Chinese Police Make More Arrests in Ethnic Violence

Don Lee, Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2013

State media on Monday released the identities of the victims of last week’s deadly ethnic confrontation in western Xinjiang region, as authorities indicated that they had made more arrests and uncovered evidence further linking the violence to terrorism.

The clash last Tuesday between police and Uighur residents on the outskirts of Kashgar left 21 people dead, including 15 police and neighborhood security officers whose names and photos were made public by CCTV. The identities of the remaining six, described as “mobsters” by government media, were not disclosed and presumed to be Uighurs.

Xinjiang has a history of violence between the dominant ethnic Han Chinese and the Uighurs, a Muslim minority who speak a Turkic language. In 2009 about 200 people died in rioting in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang.

Details of the latest incident have been sketchy. A Chinese government website said last week that three community officers tried to confiscate knives from a family at a house in Bachu County, but that they were ambushed by mobsters and taken hostage. There was a gun battle after police arrived, and the house was burned down.

A subsequent report in China Daily, a state-run newspaper, said that the three community workers alerted police after they noticed a group of people watching videos of terror activities. Six people were killed and eight were arrested.

On Monday, Meng Hongwei, head of the National Anti-terrorism Office, told CCTV that police had made additional arrests, without specifying the number. Meng said they confiscated homemade explosives and other weapons, and also found flags of the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement, a group that opposes Chinese rule of Xinjiang. No photos of weapons or flags were released.

The photos of the 15 victims showed 10 were ethnic Uighurs. “The terrorists in this case  killed both law enforcement officials and innocent civilians,” Meng was quoted as saying. “They killed indiscriminately no matter it was male or female, no matter what ethnicity the victim was.”

Accounts from Uighurs near the scene told a different story, according to reports from British and Japanese journalists who visited Bachu County. Local Uighurs said the incident involved a family, not terrorists, that was upset over restrictions of certain religious practices, such as women wearing veils and men beards.

A spokesman for the exiled World Uighur Congress has said that police triggered the violence by shooting a young Uighur during an illegal search of homes.

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  • Puggg

    Still no resolution in that irresistible object vs immovable force paradox.

    • a multiracial individual

      After Islam has swallowed Europe (I hope not) they will find that the Chinese are not as tolerant of their antics. It will be brutal.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Oh, I hope it’s incredibly brutal for the Muslims.

        • Room101

          The surviving Jews will be jockeying to the head of the line as the victims that really count.
          No one else matters.

          • Morris LeChat

            certainly not Ukrainian victims of the HOLODOMOR

    • SirMe

      Actually if 9/11 happened to China, Afghanistan wouldn’t exist has a country, it today would have been a colony of China, run by the Chinese. That’s the difference between the West and China, China or the rest of the East do not have any guilt and will push along.

      • After we leave Afg for good, I look for Beijing to move in big time. Notice that Afg and China (specifically the Xinjiang province noted in this news article) share a little bit of a common border. The only reason Beijing may not much care about Afg is if its potential natural resource haul isn’t worth Beijing’s time and trouble. But I suspect natural resources had an unspoken lot to do with the USSR’s invasion of Afg back in ’79.

        • China is clever. Why expend any resources at all to control those backward muslim regions, let the US expend its treasure doing it. After the Iraq conflict was “won”, the majority of oil contracts went to two countries. The largest amount went to China, what was left, to Total, the French firm. So it goes. Afganastan has incredible mineral wealth, substances needed to create advanced weapons. Any guess as to who will be obtaining such items? The USA has been sold down the road again. What will we have gotten in return? A military that was deployed time and again until so many are broken, victims of being used up. Then there are the physical casualties, by the thousands and lastly, the dead, creating emotional pain and suffering for families. Oh, and on the brightside, hundreds of thousands of refugees from that region and they will fit in like a glove here in America, they love us to death, pressure cookers notwithstanding.

  • GM (Australia)

    On the media reports here I heard the following; “The Chinese police will show no mercy”,
    “Uighur woman are not allowed to wear their veils”, “Men were made to shave their beards”.

    I will let other comment as to whether this is good or bad news, but where are the human rights protesters? Why isn’t the UN in emergency session to impose sanctions against China? Is the EU going to give technical aid to the rebels? Is Obama going to help these people on the path to democracy?

    There are certainly a lot of double standards out there.

    • David Ashton

      Engelman will know The Truth that will make them Free – why not parachute him into the Land of his Dreams?

      • The__Bobster

        Uiggers are part White, so I know which group he’d side with.

        • Morris LeChat

          well, he’ll either hand out IQ tests and see who does better or he will just pick the side that looks most like his inflatable girl friend. Maybe he will go to Kaifeng and be in his personal paradise.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Manilla. The age of consent there is probably something like 12.

        • potato78

          Bull. sit.

          • Remington

            Get back to us when you have passed an ESL class and learned to do a basic internet search:

            “Our results showed that the Uyghur population was formed by two-way admixture, with 60% European ancestry and 40% East Asian ancestry”.


      • potato78

        The truth is that Islam is Islam. They would kill anyone if they think that you are infidel.

    • Intrepid

      The powers-that-be actually desire China’s controlled society as a model for ours. That’s why, despite all the criticism against China, they’ve actually received a lot UN awards (such as the UN population award for the one-child policy) and other praise for how they do things.

      The Chinese have also re-iterated several times for the U.S. and others to not interfere in their “internal affairs”.

    • Bill

      Have you never noticed, be it racism, internal politics, factories spewing out tons of noxious gases and fallout with no attempt at limiting it……ANY of the causes so loved of liberals, they DON’T protest the nations or peoples who just don’t care what they say, ignore them, and go on doing what they do? Maybe WE should get back to that?

  • A “state run newspaper”, huh? Sounds like us, doesn’t it?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Chinese communists sure are different than American Communists huh Archie?

  • bigone4u

    Self-determination for whites in the USA is rapidly being lost as whites are propagandized to accept their fate as a dying race who do not deserve to exist. That’s quite a different future for us than set out in the old Star Trek TV series.
    I admire the Uighur fighting spirit and hope that someday American and European white men and women act to save our people so that man can explore the universe.

    • Morris LeChat

      I am tired of the self defeatist, fatalistic mindset that your first sentence represents. It is that fatalism and feeling that the cause is already lost that is the biggest problem we face. It is not at all lost. We need to look at the situation abjectively. We are STILL a majority in this country and will not become a SMALL minority any time soon. Our problems were brought about by

      1-feminism-which has devalued motherhood and encouraged young whites to waste their early reproductive years pursuing worthless educations.

      2 A culture that is enamored with”credentials” and the status that they give, thereby encouraging young whites to waste their early reproductive years pursuing worthless educations

      3 a manufactured culture, manufactured by the media and certain forces, that only approves of people who express or at least accept certain anti white beliefs. Only those that jump through the manufactured hoops are rewarded with credentials.

      The solution is a contained in the nature of our problems. All of our problems are not self sustainable. Without the constant drumbeat of media and social pressure to make women devalue their natural role as wives and mothers, most would gladly choose that role. Without a constant stream of money to sustain the artificial culture it would wither and die.
      The changes that are killing us took generations to accomplish. The took so long because they go against the natural desires and common sense of the people. Most women really do want to be mothers and wives. Most people do prefer their own kind and want it to succeed.
      A radical, conservative take over of this country would NOT face the resistance that the left has brainwashed people into thinking it would face. None of the “changes” to our society are irreversible. They are in fact easily reversible as they CAN NOT last without the constant support of leftist media and institutions. Take out those institutions, and the changes will reverse.
      A conservative takeover could change laws overnight, strip moslems and other minorities of citizenship, end college tuition loans for white females while actually adding a TAX for white female college tuitions. IT could declare much of current media and educational personnel as subversive and shut them down.It could start campaigns to SUPPORT motherhood and childrearing. It could end most favored nation trade status to our enemies and bring back manufacturing jobs. It could allow or even enforce segregation and restrictive covenants, breaking the country up into a patchwork of identified and established areas or residency and travel for minorities to protect the white people from the massive outbreak of violence that has occurred.
      Everyone is so totally sick of what this country has become, so totally sick of the cesspool that is our culture, so totally bored of the entertainment industry. SO totally disgusted with the lies of the governing elites. The “changes” that have been pushed for so long, could be rolled back overnight. All of those changes were pushed “UP HILL” and against the tide, rolling them back would be easy. There are some white men out there that still have the fortitude to do this, and as problems become worse, their numbers will increase.

      • bigone4u

        I see your comments at Taki’s too. Keep writing. Your essay here should be widely read. In response, a few stray thoughts:
        1. At the “university” (in name only) where I taught somewhere between 7 and 9 out of 10 graduates never find jobs needing college level training. They still have to pay the student loans however.
        2. There’s an economic theory of credentialing that makes common sense in a historical context, but no longer makes sense. Employers are hopefully in the process of waking up to the fact that the credentialed youths come out of college with a know it all attitude that makes them bad bets.
        3. The tuplip mania in Holland allegedly burst when a sailor ate a tulip bulb worth thousands of dollars, thinking it was an onion. The anti-white media mania could burst tomorrow, next week, or next year, but burst it will if history is a guide.

        • Morris LeChat

          Taki’s? That is not me, what is Taki’s? Ahhh yes, the tulip bubble, I remember reading about that, I either forgot or didn’t know that the bubble burst because someone ate one, that is amusing. The way I heard it was that people who had invested all their money in the bulbs had to eat them, as they had nothing left.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    When will white liberals learn that diversity doesn’t work? It doesn’t work anywhere in the world. How could they possibly still not understand?

    • K

      They’re deranged, wilfully malicious, extremely stupid, or all three. There is no other rational explanation for their beliefs and actions.

      • IstvanIN

        They are not stupid, they are evil.

      • libertarian 1234

        “Deranged” probably comes the closest as to why they are as they are.

        Michael Savage nailed it, I believe, when he said “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

        And I truly believe it is.

        And, while most of them are not illiterate, they display some of the dumbest, most irrational thought processes imaginable, which is, no doubt, due to their illness.

        • dogbone

          Savage is a mentally ill closet liberal.

      • a multiracial individual

        Liberals have an overwhelming desire for everyone (except racists) to be happy. They want to make gays happy, while making homophobic Blacks and Muslims happy. They want to make American workers happy, while making illegal immigrants happy. Happiness for All! Above all, they want everyone to be equal. They try and eliminate difference of any kind. Very strange. If you are familiar with Star Trek mythology, that is the type of society they think we can become.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Chinese versus Muzzies? I don’t have a dog in this rumble-tumble. The acme of diplomacy in the bad old days was “Let’s you and him fight”.

    • Morris LeChat

      Geopolitical strategy makes me believe it would be good to see Xinjiang and Tibet break away. It would be even better if Inner Mongolia broke away and merged with mongolia. What would be left would be what is really China proper. Manchuria was also not part of China, but it’s population today is predominately Chinese. A strong central Asian state consisting of the old soviet central asian republics merged with Xinjiang would be very good for American and European interests. We would have the Moslem Central Asian Republics and Pakistan set against Hindu India and China. There seems to be a fundamental stability in the number three. It would contain and focus all three of these entities in a struggle against each other in this one area.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The problem with independence for ethnic Turkistani Muzzies is that they would all move to Han Chinese cities claiming to want “work” and destroy the areas they would eventually infest.

        They’re doing this in Europe, right?

        • yonkers

          That would not work in China. The Han people do not have the “White disease”. Chinese have leftists, but not very many Leftards. The number of sober, freedom loving White leftists can be counted on the fingers of an earthworm’s hand.

          Heck, maybe I am wrong. Maybe all true leftists are Leftards and Chinese leftists are not really leftists at all. I have always thought that if any European country acted like China, they would be branded “knotsie”.

        • Morris LeChat

          That would not happen as you suggest. You can’t have a people that number in the tens of millions overwhelm a people that numbers one and a half billion.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Engleman is conspicuously absent from the comments.

    • Morris LeChat

      maybe a Chinese driver took him out as he was crossing the street.

      • josh

        Maybe he met a nice Chinese girl on a dating site. They got together,got drunk and Engleman wound up tied to a bed,with the lady brandishing a knife and threatening his naughty parts!! God help poor Engleman!!

        • Morris LeChat

          Sounds like an urban myth. The woman usually leaves and out of the closet comes a guy dressed as Batman that then proceeds to plow the poor guy handcuffed to the bed.

      • Morris LeChat

        What a way for John to go though, taken out by an above average IQ with below average driving ability

    • josh

      Maybe he has moved back to his native land to help put down the Muzzies??

      • Katherine McChesney

        Engleman has been brain-washed to love Asians. He seems addicted to them. They are sexually adept and White men gravitate to them because they’re subserviant. White men who love Asian woman are playing the macho role.

        • David Ashton

          Maybe he was just wondering which restaurant to patronize – Mexican, Jewish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Native American, etc – and couldn’t make his mind up till he had gone through all the internet choices.

  • starlight

    Well there are quite a few young men from West Asia and parts of Africa who come to East Asia for work and in what way do the East Asian countries expect the foreign working males to relieve their sexual desires?

  • chuck

    Same thing happen in Rome.

  • flyingtiger

    We got to rethink this diversity thing. If China can’t get it to work, How can we? China has more experience at this then we do.

  • Sick of it

    This is actually an area conquered by the Chinese and sinicized by the Chinese through the usual methods. The local people were once Caucasian, as proven by archaeological evidence.