Outlook for Immigration Deal Brightens

Steve Holland, Yahoo! News, March 30, 2013

Prospects for a law to create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants brightened on Saturday after major business and labor groups reached an agreement on a guest-worker program, a source familiar with the deal said.

The agreement was reached on Friday night in a conference call between the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, and the president of the AFL-CIO labor organization, Richard Trumka, with New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer acting as the mediator, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A guest-worker program has been a major stumbling block to efforts by a bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of Eight to reach a compromise on a way to create a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, most of whom are Hispanics.

Labor unions have argued against a guest-worker program, worrying that a flood of low-wage immigrant laborers would take away jobs from Americans. The agreement covers the pay levels for low-skilled workers and provides labor protections for American workers.

Under the deal, a new “W Visa” would be created for employers to petition for foreign workers in lesser skilled, non-seasonal non-agricultural occupations. This could include jobs in hospitality, janitorial, retail, construction and others.

The W Visa would not be considered a temporary visa as workers would have the ability to seek permanent status after a year, according to details of the agreement released by the AFL-CIO.

The program would begin on April 1, 2015, unless there is a need to extend the start date by six months.

At the beginning, 20,000 visas would be permitted and the figure would rise to 35,000 visas the following year, 55,000 in the third year and 75,000 in the fourth.

The cap can never be below 20,000 or above 200,000 in any year.


The agreement still must be approved by the Gang of Eight senators, four Democrats and four Republicans. If, as expected, they do so, a broad new immigration bill would be advanced in the Senate in the coming weeks.


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  • Puggg

    They might not really be that close to a deal. One of the Gang of Eight was on TV saying “not so fast.” And let’s hope for “not so fast” — Time is not the friend of this kind of legislation.

    • The__Bobster

      So one of them just wants to betray us using the standard Congressional process instead of rushing a bill through. Big deal! He still intends to betray us.

  • mobilebay

    If this amnesty passes, I hope that each of the “gang eight” get their just reward…a bag containing 30 pieces of silver.

    • NM156

      It won’t.

    • Xerxes22

      Due to inflation the price of betrayal has gone up a great deal since those days. At least Judas had the decency to hang himself for his betrayal.

    • Felix_M

      I’d prefer to see each of them in 30 pieces in silver bags…or is that too violent to say?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Trash bags are black.

    • Greg Thomas

  • Foreman Scotty

    Yes I heard that labor unions and the bussiness community were having meetings and discussions etc. Problem is, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LEFT OUT! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO COUNT!

    • The__Bobster

      Option 3 (deportation) has also been left out of the debate, even though that’s what most Americans want.

      • george00

        Enforce the law and they will deport themselves. Put the military on the border with orders to shoot to kill. After a few of them get shot the word will get around and the illegal border crossing will come to a screeching halt without having to spend hundreds of million that we don’t have on a fence.

  • Kathy M

    Republican traitors! Rubio the damn idiot! With his hip hop.

    • The__Bobster

      Reconquista Marquito Rubio is no idiot. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      • IstvanIN

        Get rid of the “anglos” so that he and his can turn North America into an extension of Latin America with his kind at the top.

  • Delano F. Garcia Armando

    In college and need a part-time job? Good luck competing with Third Worlders, many of whom are illiterate in their OWN languages. They’ll work for pecos on the dollar. Big Business’ wet dream!

    • What is even worse is that many high school graduates with no post secondary education will be competing with them as well. College graduates have taken the clerical and other jobs that high school graduates used to do.

  • anonymous

    Chamber of Commerce represents multinationals not medium to
    small businesses and AFL-CIO represents less than 6 million private sector
    workers not the over 100 million non-union workers in the private sector.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “A guest-worker program has been a major stumbling block . . .”


    I made extensive notes, below, on the superb but lengthy and complex Foreign Affairs article, “The Mirage of Mexican Guest-Workers.” Sharing below. It might give some of you useful data and arguments to present to your representatives and senators. Purchase the full text at ForeignAffairs.com. For a very brief summary, read only my all-cap notes:

    The Mirage of Mexican Guest Workers

    Philip L. Martin and Michael S. Teitelbaum


    Volume 80 • Number 6

    Foreign Affairs

    © 2001 Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. All rights reserved.



    Philip L. Martin, Professor in the Agricultural and Economic Resources Department and Chair of the Comparative Immigration and Integration Program at the University of California, Davis, served on the U.S. Commission on Agricultural Workers from 1989 to 1993. Michael S.

    Teitelbaum, Program Director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, served as a member of the U.S. Commission on International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development from 1987 to 1990, and as Vice Chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform from 1990 to 1997.


    MEXICO’S GOAL: MASS IMMIGRATION OF LOW-SKILL WORKERS (“HEROES”) TO THE UNITED STATES: “President Vicente Fox, who refers to unauthorized Mexicans in the United States as ‘heroes,’ has pledged to negotiate both a temporary labor program to bring Mexican workers legally to the United States and a large-scale ‘regularization of status’ for some or all of the millions of illegal migrants already living there.”

    THEORETICAL BENEFITS OF GUEST-WORKER PROGRAMS SEDUCE NAIVE POLITICIANS: “The theoretical benefits of temporary labor programs have seduced politicians in many countries, just as they are now enticing the Fox and Bush administrations. Many U.S. and Mexican proponents seem surprisingly unaware, however, of the long and checkered history of such policies, and quite innocent of the unwanted effects they have produced in both origin and destination countries. The negotiators are advancing the discussions and making decisions with a dangerously myopic perspective on their consequences.”

    U. S. BUSINESSES GET LOW-WAGE WORKERS, U. S. POLITICIANS GET CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS; MEXICANS GET JOBS, MEXICO GETS INCOME FROM CITIZENS ABROAD AND INFLUENCE OVER U. S. POLICIES: “Proponents in Washington hope to supply low-cost workers to influential employer groups who provide substantial campaign contributions….Mexico’s politicians hope to gain votes by providing a new source of jobs to the country’s underemployed work force. In addition, the government hopes to gain economic benefits from the extra dollars their workers send back home, and to increase its political leverage in the United States.”

    BUT THE “WIN-WIN” DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED: THERE IS NOTHING “TEMPORARY” ABOUT IT: “Bush’s proposal ignores the fact that virtually no low-wage ‘temporary worker’ program in a high-wage liberal democracy has ever turned out to be genuinely temporary. On the contrary, most initially small (and often ‘emergency’) temporary worker programs have grown much larger, and lasted far longer, than originally promised.”

    PERMANENCE OF “TEMPORARY” GUEST-WORKER PROGRAMS EXPLAINED: EMPLOYERS ADAPT TO VERY LOW WAGES – RELAXING DOMESTIC RECRUITMENT AND ADOPTING LABOR-INTENSIVE METHODS; MEXICAN WORKERS ADAPT TO, BY MEXICAN STANDARDS, VERY HIGHER WAGES: “This tendency toward permanence is easily explained—guest worker programs are virtual recipes for mutual dependence between employers and the migrants who work for them. Employers naturally grow to depend on the supply of low-wage and compliant labor, relaxing their domestic recruitment efforts and adjusting their production methods to take advantage of the cheap labor. History has shown that in agriculture (where many Mexican guest workers would be employed), a pool of cheap workers gives farm owners strong incentives to expand the planting of labor-intensive crops rather than invest in mechanized labor-saving equipment and the crops suitable for it. Thus, although the labor supply is supposed to be available only temporarily, farmers adapt in ways that ensure their continued need for workers willing to accept such low wages. On the other side of the coin, those bargain wages for employers are a boon for the ‘temporary’ workers, who earn much more than they could at home. For instance, laborers in U.S. fruit and vegetable agriculture make between $5 and $7 an hour, as opposed to 50 cents an hour in Mexico. Past guest worker programs have shown that the participants and their families grow accustomed to the increased income; they therefore have no incentive to return home unless rapid economic and job growth there creates commensurate opportunities. As the workers’ ‘temporary’ sojourns extend over time, the odds of their ever returning to their homeland diminish,and young people in the home country come to regard employment abroad as normal.”

    UNEQUIVOCAL LESSON OF HISTORY: “TEMPORARY” WORKER PROGRAMS ACCELERATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: THE BRACERO PROGRAM EXAMPLE: “Proponents of a new Mexico-U.S. temporary worker program often portray it as a legal and humane alternative to what has become a huge problem—the unauthorized mass migration of Mexicans to the United States. Such advocates seem blind, however, to the unequivocal lessons of history. Far from mitigating illegal migration, the two countries’ last major temporary worker program actually initiated and accelerated its flow. During the so-called bracero (“strong-armed one”) program from 1942 to 1964, the number of unauthorized Mexicans slipping across the border actually expanded in parallel with the number of authorized temporary workers; the illegal flows then continued to accelerate after the program’s termination.”

    BRACERO PROGRAM: WAR-TIME BEGINNINGS GIVE EMPLOYERS A TASTE OF BENEFITS OF DIRT-CHEAP, COMPLIANT LABOR AND THEY CLING TO IT TENACIOUSLY LONG AFTER THE WAR ENDS: “The Franklin Roosevelt administration initiated the ‘temporary wartime emergency’ bracero program to provide field labor to southwestern farmers whose farm hands had been drafted. The actual number of bracero admissions during World War II was quite small. Still, by 1945 bracero recruitment networks had become well established, and California and Texas farmers had grown accustomed to the easy availability of Mexican workers who happily accepted wages far below U.S. standards. These employers lobbied hard, and successfully, for the continuation of the ‘wartime emergency’ program beyond the war’s end. By 1956 bracero admissions had increased to 450,000 a year—more than seven times higher than the wartime peak—to the detriment of U.S. farm workers, who suffered rising unemployment during this period.”

    BRACERO PROGRAM SPURS INFLUX OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: “During the 1950s, it became evident that the bracero program was also promoting an influx of unlawful Mexican migrants. U.S. authorities apprehended 3.6 million of them between 1950 and 1959, more than double the 1.4 million caught in the preceding decade.”

    BRACERO PROGRAM TERMINATED IN 1964 IN THE WAKE OF EVIDENCE OF ABUSES OF BRACERO WORKERS: “Increasing evidence of abuses of bracero workers by employers, led to a long and contentious political battle to terminate the program. Farm employer advocates were able to block repeal until 1964, when the program finally ended.”

    BORDER ARRESTS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FALL 50 PERCENT IN THE FIVE YEARS AFTER THE TERMINATION OF THE BRACERO PROGRAM: “By 1970, apprehensions of illegal Mexican aliens had fallen by more than 50 percent, prompting hopes that the problem had been contained.”

    BUT THE SEEDS OF THE SUBSEQUENT INVASION HAD BEEN SOWN: EMPLOYERS’ APPETITES HAD BEEN WHETTED; MEANWHILE, WOULD-BE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LEARNED TO BLEND IN WITH LEGITIMATE BRACEROS, KNOWING THEY WOULD EVENTUALLY BE GIVEN A WORK PERMIT; EMPLOYERS APPLY POLITICAL PRESSURE TO KEEP ALIENS POURING OVER THE BORDER: “The numbers of unauthorized Mexicans crossing the border began resurging in the 1970s, and apprehensions have continued to rise right through to the present day, reaching 14 million over the 1990s. Today, scholars largely agree that the 22 years of bracero employment created the conditions for the subsequent boom of unauthorized Mexican migration. To minimize transportation costs, U.S. employers had encouraged prospective bracero workers to move to Mexico’s sparsely populated northern region, thereby swelling Mexican border cities that offered little local employment. Meanwhile, workers seeking American jobs had learned they could save the large fees and bribes normally paid to bracero recruiters in Mexico by simply crossing the border illegally. Blending in with the legitimate braceros, they could then find a job on their own and eventually get a U.S. work permit. Although the program’s unwanted consequences were already evident during the 1950s, it continued to operate largely because of the political pressure applied by U.S. interest groups who were profiting from the availability of cheap and compliant Mexican labor. This ready supply let southwestern farmers greatly increase their production of high-profit, labor-intensive crops. Sales of California-grown vegetables, for instance, soared 50 percent over the 1950s, as the costs of production in California declined relative to other U.S. regions.”

    BRACEROS BRANCH OUT TO OTHER INDUSTRIES AND OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY AS THE WAGE DIFFERENTIAL BETWEEN FARM WORK AND MANUFACTURING WORK WIDENS, SPURRING FARMERS TO SEEK STILL MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: “Meanwhile, even though real wages for the state’s farm workers barely rose, factory wages increased significantly. Mexican-American farm workers responded by moving to urban areas with better-paying jobs, thereby increasing farmers’ avowed need for more imported braceros.”

    FARMERS’ PREDICTIONS OF TOMATOES ROTTING IN THE FIELDS WITH THE END OF THE BRACERO PROGRAM PROVED FALSE. QUITE THE OPPOSITE. A FAR SMALLER WORKFORCE HARVESTED MANY MORE TOMATOES AND MUCH MORE CHEAPLY VIA MECHANIZATION: “California farming groups had contended that without the braceros their crops would rot in the fields for lack of Americans willing to harvest them, and that food prices would rise as a result. They focused these claims on the state’s large crop of ‘processing tomatoes’ (used for ketchup and canned tomato products). Taking up the cause, California Farmer reported in 1963 that if the flow of braceros stopped, tomato growers and canners ‘agree the State will never [again be able to plant] the 100,000 to 175,000 acres planted when there was a guaranteed supplemental labor force in the form of the bracero.’ Reality, however, never confirmed these dire predictions. In 1960 some 45,000 farm workers (mostly braceros) had harvested 2.2 million tons of processing tomatoes. By 1999, it took only 5,000 workers to operate machinery that harvested some 12 million tons. Thanks to these effciency gains from mechanization, the real price of processing tomatoes declined 54 percent while per capita consumption rose 23 percent.”

    RISE IN FARM WORKERS WAGES FOLLOWING TERMINATION OF THE BRACERO PROGRAM IN 1965 SHOWS HOW MUCH WAGES WERE DEPRESSED: “In 1966, César Chávez and his fledgling United Farm Workers union won a 40 percent wage increase from table grape growers in the San Joaquin Valley of California who could no longer use braceros to counter the union’s strike. These economic gains were later lost as the size of the unauthorized farm worker population soared.”

    TODAY’S PHONY “FARM LABOR SHORTAGES”ARE DUE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MIGRATING TO HIGHER PAYING MANUFACTURING JOBS: “Today farm lobbies routinely report ‘farm labor shortages,’ yet the unemployment rate in the country’s primary labor-intensive agricultural region, the Central Valley of California, is exceptionally high—12 to 15 percent in June 2001—compared to the national average of between

    4 and 5 percent. Indeed, even as labor shortage claims resonate in Washington, Central Valley offcials are actually offering money to welfare recipients who agree to move to other states.”

    HOW GERMANY’S “TEMPORARY” GUEST-WORKER PROGRAM TURNED GERMANY INTO A RELUCTANT PERMANENT HOST OF UNASSIMILATED IMMIGRANTS: “Other countries have had similar experiences with temporary work programs. During the 1960s boom phase of West Germany’s postwar ‘economic miracle,’ German employers won government permission to recruit ‘guest workers’ (Gastarbeiter) for assembly-line work from countries with a labor surplus (initially Italy, then Yugoslavia, and later Turkey). The program was promoted as temporary, ‘rotational,’ and mutually beneficial: the guests would work for one or two years in Germany and then return to their home countries with savings and new skills. As with the bracero program, the initial flow began slowly. But by 1973, Germany was employing 2.6 million guest workers, including about 600,000 Turks and 500,000 Yugoslavs. As the numbers grew, so did the criticism. Economists began reporting that the program was slowing investments in automation and mechanization, so that ‘Japan [was] getting robots while Germany [got] Turks.’ Moreover, it was becoming obvious that ‘guest’ workers were turning into permanent immigrants.

    WHEN GERMAN JOBS DISAPPEAR, IMMIGRANTS STAY: “When the oil shocks of 1973 sharply increased German unemployment, especially among guest workers, the government decided to end further recruitment. But most unemployed guest workers declined to ‘rotate’ back to their home countries, knowing that as bad as things were in Germany, the job prospects in Turkey or Yugoslavia were even bleaker and the social safety nets less generous. Instead, the Gastarbeiter exercised rights accrued from living several years in Germany to arrange for their families to join them, despite efforts by German authorities to discourage such family reunification. A relatively short-lived guest worker program thus unintentionally turned Germany into a reluctant host for permanent immigration.”

    1986 AND 1990 “REFORMS” FAIL DUE TO WEAKENING AMENDMENTS AND LAX ENFORCEMENT: “In 1986 and 1990, lawmakers reformed immigration controls and law enforcement mechanisms in ways that were supposed to clamp down on the use of fraudulent documents to claim work permits and social services. These measures, initially branded suffcient to bring illegal immigration from Mexico under control, have in reality been so limited by weakening amendments and ineffectual enforcement that many additional millions of Mexicans have taken up unlawful residence over the last decade and a half. In addition,”

    GUEST-WORKER PROPOSALS WOULD NOT CURB FUTURE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: “None of the three major proposals currently under discussion in Congress, however, promises to remedy the problem of future illegal Mexican immigration. A limited guest worker plan would permit unauthorized Mexicans already in the United States to obtain seasonal or year-round work permits, while a legalization-only approach would grant temporary or permanent legal status to those unlawfully resident before a specified year (e.g., 2000) and then roll this date forward a year at a time. Both schemes fail to address the question of unauthorized migrants who would inevitably keep entering the country after the laws took effect.”

    THE 1986 EXPERIENCE: SHORT TERM GAIN IN FARM WORKER WAGES AND BENEFITS FADES AS MORE ILLEGALS ARRIVE, DRIVING FARM DOWN WAGES AND ENCOURAGING NEWLY LEGALIZED WORKERS TO SEEK HIGHER-PAYING EMPLOYMENT: “A 1986 immigration reform act, for example, led to the legalization of 2.8 million unauthorized foreigners in 1987 and 1988. Almost half of these qualified under the Special Agricultural Worker (saw) program, which granted immigrant status to unauthorized farm workers who submitted letters from employers stating that they had worked at least 90 days in the preceding year. The requirements of proof were so loose that perhaps half the claims were based on fraudulent documents, yet the law made even flagrant fraud diffcult to challenge. The saw legalization was based on a theory (or, more accurately, a hunch) that legalizing migrant workers and controlling the flows from across the border could bolster declining farm wages and benefits. Farmers would have to raise wages and improve working conditions to keep saws from leaving for the other potential jobs to which their new legal status entitled them. For a short period, this theory appeared to work: in 1989, more than a third of U.S. crop workers were saws, and the share of unauthorized workers was less than 10 percent. But the law’s ineffective enforcement provisions allowed more unauthorized migrants to enter the country and find farm work. Within a decade, most saws (as well as other legal immigrants and U.S. citizens) had left agriculture for betterpaid employment, and more than half of the farm labor force was again unauthorized.”

    THE ODD POLITICAL ALLIANCE PUSHING OPEN BORDERS: 1) VOTE-COUNTING REPUBLICANS who imagine “that regularization or legalization would increase the number of voters who favor their social and cultural values, such as dedication to religion, opposition to abortion, and reliance on the self and family rather than on government,” VOTE-COUNTING DEMOCRATS who “anticipate a swelling of their own political constituencies with supporters of such issues as income redistribution, labor rights, and affrmative action,” EMPLOYERS PROFITING FROM CHEAP LABOR AND ETHNIC LOBBY GROUPS SEEKING POWER. ALL BENEFIT FROM ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION’S DIFFUSED AND DEFERRED COSTS: “The benefits, although quite small for the overall economy, are potentially large and immediate for the relevant employers and ethnic lobby groups. And the costs, although substantial, would be widely diffused, deferred, and financed by federal and local tax revenues. The politics of immigration policy is therefore being driven by small, concentrated, and well-financed interest groups that stand to gain significantly in the short term.”

    A BIG ATTRACTION OF GUEST-WORKER PROGRAMS: THEY SEEMINGLY BRING IMMIGRATION UNDER CONTROL WITHOUT FORCING POLITICIANS TO MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS: “Guest worker and legalization programs are also attractive to politicians in Washington because, in theory, they offer a way to control illegal immigration without making tough and politically diffcult choices.”

    FLAWED ASSUMPTION OF GUEST-WORKER PROGRAMS: THE UNITED STATES MUST HAVE LOW-SKILL FOREIGN WORKERS: “Such programs are based on the assumption that the United States needs to bring in outside workers, since the migrants who slip in illegally manage to find jobs anyway. So a guest worker policy is intended to bring this illicit, unorganized mass migration under government control and put it to economic use by actively importing temporary workers and defining their place in the economy….This idea has arisen only from Washington’s failure to enforce its own immigration laws, thereby exposing a few limited sectors of the U.S. economy to large numbers of Mexicans willing to work for below-market wages. Employers in these sectors have evolved a mutual dependence with Mexican workers, which feeds the ongoing cycle of illegal migration.”

    THE TAB FOR THIS SUBSIDY OF SELECTED INDUSTRIES IS BORN BY ALL AMERICANS: “Past experience has shown, however, that these guest workers often manage to escape the program’s constraints and find ways to settle down. If they and their children become legal permanent residents and eventually U.S. citizens, they are themselves likely to need substantial public and private resources. Hence what is today in effect a special subsidy for farmers, meatpackers, and families that hire nannies can become a large obligation financed by all Americans.”

    SOLUTION: 1) ENFORCE PROHIBITIONS ON EMPLOYMENT OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, 2) ENSURE EMPLOYERS OF FARM, DOMESTIC, RESTAURANT AND HOTEL WORKERS ABIDE BY MINIMUM-WAGE AND WORKING CONDITIONS REGULATIONS, 3) ASSESS A USER FEE EQUIVALENT TO SOCIAL SECURITY AND UNEMPLOYMENTS TAXES ON EMPLOYERS OF TEMPORARY WORKERS, 4) USE REVENUES TO ASSIST EMPLOYERS OF MIGRANT WORKERS TO DEVELOP ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTION PRACTICES AND TO ASSIST AMERICAN WORKERS WHO MUST COMPETE WITH MIGRANT LABOR: “The best way to deal with this mutual dependence is to begin effectively enforcing the legal prohibitions on employment of unauthorized migrants. At the same time, authorities should begin ensuring that employers in agriculture, domestic services, and restaurants and hotels abide by minimum-wage and working-condition regulations. Finally, Washington must modify legislation that perversely favors migrants willing to take temporary jobs over U.S. workers seeking regular employment. For example, current law offers a large economic incentive to employers who hire temporary workers by exempting the wages paid to temporary employees from Social Security contributions and unemployment taxes. This provision essentially allows migrants who take temporary jobs to undercut the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers. To level the playing field, employers of temporary workers should be assessed a user fee equivalent to the Social Security and unemployment taxes they would have to pay for regular employees. The government could use the revenues to help employers who depend most on migrant workers, particularly small and labor intensive businesses, to develop alternative employment or production practices. It could also assist the U.S. workers who must compete with migrants for jobs.”

    CONSEQUENCES OF SUCH POLICY CHANGES: EMPLOYERS WEANED OF DEPENDENCE ON BELOW-MARKET-WAGE WORKERS AND A BALANCE IN THE HIRING OF PERMANENT AND TEMPORARY WORKERS: “These policy changes would counter the forces driving the current push for a Mexican guest worker program and temper the negative consequences if such a program is implemented. First, better enforcement of immigration laws would reduce the supply of unauthorized Mexican workers and, consequently, wean employers in certain economic sectors away from their dependence on migrant labor. At the same time, reforming current employment regulations would take away the policy imbalances that favor temporary workers—whether they enter the country themselves or through a guest worker program—over those seeking regular employment.

    INCENTIVES MUST BE EQUALIZED OR EMPLOYERS WILL CONTINUE TO EXPLOIT ILLEGAL LABOR AND AVOID INVESTMENT IN MORE EFFICIENT PRODUCTION: “Without such an equalization of economic incentives, employers will learn to exploit the rules of any guest worker program just as they have exploited the supply of unauthorized migrants, and they will cease to look for alternatives involving domestic recruitment or investment in more effcient production.”

    THE IMPORTATION OF PEOPLE IS A RADICALLY DIFFERENT UNDERTAKING THAN THE IMPORTATION OF OTHER FACTORS OF PRODUCTION SUCH CAPITAL OR COMMODITIES; PEOPLE BRING “EXTRA BAGGAGE”: BELIEFS, POLITICS, CULTURES, LANGUAGES, LOVES, HATES, HISTORIES, FAMILIES: “People, as Adam Smith once observed, are ‘the most diffcult baggage to transport over borders.’ Importing labor is far more complicated than importing other factors of production, such as commodities or manufactures, precisely because labor is not simply a component of the production cycle. Migration involves human beings, with their own beliefs, politics, cultures, languages, loves, hates, histories, and families—none of which accompanies imported goods….Those who manage to stay in the host country thus cease to be simple factors of production, creating an unexpected segment of the population that the government must accommodate.”

    GRANTING LEGAL STATUS TO THOSE WHO CAME HERE ILLEGALLY WOULD MAKE A BAD SITUATION MUCH WORSE: “…policymakers must understand that proposals for new guest workers and legalization policies for unauthorized immigrants would resolve none of the current problems. They would only make the situation a great deal worse.”

    GUEST WORKER PROGRAMS HAVE A LONG HISTORY, ALL POINTING TO A SIMPLE CONCLUSION: THERE IS NOTHING SO PERMANENT AS A “TEMPORARY” WORKER: “In many countries, under many types of government, and across many time periods, experiences with guest worker programs have led to an overwhelming and simple consensus among those who have studied the issue: there is nothing more permanent than temporary workers.”

  • 48224

    Why don’t they call it the food stamp visa????
    Why beat around the bush?

  • bigone4u

    The Gang of Eight are aptly named. They’re gangsters. In fact, the entire Congress, judiciary, and White House are gangsters with few exceptions. Don’t trust any of their PR. As bad as it sounds now, a few years down the line it will be much worse.

    • ms_anthro

      Gangs turn on each other. And their victims eventually band together and fight back. Cement overshoes may become fashion forward in certain elite circles. In fact I’d bet on it.

  • Bobby

    There is nothing else that can be said to American citizens who still might care about this country that hasn’t already been said. Mexico, the nation millions of these people come from is now run by drug lords. Already there are reports of how they have inflitrated deep into the U.S. Or Senators and Congressmen/women, know this. Since they know it, what does it say about them, and what does it say about the American citizens that are simply willing to allow millions of people to enter this country, that we know nothing about, and that the Senate, and Congress certainly are not the least concerned about. I doubt the eight “traitors” that are now leading the sell-out of the nation will even be voted out or affected in any way. American citizens are doomed and some might argue, DESERVE TO BE!!..

    • The way to put these cartels out of business is to legalize drugs. Can you imagine if people grew their own pot? They would not need to buy drugs.

      • The__Bobster

        Damn, not another libertarian pothead. Criminals will be criminals and they don’t care how they do it. Mexico leads the world in kidnappings right now. Can you imagine how many more there will be if the cartels can’t deal drugs?

        • EngineerPoet

          Imagine how much fewer gang members there would be without the drug money to pay them and buy off the police.

        • fuzzypook

          I don’t care if they kidnap people as long as they do it in mexihole.

      • Room101

        If people grow their own, the Government will destroy the people further with more crackdowns and further measures to check us from exploiting our fake-illusory freedoms against Government.
        People and Government are separate entities that have no relation to one another.
        We the People are merely an ATM to be held up and robbed by Government @ gunpoint in the dead of night and left holding the bag, to clean up the mess, and pay all the bills.

  • IstvanIN

    We do not need these immigrants. An advanced economy does not rely on near slave labor. Our standard of living, as well as our wages, increased because the productivity of the individual man increased. Fewer farm workers feed much more people, fewer people are needed to build an automobile, automation means one man can do the work of many. We simply do not need all these low skilled people. Their are now dairy farms where the cows milk themselves, thanks to computers. There are now computer controlled machines that can debone an entire chicken. Just think of all the advances in automation we could have made if we hadn’t both imported low IQ peasants on the one had and exported our manufacturing overseas on the other.

    • I can see chicken processing plants that will use this technology. After all, computers do not file workers compensation claims for injuries sustained while working at these plants.

      • IstvanIN

        From a humane point of view, who needs repetitive motion injuries? The jobs that involving operating and maintaining the machines probably require greater skills and are less tedious.

      • EngineerPoet

        computers do not file workers compensation claims for injuries sustained while working at these plants.

        Neither do computers take sick days, drive drunk, commit crimes, send non-English speaking children for the schools to deal with, send low-IQ children for the schools to deal with, bring extremely drug-resistant TB across the border, and a host of other things we’d be much happier without.  Except for those who want to be the owners of the New Plantations, that is.

    • Bobby

      So what your examples lead one to conclude is that–there is obviously another agenda at work here. By now, Americans should have demanded to know just what that agenda is.

  • D. H. Andrews

    Didn’t we learn anything about the last amnesty Reagan passed in 1986? The amnesty was passed with an agreement that the border be secured. I have heard no proposals of border security mentioned whatsoever. I cringe every time I hear “Gang of 8″, as it was probably self-coined in an attempt to make themselves more likeable. In reality, the most liberal of both parties are colluding on another amnesty – passing it right under our noses – in spite of the wishes of the majority. I’d bet dollars to donuts that the overwhelming majority of tax-paying Whites would agree with me.

    I have a solution like goes like this:

    1. Deport the illegals; send them packing, like Ike did in the fifties

    2. Built a double tiered 10-12′ wall, 3 feet thick and topped with electrified razor wire. Additionally, a double moat would be installed between the walls. Crocodiles optional.

    3. Underground sensors to detect movement that could detect underground tunnels that have been uncovered in the past.

    4. Armed guards at watchtowers every few miles that are in close communication with each other, reporting to one another every hour….”checking in”.

    5. Continue night surveillance with choppers and border agents that are already in place.

    6. If these measures fail, which is unlikely, the National Guard may be called in for backup in the problem areas.

    Tough enough?

    • I always said that we needed the Berlin Wall to stop these people.

    • ms_anthro

      Land mines.

  • NM156

    Nice show by the Senate to keep their war chests funded. They know well that the House won’t pass any reform bill.

  • RisingReich

    Yet another damn Visa ‘type’ – why even bother anymore at this charade?
    I’m mean, anyone who’s paying attention is already fuming about this….oh yeah – forgot we’ve managed to dumb down the majority of the population to the lowest denominator.

    Message to young White people – you’ve had your native Country sold out from right underneath your feet – to a bunch of low IQ, stinky, hate filled stubbies and squatters. Keep voting for the two party system and you’re just perpetuating this.

  • Brent Delph

    This is NOT a done deal. Light up their phones!!! Call the Congress and the Senate and raise hell! Don’t let them get away with it!

    • Room101

      Call them and then they know who the “racists” are.
      When the Enemy is destroying himself, don’t stand in the way.
      It’s an old axiom of warfare.

      If you think the GOP cares about you, your family, or our country, be my guest and complain to them. They’ll just vote with Democrats anyway, as usual.
      The Democrats need hired “racists” to pose as their adversaries (the GOP) in the upcoming mid-term elections.

      The GOP will gladly take your money but will deny trying to get your vote if you admit to being a White person, a “racist”; a premise upon which all media people from both political parties agree.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        “They’ll just vote with Democrats anyway, as usual.”


        You must not remember the amnesty pushes of ’06 and ’07. GOP votes against cloture (closing the debate) killed the Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty drives. It will happen again.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Absolutely. Google “contact your senator” and “contact your representative” to quickly pull up their telephone numbers.

  • Diamond_Lil

    No more summer jobs for high kids. This is very bad.

  • Bobby

    Here I must comment as I have before. Notice that this topic, a topic that is so important to the future of the U.S.in every way imaginable, got a mere 32 comments. In fact, it’s one of the least commented on subjects on this blog. European-Americans in proves, are either clueless in the extreme, or totally unconcerned as can be, about the whole future of their nation. Too bad all the work done by the few groups that actually care, is obviously practically futile.

    • Xanthippe2

      I think that is because most readers here think this is so obviously a bad thing (and so predictable) that they feel no need to comment. Certainly commenting on this topic would make more sense on mainstream forums (like those of newspapers).

      • Bobby

        That seems paradoxical if it’s true. It’s not just that this issue is so obvioulsy a bad thing, it’s also a thing of gigantic importance, not quite in the same league with bad behavior by a lot of blacks, a subject that seems to always get hundreds of comments.

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      Yes this is very disturbing.

      It seems like the ‘Black Crime’ type stuff is getting all the attention for some reason.

      Maybe it is because Blacks stick out in a crowd and statistically are so violent (6% of Population commits half of all violent crimes)

      However in the final analysis immigration is a far more important issue. Read some of Pat Buchanans books if you do not believe me!

  • IKantunderstand

    O.K. I am totally not getting it. The “W Visa” is created for employers to hire for “lesser skilled, non-seasonal non-agricultural occupations”. This could include JOBS THAT AMERICANS DO! Excuse me? Jobs in construction? Jobs in retail? Jobs in in janitorial? Jobs in hospitality? What on earth is being left for Whites to do? They are taking every single thing that we have invented and turned into jobs away from us., they are taking away the jobs that our White brothers and sisters have done admirably for years! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a “blue collar” worker. There is nothing wrong with being a construction worker. or a janitorial worker, or a retail worker, or a hospitality worker! What the “F” are they talking about? What are Whites supposed to do for money? Employment? I assume, they think Whites are so smart, we’ll come up with something. In fact, I know that is what they think. And they think that, because we always do. No more. Our thinking should be directed at maintaining White civilization and nothing more. Africans are not our responsibility, Whites did what they could in the heart of Darkness. Rhodesia and South Africa were economic powerhouses before African rule. Why are Whites responsible for everyone who is incapable of taking care of themselves on Earth? Why aren’t the Chinese admitting in starving Africans? Why aren’t the Indians admitting in starving Africans? These countries are successful. Why aren’t the Japanese allowing in starving Africans? Why is it the responsibility of White people? China and India are both way larger than Europe. They have plenty of room. Why is it that Europe and North America are expected to be the only countries to admit refugees? And, by the way, when are we going to stop calling people from failed third world countries , refugees? If we continue to use that definition, every single person from a non-White country would be allowed to emigrate. So, should we Whites move to Africa when it is emptied? And what then? After the hordes of black and brown savages swarm over North America and make a shambles of it, will they in fact clamor to move back to Africa? Of course. Whites are civilization. It only exists where we do. Empty out Africa right now, and move Whites in. We will civilize that continent in twenty years or less.

    • Bossman

      You do raise some legitimate points. All of Asia would like to come to North America but no North American is ready to pack his bag and head out to Asia; same goes for Africa. The situation is totally asymmetrical. But historically white people have always shied away from low-status hard work. That is why African slavery in the Americas lasted for almost 300 years.

      • kjh64

        “But historically white people have always shied away from low-status hard work.”
        Not true at all. Whites have always farmed, done migrant work, janitorial work, all of these hard jobs until the White elites wanted the cheap labor.

        • Bossman

          So why did White people in colonial America imported millions of African slaves?

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “W” Visa: the end of the road of employment for black male high-school dropouts in the US.

    Calling Bob Johnson…

  • Room101

    The GOP needs to just finally put the barrel in their mouth and pull the trigger.
    The GOP doesn’t represent normal White people any more than the other Homocrat party of anti-Whites, the Democrats.

    We may not have a mainstream political party willing to defend our right to survival, but our percentage of population will be considerable as a racial constituency Democrats will have to pretend to pander to at some point.
    The Republicans will have sold out White people and taxpayers trillions of dollars and decades ago.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “The GOP needs to just finally put the barrel in their mouth and pull the trigger.”

      Lovely imagery, and I agree 100%. When the time comes, I hope some of them need help.

  • a multiracial individual

    I had a discussion recently with a White conservative family member recently about why our leaders engage in this non-sense. He said, “They are not treasonous, they’re just chicken.”

  • a multiracial individual

    Occu-poo people claim to hate 1%ers……

    Fair enough, guess what 1%ers love? Cheap, illegal immigrant labor. Perhaps it is time we threw some of these greedy gringos in jail.

    • Room101

      It’s against the law for a bureaucrat to ask an applicant for a welfare program their citizenship status.
      The government is finally succeeding in a great mission, to impoverish us all if we were born White, and strip away all the rights we think we have but that must and will be taken away, @ gunpoint.

  • lily-white

    Incredible isn’t it. All the talk I have heard since the
    meltdown says that our economy has “transitioned” from a manufacturing based
    economy to a service based economy (this mainly due to companies packing up and
    heading overseas). So the new W Visa gives work to low skilled immigrants in the,
    you guessed it, service sector. Also, never mind that there are currently just
    under 50 million on food stamps.
    And up until recently, I have wrestled with the question “WHY would our representatives
    support such action with the current state of our economy. Surely they are
    aware of the financial cost. Why does every administration, as long as I can remember,
    push the amnesty? Then the AMRen posted
    this article http://www.amren.com/news/2013/03/immigration-lobbies-spent-1-5-billion-since-2007/
    It was then that it all became very clear. These morons, from the president on down to
    the (chain) gang of eight, should be imprisoned for treason.

    • Bobby

      Excellent points, that all hit the mark. If these so called representatives of the citizens, aren’t traitors, than what other name is more appropriate? Sooner or later, one has to admit that a spade is a spade.

  • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

    Why are we adding people during the middle of the GREAT RECESSION?

    Come back to me about this ‘shamnesty’ when we get unemployment down below 6% like during the Clintoon years!

  • kjh64

    Yep, just what we need, huge numbers of people coming to this country when there aren’t enough jobs for Americans. If this immigration “reform” passes, it may very well cause the collapse of America economically. A people that refuse to defend their borders will no longer have a nation. What part of this do White people not understand?

  • Bobby

    Outlook for Immigration Deal Brightens”. Even the way the sentence is written is an insult, because, the vast majority of Americans recognize it as a “rotten deal”.