Boers can make a strong case of being persecuted in Sud Afrika, they could be granted Asylum.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Where in the Constitution does it say that the government has any authority to mandate schooling of any sort? I’d bet dollars to donuts some socialist judge will establish a nasty precident that ONLY the government knows where best to send your children to be “educated” or “re-educated” as the case may be.

  • whites not allowed in Amerika

    New Black Panthers Obama and Holder are admitting they hate white Europeans in any form and the only ones he will allow in are non-whites mainly red yellow and black. Whites need not apply in their own nation even though German heritage is about 50% of the white race in America for 300 yrs.
    Nasty brained Opoopa and his trusty filthy mouthpiece Holder also only protect human rights violations of faggots but not good family whites with good kids.

  • kenya not niger

    Make you want to hate than Niger in the WH even more if thats possible. Mistake. Wrong nation for Obama. He is not from Niger but from Kenya.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Nice try at hiding true your meanings, but I don’t cry for you, Argentina….. We are all Hungary for Truth. It’s more politically correct to call the President a Turkey than a Niger, though. Kenya hear me? The birth certificate Lucas Daniel Smith brought back and published in 2009 showed that this particular non-Nigerian Niger Turkey was born in British East Africa, Protectorate of Mombasa, since Kenya couldna and didna exist in 1961. As far as the President’s claim to be constitutionally qualified, it ain’t so; it’s a fraud. Aegyptus…. Gotta go now….so, as they say in Dixieland, Abyssinia sometimes…

      • Vyncennt

        “The birth certificate Lucas Daniel Smith brought back and published in 2009 ”

        The same Lucas Daniel Smith who sports a criminal record for forgery, bank fraud, and is responsible for numerous other scams?

        • Charles Edward Lincoln III

          Don’t Russia to judgment, man—I have met the infamous Lucas Daniel Smith and scene “his” (Obama’s Kenya, Mombasa, British East African) birth certificate, and I believe in Smith’s work and discovery—I’m not sure I’d make Lucas trustee of my son’s college funds, but sometimes, “It takes a Thief.”

          While I’m onboard with you that LDS clearly has some “character flaws” and a spotty background, I find his story just weird enough to be completely credible, and his birth certificate LOOKS like a Third-World backwater hospital document, not a First World Photoshopped Forgery.
          In my humble opinion, Lucas Daniel Smith’s birth certificate evidence holds up to the “smell” test considerably better than Obama’s obvious photoshop published job—-there are almost as many critiques of that document as there are of how World Trade Center Building 7 could not have fallen except by intentional demolitions.

          I would suggest that if you have any doubts at all, you call Douglas Bradley Vogt at Archive Index Systems in Bellevue, Washington, for the full lowdown on just how bad Obama’s published birth certificate is. Or look at Philip J. Berg’s website: http://obamacrimes.com. If Obama was born in Hawaii, well, he’s still a communist criminal and is ineligible to be President because both of his parents were not American Citizens. My days as an active “Birther” are behind me—and I’m not exactly pleased with how they turned out.

          But anyone who believes Obama was born in Hawaii without questioning why there is no genuine birth certificate out there—basically is liable to buy into a lot of Foreign Exchange Scams and invest in rubber duck securities…..and worse than that, might just be dumb enough to vote for Obama or whoever he “anoints” to succeed him….. And that’s pretty dumb, man….

    • François

      I think the idea is that if he was not born in the US, he shouldn’t have become president. Whether it exactly was Niger, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast… whatever!

  • Ella

    If they were Jewish, they would have their US visa as you see regularly from Poland, Russia and Lithuania. They’re probably Christians? to start………obviously we’re a different country than 70 years ago. If the Amish (Swiss Germans) left today due to religious persecution per se from Croatia or Slovakia, they would never make it into the USA under ICE’s ruling.

  • Morris LeChat

    It’s his “Elian Gonzalves” moment. The family will probably move to Russia or Poland.

  • John in Germany

    Do black people home school?

  • endangeredspecies

    In 1938 Hitler banned homeschooling in nazi Germany and now Facism is alive and well in the white house. Liberty lovers brace yourselves!