Tackling Asian Privilege

Gavin McInnes, Takimag, March 1, 2013

Amidst the hubris of the pope calling it quits and Miss Delaware relinquishing her sash due to porn allegations, it’s important we take a step back and discuss the elephant in the room—namely, racism. While the world collapses around us and we all complain about how hard it is to get by, people of color are forced to look up to our position and say, “I’d give the world for your problems.” This is because no matter how bad things appear to be, they are always worse when you are born without privileges.

Nobody clutches their purse to their side when an Asian walks into the elevator. If an Asian applies for a job at a bank or on the police force, he or she is welcomed with open arms. When an Asian commits a crime, people are shocked. When an Asian is appointed to the head of the Department of Energy, everyone knowingly nods their head. Asian privilege pervades every part of our day-to-day life and it’s time they joined the conversation about race.

Though they comprise less than 4.8% of the American population, they make up 8.3% of all doctors. Only 2.3% of doctors are African American, yet they’re 13% of the population. Thirty percent of African American men will go to jail, but only 1.6% of prisoners are Asian. Nobody sees the problem with that?

McGill University is one of the most elite schools in North America, and to walk through their campus is to be transported into a pastoral Chinatown. This is true of all Ivy League schools. Asian Americans have the highest education level of any racial demographic and they’re also the wealthiest. While African American households earned an average of $30,939 in 2005, Asian Americans walked away with twice that.

The reason for this is simple: PRIVILEGE.

Though many Asians come here with little or no money and live in rough neighborhoods, they are lifted out of this disadvantage within a generation and are soon living an upper-middle-class lifestyle. This is because in America, Asians live a disproportionately advantaged life where things are simply handed to them. {snip} Asians are overrepresented in science, medicine, law, finance, education, and virtually everything that generates wealth. They are drastically overrepresented in Nobel Prizes. These arrogant Orientals flaunt the racist moniker “model minority.” As a people, these Asians need to recognize they got to where they are not by the virtue of hard work but by stepping on the backs of others. {snip}

Asian privilege is, if you will, an “invisible knapsack” of unearned perks and benefits that an Asian is able to unpack wherever he or she goes—even if they aren’t in Asia. Asian privilege is very, very real and yet nobody’s talking about it. {snip}

When one opens the discourse to this taboo we learn many terms that had previously been ignored. “Earned strength” is very different from “unearned power.” Asians are “overprivileged” and enjoy this “unacknowledged power” in a totally “incognizant” way. Privilege can look like power when it is in fact permission to escape or dominate. You don’t need epicanthic folds to see that simply by the virtue of their success Asians are seriously and systematically oppressing people of color. To be overrepresented in a field is to dominate those who are not proportionately represented. Whether they know it or not, simply existing can be tantamount to a hate crime.

So what do we do? How do we change the latent inequality that Asians exploit? Do we penalize them? Ideally we would, but no, we don’t. The first thing we have to do is join the conversation. Using your voice is the first step to raising awareness, not just parochially but in a transnational sense. We need to redesign social systems where Asians are not 75% to 80% of university mathematics departments. By staying cloaked in the myth of meritocracy we are denying the latent power of the underprivileged.

Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki today and look at Detroit. While Asians are constantly flooded with opportunities to rebuild, cities of color are left to rot. {snip}


Let’s work together to break the silence. A drop in the bucket seems small until you see all the ripples it makes. To tackle Asian privilege and bring them down to where the rest of us are, we need systemic change on a global level. The government needs to get involved. Tax dollars have to be used and you can be sure jobs will be created. Asian American success has been awarded to them arbitrarily and it’s up to us to take back the power and eradicate this unearned system of advantage. We need to transform society to the point where privilege is not slanted in anyone’s favor.

[Editor’s Note: Be sure to read the read important follow-up to this piece here.]

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  • Oil Can Harry

    A clever tongue-in-cheek piece that raises some questions:

    Since leftists believe whites only succeed in racist America thanks to institutional discrimination and white privilege, how do they explain the relative success of Asians?

    Since high crime rates in black and Latino neighborhoods are supposedly caused by poverty, how to explain the low crime rates in poorer parts of Chinatown and Koreatown?

    If whites only have better grades than blacks and browns because school tests are “culturally biased” then why do Asians score as well as whites on these same “biased” tests?

    Liberals will address these issues shortly after the Chicago Cubs win five consecutive World Series.

    • crystalevans

      The reason why Asian communities have little or no crime is because Asians have a strong group mentality. There is a strong sense of shame when they fail. Other groups have a strong individual mentality and have no accountability to other members of their ethnic group.

      • ncpride

        We were stripped of our racial identity and group mentality years ago, and have been attacked from every angle to keep from reforming them.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Yep, it it was done by Jewish infiltrators.

      • The__Bobster

        Another reason is that they keep their crimes within their communities and don’t tell the police about them

        • Anders

          If you don’t get caught, the crime rates are lower. Then bingo! The television tells us that Asian communities are crime-free

          • JDInSanDiego

            By the same token (pun intended), black and hispanic crime rates are also much higher than actually recorded because they get away with most of it.

            When my friend’s car got keyed he referred to the perps as “ethnically challenged.”

      • Oil Can Harry

        Crystal, the main reasons Asians are less violent than blacks: higher IQs and lower testosterone levels.

        • Poindexter

          Then part of the solution is merely reducing testosterone levels in blacks? Bingo. Problem solved.

          • ken

            Good idea, but how are you going to raise their dismal low IQ level?

            A brain transplant from a dying Dane perhaps ?

          • Northerner

            That’s not it. Exactly how much lower do you think the Testosterone levels are in Asians? I would wager black criminality would largely be the same.

        • Bossman

          I believe that somewhat. Their lower testosterone make them able to sit quietly and learn all manner of tedious stuff. Note well that they were not the originators of all that tedious stuff like computer programming. The more that one needs to know all manner of tedious stuff to get a job, the more competition from East Asians. Note well also that China has almost 1.5 billion people so also has India. The biggest treat to the Western white man is not dumb and violent U.S blacks but Asia Pacific simply because there so many of them.

          • A. Windaus

            One of the first forms of documentation for computer databases was created by Peter Chen in 1976, now known as Chen Notation and the
            Entity-Relationship Model. Anyone who has had to do any of this will know it is tedious work.

        • Dan

          I agree with IQ being a large part of the problem but I’m a bit skeptical on higher testosterone levels having as much influence on violent behavior as low IQ. Look at the use of steroids in professional sports. These guys have been elevating their testosterone levels to incredibly high levels for years and Black athletes are still much more likely to be involved in violent activity than their White counter parts. A good example would be strong man competitors – almost exclusively high testosterone White males who are educated, productive and law abiding citizens.

          • Testosterone isn’t the only factor.

            Consider Norm’s axiom that prisons are basically warehouses for black men who have high testosterone, low IQs, MAOA-2R and/or some mental illness. A white man with high testosterone but with at least an average IQ, who is mentally sane and who does not carry the MAOA-2R gene can be a perfectly legitimate functioning first world person, because he knows his own “strength” and keeps its dark side in check.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Although higher IQs and lower testosterone levels play a part, there is some truth that Asians do have a strong group mentality and a strong sense of shame when they fail. It’s actually a good thing. If whites had more of the same (we once did), we would probably have less crime among us and a greater accountability to other whites for our behavior and attitudes. There would, for example, be a collective shame among whites when they intermarry with blacks or when they engage in ghetto black culture.

        • Nathanwartooth

          When my friend was teaching in Japan he had an interesting talk with some of his students.

          They told him that if you were working for a company and you failed them and got fired that you should just kill yourself. Seriously.

          Talk about strong sense of shame when they fail.

          Just a quick note about something I noticed on the site VGChartz.com: When it lists video game sales it does so like this: “North America, Europe, Japan, Rest of World”. That tells you something about “Rest of World”. Not nearly as civilized and successful enough to have video games.

        • Non Humans

          You know, I feel that there is still alot of stigma in the whole inter-racial relationship issue, especially where it concerns a white with a nonhuman, even more-so on the rare occurrence of a white male with a nonhuman female. The taboo seems way less profound when between any two races excluding nonhumans, as no other race (species) is abhorred as greatly as nonhumans (and with obvious and very good reason).
          Usually, though, it is a white female and a male nonhuman. Personally, the look in the eyes of the female says it all to me. In that instant, I get the palpable sense that she recognizes that she has betrayed her race, and honestly no longer feels very comfortable around most whites (especially those who know of her choice) from the point that she enters that relationship forward. Perhaps she is a tad emboldened when the nonhuman is with her, but when alone, especially if she has a mixed child, the discomfort and embarassment are pretty evident and obvious, imo.

          • Ryan

            I find it funny that people on this site just assume it’s embarrassment due to the choice we made. It’s not. If anything it has more to do with the person realizing what they have lost, if and when they become conscience of race realism.

            I don’t walk around being embarrassed by my choice, but every so often, especially when seeing a beautiful white woman expressing herself, I feel what I could, or perhaps should have had.

            So yes, at that point I do feel bad for myself, but never ashamed or embarrassed.

            I am the rare White man married to a hard working and educated Black Woman. Though even that doesn’t mean the “African” was taken out of her.

            Do I have regrets? Yes.

            Would I make the same choice again? No.

            Has this site and other race realist sites woken me up? YES.

            Is it too late for me? No.

          • LaShaniqua

            Ryan? Dat you? Whatchoo talkin bout fool? I am gonna whip yo azz when you git home you cracka devil!!! j

          • YngveKlezmer

            You are right, Non Humans, about these women. Most of them have “wiggerized”, and this can be seen right away.

            I’ve always been opposed to miscegenation, especially between Whites/Blacks, for obvious reasons. A White who does this is throwing their heritage in the garbage, and should be shunned by White society, just as The Amish shun those who choose to travel an immoral road. A few years back, I think these miscegenators were basically shunned, but I don’t like the trend I have seen, especially since Obama has been President, with more and more White/Black miscegenation, replete with Mulatto children, and too many Whites telling these folks that their little Mulattoes are cute. I refuse to bestow any such compliments on such a child. Children are to be born in the likeness of both parents, and this is Biblical. A Mulatto is only in the likeness of the Black parent.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We had a BM/WF couple ask us for a tow out of a snowbank once. I was driving the 4X4 Steyr. I stopped only because I didn’t know what they looked like. I got out, and the “salt & pepper” couple got out, and she said “Thank you for stopping. Can you tow us out?”

            I said, “Of course, but I decided not to.”

            Sayaka didn’t know quite what was going on as I threw the tow chains back into the bed of the Pinzgauer and climbed back into the cab.

            I calmly explained out the window that Sayaka had me, while she had Mr. Oogabooga, which completely puts the lie to all of us being equal.

            The Pinzgauer is an excellent truck. For those unfamiliar, it is an Osterreicher military cab-over, and the cab lifts off for engine service. I fabricated a roll cage for the cab that unbolts from the frame to allow removal of the cab, but which then can be re-attached for use as a lift frame for removal of the engine. Not QUITE like putting spinner rims on a ghetto-mobile, nicht wahr? Maybe N’Shawntavious should have gotten himself some tire chains.

            If they’d been white or Japanese, or white-and-Japanese, I’d have towed their car out, or at least tried before driving them home. As it was, I still feel all kinds of good having left them there.

          • Kblankenship7

            Wo hast du dein Pinzgauer gekauft?

          • LaShiniqua

            Lucky you wasnt shot! LOL! Great story!

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            This morning while flipping through the channels, looking for a news broadcast, I ran into some program where a white male interviewer was interviewing a black female who was complaining that her white husband lacked what her parents and “other old school blacks” called, “the strong black male.” The interviewer asked her, “So you would like him to be more of a “strong black male” than a “weak white boy?” “Yes,” she said. Then her white boyfriend came out and sat down, sh!t eating smile on his face. I switched past the channel; another day in Diversity Hell. …

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          On the same value; not entirely. My wife’s sister married a Chinese man who was living in SFs China town at the time (70s). To this date, he has never held a job and literally lives off of her. He lives in a fantasy world and talks about the value of Chinese culture all the time. While we are busy here setting up all sorts of stereotypes, we need to remember an old one, illustrated by Pearl Buck in her book, “The Good Earth.” Laziness and the urge to grow fat and languid while acting as master over others is a deeply ingrained Chinese characteristic. Chinese “wisdom” is also responsible for a culture that requires that every last Rhino in Africa be poached for its horns, every shark in the sea have it’s top fin chopped off because they believe that they are an aphrodisiac. Chinese are also often insatiable gamblers as often are other Asian groups.

          Chinese only do better academically because their language is based on rote memorization of characters, not a system. Their capacity for memory and recall is slightly superior to the average white, but this does not translate directly into intellectual capacity, which is why Europe soared while China slept. Now, the same old system of independent lords has emerged in the new capitalist “underground” in China. The reason China has such industrial quality and pollution control problems is because the tradition of greed and personal advantage is so strong that even a dictatorial communist government can’t get a handle on it.

          It’s an old problem once understood as “Yellow Peril.”

      • SF Seal

        You mean less VIOLENT crime. Portraying your fellow asians as saints on this website for years doesn’t cut it any more to those of us who grew up and live among them.

        East asians commit plenty of crimes behind closed doors (racketeering, scams, human trafficking, prostitution, grow houses, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, sweatshops, counterfeits, etc, etc, which indeed involved their “strong group mentality”. Asians are the biggest cheaters and frauds of all immigrant groups, and these two-faced are only fooling suckers:

        Asian Criminal Enterprises (FBI)

        Asian Organized Crime:

        Asian Street Gangs:

        Chinese Scams:

      • White Dragon

        Nope. Bollocks. High IQ and low testosterone levels.

        • potato78

          You have a cool ID.
          White Dragon.
          I like this.
          Next time I will have Cool Dragon as my ID.

        • Guest

          Nope. East Asian men have higher testosterone. It’s just that they cluster closer to a high average, and crimes are committed by a small minority in every group.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I have noticed that about Asians. Definitely traits of a morally advanced society. While our valuing of individual liberties in our European societies is a great thing, and a key part of what makes our societies great, we need to have a stronger sense of shame to our group when acting poorly. The Amish have this sense of group identity that you are referring to. If an Amish person acts immorally, they are seen as bringing dishonor on their community, and are “shunned” by their community for their dishonor.

    • SmithandSmith

      relative success – It’s called your Tax Dollars and Affirmative Action and Asian Set-Asides like the Five Billion Dollar Set-Aside Wells Fargo (the biggest panderer by far but everyone’s in on it) who, by the way, gets Tax Breaks that YOU Pay for, gave them and is probably going to renew along with everyone else.

      low crime rates – Really? The asian population is far less than the blacks yet they commit more than their fair share of crime. You’re not one of those who believes things like asian gangs, don’t exist are ya? The Fraud and Tax Evasion and Immigration Fraud they commit is heavy too.

      asians score – Let’s demand that each and every single student be watched (stand over their shoulder literally) while taking any and all tests and let us test every single paper submitted, for plagiarism too and then we’ll see.

      • Daisy

        I was taught by a jewish Princeton history prof that asians arrived in the US with capital for education, etc., available to them as their ethnic group promotes group cohesion and advancement. I’ve heard from people who’ve dealt with them that they are incredibly deceitful and cheap/money-gouging. I rented a room in a house from a chinese green card who charged me as a white twice as much for a room 1/3 smaller than another renter’s who was asian, and he told the most obvious blatant lies while looking me straight in the face. They have also been running the sex slave trade in southeast asian, particularly that of children.

        • MBlanc46

          I’d guess that the gouging is at least partially due to racial prejudice. There’s abundant evidence that East Asians have a marked sense of racial superiority.

          • Token Finn

            I used to have an asian roommate and he was terrible. He seemed OK at first but quickly went insane; nagging about every imaginable thing and some that you could not imagine at all. All the whites living in that dorm were non-racist wimps who even glorified his race, despite the fact that he seemed to make some subtly anti-white comments. I think he had an inferiority complex and knew that living with whites is not where he belongs.

        • saxonsun

          They have an ethical system that isn’t truly ethical.

        • SmithandSmith

          And there ya go. asians are nothing to be fawned over.

      • Guest

        Do that and white scroes will drop precipitously. Almost all of the cheaters being caught have been whites.

        • SmithandSmith

          PROVE IT.

          • TheSpeakerOfTruth

            Go ahead and look at news reports. And whites commit infinitely more “white collar” crime. The only thing East Asians do more of is gambling.

          • The reason that white collar criminality “seems” like a white thing upon watching the news is because the kind of white collar criminality that is newsworthy is almost entirely committed by whites. However, there are a lot of white collar crimes out there that aren’t newsworthy. For instance, there are throngs of black women in Federal prison for credit card fraud.
            The only reason blacks aren’t more into high dollar white collar crime is a lack of opportunity. But, when they get the opportunity, they sure engage in it.

          • SmithandSmith

            What?!? The only white collar (big dollar) crime I’ve ever heard of was committed by Jews and Asians. If what you write is true, you will have to provide me with that news ’cause I can’t find it.

            As for your gambling addiction, seek help. That or get it banned. It should be banned since its sole and only purpose is to legally steal from people who truly cannot afford it. Poker is the only gambling game where you actually have a chance at winning whereas those one-armed bandits are all set, and heavily so, against you.

          • If you try using your skill to win at poker, the casino will be able to pick up on it and bounce you out the door and tell you never to come back.

          • SmithandSmith

            I play nickel, dime and quarter. Nickel to play (to be in) and dimes and quarters to raise. We may play “cheap” but we have a ton of fun anyway! I only play with friends, NEVER at a casino. I do occasionally, once every five or seven years, gamble on horses but even that’s cheap. The minimum two dollar bet. Amazingly, I have won more than I’ve lost and from nothing more than just picking names (of the horses) I like.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      White Appalacia is also poor, but the crime rate is low there as well.

      Another important point is that many black and Mestizo-majority areas in the United States were not always poor. See the article about Camden, New Jersey here. Camden was not only home to New York Shipbuilding and Campbell’s Soup, but also RCA Victor, then the world’s largest manufacturer of phonographs and records. RCA in fact had 92% of its factory operations inside Camden. Camden clearly was not always poor. Violence made Camden poor, as blacks and Puerto Ricans drove out – ethnically cleansed – the productive whites.

      There is certainly sometimes a link between poverty and violence but the left has the causality in the relationship completely backwards.

  • IstvanIN

    The Asians didn’t build that, YT’s government did, as per President Sotero.

    • SmithandSmith

      I sure hope you’re not trying to say “We” owe Our Society to asians.

      • IstvanIN

        No, I am saying that they didn’t build anything here, we did, or as President Sotero would say, our government did. Everything that made America great was conceived and built by whites. Everyone else is just eating off our corpse like vultures devouring a carcass.

        • SmithandSmith

          You mean, “president sotero”. I’m sorry, I just can’t Capitalize anything I have No Respect for.

          Please Pardon me on this thread. I’m running out of patience and part of it stems from my own personal life. I have a family member I’m waiting on to die (can’t move (out of this once White Town) until) and then of course, I have bad moments because last year (another reason why we have a desperate need to leave) our Town has “grown” (assholes who insist on moving out to the country just so they can turn it into the exact same thing they claim to abhor) so they can MURDER My Children) and Six of My Children have been Murdered. Nine when you count Natural Death (two kids) and Spots because Fat Vlad laid on top of him and smothered him to death (not on purpose) on ThanksGiving Day.

          MURDERED from City Assholes and their stupid cars: Mickey Boy, Cheetah, Daisy, Buster Brown (dog), Jazzy and Fancy Face and all in one year. And then there’s Ribs (twenty years old), Rozzie (cancer) and Spots (baby cat) from Fat Vladimir. Vladimir (dog) simply jumped on the couch and laid down. I was cooking and when I came into the living room, I noticed the other two kittens (we’ve had quiet a few homeless mom’s we brought home and Beanie Baby and Tanner are the other two babies from one cat and when I lifted Vlad up, there lay Spots, dead. I still have a hard time. I hope you can understand.

          We have a lot of animals we grab off the Streets during our work travels and then we have wild animals who adopt us (they love full bellies! (food)) and what happens? That’s right, City Assholes Murder them. When you move out to the Country for a Quiet Life, Be Quiet.

          As for your post, I completely agree of course. I like you and always have. Please accept My Apologies for my snottiness.

          • IstvanIN

            No apology needed, my comment was supposed to be sarcastic but was rather vague. I am sorry about your animals/pets. How awful that so called people would kill an innocent animal. This is the problem, we are surrounded by an alien people who do not share our morals, compassion, civility or culture. Our nation has been invaded, with the assistance of our politicians, by a cruel and savage people. Good luck to you.

          • SmithandSmith

            Thank You. Let me clarify something. I rarely travel. I did for awhile but mostly (for all my life) just took care of the Land. My husband does the real traveling (work) and he’s the one who brings home the animals. He does Wireless and spends months in any one area and he builds bonds and that’s how we get them. He feeds them and then they trust him. Not always of course but many times they do.

            The city folk use my road as their own personal highway and I don’t understand it. Why move out to the Country if all they’re gonna do is be in a hurry? I don’t understand their concept of “country living”.

  • brengunn

    Almost believable! I especially liked the line “simply existing can be tantamount to a hate crime.” He needs to create a comedy character and infiltrate left wing demo movements, see how much nonsense he can spout and get away with. I’d pay to see that.

    • SmithandSmith

      You’d pay to see asians pretend to be equally discriminated against White People eh? Would you still pay to see it if you knew how much Tax Money of yours the asians get?

      • brengunn

        What? It’s a white guy mocking the holes in the racial egalitarian mantra.

        • SmithandSmith

          There’s no mocking about it. Facts are just Facts. Take the little time it takes to look it up.

          • brengunn

            I think you may have misconstrued something I said.

          • SmithandSmith

            That’s certainly possible. Sometimes I miss My Children so much, I can’t see straight.

      • Guest

        Tax money of “yours”? East Asians, unlike whites, do not send their money to tax havens. East Asians, unlike whites, are extremely unlikely to take any kind of public assistance whatsoever. East Asians, unlike whites, are very unlikely to default on student or other loans.

        And you’re enraged that they take back a mere $5 billion per year?

        • SmithandSmith

          Only an asian lover would spew such untruths.

          The Plain Fact is, asians not only receive UNEARNED Minority Privileges, they also receive UNEARNED Tax Breaks – http://smallbusiness.chron.com/tax-incentives-using-minorityowned-business-30659.html

          tax havens – The hell they don’t. First of all, they have their own countries who help them hide money and then there’s Europe who also helps.

          extremely unlikely – Why can’t you asian lovers take a whopping minute to look up stuff before you DARE to write? Asian Privilege PAID for WHITE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS is EVERYWHERE! If I can find it, so can you. – http://cofcc.org/2012/04/how-asian-immigrants-get-preferential-treatment-when-starting-a-business/

          default on loans – They don’t have to default as “america” engages in one of the most Unethical, Amoral and UN American things possible aka “forgivable loans”. Please do bother to do a little research please.

          “The racial or ethnic composition of the 44 million zero-tax filers will roughly mirror the demographics of American tax filers as a whole. For example, white Americans are 83 percent of total taxpayers, and the percentage of zero-tax filers who are white is 79 percent. African Americans are roughly 13 percent of total taxpayers and 17 percent of zero-tax filers. Asian Americans comprise 3.6 percent of total taxpayers and 3.4 percent of zero-tax filers.” – http://taxfoundation.org/article/growing-class-americans-who-pay-no-federal-income-taxes – And this is an old article so the number of asian cheaters is now, much greater.

          asians make a lot of money here but they “pretend” they don’t. And you dare to complain about White People. At least White People have Generations Long Worth of Blood, Sweat, Tears, LIVES GIVEN AND Tax Money Poured into this Country. If anyone is gonna git anything from America, it’s gonna be Americans for it was their Ancestors and them after all, who Sacrificed for America and Americans, NOT you asians.

          take back – That’s right, asians should NEVER be expected to pay for anything right? Contrary to your asian belief, they have NO RIGHT to invade someone else’s Country and then proceed to suck it dry. asians have NO HISTORY here and thus, deserve nothing!, least of all, Tax Breaks and Forgivable Loans.

          As for the Tax Refunds – They don’t deserve those because as it stands, they get and BILLIONS and BILLIONS MORE in many different forms but all wrapped up, it’s all under the guise of Minority Privileges.

  • Robert Binion

    Darn right! Schools reserve the best math textbooks for Asians. I, a raisin in the sun, got only a crummy abacus.

    • SmithandSmith

      Same to you. What are you saying? You love asians first, White People First? What?

      • Robert Binion

        My relatives have always wanted me to go “to church,” to get right with Jesus. And I have a few times. The faithful are devout and sincere. Nice folk. But irony? They just don’t get it. They do not know that people who see far are those able to make fun of themselves. Still, nothing wrong with the temple. Heck, if they had booze and strippers, I’d go every Sunday.

        • SmithandSmith

          Jesus has nothing to do with this. Or maybe He does. I Stand with those He Fought for. How ’bout you?

          Jesus never said, ‘this group of people shall flood those people and the flooded people shall pay for their own demise’. asians flood other people’s Countries and on the Natives Dime. Why can’t you admit The Truth?

  • ArmenianWN

    Asian privilege? My university professor taught me that only whites can be racist.

    • SmithandSmith

      What do you mean? Are you admitting that asians are racist too or you denying that Asian Privilege Exists?

      • 5n4k33y35

        The article went right over your head. The whole thing is sarcastic. And so was the comment you just replied to.

        • SmithandSmith

          It’s not sarcastic ’cause it can’t be (both article and my post(s). asians can’t even pretend to be equal and it’s all due to all the asian privileges they receive.

          If only you would bother doing some very basic research for yourself, how so very much, you could learn about that…

    • Does your professor’s name end with “stein”?

  • Maelstrom

    It will be funny the day they discover the supposed “jew privilege”. This will be the day the first African american holocaust deniers would rise. Shock! Disturbance! Chaos!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Most blacks don’t deny the Holocaust.

      Because they’ve never heard of it!

      • Anglokraut


      • Strider73

        And even if they have, they can’t spell it. Nine letters is beyond them.

        • Art

          These two stories would dispel your argument.. The are very interesting. I was surprised.



          • KevinPhillipsBong

            Imagine this…I ask you how many legs a dog has and you reply “four”. Now imagine I point out a dog born with three legs and say, “Then what is THAT?” The obvious answer is, a three-legged dog. In other words, it’s still a dog, even if it fails to match the definition of a dog – it is just an exception to the rule. The existence of three-legged dogs does not mean that we cannot define dogs as four-legged creatures; just as the existence of black geniuses does not mean that blacks are not, by-and-large, dumb. They are simply exceptions to the rule.

          • Dennis

            Both off these young Black men, (they young man who scored a perfect SAT, is the head cello player for his school, debate team captain, Shakespeare scholar etc… and the other who won the national Jeopardy teen tournament in an admittedly impressive performance are very intelligent and talented people, no doubt. They were certainly light years ahead of me when I was their age.

            That being said, they are typical of most Blacks (or most Whites for that matter). The are what some would call genetic freaks (positively speaking).

          • Dennis

            I meant to say these young men were NOT typical of most Blacks or Whites of people of any race. They are rare exceptions.

          • Kblankenship7

            But will the kid with the mega-Fro who won Jeopardy be accepted in his community, or by the Left as a whole?

      • Xerxes22

        Jewish groups have a policy of sending Holocaust survivors to different schools to talk about their experiences. One time they made the mistake of sending one to a Black school. The students freaked out on her. They didn’t care about her experiences because Blacks had it so much worse. The poor old women was very shaken and upset by their reaction. I don’t think the Jewish group repeated that mistake.

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          The black ego does not like to be one-upped, even when it comes to comparative “suffering.”

        • Kblankenship7

          “Had it so much worse” Wow! the depth of ignorance is stunning, but to be expected I suppose when education focuses on imagined grievances more than on literacy.

    • The__Bobster

      A certain Hispanic commentator on ESPN discovered it, He was gone within days.

      • Xerxes22

        He worked for CNN not ESPN.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Blacks consider slavery to be their holocaust. Somehow being given food, shelter, medical care and a place to raise your children is exactly the same as genocide. No mention of the black tribesmen who raided African villages to acquire the slaves, of course.

      • Daisy

        How do a bunch of jewish men get away with calling their refusal to fight and stand up for themselves, *like every other ethinicity of men in Europe,” ‘genocide?’ German citizens of purely african descent survived WWII at the highest rates of any ethnicity, as they were not required to fight and yet were welcomed in the fanciest of hotels in Germany. Source, Raul Hilberg,

      • Defoe

        Or the black slavery going on in sub-Saharan Africa today.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Blacks are, by and large, highly anti-Semitic. Then again, Blacks basically hate everyone who is not of a Negroid racial background. Listen to the way some of them talk about Mulattoes being “half-breeds”. That is, of course, until that person secures hand-outs for them. The person who secures hand-outs for Blacks “be coo wit dem”, as we all know. Years ago, they liked Jewish Liberals a lot, for aforesaid reason. That free ticket to ride is what Blacks are after, and whoever assures that for them is who they like. Those of us who want them to work are “racist”, or “haters”. Expect a Black to work, and they will dislike you.

  • potato78

    Whites had privilege, losing privilege, and wana privilege back.

    Black didn’t have privilege, want to have privilege, now having privilege.

    Asians don’t have privilege.

    Wondering why all the sudden people started to talk about Asian privilege.

    • SmithandSmith

      Hey Knucklehead,

      Whites have NEVER had Privilege. There ain’t a damn thing you can point to and say, ‘you didn’t earn that’. Spare me on Inheritance because the point here is, EARNING. If your Daddy didn’t or Great Granddaddy (great, great, great, etc.) didn’t get No Government Help of any kind, they EARNED IT! because that’s what the Whole Family worked for. The Family and this means, For Generations to Come is what Grandpa worked for.

      asians have too many privileges paid for by White People.

      • potato78


        Many, many, many example of white people have privilege.

        White privilege is a term used to describe certain unintentional benefits given to … It is a generational problem, in the United States tracing back to the earliest days … Centuries of laws which were clearly preferential toward white people have …

        • Daisy

          For him. The whites who’ve had privelege always seem to think it’s all whites’ and that they can speak for their whole race instead of just themselves.

          • Beetlejuice

            I would like some examples of this so-called “white privilege.” Whites these days are discriminated against by government decree, i.e., AA, quotas and preferences.

          • “White privilege” = The fact that even one white gentile heterosexual man is allowed to consume oxygen on this Earth. As long as even one exists and allowed to live, the other 6,999,999,999 people on Earth will be oppressed minorities.

          • Daisy

            Jaysus you always have to make everything white male, and yes, I’m sure you’d say I’m guilty of the same as a woman. I just don’t engage with the word and concept of ‘white privelege’ with any sense of either sex interestingly enough.

          • Don’t worry. I’m no Jesse Jackson who buys into the easily disprovable premise that white women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action.

          • SmithandSmith

            White Women are recipients of Affirmative Action but not the biggest as that is reserved for the non-whites. Most White Ladies are firmly against it. We’re American and “We” (us girls) know damn good and well just how UN American that really is.

          • Daisy

            I didn’t use the term ‘white privelege;’ I simply tried to express the reality that while for a period in time some whites – a small percentage – had class privelege they never represented whites as a whole. I personally abhor the two words put together and consider the phrase emblematic of why I became a ‘race realist’ of my own personal design.

        • Beetlejuice

          Maybe because the US is (or was) a white nation, set up by whites for whites, not Asians, until the doors stopping massive nonwhite immigration were blown open in 1965. Asians have their own countries and there is not one reason for them to be here or in any other white land. We did just fine without them and created a civilization that suited our people just fine.

          Yet whites dominating their own governments and corporations in their own countries = racism, xenophobia and hate.

          No one is in Asian countries screaming about “Asian privilege” are they? or demanding that something be done about Asians controlling their own countries? or demanding that nonAsians be allowed to flood into Asian countries? No, that is only reserved for white countries.

          We whites make up approximately 8% of the world’s population, meaning 92% of the world’s population is nonwhite, yet that 92% must be flooded into where the 8% of the population lives. It’s no coincidence that that 8% “just happens” to be white.

          Yet people like you think wanting to preserve the white race and whites wanting to be in control of our own destinies and countries is “white privilege.”

          This is not “white privilege” it is white genocide and you are supporting it.

        • paul

          come off the drugs potato. Nothing more eloquent is required for you.

        • SmithandSmith


          America was Founded and Built by White Men. Now explain why White People should not have or be GIVEN “special” access to the Freedoms, Education, and Jobs that The White Men Made Possible for them?

          generational problem – NO, it’s not a “generational problem”, it’s a RIGHTFUL INHERITANCE. You Third World Spawn did NOT, NOT Build this Country, make her Rich nor did you make her Powerful. “We” did or rather, MY Founding Fathers and all those Americans who so Lovingly Spilled their Blood for her and me.

          centuries of preferential – You’re trying to get my goat and I admit, I’m willing to give her to ya and here she is: You Spawn think you have “the right” to complain about the Very People who Built this Country and EXPECT us to just move over and/or, lay down and just die but I’m here to tell ya Potato Head, it will be over your Third World Blood.

          America was Founded by White Men. To ask them to include and compete with a bunch of Third World Aliens coupled with such Treasonous Acts like “diversity”, “tolerance” and “multiculturalism” (minority privileges) is to practice TREASON against America the Ancestors of her Founding. Looky here you little unqualified “american employee”, the only People here who are owed anything at all, are The Americans.

          benefited – PROVE IT. The White Peoples have NEVER benefited and all those Wars of White Men fighting against their own Fellow Brothers aka Other White Men, prove that. Not to mention all the Illegal Taxes they’re FORCED to pay and for who? That’s right, for you Spawn. What do you have to say about all that Foreign Aide?

          You want fairness? Support Segregation.

      • potato78

        If you blog about white privilege, you’re probably sick to death of people playing the “white trash” card in your comments. Their argument usually goes something like this:

        “Being white didn’t give me all these privileges you’re talking about.”
        “I know plenty of [minority] people who are better off than I am.”
        And the advanced version, which I’m guilty of using myself: “It’s really more about class than it’s about race.”
        I am “poor white trash”. I can relate to all of the statements above. I grew up looking the part of Average White Girl, but middle class white people always pegged me as “different”. This left me vulnerable to losing opportunities and even jobs to white people who “fit in” better. Also, after my family made its great escape from White Trash Hell into Middle Class Purgatory, I learned to my surprise that there were black kids in the world who’d grown up with more money than I ever had. And so on, and so forth.

        • SmithandSmith

          I don’t “blog”, I post my unwanted opinions on places like Amren and Politico and once in awhile, on other so-called “conservative” websites like The Daily Caller and The Hill. I was banned from Real Clear Politics and over the ONE and ONLY post I ever made there because I dared to defend White Men.

          white trash – Only a non-white or Traitor would ever describe White People in such a derogatory manner.

          As for your weak minded “white trash” hypothetical response, only an Ill Informed Truly Poor White Person would come up with such a response and that’s only because their Local Library doesn’t give them access to the type of information that tells them what’s really going on. All you get is Major Newspapers and they don’t tell ya what’s happening. For example, there is no newspaper called “The Center for Immigration Studies” and other such Informational Websites which consists of Local News from all over and Libraries don’t carry every single newspaper from around The States and The World like they do.

          more to do w/ class than race – Of course you’re guilty of using that and that’s because you are a recipient of Minority Privilege. Were you White, you’d never say such a thing. Even the Rich White Folk don’t say that.

          looking – You were pegged as “different” because you are. I’m betting, you are the only one who thought you “looked white” while everyone else knew better.

          losing opportunities – I highly doubt that. You will have to prove to me, you were denied opportunities simply because you didn’t fit in and if and when you do, I can name ten White People who were denied because they didn’t fit in too. You’re not special and you’ve never been discriminated against so please, don’t try that with me.

          white trash hell – And here ya go again, insulting White People. Are you trying to make me lose patience with you on purpose? If so, you’re just about there. Keep going Little One and you just might find me calling you out for what you really are.

  • • For race realism to be convincing, it must be credible. To be credible, it must be honest, accepting the good with the bad, including East Asians. That is what distinguishes us from racists.

    That is, the objective is not to be racist. The objective is to be objective.

    • East Asians were more likely to vote for Obama than Hispanics. 70.6% of Hispanics and 73.2% of Asians voted for him.

    • Jefferson

      A 3 percent difference is not significant in voting for Obama. Between Asians and Hispanics, Asians are definitely the lesser of “2 evils”.

      Because Hispanics have the whole gang cartel thug culture and teenage mothers on welfare thing going for them.

      Your average Hispanic woman already has 2 or 3 kids before she is even of legal drinking age yet. And we the taxpayers pick up the tab.

      • The__Bobster

        Asians once tended to vote Repuublican.

        The fact that they’ve discovered ethnic identity politics makes them as evil as the squatties. Both groups want to increase their numbers and displace us from our own country.

        • Jefferson

          Asians will never be like Blacks, unless John Cho and Tommy Nguyen start raping all of the White women. And I don’t see the vast majority of Asian American men ever adopting the “mah dick” culture when it comes to raping White women.

        • SmithandSmith

          asians were never Republican. The “Republicans” practiced Treason and gave them Favor and that’s why they “Voted Republican”. Now, the Democrats “love” them and that’s why they Vote Democrat. It’s always about what they’re getting and NEVER about America and Americans.

      • SmithandSmith

        That’s not true at all. The “lesser evil” are those you can control the easiest.

        asians are smarter than the rest of the non-whites yes and to top it, they’re very manipulative. Look at how this one silly article has people fawning all over people who take their money, their jobs and take over their very own Country, Neighborhood by Neighborhood and Town by Town and Seats in Congress once the area is majority asian.

        It should be a Wake-Up Call but hey, I guess everyone needs to do their own research I reckon.

    • Kblankenship7

      I think Filipinos vote more conservative. If true, does anyone know why?

  • crystalevans

    I think that this is ridiculous! Being Asian myself, I have not seen this so called ‘privilege’. Most Asians work very hard for what they have. A lot of Asians come from countries where admission to top universities was based on one exam. Parents in these countries will spend money on cram schools that they think will give their child a better test score. Here in America, they will push their child to get top grades.They will pay for courses that will help them get higher SAT or ACT test scores. At college, they want their children to major in business, engineering or pre-med. This is their ticket to the middle class. Nothing else.

    • ncpride

      So, insert White instead of Asian, it’s just as ridiculous…..no? That was the point of the article.

      • SmithandSmith

        Are you saying asians don’t receive Government Favoritism?

        • ncpride

          No, S&S. I didn’t say that at all…. clam down this morning!

          • Daisy

            Honestly if S&S weren’t here this morning I’d think I was on a pan-asian PAC’s website. I don’t dislike them as people but do think it best to remember they aren’t succeeding through hard work and intelligence, but through group cohesion, without which we whites can be as brilliant and industrious as anyone and yet still fail.

          • robinbishop34

            “but through group cohesion”
            As Professor Kevin MacDonald describes as ‘group evolutionary strategy.’

          • ncpride

            Oh, I understand his frustration. Funnily enough, my daughter took the SAT today, but we had to drive her quite a distance for a testing center. She said the place was packed full of Asians, but that it was clearly mosly Whites and Asians, with a black or two thrown in the mix. Seems like they are everywhere and that’s frustrating, knowing my daughter will have to compete with them for college admissions, then jobs. Not that I don’t think for a second she can’t stand her ground, but she shouldn’t have to compete with them.

          • SmithandSmith

            I’m a Girl. I’m also FORCED to be an Affirmative Action Candidate and I find that to be extremely unfair to Our Beloved White Men who just happened to build and create everything we take full advantage of.

            This is not meant to disrespect Ladies or say they’ve never contributed because they most certainly have and greatly so, it’s just meant to define the discrimination taking place.

          • SmithandSmith

            Oh yes Ma’am, we have failed many a time and that’s why we’re so Great. We Learn and Grow from our Failures unlike everyone else. Everyone else blames us for their failures. “racism”, “bigotry”, “oppression”, “colonialism”, blah, blah, My God, how boring the blame game is.

          • SmithandSmith

            I’m sorry Ma’am. I don’t mean to show my backside when it’s uncalled for. I hope you will accept my apology.

        • Beetlejuice

          I hope you never calm down and that you stay angry. You have every right to be furious about Asians displacing whites in the US and having to fight other whites who think admitting Asians into white homelands is okey-dokey because, after all, they’re the “model minority,” right?

          No one here has brought up the “gee, they have such great restaurants” argument yet to justify white displacement by Asians, but I haven’t read the entire thread yet.

          What do you think would happen if whites started demanding entry to Asian homelands in great numbers and got all mouthy about special rights and privileges for white people? What do you think would happen to a white version of “margaret cho” in Asia who mocked and derided the native population to huge amounts of laugher and applause?

          I wish more whites had your justified anger about what is being done to us, maybe we could then throw off our shackles and improve our situation.

          Kudos to you for standing up for whites, also to AR for not taking down your posts.

          • SmithandSmith

            THANK YOU My Dear Sweet and Beloved Fellow American!

            It’s Americans like You that keep me going and I cannot Thank You enough for that. And Amren for Standing by Me.

            I Love America. What I am supposed to do? Side with those who seek her Total Destruction? Or to put it another way, allow her to be turned into Asia?

            America or Bust.

    • potato78

      This is exactly the same thing applied to Whites:

      I think that this is ridiculous! Being White myself, I have not seen
      this so called ‘privilege’. Most Whites work very hard for what they
      have. A lot of Whites come from countries where admission to top
      universities was based on one exam. Parents in these countries will
      spend money on cram schools that they think will give their child a
      better test score. Here in America, they will push their child to get
      top grades.They will pay for courses that will help them get higher SAT
      or ACT test scores. At college, Whites want their children to major in
      business, engineering or pre-med, financial, and music industry, etc.. This is their ticket to the middle
      class. Nothing else for whites.

    • Are smart people the result of a smart culture? Or is a smart culture the result of smart people?

      On that same note, are stupid people the result of a stupid culture? Or is a stupid culture the result of stupid people?

      Rap music is very popular in Japan, where Japanese young people dress up like their favorite rappers and go to nightclubs where rap music is played. Unlike blacks, however, the Japanese youth are intelligent enough to know that they shouldn’t emulate their favorite rappers when it comes to shooting rivals and becoming career criminals. At the end of the night the tipsy Japanese kids go home peacefully instead of fighting and breaking bottles outside of the club. Funny how that pesky link between IQ and senseless violent crime just won’t go away, despite how much the media keeps telling us it doesn’t exist.

      • crystalevans

        Japanese society is based on group mentality. Committing crimes would make a young person feel that they have shamed their family. Japanese youth will just enjoy the music and after the concert, go home. After all, it is hard for the average Japanese citizen to own a gun.

        • And black society isn’t based on “group mentality”? Blacks are the biggest followers on earth. Only difference is, the black follower mentality causes them to view crime and irresponsible parenting as admirable, whereas the Japanese follower mentality causes them to view working at Mitsubishi and having a stable family as admirable. Amazing what a 25 point average IQ difference makes.

        • SmithandSmith

          White People go home after a Concert too. You can’t play this Asian Game here Ms. Crystal.

          And what do you think a White Child would do to their Family if they did something wrong? Make them feel “Proud”? Stop your sideways insults.

        • 5Sardonicus

          Crystal ,I really don’t think gun ownership makes that much difference. Ethnic Japanese who live in America and Brazil, which have more liberal gun ownership, have about the same violent crime rate as their relatives back in Japan. It’s their culture, IQ, and, perhaps, hormones.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Definitely a positive society. These positive attitudes with their commensurate positive behaviors are why Japanese immigrants are an asset to American society, not some bogus Asian privilege. Writers like Mr. McInnis are dangerous. He should paint a picture of such positives, and how they have led to good societies, not falsely attribute good behaviors, and expectations for good behaviors to “privilege”.

      • SmithandSmith

        Japs are Better Behaved than the others of course but they have, not only their own Skeletons Hiding in the Closet and Special Privileges here in America but, they still practice stuff that is just unacceptable. I don’t like the Sex Slavery they’re so fond of.

    • It’s a satire, Crystal, not a sociological analysis.

      • JohnEngelman

        I’m glad I read your comment before I read the article.

        • paul

          I can imagine that, you need all the help you can get.

      • Northerner

        It wasn’t satire. It was attempted satire.

    • The__Bobster

      You mean you don’t know about the skads of govenment programs that are available to Asians but not to Whites?
      However, I’m glad you admit that they’re very good at gaming the system.

      • SmithandSmith

        The One and Only. I Love You.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      It’s a sarcastic post. Everyone knows Asians succeed because they are smart and work hard. The problem is when Whites succeed it’s due to “privilege”, never the fact that they earned it. So by claiming “Asian Privilege” the author is trying to show how ridiculous the concept of “White Privilege” is.

      Of course, anyone in this country can get free goodies from the government just for being not White.

      • Cato

        Take a look at the comments on the original article. Many commentators did not understand that it was sarcastic. Seems that most of the uncomprehending comments came from Asians (hard to suss out sarcasm in a language in which you are less than 100%) but a surprising number come from people with apparent native competence in English. Maybe a lot of stupid people read Taki’s Mag?

        • Non Humans

          I dunno, man. Sarcasm is pretty hard to express in written media as alot of it is dependent on vocal cues and body language. I was half way through the article before I was certain it was satire.
          Add in any degree of a language barrier and it is alot harder to discern.

          • Ignacio

            Just by reading the heading I realized it was sarcastic, and I’m certainly no genius.

        • Nathanwartooth

          “Maybe a lot of stupid people read Taki’s Mag?”

          The comments there are almost always bad. Honestly it’s hard for me to read almost any comments on any site without the stupidity hurting my brain.

          Amren is about the only place where I actually come to read the comments. It’s mostly just an echo chamber but mostly because everyone besides the trolls here know and like to discuss race realism. But outside of that I like reading about peoples views on other things as well.

        • SmithandSmith


          Can anyone here prove, not just you Cato, but anyone, can anyone prove asians don’t receive Race-Based Privileges?

          I say No, Y’all Cannot.

          • Andy

            It is definitely being sarcastic. It wouldn’t make such stupid arguments if it were actually trying to point out unfair advantages.

          • SmithandSmith

            The SBA, MBDA, The White House, Wells Fargo (the biggest panderer but all Banks are in on it), Corporations (all of them) and Affirmative Action too. Start there and then when you’re done, I’ll give you more to look at.

            It’s not my fault you, I mean “it” can’t ADMIT the TRUTH.

        • MBlanc46

          This is completely based on impression, not any sort of empirical evidence, but it occurs to me that Asians don’t have as great a sense of humor as Europeans, or, at least, that it expresses itself very differently.

      • SmithandSmith

        What’s with all this asian love?

        As you so Truly Stated, “anyone in this country can get free goodies from the government just for not being White”, so heavily does it apply, to the asians.

    • Keefer

      The author was being facitous and playing on how ridiculous the notion of “white privilege” is.

      • SmithandSmith

        But that’s not true because Asian Privilege does Exist and that’s why it’s absurd for anyone to declare asians are equal to White People and specifically, White Men.

    • SmithandSmith


      I like ya girl but you are Privileged because you’re Asian and ya know it so please, don’t make yourself look silly please.

      As for the ‘asian pushing’, that’s not seeking to ‘push’ a child to Reach their Potential, that’s trying to turn the child into something their True Potential cannot Truly Reach.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Yes; there is such a thing as “burnout”.

        • SmithandSmith

          Yes and it can cause more harm than plain ‘ole incompetence.

    • bigone4u

      Taki’s Magazine and Gavin McInness and the other writers over there specialize in satire, particularly satire about political correctness. Taki’s and this website are my two favorites, Taki for skewering liberals nonsense with humor and this one more realistic.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Ridiculous indeed!! It is highly disturbing to see any group that has, by and large, displayed a strong work ethic, and enjoyed the appropriate rewards, disparaged in such fashion. This writer should be lauding Asians for working hard, and using Asian work ethic and positive behaviors as an example, to Blacks and Hispanics, that America is a fair country, and that hard work and honesty, and treating others as one wants to be treated are the best and proper pathways to success. He should highlight that this is why the various European Immigrant groups met with success, and that this is why Asians are succeeding, not because of some bogus “privilege”. There is no such thing as White privilege or Asian privilege. There is a White, European American work ethic and moral code, and Asian immigrants share these values. That a writer with a good Celtic name would show such disregard for what really causes Asians to do well in America is disturbing indeed.

  • What’s surprising about that article is not the article itself, which is simply an above-average observation that the emperor has no clothes (hardly something new). What’s surprising about the article is who wrote it. Gavin McInnes is pretty well known around many 20 and 30-somethings for being one of the cofounders of the obnoxious uber-hipsterish Vice Magazine.

    I guess it’s not totally uncommon for whites with some intelligence to see through the Matrix as they get up in years. McInnes is not the first, and he certainly won’t be the last. The only question is, will enough whites wake up in time?

  • Brady

    Hey! Stepping on the backs of others is hard work!

  • Now, don’t act like fools. This is a satire, a joke. There were some comments (rather academic), when all of a sudden, in less than 12 hrs, more than 200-300 new comments, written almost exclusively by Asian-Americans, appeared. Someone saw the text & evidently tweeted the alarm to the Asians United. The rest was a growing mountain of long humorless posts by “insulted” Asian-American (Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans,..) who just couldn’t “get it”. It was like explaining a joke.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Don’t you wish that would happen with Whites whenever there was an article on “White Privilege”?

      • Daisy

        It would if we organized. The only thing that’s made asians more successful is their loyalty to one another and the degree to which they organize to press for advantages.

    • Northerner

      It was poorly executed. Why? Because of all the comments on the original article, plus the fact that you had to remind people on here that this was satire.

  • Jefferson

    Black privilege exists. An example of Black privilege is a Black person with an I.Q of only 85 getting a high paying 6 figure a year government or union job.

    • Debinsky Steponovitch

      Correct. That is privilege. Unearned privilege.

      • Anders

        Sure is and does any member of that crew feel guilty about it? Not on your life!

    • Rapidrunner

      The same can be said for many Whites, especially Southern Whites.

      • SmithandSmith

        Proof Please.

      • bigone4u

        You’ve been watching too much Honey Boo Boo. The Southern white suffered for 100 years because of Lincoln’s burn it to the ground, destroy the plantations and cities military strategy. Whites also had to invest enormous energies into keeping blacks under control, energies that in a more just world could have been spent furthering their economic interests. I know of no Southern white with a low IQ earning a decent income. I do know of blacks with feces for brains who pull in six figure incomes. Respectfully, sir or madam, you are way off base.

        • Rapidrunner

          You must not have worked among that many White people. Most Whites, like myself are average and mediocre at best.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Exactly!!! This is why Black “privilege” surely exists, as opposed to White accomplishment and Asian accomplishment. Blacks and LIberals like to refer to our accomplishments as “privilege”, and to downplay the fruits of our labor with their hurtful language.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Is this for real? Really for real? It’s a joke, right?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      It’s hilarious!

  • freespeechzone

    Hmmm, which group will be selected next by the low-expectation black community as being ‘privileged’–Indians?

    It’s easy to blame others for failure when your culture is one of dependency, failure, crime and a sense of entitlement–even with policies like affirmative action, blacks still, in general, fail.

    Anyone surprised?

  • fakeemail

    You could bring a group of Vietnamese young people to the US right now who didn’t speak a word of English, and in a mere generation they would achieve more academically and professionally than 99% of blacks who have been here for centuries. And you don’t even have to lavish the Vietnamese with computers and self-esteem counselors in the classroom. Just give them a decent white teacher and a chalkboard and they’ll leapfrog the blacks lickety-split.

    • Luca

      I have a friend who came here from Thailand at age 7 speaking not a word of English, so they stuck her in the ESL class with the Mexican kids. She came out speaking English, Spanish and eventually graduated on the honor role while her fellow Mexican students went on to make babies, drop out, or mow lawns.

      • SmithandSmith

        Don’t turn on me now.

      • bigone4u

        My ESL teacher friend had a recent Chinese immigrant boy put into her class mid-semester with all Mexican-Americans, born here but who could not speak or understand English. Within a month, the Chinese boy could speak and understand English. She tried to help everyone, but she saw that it was pretty sad that the Mexicans couldn’t get it no matter how hard she worked.

        • edie

          3 words:
          culture, culture, culture

          • James Flower


            Genetics, genetics, genetics.

          • Michael Harreskov

            70% Genetics, 30% Culture. But I remeber reading somewhere that More Whites have exceptional IQ ranges then Asians but I am still trying to find the source.

          • YngveKlezmer

            30% is certainly significant for newcomers, especially if these are Asians from the more troubled Asian countries, such as Cambodia and Thailand. The 70% Genetics, though, is certainly positive, pretty good chance that the American born Generation will behave more like Japanese Americans. I would prefer immigration from Europe, though, by far. With poverty and despair in countries like Moldavia, we should be encouraging European immigration, from anywhere in Europe, first and foremost. Fellow Europeans are most compatible with our culture, and will uphold and even enhance our culture. European immigrants usually come here with a taste for classical music and European folk music, and can help us European Americans get back to our roots by their influence.

          • Kblankenship7

            I agree we need more Europeans here. But I think a politician would get lynched if he intorduced a bill to ease restrictions on Europeans. My proposal would be allow as many Europeans as want to come, provided they were healthy and productive. I would include Boer/Afrikaner. Does anyone know if immigrants still have to prove they do not suffer from serious diseases in order to come here? Or did that fall by the wayside when the PC crowd awarded civil rights to HIV?

          • YngveKlezmer

            You are absolutely right, I think, a politician would be demonized as racist if he dared to stand up, and invite hard-working Eastern Europeans to America. This is sad, though, if we consider how much immigration from Eastern Europe had enhanced America in the past. If our politicians had their “thinking caps on”, so to speak, we would specifically be encouraging Boer/Afrikaner South Africans to come here. Some country needs to offer them a place to escape to, with the horrible Black induced genocide they are suffering. In the old days, when America was the hope of the world, we would have been that country, denouncing the Genocide, and encouraging these hard-working Dutch descended South Africans a chance to come to our land, and start a new life. That our Government does not do this, but leaves our Southern border practically wide open, reveals a definite anti-White sentiment in our leaders.

          • Guest

            You’ll be looking for a long time because it’s a complete fabrication.

    • Johnwharl

      They’ll also achieve more than most whites.

      • William


        • SmithandSmith

          Is that why they all come here, here to a Country Built and Paid for by White Men?

      • SmithandSmith

        Oh Pumpkin!

        Jealously is a Terrible Thing and it can and has, Destroyed a great number of Great People.

        Let’s discuss how we’re gonna fix black communities. I suggest y’all have weekly meetings to discuss your objectives (graffiti, trash clean-up, crime reduction, one parent households, etc.) how you will respond to each situation and of course, improvements made or not and why.

        I can help you come with some stuff if ya like. Let me know.

        • YngveKlezmer

          The Blacks need to fix their own communities. They are the ones who have made a mess of their communities, not us. Black communities have always been trash bins, and always will be. Enough of our tax money is being squandered already to feed little Dontavius and Shaquila. It is not our fault that each had a different father, each of whom was some sperm donor playboy who lives his life like a manifestation of the Id of a teenage boy. These things are not our fault, they are the fault of the Blacks who are choosing to live this way. Blacks need to start with the man or woman in the mirror if they really want to change their ways, and quit looking to us to pave the way for them.

          • SmithandSmith

            I am talking about blacks taking responsibility for their own communities, hence, the weekly meetings suggestion.

            Tax Money? Oh no Sir, I’m not talking about giving any money for they have had and still have, way too much. Money isn’t their need, self introspection is and that’s my point.

            I offered up help (suggestions) to be nice for one but also because, I have suggestions that I feel, would do them good. One suggestion is, to stop acting like they have to have sex in order to breathe. I have other suggestions and that’s all I meant. Don’t take this post to mean I would want White People to do anything for them ’cause that goes against my grain. I’m one of those who believes in Personal Responsibility and nothing outside of that.

    • SmithandSmith

      Speaking English, as much as I Love it, does not make an American and, given how I lived in Des Moines, an asian loving town, I can tell ya, generations long asians are just as asian as the day their ancestor asian immigrant family members came over on the boat.

    • Neil

      Where I live in Auckland New Zealand most Bakeries are run by Vietnamese or Cambodians.Thanks to their colonial legacy (French) their baked goods are superb.I have no reason to dislike these hard working and decent people. Asians in Auckland are being targeted by Polynesian criminals,who I call ‘Black American Lite’ as they have the same pathologies with fewer guns.

      • YngveKlezmer

        Sounds positive, lends some credence, I would say, to that 70% Genetics thing. I would still prefer European immigrants, but these Vietnamese and Cambodians are, after all, the same race as the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, which is far better than the Mestizoes pouring across our Southern border in the United States.

      • Kblankenship7

        I have heard a little about Maori gangs. Do they really emulate US black gangs? Are there Maori on the South Island, or just North? Pardon my ignorance of NZ.

        • YngveKlezmer

          I’m not sure about this, but I believe the racial background of the Maori is Negroid, like the Australian Aborigines, or Asiatic with significant Negroid admixture, but I’m not certain about this.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Maoris are not at all related to Australian Aborigines, but are Polynesians.

  • Lucy McGuilacutty

    If whites are so racist then why are Asians so successful here? Hard work? No, it has to be privilege!

    • SmithandSmith

      You’re an asian lover? I take your post one way but I don’t want to assume. Please answer ’cause I sure have an answer waiting for you should I be correct in my interpretation of your post.

  • Northerner

    This article is laughable. Asians are one of the only minorities in America who established themselves largely without Federal Assistance. From the early years of gold mining and building railroads, to restaurants and laundries, and finally to white collar positions, nothing has been given to them. No privilege was given when they got here, and if there appears to be any now, it’s because they have worked for it. They have worked for the benefit of the doubt. Asians still face discrimination and stereotype barriers that go unacknowledged by the writer (who apparently doesn’t consider Asians to be “people of color”).

    Blacks receive a far greater amount of artificial elevation and social integration into American society. They don’t even realize it. What stops Blacks from capitalizing on opportunities and assistance is their almost universal inability to apply themselves and change their culture. It’s why Africa is the only failed continent. It has nothing to do with Low SES. There are poor Asians and Whites, the vast majority of whom will go about their lives and commit no crime.

    Simply put, McInnes has no idea what he’s talking about. To say Asians have privilege is both an insult to them, and a distortion of the truth. He’s trying desperately to dismantle the one example that secretly vexes the left to no end.

    • robinbishop34

      The author of this article is Gavin McInnes, who some of you may know
      from being a regular guest on RedEye (he often imitates his Scottish
      father). I’m pretty sure this is one of those ‘read between the lines’ articles.

      • http://takimag.org takes you right there. Jared Taylor has written for it in the recent past.

        • robinbishop34

          Yes, I’ve seen that 🙂 Steve Sailer and Jim Goad are some of my other favorites. There are exceptionally bright people who comment as well… much like here.

    • SmithandSmith

      “largely without”? Why then, please tell me, have asians been receiving special favor since shortly after “civil rights” began?

      gold mining/railroads – Oh Please! You people built nothing, found nothing and mined nothing! Just because a few of you accepted slave wages just so some Traitor could get filthy rich doesn’t mean you built the railroads. As for Gold Mining, that ain’t true neither. Cite your Source is all I can say to you ya liar.

      restaurants/laundries – You mean, asians got White Tax Funded Special Asian “Minority” Privilege. You know that as your Bank, Guaranteed by the SBA Loan. And let me not go without saying, asians didn’t build any of those businesses. They took over what a White Man Built and they did it with the help of The Americans’ Traitorous Government Funded by Americans.

      white collar – They got there by Virtue of Affirmative Action you mean. Quality is piss-poor now. Explain that.

      nothing given – Prove it. I can prove asians received and still do, lots and lots of Special Favor. Can you prove they don’t?

      when they got here – No but they sure have since the Days of Non-White Worship and so much so, they beat out the blacks and hispanics combined and if I must say so myself, that ain’t fair.

      worked for it – No they haven’t. Using other People’s Tax Money, Resources (invading a country and “working”) and using American Gullibility (tolerance) is not ‘working’ for it. It’s taking Full Advantage of a Beaten Down People and using that to their Illegal, Amoral and Unethical Advantage. Not to mention, their deliberate plan of take-over.

      discrimination – Prove your so-called “discrimination” against asians. I can prove Discrimination Against White Men. Let’s talk about Real Discrimination and what we’re gonna do to eradicate it.

      stereotypes – White People are stereotyped day in and day out so what about that? You don’t get to cry “sensitivity” when you don’t give none.

      unacknowledged – And White Men fit in where? Ya know what the problem with Equality is? There is none for The White Man.

      “people of color” – Is White a Color or not? If “White” is not a color, then what does “invisible” mean?

      Blacks receive – No they don’t but if they did, I’d be okay with it (i wouldn’t but that’s another subject). At least for blacks, I’m used to them but you asians, you’re all just so Foreign, it’s completely opposite.

      Africa – Is FAR from being the only “failed continent”. Asia is Third World Poor and this, just talking facts here, receives money hand over fist, from WHITE Countries in the form of all kinds of Aide and “forgivable loans”. Military (we fight your wars for you), Tax Money for your asian research projects, Military Supplies and Training, Food, Education and Health and whatever else you people say you need. You people get everything. Just admit it and be done with it.

      secret – Oh no, there’s No Secret here. “We” all know very well, just exactly, what you people are doing and on who’s dime.

      • Northerner

        First of all. I’m not Asian-American. Secondly, I didn’t bother to read that monstrosity of a post where it seems like you questioned every word instead of bothering to write something coherent.

        • Daisy

          One basic privelege they have is the fruit of opportunity that NOT being white yields. One concrete expression of this is that they do NOT face ‘the discrimination and stereotype barriers’ that whites do. In the mix of it all, they benefit from attacks against us, for one. I’d like to hear you name some truly debilitating discrimination or barrier. If you’d like to hear what whites face, just read on this site for a couple of days. When was the last time a black man targeted an Asian woman for rape, murder, maiming, etc.? The fact that that happens so often is an expression of the vast network of dynamics through which whites face ‘discrimination and barriers’ on a daily basis.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            They rape plenty of women and young girls on Okinawa, which has helped Japanese understand exactly what anyone would need to know about Africans.

          • Northerner

            The Japanese consider those crimes to be the fault of all American soldiers. The blame is placed on everyone, not just black servicemen.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I was treated like a sort of movie star in Japan, when I went there as a research chemist. I’ll never forget it.

        • SmithandSmith

          First of all, there is no such thing as an “asian-american” and secondly, there are only Americans and thirdly, there are only infiltrators and invaders aka “asian-americans”.

          monstrosity/something coherent – And speaking of, how come you didn’t dispute anything I wrote? Couldn’t be because you know I’m right could it?

      • paul

        Dude, I normally agree with you but I think Asians have some merits. they understand honor and they don’t tolerate minorities in their own societies. I agree with you they’ve invented nothing but they’re solid people in general.

        • SmithandSmith

          I’m a “Dudette”.

          What merits? Invading someone else’s Homeland and being catapulted to the Top with the help of other people’s money (taxes) and diversity is not a Merit, it’s a Character Flaw.

          “honor”? Where? Accepting privileges bestowed on you for nothing but the fact you ain’t White is not Honor, it’s dishonor. How come asians don’t demand Congress do away with Affirmative Action? Could it be because they too, are recipients of it? Remember please, it was a WHITE Girl who started that fight that is now taking place in The Supreme Court and remember please, there were quite a few asians there right along with the blacks and hispanics (in front of the Court House Steps) protesting against the removal of it.

          don’t tolerate minorities – Remember that when you realize that you, You are The Minority now and in your own Society which is now, rapidly becoming theirs. By the way, they’re not Thanking You for your support neither but I guess that’s lost on you.

          solid people – Oh yeah, “solid” when it’s comes to taking what does not belong to them. They didn’t build this Country but according to you, they deserve to have it anyway because they’re “solid” right?

          Are you okay with asians turning American Neighborhoods/Towns into asian neighborhoods/towns?

          You do realize that IMMACT ’90 was designed to deny White People from immigrating here don’t ya? IMMACT is asian driven. Are you okay with that? Are you okay with your Country being overrun by asians?

    • White and Proud

      Please! Asians have utilized government assistance as much as any other ethnic group, including Blacks! Thy are just as problematic.

  • Johnwharl

    Why are Asians more successful than whites who have been here longer than everybody
    except Native Americans ?
    Why are Asians disproportionately more than whites in the top colleges ?
    Why do Asians outperform whites in math and the sciences ?
    Why do Asians just after one generation in the US have a higher household income
    than whites ?
    These and more questions to ponder.

    • ncpride

      Well, one thing is for sure….. we’ll never have to ponder these questions where your people are concerned, now will we?

    • SmithandSmith

      Because of all the White Tax Monies they receive on top of all the Special Preferences they get of course.

      As for those supposed higher grades, let’s stand right next to them and not allow them to cheat and then see what happens.

  • PesachPatriot

    I wonder what would happen if someone wrote an article about amerindian privilege? after all they were here first before every other group, get large tracts of land, make millions from tobacco sales and casinos as well as having numerous places and sports teams in the country named for them….the article was pretty funny…the only people who have “privilege” of any color in this country are the political and business elite…if you’re a little person who pays taxes you don’t have any…

  • cadmium

    I live in a country with a lot of Asians. Everybody knows Asians are not a stupid race, but everybody also knows their parents are strict and push their children. Asians always did more homework, had more discipline. There are two factors with academics: aptitude and work. Whites at school sort of knew they had a more indulgent setup. I knew intelligent whites who cruised or slacked off and got away with it without maximising their academics, But practically every Asian was under the pump, even if they weren’t hugely motivated themselves.

    But it seems clear whites used to have a similar setup. Whites have become lazier as they’ve become more liberal and indulgent and it’s affecting their performance. When I see percentages on disproportionate Asian success in say mathematics, it actually seems disproportionately disproportionate, far beyond any aptitude edge.And that’s what you would expect if you have people with vestiges of old-world fight competing against decadent westerners.

    What will be interesting to see is what happens in future generations of westernised Asians or even in China/Japan/Korea. Because you can already see the breakdown of their traditional society and it seems they will eventually become as diseased as Europeans.

    • Whites are more freethinking and prone to daydreaming. That’s why, historically, the biggest creative and scientific accomplishments have overwhelmingly been made by whites. You’ll notice that whites of great accomplishment in fields like mathematics and science were often outcasts in school. For an Asian mind to develop in such a way is extremely rare.

      East Asians have historically gravitated toward rigorous group activity and academic testing. They are hardwired to live in close hierarchical societies, whereas whites gravitate more toward individual liberties and independence.

      Another thing to keep in mind about East Asians is that while they do possess a higher IQ on the average compared to whites, whites’ IQ curve is wider than Asians’. Which is to say that while the average Asian possesses a higher IQ than the average white, the percentage of Asians with genius level IQs is less than the percentage of whites.

      • edie

        I believe the group-think is what keeps the geniuses from sprouting in Asian cultures. However, our education system has nurtured group activity for the last 40 yrs to a large degree. Maybe it’s a communist thing. But our culture promotes group think a lot more than it used to.

      • Guest

        ‘whites’ IQ curve is wider than Asians’

        I have never seen proof of this, only evidence in the contrary – SD on TIMSS, PISA, SAT, are all higher in East Asians than any other race.

        • The proof is that a huge disproportion of true objective geniuses throughout history have been white: Newton, Ford, Tesla, Edison, Galileo, Mendel, to name a very few.

          Asians are better at whites in academic testing, that is indisputable. But that’s where it ends.

    • SmithandSmith

      asians are a conniving race and that’s it.

      Explain to me why, if asians are so daggone “intelligent”, why are we told (and constantly so like brainwashing kinda constant) how “intelligent” they are instead of us actually being able to see it? I mean to say, where’s all the quality?

      The simple fact is, back when America was America, everything was built by Americans and let me tell ya ’cause I really do know (lived with antique everything – stove, space heater, fridg, etc.), they still work! Actually they work better than anything non-white made you can find.

      And asians aren’t family oriented, they’re slave oriented. What you perceive as “hard-work” is slavery and what you perceive as “studying hard” is incompetence. People who are truly capable get their work done in a reasonable amount of time and they don’t have to spend hours studying because they’re able to comprehend the material and thus, don’t need to memorize it unlike you asians.

      decadent westerners – Gee, I sure hope you’re not living in a Western Country, they being “decadent” and all. If you are, I suggest you run quick, quickly back to your asian homeland lest The Westerners “poison” you! And take all your “future westernized asians” with you!

      • Nathanwartooth

        I don’t know about all Asians but I like some Japanese work.

        Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Street Fighter and Earthbound.

        The Japanese have made some of my favorite video games of all time. Out of the three big game consoles right now two are Japanese. The Playstation and Wii are Japanese and the XBox is American.

        The USA and Japan have a 30 year plus history of making and selling video games to each other.

        Does this mean that I am an Asiaophile and want millions to come live with us? No, I don’t. It’s not an all or nothing deal. You can like things that other cultures do while still supporting Whites to have the right to their own countries and life.

        • Token Finn

          They’re smart in that they make those video game characters out to be white more often than not. Whites were arguably overrepresented in Street Fighter, Mario is a non-swarthy italian. The characters of Earthbound are mostly homely white americans. Dr. Light and Wily of Mega Man games are white geniuses.

          • YngveKlezmer

            True. Mario is also a smart character, no negative Italian stereotypes. Does that indicate, though, that the Asian manufacturers hold us Europeans in high regard? Maybe. The main thing it indicates is that the Asian manufacturers know how to use good psychology, so that Europeans will buy their products.

          • Kblankenship7

            I read your comment and don’t even know what you are talking about. I don’t wish to be contentious, but what value is there in these games? How much time do you spend per week playing them? I truly am curious.

        • If anything, that’s an argument for keeping America identifiably American and Japan identifiably Japanese. As banal as they are or may seem, video games and video game culture and development is an offshoot of the underlying culture, and of course culture is a racial and ethnic construct.

          I gave up video games when Nintendo switched from 8-bit to 16-bit, and that shows you how long ago that was and how old I am. But just observing that universe from a distance, it seems to me that (real) Americans tend to develop warfare and sports based games, while the Japanese love animation and cartoon themes.

          • Nathanwartooth

            The most popular game in the states is Call of Duty, by far. It comes out yearly and tops all the charts.

            Call of Duty for those who don’t know is a military shooter that changes time periods based on release.

            The “Call of Duty” of Japan is I believe Monster Hunter. They even have an MMO monster hunter that never came out in the states. Monster Hunter is a hardcore action RPG where the normal installments can consist of hundreds of hours of gameplay.

            The game is so tough and grindy (you have to work hard for your gear) that it turns off many westerners.

            I have to get ready for work but one last thing and I’ll write more later. The Japanese were notorious in the past for thinking that Americans couldn’t handle harder games. Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES never made it here until Super Mario All Stars because it was so hard they didn’t think we would like it.

            They would also not release RPGs here because they thought that we wouldn’t like them. They even made a Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy USA in Japan that was insultingly easy.

            In my experience with Japanese on Final Fantasy XI is that they don’t really like English speakers that much. They have what liberals would call bad stereotypes and xenophobia against us.

          • Again, remember who you’re talking to: Someone whom Nintendo lost by moving up from 8-bit to 16-bit. (The two extra buttons confoosled me.) That’s circa 1991. That’s so long ago that a person born then can now legally drink.

          • Veritas_lux_mea

            Ever play any of the Total War games for PC? (They’re British-made games by the way) I don’t really play any other video games regularly but every time one of these comes out I’m addicted for a few months. Total War: Rome 2 is coming out at the end of this year and it will be mind-blowing. I’m buying a desktop mainly just to play this game with maxed-out settings. If you have any interest in Roman history I’d highly recommend it.

          • Nate Miller

            All this nonsensical talk about stupid cheap video games, as if that is any measure of scientific and economic success. Video games are a waste of time designed by and for fat stupid dorks with NO actual intelligence or genius and no physical capability of any sort. Nothing is achieved except precious time lost in idiocy! The Japs are better than us in video games! Gimme a break! So darn what? It means NOTHING!

          • Nathanwartooth

            I never said that and you are missing the point. I enjoy many Western games along with Japanese games.

            Your culture has to be very advanced to be able to produce and play video games. Think about how much free time and money your society has to have to make video games successful. This is why it’s only found in the “civilized” countries.

          • Kblankenship7

            Nate, I tend to agree. Why are people obsessed with these games? I love to watch Bundesliga, it is fun and relaxing, but family and work come first. Some of these games seem to be designed to be addictive. Also, players get really offended when one questions the value of the games.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Or we take up hobbies like woodworking, metalworking, and hot-rod builds. We have a 331 cid Mercury Marine V-6 in a 1995 Saturn SL-2.

        • paul

          That’s simply because Asians still grasp the concept of honour and it works well in video games. Americans are told “It’s every man for himself”

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I still play PC games with my wife and other friends. Intelligence and cooperation are an outstanding combination. I recovered a Zweihander runesword once, “The Black Blade of Disaster”. My character could wield it, and I had it enchanted more, both by myself and others, but I never used it against anything. One of the legends was “Planar Rift Properties”, which sounded bad, but was not otherwise explained. It is plus 15 now, and a total piece of work, and I had my best friend’s character wear the best amulet I had against death magic when he tried it out.

            I was right as the mad scientist. He told me he had failed a whole bunch of saving throws, but the round ended in his being immune to death magic.

            I told him I would give it back if he let me finish making it vorpal.

            Friends don’t betray each other even in games.

        • SmithandSmith

          I had no idea what you were talking about until your second paragraph and then I understood. I’m not into Video Games so no, I don’t see your point nor do I agree on any level.

          Video Games, Television, Entertainment, all of it is meant to keep you from doing what you Americans used to do, Taking Care of and Loving your Country and Fellow Americans.

          not an all or nothing – Oh yes it is. It absolutely is. What you call Trade is actually “Free Trade” Free for them but Extremely Costly for Us. Show me ’cause I apparently missed it, show me where please, where are all those benefits America has received from all that asian trade?

          I don’t care where ya go on the Trade Issue (plants, jobs, video games, etc.), please show me the benefits.

          like different things/foreign culture – sure you can (not really) but supporting it is whole nother matter and you support it and that’s the problem. Asia and its stuff has never benefited America and to support its Ways/Products is detrimental to America (america makes no profits from foreign made stuff, only corporations do and they get tax breaks paid for by you and the taxes they do pay do not make up for the tax breaks and cheap labor they receive) and that’s why I have a such a problem with anyone supporting it.

          My opinion is, if you like asian culture, if you like the stuff they make, why not live with them in their countries? Why live in a Country that you don’t or can’t, fully support? Americans build stuff too so why is that not enough for you?

          Support Whites and their Countries – That requires Loyalty to American/European Made Goods and Culture. This is something you have just admitted to being half-assed about. Show me how many wares you have in your house that are American or European Made. Do you include/mold asian culture into My White Culture? If you do, you’re not supporting White People, you’re perverting aka changing it.

          • Nathanwartooth

            You are right about most things. A tire made in China sold here hurts us, we could have employed Americans to make that tire and created jobs.

            But video games are another matter entirely. American companies do indeed benefit from Japanese video games that are sold on the XBox, Final Fantasy 13 for example. Microsoft gets a cut of every unit sold plus money for patches and DLC.

            Also the Japanese like to make a style of games that just doesn’t exist in the states. I happen to be good at video games and I like a challenge, something the Japanese like as well.

            But I see that you are one of these people who use video games and the entertainment industry as a scapegoat for the problems in the US. You don’t play them you don’t like them so they are easy to blame.

            Let me ask you this. When the civil rights act and the immigration act of 1965 were passed were there video games? No, there wasn’t. So in your eyes there is no excuse why these pieces of legislation that damned America were passed there were no evil games to keep us busy and not notice.

            I am a great counter to your dislike. I actively read everyday, I keep up with politics and current events and I’m involved in the race realist scene.

            I also support tariffs on foreign made goods. I would even support a small tariff on video games but a small one. Remember, we benefit from selling American games to the Japanese as well.

            You can’t blame societies problems on just one thing. Don’t be one of these people who wants to ban porn because they think it will make Whites have more babies. It’s a combination of problems, started before television and video games really took hold.

          • SmithandSmith

            We could have done without those jap tires that brought over the West Nile Virus (disease ridden mosquito’s were hiding in them) too.

            video games – No Sir, Video Games are a purposeful Agent of Destruction. While you’re busy playing games, fields ain’t being plowed and guess what happens when fields don’t get plowed? C’mon Sir, you know video games are unhealthy for Americans.

            microsoft – You mean that same bill gates who went before Congress and called us Americans (calling for more h1-b visa cheap labor in the name of, he can’t find any Qualified American Workers) stupid? That microsoft? You should have seen that snake come out of that meeting with that evil smirk on his evil face. Bill Gates is a Traitor through and through. Microsoft is an ENEMY to America and Americans. By the way, he also tried to cheat Europe but Europe made him pay for that though it never did hurt him (he still had more than enough money left over after paying that measly fine).

            microsoft gets a cut – Yup. Now tell me, where’s the benefit to America? Microsoft not only gets to deny employment to Americans, they get YOUR MONEY too (tax breaks for affirmative action hiring which just happens to include, non-white immigrants and all the other regular corporate tax breaks too (same for all corporate to be fair)). And other write-off’s too and all for stabbing you in the back, You, The American. Don’t defend the one who traded you in long ago and on your own dollar too.

            challenge – You want challenge? Run a Farm. Ain’t nothing like challenging Nature. Ya know, weather. Drought is a Real Bear of a Challenge.

            scapegoat – Okay. Let’s do this instead: You play your games and I will continue working the Land.

            I’ve played video games (atari) but only when I was a kid. I went to work (full-time) when I was fifteen so no, I don’t understand your love for it. I don’t understand why you STILL love them so, I should say.

            blame – No Sir, I’m trying to get you to see how time consuming video games are and how the time spent there is time not being spent on the things you really need to be doing.

            civil rights – You’re stretching and so much so, you’re just about ready to split right in half. Video Games eat up your time. Time that should be spent on making your fellow Americans aware of how badly they’re being cheated out of their own Homeland. Spend your time researching and spread that news around. You don’t have to confront people. Leave pamphlets/flyers in their doors. You don’t need to knock, just drive to neighborhoods and deliver them.

            As for the “civil rights”, that’s a fine example of what I’m talking about. Why aren’t you out there letting people know just how Illegal that really is?

            You are not involved. You don’t even know about Bill Gates’s Traitorous Ways for Christ’s Sake!

            The Japs don’t need to be wasting their time being all alone by being consumed by a computer screen neither.

            tariffs – That is not the answer. You have to deal with Globalization and Immigration first and then there’s all the Corporate Tax Breaks and Write-Offs to deal with too. And Tax Shelters for them. I don’t believe in taxing Corporate unfairly but when they stab Americans in the back like they do, I do.

            “We” don’t benefit from Japan no more than “We” benefit from any Trade. All Foreign Aide, Foreign Forgivable Loans and Immigration/Globalization would have to come to a complete stop before “We” could even begin to fathom the thought of actual profit.

            I don’t blame all the ills on one thing. I’m saying Video Games are Unhealthy. I happen to believe it steals precious time. Can you understand where I’m coming from? At least a little bit?

            ban porn – YES I DO! YES, I SUPPORT BANNING PORNOGRAPHY and here is why: Those are REAL people you’re talking about. Those aren’t cartoon characters you’re looking at, they are someone’s Daughter, Son, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and even Mother and Father. Porn is EVIL and it has no place in American/Western Society.

            combination – Like I don’t know that. I can’t believe you support porn. Shame on you. Would you still like porn if that were your Daughter or Son being used like a piece of meat? Would you like it if you knew that only the owner of those filthy “companies” were getting stinkin’ filthy rich of off USING your Precious Child? I guarantee you, you’re answer is a SOLID NO!

      • paul

        Asian learn by rote. It’s genetically proven. If you study the brains of an Asian and a white while they’re studying the same material you’ll find completely different areas of the brain firing.

        • SmithandSmith

          I don’t care. I care about My Country and My Fellow Americans and that’s just about it.

          When Americans have The Right to be left alone from the asians/blacks/hispanics/muslims/arabs (leave us at least one Town please), then I’ll be quiet but not before then.

          I know they’re rote but that’s not the problem I have with them. My problem stems from the fact that they’re here instead of, “being the “superior beings”” they are, not fixing and staying in their own Lands.

      • YngveKlezmer

        You have a good point about them being slave oriented. Japan, as prosperous as it is, is way behind Western Europe in gender relations. Plenty of Asian men aren’t too much better than Arab men in their attitudes towards their wives, a far cry from the chivalry most of us guys of European descent feel in our hearts, and try to practice in our daily lives and marriages. I’ve seen this with some the Asian carry-out restaurants, and you can feel how subservient the women are. Far better than Blacks, for sure, at least they have a family structure, but also a far cry from our European traditions of chivalry towards our wives, and the gentlemanly behavior that is so much a part of our European culture.

        • SmithandSmith

          Why? Why are they like that? Is it because of their Oppressive Governments (being oppressed can make one oppress others) or is it Culture, Beliefs or just Nature?

        • Guest

          “chivalry most of us guys of European descent feel in our hearts”

          Which explains the high rate of violent crime, even with minorities excluded, in almost all Western countries.

          East Asian women are only submissive to men who are worth submitting too. That’s why so many white males in interracial relationships always complain about how they’re being dominated and bullied.

    • Shelly M

      Whites are becoming beaten down. What is the point in trying when you have affirmative action, media, acadamia, and a hostile government arrayed against you?

      • Johnwharl

        You mean like Blacks had against them for more than 300 years ?

        • Keepin It Real


    • Daisy

      You are simply deranged with this post.

    • Kblankenship7

      Good points. I don’t see why it has to be an either/or. Work hard at school, play hard at a sport to blow off the steam. If a person is an eccentric genius, that is what he was made for. Europeans need to push their kids more. We entertain ourselves to death. i like entertainment, but their can also be joy in finishing a project, reading a difficult but valuable book, scoring a goal, and having children. I have one son who has a great mind, but wants to play computer games all the time. This may be better than porn or television, but still seems to be time-waster.
      One of my daughters is very involved with learning a certain asian language. She has penpals/skype pals who tell her how their country is slipping into the laziness/entertainment obsession. It truly is a disease, but curable.

  • Zackers

    I considered doing the same thing when I was in college, around the time the original piece, ‘invisible knapsack’ was published in 1990. McInnes is basically taking a piece already published, by Peggy McIntosh, and substituting in the word Asian instead of white. I wanted to take a paper they were Teaching us in one class, substitute the words black and white with each other, and then turn it in to another class (it would likely make the article make more sense). I expected to be expelled or something similar. Then i would just reveal the true source. It was a good plan, anyway. McInnes does it one better.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I recall reading of an incident where a Euro-American Student Union was started on a college campus. According to that college’s rules, any new student union had to organize a meeting to read their charter aloud. The liberals attended and booed and cat-called every passage read by the EASU as hate and racism. At the end the president of the student union then admitted that what he’d read wasn’t really their charter, he’d simply taken the Black Student Union’s charter and substituted ‘white’ for ‘black’ when reading. Good stuff.

      • Daisy

        Do you have any idea how many asian alliances, student union, etc., organizations there are on any public university?

  • SmithandSmith

    The problem with this “article” is that they, and oh-so asianly conveniently so, “forgot” to include all those set-asides for asians from literally, everywhere.

    From The White House to the Federal Government and on down to the Banks and Corporations, asians have their own set-asides for everything. For School, preserving their own Cultures and for Business Loans and other business help and to Social Services (health, etc.) to getting our Tax Monies for their elderly family members (qualify for Welfare immediately and Social Security after seven years of residency (asians are known to dump their relatives on us, The American Tax Payers’)) and to Jobs, they get it all.

    The other problem with this “article” is, they fail to mention why they’re here instead of staying home and fixing their own Third World Holes.

    • I would agree with you so far as Southeast Asia, but have you ever traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Taiwan? I think the term “Third World Hole” is a bit inaccurate there.

      • SmithandSmith

        Nope, never traveled to Asia and never will. I’m not into being surrounded by BILLIONS of non-whites like you are.

        They are all Third World Holes because that’s the fact. The Yen is Worthless and that’s why it takes THOUSANDS of them in order to equal a few measly few hundred dollars and the same for the rest of them.

        I’m willing to admit that every single Country on the Face of the Planet is all built on a House of Monetary Cards so you should be willing to admit that non-white countries are second to all White Countries.

        • “They are all Third World Holes because that’s the fact. The Yen is
          Worthless and that’s why it takes THOUSANDS of them in order to equal a
          few measly few hundred dollars and the same for the rest of them.”

          lol.. the yen hit a high of 79 to the dollar last year. Far from “worthless,” especially considering the fact that Japan actually still has factories making cars and electronics to back up their currency, unlike the US dollar which is backed up by a bunch of suckers buying treasury bonds and Bernanke on his keyboard.

          Obviously I believe that white countries are superior to non-white countries, that’s why I’m on this site. All I’m saying is drop the yokel attitude and give them their due. It’s kind of hard to look like a credible white nationalist when you don’t even have a grasp of facts.

          • SmithandSmith

            I can’t believe you’re daring to go there.

            The Dollar is WORTHLESS now with No Thanks to “Presidents” and “Congress” past and present. Globalization/immigration, I mean, including all those Third Worlds aka Asia, is the reason for the worthless dollar. I can’t believe you dared to ignore that fact.

            factories – Funny you bring that up. Ever heard of Deming? I’ll give you a hint, he ain’t asian.

            Japan modeled themselves after WESTERN, I mean WHITE Culture and that’s why they’re above every other non-white Country but not White Countries and that’s because only White People can be Western in every sense of the word. Sex Slavery is a fine example. We don’t practice that but they do. They will never be like us. They’re just different when it comes to, well, everything.

            U.S. backed by – That’s not the fault of Americans. “We” don’t make the Laws and we’re not the ones borrowing from China. It’s that “Congress” (past and present) we’re stuck with and they go Against The Will of The People all the time and on everything too. Not to mention how badly they’ve always lied to The American Public which is how they got away with being Elected by the way.

            You are NOT for White Countries let alone White People. You’re an asian lover. You have a problem with me ’cause I dare to call you out on it.

            drop yokel attitude – Oh no, that will never happen and Thanks to you, I’m gonna crank it up!

            grasp of facts – Oh yes I do and that’s what you have a problem with. You come here trying to be sly but I caught ya and I won’t let ya get away with it. It’s not my fault you can’t handle being called out for your asian love.

            white nationalist – You mean “White Nationalist”? Actually, I’m an American Nationalist if you really must know.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Asians are proof that it’s not racism that holds races back, but rather lack of work ethic, lack of value in education, and low IQ.

    • Daisy

      No it’s white people’s lack of ethnic consciousness that holds us back and failing to recognize that all others have it; *that’s how others succeed.*

  • BannerRWB

    “Though they comprise less than 4.8% of the American population, they make up 8.3% of all doctors. Only 2.3% of doctors are African American, yet they’re 13% of the population. Thirty percent of African American men will go to jail, but only 1.6% of prisoners are Asian.
    Nobody sees the problem with that?”

    I see the problems: 1) Asians are 4.8 percent of the U.S. population; 2) Blacks are 13 percent of the U.S. population. If we got rid of those two problems, any other issues such as incarceration rates, education disparity, crime statistics, etc., would be moot.
    Here’s a question for the author though: You need emergency surgery and you get to choose between two doctors for which one will do your operation. One is Asian and the other Black. That is all the information you have to go on – Which doctor do you choose?

    • A White one.

    • potato78

      Doctors from far east comprise only 0.1% of 8.3% of all doctors in US, the rest of them are doctors from India and Pakistan.

  • SmithandSmith

    I will answer everyone on either Sunday or Monday (and finish reading those last few posts and respond, should those last few posts I didn’t read, turn out to be pro-asian).

    Thanking You in Advance for your Patience.

    • I am as much of a white nationalist as anyone on this site (probably more), but I see nothing wrong with acknowledging that the East Asians are the closest thing to an intellectual equal that the European has on this planet. Even Hitler took this position quite openly–ever read Mein Kampf?

      Your posts smack of someone who has not traveled much. For someone to stroll down the crime-free streets of Tokyo, through the walls of earthquake-proof mirrored skyscrapers designed and built by Japanese, or to ride on their smooth-as-air 200mph bullet train, I find it hard to believe that that person could dismiss all of it as ‘luck’ or ‘help from whites.’

      The Japanese navy–displaying incredible skill for a country the size of California that was not even civilized a century earlier–took on a nation ten times its size and gave a hell of a fight.

      The same can be said in a different way for the Chinese, who displayed incredible ingenuity in the centuries before they were hit with a chain of tragedies that liquidated their best DNA (the Mongols and later Mao).

      Now does this all mean that I want Asians in white countries? Absolutely not. But like I said, give them their due. A true white nationalist is nothing if not objective.

      • freddy_hills

        While I generally agree with you, I think you’ve over reached with some of your examples. Japan had completely rebuilt itself on the western model. And while they have done an outstanding job of executing western technology (and even improving on it) the innovation isn’t what one would expect — outside of robotics for which there is a national obsession. Believe me, nothing makes me happier than when others innovate because I benefit from those innovations.

        You’re also mistaken about the US being 10 times the size of Japan. In land area the US is larger. But we weren’t fighting “land”. We were fighting people. And the 1940 populations of the US and Japan were 72 million and 132 million respectively. Plus, Japan had two major advantages. First, the US was fighting 2 wars at the same time. And, second, the Pacific was a lot closer to Japan than the U?S. That gave Japan a major tactical advantage in terms of supply lines.

        • JohnEngelman

          Japan was fighting two wars too. The other one was in China.

          This sentence is misleading: “And the 1940 populations of the US and Japan were 72 million and 132 million respectively.” The US had 132 million people. Japan had 72 million.

          • freddy_hills

            Japan was fighting China by choice. China was in no position to take the fight to them after they withdrew. Your right that I got the numbers backwards. My mistake.

        • Yes, Japan rebuilt itself “on the western model,” but try directing Nigeria or Pakistan to rebuild themselves on a western model. Heck, even give them the money to do it. See how far they get. That is all I’m trying to say.

          I do a fair amount of business with Japanese clients. Are they a nation of Silicon Valley-level entrepreneurs? No. But they do come up with some pretty remarkable stuff, most of which you never hear about since Japanese inventors are not black (in which case you’d hear about their inventions on every western mass media outlet incessantly).

          My “10 times the size” statement was meant to be a bit of hyperbole, but not by much. The U.S. has an infinite amount of natural resources compared with barren Japan, which is why they needed mainland Asia to satisfy their war materiel needs.

          Finally, Japan had been fighting China for almost five years before they attacked Pearl Harbor. That was, ya know, kinda the whole reason that Roosevelt declared embargoes against Japan. They had an enormous amount of land forces devoted to occupying China, Manchuria, Korea, Taiwan, etc. Not to mention they kicked the British’s butts out of Singapore using infantry on bicycles.

          With respect to the supply line thing, as I already said, I’m not trying to argue that Japan could have beaten the U.S. Obviously they lost for a variety of reasons, both within and beyond their control. The real point is that the world would be a better place if they and Germany (the nationalists) had defeated the internationalists.

          • paul

            ‘But they do come up with some pretty remarkable stuff’??

            Please, tell me what they invented?. I’m not talking modified or improved but actually invented. They had thousands of years to do it.

          • Try doing a Jewgle search for “Japanese inventions.”

            As I said in my post below, I never claimed that the Japanese match Europeans in creative ingenuity, or even come close. I am merely saying give them their due. Too many yokels on this site evidently have never ventured past their local Wal-Mart.

          • paul

            I’ll take that as ‘can’t find anything they invented’

          • And I’ll take that as ‘can’t figure out how to use Jewgle.’

            Try wandering outside of your county once in a while. You might learn something.

          • SmithandSmith

            Since you called me a “yokel”, I take this post to be about me. Here’s my answer:

            I don’t shop at wal-mart because their crap is all asian made and it’s all junk. I prefer paying more because the higher the price, the better it’s made. I shop on-line and at Antique Shops and if I can’t get it from America Made by Americans, I buy it from Europe. It is very expensive but it’s worth it. At least I don’t have to replace things time and again unlike that asian crap that must be constantly replaced.

            Did you know German Made Washers/Dryers run into thousands of dollars EACH? Do you know why? It’s because it lasts FOREVER! American Made Products are like that. Of course, it has to be REAL American-Made but if you can find it, trust me when I tell ya, it’s worth every penny. Antiques (in america) I’m talking about. Buy old stuff and you will find yourself making your last purchase.

            Seriously, from fridges to stoves to heaters to cars, they still work and work better than anything you can find Third World Foreign-Made Today.

          • Here is an example that sums up the relationship between Japan and Europe perfectly:

            The Japanese car company Nissan set out a few years ago to create the world’s top supercar. The Nissan engineers purchased a Porsche 911 Turbo, took it apart down to the nuts and bolts, and re-engineered it again from the ground up with the stated goal of improving everything that could be improved. The end result was the Nissan GT-R, which almost all car magazines declared to be hands-down the world’s best supercar, with the added irony that the GT-R sells for almost HALF THE PRICE of the Porsche 911. The critics said that even if money were left off the table, the Nissan is pound-for-pound the best high performance car on the road.

            Now, does this mean that the Japanese mind is superior or even equivalent to the German mind? No!! Not even close! But it does mean that the Japanese have got some incredible minds to be able to pull off such a feat, which goes far beyond mere ‘imitation’ or ‘stealing’ as closed-minded so-called white nationalists like you want to paint it as. People like you want to put the Japanese into the same boat as Pakistanis or Zulus because “THEY AIN’T WHITE!!1!1” And that’s just not right.

          • SmithandSmith

            You’re an Asian Lover and that’s okay. All I want from you is a Solid Admission of that Fact.

            nissan – It is NOT American nor European. Did you know that Japan and China both (all non-white “manufacturers”) (subtract all aide/tax breaks/incentives, etc.) FIRST in order to come to a True Number) come out in the black (accounting verbiage) on their imports to America? ONLY America LOSES, as usual. For one to be so ‘up to date’ on the Happenings of Today, it surprises me you don’t mention this GLARING Fact.

            Re-engineered aka STEALING what The White Men Thought of and Created FIRST! You always STEAL and then you DARE to take Credit for it. Shame on You.

            improve – Using who’s Knowledge? Couldn’t be from those WHITE MEN could it?

            Car Magazines, REAL ones that is, ALWAYS put GERMAN Automobiles FIRST and that’s because they’re The Best! I’ve had a few old VW’s myself and I KNOW just how Truly Reliable they really are and this includes THROUGH Snow and Ice Storms. Pack your Ice Scraper ’cause you need to Scrape your WindShield from the Inside. The Heaters never did really work.

            BMW’s on the other hand, are not so at all. Give a BMW a Dry Road and she’ll put you to Shame any Day of The Week and I’ll be The Driver to Prove it so. I have a One Hundred Twenty Mile Per Hour (car can go faster that that) Ticket to PROVE it too.

            I’ll Put German or American up against your asian junk any Day of the Week. As The Doc says, Say When…

            half price – And there goes The Quality. True Quality is NEVER Cheap unlike your asian stuff. Ya know what’s True Asian Quality and Expensive too? Oriental Rugs and some Asian Art Work. Their cars on the other hand, are CRAP!

            pound for pound – Where have you been? It’s The Dawn of Non-White Worship so everything you hear Today is full of nothing but FALSE Non-White Worship be it Truly Worthy or Not.

            You’re trying, and a bit to desperately in my opinion, trying to equate asian to White though you “deny” doing so.

            putting Japs in same category – No I’m not (counting them as same as other non-whites) I put The Japs First in The Asian World just like you do but unlike you, I don’t Welcome them no more than any other non-white groups. I am also unwilling, unlike you, to give Credit where Credit is NOT Truly Due.

          • SmithandSmith

            There is no relationship between Japan and Europe. There are only asians looking to get whatever advantage they can get from anyone and anything.

            You talk up an “asian made” car but it’s not asian made at all. It’s a car they built USING WHITE Innovation and Creativity.

            I already told you what “HALF THE PRICE” really means. Cheap price means cheap quality and Slave (wages) Labor.

            That jap car of yours is not the best car out there. The car must not only go fast, it must also be able to perform in other extremely important areas like being able to stay on the road. By that I mean, the car must be able to grip the road. You can actually feel the car (BMW) grabbing the road whereas asian cars do not. Traction is a vitally important part that must come with fast cars.

            Japs don’t have incredible minds and they’ve never pulled off any feat. They have however, murdered too many American Soldiers and quite cruelly too. They’ve also managed to get Congress to give an undue apology and they’ve managed to get a museum in America bashing Americans paid for by Americans.

            Japs did indeed steal. Taking something someone else built and “expanding” on it is stealing. Just because you can’t bring yourself to admit that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

            As for your “close-minded so-called white nationalists” comment, you’re just mad because you can’t get Americans to commit suicide via asian, in this case, jap inclusion.

            And, I’m Very Proud to be Close-Minded for that ensures that I will NEVER go along with White Genocide unlike you. You like to make exceptions and exceptions is what got us here but you just refuse to acknowledge that. Why is that? Do you have a non-white spouse with non-white kids? Is this why you’re so close-minded on allowing White People to just be left alone from you and your asians?

            I put japs in the non-white category because they’re not White. You keep insisting White People include your japs and that’s what needs to be questioned. Why can’t you go live in Japan and leave White People alone? Just answer this: Do White People have the Right to be left alone from you non-whites or not? So far, according to your writings, you believe we don’t. Answer why you believe White People have no right to be left alone in their own Countries from you and your asians.

      • SmithandSmith

        Hitler never liked the asians. He USED them for nothing more than sheer numbers much like The North used the blacks and neither he nor The North, liked either one.

        white nationalist – No, you most certainly are NOT a White Nationalist. No White Person would EVER, EVER put asians, who are still, after Trillions of WHITE TAX PAID Dollars and Decades/Centuries Later, who are all still, Third World, in the same category as White People.

        Mein Kampf – Got two. One in German and the other in English. Hitler was, while a Great Leader in many ways (before he went completely crazy that is), was naturally crazy. I bet that Art School is sorry now! Imagine, if only Adolf was accepted…

        traveled much – You got that right! Only to Europe and many parts of America. I have never and will never, have any interest in traveling to any part of the Third World. Too many diseases to catch and too many non-whites there for my taste.

        crime-free tokyo – Oh please! To say the japs never commit crime in Tokyo is just dumb! Japs, or rather, Tokyo is no more crime-free than any other City. Just because the crime rate is lower doesn’t mean crime doesn’t exist. Let’s compare an ALL WHITE City to Tokyo and then see where we land on crime stats. Sex Slavery is a crime in my book so that must be counted in the stats.

        earth quake proof – On what Richter Scale? Zero? The White Peoples have managed, and all their own too, The White Peoples have figured out how to beat Earthquakes to very real degree too and guess what else? They didn’t learn that from the japs.

        bullet train – Ah yes, The Wonderful World of German Ingenuity. Just about Everything everyone knows came FIRST, from German Thought. That “bullet train” of yours is not all that old as in, not necessarily, Jap Made. A whole lot of mathematical information was Founded by WHITE People long before the japs designed their train. In short, they took knowledge from WHITE People in order to make it.

        luck – No, I don’t think it was luck, I think it was because they used knowledge afforded them from no one other than The White Folk.

        jap navy – And oh, how I so “love” how they tested the sharpness of their swords on MY Beloved American Soldiers. Not to mention, how the JAPS ATTACKED AMERICA. Let’s not go there.

        The BEST Military Wares are ALL German. (just a side thought here) The only reason Germany lost is because of their Absolute Insistence on Absolute Quality which, as anyone with half a pea brain knows, takes time. America mass produced like Russia did and that’s why they lost just The North massed produced and CHEATED The South out of their Rightful Win.

        chinese – Okay, if your goal was to make me sick, you achieved it. There is no such thing as “chinese ingenuity”. China has been stealing since (before I was born) I was a child. Granted, I only started listening to the news since I was about seven but still, for as long as I’ve been paying attention, they’ve been cheating. For you not to acknowledge this shows me where you really stand. You are no White Nationalist. Perhaps that’s why you write “white nationalist”. Freud Wins Every Time.

        liquidated DNA – Any Excuse will do for you won’t it? I’m betting you’re perfectly okay with the asians liquidating White People aren’t ya? Not a word from you about miscegenation and I do believe I know why. You’re an asian aren’t ya?

        give due – NO, I cannot do that. I’m American so the only “due” I can do is to give Due to My Fellow Americans and the other White Peoples. I know where the Best of the Best came from and not a bit of it came from your beloved asians.

        asians in country – Oh yes you do want them here and that’s why you say NOTHING about getting rid of them. Your whole post is full of nothing but false praise for them.

        For the last time, you’re not a White Nationalist and you’re not objective. You have as asian fetish and you’re trying to push that on Americans and I won’t stand for it.

        • Turn off the Fox News and whatever other Kosher neoconservative garbage you’re watching/reading and read Mein Kampf another ten times or so.

          • SmithandSmith

            You, the Asian Lover, trying to tell me what not to watch and what to read. Not only is that rich, it’s ABSURD!

            Anything I want to know about Hitler, I can ask My Own Family Member who was THERE! I know about the German Girls who were RAPED and NAILED, Spread Eagled MIND YOU, to Barn Doors not to mention THE PILES of DEAD GERMANS that LINED the Streets AND The Germans who were FORCED to RUN for THEIR LIVES and BAREFOOT JUST LIKE THE CONFEDERATES WHO FOUGHT BAREFOOT. NEVER is there EVER, EVER, any mention of The Germans who Lost their Lives and who were Brutalized at EVERY TURN. And, like The South, NEVER is there EVER A MENTION of their BLOOD let alone any of the THIRD WORLD STYLE BRUTALITY THEY WERE FORCED TO ENDURE BY YOU TRAITOR YANKS.

            Boy, you’ve done run up against the wrong American here. The South First, America Second and Germany Always. God is Always First so that just needs to go without saying and Family Third.

            I Adore Psychiatry and I take The Mind Very Seriously. Never discount The Brain/Mind and its Ability. Just because a Jew understands it don’t make him inconsequential.

            screwed – Perhaps but at least I know where I Stand. I Stand with God, America and Family. Where do you Stand? Oh that’s right, You Stand with The Asians. Once you Leave America and Americans, you are Not Welcomed Back. Let’s Not Play Here.

            Mein Kampf – Thank You for Capitalizing what Rightfully Deserves Capitalization. I have Two Versions and I will never read neither. I don’t have time for Dead People, I only have Time for America and My Own Fellow Americans but I suspect that’s over your head.

  • Thor Bonham

    No John Engleman ,eh ? Figured he’d be the first to comment..

  • Johnwharl

    Isn’t it strange that when Asians are lauded for outperforming whites,whites say it’s
    because Asians get some unknown privileges and that they cheat as some here are
    claiming.But when same Asians are compared to Blacks or Hispanics,those unknown privileges somehow miraculously disappear and it’s because Asians are superior.
    Very strange indeed.

    • freddy_hills

      Asians do have a reputation for “cheating”. But no one doubts that Asians are generally successful due to being fairly bright and hardworking.

  • ImTellinYa

    Asians certainly are, on the whole, a somewhat better class of people than Blacks and Mexicans, but that depends on the Asian.

    Where I live the lively, vibrant Hmong are absolutely horrible. They are easily as bad as Mexicans when it comes to major crime, bad judgement and just plain crappy behavior.

    The Vietnamese are no great shakes either. A large proportion of them are heavily gang affiliated.

    Pacific Islanders are soft of like a cross between a Mexican and a Black. In other words exactly like a Mexican and a Black.

    Apart from the exceptions that prove the rule, these South Asians are just as big of a problem as the more parasitic Blacks and Mexicans. The Asians do tend to hold a job better except for the Hmong; they are generally wards of the state to some degree.

    The North Asians; Koreans, Japanese and Northern Chinese are pretty good people. I like them, but they have no business flocking to this country in substantial numbers. We don’t need them and we certainly don’t want them.

    Even the much vaunted northern Asians with their marginally
    higher IQs than Whites have never been particularly innovative or
    socially advanced. The entire history of Asia has a much more brutal
    level of tyranny than the European. Asians invented a good many things,
    but never really developed them in pre-modern times like the Europeans
    did. The development of gunpowder weapons and highly-sophisticated
    sailing ships by Europeans is an unbelievably interesting story. The
    North Asians had all the same pieces in their hands, but did relatively
    little with them. Regarding the European guns and ships it was a story
    of constant little improvements, unceasing little tweaks and then sudden
    massive breakthroughs. Only among Europeans did that kind of thing
    happen. AND the Europeans always created superior organization and doctrine to use their new inventions than the Asians ever did.

    Even in the modern era Asians have invented virtually nothing of
    fundamental importance. They are very good at taking White inventions
    and improving them in some respects; especially in manufacturing
    techniques, but even today the inventions and innovations are still
    coming almost exclusively from Whites.And there is a reason that even the Northern Asians are still coming to the U.S. It is because they have ruined their countries to a greater or lesser extent. The overpopulation alone is horrendous and they will do the same here. And as I mentioned, Asians seem to be more or less addicted to tyranny. Even the relatively benign Japaneses government is still incredibly oppressive and intrusive.The fact is that Asians vote for the Leftist pathology just as much as Blacks, Mexicans and Jews do. We need no more of those people for any reason.

    • I would agree with your assessment of South Asians, but with respect to the history of Chinese civilization I think you need to read a bit more. They developed quite a bit more than you seem to realize (albeit obviously not on par with Europeans pound for pound).

      • ImTellinYa

        The thing about China though is that it has always been an extremely brutal and frequently dysfunctional tyranny. Chinese simply aren’t Americans. We don’t need or want them in any significant numbers. Same holds for Japanese and Koreans. Ignoring the intelligence issue, there are huge differences in character and temperament. Chinese and Japanese both are rigid conformists who worship power. In other words they are natural Leftists. So I may have a few details wrong, but the fact remains that the Chinese and Japanese have never been even close to Europeans in innovation and flexible adaptability.

        During WWII we began defeating the Japanese decisively long before we had quantitative or qualitative superiority. We were winning the war of attrition in the air with F4F Wildcats, P-40s and P-39s which were all initially helpless against the Japanese fighter planes. On the ground, at sea and in the air we quickly rebounded, and it was all because of innovations and adaptations with existing equipment by the guys actually using that equipment. The high command welcomed these innovations and made sure they were spread around.

        We began sinking Japanese ships using skip bombing which was invented in the field by pilots flying medium bombers.

        Our defeat of Japan is a monument to the initiative of the individual and the flexibility of higher command. This was just another example in a long, long history of European superiority in systems and organization that allowed them to conquer the world long before the industrial revolution made Europeans into something like supermen.

        • See, right off the bat you start with a strawman. Just because one acknowledges that, historically, the Chinese have managed to create a fine civilization, does not necessarily mean that one “needs or wants them in any significant numbers” in white countries.

          I would agree with you so far as the Asian temperament. But I never once argued that they were the same as whites. I merely said that they are highly intelligent, and their historical track record shows this.

          I also never said that the Japanese were beating us in WWII. I said that for a nation the size of California who was barely civilized a century earlier, they put up a hell of a fight–strategically and technologically. All the ‘culture’ in the world couldn’t have enabled Nigerians or Pakistanis to pull off such a feat.

        • paul

          can’t improve on this.

        • Seek

          Asian group loyalty doesn’t make them natural “Leftists” so much as natural tribalists. That puts them squarely on the Right. The problem is that it’s Rightism in their context, not ours. Which is a good reason to limit their numbers coming here.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Our defeat of Japan was a monument to a great many other things. We took logistics seriously, and they didn’t. The Japanese army was simply not trained or equipped to fight in the jungles of New Guinea or the Solomon Islands. They had virtually no submachineguns, which is an ideal weapon for close-quarters fighting in a jungle; our Thompson – in .45″ caliber – was plentiful. Our standard infantry rifle was a semi-automatic, the Garand. Theirs were bolt-actions. Their belts and ammo pouches were leather, which quickly rotted. Our webgear did not. They did not effectively vaccinate their men against yellow fever, or provide much quinine for malaria. We did, and went one better, issuing large quantities of DDT to keep the mosquitoes away. We provided sulfa drugs and penicillin to prevent wounds from becoming infected. They had very little of the first and none of the second. Our Seabees used heavy construction equipment to build new airfields. They normally used conscripted Korean construction troops equipped only with picks and shovels. They frequently landed men in places where they could not later be fed, or even evacuated.

          Decades later, many nations still do not seem to have appreciated the logistical lessons of the Pacific War. In the 1982 Falklands fighting, Argentine conscripts from warm Buenos Aires and Patagonia were sent to fight in exposed positions in the Falklands, a nearly treeless area that resembles a colder, wetter version of Scotland, where they were hungry, soaked and cold. After being taken as POWs and finally brought to Port Stanley, they were issued warm clothing that had been stockpiled there by the Argentine army but which had never been issued. Even their officers on the spot hadn’t thought to get it to them. The British had proper cold-weather gear and plenty of realistic training in exactly that sort of weather, so that even when almost all their Chinook helos were destroyed by an Exocet hit on the supply ship, Atlantic Conveyor, they just marched across country in full kit, in freezing rain.

          In 1990, during the buildup for the Coalition drive into Kuwait and Iraq, I remember some Iraqi spokesman ridiculing the elaborate coalition logistical efforts. I also remember thinking at the time, “This man is an idiot.”

        • Guest

          “The thing about China though is that it has always been an extremely brutal and frequently dysfunctional tyranny.”

          China’s population consisted primarily of free peasants. Europe had a teeming slave caste up until the 1600s and they suffered horribly. Google “crypteia” as a starter.

    • freddy_hills

      You said “South Asians” but I think you mean Southeast Asians. South Asians are from India. Southeast Asians are from Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. Individually, they’re alright I suppose. But when there are large numbers of different peoples coming together then the psychology of groups comes into play and you have conflict. That’s the problem with someone judging a group based on the ones they like. I like them, too. But it won’t keep conflict from happening as the numbers grow.

    • YngveKlezmer

      I’ve heard things like this before. I’ve known a fair number of Japanese/Chinese/Korean Americans, never had a problem with a single one of them. In my school days, in a school that was 25% Black, I went to school with quite a few Filipino kids. They were especially nice. Good students, good musicians, and very good kids all around. I was a band kid, so I obviously tended to hang out with the other musicians. In a school that was a quarter Black, there was only one Black kid in the band in four years of high school, but several Filipino kids, all of whom were very good musicians, and very much part of our social group as band kids. They had to deal with the Black bullying just as much as us White kids. Like us, the Filipino kids came from strong families with a father who supported his family, and they studied hard, and practiced hard on their instruments. Their families were always Catholic, and strict Catholic at that, similar to older Polish and Italian families, with super-strong morals.

      • Kblankenship7

        I have met a lot of nice Filipinos…I once knew a black man from Oakland who hated them. Any idea of why? He never said. Also, Filipinos seem to be more conservative in voting. Does anyone know why?

  • cecil91

    Mcinnes’ detractors obviously took his satirical piece as serious literature, which is typical of PC progressives who think “size matters” is a reference to the length of someone’s sensitivity pole. Such people don’t even think, they just respond like dogs in heat. I have learned to ignore them as I would one of Tony Bennet’s recent concerts–they can just keep croaking without me.

  • a multiracial individual

    I know many people are shaking their heads and asking, “Why so many Asian articles?” The reason is this, liberals have made race an unapproachable subject for whites. Asians are still (for the time being) able to speak candidly about race. If there ever is a massive acceptance of race realism in the West, be assured that it will be Asian in its’ origin.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Come off it. I’m one of those happy, fun folks who thinks genocide is workable, but I’m 3/16 northeastern woodlands Amerind and married to a Japanese gal. Sayaka’s so far right-wing she makes me look like a Democrat. It’s a little disturbing at times. Lots of East Asians are Democrats, but the exceptions are amazing.

  • Zackers

    White privilege means a white kid growing up as a minority in any single city in the US, raised by a drunken mother, bullied in a class where most of his white, female classmates will be dating black or other boys of color, and taught in that same classroom that one of the most important lesson is school is that He should end his racist ways and be more tolerant of others – white privilege means that if this kid applies to college he will be considered less worthy than the children of upper middle class blacks, even black millionaires, who’s grandparents benefited from affirmative action – and will be considered that during all of his years of schooling. Perhaps what I say is an exaggeration. Then again, perhaps white privilege is just as one-sided as the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany during the 1930’s. That led up to the Holocaust.

    • freddy_hills

      “Perhaps what I say is an exaggeration.”

      Exaggeration? I thought you were writing my biography.

    • paul

      give it up with the holocaust stuff. we’ve all heard it. Go to the splc if you want to whine about mythology.

  • That’s why they have to have SATs that are 1000 points higher than “real” minorities. Even if their illiterate parents work washing dishes in the back of a restaurant.

  • Zackers

    “As long as even one exists and allowed to live, the other 6,999,999,999 people on Earth will be oppressed minorities”.

    No. Even when all whites are dead, all problems will seen as caused by the legacy or whiteness.

  • dj2

    I didn’t find this piece particularly good. It might have been back in the 90s.

    The liberals, Jews, cultural marxists, and revisionists have lost. What we have to do going forward is try to clean up the battlefield and make sense of the victory.

  • potato78

    Look at here.
    Summarizing these comments.
    Asians are bad.
    Now let’s stop talking to them and about them.
    Pretending be asian’s friends=whites may become a person stabbing asian back.
    People mind is E………………..

  • freddy_hills

    Asian privilege is being able to succeed without being accused of having privilege.

  • Barrack Osama

    It’s disappointing how quickly the original argument comments devolved into cultural penis-waving. Spoilers: All the Asian people think there is no Asian privilege, think they should be allowed to move to any white country, and have poor sarcasm detection.

  • sams club

    But liberals like Jared Taylor does the ole classic pc over-compensation for chastising blacks so much by making yellow devils as supreme to whites just because he lived in Japan a while as a missionary offspring. Whites are the whipping boy of all 3 races these days in pc style. You are not cool if you don’t criticize or belittle a white just for existing.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “Not by hard work but by stepping on the backs of others.”

    Since the first Chinese in the United States arrived to lay railroad track in California, while the first Japanese in the US went to Hawaii to pick pineapples, I find the statement in the article absolutely hilarious.

  • paul

    This is obviously satire. I’m amazed so many here thought it was real.

  • potato78

    Can we stop talking about ASIANS?
    They are only 4.8% of the US total population.
    Far East People only 1.2% of the US total population.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I agree; we could always go back to talking about blacks. The Knoxville Horror is a much more cheery subject, after all. Let’s go back to discussing how Africans destroyed Detroit and how they and Puerto Ricans destroyed Camden and Baltimore.

      One should try to remember that people usually show the sort of charity to others they feel they can afford, and YT is on the defensive.

  • YngveKlezmer

    So sad to see a Gent with such a fine Celtic name as Gavin McInnes expressing such pro-Black sentiments. If Mr. McInnes could see reality at all, he would use the Oriental Asian levels of success in America as a key example of how America had been quite good to non-White minorities.
    As we all know, Asian success in our land has nothing to do with any kind of bogus privilege, such as Mr. McInnes is trying to invent. Business owners are glad to Asian applicants for positions not because of any privilege they want to give Asians, but because they know Asians are most likely to be hard workers, and are respectful of authority. They focus on the task at hand, and get the job done properly and efficiently. This is why they are preferred as workers over Blacks and Mestizoes, not because of any desire by White Americans to confer on them some bogus privilege.

    Beyond just working hard, Oriental Asians also hail from host societies that place a high value on honor and respect. This also causes Oriental Asians to integrate well into our European American workplace. Not only do Asian workers do their jobs well, they are respectful to their White co-workers, and that is why most of us have positive feelings about about Asians, not because we want to give them some bogus kind of privilege. Asian workers get to know us, laugh with us, and respect us, unlike Blacks who, after having the nerve to slack, proceed to lampoon us, and sometimes even mock our heritage right to our faces. We don’t dare respond and lampoon back, though, or they will scream racism, and run to the boss. Asians, because they value honor and respect as we do, do not have to be told that lampooning us angers us.

    The Liberal though police like Mr. McInnes want us to hold it against Asians that they have created advanced cultures, like we Whites have, and to hold their positive behaviors against them. I refuse to do this. I give Asians credit for behaving positively, and for being a non-White minority group that contributes to the greatness of America, instead of tearing our culture down, and than having the nerve to blame us for their own bad behaviors, as Blacks are accustomed to doing. If Mr. McInnes had some sense in his head, he would be castigating Blacks for their bad behaviors and lauding Asians for their good behaviors. So sad to see someone with a good Celtic name like McInnes, a name that conjures images of an idyllic village in Scotland or Ireland, expressing such pro Black sentiment at the expense of Asians.

  • Korean guy

    As a Korean guy, I am sure a few AmRen members are expecting me to put something down here but, I honestly have nothing to say. I am no longer “pleased” or “disturbed” by anything I read about the East Asian races on the Internet any more. And on top of that, those three cultures are very distinct among them and rest assured, the day won’t ever come when the three East Asian countries combine into one and attempt to take over the rest of the world. I have seen a countless number of wonderful Japanese and Chinese people who taught me a few enormously important lessons and comforted me whenever I was having difficult times. No matter what I read on the Internet about the East Asian race, it won’t ever change my perspective that those three cultures are wonderful and have a lot to offer the rest of the world.

    (But I did hear China is trying to buy many parts of Africa and North Korea. And Africans are quite happy about China trying to by Africa.)

    • Korean guy

      And I won’t ever expect my ethnicity to give me any automatic advantage. I will work for everything I want to have with my two hands.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      You’re mostly right. The different nations in Europe hated each other with pathological abandon right up until World War One, and when that was over, proceeded to have an even bigger war a generation later.

      East Asians won’t become allies in our lifetimes, though South Korea did send emergency personnel to Japan after the terrible tsunami, which was a decent thing for both parties.

      I’m not completely sure Africans will like Han Chinese making Africa “work” any more than they liked YT doing the same.

      • Korean guy

        Yes many men and women from Korea personally went to Japan to give a hand.

        I found what India did very admirable. India sent Japan several tens of thousands of blankets, whereas many countries around the world sent Japan “money”. That is like giving a dying patient “money” instead of any proper medical treatment.

  • josh

    “Stepping on the backs of others”. Quite true! WE built the country they are flocking to.

  • In light of all the clueless comments on here and the original article from both whites and Asians who are apparently completely unable to detect sarcasm, I’m afraid I have been overestimating the intelligence of both races for quite some time.

    • SmithandSmith

      You’re just mad ’cause you can’t get all us White Folk to play along with your “exceptions”.

      • Nah, not mad. More like disappointed that there are still so many yokels who consider themselves “white nationalists” but whose white nationalism consists of little more than yelling “IF YOU AIN’T WHITE YOU AIN’T RIGHT!” with a southern drawl.

        I’ve got three words of advice for you and I’m done: Read Mein Kampf. Maybe you’ll learn something.