Judge Condemns Pair Who Drugged and Raped Vulnerable Underage Girls Before Moving on to ‘Fresh Meat’

Amanda Williams, Daily Mail (London), March 6, 2013

Two men have today been jailed for drugging and raping vulnerable underage girls they found walking the streets.

Shazad Rehman, 30, was jailed for 18-and-half years and his nephew Bilal Hussain, 23, was jailed for 17-and-a-half years at Bradford Crown Court.

Shazad Rehman

Shazad Rehman

Judge Jonathan Rose said the men ‘engaged in a course of conduct which has become increasingly and depressingly familiar in this country’.

The pair denied abusing the girls, who were picked up as they cruised the streets of Keighley and Halifax, West Yorkshire.

A jury of eight men and two women found them guilty of a series of sex and drugs offences after two days of deliberation.

The court heard how Rehman and Hussain – known as ‘Yaz and Naz’ – plied the girls with alcohol and cannabis and took them to hotels for sex.

Bilal Hussain

Bilal Hussain

One 14-year-old girl said she felt ashamed, dirty and worthless after she was drugged and raped.

Miss Colborne QC said Rehman boasted his victims were ‘fresh meat’.

She said: ‘They acted together, travelling from their various home addresses in Leeds and Halifax to Keighley town centre where they specifically targeted vulnerable girls, all underage.

‘She said some of the girls, none of whom can be identified, had difficult backgrounds or were emotionally fragile and may have been seeking attention.

‘They were out of their depth,’ the jury was told.

‘They were supplied with strong alcohol and cannabis, enticed to believe they would have fun, that they were special.

‘In truth what was on offer was beyond their control.’

The trial heard that one of the girls, who was 14 when the attacks happened in 2010 and 2011, was repeatedly raped.

Prosecutors told the jury that the men acted together and deliberately went out to target vulnerable victims, who had problems and were looking for attention.

The men, who mainly targeted the Keighley area, used the Alder House Hotel in Batley and the Campanile Hotel in Bradford.

Judge Rose told Rehman and Hussain: ‘It is conduct which is pernicious, wicked and determined.

‘It involved the deliberate targeting of young girls – girls who were already damaged, girls who were already very vulnerable, girls who were immature and seeking, perhaps, adventure, companionship, affection and even love.

‘You two appeared in your fancy cars, with money to spend, compliments to pay and with alcohol and drugs to entice these girls into those cars and to take them somewhere private and hidden, there to sexually violate, abuse and degrade those girls until, bored, you sought what you, Shazad Rehman, described as ‘fresh meat, untouched and with no reputation’.

‘I have no shadow of doubt that you have caused incalculable psychological harm to your victims.’

He went on: ‘Neither of you lived in Keighley but you identified that town as a place where you would easily find children who, unhappy at home and at school, would be easily persuaded to come with you for what they believed would be a fun and good time but was in fact nothing more than sordid sexual abuse.’

Rehman, of no fixed address, was found guilty of raping two girls, sexual activity with one of the same girls and sexually assaulting two different girls.

Hussain, of Leeds, was found guilty of raping two girls and also of assaulting one of his victims.

Both men were also convicted of a series of drugs offences and a charge of conspiring to intimidate a witness.

Neither opted to give evidence during the trial, which lasted a number of weeks.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Muslim family values…

    • 5n4k33y35

      Taking advantage of the opportunity made available by Feminist family values.

      • Ralph lundgren

        I guess america with all its pornography and 100,000 rapes in 2011 is on the other hand a paragon of feminist family values.

  • Ilovemyrace

    And yet, the gigantic pipeline remains open at this very moment, continuing to disgorge the slimy, stinking, sewage of South Asia and the Middle East directly into England, courtesy of England’s traitorous government. Nothing has changed.

  • potato78

    English especially like to import South Asia People and Middle East People, plus Africa People for very long time period. Why?

    • The__Bobster

      Cowardly and traitorous leadership.

  • joesolargenius

    Yes and coming soon to a theater near you unless you throw all your TVS out the window and start spending more time with your kids.

  • The__Bobster

    These muzzies need to be hanged in the public square….and their bodies left to rot there for weeks as a warning to others. Too bad the politicians don’t have the stomach for it anymore.

    • they are always begging to be tried under sharia laws, but not so much the punishment, right?

      • rightrightright

        Under their sharia thing, the victim has to produce four male witnesses to the rape! If she can’t, she is found guilty of fornication and sentenced to a lashing that can kill her. Or if she is married, she is likely to be stoned to death for adultery.

        The men generally get off.

        • Bill

          Right. Forgot about that little wrinkle in the women hating culture of the Saudis. The remedy for the problem still remains the same. England should kick out all muzzies, and if the Gov won’t do that, then England’s citizens should re-enact our revolution against the Crown and stage a siege of Boston circa 1775 around London.

    • Jss

      Agreed. I would like some diversity loving tool to explain to me how it’s truly more moral to put scum like habib and haji here in jail for a few years (I’m sure that’s all they will be in for) then to make an honest example out of them.

      Are we really a more moral society because we don’t value our young girls enough to ensure that foreign predators know to stay the hell away from them? Well im sure the feminist will be along any second to lecture us on how the White male patriarchy is far worse then stories like this coming out of Britain every other day.

    • Michael Alan Prock

      Most of their MP’s should be hung with them. Until the Brits have the stomach for that…
      the beat goes on.

      • newscomments70

        The penalty for treason has always been death. It’s time to bring liberals to justice.

    • Joseph

      They should be publicly executed and buried in hogshit.

    • newscomments70

      They’re effeminate, she-male, spineless cowards. They are cowards in the worst definition of the word. They are allowing their own daughters to be raped; and they are hysterically defending the rapists. They make it a crime to even tell the truth. Emma West will probably do more time than Muslim pedophile rapists in the UK.

    • Bill

      The muzzie punishment for these offenses in Saudi is beheading. That’s the punishment they should receive. But until England deports all the muzzies their treasonous government has allowed in, this will happen again. And again. And again.
      We here in America once had a revolution against the Crown. Isn’t it time Englanders do the same? High time.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    As a former Prison Officer at HMP Wormwood Scrubs, I can tell you that these offenders, because they are sex offenders, will be segregated from other prisoners for their own good; they will be considered as “vulnerable”, ironically enough. At the Scrubs, “vulnerable” prisoners had single cells (sorry, ‘rooms’), whilst ‘normal’ prisoners had to double up.
    There is only one punishment, and one punishment only, for these offenders.
    And you all know what it is.

  • Richard from Vancouver

    These predatory attacks on young, white girls by Muslim or Indian (East Indian or Asian) men appears to be quite common in the UK. I’m sure I’ve read other articles or have seen documentaries on this particular form of predation. These men are sick and moronic. Nothing will ever rehabilitate them. They should have gotten life imprisonment without any chance of parole. England, it would appear, doesn’t value its young women as much at it does its immigrant populations. The nation is awash with a black sludge that will never be cleaned.

    • [Guest]

      Generally, the “Asians” are Muhammadans with names such as Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Saddique.

      See “Top detective blasts ‘culture of silence’ that allows Asian sex gangs to groom white girls… because police and social services fear being branded racist” (http://tinyurl.com/33krqoo).

    • You are right. In fact, I read where a British judge let a young rapist go free because he did not know that rape was a crime. Muslims have so little regards for women that it is not surprising that things like this happen. If their sisters even do something as refuse to wear the headscarf, they end up being a victim of honor killing. But the men get away with murder.

      • JohnEngelman

        A sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl became pregnant after being raped by her younger brother. Once her condition became known, her family encouraged her older brother to kill her to remove the blemish from their honor. Her brothers, the rapist and the murderer, were exonerated. The girl was blamed. “She made a mistake,” said one of her male cousins. “She had to pay for it.”

  • MobyWhite

    They will be sprung out of jail once Britian tips far enough Muslim that Anglo-Saxon laws for the protection of kids from Islamist paedophiles are tossed into the dust bin of history after being outdate by demographic change and evolved attitudes.

    Same thing here. You know it’s coming. Horror on top of horror, and if you try to do the right thing to put a stop to it, the DHS will shoot up your house in the name of protecting the innocent, peaceful, harmless, enriching Diversity.

    • I wonder if these perps will be deported back to Pakistan once they complete their sentences?

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Probably not, Muslims don’t even get deported for murder or war crimes, much less for rape. They’ll be released early and allowed to live on the dole.

      • KenelmDigby

        I can absolutely 101% guarantee you that they will not.
        I am also fairly confident that they will sponsor in more Pakistanis as spouses or dependants.
        As a rule of thumb, every Pakistani imported into Britain has a multiplier of something like 20 other Pakistanis whom they ‘sponsor’ in.

  • Yaz and Naz aren’t the real problems in Britain. The real problems are the British population who does nothing about it, and the aristocracy who allowed them in the UK to begin with.

    • Jss

      According to the MSM and British government the problem with England is people like Emma West. Better a pedophile child rapist then a racist White person.

      Well as I’ve said in million other comments. At least they were enriching Pakistanis raping these girls and not Nazis. I’m sure the dear diversity that overheard Emma West rant are for more damaged then these girls.

    • rightrightright

      Nothing aristocratic about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, the Milliband brothers and all their fellow traitors of the Left. But I agree our people are sheeple. Unfortunately we need hard times to smack us between the eyes, so we discover what we are made of. Same goes for the USA, perhaps, but it’s not my place to comment on that.

      • Joseph

        The US is well on the way to the same fate. We has some “marriage” here of one of these perverts to a little girl and the sand-creature walked because the judge didn’t “…want to put his culture on trial” as he phrased it. Only white, Christian culture can be put on trial here.

        • PesachPatriot

          which state court system recognized a child marriage? I’m guessing either california or new york….I doubt texas, georgia, florida, montana or wyoming would allow a grown man of any color to marry and consumate with an under 18 girl.

      • saxonsun

        We still, in both nations, have too much to lose. When it’s clear that we must fight, we will rise up. I pray.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      It wasn’t the asistocracy, it was the labour party, headed by tony blair,

  • whiteuncleruckus

    Had the girls been taught to not trust mulims and run away if they were ever approached by muslims, they and their parents would be guilty of racism. Which is much, much worse than the crimes abdul and muhammed committed. Racism and/or rejecting diversity is the worst crime in human history.

    • Popeye Doyle

      Nearly all, if not all, these girls have no father in the home. Show me a white female who gets involved with blacks/arabs etc and I’ll show you a white female who had no relationship with her father or it was a bad one.

      • Angry White Woman

        Article plainly says the were looking for girls from unhappy backgrounds–“the men acted together and deliberately went out to target vulnerable victims, who had problems and were looking for attention.”

      • Most of these girls live in housing estates (projects in America). In these projects, both whites and Asians(what they call them in the UK, not to be confused with East Asians). Enough of this crap has made the headlines in the UK, wise parents should tell their kids to avoid these Muslims like the plague. Regardless of how they seem, they are not your friends.

    • No they would have been smart.

  • These girls would still be alive if their parents told them these words “stay with your own kind”.

    • rightrightright

      Many of these girls had been removed from rotten, failed families and were living in rotten, failed State “care” while they were being groomed and pimped.

  • PesachPatriot

    The religion of peace strikes again peacefully….america has its immigration problems but mexicans getting dwi’s is no where near as bad as muslims raping young girls…they should be given a culturally sensitive punishment that is used frequently in their home countries….swift and sudden removal of the offending organs….crimes against young girls really get my blood boiling….where are the legions of feminist harpies who constantly screech about the awful white male patriarchy to demand justice for these victims? Oh, the perps weren’t white guys and we mustn’t spread islamophobia….move along everyone, nothing to see here.

    • Other Guest

      The thing is in their own countries male rapists often go free while it is their female victims who are jailed or stoned to death. In sharia it is legal to own sex slaves especially those who are non-muslim.

      • PesachPatriot

        Many rapists do go free in muslim countries, especially if they are wealthier or come from a more important family than the victim, but they also frequently find themselves facing angry father’s sticking daggers or ak-47’s barrels in their faces in more remote and lawless places like pakistan, syria or yemen…..when “honor killings” occur in muslim lands the poor girl is usually murdered by “dishonored’ male relatives first, then the fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins go take care of the rapist and several of his family members too….this is why you have epic muslim on muslim violence constantly…..like the iran-iraq conflict, the iraqi invasion of kuwait, the afghan civil conflict after the russian withdrawal and things like that….but if you listen to professors of middle east studies on american, canadian and european colleges this kind of stuff is cause by british imperialism that ended at least 50 years ago or american foreign policy.

    • Joseph

      Wrong. There are some uncountable number of innocent people crippled and killed by these “undocumented immigrants” from our south killing and crippling people DWI, and racketeering, murder and rape are very much a part of the enrichment they bring. It is every bit as bad as Britain. The Democrats of course, have long worked to prevent any solution to the problem of innocent citizens being killed by this trash. To wit:

      “Myrick testified at the hearing that since 2006, 11,494 illegal
      aliens have been arrested in Mecklenburg County, which is in her
      district. Among those arrests, 2,789, or 24 percent, were from driving

      Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House Judiciary
      Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement, said on March 8,
      2012, that she opposed legislation that would allow state and local law
      enforcement officers to check the legal status of individuals who are
      arrested for drunk driving. (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr)“It’s a big problem and it’s only getting bigger,” Myrick said.

      The bill was re-introduced by Myrick in January and it remains in committee.

      “How many people must die before illegal immigrant drunk drivers are
      detained and removed?” Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.), chairman of the
      subcommittee said at the hearing. “Why is it that they are not a
      priority for our administration?

      “Congress has no choice but to act since the administration
      apparently is not going to,” Gallegly said. “Rep. Myrick’s bill solves
      the problem and ensures that illegal immigrants who drink and drive are
      detained and processed by ICE.”

      • PesachPatriot

        I guess I was wrong…i know there are lots of illegal immigrant gangs like MS-13 which is now all over florida, its just that as troublesome as being directly next to mexico is, europe has it worse, being close to the sandy madhouse known as the near east….I’d rather go on vacation to mexico than wherever the two perps in this story are from….illegals might make a lot of problems in the US but I don’t recall them flying planes into buildings or trying to set off underwear bombs on planes.

  • RHG

    Judge Jonathan Rose said the men ‘engaged in a course of conduct which has become increasingly and depressingly familiar in this country’.


    What did you liberal Brits expect, everyone sitting around singing “Kumbaya”? This is your multicult nightmare brought to you by your fellow white Brits. They play this “America is a country of immigrants” on the white population here in order to justify mass immigration, legal and illegal. But, Britain had a indegenous culture that was in place for hundreds of years and this game was still played on these indegenous whites like it’s being played on indegenous whites all over Europe. Quite a little scam it is and it’s working all over the world to deny white people their rightful homelands.

  • Kathy M

    I get so tired of the professional anti-Jihad groups telling everyone that its the religious teachings of Islam that is causing the epidemic of Muslims raping/grooming 99% white girls. That’s BS “anti-racist” tripe. For one thing, not every Muslim follows Islam devoutly to the letter. No, they are being groomed/raped for the exact SAME reason that blacks groom/rape white women by the thousands each year. They consider white females easy targets and the porn industry has them lusting after us.

    • Kathy M

      And oh yeah, “Islam isn’t a race.” Whatever. Those who practice Islam DO have a race. 99% nonwhite.

    • rightrightright

      It is koranically doctrinal to rape the kuffar woman. That is rather different to other rape scenarios. Islam is founded upon looting – slaves, janissaries, women, property, land, gold, everything. Mohamed instructed that muslims could have any infidel woman his “right hand could hold”. He himself had full sex with a 9 year old.

    • saxonsun

      It’s an old story with muslims. The Vikings sold English and Irish girls to the moors for their filthy harems. White women are terribly exotic to these beasts.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I know of one instance. How many did they get into their viking ships? All cultures have engaged in some slave trading and slave holding. But white women today represent an easy target and often are victims of their own choices.

  • [Guest]

    This is a widespread trend in the U.K. I’ve kept up with it for three or four years and have posted on it many times. The response, when there is one, is usually condemnation—condemnation OF ME for daring to post about it. Even white “conservatives” don’t seem to care. There seems to be no loyalty left to country, to race, to religion, to culture, or to anything else.

  • IKantunderstand

    I know I will be attacked by Feminists for saying this, but, you reap, what you sow. On the other hand, where are the parents? Where are the social services if these girls are in peril? Girls are vulnerable. They want to be loved, .this is a biological imperative.Now, I’m not excusing the scumbag Muslims who target and rape young English White girls, but, has anyone considered why the hell young English White girls are such easy prey? Apparently, the Muslims know. Why not ask them?

    • [Guest]

      >>>Now, I’m not excusing the scumbag Muslims who target and rape young English White girls, but, has anyone considered why the hell young English White girls are such easy prey?

      I understand your point. I ask the same question concerning the Western nations, which are being “raped” by multiculturalism, diversity, relativism, and a general breakdown of solidarity and the will to survive.

      How have the formerly overwhelmingly white, civilized, prosperous nations become such easy prey?

      • IKantunderstand

        We all ponder the answer to this question. Frankly, at this point, I don’t care about the answer. I am only interested in how we fight back, and regain our White nations. After we have removed all the hordes of savages from our shores, we can begin to discuss who was responsible for the carnage we were forced to engage in to regain our ancestral lands.

  • Patrick

    Muslims make me glad Hell is a real place, full of fire and worms that never die.

    Thanks, Jesus!

  • Token Finn

    Bilal Hussain looks like an aging teen heartthrob. I could imagine him having a teary moment in a Hollywood movie, where he admits having experienced horrific racial abuse in the hands of the white english.

  • dhs

    They’re just doing the work that the native men won’t do!

  • bigone4u

    All white women and girls are sluts for the raping to these types. If left to me, they would have their sexual organs removed with a dull knife wielded by a mob of angry bull feminists. It sure would be nice to read stories like this that end with the judge ruling that after their incarceration there would be deported to the hellhole that spawned them. I guess that’ll never happen.

  • Angry White Woman

    Aren’t these intelligent-looking, well-dressed, trim, gentlemen just the picture of love’s young dream? (GAG!)

    Says they targeted vulnerable young girls, meaning girls in unhappy or abusive, one parent, or two working parents, etc. homes or girls “in care” (Britain’s version of foster homes) Girls who were obviously never taught to stay far, far away from “Asians” or sketchy-acting older men of any race, but most especially non-whites.

    There’s a reason God, or nature or the white culture gave children TWO parents.

  • Easyrhino1

    In the English legal system do the 17/18 year sentences mean that’s how long they’ll actually stay in prison or can they get paroled in 3 years for good behavior?

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Here in Colorado, they would be facing indefinite sentences; the words “to life” are a mandatory part of any child sex sentence, and the judge has no discretion whatever in this respect. The state legislature took it out of the hands of judges 20 years ago when a 12 year-old Denver girl was abducted and raped. The perp received a lenient sentence because he was driving the girl back to her mother’s house. This infuriated the state legislature, so they took sentencing discretion away from judges.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    “…the men ‘engaged in a course of conduct that has become increasingly and depressingly familiar in this country.'”

    Wouldn’t be occurring if Mother England was “boring and white” and if Oliver Cromwell hadn’t allowed the “chosen people” to stay over 300 years ago.

  • tostig

    The raping of HUNDREDS of English school girls (and boys occasionally) is not considered a serious matter by the Brit government, the Church of England, Social Services and the police. Their reaction to people bringing up the matter is to have them arrested. True? yes, they really do.
    I am a very old man who once lived in an England that was a decent, peaceful and reasonably happy country. I absolutely HATE this new ‘enriched’ ‘vibrant’ hell hole created by our rulers, (and I include Her Majesty).

    • Joseph

      It is my sincerest hope that the British Royal Family or PM’s family is seriously and repeatedly traumatized by some turd-world garbage that they have welcomed on “the commoners” so they can taste the poison fruit of their malfeasance. Maybe if somebody “important” like say, the princess were subjected to “diversity” of the sort these other poor kids were, things might begin to change.

  • Joseph

    These ungrateful girls sound as if the “cultural enrichment” didn’t take. I guess they’ll need more media re-education.

  • John

    ‘In truth what was on offer was beyond their control.’

    Typical feminist crap. They didn’t voluntarily get in the car, it’s the patriarchy, they were being mind controlled, oppression, patriarchy, cry cry cry.

  • Whirlwinder

    This is the new normal-life with Islam. Prepare yourselve for it or get rid of your elite socialist leadership and run Islam out of the country or your culture will die and your grandchildren will not know anything about their heritage as all knowledge in Islam stops with study of the birth of Mohammed.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    How could a white girl look at these guys and not be repulsed?

  • Paleoconn

    If this sort of thing is gonna happen, it should happen to the daughters of the MPs who push to bring these people in the country.

  • Irradawy

    If white women weren’t such drug addicted sluts they wouldn’t get raped so much. Just saying

  • rebelcelt

    wait itll muslims sit on the juries