59% View Jackie Robinson Favorably

Rasmussen, April 18, 2013

Jackie Robinson made his Major League Baseball debut 66 years ago this week and by doing so shattered the league’s color barrier, but he impacted race relations far beyond the sports culture. Today, most Americans still view the legendary civil rights figure favorably.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 59% of Americans Adults have at least a somewhat favorable impression of Robinson, including 36% who view him Very Favorably. Just four percent (4%) have an unfavorable opinion of the baseball great. However, 36% don’t know enough about him to venture an opinion. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted on April 16-17, 2013 by Rasmussen Reports. {snip}

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  • guest

    I scowl when I hear the name mostly because I am SICK of hearing it. Enough already!

    • sbuffalonative

      Every time his name is mentioned, the speaker goes into a dream-like state as he utters the sacred name.
      Today, it doesn’t seem blacks are interested in playing baseball anymore.

      • Sue

        And they’re putting out all kinds of clinics to get their lazy butts back in. I don’t care if they give praise to #42 and that number will be retired from all of baseball. He seemed like a nice enough guy but let his team honor him. Every year MLB players wear that number only. There were many players as good or better. It’s a mess that benefits no one.

        • sbuffalonative

          Before his deification, I heard stories he was a nice guy. Nothing special but simply non-confrontational. I don’t remember any stories of out-right racial hatred towards him. The only story I recall was how the owner called him to his office before he joined the team and used the word ‘n*gg*r’ to see how he would react; he didn’t. They wanted a black man who wasn’t confrontational or easily upset. I don’t ever recall hearing about incidents.

          The whole thing seems like a non-event to me.

        • Strider73

          I refuse to watch any MLB game on that day when everyone is forced to wear #42.

          • Sue

            right with ya, strider.

      • guest

        Race has become a religious cult, with all the fanaticism and hypocrisy associated with fundamentalism. And Robinson is in the pantheon.

        >>>Today, it doesn’t seem blacks are interested in playing baseball anymore.

        That’s what I hear. Maybe I should start following it again. I quit in the first place partly because I was tired of witnessing the elevation of blacks.

        • dogbone

          “guest – Maybe I should start following it again.”

          Have you seen what it costs to go to a ball game? Expect to pay $100 per person.

        • Paleoconn

          The hispanics have taken their jobs, don’t think for a second that fewer blacks in any field equates to more Whites.

        • dd121

          I think we have this cult of negro worship in order for the left to prop up their collective image. Everybody knows that the reality is just the opposite. They are not collectively heroic, rather they are collectively degraded and pretty much useless to our society.

        • ProWhite son of Jacob

          If you’re looking for a sport, try hockey.
          It’s a good game too. Anyone who thinks it is easy to skate, carry a stick, get rammed by linebacker-equivalents, and throw a puck into a small net that is mostly covered by a hulking goalie… Hasn’t played hockey.

          It’s quite easy to find all-White teams…And it’s something worth being proud of because it is the most difficult sport to play.

          • Liberalsuck

            It won’t be too long before the force hockey to be multicultural. of course, whites being whites these days will give into it.

          • Strider73

            Yep, I love hockey for its whiteness (also because I love soccer, and hockey is essentially soccer on ice). The few teams foolish enough to have any blacks on its roster (like the Canadiens and Flyers) are on my “root against” list.

      • So CAL Snowman

        The reigning World Series Champs (the Giants) have ZERO black players on their team. This is NEVER pointed out by the media. You think that they would take the Giants to task for this but it would reveal that you do not need black players to be successful.

        • Jefferson

          FALSE. The San Francisco Giants do have Black players, but not of the African American variety. They are of the Afro Latino variety.

          You have to be on crack if you say Giants player Casilla Santiago for example is not Black. Even Mr. Magoo can see that he is obviously Black.


          Casilla Santiago would not stick out like a sore thumb at all if you put him in a housing project in Chicago.

          • summertime

            Whats the difference?

          • LastBastionOfHope

            Who cares? Casilla Santiago is a no name. He is a bum on that team. It’s not like he contributed squat to the team.

          • Jefferson

            Still does not change the fact that he is Black. Just because he has a Spanish sounding last name, it does not racially make him a Spaniard.

          • shatwood

            And Pablo Sandoval at 3rd Base.

          • guest

            With all due respect, there are no more housing projects in Chicago. They moved them all into white suburbs in expensive apartments, with section 8 subsidies.

    • MikeofAges

      Robinson was an outstanding ballplayer, better than most people are aware of. What is perhaps most remarkable is that he lost the formative years of his career to the world war. Not to segregation. The world war. He deserves some recognition for combining the aspects of civic virtue and athletic accomplishment. But the current spate of hero worship is just way over the top, especially considering it has been engineered to promote a private enterprise, a theatrical movie.

      When I see #4 (Gehrig) retired along with #42, I’ll be happy. I’m sure Hispanic fans would like to see #21 (Clemente) retired too. Why not? Or was Robinson so extra super ultra special that no one else could possibly exemplify the same principle he did. Nothing against Robinson, mind you. But he is not the only athlete-citizen in American sports history, and he was not the only black player in the major leagues in the late 1940s either. Why is his legacy being used to justify and enable bad character anyway?

      • Richard from Vancouver

        Good points. How about a league-wide retirement of #9 for Ted Williams a legendary hall-of-famer who put his baseball career on hold during two wars (WW II and Korea) as a marine fighter pilot?

        • MikeofAges

          You right be right about that too. If Ted Williams had not lost five season to military service, he would have retired at the top of the list in just about everything, maybe even home runs. The records of many players would have been different absent military service. Most people don’t know it, but Willie Mays would have broken the Babe Ruth home record had he not been drafted during the Korean War.

          You can add Babe Ruth’s #3 to the retirement candidates.

    • Anon12

      Guess who wants the Greeks to go to the reeducation camps…


    • Liberalsuck

      The movie is another anti-white/white guilt trip movie. “The first black basketball player” or “a movie about black maids writing a journal about their white bosses.” How about a movie about the first black who didn’t blame whites for their problems? How about a movie about the first black to balance their checkbook? How about a movie about the first black who ate a sundae? It’s a tired theme.

  • The New York and national media on the evening of and the day after April 15, 1947 treated the angle of the first black playing in a major league game as almost an afterthought.

  • sbuffalonative

    Why was this survey even commissioned?

    • Easyrhino1

      To stir up White guilt.

  • Puggg

    Bud Selig wants to spend a fortune to figure out why black kids don’t want to play baseball.
    I have the results right here:
    They’re not playing it because they don’t want to play it, because they find baseball slow and boring. Too, it’s harder and it takes longer for those with the most elite talent levels to make big money in the MLB, compared to the NBA and NFL.
    It can’t be the fault of baseball equipment being expensive, because football equipment is also expensive.
    Done. Pay me, Bud Selig.

    • The__Bobster

      Selig? that says it all.

      • Anon12

        Sure does, doesn’t it….just as most of sports and the entertainment industry are composed of.

    • Morris LeChat

      one’s sneaker clad feet don’t squeak

      like they do on the hardwood floor or da skreet

      they can steal
      but it aint real
      cause they are no iphones
      air jordans
      or flat screen tvs in their hands
      when they leave the field

      no squeaky “looks at me” gimmicks
      just plodding patience without tricks

      this kind of game we find
      does not interest the negro mind

      they want quick and easy
      this game makes them queasy

    • shatwood

      Football EQUIPMENT is expensive, however, whereas one NEEDS baseball equipment to play baseball, young kids really only need a football to play football (similar to just needing a hoop, no matter how decrepit, and a basketball to play basketball)

      Also, where the hell are black kids going to PLAY baseball? There’s no parks in their neighborhoods. You surely can’t play baseball in the street, you can throw a football though.

      Add together the immense popularity of college football and basketball over college baseball, and generations of people who never grew up with a dad to pass down the tradition of baseball, you’re just not going to have a lot of black Americans playing baseball.

      So there’s a lot of factors other than what you gave as to why there’s so few blacks.

  • roger

    they have admitted to picking the most docile black they could find to infiltrate the game of baseball……….. IOW- get the nose under the tent……….. or ……. give an inch, take a mile

  • Secret Tribunal

    Any Whitey who mentions “courageous” Jackie Robinson in a job interview or speech will shoot right to the top, even ahead of Opportunity Hire Diversity. Play the game by the rules, Whitey. It’s about getting more privilege while saying you hate privilege. Playa.

    • Funruffian

      I’m more of a Pete Rose guy myself, and that isn’t saying much since he was wagering on sports and dishonored the game along with perjury. But I would still favor ‘Charlie Hustle’ who always put in 100% effort as opposed to the first Negro ball player who wasn’t as good.

  • joegoofinoff

    As a kid brought up veyr near Ebbetts Field at that time I remember robinson s a decent ballplayer on an incredible Brooklyn team. He wasn’t one of the big stars of the team, but decent.
    Having studied the Negro Leagues a bit, People should realize, at best, they were A-AA ball level. For ever real good ballplayer, there were 7-8 who would never have made it to the majors. Even the idea of calling the Negro Leagues, Leagues was a bit of a stretch. The teams never played the same number of games and players would jump from team to team in the middle of a double header. Sometime players wouldn’t show up for a scheduled game because they’d decided to go barnstorming instead. Many time teams folded during a season and were replaced or not and the schedule would be a mess, etc. Just as we understand blacks today ( they were the same then). Even Robinson left the Kansas City Monarchs under a cloud to sign with the Dodgers. He broke his Monarchs contract to go with the Dodgers. The Monarchs owners were White and straightened it out quietly with the Dodgers. Obviously, everyone working for those Negro League teams were shortly to be unemployed once Robinson made the majors as well because his breaking the color bar doomed the Negro Leagues.

    • Puggg

      IOW, it was a typical black undertaking, haphazard and poorly organized.

      • TheAntidote

        Yes exactly. Like Farrakan’s restaurants. Like Garvey’s Black Star Line. Like Liberia, Haiti, Detroit.

    • Bill

      Blacks, by and large, would not be great at baseball. There is no physical contact, no running much to speak of, and hand and eye coordination are absolutely required. Blacks don’t have that. If they did, they’d not shoot at each other and hit little girls sitting on porches 10 yards away. Now if you let the players use the bats on each other…….blacks would dominate the game. And IF it were all black players, I’d buy a ticket.

    • MikeofAges

      Interesting that you would bring up the idea that desegregation meant the end of “negro” institutions and the employment that existed concomitant with them. Didn’t affirmative action action end some white employment? Of course, the end of segregated “negro” employment sometimes was cited as a justification for affirmative action. Any complaints about the decline of “white” employment opportunity is met with insults, mockery and derision. Sometimes with stronger measures, including sanctions with the force of law behind them. Sometimes with illegal sanctions, even street and workplace violence.

      • joegoofinoff

        All I was pointing out was that once segregation ended and blacks were thrown into the society at large, they couldn’t survive in it. Their paralell society was destroyed. Of course, something like Affirmative Action had to be started, but it was started as a ruse. It was said that once the blacks got their legs up under them, then there’d be no more affirmative action. Obviously, that was a blatant lie. The powers that be knew very well, blacks weren’t about to improve past what you see right now.

  • immaculate conception

    The male version of Rosa Parks fantasy although Robinson came first. It was a business con as Rickey was jewish whose jewish pals wanted to buy out the Negro Baseball League to eliminate all competition and pick up a few good players that snowballed out of hand and became an immaculate conception for the pc liberal crowd.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      I thought Rickey was a Presbyterian…not that it matters.

      • edie

        presbyterians are the worst liberals of all…………
        I know, I was raised one…………….. escaped at 18 and never looked back

        • TeutonicKnight67

          I guess everyone hates liberals more when they are from the same group. I myself cannot stomach liberal “catholics”, particularly when they’re of Irish extraction. I find them more repulsive than even the most left-wing of the Tribe.

  • bigone4u

    The pooper scoopers at Life magazine (liberals) and the Reader’s Digest (conservatives) ran numerous articles on JR back in the 60s when I was growing up. He was in their eyes one notch below Jesus in his all encompassing purity.

    The bull pucky was laid on so thick that it backfired on me. No one could have been as PERFECT as JR and I knew it. So, I asked myself, “What else are they lying about?” Best question ever asked by anyone, “What are they lying about and why?:

  • The__Bobster

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 59% of Americans Adults have at least a somewhat favorable impression of Robinson

    Have 59% of Americans ever seen him play? 20%? 5%?

    Then they have nothing to judge him on but propaganda produced by the usual suspects.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Since it was run by whites, the KC Monarchs were probably the best managed franchise in negro league history. If you were to look through newspapers from 1947, was there a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth because the negro leagues knew that they would fold in short order? Another case of dealing with blacks, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    The Indianapolis Indians are a AAA team that is part of the Pirates organization. I believe that they are also the successor owners of anything that was a part of the Indianapolis ABC’s (off and on from 1920 – 1939) and the Indianapolis Clowns (1946- 62). There is a banner of Hank Aaron in Victory Field, but he was probably the last of those who played in the negro leagues.

  • Ralph

    I avoid movies with Blacks and I’d never see one that is ABOUT a Black. They are not my people. I care about them about as much as I care about a Zebra in Africa.

    • Anon12

      I care a thousand times more for the Zebra.

  • Ralph

    Then there’s the movies about how Black pilots won WWII against those evil White guys from Germany. And who cheers this nonsense–weak seed Whites who fail to see that the Germans are our people and the Blacks aren’t.

    The real wars we are in are gene wars. And, if we lose these wars we go extinct.

    We Whites have to rid ourselves of false ideas of our identity. We are Whites first and foremost. Present day nations are not one with our identity and therefore should not be our primary identity.

    Our nation is in our genotype no matter what piece of ground we are born on.

    • edie

      red tales

  • LHathaway

    “36% don’t know enough about him to venture an opinion”

    Oh what a failure of the education system. The public know less of Jackie Robinson than they do the man who was the president at the time – whoever he was.

    • Luis

      That would be Harry S. Truman.

      • MikeofAges

        No period required after the “S”. Harry S Truman. Reportedly, giving only a letter as a middle name was “a common practice among Scotch-Irish” in earlier eras.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I have a grand aunt whose name is Sg. And that’s the way it’s pronounced. And we are Scotch-Irish.

      • edie

        doesn’t the 42 stand for 1942?
        if so it was fdr

    • Morris LeChat

      Jackie Robinson, wasn’t he a character in “Lost in Space”?

      • Tim

        “Oh! The pain…. The pain…”

        • Morris LeChat

          yep, who knew Jonathan Harris was channeling blackness disguised under an English affectation. Now that I think about it, the Smith character was behaving in a stereotypical black fashion. Always avoiding work so he could just lie about, always trying to scam someone or something, always lying,always stealing, always betraying. If the actor had been a black man, people would have seen it as an accurate depiction. No, Harris took all those negative traits and disguised them with an effeminate british affectation. His character was absolutely despicable, weak, conniving. The only thing they didn’t have him do was rape either Will ,Judy , Penny or Mrs. Robinson. But if it had been a black person on board, you know that he would have done that and worse.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Now, the effeminate character would definitely be a silly White Male, the scientists, pilot, captain, “fambily,” all blacks, hispanics and Asians.

            They developed it all (space travel), created what it takes to explore space and want to take credit for it.

            At least that’s what school text books and TV tell us.

            And they wouldn’t lie to us (would they??).

            Saw your response to my above comment, BTW, before it was zapped into cyberspace. Thanks.


        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Maybe you’re thinking of Fantasy Island??

          “Ze plane, Ze plane!!”

          Same plot, same characters, same dialog, different decade.


          • edie

            wasn’t that Airplane…………. did you eat the chicken or the fish?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            1. Fantasy Island — same plot, lame characters and unfunny dialog.

            2. Neither. See image for reason.


    • edie

      in 42 it would have been franklin delano roosevelt (sp) I believe……..

      all hail social security

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yawn. Another idealized black hero shoved down our throats.

    I am totally burned out on Hollywood and the media’s stale, PC, race baiting, agit-prop. I am tired of blacks like Jackie Robinson presented as heroes — as idealized, perfect human beings that we should all bow down to, Oblama too. I’ve had my fill of white guilt where we “learn” what rotten, oppressive SOBs we whites are.

    I’ve had enough.


    • Morris LeChat

      yeah, makes me gag too

  • When you’re a kid… you look up to sports figures and adore them as heroes. As an adult, if you have the same feelings…. you just enjoy watching men in tight pants.

    it is a freaking GAME

    • edie

      I don’t care about the tight pants……… I love the strategy and preparation and chess-like quality of watching Peyton.

  • JackKrak

    “However, 36% don’t know enough about him to venture an opinion.”
    Yeah, they answered the question with “Que?”

    • edie

      or Quien es?

  • Dogbone

    A little off topic – There is a restaurant here (Walnut Creek, CA) called McCovey’s. It is named after the black S.F. Giants player #44. Walnut Creek is mostly moderately rich white yuppies. I drive by the Restaurant about once every two weeks, and it is filled with white people. I don’t know why the Restaurant is there, since it is not a chain, and he doesn’t live here.

    Bo Jackson use to have a car dealership in the S.F. Bay Area (I don’t know if he stall has it). He got the dealership because he was black and famous, and not because he knew anything about cars. I would never buy a car from a place like that.

    • George

      Athletes know what to do with a ball. As other articles here and elsewhere have pointed out, they don’t know much about handling money.

      Reasonably bright athletes instead hire agents and financial advisors to handle their money for them. The player focuses on his career playing with a ball, the agents make investment decisions that ideally provide him with gains to last him in his post-sports life.

      For a Canadian example of this, consider the case of hockey player Miles G. ‘Tim’ Horton. He invested in a hamburger venture that didn’t pan out, but in 1964 he and business partner Jim Charade opened a small coffee shop at 69 Ottawa Street North, in Hamilton, Ontario. The company he founded now accounts for 22.6% of all Canadian fast food sales and 62% of the Canadian coffee market (Number two is Starbucks, with 7%). That’s why ol’ Bo had a car dealership in the Bay area.

  • josh

    Mike Trout is said to be better than Willie Mays in Mays’ prime! Trout is only in his 2nd year! Hooray but we need more Trouts!!

    • MikeofAges

      Saw an online instant poll a couple of days ago. Asked whether Mike Trout or Bryce Harper would be the greater player. No disrespect intended to people named “Mike” of course. But I very quickly and with no equivocating hit the Harper button. You can go to the bank with it.

      Keep in mind, it’s a game and a sport. One season does not make you the equal of Willie Mays. Another thing to think about. May’s numbers went up and down from year to year. And declined after age 35, not like some players. That’s a pretty good sign he was not taking PEDs. You can go to the bank with that one too.

  • josh

    BTW I think they pumped up this movie by arranging mass numbers of schoo kids coming to see it,with the tickets being opaid for by…guess who? I looked at a Chicago paper’s movie ads and 42 was playing mostly in black area theatres.

  • christopher mahoney

    The movie will bomb.

    • edie

      I made it a point to see Oblivion instead……….. and Oblivion is doing much better in ticket sales for several reasons

  • more pc brainwash

    And 59% of Americans care less who the hell this oldtime baseball player was. Why is the pc media and Hollywood stuffing these ancient irrelevant blacks down throats anyway other than to try to brainwash make the white race feel false guilt when its is 100% irrelevance?. Whites know what racist liberal scummy Hollywood a nd the media is all about trying to create trouble as usual. What about Ty Cobb, Micky Mantle, Pete Rose or all the other great white players?

  • mindwash

    Why is this crap relevant to whites?

  • Why is it that every BLACK that has come along that spoke somewhat good English and did not slurp their soup elevated to Saint Hood?????, I am talking about the likes of MLK,Rosa Parks, Coondi Rice, Cain, Big Mouth, Allen West, Bowel Powell and now Ben Carson is touted to be the great Black Savior, enough already….

    • TheAntidote

      This is known as the “Magic Negro” syndrome: Christian American Whites wanting desperately to believe that we are all brothers and sisters under the skin; that all men are created equal; that a level playing field will turn out level results.

      It is delusion. It is self destruction.

    • edie

      dat’s da talented tenth…………… we bad!

  • David Albert

    I adopted a dog once and I took him to the veterinarian for a checkup and shots. During the visit I asked the vet if she thought it was appropriate to rub a dogs nose in its mess to teach it not to mess in the house. She said “the only thing you teach a dog when you rub its nose in its mess is to not rub its nose in its own mess!
    I think the above “analogy” is more than appropriate for this scenario. How many ways can the left try to “rub our noses in the “wrong” of discrimination?

    • David Albert

      BTW – Bear, who never had his nose rubbed in his own mess, is dying gracefully! He is an old black lab and chow mix. He refuses to go! I have carried him up and down our front steps for the last three months to take him to “potty!” He is “Nanas” boy! He protected her since he was a pup! Yes, all Dogs go to Heaven!

  • Think jews!

  • Thank jews!

  • DailyKenn

    Some polls reflect little more than the media’s affect on the minds of Americans.

  • ImTellinYa

    The only thing Jackie Robinson did was to be born with athletic abilities, and do what he was told he could do by Whites.

    When people glorify Blacks and Hispanics that were the “first” what they are always missing is the fact that these Blacks and Hispanics were simply the cat’s paws for Leftist Whites. Robinson would have never, ever have come close to the major leagues except that Whites decided that they wanted him to for their own reasons.

    MLK; a mediocre, philandering, plagiarizing, Communist traitor would have been ignored. His “career” was in fact started, supported and advanced by Whites at every step of the way.

    Obama, the first Black president, and a homosexual, immoral, stuttering, truculent, lazy, affirmative-action parasite owes everything he has to Whites who have used him as a weapon against everything good, productive and decent in the U.S. Obama has literally gotten away with murder (Fast and Furious) because of White cowardice and treason.