UNC Holds Unannounced Inspections of Classes to Make Sure They Exist

Robby Soave, Daily Caller, February 28, 2013

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will conduct unannounced inspections of classes to confirm that they exist, following revelations about decades of fraudulent classes involving student athletes and the African-American studies department.

With an outside review board scheduled to visit the campus in the spring, UNC administrators are determined to make sure all scheduled classes are meeting at their appointed times, and featuring real conversations between instructors and students. Administrators have even considered taking pictures while classes are in session to obtain proof of existence.

In the College of Arts and Sciences, administrators visited a random 187 out of 2,300 class meetings. If a classroom had windows, the inspector only needed to peek in and make sure that an appropriate number of students were engaged with an in-the-flesh instructor.


But not everyone is enjoying the inspections. One professor called them “Orwellian.”

{snip} Recent investigations have uncovered years of fraud in the African-American studies department, including phantom classes that never met, and others where every student received an “A.” About half the students enrolled in such classes were student athletes, a report found.

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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Just another idiosyncratic part of black America.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    It is fitting that an African studies department would not even meet for classes. First off, what are they going to teach? What color shoes Rosa Parks wore? Secondly they ARE teaching “African”; show the students how to feel smart by not even going to class for the A. That, as the Black community would proudly proclaim is… OG! (original gangsta)

    • jay11

      You would be surprised at how much material they scrape up to justify their departments. Apparently there was a vibrant, widespread african american presence here that was essential and active at every key moment in American history. The movie Lincoln shows the pivotal role of blacks. Other movies like “Glory, “Red Tails” and even “Django” show how much we owe to our black friends. “The Patriot” shows the power of the righteous black character who breaks down white racism. Roots is the real story of America!

    • saxonsun

      I teach at a NYC college. The discrimination against white students in the black studies classes is huge.

  • MobyWhite

    This is a White privilege problem. If Whites would just finally do more to atone for segregation at UNC and remove the Silent Sam Confederate monument from campus, then the blacks would actually earn their A grades in classes that don’t exist.

  • NYB

    The stakes are high. With their fraudulent college certificates, they can go straight to cushy government jobs loftier than their station in life should be.

    Pity the white who graduates on merit but can’t get hired.

    • The__Bobster

      Too bad. When companies and the government had to drop testing for their job applicants, they started requiring college degrees to screen out minority losers. Now anyone can get a degree.

      • Dude

        Get a degree in something useful and you’ll be fine. Go ahead and take a fake black studies course too if you want.

    • Do NOT pity the recent white graduate who can’t get hired. He almost certainly voted for the Democratic Party, and bad mouths people like me all the time because of my racist, hillbilly, redneck ways.

      • ncpride

        No kidding. UNC has become an embarrassment to the state of NC. We crossed that college off our list a long time ago for our daughter.

        • joesolargenius

          I have lived here in NC for four years and have been fighting with county and State agencies for one year and can attest that twenty years of Democrat controlled government has seriously harmed this State ! White men have to file complaints of discrimination in order to be allowed the same treatment as women and minorities and then they still try to find a way to punish you for complaining .I am fixing to file a lawsuit against a state agency and am thinking of turning it into a class action one just to make certain that the outcome will effect change.

          • ncpride

            Good luck to you! It’s long overdue.

          • jay11

            But if the judge is a diversity hire, they will rule against justice, the constitution and common sense in the interests of their group. Justice is only blind when it is administered by one’s own and even then only if the judges were raised in a society that was founded on the law as an ideal.

        • crystalevans

          I always thought the UNC was a top notch state university. I guess I was wrong.

          • stewardofthemystery

            I traveled there to watch a Ron Paul rally back in 2008. I got there early and decided to walk around campus to kill some time before his speech. I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw all of the “diversity” on campus.

      • C_C_Conrad

        Don’t forget the parents that march with MLK and are also anti-white liberals.
        Jack’s War

      • Nathanwartooth

        While there is a strong correlation between college grads and liberalism don’t assume we are all the same.

        Many people can’t handle the brainwashing and just go right along. It takes a strong will to push aside everything that has been shoved down your throat.

        • ncpride

          That’s true. However, I remember a few years back when the AmRen Conference was to be held in Charlotte, but had to be cancelled due to threats and city officals sticking their nose in it. It was a big story here in that liberal rag, The Charlotte Observer, and the majority of the bashing came from Whites. It was beyond frustrating and more than a little embarrassing. Seems to me with black run Charlotte, those fools would know better.

          • stewardofthemystery

            I’m right north of Charlotte in Concord and believe me when I say I am a proud race realist. I wanted to attend the conference that was supposed to be held here in Charlotte. I was pissed when I saw it got canceled due to that POS.

            Screw the Charlotte observer. They deliver it free to my driveway as they drive by in their delivery cars: What do I do? I throw it back when I get the chance. Other than that it goes straight into the garbage.

          • Joe Sewell

            Keep in mind the heavy ‘editing’ by the CO. None of my comments were ever posted because of the obvious managerial slant. I suspect Taylor had far more support in Charlotte than the paper wanted to imply.

          • ncpride

            Yes, and to be fair, he did have a lot of comments in his favor…. it’s just that it was frustrating that so many Whites were bashing when most admitted they had never even heard of Mr. Taylor or read a thing he has written. They were reacting to the CO buzz words like ‘White supremacist’ and hate group. Wish they would have checked AmRen out on their own, and then decided.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and got my bachelor’s degree in chemistry in Santa Cruz, California. One might think these environments would have made me a poster child for Marxist ideology, but when that “stuff” fails, it fails completely.

      • R P

        I have been unemployed for 2 months. When I have to go some where during the day I see almost only unemployable people. I am sure 50% of them are “college grads”.

    • jay11

      Most of those young whites voted for Obama! I read somewhere that he captured a majority of the white vote under 25 years old. They are only getting what they voted for. When a Chinese guy runs for president, or a chicano or a mongolian lesbian in a wheelchair or a gay filipino with ADD, those same clueless liberal whites will vote for them in the name of social justice. Jobs be damned!

  • The__Bobster

    With an outside review board scheduled to visit the campus in the
    spring, UNC administrators are determined to make sure all scheduled
    classes are meeting at their appointed times, and featuring real
    conversations between instructors and students. Administrators have even
    considered taking pictures while classes are in session to obtain proof
    of existence.

    Even if the classes do exist (like the ones at Livingston College – Rutgers for their afwheats), they’re not worth squat.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Like Tennessee State University….worthless ‘education’.

  • Yes, I’m sure these classes exist, (or they will now). The bigger laugh is what is being discussed in them.

    • Room101

      I’m pretty sure they’re about to take the gloves off regarding new fatwas in the living/breathing religion of Diversity.

      As in the children of normal White people shall be taught in the Government schools to cast themselves out of what Leftists call the “human family”.

      South Africa is the crucible to examine whether the Left considers White people to be allowed to survive, based on the color of their skin. The Leftists the whole world over are silent about the mass murder of White people occurring throughout southern Africa right now.

      People with white skin have no real worth or rights that need be respected under Government’s religion of Diversity unless a White becomes an approved non-racist ex-White by saying they were Born Queer.

      • Daisy

        Even doing that won’t spare you. ‘Black’ trumps every possible label if you’re white. White skin’s imputed evil supersedes all ‘protected’ ‘identifications;’ it’s a popular misconception on here that being female, ‘queer,’ or anything gets you off the hook, or cross. Blonde DNA is the seat of all oppressions according to Diversity.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “UNC holds unannounced inspections of classes to make sure they exist.”

    I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto.

  • Some Guy

    “But not everyone is enjoying the inspections. One professor called them “Orwellian.”

    Orwellian’s new meaning: making sure anything black is real, it be raycis to think otherwise.

    • So CAL Snowman

      That’s what I was thinking, this professor hasn’t the first clue what “Orwellian” means.

    • Room101

      If White taxpayers (racists) don’t accept the existence or legitimacy of some political cause Leftists want to fund, then those (racist)-White taxpayers shall be made to see the error in their thinking through the tax code.

  • RHG

    Gee, what a surprise “African – American” studies is nothing but a fraud designed to give blacks credits towards degrees and big pay checks to black “professors”? What’s really is going on is “black privilege” in action

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    One professor called them “Orwellian.” And getting paid to teach a class that doesn’t even meet? I looking the right word here…”Dadaist” or “Surrealist”?

    • brengunn

      I’m looking for the right word here…”Dadaist” or “Surrealist”?


    • Room101

      I think the professor is suggesting that it’s “racist” to investigate imaginary people that don’t even exist.

      • Daisy

        Maybe ‘imaginary’ could become the new protected class.

    • Anders

      Marcel Duchamp couldn’t have made this up.

  • C_C_Conrad

    I think that you are all racist Nazi’s that want to kill six million Jews. You know that these black scalars have a lot to learn about the Motherland.

    Like how to build huts out of sticks and cow dung – YOU couldn’t do that.
    How to out run lions.
    How to put plates in your lips.
    How to put rings around your neck so that it is several inches taller than normal.
    How to enslave or cook other blacks properly.
    How to increase wages of fellow blacks to ASTRONOMICAL amounts.
    How to pay trillions of dollars for a loaf of bread.
    How witch doctors make other black bullet proof.
    Jack’s War

  • cecilhenry

    Would not be a problem in the engineering department. Thats. Real learning you can’t fake.

    If you don’t know what you’re doing it becomes evident in minutes.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Yep. It sure is a mystery why we never have these problems with engineering, physics, or mathematics classes, but they always seem to crop up in departments with names like ‘Black Studies,’ ‘Chicano Studies,’ ‘Women’s Studies,’ etc.

      I wonder what the common denominator is? Hmm…I guess we’ll never know.

  • bigone4u

    How many $200,000 a year administrator’s heads will roll over the fraud? How many fake degrees awarded will be revoked? What controls will be put in place to make sure that the fraud does not reappear? How many tenured profs who never met their classes or gave all As will be fired? In my experience in higher ed the reforms will be cosmetic and short lived. No one will be punished either. The good and bad news is that degrees from UNC now have less market value because they are suspect. That hurts innocent students more than the corrupt system and its players however.

    • R P

      It only hurts whites. blacks degrees are never suspect. One of my degrees is in Sociology. Has a black with the same degree ever spent 40 hours entering data into SPSS?

      • bigone4u

        Your comment reminded me of a black woman with a doctoral degree teaching in a university a decade or so ago. She was discovered to be unable to read. What do you do with a black female professor who can’t read? It was just proof that many blacks are passed along, even to the doctoral level. .

        • Brutus

          I would love to hear more details about that episode. What university? What department?

          • Daisy

            Me too. I described on another thread under this date meeting a white female PhD candidate who teaches at a mainly black and hispanic college that’s separate from the one she’s studying in. She’s semi-‘feminist’ but has left the left and decided trade schools would be better for most of her students. I’m also wondering how much easier it might be for ‘minority’ ethnicities to get their PhD’s and the AA spots reserved for them in academia.

    • Room101

      In the near future, it will become extremely dangerous to flag a degree from a garbage school like UNC as “suspect”.
      All the government suspicion and corrective measures will befall upon the “racist” who dares to examine the credentials of some thug graduated by UNC.

  • Room101

    This story is for public consumption only, to assuage the taxpayers.
    There is no way UNC administrators or “outside review boards” are going to rock the dieversity boat by exposing fraud or holding perpetrators to account. UNC benefits greatly that these fraudulent classes are documented to exist, on paper.

    To the Leftists controlling academia, the media, government, etc., laws and rules only apply to those who wrote them, (racist)-White people.
    A single standard that applies to all regardless of the skin color/ethnicity is prime facie evidence of ‘institutional racism’ and racist-white privilege.
    Perhaps UNC will make a token admission of one case of fraud, thereby demonstrating a failure and thus requiring the creation of dozens of new bureaucracies costing tens or hundreds of millions in tax money to “fix”.
    Government agencies always reaps huge budget increases by failing to justify their existence.

  • humura

    So long as the students received an A, and a degree, so they could get ahead, especially with affirmative action, who cares? Who cares what they know? Just give them a high-paying, little work job. Isn’t that the point of affirmative action anyway?

  • Daisy

    Do they teach that africans sold them into slavery? Black Studies 101, first and last assignment: go home and look in the mirror. I would support such a degree program.

  • crystalevans

    This reminds me of the Jan Kemp saga at the University of Georgia where Kemp, then an English professor, refused to pass student athletes and was fired because of it. She later sued the university and won.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Is it public knowledge what President Obama studied as an undergraduate? I mean, did he get a degree in an actual subject before moving on to law school where he was editor of the law review? I have read that he never submitted a single article for publication during his tenure as editor, which is as odd as the captain of the swim team never getting into the pool.

    • shmo123

      True, and it’s suppose to be a “rule” that you must publish while an editor. Of course the rules are different if you’re black. One can only speculate about his undergrad years. How can you go to a school (Columbia) and not have one single person remember you, or have any records made public? Incredible.

    • Big deal. I’m sure Elena Kahan and Leon Trotsky got lots of articles published.

  • R P

    Hopefully these were none of the new classes in negro police and fire department management schools are going to use to get around the requirement that a negro has to know how to do his job.

  • PBL

    And UNC is ranked among the “Public Ivies”. Imagine the standards at lesser schools,if you dare.

  • what about obama academics?

    So whats the difference in this same liberal crowd getting flunkie affirmative action Obama elected and reelected and being given an “A” “loved” and “adored” when his perfomance has been non-existent or an “F” on everything?

    Where are Obama’s GPA and how he performed in school and college? What courses did he take? What was his SAT? LSAT?

    Rumors are he never passed the Bar and neither did his wife and why he was became a law school teacher. Its all covered up.

  • trayvon

    neggers cannot keep up with other races so they blame slavery. FAIL. neggers are still walking around with buckets of water on their head in 2013. FAIL. al sharpton. FAIL. even with a nedger as leader the neggers still kill each other 17000 a year. FAIL. iq 85 average. FAIL.

  • jay11

    One step closer to the ideal of just handing out ‘diversity’ diplomas to make up for all the white oppression! Hey, Obama said that no one does anything by themselves.

    All those white kids who get degrees obviously benefit from all the special counselors assigned to them because of their race, the all-white student unions where they can go and feel supported, the special set asides and affirmative action that allowed them in the college in the first place, and the special government initiatives to support them while they are in college. Oh, and the very public pronouncements of the univiersities about how they want more white students and will bend over backwards to get them. Oh snap! That’s the black kids who get all that…

  • jay11

    I do not believe anyone will be fired over this, UNLESS they find some token white guy to fire.

  • SargeInCharge

    Ha! Ha! UNC’s academic reputation destroyed all because of “students” who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  • going to class be racist

  • R P

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will conduct unannounced inspections of classes to confirm that they exist, following revelations about decades of fraudulent classes involving student athletes and the African-American studies department.

    If the unannounced inspections haven’t occurred, how are they unannounced?

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Requirin’ class attendance be all rayciss ‘n sheeit…

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    “…following revelations about decades of fraudulent classes involving
    student athletes and the African-American studies department.”

    “Now pays ‘ttenshun, clayiss! Did bees how ya’ll sticks a bone in yo’ noze…”

  • JamalJenkum

    What do they teach in black studies anyway? Maximizing Food Stamp Benefits? How to get the best section 8 apartments? Medicaid drugs for fun and profit? Exactly what are ‘black studies’? They can’t be studying the history of black people, considering that their contributions to humanity would only take a 1/2 hour to cover.