More Latinos Likely to Vote Republican If Immigration Reform Passes

Albert Sabate, ABC News, March 18, 2013

What role the Republican Party plays in comprehensive immigration reform will have an important impact on whether or not Latinos, a key political demographic, will consider voting Republican in the future, a new poll finds.

A recent poll by Latino Decisions, a firm that conducts research on Latino political opinions, reported that 32 percent of Latinos would be more likely to consider voting Republican in the future if comprehensive immigration reform passed. On a related note, 39 percent said they would be less likely to vote Republican if party leaders in the House of Representatives defeated reform efforts.

“[It] is in the interest of GOP leaders to deliver comprehensive immigration reform that actually makes them look better to the electorate,” said Gary Segura, co-founder of Latino Decisions and director of Chicana/o Studies at Stanford University.


According to the poll, a significant portion of voters, even those who generally allied with Obama in the election, would consider voting for Republicans if the party helped to pass the immigration reform. Sharing this opinion were 26 percent of Obama voters, 35 percent of independents and 38 percent of voters under 40.

Similarly, if a bill passes the Senate but is defeated in the house, many of those polled said they would be less likely to vote Republican in the future. That opinion was voiced by 50 percent of Obama voters, 32 percent of independents and 36 percent of voters under 40.


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  • sbuffalonative

    …that 32 percent of Latinos would be more likely to consider voting Republican in the future
    The OPERATIVE word here is CONSIDER. Give it to me in writing and in blood and maybe I’ll CONSIDER IT to be a bankable fact.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Hahaha. That’s like me saying I’d be more willing to consider voting Democrat if the party led efforts to flatten the tax code. Like the majority of browns and immigration policy, the flat tax is something I see as a good thing but not the end all be all of domestic policy. If browns were so willing to vote Republican they would have when McAmnesty ran and they didn’t. They want cradle-to-grave welfare and collectivist social policies because that’s what they’re used to.

  • Grim Jim

    Sure some will, since they can’t read English and aren’t even capable of reading Spanish being complete illiterates, mistakes will happen; even with the pictures of the candidates on the voting machine touch screens.

    anyway, what’s the difference? Both parties are identical in most ways except that each fights for the goodies(taxpayer money) to divide up among their buddies(co-conspirators)


  • dd121

    Just what Conservatives need, fatherly advice from ABC news on how Republicans can get more votes from minorities. Seriously?

    • The__Bobster

      Yeah, like the libtarded MSM actually want Republicans to win elections.

  • Wrong. Recent political history proves that with each amnesty or quasi-amnesty, the Hispanic vote becomes more Democrat at the next election cycle.

    • The__Bobster

      True. After the Reagan mistake of 1986, less of the stubbies voted Republican in 1988.

      • liberalsuck

        A few conservative talking heads have been coming out and saying this, but I hope the Republican lawmakers will heed the advice of their white conservative base and not the liberals or nonwhites who vote for the Democratic Party as they will hate us no matter what we do.

  • crystalevans

    Let’s be honest, Latinos and other minorities will vote for the party that promises them the most benefits. Why do you think that the Democrats have been so successful with these groups?

    • liberalsuck

      Exactly. most nonwhite vote for socialism and big government. Blacks vote against white conservatives nine times out of ten. Latinos and Asians each voted 75% against us. Somehow you’re telling me that if we continue to add more of them and kiss their asses that they will be on our side? Has any of the anti-white laws or welfare or Section 8 housing or getting rid of segregation or getting rid of laws against interracial marriages appeased blacks? Did granting amnesty to 3 million illegals in 1986 under Regan win them any favors? I’d expect this stupidity and selling out from liberals, but not patriotic white conservatives. I thought most of them knew better.

  • The GOP can get its 32% Latino vote, but at what cost, losing 32% of the white vote?
    Hispanics are about 14% of the population, and whites are about 70%.

    So, if the GOP gets 100% of the Hispanic vote, that is equal to about 9.8% of the white vote?
    WHAT is the Republican Party so afraid of? The democrats shamelessly go after black and Hispanic votes, and so do the republicans, yet they won’t go for the white vote?

    • RisingReich

      There’s no question that the media and libs have something VERY serious on most Repubs. I have my money on rampant pedophilia and homosexual degeneracy.

      See Lindsay Graham and McAmnesty.

      • zimriel

        On certain key Dems, too. The arm-twisting and bribery that got Obamacare passed was epic.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Agreed. Gay Old Pedophiles (GOP)

    • White Mom in WDC

      There is only one party- the rich elites who won’t scrub their own toilet bowls. This is all smoke n mirrors. The government elite know that the educated and aware everyday white person is not easily swayed. They need someone to kiss their arce, why not the beaners?

    • Xerxes22

      They take the White vote for granted. The GOP assumes that Whites have no where else to go so they don’t have to campaign for their votes as a group. They forget that Whites can also stay home which many did this past election.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      They are not afraid. They are infiltrated and bought.
      Whites are going to have to let go of the desire to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
      It is very clear now that we are betrayed.

      • liberalsuck

        Our rights aren’t going to come from a party. They are going to come from blood, sweat and determination. They are going to come from millions of white people being so angry that they resort to armed resistance to change things, just like our ancestors did for centuries. They didn’t wait for the next election or “vote for a certain party.” The problem for white conservatives is we are playing fair with people who hate us, want us dead and will use any means to push their agenda. Being nice to a school bully who beats you up for your lunch money isn’t going to stop until you tell him know and throw him a good wallop.

    • Robert

      I think it’s actually 16% and growing. 🙂

    • tenatesgigantus

      you forget that most Latinos are concentrated in states with high electoral votes. in those states their percentage of the electorate can be as high as 30%. Ergo, when it comes to presidential elections, Latinos are effectively the new swing vote. Thats why the Repubs are now willing to negotiate…

  • bigone4u

    Minority voters are more motivated by what the pols will give them–greater welfare benefits, more preferences, more government jobs, and status (high profile appointments to office)–than they are motivated by principle. Our constitution, our European values, mean nothing to them. Going pro-immigration isn’t going to create a long-term class of Hispanic Republicans. No way, Jose, is that going to happen.

  • Tomasso

    So instead of growing a pair and stepping up and becoming the white mans party these
    vaginas are going to drop down on their knees and grovel to the brown and black man just like the libtards. I say send them all on a bike ride in India and let sweet diversity gang bang them

    • RisingReich

      Very colorful. My sentiments exactly.

    • White Mom in WDC


    • Diamond_Lil

      Why disparage vaginas? Are you a Log Cabin member?

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Log Cabin member?

        I will have to remember that term.

  • Felix_M

    Yup, if amnesty passes, the GOP will get 17 votes from Latino voters instead of 12.

    Does anyone still wonder why conservatives call the GOP the stupid party?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Yea, “Let us be citizens, and we will vote for you.”

      The (white) Republican party is being outsmarted by a bunch of third-worlders with the IQ of a 5 year old. This really says a lot about the general intelligence of the great white idiots that are more commonly known as Americans. This country is over and done with. The sooner it crashes the sooner I will stop paying the way for third world garbage and first world retarded Republicans. It is like the brand name is all that matter and the substance behind it means nothing. How many of our other great brand names have been transferred to China and other countries? The USA isn’t the USA without a white majority.

  • John R

    Uhhhh…..32% are “more likely to consider…” Am I the only one here who doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence in that statement? And how far do Republicans have to go, in sacrificing White Americans’ interests, to achieve this?

    • zimriel

      I agree entirely. This statistic is buncombe, humbug and several other terms I can’t repeat here.

  • Jss

    In other news suggestions that the Republicans will get many, many more White votes if they don’t go along with amnesty is deemed racist and beneath any “good” politicians dignity.

  • Bill

    Coming from ABC news, has nothing to do with reality and is pure propaganda. They will NEVER vote other than Democratic.

  • kjh64

    Sure a small percentage more of Latinos may vote Republican if they support amnesty aka “immigration reform”. However, that small percent won’t save the Reps as most Latinos like big government and social welfare and will always vote for the Dems.

  • joesolargenius

    For every one vote created for the republican party by them helping to pass Amnesty for the illegal aliens there will be twenty five new voters for the Socialist Democrats .

  • Bobby

    NO THEY WON’T. They are not interested in the Republican Party. Latinos have been fed all of the civil rights baloney from the corrosive left(democ-rat party) for years,
    and are even eliigible for affirmative action, quotas, and business advantages given to them by Nixon, a Republican AND IT DID NOTHING TO MAKE THEM VOTE REPUBLICAN!! It is gross stupidity to even think such b.s.

  • Who really believes that Hispanics will start voting for the Republican Party? The bar will simply become even higher. Next time the Republicans will be told that they must end any attempt to keep the US a mostly Anglophone country if they want to win Hispanics over. What nonsense.

  • MekongDelta69

    A recent poll by Latino Decisions, a firm that conducts research on Latino political opinions, reported that 32 percent of Latinos would be more likely to consider voting Republican in the future if comprehensive immigration reform passed.

    Yeah, ok. And I have a spaceship out back waiting to blast off for Pluto and the Moon, Ralph.

    And even if they did, who wants them here anyway?

    Is there anyone left in this country who understands what the term illegal means?

    • White Mom in WDC

      Thank you. These people are here and are stubbornly hanging on. As long as they get their freebies from señor that’s all they care about

      • liberalsuck

        “Freebies” aren’t free. Someone else pays for them.

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican

      It’s the globalist-J e w-controlled politicians that don’t. Check out the comments on Politico or any other mainstream news site; the definite majority of people are saying to deport these filthy indios.

    • liberalsuck

      Where did they interview these Latinos at? Were the Mexicans or Cubans? Were they already Republican voters to begin with? Maybe they answered this way because they didn’t want to be on the spot? There’s a joke: 99% of all statistics are made up.

  • a multiracial individual

    Hey there is no need to worry! We can just party hop until the cows come home….

  • MobyWhite

    Here’s what’s at play:

    The the GOP will become brown-ellow and will fight the black Dems for political power. The Whites will become a minority who can broker deals and break ties. We will be political pawns and players at the same time, which is awful. Our destiny is to be ruled by non white Diversity, but until we are extinct, we will play a role, but a miserable one.

    We will be forced to say how wonderful browns and blacks are, but in same breath, must say how awful Whites are who break away into the Whites Only party, which will fracture further on the gay and evolving pedophilia issues.

    After all the divisions, the healthy Whites will be such a hated, powerless minority, that the blacks, browns, and pederast Whites will take Final Solution action against us.

    We will see this happen in our lifetimes.

    The only proper expression of White privilege will be the privilege of saying “We don’t deserve any privilege because we are White, and intolerance of White privilege is loyalty to Diversity; racially profiing blacks for violence and crime is evil, hateful intolerance, but racially profiling Whites for evil privilege is endorsed everyone who cares about human rights.”

    Do all you Whiteys really think you will own your savings and retirement accounts when third world Diveristy is making your laws and trying to pay interest on $20,000,000,000,000 plus unfunded liabilites of Diversity workers in govt. unions?


    It’s over. It’s just plain over. We had a good run, but we ran out of virtue, so our job now is to just disappear with dignity.

    • White Mom in WDC

      wow! I am sorry but hell no! Not me. Not my kids. Dude I am fleeing with my cash stuffed mattress to Appalachia

    • [Guest]

      >>>It’s over. It’s just plain over.

      For what it’s worth, I think you’re exactly right.

  • Hermes Wolfenheimer

    Dont believe this report for a second. The Left is applying pressure now to the Republicrats. Anything to hasten a white minority. More Third Worlders will do just that.

  • Safari69

    Rofl and they will lose tons of white votes. This is not an issue i take lightly, and starting this year i am not going to vote for any politician that does not make it clear he stands against third world flooding.

    • liberalscuk

      The Republicans might MIGHT be successful in current red states, but their chances of seeing the inside of the White House again are slim. If they pass this Amnesty, their chances are definitely gone and I will have no pity for them. Then again, I’m not voting for Republicans again, unless it’s at a state level and these state Republicans have a track record of voting for smaller government.

  • Diamond_Lil

    As soon as there are a majority of Latinos in this country, there won’t be any Republican or Democratic party.

  • Puggg

    Speaking of Latinos voting:

    This pup’s sense is that if they rule against Arizona, then this essentially means that illegal aliens will get to vote anywhere they are. This means that “citizenship” as such in an immigration bill, and all this barking about “how long it will take” in terms of years before an illegal can become a citizen, won’t matter.

  • Nancy Thomas

    i don’t care what this poll says. I worked with latinos for 25 years. They will NEVER vote GOP. NEVER. They resent white people and associate the GOP with white people, period. Amnesty is political suicide for the GOP.

  • KenelmDigby

    The fact is this:
    Being mostly low-earners – and likely to stay that way over the generations – hispanics will vote for the party that offers them most taxpayer funded entitlements of all kinds.That is their self interest, plus the fact that the Democrats are the party that was ‘kind’ enough to let them all in.
    This is hardly the constituency the Republicans are supposed to represent.

  • media snakes

    Sure they will and why should conservatives not trust every single thing the mainstream media says especially ABC who altered and edited Zimmerman’s voice and film to create the major problems in Sanford Florida a year ago. After being caught red-handed their response was “oh well” or “ces’t la vie” as they moved on …

  • mobilebay

    Still sounds as if Latinos are blackmailing the Republican Party…’Either you allow our illegal cousins to pour across the border and scoop up all the benefits of citizens or we take our toys and not play.” They have no intention of ever voting Republican, so why even bother.

  • Diesel Mechanic

    what percent of latinos would be LESS likely to vote GOP if the GOP sells out american citizens by enabling more mass immigration?

    what percent of the white majority would be LESS likely to vote GOP if the GOP
    sells out american citizens by enabling more mass immigration?

  • rebelcelt

    And we get to eat magic marshmellows and drink angel potion. Lets watch the Republicans leadership go over the edge of the cliff and swearing the whole time that the republican party is a natural for blacks and hispanics.

  • They could also just be saying that so they let it pass and then they can still vote Democrat and get what they want from the GOP

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    39% would be less likely to vote Republican? Such a dishonest statement; it implies that these people do vote Republican and they most certainly do not. 39% of 0% is 0%.

    I do enjoy how the media is always admitting (by default) that what Latinos who are citizens care about is letting more Latinos invade and game this country. And that is largely true.

    I tell Latinos who mention these things that they only want it because they are of the same race as them; if it were 30 million Somalians or Koreans or Punjabis they would be more against it than even Whites. They never want to continue the discussion.

    Then they run off when I mention that new UN program that will bring more diversity to Mexico with a few million Africans and Asians immigrating there to bolster the economy, enrich the culture and bring in more skilled workers…

  • People don’t grow out of the dirt of the land they live in. The Chinese could argue that Tibet is a “nation of immigrants”, and then flood Tibet with millions of Chinese and force-integrate them into Tibet.

    It’s still genocide.

    So why is it when anti-Whites demand unlimited immigration and assimilation of those immigrants for ALL & ONLY White countries, you claim that it is not genocide?

    Are you anti-White?

  • Fed Up

    What America is in desperate need of. . . is a VIABLE THIRD PARTY. To offer thinking voters a real choice!

  • Puggg

    Overheard on Laura Ingram just now.

    Very very early polling on a hypothetical 2016 matchup shows that:

    Hillary Clinton 51%, Jeb Bush 40%


    Hillary Clinton 52%, Marco Rubio 39%

    Here’s the kicker:

    This poll was done in Florida. Bush/Rubio’s home state.

    So much for “More Latinos likely to vote Republican if (amnesty) passes.”

  • We don’t care…..throw em all out!!!!