Being White in Philly

Robert Huber, Philly Mag, March 2013

My younger son goes to Temple, where he’s a sophomore. This year he’s living in an apartment with two friends at 19th and Diamond, just a few blocks from campus. It’s a dangerous neighborhood. Whenever I go see Nick, I get antsy and wonder what I was thinking, allowing him to rent there.

One day, before I pick him up for lunch, I stop to talk to a cop who’s parked a block away from Nick’s apartment.

“Is he already enrolled for classes?” the cop says when I point out where my son lives.

Well, given that it’s December, I think so. But his message is clear: Bad idea, this neighborhood. A lot of burglaries and robberies. Temple students are prime prey, the cop says.


I’ve shared my view of North Broad Street with people—white friends and colleagues—who see something else there: New buildings. Progress. Gentrification. They’re sunny about the area around Temple. I think they’re blind, that they’ve stopped looking. Indeed, I’ve begun to think that most white people stopped looking around at large segments of our city, at our poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods, a long time ago. One of the reasons, plainly put, is queasiness over race. Many of those neighborhoods are predominantly African-American. And if you’re white, you don’t merely avoid them—you do your best to erase them from your thoughts.

At the same time, white Philadelphians think a great deal about race. Begin to talk to people, and it’s clear it’s a dominant motif in and around our city. Everyone seems to have a story, often an uncomfortable story, about how white and black people relate.


Another story: Dennis, 26, teaches math in a Kensington school. His first year there, fresh out of college, one of his students, an unruly eighth grader, got into a fight with a girl. Dennis told him to stop, he got into Dennis’s face, and in the heat of the moment Dennis called the student, an African-American, “boy.”

The student went home and told his stepfather. The stepfather demanded a meeting with the principal and Dennis, and accused Dennis of being racist; the principal defended his teacher. Dennis apologized, knowing how loaded the term “boy” was and regretting that he’d used it, though he was thinking, Why would I be teaching in an inner-city school if I’m a racist? The stepfather calmed down, and that would have been the end of it, except for one thing: The student’s behavior got worse. Because now he knew that no one at the school could do anything, no matter how badly he behaved.

Confusion, misread intentions, bruised feelings—everyone has not only a race story, but a thousand examples of trying to sort through our uneasiness on levels large and trivial. I do, too. My rowhouse in Mount Airy is on a mostly African-American block; it’s middle-class and friendly—in fact, it’s the friendliest street my family has ever lived on, with block parties and a spirit of watching out for each other. Whether a neighbor is black or white seems to be of no consequence whatsoever.

Yet there’s a dance I do when I go to the Wawa on Germantown Avenue. I find myself being overly polite. Each time I hold the door a little too long for a person of color, I laugh at myself, both for being so self-consciously courteous and for knowing that I’m measuring the thank-you’s. A friend who walks to his car parked on Front Street downtown early each morning has a similar running joke with himself. As he walks, my friend says hello and makes eye contact with whoever crosses his path. If the person is white, he’s bestowing a tiny bump of friendliness. If the person is black, it’s friendliness and a bit more: He’s doing something positive for race relations.

On one level, such self-consciousness and hypersensitivity can be seen as progress when it comes to race, a sign of how much attitudes have shifted for the better, a symbol of our desire for things to be better. And yet, lately I’ve come to fear that the opposite might also be true: that our carefulness is, in fact, at the heart of the problem.

Fifty years after the height of the civil rights movement, more than 25 years after electing its first African-American mayor, Philadelphia remains a largely segregated city, with uneasy boundaries in culture and understanding. And also in well-being. There is a black middle class, certainly, and blacks are well-represented in our power structure, but there remains a vast and seemingly permanent black underclass. Thirty-one percent of Philadelphia’s more than 600,000 black residents live below the poverty line. Blacks are more likely than whites to be victims of a crime or commit one, to drop out of school and to be unemployed.

What gets examined publicly about race is generally one-dimensional, looked at almost exclusively from the perspective of people of color. Of course, it is black people who have faced generations of discrimination and who deal with it still. But our public discourse ignores the fact that race—particularly in a place like Philadelphia—is also an issue for white people. Though white people never talk about it.

Everyone might have a race story, but few whites risk the third-rail danger of speaking publicly about race, given the long, troubled history of race relations in this country and even more so in this city. {snip}

A few months ago I began spending time in Fairmount, just north of the Art Museum. Formerly a working-class enclave of rowhomes, it’s now a gentrifying neighborhood with middle-class cachet and good restaurants. I went to the northern edge, close to Girard Avenue, generally considered the dividing line from North Philly, and began asking the mostly middle-class white people who live there, for whom race is an everyday issue, how it affects them.

Strangely enough, a number of them answered. Their stories bring home just how complicated white people’s negotiation with race and class is in this city, and how varied: Everyone does have a race story, it turns out, and every story is utterly unique.

Early on, during my walks around northern Fairmount, I’m surprised by a couple of things. One is the international flavor. On a warm Sunday in October, I buttonhole a woman I’ll call Anna, a tall, slim, dark-haired beauty from Moscow getting out of her BMW on an alley just south of Girard College. Anna goes to a local law school, works downtown at a law firm, and proceeds to let me have it when we start talking about race in her neighborhood.

“I’ve been here for two years, I’m almost done,” she says. “Blacks use skin color as an excuse. Discrimination is an excuse, instead of moving forward. … It’s a shame—you pay taxes, they’re not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot … Why do you support them when they won’t work, just make babies and smoking pot? I walk to work in Center City, black guys make compliments, ‘Hey beautiful. Hey sweetie.’ White people look but don’t make comments. …”


American whites I talk to in Fairmount have a decidedly different take. Our racial history, as horrible and daunting as it is, has created a certain tolerance of how things operate in the neighborhood, an acceptance of an edgy status quo.

One Fairmounter blames herself for her grill being stolen from her backyard, because if you don’t fence it in, she tells me, you’re asking for it. A pumpkin gets lifted from her front stoop in the fall, she buys another. That one gets stolen, she gets one more. It’s called city living. Flowerpots, even trash cans—they don’t stick around. Porch chairs have to be chained together. Your car window is likely to get smashed every now and then.

The danger can be a little steeper. One afternoon, at Krupa’s Tavern at 27th and Brown, a guy named Bob tells me about working in the mailroom at Rolling Stone magazine years ago and shows me an anthology of Beat-era writers he’s reading. I can’t resist asking him about his wire-rim glasses, which are way down on his nose and twisted at an absurd angle—there’s no way he can see out of them.

“Oh,” he says, smiling, “I went home one night from the bar and two guys smashed my face into the cement steps of my house”—that’s what messed up his glasses. “A few days later I got my wallet back in the mail—they had thrown it in somebody’s mailbox.”

He acknowledges that his assailants were black. “Not that that matters,” he says.


In 1950, Philadelphia was a predominantly white city, with blacks comprising about 20 percent of the population. A decade later, that number had risen closer to 30 percent, and four years after that—in the summer of 1964—racial unrest flared in North Philadelphia, largely over brutality against blacks by white cops. Hundreds were injured or arrested, and more than 200 stores in North Philly were damaged or destroyed in three days of rioting, with many never reopening. White flight only accelerated in the next decade, and today blacks make up 44 percent of the city’s population, and non-Hispanic whites 37 percent.

John, who lives on Woodstock, a leafy side street between Poplar and the northern stone wall of Eastern State Penitentiary, has seen the city’s demographics shift firsthand. He’s 87, and has lived on this block since he was five. Since 1930.

It was a different place then, before the war. You could walk home from the Blue Jay restaurant, at 29th and Girard, at any hour. Or up to Ridge to the Amish Market.

John worked in the offices of local long-distance haulers. {snip}

Milk and bread and ice delivered to your door. A city worker coming by every evening to climb a ladder to light the gas lamps that cast a beautiful glow. There were four nearby houses of prostitution, and tailors and drugstores, a butcher, barbers, a candy store—a self-contained world. Everybody had a laundry tree in the alley out back, and every Monday there’d be a snow of white—until shirts and towels and sheets began disappearing, right after the Second World War.

That’s when blacks from the South, with chips on their shoulders, John says, moved North. They moved into great brownstones above Girard and trashed them, using banisters and doors to stoke their furnaces instead of buying coal. Before long, it looked like Berlin after the war. Whites moved out.

I ask John when he was last above Girard Avenue. He thinks for a moment. “To a football game,” he says. When? “In 1942.”

Over the years he’s been mugged twice, once for a hundred bucks, once for the bottle of liquor he’d just bought. His house was once broken into, and he lost coats and money and Christmas presents and his father’s gold watch. A steel-tipped arrow once shot through his rear kitchen window, impaling a chair just after his nephew had gotten out of it. He watched as four or five black men appeared on the block one afternoon and tried to break into his brand-new Chrysler Imperial. John stood at his door—they walked away when they saw him. Last summer he was sitting on his stoop in a lounge chair and went in to use the bathroom, and when he returned, there was no chair—a neighbor watched a black kid on a bike zero in to lift it.

There’s more. But John doesn’t express sweeping bitterness or anger. “Oh, I have no problems with blacks,” he says. He was once quite friendly with black neighbors on Poplar, whose alley garages he can see from his porch. “They were working people, nice people, lovely people. I hated to see them move.”

Given the monumental changes he’s seen and his declining health, John no longer risks venturing alone beyond his block. There is a monumental spread, too, in his thinking, when he considers the range of black people who have entered his neighborhood.

He tells me about the time, a Saturday afternoon more than 10 years ago, when he came downstairs to his living room to find a stranger had come in through his front door—“It was a nigger boy, a big tall kid. He wanted money.”

It’s a strange moment, not only because of the ugly word, but because of John’s calm in delivering it, as if it is merely fact, one that explains the vast changes in his world.

Fairmount is now a destination of choice for a certain breed of young professional. And among them I discover a tried-and-true test of racial comfort.

Jen lives on Mount Vernon with her husband, an architect, and two children, eight and six; she’s been in Philly since she came to Drexel from Egg Harbor Township on a basketball scholarship two decades ago. Four years ago, Jen began looking into where Sebastian, now in third grade, would start school.

There’s a very good elementary school in Rittenhouse: Greenfield. And that’s the school the parents in Fairmount—the white, middle-class parents, which is Fairmount—shoot for if they’re going public.

Jen took a look at Bache-Martin, the public school four blocks from her house and 74 percent black: Teachers engaged. Kids well-behaved. Small classes. Plus a gym and an auditorium and a cafeteria, a garden, a computer lab. She enrolled her kids there.

Jen was not in the majority. Other mothers told her, “There is a lot of Greenfield pressure.” That pressure is from fellow Fairmounters: pressure to send their kids, collectively, to the right school. Greenfield test scores are a bit higher. It’s also not nearly so black.

Another mother told Jen: “I didn’t want to be the first”—in other words, the first to make the leap to Bache-Martin. “It takes a special person to be first.” Another told her: “Not everybody is as confident as you.”

Sipping tea in Mugshots on Fairmount Avenue, Jen rolls her eyes over the nut of the problem: Unfounded fear. Groupthink. A judgment on a school without even setting foot in it. “I wouldn’t like to imply that it’s about anything else,” Jen says, but of course it is: race.


Most Fairmounters, of course, aren’t trying to push up into Brewerytown, and their concerns are a little more pedestrian. In early December, I go to a civic-association meeting. On the agenda: the upcoming house tour, the winter social, patio planter boxes to help lessen rainwater in the sewers, and the neighborhood scourge: parking! I talk with Eileen and Bruce, who’s the association’s head, in the cozy glass-enclosed back room of their rowhouse on 25th Street. They’re both retired Philadelphia schoolteachers; we discuss neighborhoods.

Brewerytown residents tend to stay above Girard, they tell me. “At Halloween,” Eileen says, “that’s the only time we see them. Lot of little kids from the other side of the tracks—African-American kids. People still give them candy.”

“People get upset,” Bruce says. “We used to have a parade on Sunday afternoon, kids would get nicely dressed up, and kids from up there”—he points north—“would come barely dressed up.”

Eileen says, “People say—”

“At least dress up,” Bruce says. “Unless they’re working here, most of them don’t come in this direction. They seem happy to stay in their little lot, as it were.”

In a way, that sounds an awful lot like the Philadelphia of half a century ago. Before the race riots of that era, before Frank Rizzo, before race relations became openly tense and violent, the old rules applied. Black people knew their place. The difference now is that white people seem to know their place as well—white people stay in their little lot, too.


The problems seem intractable. In so many quarters, simply discussing race is seen as racist. And so white people are stuck, dishonest by default, as we take a pass on the state of this city’s largely black inner city and settle for politely opening doors at Wawa, before we slip back to our own lives.

We’re stuck in another way, too. Our troubled black communities create in us a tangle of feelings, including this one: a desire for things to be better. But for that sentiment to come true—for it to mean anything, even—I’ve come to believe that white people have to risk being much more open. It’s impossible to know how that might change the racial dynamics in Philadelphia, or the plight of the inner city. But as things stand, our cautiousness and fear mean that nothing changes in how blacks and whites relate, and most of us lose out on the possibility of what Jen has found: real connection.


But this is how I see it: We need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in Philadelphia—white people talking to other whites, and black people to blacks—but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race. That feels like a lot to ask, a leap of faith for everyone. It also seems like the only place to go, the necessary next step.

Meanwhile, when I drive through North Philly to visit my son, I continue to feel both profoundly sad and a blind desire to escape.

Though I wonder: Am I allowed to say even that?

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  • That’s a real nice story there, Robert, ol’ buddy. Yet, why do I get my own antsy and feelings of queasiness at the thought of you, or your son, moving to my neighborhood, where the first thing you will do is whine and complain about the lack of diversity, and DEMAND that we change that, OR ELSE?

    • Tom Iron

      That is interesting. I hear that many of the people who leave California bring that same type of thinking with them after they’ve been run out of California by the mexicans and high taxes.

      • Jefferson

        I have read that Idaho is a popular destination for many White people who leave Mexifornia and want to be surrounded by English speaking White people rather than Spanish speaking Aztecs and Mestizos.

        • 48224

          They also flee to Colorado where we lived for a couple of years.

  • 48224

    Let me tell you what it was like to grow up white in Detroit.

    1. We had to move every few years because every neighborhood we ever lived in turned black and as it did, crime went up, property values and schools went down. If you blamed blacks, they blamed 400 years of opression for making them the way they are… other words, whitey’s fault.


      I can only imagine what it must be like in 2013. Why would any white man send his kids to Temple? What ever they have at Temple they have in a safer campus. Of course the kids must have gotten a good financial package. Temple has to give good package deals or its GPA for a college would be in the sewer where it should be. Philadelphia is the new Detroit.

    • potato78

      I don’t understand why white people still don’t understand this:
      The hatred has been already built up into black’s DNA level. It is not easy to change that. Every fault of black people made is white oppression’s fault. It is not black’s fault.

      • Katherine McChesney

        What a pack of lies. Blacks have always been violent…even in their original country their history is one of violence. Whites have done all we to lift them out of their violent lifestyle. Their crime causes their poverty. They rob businesses in their community. Then when the businesses close down or move,blacks scream ‘racism’. These people will never be positive social humans…it’s not in them to be peaceful or productive. Money thrown at them goes into a black hole.

        • Triarius

          Saw your comments on the original article. Good job.

        • saxonsun

          The best thing we did–for them–was enslave them. For us, total disaster.

        • acc

          I wonder when will the pc-people label the term “black hole” of astronomy as a racist one and demand the scientist to abandon it.

        • YngveKlezmer

          You absolutely, totally on the money, Katherine!!! Couldn’t be more accurate. It is in their genes, plain and simple. They have always been violent, always will be. The sooner we accept that their violence results from Nature, and that all the Nurture in the world will not make them have our temperament, the better off we will be.

        • AAA

          How can you say that? Have you ever heard of Colonialism? Great Britain is responsible for more death in its History than any other people.

      • Svigor

        Your race is a hindrance to mankind’s progress. The universe would be better off without it.

    • Triarius

      Didn’t grow up in Detroit, but lived there a few years during undergrad. I think you’re way off with your assment, it is nowhere close to how blacks act on TV.


      In all truth, spot on. I can’t help but assume that you have worse stories that you can’t even mention. I know I do.

      • jay11

        The first time my car was ever broken into was one night when I was visting some friends around Wayne State University. I swore I would never park a car in that city again.

    • jay11

      I see the beginnings of my own ancestral small town getting more ‘diverse.’ When I go back to visit, each year there is more and more ‘diversity.’ I currently live in an area that is so ‘diverse’ that I feel like a foreigner in my own land. I am stuck here due to work, and I’ve always had this little fantasy of being able to escape back to the all-white town of my youth. Sadly, I think that dream may never be realized. What do we have to do, live in a cabin in the sticks to escape the ‘joys’ of ‘diversity’?

    • ATBOTL

      This is the kind of story I’ve heard from many people who lived in Detroit, Newark, Philadelpia, Baltimore etc. when blacks took over. These stories should be documented.

    • Dave4088

      Any white person who has lived or worked among blacks for any length of time probably has at least some symptoms of PTSD.

  • IstvanIN

    I saw Philadelphia magazine in the supermarket today. I wanted to buy it but was afraid that I would just be wasting my money on liberal drivel. I was right.

  • MekongDelta69

    I read the whole article, even though I knew most of it would be predictable.

    Bottom line (to me) is that a few of the incredibly guilt-ridden, self-loathing white leftists are e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y becoming your average, run of the mill, somewhat guilt-ridden, self-loathing white leftists.

    Most of these people have to be mugged by a white-hating black guy in real life before some of them will even consider slightly modifying their beliefs.

    Remember, it took 50+ years for the left to rip all these peoples’ spines out and it will probably take 50+ years for them to be put back in (if possible). The left is RELENTLESS though and will NEVER give up.

    Btw, the title of this article should have read:
    “Being White Anywhere

    • pcmustgo

      I’ve never been mugged by blacks. Just had to deal with all their nasty, creepy, hateful, get revenge on whites comments, especially hurtful coming from them when I had done right by them and didn’t deserve it. I don’t love their hostile glares and “death stares” either.

      • SargeInCharge

        At work today some black lady was going on about a recent sceintific discovery by a woman of color. I felt like asking, “Would this scientific discovery be any less profound if it came from a white man?” Of course it shouldn’t matter to any sane person who merely wants to benefit from the science; but of course it does matter to blacks — the most race conscious and racist of all people.

        The Patriots don’t celebrate regular season wins or even early round playoff wins. That’s routine for them. They expect to win because of all their past achievements, so they don’t celebrate the mundane. Crappy teams like the Browns, however, who don’t have a recent history of winning celebrate even the most mundane victories because each win is a surpise. The Patriots who expect excellence are like Whites, and the Browns who are suprised by and thus over celebrate a rare win are like certain minorities.

        • Melanie

          Yeah, it always irritates me when some person gets kudos for being the “first woman” or the “first person of color” for doing something that a white male did first, probably a long time ago, and probably since then only other white males, if anyone else, have been doing. What’s so distinctive about being the first (protected class/victim class) person to do a thing which a white male did first and took all the unknown risks or did what was previously thought to be not possible or too dangerous for a human to ever do? That’s where the challenge was. There’s no challenge or unknown risk that’s been overcome once the first person-a white male-has done it. The media hypes the first “whatever” after white males as if they’d done something new to human ingenuity and risk-taking. All they’ve done is follow in the white male’s path, the path he made.

          • PD

            Well, it’s not the white male to achieve everything first. Just because the overwhelmingly white media in earlier times reported it first, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • The__Bobster

    My younger son goes to Temple, where he’s a sophomore. This year he’s living in an apartment with two friends at 19th and Diamond, just a few blocks from campus. It’s a dangerous neighborhood.

    Diversity U is well known for Bantu-on-White violence. Of course the media and the college always try to downplay it.


    I’ve been here for two years, I’m almost done,” she says. “Blacks use skin color as an excuse. Discrimination is an excuse, instead of moving forward. … It’s a shame—you pay taxes, they’re not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot …

    I’ve been in such Philly neighborhoods. Cops patrol them regularly, but ignore the drug use and only get out of their cars if someone is shot.

    If the person is white, he’s bestowing a tiny bump of friendliness. If the person is black, it’s friendliness and a bit more: He’s doing something positive for race relations.

    I detest libtards who grovel like this, Do they really think the mudflaps like them?

  • Eric Shun

    What are the odds that this SWPL writer, Robert Huber, or his Temple University son will be a Knockout King victim this year?

  • Jefferson

    Bantudelphia, that is the city where Hussein Obongo literally won 100 percent of the Black vote.

    Not a single Black voter in that city voted for Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, or Virgil Goode.

    • stewardofthemystery

      It’s funny that you mention that! I went on to google maps to take a tour (streetview) of the old mans street in this article, and low-and-behold; as I cruised down Woddstock St., what did I see in one of the houses’ windows??? A poltical sticker/flyer showing support for the mocha messiah! I wonder if it was the old mans house.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      But many of those single voters cast more than one for BHO.

  • thurlow

    There are white people in Philly?

    • LaSantaHermandad


    • Yes. They include a friend of mine mugged, and then knifed. The only way the emergency room was able to find out who he was, was by his fingerprints. Some fields of finance require federal registry including prints, and they found him in the database.

      My friend recovered, and went back to work. Within a week of that, he was mugged again, but was at least left with his body intact.

  • StillModerated

    Huh! At the Wawa near me I routinely chew them out for not controlling their offspring. I welcome the “racist” because it’s the only bullet in their small caliber brains. I ceased being polite a few years ago — it bore no fruit.

    • pablo

      I find that you must mirror the attitude you are around.

      When I’m around other whites, I am polite and accommodating.

      On the other hand, when you are around blacks, a big mouth, vulgar, rude behavior is what is called for. In my experience, blacks have the biggest mouths and don’t hesitate to open it. I simply mirror that back at them.

      I’m a believer in giving back as you get. If some lowlife hoodrat mouths off, give it back. But whatever you do, don’t hold it in and then blow off anger at some innocent, white person. It is said that you either pass it back or pass it on. I pass it back.

  • MikeS

    The exact same scenarios that are described in this article play out everywhere there are Whites and ________’s. A more fitting title to this article would be: “Being White on Earth”

  • JohnEngelman

    Since moving to my predominantly black neighborhood in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States I have been mugged several times and nearly murdered. If I could afford to move I would. When blacks can afford to move to white neighborhoods, most of them do.

    When I lived in Walnut Creek, California I would sometimes get off at the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station at midnight and walk two miles home. It I tried to do that where I live I might be killed. If I did that on a regular basis I would be.

    • Jefferson

      Where do in the Bay Area do you live where a White person has a very high chance of being murdered by a Bantu for just walking home at night ? Oakland ? Richmond ?

      • BowleDover

        Oakland, Richmond, Bayview/Hunter’s Point, Hayward, the Tenderloin, Berkeley, Western Addition, Ashland, East Palo Alto…

        • crystalevans

          I remember when I lived in San Francisco in the 1980’s, there were a lot of Vietnamese who moved to the Tenderloin and cleaned it up. They opened up small businesses. I think that they have probably moved on up into one of the suburbs.

      • JohnEngelman

        I do not live in the San Francisco Bay area any more. In the Bay Area one should avoid south Oakland, East Palo Alto, and Richmond.

        • Morris Thecat

          you most likely live in NY, or Chicago since you have said you are going for a masters degree. Why be so mysterious about it?

    • So CAL Snowman

      I hear China is always looking for “snitches”

    • AutomaticSlim

      ” When blacks can afford to move to white neighborhoods, most of them do. ”

      And also when they can’t afford it, thanks to Section 8 and forced low income housing initiatives, like the ones being forced upon my county here in NY.

      Since you mention Walnut Creek, I have to ask, do you live in Oakland? Or some other

      black infested area of the East Bay (Richmond, El Cerrito, etc..).
      I worked in Oakland in the very early 90’s and, it was truly a hell-hole back then. 14th street was basically gang central.

      • The Ice Queen

        thanks to section 8…While living in a small all white town a few years back, a black woman approached me at the gas station and asked me, “Do you have section 8 in this town?” Seriously, no kidding. I’m talking about out in the country, where one has to pass quite a few cows and cornfields to get there.I said “No.”

        • Jefferson

          In the South even if you move to a rural area, you still can not escape from Blacks. Rural towns in Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, etc all have a large Black presence.

          • saxonsun

            They do seem to pop up in the strangest places. We see them on lonely country roads in the Catskill Mountains–hispanics too.

          • Jefferson

            Black faces are only rare in rural areas that are located in states outside of the South.

            If you live in rural Minnesota or rural Nebraska for example, you will only see a Black face once in a blue moon if at all.

      • crystalevans

        My husband grew up in San Leandro. At that time, there were whites, Asians and Hispanics. The only group missing was black. The residents wanted the blacks to stay in Oakland. But when Oakland got too bad for some of them, they then moved to San Leandro. The area where my husband grew up is now a hellhole.

      • JohnEngelman

        I no longer live in California. When I did live in the San Francisco Bay area I often visited Oakland’s Chinatown and Rockridge. Those areas are safe.

    • pcmustgo

      Oh, so you’re kind of poor. Now I see why you can’t attract an Asian woman.

    • Morris Thecat

      So every day is a game of Russian Roulette for you? You know the odds are against you the longer you live there.

      • JohnEngelman

        It angers me when I talk to a white liberal who says, ‘When I visited [name the city] I walked through the black neighborhood. Nothing happened to me.”

        A person can do that several times without incident. Every time he does that he is taking chances. Eventually the law of averages wins.

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          True. I’m sure it’s also possible to do heroin once or twice without any severe repercussions…but why…

        • Jefferson

          You know what angers me, when White liberals and Blacks falsely claim that Blacks rarely commit violent crimes against Whites and other Nonblacks.

          Yeah tell that to the Asian business owners in urban inner city Black neighborhoods who constantly fear for their lives, or Whites in South Africa who constantly fear for their lives.

    • robinbishop34

      Isn’t there another name the acronym BART stands for in that area?

    • Jerrybear

      Get a firearm and train regularly. That’s about all you can do.

      • PesachPatriot

        Mr. Engelman doesn’t particularly care for the 2nd amendment….he’d rather defend himself with moral superiority. If he lives in NY or Chicago its pretty much impossible to own and carry legally anyway.

        • Luca

          Maybe his jewish and Asian friends with high IQ’s can protect him. When confronted by black thugs they can outsmart them.

          • PesachPatriot

            I generally outsmarted them when I had to deal with hood nonsense…I wasn’t interested in fisticuffs if I was badly outnumbered….certain musical selections that some of the older posters would also dislike would terrify them away without me saying a word or making a fist. I could smile and make crazy eyes while I turned up the volume and situations would be resolved.

        • Tinfoil A22hat

          Wasn’t there something about urinating, defecating, and/or vomiting on one’s self as a progressive tactical response to violence posted somewhere? I’m pretty sure some academic in Colorado proposed it, and some mongoloid politician endorsed it.

          So I guess that is the Leftist Thermonuclear Option… but is it physically possible to do all three at once? Or in a rapid fire progression to good effect? Can you choose the order of fire? If so, what is the most effective rotation? Can training help? Do I need to then register various orifices as lethal weapons? Are there any after market accessories that can increase my effective range?

          Eh just a few things to consider.

  • Zackers

    What a concocted, carefully pieced together fantasy story! His necessary first step is one out of Philadelphia, purportedly still 37% white. What would be the white percent of 5 year olds, 5%?

    • 1stworlder

      That mighnt just be public schools, altho most of the whites in Philly could be gay/lesbian.

  • Moorisham

    I wonder if that little 12 year-old boy who was bullied to death was done in by Philly’s African exports.

    • Luca

      Of course he was. Just read between the lines and learn to recognize the media code words. Besides, White bullies would have beat him to exert power and not to kill him. Black bullies are out for blood reparations and they feel empowered and justified in doing so. They all have a Django wish.

      The demographics of Darby Township shows about 40% black. Need I say more?

      • C_C_Conrad

        So did Chief Pontiac in 1753. See Wilderness Empire.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    ‘He acknowledges that his assailants were black. “Not that that matters,” he says.’

    But it does matter. It matters because that’s the kind of society blacks create. White people shouldn’t have to live in fear in the cities their ancestors build.

  • Of course, it is black people who have faced generations of discrimination and who deal with it still.

    Of course, this writer doesn’t explain how they do “still deal with discrimination,” especially in a BRA-mad city like Philadelphia whose District Attorney dresses up in Trayvon hoodies.

    • purestocles

      Yes, the old “generations of discrimination” gambit. No proof offered, just self explicating tired old cliches.

      My dictionary defines “discriminating” as the ability to draw fine distinctions or perceptivity. Understood that way, I’ll agree that “generations of discrimination’ have gone into forging white attitudes towards blacks.

  • pcmustgo

    “Yet there’s a dance I do when I go to the Wawa on Germantown Avenue. I find myself being overly polite. Each time I hold the door a little too long for a person of color, I laugh at myself, both for being so self-consciously courteous and for knowing that I’m measuring the thank-you’s.”

    I used to be this way. Then stop doing it… that’s patronizing Blacks… just be normal. Treat them as you would whites. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • AutomaticSlim

      “Treat them as you would whites.”

      Really? Is that what you do? I don’t.

      I avoid them like the plague and never show them one ounce of friendliness or concern. Even in a crowded subway car, or on a the street packed with them, I treat them as if they do not exist, all the while being prepared for and keeping a very watchful eye for any signs of a possible “c.o.”.

  • pcmustgo

    “But this is how I see it: We need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in Philadelphia—white people talking to other whites, and black people to blacks—but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race. That feels like a lot to ask, a leap of faith for everyone. It also seems like the only place to go, the necessary next step.”

    I already do this. And think it’s the healthiest thing for everyone. Too bad I’m super privileged and have the luxury of being self-employed- and not giving a s–t about the consequences. Not everyone can do this. I’m just incapable of bs-ing anyone. I refuse.

    • Guest

      I am in the same position. When black person, black institution, or African wishes to patronize my business, I politely turn them away. I assume they are trying to steal from me. Some will give me a phony credit card, some will simply never pay the bill. It is quite easy to get rid of them with a fabricated excuse. The Africans are especially easy to get rid of. Sometimes they pretend to be white or non-black. They are usually so obvious, it is almost sad. It is similar to a child writing a phony letter to their teacher, signing his parent’s name. The few who fool me about their identity soon give up when they realize I will not allow them to steal from me. Occasionally I turn away a black person who I believe to be honest. I feel badly about that, but I cannot take any chances. Most are not honest.

  • Tim

    “Temple Students are prime prey…” And that from the mouth of an expert.. Heed it!!

    • NYB

      I once saw a lone white girl student crossing the dark and deserted downtown on foot after hours. I walked with her most of the way because she seemed oblivious to the risk.

      It occurred to me that whites in Philly have to behave as whites do in South Africa – always mindful that they have to stick together with their race for mutual defense.

      • Tim

        Your story mimics mine, thanks for sharing. I was about 19 when a middle aged woman came up on a dark street and not only thought she knew me, but ran up to hug me. As she did she whispered, “There are five black men following me!” Oh Boy!! We bluffed past them, when I backed her tale. But looking back on it, “Why did I even come to a stop to convince them?!?” Live and Learn I guess, But after that I never take a call of danger for anything less than the declared emergency it is…

        • brengunn


  • Anon

    Nothing but raw ignorance, fantasy and propaganda.

    As someone who went to college in one of these areas….first Lansing, michigan, then Obama’s backyard in chicago, he is what whites REALLY think….outrage. Followed quickly by the decision to arm ourselves. Then outrage again, when we discover that make US the criminals.

    I don’t know and have never met a white person that was anti-racist with these experiences. I never met a white person who was “queasy” about blacks. Angry to the point of violence….I met plenty of those. I also met plenty of jews who pretended to be white who pretended to be liberals. One quickly learns they are curiously united and curiously of a far different opinion of these things than whites.

    Most whites I knew in college spent a handful of years living in the big city, forced to accept the fact that they were going to kill any black who attacked them….and that they would be arrested and sent to prison for it. Most, as they got wiser and less aggressive, and more experienced in the fact that city careers are a dead end job and that there is actually a parallel WHITE economy outside the cities. It pays less, but, unlike liberal city life, it’s viable.

    It’s now 20 years after that part of my life….and NONE, not a single person I know from those days stayed in the city…..or anywhere near blacks for that matter.

    My point is this. The author doesn’t pass the experience test. The article is fake….designed to make you feel guilty for being ethnically cleansed.

    • purestocles

      “The article is fake…”

      I second you. Something’s fishy here. Nobody can be this naive and suicidally oblivious and survive to reproductive age. He enshrines his ignorance and then bows down to it.

    • “I also met plenty of jews who pretended to be white”

      The author of this article has a “pretended” agenda.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Jews are White. When are you people going to stop this s–t? Keep your eyes on the real enemy.

        • Alexandra

          Jews are Semites just like Arabs, Orientals, and Amerinds. Whites are Japhethites.

          Jews are also a convenient patsy, sad to say.

          • Svigor

            Nonsense. Jews are America’s wealthiest, most privileged caste, and heavily protected on all sides politically. They have hordes of water-carriers.

            They’re bullies, not patsies. Perpetrators, not victims.

        • Gunrunner1

          Jews are NOT White, as every Government who has expelled them knows (73 to date). They are self-described Semites, not Aryans. Further, they are a people who are perfectly willing to inject Nor-plant in blacks that try to emigrate to Israel to keep their blood pure. They are the race that hides behind a religion.

        • Jews do not consider themselves to be White, in fact many look with disdain and hostility upon the white race, especially the Christians among the white race.

          • Jefferson

            If Jews do not see themselves as Whitewhy do the vast majority of Jews check the White box in the U.S census and not the “Some Other Race” box like other Brown people do ?

          • jay11

            I have personally had conversations with jewish men who said they were semites and not caucasians. Why wouldn’t they check ‘some other race’? I don’t know, but it would be demeaning I think. I know one very influential jewish woman, who looks very jewish (middle eastern) and she goes around calling herself a ‘white’ girl. I think different jews have a different feeling about what they want to call themselves.

          • ATBOTL

            Up until recently, around 90% of Puerto Ricans claimed to be white on the census too.

          • Svigor

            Because it’s a complicated issue? Basically, Jews are white when it won’t cost them anything, or works to their advantage. I.e., here, with a pro-white audience. But when it costs them something or works to their disadvantage, then they’re “Jewish,” not white, like Mike Wallace when he interviewed Morgan Freeman for 60 Minutes.

            The US census doesn’t do my thinking for me. Jews ain’t white.

        • HamletsGhost

          Jews are anti-White. They ARE the real enemy.

          • R. Hess aka-Prince of Peace

            I second your statement.
            The tribe is our disease.
            Multiculturalism, illegal invasion, affirmative action, treasonous politics, endless middle east wars, the looting of our industries and financial sectors, filth and dishonesty in media, the promotion of degeneracy, fagotry, miscegenation, black on white crime, abortion, the feminist movement and generally speaking, anything that breaks down white society are the visible symptoms of our jewish disease.

            We can continue to complain about our annoying and often times painful symptoms, or we can attack the disease. The choice is ours and one we must make soon if white people are to not only survive but prosper.

        • PesachPatriot

          Thank you….I may not be pure nordic blood and blonde hair but I have walked directly in front of guys with ss runes, totenkopfs and swastikas tattooed on their necks in the beer line at slayer concerts and their jewdar didn’t start sounding off to instruct them to pummel into matzah crumbs….my eyes are as blue and my skin is as white as anyone else who posts here. I’m not in favor of having the US turned into zimbabwe or mexico(even though I do like tacos and fajitas)….here in america I am as white as someone of irish origin, even though jews, irish and italians weren’t considered as white as brits, germans and scandinavian a hundred years ago….when the dollar collapses and the rampaging hungry mobs come out of the inner cities they won’t be doing dna tests or checking last names on licenses….oh ok hernandez and cohen, you guys ain’t technically as white as smith and o’malley….feel free to go about your day while we loot the rest of the neighborhood.

          • Svigor

            A white Jew no more changes the fact that Jews aren’t white than Sammy Davis Jr. being Jewish changed the fact that Jews aren’t black.

          • PesachPatriot

            and herein lies our dilemna…when the trouble starts we’ll be attractive targets for the inner city hordes since they know most of our demographic is gun-phobic libs with nice houses and cars and even the more conservative religious ones usually aren’t big firearms enthusiasts….My ancestors resided in europe for at least the last 1000 years….according to scientists there are only 3 races….caucasoid, mongloid and negroid….i don’t have slanty eyes and my skin isn’t black or brown so by process of elimination what else could I be? I don’t mean to get in to a big debate or anything but if I walked by you on the street you would probably guess I was dark irish or italian

    • The Ice Queen

      I agree. There are too many things about this article that don’t add up. It’s about as believable as those tabloid headlines at the grocery check out. I’m surprised he didn’t say Elvis lived next door.

    • SargeInCharge

      “My point is this. The author doesn’t pass the experience test. The article is fake….designed to make you feel guilty for being ethnically cleansed.”

      I see the article the other way. I see it as baby steps of a guy on a journey from a politically correct view on race to a race-realist view. That journey takes baby steps. You don’t simplay wake up one morning and say, “It’s genetic nd multiculturalism is unworkable.” It takes much contemplation, research, experience, and honesty to go from what you’ve been brainwashed into believing before you reach the truth. This man mentioned some truths about whites being afraid of black areas because of crime. That’s a step on the journey and more than many whites will say out loud.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I agree with this as it’s been a long journey for many of us.

        But I have to agree with some of the other posters. There is just something… off about this article. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something wrong here.

        • Svigor

          Here at Amren, for many the journey only seems to have been about half as long as it needs to be. If that.

  • Ralph

    You’ve heard of the so-called “White racist gene”–which may actually be more than one gene-and which is really a survival gene. Be be happy if you have it.

    Well, there also anti-racist genes. Those with Williams Syndrome have some of these genes.

    I submit that many weak seed,lefty anti-racist Whites also have anti-racist genes and it would be nice if they would all move to Black neighborhoods and then we can give them posthumous Darwin Awards. Why, we might even give their Black attackers medals for keeping these weak seeds from spreading their weak seed genes among more Whites.

    Yes, it’s natural selection at work as the weak ones die off, leaving us stronger ones with the racist genes to breed like rabbits and thus improve the White subspecies.

    • C_C_Conrad

      You hit the nail on the head there. I call it the Neanderthal Option. Sometimes interracial breeding is a good thing.

      • Ralph

        Ah, no, I wasn’t saying that interracial breeding is a good thing. In fact, I think miscegenation is evil and takes us White ones off the path to our highest possible destiny, which is to become MORE White (meaning to perfect and improve all the characteristics that make us White people).

    • gemjunior

      Posthumous Darwin Awards are such a fantastic idea for ALL white miscegenating scum. I love this whole post, and wholly agree. I am very pleased to be in possession of the White racist gene, and pleased to try and have as many Whites as possible express their racist gene. It’s the only thing that’ll save us.

      • Anders

        Indeed. Not just in the USA but all throughout our White World. I have a two year-old boy (he’s got snowy hair and blue eyes) and every time I look at him I remember that certain parties want the wholesale eradication of our people.
        Stand tall and strong people and don’t let the bastards get one over you!

  • Robert Binion

    Erase it, be oblivious, seek love sweet as Monterey pop, Robert. Impose upon your son his ancient, ancestral duty as Hibernian cannon fodder. But I have a daughter. Do not ask me to expose her where the cop glances with fear, where even Vishnu can not get a dial tone.

  • SargeInCharge

    This article is a positive sign. The author appears to be an average, neither race-realist nor anti-white, who’s willing to attach his name to an article that shares the unspoken average white view. Millions like him will now feel more empowered to do the same.

  • Lygeia

    I tried to read this whole article because it is progress that a relatively mainstream publication is writing somewhat honestly about race, and, hopefully, the writer is waking up due to what had to experience in order to write what he wrote. But it was so impossibly twee and delicately written like the subject matter was some kind of perfumed flower.

    This sample sentence from the article kind of sums it up: “Our troubled black communities create in us a tangle of feelings, including this one: a desire for things to be better.”

    The above sentence is purposefully written in passive voice (who is, precisely that has the “desire”) and it tries to get us to make the inference that troubled black communities are somehow “ours.”
    White communities work, even when they are poor and seldom is a white community troubled eliciting in us a “tangle of feelings.”

    But I guess should be grateful for the baby steps.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    I love hearing about “gentrification”. That means liberals are moving into black neighborhoods and being “culturally enriched”, usually at gunpoint. Soon, the US dollar will be worthless and in the resulting chaos they will be massacred by their beloved pets.

    After a horrific breakdown of society and the racial carnage that will result, the liberals will shoulder the full blame. Within 10 years the word “liberal” will invoke the same response as the word “racist” does now.

  • brengunn

    I’ve come to believe that white people have to risk being much more open.

    How did he come to that conclusion? Out of all the stories he recounted, does the burden of change lie with white people in any of them? Does it, hell! If you’re more open with thieves and hustlers you’ll get thieved and hustled more than normally.

    Sometime, sooner or later, blacks are going to have to take personal and collective responsibility for their dysfunction. Sometime, whites are going to have to realise that they can’t fix black people, no matter what they do. Best to be honest about the situation, whatever that means.

    • C_C_Conrad

      “Sometime, sooner or later, blacks are going to have to take personal and collective responsibility for their dysfunction.”

      I think that you are wrong here. Whites will have to do this – AND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

  • Popeye Doyle

    Whites typically make a big mistake around blacks by showing them an undue amount of difference, being overly courteous and so on. The problem is that it isn’t reciprocated and blacks notoriously take kindness for weakness. I’ve seen whites make this mistake continously. Even more so with white females who sometimes out of fear will be overly friendly with some black guy with an attitude. Black males then invariably take this the wrong way and assume she wants him.

    Being white myself, and before I became racially aware, I found myself guilty of this same undeserved, overly courteous behavior around blacks. I had to train myself not to do this around them. I started by staring my neighbor’s ferocious Doberman Pincer down. I would walk up to the fence and put my face near his snapping jaws and just stare him down. I started using this same cold, “try me…” look around blacks and it seems to unnerve most of the. I also made up my mind to use lethal force if required to protect myself in any given situation.

    • C_C_Conrad

      You are so right. On a few occasions I have said – the blacks are not attacking you because you are white; they are attacking you because you are yellow. Now you know just who I am referring to.

    • ms_anthro

      I’m a white woman living in a mostly nonwhite city. In my experience, the only way to avoid being hassled by blacks and mestizos is to give off an untouchable and unfriendly demeanor that warns them to stay away. You have to seem ice-cold, almost hostile, but not in an aggressive way that they might interpret as a challenge. It has to be so contemptuous that you barely even notice them, but vigilant and aware that they’re around.

      I carry a concealed handgun every single day and fervently hope I never have to use it, but am prepared to defend myself with lethal force if necessary. My hope is that all white people will arm themselves and be ready to strike back without hesitation if attacked. We need to deliver the message that we are no longer willing to be prey in our own cities, our own towns, our own country. And we are not willing to let our own kind be attacked without repercussions anymore, either. White men, come to our defense! We need you now more than ever. White women, arm yourselves. You are worth saving.

      • Nature boy

        Amen sister, i taught my boys to look tough to take, that is half the battle. Me i look like Ed Asner having a bad day, and that keeps the bad guys at bay.

        • LastBastionOfHope

          I walk through bad neighborhoods a lot and I have never been mugged or jumped. You have to walk with a purpose. Walk like a cocky SOB, not like a lost puppy looking around scared. That’s the key.

          • Katherine McChesney

            In other words, walk without giving off an air of trust.

          • saxonsun

            Been to Harlem a few times–I always walk like I own the place. They move for me.

          • jay11

            That’s what I do too! I’m normally a friendly guy, but I’ve learned to look like an angry badda** when I walk in black/latino areas, and I no longer get followed or given the once over by gangbangers looking for an easy mug. I see clueless hipsters walking with their curly fake fros, man bags, organic lattes and 70s style clothes and I smirk, ‘cuz they are the ones who I read about in the paper having been mugged.

          • Svigor

            I find the key is to be mentally prepared to deal out violence at any given moment. It affects your whole demeanor, posture, etc.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yeah…I’m naturally a good natured type with a sense of humor. Like to be nice to folks in general. Like to smile.

          But when entering the jungle, one must adapt. At 6’3″, 240ish, good musculature, and a well practiced “eat sh_t and leave me alone” look, I’ve never encountered problems. When I have to go there, I think about something that really p’s me off, like having to go there or Affirmative Action, prepare to die fighting if need be. Thus far it’s worked.

          Blacks don’t mess with a “peckerwood” unless the odds and repercussions are too good to pass up.

          Unless they are especially stupid even for their own kind, or zombied up on bath salts I guess…

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Unfortunately too many white women are busy playing the “who can show they are not racist” game with black guys. Then when white men bring it up they think it’s out of jealousy or racism. I’d like to see black college groups visiting poor whites in West Virginia, holding some of their babies and building them new houses for a change. It’s time for THEM to prove they are not racist against us.

        • ms_anthro

          I do see this unfortunately with some white women, but most of us won’t date black men and look down on white women who do. They may not admit it publicly but the majority of white women want white mates. The media like to pretend that interracial relationships are the norm but statistically, it’s not true.

          • Melanie

            You are correct. The media tries to hype white/negro couplings (trying to make their wishes become reality), but statistics show that a majority of white women date and marry white men. Many of us have never even considered it-I don’t mean considered it but rejected it, I mean never considered it at all. In the time and place where I grew up, it would have been unthinkable, even for so-called white trash.

          • ms_anthro

            Exactly right. It’s not just blacks. They try to promote white girls with mestizo men, but even all the white women I know who married Hispanic, married a genetically white European from the upper castes of Spain or Latin America. They’re whites who speak Spanish, not low IQ brown midgets from the Andes. There is a big difference.

          • Jefferson

            You are WRONG. There are plenty of White women who race mix with genetically Nonwhite Hispanic men.

            Cheech Marin’s wife is White.

            Mario Lopez’s first wife is White, her name is Ali Landry.

            Michael Pena’s wife is White.

            Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend is White.

            Alfonso Ribeiro’s wife is White (Alfonso Ribeiro is the Dominican actor who played Carleton Banks on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)

            Alberto Gonzalez wife is White.

          • jay11

            I think those might be the exceptions, because those men are wealthy and so would attract women of any race who want the easy life. I live around hundreds of thousands of latinos (poor me!) and I have never, ever seen a stereotypical amerindian or dark mestizo with a white women. They all want the white girls, and are not afraid to say it, but I’ve never seen it happen in almost 15 years. There’s a reason why on TV all the ‘latinos’ they show are basically ‘white’ or at least light skinned. Can you imagine if they showed little indian-featured Jose Velasquez from Puebla village in Chihuaha State on any popular show? Wouldn’t happen, even as it rarely happens in spanish speaking countries, where the movie stars are basically the whites and mildly mestizo.

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE]On tv all of the Latinos they show are basically White ?[/QUOTE]

            You must have an extremely broad definition of White.

            Most Latinos I see on television do not even look as White as a Jew or an Italian, let alone look as White as a Scandinavian Nordic Swede.

            Most Latinos I see on television have visible physical Nonwhites features and can easily be told apart from Non Hispanic Whites.

            I can see visible Nonwhite admixture in Latino television and movie stars like Jennifer Lopez, Cheech Marin, America Ferrera, Danny Trejo, Christina Milian, Michael Pena, Salma Hayek, Mario Lopez, Eva Longoria, Gina Torres, Rosario Dawson, Carlos Mencia, George Lopez, Zoe Saldana, etc.

            If they all took a DNA test, I doubt any of them would get back results saying that they are 100 percent European.

          • ms_anthro

            And Heidi Klum married Seal. A few exceptions don’t disprove the general rule. The idea that white women are lining up to mate with mestizos is a leftist fantasy.

          • Svigor

            You have a lot more examples to give us. The country’s population is roughly 300 million…

          • jay11

            Speaking of hyping the black male as a god-like figure for white women, have you seen the maniquins and other displays in the typical Dicks Sporting Goods stores? 99% black. I went in one of those stores the other day and I was literally unnerved by all the images of and statues of burly black men I saw at every turn. 99% of the customers were white/asian or latino, but at least 75% of the displays featured black photos and manequins. I was like, “What gives?” It was almost as bad as going into a Target store or watching an Allstate commercial!

          • ms_anthro

            Add Dick’s to your boycott list anyway. They catered to the gun control freaks after the Newtown tragedy.

          • Then, do as I do: don’t give Dick’s your business. I don’t, but my reason is that I cannot get service at a Dick’s. They stare right through me when I walk in the door. I guess a bulky white guy with a big but neat beard does not fit in with their target demographic.

            The black displays are a further reason.

        • jay11

          I have noticed the young white women where I work having something of a double-attitude about this. They will talk of the joys of the diversity and fully believe what they are saying, and then they will talk about the dangers of walking alone at night and how they have all felt unsafe in seedy areas, and they will fully believe that they can be in danger if they’re around the ‘wrong’ people. They never seem to put two and two together.

      • Cheers to you, ms anthro. Salud! That’s EXACTLY why the Obama regime is trying to promulgate gun control. It knows whitey is not concerned with Bantu-on-Bantu crime.

    • Morris Thecat

      you mean “deference” , you mean to say “…whites typically make a big mistake around blacks by showing them an undue amount of DEFERENCE” Sorry to nit pick but I think your point is good and I don’t like a simple flaw like that detracting from it. If you could edit it I’d be grateful, and then I will remove this post.

      • Popeye Doyle

        Yes, I caught the mistake a nanosecond after I posted it. Unfortunately, if you are posting as a guest only, not using an account, you can’t edit your posts. Sorry.

        • Daisy

          How do you become other than a guest?

          • Svigor

            Sign up for a Disqus account.

    • Jss

      You are absolutely right. Blacks are like hyenas only less evolved and literally evil. If you walk wound looking like prey they will eat you.

      White men need to try and put some meat on their bones and be prepared to literally take a life in defense of his own and other Whites. If your not willing rest assured diversity is if you make it easy.

      I have once had to pull a knife on diversity and the demonstartion of force was enough to get them to look for easier targets. I know if I hadn’t or just tried to pretend everything would be okay if I cooperated with the enrichers I would have at th least had my head kicked in and possibly been killed. Like any other feral pretadors diversity won’t attack you if you give a convincing “don’t F with me” vibe. Stop walking around looking like emasculated prey White “men”. If we want our Women to start respecting us again this is a good place to start. If we want to show Hollywood and the MSM for the frauds they are this is a good first step.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        I think white men were much more willing to defend the honor of their white women back when they were classy and stayed with their own kind. However in modern times white women can’t get enough of black men. They want to experiment, they want to marry them, some even worship them to get back at daddy. That makes it much harder to want to defend them. I am a 220 lb white man with plenty of muscle but I’d much rather rescue an innocent, racially loyal white girl than the white girl who wants to prove she is not racist by sleeping with blacks.

        • Jss

          Your point is well taken and I agee. But I think the number of White women who genuinely have full blown jungle fever is not as high as the media would have us beleive. Granted a white women who gives herself body and soul to diversity is someone I wouldn’t jump to pull from a burning building. But I do believe that White women’s lack of respect for us is linked to our allowing society to neuter us.

          I believe any sane White women would pick a knight or Viking over a Bantu. But as long as White men let the system portray them as women with penise’s and allow themselves to be tax slaves for a nation and system that hates them this situation will never change.

          White men need to break from this system and destroy it or it will destroy us and we go extinct. Through apathy we are our own worst enemy.

          • Intrepid

            White men race mix more than White women do. Usually with Asians. The only reason I can think of why White women are criticized more is because of the male predominance among the proponents of white nationalism.

          • jay11

            Usually with asians skin color is not the issue because the hues of color of asians are in the same ballpark as whites. You know the kids won’t come out with afros and low IQ and want to be a ghetto rapper. Some white men marry latinas, and also there you find that skin color and other factors are also not a big concern. I know some guys who married light skinned women from India and their kids look like they were French. Some combinations are better than others if you are concerned about staying in a particular ballpark.

          • Intrepid

            That’s not the point. Asians aren’t white. The white men who mix with them should get the same degree of criticism that white women who mix with blacks get. But that doesn’t happen. WM/AF couples are more common than BM/WF couples are, and it’s the Achilles heel of miscegenation arguments… the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Because even though their kids aren’t white, people are essentially deferring to – degree of whiteness – instead. Are you 100% okay with Asian men together with White women? Probably not.

          • Svigor

            Not true. Miscegenation is worse when women do it. The sexes are different, and they have different reproductive realities. News flash, I know.

          • Northerner

            How is it “worse” when women do it? It sounds like you just made it up. Both sexes contribute equally to offspring.

          • shmo123

            In my experience, most white women who marry blacks are fat, homely and stupid. Apparently, the pool of white guys who are looking for fat, homely and stupid is limited, so the ladies have to settle for less.

          • Intrepid

            That’s not it. For every “fat, homely and stupid” white woman, there’s an equally fat, homely and stupid white man out there too.

          • Svigor

            Who doesn’t want a fat, homely, and stupid white woman.

          • Svigor

            Something like 3 percent of blonde and redheaded women report having ever had sex with a black at all (GSS data). So yeah, the media love affair is propaganda, not reality.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Feminism destroyed it. I noticed when the feminist movement was at it’s peak in the 70’s that males would often not hold the door for women. One male nearly slammed the door in my face. When I confronted him, he replied “now you’ve got your equal rights you can do it for yourself’. There was a lot of White male hostility toward women during that period. That’s probably when they started to look to Asian women as their mates. At any rate, they were assuming all females were feminists.

          • PesachPatriot

            This is pretty awful behavior and I’m sorry someone did that to you….i’m not a very big fan of radical gender is a social construct type feminism, even though I agree with women having the right to vote, equal pay for equal work, etc….a man slamming a door in a woman’s face like you described is always wrong….maybe I am old fashioned but I always try and make sure I hold the door open for ladies of any age from 8 to 80 when I am out and about.

          • Mark

            The problem is you couldn’t tell the difference between those women who were feminists and those who weren’t. If you aren’t a feminist then speak out against them, if you don’t then you are considered for them. You can’t ride the fence.

      • rebellisMMXII

        Once while filling my gas tank (code yellow), there was a black guy walking up apparently looking for handouts…I was keeping my awareness but not giving him any attention until he walked up and started to solicit a donation (or worse). With a firm and quite hostile glare I triggered an actual “don’t shoot me” plea from mr diversity and he wondered off…mission accomplished. My firearm never left the holster or even printed but it was at my side.

        Arm, train and carry…also, try to maintain some muscle.

      • Svigor

        I think the idea is for it to be convincing because it’s true.

        Don’t “act.” Be ready to harm, injure, or kill anyone you have to to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      White women have been indoctrinated to think that if they don’t sleep with black guys or marry them that they are racist. Let’s see what happens if a movement starts indoctrinating black women to sleep with and marry white guys to prove they are not racist.

      • Melanie

        I’d like to see a movement of white men rejecting coalburners, even if it was “only one time” (yeah right). I say this and I’m a white woman. Radical feminism has distorted too many female’s thought processes to the point where they believe that no matter what they do, they are still the prize princess. It will take a period of white men wholesale rejecting white women who have been coalburners for the majority of them to get it through their thick heads and walls of ego, that “once you go black, you can’t come back”. They really need this rejection from white men to finally understand that it’s all or nothing-either they support the white race and engage with white men in relationships, or they won’t have the option at all-they will have chosen and must stay with that choice.

        • Rob

          Melanie, didn’t you date a black guy? I’m quite sure I’ve seen you with one.

        • capnmorgan5150

          I actually rejected a woman I met at the bar about 6 months ago because I found out she was in fact a “coalburner”. No thanks!

          • iberianpride

            I’ve done that too. I would never date a white woman who has degraded herself like that.

        • “Radical feminism has distorted too many female’s thought processes to the point where they believe that no matter what they do, they are still the prize princess.”

          Absolutely, yes. We already have “secondary virginity”, so “secondary whiteness” can’t be far behind.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I agree with this 100% and I’m a woman too. Even the most ultra-liberal of white women must feel, at an instinctual level, how utterly alien black men are to us. Virtually all of them know blacks are more criminal and less intelligent than us, even if they blame it on “racism” or “culture”. If they choose to sleep with a black man, despite the fact that it’s impossible to not realize the reality of racial differences, they deserve to be ostracized from white society forever.

          There’s simply no excuse for sleeping with black men.

        • Svigor

          I think it’s a grey area, with coalburners. Case by case. If a white woman has no children or only white children, then I consider her eligible, depending on the particulars. What’s a better outcome? Settling down with Jane and squeezing some whites out of her, or sending her off with Jamal to have mulatto babies?

          Obviously girls who are dedicated coal-burners are not the same thing as a woman who slept with a black, once.

      • They also use the following phrases:
        “Once you go black, you never go back”, and
        “Da blacker the berry, da sweeter the juice”
        Yeah, right.

        • jay11

          Except for players and hipsters, I don’t know a single white guy who would date a white woman who slpet with black men. Even the thought of it is nauseating because of the news that more than half of all black women carry an STD. I think that may be one of the reasons that som any black men want white women – they’re ‘cleaner.’ The only problem is that puts a lot of white women at risk for the same STDs. I’m also sad to report that one of my cousins, a really pretty blond girl, slept with a black guy for a few years, and he left her with two children who look 100% black. He pays no child support and appears only at birthday parties. Both kids act horribly and I am on edge when I have to be around them at family gatherings on account of their rude and brash behavior. My cousin has, for obvious reasons, not been able to find a white boyfriend.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            That happened to one of my female family members too. She’s incredibly intelligent, holds a PhD, makes 6 figures, and is beautiful to boot. But for some godforsaken reason, she decided to procreate with a black man.

            Luckily for her, he actually contributes, and the child is well behaved and seems to act mostly white, but it still dooms her to only dating minority men for the rest of her life.

            I will never understand what leads white women who are obviously high-IQ to do things like this.

          • Svigor

            She’s probably petrified of a relationship with a white man who’s smarter than she is. I’ve seen quite a bit of this pathology over the last few years. Some women find it very unpleasant to be around men who are smarter than they are.

          • Svigor

            Odds are your pretty blond cousin is a moron (everything about her behavior points that way) and our gene pool thanks her. Tough, but true.

        • Svigor

          I always liked “once you go black, we don’t want you back.” 🙂

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Sorry, but the word is “deference.” I decided a number of years back to make sure I did not perform any of these so-trained-in responses you describe here. In one incident, a big, over-dressed black woman was in a local supermarket, one of the few blacks ever seen in there (likely, one of the new county government hires that have migrated in lately). She came to the same vegetable section I was at and made some sort of condescending greeting. I made no response. She actually started to sing about how I was deaf, (trying to sound like one of her black female singing idols). I finished my picking and walked away as if she did not exist.

      I never say, “Excuse me,” they way I used to. In fact, I only do that for the elderly I meet when out and about. To me, they seem to be about the only people who appreciate respectfulness, including, unfortunately, many young whites.

      • jay11

        I once had a big, loud black woman start insulting me for no reason. I did nothing at all to her and just happened to be walking by on the sidewalk. I ignored it and moved on. Best policy. Do not engage in a situation where you cannot win.

    • I’m not going to lie. Staring at a dog is a weird thing to do.

  • Ernest

    “but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race”

    Paging Eric Holder. I wish it were true that we would have more open discussions on race. True honesty would bust things wide open once and for all.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    This isn’t unique to Philly PA. It’s one of those dirty little secrets that everyone knows about up north. That is, cities are war zones and blacks are trouble. This dirty little secret though is easily resolved by simply not living in such places. Whites who live in well off suburbs and rural areas just plain don’t have to deal with race issues (usually). Because these escape hatches are in place, it’s rarely an issue worthy of much discussion. Not among whites anyway.

    To many northern whites outside the urban demographic, blacks tend to exist in the abstract. Meaning “we live here and they live elsewhere”, with both races usually occupying different demographics. It’s always been this way. Whites have come to expect this “arrangement”.

    Good article. Really makes the point.

    • C_C_Conrad

      I think that whites have run too far & too long.

  • newscomments70

    when I was younger, I was a product of Hollywood. I would go out of my way to befriend black people because I thought that they would be like Bill Cosby, Jordy from Star Trek, etc. Because of bad experiences and race realism, I now completely avoid blacks. I spend most of my income on rent to live in a mostly white community…instead of living in a nice house in Florida or similar. I am not hateful. I don’t wear sheets or preach some strange ideology. It is simply done out of survival. This is a shame because I have known civilizled and moral blacks. I was friends with some blacks for many years, who were very decent people. Unfortunately, the dominating factor of the black community is hostile, racist and violent. I find myself avoiding even decent black people because they would be somehow connected to that community. In the past, Hollywood tried to promote blacks as non-threatening and suburban. That did not work, so they began to glorify “thug culture”. “Hip hop culture” still exists, but it has lost popularity. Too many people, even non-black youths, find this “music” offensive. Now Hollywood is promoting virulently anti-white movies and advertising, as well as miscegenation (black male, white female ONLY). I’m really not sure where they are going with this. They deliberately make us boil with rage and expect to promote black culture and profits. This is obvious a failure because their profits are at record lows. They are pushing blacks on us and expecting us to accept them. I wonder if they are trying to do it now with intimidation, making us feel hopeless…that there is no way to stop this. I’m not sure about you folks, but it is having the opposite effect on me. I went from being a kumbaya liberal to a David Duke supporter. The experiment failed.

    • C_C_Conrad

      A large number of people are on the same path as you. I wrote the book Jack’s War to help people like you.

      • newscomments70

        Thanks, looks like an interesting read. Are you having any luck with sales, if I may ask?

      • stopspam

        stop spamming im really sick of it its not appropriate and really detracts from this site.


        tell jack war stop spamming SICK OF IT!! WHAT IF PEOPLE NEGATIVE SPAM HIS BOOK REVIEW?!!!

    • NYB

      “I’m really not sure where they are going with this.”

      Hollywood is run by people who want to stir the racial pot. As long as the whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics are locked in perpetual interracial struggle, they can go about their agenda of consolidating economic and political power.


        This must have been a question German Jews asked themselves in 1930s Germany each Sabbath. Jews were hated by their own government like whites in America and Jews were excluded from employment just like whites in America. The Jews did give up their guns.

        Where is this going? FEMA Concentration Camps.

        OBAMA the MAD.


          The government cannot take guns away from whites so they have taken away all the ammunition and gun powder. You cannot buy any anywhere. If the government can do this to ammo, they can do this to food too. The government has already started doing this to food.

          Obama the Mad.

          • refocus

            When they turn off the electricity… everyone will die of dehydration and starvation in less than thirty days.

          • Angry White Woman

            I noticed the ever less availability of ammunition quite a while back, and remarked on it. My sister said, “The Constitution says we have the the right to bear arms, it doesn’t say a word about the right to buy ammo.”

          • Johnny Clay

            So that explains why the major supermarket near me has empty shelves sometimes.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Don’t know where you got your information but Jews in Germany had their own businesses. They were prosperous. Jews usually work for themselves.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I think he really meant to say that Jewish businesses got shut down and banks they either ran or worked at seized and they were ejected from employment.


      At the shopping malls on Saturday I see Black mail, White female families with mulotto kids being held or in strollers. I ask my son about this. If a white women wants to have a family and a decent standard of living she will have to settle on a Black husband. Only black men can get those good paying jobs in America due to the AA. Businesses and companies must find blacks to hire or they get into trouble. This is why there is such a influx of blacks from Africa and the Islands. Sooo, keep trying to treat Blacks as equals.

      • C_C_Conrad

        “stop spamming im really sick of it its not appropriate and really
        detracts from this site.”
        My apologies. I’m just trying to find ways to make contacts, help build our publishing efforts and do my part.

        • newscomments70

          I’m fine with you’re doing that. It’s your way of spreading the word. I’m not sure how the moderators feel about it though.

        • Morris Thecat

          what were you spamming?

        • Katherine McChesney

          Amren doesn’t benefit from your advertising. Perhaps you could speak to the Moderators and see if they would help you sell your book if it suits their agenda. They should benefit financially from your sales. Otherwise, you’re just leeching off their traffic.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        There is no such thing as merit in the civil service. Since blacks cannot score high on tests, test must be racist.

        White, male – give it up, guy. You are gonna pay for your wicked genes. And if ya get too upset, ya better keep it to yourself, whitey.

        Cause you are a minority and you might get really hurt…we’re gonna get ya!

        Oh, and discuss race as the author suggested? Give me a break.

        • Katherine McChesney

          ‘There is no such thing as merit in the civil service.’

          I learned this in the 60’s. The length of service is what determines raises and promotions. Meanwhile, we used to laugh at government employees as we used to see them lined up at the windows all during the day. It’s as if they loaf all day and get paid for it. If I’d done that at my jobs I would have been reprimanded.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I recently saw as much myself. Got on as a temp with a state government agency, wanted to get permanent, but…

            Quickly figured out I was the wrong ethnicity/gender, that wanting to do a good job and feeling an obligation to taxpayers who paid my salary was a BIG NO NO. Never saw such incompetence, except competence to blame one’s own incompetence on those weaker…

            Felt bad when that gig fell through – questioned myself, depressed, all that…until a big scandal erupted which showed all who cared to look just how big a joke the South Carolina Department of Revenue had become (they had all the taxpayers’ private info stolen and some bigwig got into trouble for exposing his penis to someone among other things).

            What was my sin there? Like an idiot, I honestly tried to make it better. Little things here and there, but that made my paranoid and incompetent “superior” look as incompetent as she was and therefore I was blacklisted. Oops…

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I have seen the incompetence of government on local and state levels all my early life, growing up in Sacramento, CA. Since AA, EOE, etc., it has become far worse. The dysfunction is there, yes, but it costs much, much more than it used to which is why the system is doomed to collapse, sooner or later, but it will, be sure of that.

          • Svigor

            The one up side to the destruction of America is that the gov’t is ahead of the curve. Covington’s at least partly right – AA hires and bulldykes are going to have a hard time handling any white insurrection.

          • jay11

            I learned the hard way that the government institution I work for will hire ONLY latinos, women, gays, and blacks – in that order – for supervisory positions. There is a kind of glass ceiling for white males in the public sector now. I call it the “melanin ceiling.” I have not seen a white, hetero male in a supervisory position where I’m at in all the time I have worked here.

          • Johnny Clay

            I’ve been in federal law enforcement for 28 years and see this every day.

          • Svigor

            You should blame yourself for your woes. You’re the one who thought the gov’t was the opposite of what it was, and you’re the one who was looking to make your wages via theft (AKA taxation).

    • Luca

      “I’m really not sure where they are going with this.”

      Here’s where they are going: Everything liberals promote is designed to lessen the White, heterosexual, Christian, males (WHCM) power and the culture they created. WHCM’s created the world we live in, as we know it. Because of that, they have created an atmosphere of jealousy among the “others”.

      Who are the others you ask? Easy. They are anyone who is the the opposite of WHCM’s. They are minorities, gays, Jews, Muslims, seculars and women. The others have been taught that they are victims of WHCM culture, and politics, therefore they have an alternative to offer which attacks the WHCM’s and strips them of power and wealth and shares it with the unfortunate others.

      Who gains from this game plan? Follow the money: Hollywood, academia, media, banks, corporations and politicians. They use propaganda, unions, race, organizations, legal system and political correctness to achieve their goals.

      The objective is to create a large mass of useful idiots who produce wealth and are active consumers, taxpayers and bank customers. A group so divided they cannot stand together to rage against the dying of the light.

      Some of these useful people are natural idiots, some are indoctrinated, some sit on the fence and some resist because of reality and common sense. We are just about at the tipping point because half the US are taxpayers and the other half are tax takers. The next five years will be very interesting indeed.

      That’s my best guess having observed the world for over half a century and having studied everything about history that ever interested me. It is just my personal opinion, for what it’s worth.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading


        White Heterosexual Christian ‘Working’ Male

        fixed it for ya

        • Luca

          very good, but I wanted to keep it brief, otherwise: WHCWTPMSBL White, Heterosexual,Christian, Working, Tax Paying, Male, Supporting Brown Leeches.

          • Mark

            Quit paying the damned taxes!!

      • Sean

        I think you need to take the male part out of there. I don’t care for any sort of egalitarianism but I still think that women need to be acknowledged for there own skill set and the contributions of white women need to be celebrated.

        We are white people, not just white men.

        • Luca

          I think I have my own opinion based on observation and experience. I also think you are missing an important point and taking it personal.

          Liberals are trying to create a victim class of women, especially white single-mothers, many of whom are swayed by the liberal propaganda and handouts;,not so with most white males. Liberals are not targeting white women as “the enemy”, but as perspective voters. Conversely, liberals are most definitely targeting White, heterosexual, Christian, males as their Public Enemy No. 1.

          If more white women would be more anti-liberal, we would all be better off.

          I think I’m right on the money with this one.

          • Sean

            I agree but separating us from each other is foolish, when WE separate ourselves from white women we’ve lost. That’s why these marxists are trying to create distance between white men and women. If it’s bad that liberals are trying to turn them against us then don’t treat them as enemies.

            We are white PEOPLE, not just white men.

      • Richard from Vancouver

        Your comment has been one of the most succinct explanations of white male genocide I have ever come across. I agree with you whole heartedly.

    • The sad fact is Hollywood is run by Marxist whites who love ‘blacks’ so much that they do it in their all-white neighborhoods and schools. A few days in Detroit (and/or the other black cesspools) and you’ll see a drastic change in what Hollywood pumps out. I would like to directed another version of American History X where the skinheads would be hero’s by banding all whites together to fight the enemy.

      • James Flower

        Hollywood is ran by Jews, not marxist whites.

        • Katherine McChesney

          is RUN, not ‘ran’.

      • shmo123

        That became evident to me during the academy awards show a couple of weeks ago. It appears there must absolutely be a black nominated for best actor or best supporting role, no matter who or how good or bad they were in it . Denzel could go on screen and blow his nose and get nominated; but then they nominate a 9 year old black girl for best actress. To be fair, I didn’t see the movie she was in, and her performance might have been superlative, but are they so desperate for diversity they’ll nominate a 9 year old? I would think that paying your dues still means something, and there had to be plenty of actresses out there for whom at least being nominated would’ve earned them a star on their resumes and rightly deserved kudos.

      • newscomments70

        There are a small handful of neo-conservatives in Hollywood. The establishment does everything they can to belittle them and ruin their careers. It’s possible that some are race realist, but the neo conservatives could never sacrifice themselves like that. For example, Kelsey Grammar, “Frasier” suffered a loss many years ago. His sister was raped and murdered by a black man in the 70s. This happened in Colorado Springs. He was sentenced to death, but the liberal governor, at that time, stopped the execution. I wonder how Frasier feels about criminal blacks, and liberals for that matter?

      • Mark

        Hollywood is NOT run by whites, Hollywood is run by Jews, there is a big difference. Even the disciples of the bible spoke in whispers for fear of the Jews.

    • Alexandra

      Blacks who behave themselves and act civilized are a true minority. I personally know of a few. They’re Christians like me.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        One need not be a Christian to be either polite or ethical. But you do illustrate how Christianity blinds whites to race reality due to Christianity. Thanks. You appear to value your religion more than your race.

        • Melanie

          Not in all cases. I am an old-school fundamentalist independent Baptist-it’s not a denomination, but a loose voluntary association of fundamentalist Baptists. We stand by the “old-time religion” which also opposes miscegenation, just as we did historically.

        • Michael Ryan

          true but many of us might agree with 999% of race realism etc but are not haters we know many decent blacks wonderful even. that said at this point if i could will them all to africa i would but thats not really an option how do we do more than whine, i dont think it helps our cause to turn people off, better ease them into the truth which is despite many maybe most blacks being decent such high percentages are not that the liberal agenda is unworkable,immigration must be stopped whites must come to see how blacks even decent ones think and act racially and respond accordingly,we must remember the liberals are the real cause of black behavior because they excuse and incite it, race realism must be promoted as a scientific truth needed to inform policy not as pseudo scientific racismn, for that to happen sights like this should remain above the hate take out your anger at niggermania. unless you think its a lost cause

          • Defoe

            “We must remember the liberals are the real cause of black behavior because they excuse and incite it. ”

            I agree with you that liberals “excuse” black behavior, but they surely are not the real cause of black behavior. Black genes are the real cause of black behavior. Black behavior has been well documented for centuries.

        • Mark

          TRUE Christianity will not blind anyone to race reality. The bible teaches segregation and kind after kind. God told the ancient Israelites, our ancestors to get rid of their STRANGE wives and children. Look up strange in the concordance and you will find that it means racial alien. He had cursed them for marrying other races but blessed them after they put them away.

          • Mark Belk

            I was not “formerly known as white plight”. you have mistaken me with someone else.

        • Andy

          We’ve got a real problem when we put people (any people) ahead of God. Pursuit of goodness and truth requires honesty about the world we live in, which means accepting the facts about race. But race id hardly the end-al of the universe. Family and race can teach us about love and loyalty, but our highest allegiance cannot be to fallible creatures.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Great posting. I had an enlightening experience working for a black corporation. It was like working with grade school kids. No experience employees, run by blacks who graduated from the failed Tennessee State University. Much of the grant money was used to pay for their personal use and fines and interest from not paying their bills. I quit being so politically correct after that experience. No matter how decent any blacks are they will always play the race card.

  • TheCogitator

    Blacks NEVER bring anything good. At best a few may be neutral and not cause trouble. Their ancestors could not build a civilization and when the white man gives them one, they destroy it.

  • BowleDover

    Has anyone checked out the comments on that article? This milquetoast little piece that ever so delicately tiptoes around the idea that maybe, just maybe, White people are subjected to crime and hostility in Black neighborhoods is responded to by the majority of commenters as the worst thing since Michael Richards’ comedy club meltdown. Honest dialogue on race my foot.

    • tassilo

      Just checked the comments to the original argument. There we see what Blacks consider “honest dialogue.” The usual lectures about “White privilege” and how we don’t understand how much Blacks have suffered because of “White racism.” They say that whatever Whites have suffered is nothing compared to their suffering, and they sneer at the thought that White suffering is even worth mentioning. The fact is that countless millions of White people, including the children who are exposed to the joys of school integration, have suffered misery, pain, and often death, as a result of being forced to come into contact with those sons of Obama.

      While it is useless to argue with these people, it is important to not concede anything to them. For instance, their claims that Blacks suffered under slavery have to be countered with the truth that Whites suffered more. See, for instance, the online videos by Micahel A Hoffman on the subject of White slavery. The euphemistic expression “indentured servant” has to be exposed as an attempt to minimize the real suffering of White slaves, who were often worked to death, often by Black slavedrivers. It is time to fight back by insisting that the truth will be told, whether they like it or not. The simple fact is that Blacks, in spite of their whining about being victims of “White racism” hate us because we build civilizations while they can only destroy what we build. That is the nature of our White Privilege, it is inherent in who we are and what we do.

  • NYB

    The authors suggests that whites and blacks just need to talk to each other more …but spends
    the entire article naval gazing among other (mainly professional) whites.

    He could have tried his own advice. If he’d knocked on a few black doors, he’d have experienced the awkward, anxious, forced unreality of unwelcome race mixing.

  • C_C_Conrad

    “But as things stand, our cautiousness and fear mean that nothing changes in how blacks and whites relate, and most of us lose out on the possibility of what Jen has found: real connection.”
    I think that you’ll get a connection some day all right.

    “Milk and bread and ice delivered to your door. A city worker coming by every evening to climb a ladder to light the gas lamps that cast a beautiful glow. There were four nearby houses of prostitution, and tailors and drugstores, a butcher, barbers, a candy store—a self-contained world. Everybody had a laundry tree in the alley out back, and every Monday there’d be a snow of white—until shirts and towels and sheets began disappearing, right after the Second World War.”

    “Oh, I have no problems with blacks,” he says. He was once quite friendly with black neighbors on Poplar,…”
    Now you know where & why it all went wrong.

    The actual quote is from Act 1, Scene 2, Line 32 of “Julius Cesear”, written by William Shakespeare:
    Julius Caesar: “Cowards die many times before their deaths;
    The valiant never taste of death but once.”
    Jacks War

  • OnMainStreet

    From page 4 of the article:

    “Jen tells me a lovely story: She discovered a public pool at 26th and Master in Brewerytown two summers ago. A beautiful pool, with cool slides. There were maybe 60 kids there—black kids—on the day Jen took her young daughter; the kids ranged in age from about five to 12, and there was only one other pa-rent around. Jen stood in the pool holding her hands out, teaching her daughter to swim. Eight or 10 girls surrounded Jen—they all wanted to show her how good they were. One said, “I am the luckiest girl in the world.” And why was that? “Because I live across from the pool.” She pointed to her house. It was a beaten-down row.

    “These kids were so happy and sweet,” Jen tells me.

    She is warning me, with this story. I’d told her about driving up North Broad Street and how
    miserable I believed living there must be. There’s a certain arrogance in my judgment, Jen is telling me. I might not know what people are truly experiencing.

    As she was leaving the pool that summer day, Jen saw three or four older girls modeling her, with their hands out, teaching the younger ones to swim.

    Engage, Jen is saying-—engage people, connect with them, without assuming what their
    lives are like, or judging them. It’s good advice. Because she’s right—the gulf is so wide that there’s much we don’t know about each other.”


    Jen and her daughter, are like sheep to the slaughter. I feel sorry for the little girl. Assuming she is white (she could be half black, which may explain the degree of pool acceptance), it is highly likely her Liberal mother’s wonderful rainbow coloured world will eventually sour and come crashing down right on top of them. I hope they survive it. I almost didn’t…(Detroit 1958-82)

    Her foolish “we are all the same”, “reach out, engage, connect” is a high risk gamble, and she is using her and her daughter’s life as poker chips. I have seen purposeful and blatant ignorance of racial realities end badly way too may times…….

    Pregnant White Girl Beaten Mercilessly (Video)

  • Howard W. Campbell

    “Milk and bread and ice delivered to your door. A city worker coming by every evening to climb a ladder to light the gas lamps that cast a beautiful glow. There were four nearby houses of prostitution, and tailors and drugstores, a butcher, barbers, a candy store—a self-contained world. Everybody had a laundry tree in the alley out back, and every Monday there’d be a snow of white—until shirts and towels and sheets began disappearing, right after the Second World War.

    That’s when blacks from the South, with chips on their shoulders, John says, moved North. They moved into great brownstones above Girard and trashed them, using banisters and doors to stoke their furnaces instead of buying coal. Before long, it looked like Berlin after the war. Whites moved out.”

    Sounds like Gary, Indiana to me. I have heard stories of about how things worked (even with the corruption and the paternalism of US Steel) and that in many ways it was a nice place to grow up. It would still be if the people there could have dealt with their undertow as the South did prior to WWII.

    In this film, the HS marching band was from Horace Mann. That school is one of many that has been shut down.

    The story is the same anywhere you go.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “Jen rolls her eyes over the nut of the problem: Unfounded fear. Groupthink. A judgment on a school without even setting foot in it.”

    I don’t have to stick my hand in a fire to know it will burn me, why do I have to visit a majority black school to know that I don’t want to send my kids there (all the stats are available online, and they only reinforce what I already know)?

    “We need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in Philadelphia—white people talking to other whites, and black people to blacks—but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race.”

    That will do nothing to solve the problem of why whites don’t want to live around large numbers of blacks. What are we to think? That blacks don’t KNOW that we don’t want to raise our children in the kind of communities that blacks create (poor, violent, ignorant); and if we told them our feelings that they’d change their behavior, or maybe that we’d become more willing to tolerate their antisocial behavior?

    No, no and no.

  • Pathetic, I’m ashamed that you are a Huber. I’m sure you thought this would come across as edgy, daring, going out on a limb, you come across as the type of person who would go out of their way to make sure that the black folks at your childs funeral aren’t made to feel too uncomfortable just because your kid was killed by one thems.

  • bigone4u

    None of the mainstream websites I read have commenters who are very often able to link crime to blackness. They seem to accept petty crimes such as in this story as just a normal part of life. Serious crime seems to befuddle them as to its cause. Amren is the one place to go for race realism, minus the stupid bickering among commenters. Spread the word about this website. Thanks.

  • ViktorNN

    Good lord. How many times do you and your neighbors have to have your faces bashed in, been robbed in the street, had your homes invaded and burglarized, and had steel-tipped arrows shot through your windows (!!!) before you’re willing to say out loud that YOU AREN’T THE PROBLEM?

    What’s it going to take? Having your children murdered right in front of you?

    Call it whatever you want – liberalism, the politically correct left, Cultural Marxism – it has sure done a number on the thinking of white people in this country. We seem to have very little sense of self-preservation left.

  • Ilovemyrace

    Go watch the documentary series “American Gangster” on Netflix. Now imagine smiling or opening a door for any of the dozens of African-Americans featured on the series.
    What would they think of your altruistic act? How would they respond?
    Also note that (as this documentary series shows), no matter where Africans live in any numbers, the results are always the same.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Thanks for the heads up about “American Gangster”. That’s on my list to view. I will delete it since it focuses on blacks.

  • brengunn

    Has anyone read the comments on the original article? They’re all whingeing about white privilege and racist perspectives! Oh boy, these people give me a knot in my chest, I feel like I’m going to collapse just reading their shite.

    We think he’s tiptoeing around the matter, they think he’s some kind of Nazi. It can’t go on for much longer, this stifling of debate.

    • Jefferson

      There is no such thing as White privilege, but there is such a thing as Green privilege. LeBron James is more privileged than a homeless White drug addict in San Francisco who sleeps at Golden Gate Park every night.

    • robinbishop34

      This artificially conditioned, moral status seeking of whites that accuse each other of racism for stating the truth has got to be reaching it’s apex soon.

  • Vyncennt

    Well…I guess I had better toss in my two sense here…as I am also from Philadelphia.

    I grew up in a 100% white Irish neighborhood in Philly. 100%. Seriously. I remember when the first black man moved in (a mixed couple actually). By the time I was 20 years old we enjoyed a large influx of Hispanics. Within 5 years the entire neighborhood was trashed. Broad daylight, assassination style murder, on the same block I grew up on.

    I moved to an area that we call “the Lower Northeast,” walking distance from a popular mall, and the envy of all potential middle class. It’s been about 10 years now, since I lived there, and it is nearly solid black (and some Asians). Although not as bad as the neighborhood I grew up in, it is much larger and (was) more affluent. It’s taking them a hair longer to totally destroy it…although I’d not walk that mall after 7:00PM…and it’s an outdoor mall.

    I proceeded to an area named “Lawncrest”, or “Lawndale”, if you were a bit further north. When I was growing up, this was always a predominantly Jewish and upper class white area. By the time I got there it was neither. I spent 5 years there before the assaults, theft, and booming music became intolerable.

    Around this time, or perhaps right beforehand, many of the middle class whites (especially police and firemen) had begun moving in to an area called “Mayfair” and it’s bordering neighborhood “Tacony.” These were a few of the last strongholds of the white family who couldn’t afford to move into the “Greater Northeast” (which is now turning brown and crime ridden, albeit slowly). Now I am watching these neighborhoods slowly fail, with Tacony leading the charge enthusiastically. House after house going section 8. Apartment buildings full of drug dealers and other filth. The infamous pot smoking on the porch all day followed by noisy parties all night.

    Finally we have just a few options left. The rich can move into about 4-5 neighborhoods that have priced themselves out of blacks reach (for now)…Center City…Fairmount…Northern Liberties…Chestnut Hill..etc. The white middle class are either trapped in the Greater Northeast or chomping at the bit to get into the Port Richmond and Bridesburg areas. There are likely a few more, but these are truly our last strongholds here. Those richer areas? They are surrounded by some of the worst black areas in Philly. As our economy gets progressively worse, expect some border jumpers to loose the last vestiges of control that they may have employed.

    I have watched the blacks and Hispanics destroy every single neighborhood I grew up in, traveled to, or moved into. Every single one. My entire life. I continue to watch it to this day as it begins to surround me in my stronghold. I’ve watched as we were struck with one of the highest local wage tax in the nation. I’ve watched as our local sales tax hit 8%. I’ve just been presented (this week!) with a property tax 300% of my old one (just 5 years in this house). I’ve laughed at the 4.5 hour response time of our police and the corruption of our courts. What else can I do?

    I invite any liberal who questions our mindset to read what I’ve written. Explain it to me in a way that will instill love and compassion for my black neighbors into my heart. Show me the error of my ways and the distortions in a lifetime of direct observation. Tell me again why I should hate my own and cherish those who’ve enthusiastically done so much to earn my contempt. I wasn’t “raised” this way by bigoted parents. I was taught this by your cherished blacks and browns.

    • The Last White Man Standing


      I also grew up in an Irish section of Philly. 2nd street in South Philly. Most of the good neighborhoods in South Philly are like war zones now. Former Italian neighborhoods west of Broad st. are now ruined by the black plague. I currently live in Port Richmond and it is still mostly White. It’s mainly Polish and Irish. Travel to the wrong side of Aramingo Ave. and you take your life in your hands.

      Where did you grow up in Philly? The Irish sections I am familiar with are two st. and Greys Ferry.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Greys Ferry was the area where two Mau Mau walked into a Pharmacy, held it up at gunpoint without any resistance being offered and on the way out, stopped and fatally shot a 16 year old high school kid in the face while uttering something about killing a cracker. The kid worked there after school. There was scant coverage of the incident. However when a Black unwed mother ( forgive the redundancy) moved in with her sons, a knucklehead White kid spray painted the “Dreaded N word’ on her sidewalk. Several days later Ted Koppel held a live TV broadcast Town Meeting on Nightline from Greys Ferry; the subject being White “racism”. The unspoken message was that racism is the sole property of the White race.

        • The Last White Man Standing

          That doesn’t surprise me. Ted Koppel is one of the “chosenites” who control the media. Their double standards on blacks is the epitome of hypocrisy. Israel has been caught forcing immigrant women from Ethiopia to be sterilized, while their American counterparts such as Ted Koppel continue
          to beat the drums for more minority immigration from third world cesspools.

      • Vyncennt

        I’d prefer to keep some of the more personal details private and/or vague. Could I say near Frankford/Kensington but within neither?

        • The Last White Man Standing

          No problem brother. I understand completely. Just for the record, I really like Port Richmond. It is clean, safe, and almost entirely White on my side of the tracks. It is one the few remaining areas in Philly that has the feel of old time Philadelphia, the way I remember it as a child.

          • Vyncennt

            Yes, Bridesburg and Port Richmond have held up beautifully thanks to the dedicated effort of their inhabitants to keep the worse elements out. They have segregated themselves quite efficiently and the results show. How they manage to maintain this effort so absolutely is simply staggering in this day and age. I’m amazed no cries (or lawsuits) of racism have emerged.

          • Daisy

            Are you irish? Your name doesn’t sound it.

          • Vyncennt

            Yes Daisy. Vyncennt in not my real name or even close to it…lol. Our family name, at least upon reaching these shores 3-4 generations back, was McFallon.

    • ncpride

      Excellent post, and let me also add that you did a brilliant job refuting ‘White Privilege’ on the orginal article, and made your points in the most articulate, meaningful way. I enjoyed reading them.

      • Vyncennt

        The liberals there have made refutation almost too easy…I’m still enjoying this guilty pleasure today, although I suspect I may be taking advantage of the less mentally gifted.

    • Eastern Oregon

      Move out of Philly! Why in God’s name do white people torture themselves in these neighborhoods! There are other states and cities you could live in. Let Philly become the next Detroit and sit back and laugh.

      • Vyncennt

        I wish that were an option for us, my friend. We’ve been in this house 6 years (not 5 as I mistakenly posted above) and have lost $30,000.00 since the housing crash. There is currently no way for us to absorb this loss, and taking into consideration the likely continued depreciation of our home as the melanin blessed move in, this loss will only grow.

        Our financial plan is a long term one and all we can pray for is that plan coming to fruition before the total loss of our assets. *fingers crossed*

    • Triarius

      Bravo on your comments on the original article! No doubt you have made several liberals cry and hopefully woke several others up.

      • Vyncennt

        Unfortunately, my reign of terror has been ended in that venue, as they have promptly banned me from posting, lol. I find that odd, as my posts were universally rated highly, contained nothing overly incendiary, and have not been deleted by the moderators. Yet I can post nothing more. Sigh.

    • HamletsGhost

      You’re preaching to the choir here. You should post this on or some other terminally liberal site and be prepared for all the shrieky hissy fits from the readers there. Back up your arguments with solid evidence and beat them down in the forums. That’s how minds are changed.

      • Vyncennt

        I tried preaching reasonably on the articles main message board and got banned within 24 hours, even with the 2nd highest rated comment, and a host of other highly rated comments.

        I find it difficulty to debate the liberals, not because they have such well structured arguments, but because of their steadfast refusal to engage in debate. I’d go as far to say that the few that have risked it even had a chance of changing my opinions in some areas, but long before we could come to any consensus on a matter, I am silenced.

        This, more than any other issue, is the crux of the problem. Two different viewpoints can coexist. They can even come to respect each other in many cases. But the liberal insistence on quelling any debate about every one of their prize ponies eliminates even the smallest sparks of compromise and understanding.

        If you’ve read my responses to other posters on the original article, you’ll see I’ve compared their mindset to those of the heavily religious persuasion…a theory that I’ve seen mirrored here on Amren occasionally. They share the same unshakable faith and willingness to place their own world views above all others regardless of the consequences and any evidence to the contrary. It has become disheartening to say the least.

        • newscomments70

          I know how you feel about being silenced. Recently, I tried updating wikipedia articles with mild race realism, footnoted and based on facts and statistics. I was banned in record time. One of my favorite edits was the German travel article. They warned non-whites and gays about those “awful neo- nazis”. They completey omitted any danger posed by Muslim and African immigrants. I updated the article to warn whites, and unveiled women about sharia zones and Muslim rape gangs. I quoted an article from MSM that featured an interview with a German police chief who warned that sharia “no-go” zones were being set up in German at an alarming rate. I also included that 2/3 of Turkish youths surveyed in Berlin expressed extremely hateful views toward gays. I was screamed at by wikipedia for “racist propaganda”…even though I was simply telling the truth. It makes me angry, but I just have to laugh it off. I don’t understand how relatively intelligent people can so indignantly ignore the truth.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Everyone seems to have a story, often an uncomfortable story, about how white and black people relate.

    The real “uncomfortable story” is that blacks are a societal plague and yet are treated almost as gods.

  • 1gravity

    Not having a car, I use public transit, i.e., local buses, Greyhound, Amtrak. [To avoid the TSA process, I do not fly.] The wantonly crude behavior of black men in the transit environment just astounds me. Not being here to write a book, let me give just a single example.

    Two black men enter the busy cafe car of an Amtrak train. Every tenth word of their loud conversation is f*** or m*****f*****.

    I think Mr. Huber is demented if he intends to suggest opening a dialogue with people who behave like that.

    • sickandtired

      My wife and I took my two oldest grand-daughters to Florida a couple of years ago. On the way back home, I had to stop because I kept trying to nod off, so I thought I would just stop at the next waffle house and get us all something to eat and me plenty of coffee. The waffle house was in Montgomery Alabama. There were two black men in there at the other end of the restaraunt and the rest of the place was empty. Every other word was Mf this and MF that and FU…blah blah …..Both of my grand-daughters could hear them loud and clear because blacks always have to be seen and heard. i knew it would do no good to say anything so we just got up and I canclled our order and we just left.
      f’ing animals……Tuscaloosa was the same way. I will NEVER go through Tuscaloosa again!

    • The Ice Queen

      Not being here to write a book…I think we should write books. The personal narratives I’ve read by AmRen posters are worth preservation. We should record our experiences in regards to race issues so we can pass them on to our progeny. It doesn’t have to be posted, published, or fancy. Just get it on paper or make an audio version. If we don’t, our stories will be lost forever, because future generations certainly won’t find the truth in a newspaper archive.

      • me

        Great idea…it would be a real ‘humdinger’ if it could be made into a REAL book. Of course, the liberal media would crucify anyone associated with such realism. Lies and fairy tales are what the ‘mainstream’ media dishes out, day after day, in their psyops mind control. Mr. Taylor is one of the few brave souls that tells it like it is–and we should donate whatever we can to support this website.

  • Luca

    “—but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race.”

    HA! What city in the US is that? When you speak openly and honestly about race you are shut down in no time and called a racist. Seems liberals and their pets can’t handle the truth. If only the truth were allowed to be spoken we might actually start pointing in the right direction. How can you solve a problem when you can’t even present an opposing view?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    On Being White in Philadelphia…

    A young White boy was attacked by two feral, savage blacks at his school in Philadelphia.

    It took a little digging but I did find out the race of the attackers, black, no surprise there!! And, get this– the two monsters were only suspended TWO DAYS from school.

    Such is justice in modern day Amerika.

    Bailey O’Neill died at the hospital Sunday morning after being taken off life support. O’Neill, who turned 12 the day before he died, had been in a medically-induced coma after suffering several seizures.

    Those seizures started nearly two weeks after O’Neill was jumped by two classmates during recess, according to O’Neill’s family. He suffered a concussion as well as a broken nose in the fight. After the seizures began, doctors put the boy in a medically-induced coma.

    Joy Fecanin, the boy’s grandmother, told NBC10’s Katy Zachry that O’Neill had to have a blood transfusion after getting pneumonia.

    There’s your “White in Philadelphia” — the end result and legacy of years of anti-White policies, children dying at the hands of feral blacks.


    • Morris Thecat

      do they have a web page about the whole event? I would donate money to keep this story alive and well, with pictures and even have people confront the attackers and film it , then post that on video. Why not take a lesson from 60 minutes and make our own media narratives?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        As usual, the best article and photos come from the British press.

        The attackers were suspended from Darby Township School for two days, but it is unclear whether or not they will face any further action.

        Bailey was a sacrificial lamb on the alter of political correctness. This story has haunted me all day and now into the night.

        May Bailey find the peace and serenity that were denied him in this life and may the White race finally rise up and put an end to the utter injustices that have been conducted against us.

        Imagine the outrage if two White boys had beat up and killed a black 12-year old at school. But, for a White child…nothing. Saw nothing about this in the local, national or international news. NOTHING!!

        I may not be able to sleep tonight, I can’t get the image of Bailey out of my mind and the pure, blind rage I feel at the silence of the media and government in light of this child’s murder. As if our White children’s lives are worthless…


        Here’s the link:

    • bubo

      I knew it was blacks that attacked him by the tight lipped responses of the media and the police which which work together to bury stories like this one. Never trust the media or police.

    • Melanie

      I have read that story of that poor child in more than a few media outlets, but not ONE even hinted at the race of the perps. They don’t have to anymore. Everyone knows the code-if race isn’t mentioned, it’s a negro. It’s a safe bet that Obama won’t say he could’ve had a son like Bailey. It’s a safe bet that there won’t be media cameras all over talking about how white children are being stalked by negros, and it’s a safe bet that no celebutard will tweeting the perps’ addresses so some white vigilante group can go exact justice. Not that there are many whites who would bother anyway.

      This poor boy will be just another statistic in the growing numbers of black-on-white crime, just another number.

  • Brian

    “And if you’re white, you don’t merely avoid them—you do your best to erase them from your thoughts.”

    This is just the thing. There is no solution to the issue of race in America. The intelligent liberals realize this too. They’re here, and they are what they are. This isn’t going to change. Every plan you hear for uplifting blacks is just a ruse designed to put the issue off for another generation because that’s closest it’s possible to get to a solution. Some new BS idea to close the academic achievement gap? Of course it’s the same idea that’s been tried and failed half a dozen times already, but reword it and repackage it so it looks like we’re “doing something” for the next 10 or 15 years to keep the issue at bay.

    • Melanie

      The left knows these programs are useless, their own studies tell them so (ie Head Start). But they continue because the programs work perfectly for their actual purpose-wealth redistribution from whites to negros.

  • tony

    in baltimore md i observed two blacks beat a dog to death for sport in the middle of the street throwing rocks and bottles at the small dog which was kicking its legs in the air and screaming laughing and dancing while the dogs blood ran down monument street. ever since then i feel an intense and viseral hatered when i see any black anywhere.

    • gemjunior

      Truly disgusting. And totally believable and consistent with the truth. Actually there’s a video on youtube of some Africans burning a human being to death and acting just as joyous and gleeful. So maybe they stick their face in the cows reproductive organs and up it’s butt, and shower in the cow’s urine and then rub sand all over themselves. They’re equal and their culture is just as meaningful is ours? I hate them and anyone who lies on their behalf and refuses to face the truth.

    • robinbishop34

      Good heavens, how horrible. Years ago when I was about 16 a friend of mine and I did some volunteer work at a local midwest humane society during the summer. I’m not sure of the circumstances or how the conversation got started but the regular staff was talking about how they were always hesitant to adopt out to black people because they were known to be negligent and cruel to their pets.

      • robinbishop34

        Here is my pooch on Christmas Eve. About 10 years ago (she was about 10 months old) my grandparents unfortunately had to be placed in a nursing home and while my mom and I went to their home for the final time to prepare the house before it went up on the market we brought her with us.

        We put her down and she’s exploring around when all of a sudden we hear this abrupt, scampering ruckus in the kitchen. We ran in to find her shaking the s**t out of a rat. She made short work of it. We were so grossed out but I had to scoop it up with a snow shovel and fling it off the deck.

        I told this story somewhere online a long time ago and an English lady told me they were bred just for that reason, and they were called ‘ratters’ in England.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      It’s consistent with their “prey on the weak” mindset. That’s why they always travel in gangs of 10 or more. Nothing scares a black man more than an honest 1 on 1 fight against a white man of equal height, weight, and fighting experience.

    • Melanie

      If I’d seen that I would have gotten myself into trouble unless I could get a cop, because I lose it when I see any dog get mistreated. I’m no PETA person, but I love dogs and believe that they’re God’s gift to man. I would threaten to shoot somebody for doing that, anybody, but especially worthless negros. The dog is worth more than any worthless negro. I can’t tell you how many dogs which were being mistreated or neglected that I have “rescued” from negros. I’ve got one living at my house now (dog, no negro will ever cross my threshold).

      What is it with negros and mistreatment of animals? They are particularly sadistic. They really are sociopathic in a civilised society.

      • sickandtired

        They do the same to people with their knockout game and their flash mobs…

        • Melanie

          Yep, it’s been an epidemic for the last couple of years or so. You and I and everyone here know that if whites were engaging in ongoing mobs looting, rioting, injuring and sometimes killing non-whites, it would be a national disaster and they’d call out the National Guard. They’ve called them out for less on whites. But they won’t do a thing about this negro epidemic of “teen” mobs terrorising innocent people. It’s a wonder it gets the little bit of reportage it does get.

          • sickandtired

            Melanie, you are absolutely correct. I watched this sort of injustice go on here for a long long time.

            I wonder if we will ever get back to doing things right?

          • Melanie

            I believe that whites are going to have to have yet more patience, which is OK, as patience and impulse-control are white characteristics. Negros are going to continue to escalate their viciousness and crimes against whites, until they’ve disgusted even the most formerly “non-racist” whites. We can see it happening in small ways already. What frustrates me is that conservatives, who are supposed to stand for living in reality, run faster than anyone to genuflect at the altar of the next “great black conservative hope”. Conservatives especially are so afraid of being called “racist” that they bend over backwards further than anyone to avoid the libel.

            We just have to wait until either black attacks on whites turn into an avalanche that falls onto white heads in a way which can’t be ignored, or negros start believing that they’re untouchable no matter how heinous a crime they commit against innocent whites. Something that will stir whites to the core of our beings. I know, if things like the Christian/Newsome torture/murders didn’t do it, what will? But the media has been complicit in downplaying the extent of black-on-white crime.

            Truthfully, I just don’t know what the spark will be that lights the fuse. But with the way negros are acting, there’s going to be a spark. Perhaps an economic crisis will instigate it (be prepared for that if you live in any kind of populated area-if you live in the boondocks, make sure you have what you and your family will need to survive). Something’s going to give-whites just couldn’t possibly tolerate much more escalation of this.

            My hope is that however it comes about, we are finally able to separate from blacks in a region of our own. Any bleeding heart leftists who may be left alive can live in Darktopia. I’d be afraid to have them amongst us in our Whitopia, just so they could start their bleeding heart pity for the negros eating each other over in Darktopia. We will NOT let history repeat itself. Amd we’ll pick our own damn produce this time!

          • sickandtired

            I have often questioned whether whites were still being apologists on some other sites I visit. A lot of people keep talking about Alan West and Carson, and Herman Cain and they all keep talking about how great they are and I finally asked one day, “hey are we speaking of them as heroes and great man because they are, or because they are black and good people? I think a lot of people do that unconsciously since it’s been hammered into them to not upset blacks or they will riot, and you will be called racist, etc…
            I made a lot of people think and they agreed that they may have been doing that unconsciously.

            I have nothing against black people as a whole because I judge each person by their character, and I was not raised to hate. The prejudices I have now are caused from my personal experiences. I could write a book about all the problems I’ve had with them. My wife and I no longer go to eat where there are a lot of them nor do we go to eat where a lot of them work. It has been nothing but headaches for us until we started doing that.

            I used to get called racist a lot when I worked factory work, but I’d always tell them “I don’t hate you because you’re black, I hate you because you’re a sorry son of a b i t c h and a no good piece of s h i t!”

            I live in the south in the burbs of a city that’s %80 black. The blacks here are so bad that we used to have a black auditor come in for a week once a year and he would ask us how in the hell did we put up with them. He said that in most of the other parts of the country that we are looked at as redneck racists, but he told us that he completely understand why we felt as we do…

            Sad, isn’t it?

          • Melanie

            I know exactly what you mean re Carson, etc. He was getting hyped on a conservative political website I visit from time to time-“Carson for President!” and all that malarkey, based on ONE speech he made at a prayer breakfast in Washington. Here we are in the midst of yet another fight to protect our 2A rights, and the people jumping on his bandwagon don’t even have a clue as to what his stance on the 2A is, yet just because he’s black, they’re ready to run him for President! I have since learned what I suspected-that he does indeed hold some stances which would further infringe our 2A rights.

            I don’t even know what to call myself anymore-certainly not Republican, Democrat-NEVER, not libertarian. Not “independent”, that’s too imprecise-I know of people who call themselves “independent” whom I would consider marxists.

            I live in the Deep South also-in the state with highest percentage of negros. Strangely enough, we don’t have too many racial “incidents” here, except for those few which were instigated by outside agitators. Whites pretty much keep to themselves, and negros to themselves, though the propaganda for white girls to “date” negros has made its way even here to some extent. But it’s not too common, or maybe I just don’t get out enough:) At any rate, it’s uncommon enough that I still notice it the few times I’ve seen it.

            What makes me so frustrated is that, it doesn’t have to be this way. If the FedGov would only stick to doing the few things it was supposed to do, whites could live in a white world and blacks, since they’re already here, could live in whatever black world they create. But no, they just won’t leave people alone and just let us live our lives in peace. It could be so different, and so much better, if the powers that be didn’t seem to be compelled to meddle with people’s personal lives and freedom of association.

      • Vyncennt

        Melanie, have you tried a pet negro? You should really be more open minded.

        • Melanie

          Nope, no “pet” negro, no token negro friend, no negros whatsoever in my life since birth. Where I grew up, whites and negros had a segregated, “live and let live” policy towards each other. This was even years after the snivel rights era.

          I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a happily married homemaker for over 30 yrs, and my darling husband protects me and keeps me well insulated from having to deal with negros. They don’t mess with him-most people don’t, as he’ll just hold your windpipe with one hand while he smokes his cigarette with the the other until you get your mind right. I do love that man:)

          • Vyncennt

            I know…I just had to say it. I’m in an odd mood this morning =)

          • Gunrunner1

            God! May my Sons grow to be as your husband! It sounds like Thor himself resides in him! I have never understood how a White woman, a real woman, can be with a whinging smarmy liberal man mouthing platitudes about “Can’t we all just get along” when blacks are putting our children in the hospital. No White will be safe till blacks FEAR to touch a White. It has always been such back to the time of the Spartans and it will ever be.

          • Vyncennt

            The liberal agenda is the direct result of whites creating a society inhabited by whites. It may have even been successful if those variables had remained static. Unfortunately, one of our greatest strengths is also one of our greatest weaknesses.

            Once 3rd world minorities are introduced into a liberal society, that society no longer functions as intended. If 3rd world minorities were able to function adequately in modern liberal societies then would have developed them in their originating countries. They have not and do not. There is also little evidence of them achieving this is the near future.

            Perhaps the lesson that the modern liberal needs to learn is not that his theories have no merit…but that they simply have little merit in specific environments.

    • sickandtired

      I live in the deep south and the city I’m close has been both the rape and murder capitol of the states several times. Most of the inner city areas look like something you would expect to see in a country that’s been at war for 20 years. The best way we get along with them is to just stay away from them, because no matter how hard you try to keep from having a problem with one, they will bring it to you. Think of how rich this country would be if we had zero blacks here after all the trillions we’ve spent to try and make them happy…..and it still doesn’t work. I have no problem with any black that acts like a civil human being, but the majority I’v dealt with are not like that at all.

    • This reminds me of a story relayed to me by my White ex Rhodesian, ex step father.
      Who told me that when he was just a lad, of witnessing a deer that had wandered onto a building site early in the day that was manned by Bantu workers, who promptly cut off all of the poor animals four legs with shovels, as to stop it escaping and to keep it ‘fresh’ for the day as they worked.

      A cruel and brutal people.

  • gemjunior

    I’m so tired of this garbage. How much time and money is wasted with this utter dishonesty – that everybody knows is true and nobody will say for fear of being labeled “racisss” . I sometimes think that for people who won’t openly challenge this ideology at least in their own minds, there is no hope. None at all. If it’s not obvious to you that blacks are the most destructive, savage race known to man – people who do things that are inconceivable to civilized people – then you are beyond hope. At least until you are rudely awakened by a vicious beating, robbery, or rape. Even then, brainwashing is powerful. “Not that it matters” is a fine example. I say it straight out in the most monotonal, matter-of-fact voice I have. Sharp intakes of breath and statements like “That’s offensive” , “Racism stems from ignorance”, “You don’t really believe that, do you?” don’t offend me; on the contrary they fill me with more conviction. I know that our only hope as a race is to separate from them, forever.

    • Melanie

      I have never, not once, gotten an answer from a negro as to why they go so far as to take legal action to keep whites from segregating from them in any way, when their eternal whine is that we are evil, oppressive, and our presence is all that is holding them down. Not once. You’d think they’d be delirious with joy if we lived our lives seperately from them, if those accusations were true. But they know the real truth as well as we do-they are a parasitical race which can’t survive, at least certainly not to a first world standard, without whites providing the environment and the wherewithal for them to do so. Even then they barely live first world lives, and only in a material sense. They have no conception of the values and principles which make a civilised society possible.

      • sickandtired

        They have no conception of the values and principles which make a civilised society possible.
        And they don’t want to have any ………they are a cancer anywhere they go and become a majority.

  • Johnwharl

    One thing though,no little boy in a black neighborhood will have to fear an old man will sneak behind him in the showers ala Jerry Sandusky.

    • bubo

      Yeah, no such thing as a black pedophile is there. Let’s say for argument sake you are correct. Does it make you feel better that they wait until the child is of age until they gang rape them in an alley, as black men tend to do?

      • sickandtired

        The blacks I am around say that “if it’s old enough to bleed, then it’s old enough to butcher!”
        I personally have had two 45+yrs old black men say they have had sex with numerous 14 yr old girls. And the homo stuff, yeah, they have it in their race as much as any other race does.

    • Melanie

      Dept of Justice statistics circa 1994-blacks are 85% more likely to molest a child than whites. I would think that the difference in rate has held pretty steady over the years. Just as blacks always have a higher rate of violent crime than whites, though the actual rate may vary over the years. Hispanics are 135% more likely to molest a child than whites.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      It’s a constant anti-racist trait, to try to counter something that happens thousands of times a day (black criminality) with a story or two from the news, thinking that this means we are all equal.
      And thanks to Melanie for giving the lie to your anti-white defamation re: pedophiles.

    • toldev

      Really? Judging by all of the 13 year old mothers in the ghetto, I would say that a lot of child sex was going on in black neighborhoods.

      The laws against statutory rape simply are not enforced in black neighborhoods. There is so much of that going on in black communities that consistently enforcing that law would collapse the criminal justice system.

    • Vyncennt

      Little black boys take showers?

      Sorry…it was too easy…

      • Tinfoil A22hat

        Yah, you know, of the bovine golden variety.

    • newscomments70

      what if a non-violent white teenager ends up in a prison?…there are thousands of black Jerry Sanduskys ready to gang rape the boy. It happens so often, it’s a stereotype.

      • That is one major reason I think marijuana should be legalized. Too many white young people are arrested, tried, convicted, and then sent to prison for marijuana possession, when they don’t even belong there. Tragically, it often happens where non-violent white young people go to prison just because they in the vicinity of a friend, or have a friend in their car, who is possession of pot. And then are innocently sent to prison for pot possession, that is not even their fault.
        They are then set upon by blacks, who are real career criminals, who then rape them and do other things to exploit them. But as if this were not bad enough, I am sure many of these white young people had liberal views about blacks before their incarceration, only to get a rude awakening in the harsh realities of prison life!
        Just imagine what happens when such a non-violent young white teenage male arrives in prison. Being naive and ignorant about prison life, this non-violent teenager approaches a black career criminal, embraces him, hugs him, and then says “Hey, Bro”!

        • newscomments70

          Everytime I see a white youth smoking dope or listening to genocidal gangsta rap, I want to remind them of such dangers. It usually falls upon empty ears…until it is too late. On a different subject, it looks like our friend was deleted.

    • newscomments70

      Children are raped quite often in black neighborhoods. You’re dead wrong.

    • Gunrunner1

      Want a list of back pedophiles? Here is a famous one, John Muhammad the Beltway sniper (Nation of Islam) and his sidekick (Lee Malvo) whom he banged regularly. Blacks will not stop attacking till blacks FEAR to touch a White.

  • Johnwharl

    Used to be that blacks had to watch what they say,how they walk around white people.
    Now it’s white people who have to.So it is true what they say,what goes around comes
    around.When you dish it out,you will eventually have to take it.

    • Melanie

      If you believe in karma, then every race has dues to pay/collect, because there’s not a race in history which hasn’t had its turn at enslaving or being slave owners. In fact, in the year 2013, it’s still being practiced in some places.

    • newscomments70

      As you can see, those days are coming to an end. We are the ones who are oppressed full of rage. I don’t watch what I say around anyone, I speak my mind. Take your liberal racism to MSNBC, you are not welcome here.

  • pro-me

    I grew up in a household that taught me to treat everybody the same regardless of color. It wasn’t until I got to college that I started to have run-ins with black that made me realize that they didn’t feel the same way. It was eye-opening to say the least and I would sometimes mention my experiences to my friends at school. I would start the conversation off by saying that typical line, “I don’t want to sound racist, but such and such happened to me”. They would invariably say, “Yeah, I know just what you’re talking about. The same thing happened to me once.” This is when I started rethinking the whole multicultural status quo bullshit. I just wish people would be honest with themselves and not pretend like that this isn’t an issue.

    • robinbishop34

      “It wasn’t until I got to college that I started to have run-ins with
      black that made me realize that they didn’t feel the same way.”

      I remember walking down a long corridor in a dorm building at Mizzou (my sister was a student, not me) when this black guy said the most filthy thing to me. It frightened me to death. I’ve since had similar experiences and that formed a new wrinkle in my brain and made become a realist very quickly.

  • I act no more. I’m good to the people I work with but I do not hide my self in “good will” the way I use to, which, by the way, I felt was my responsibilty. Call it pc poison. I don’t treat illegals with any warmth. I am sick of how the USA turned out.

  • hastings88

    Blacks are more likely than whites to be victims of a crime or commit one, to drop out of school and to be unemployed.

    It always has to be stated this way, a rhetorical sleight-of-hand, to cover up the fact that blacks commit far more violent crime than whites. The issue isn’t that they are also victims. They wouldn’t be so many of the victims if they weren’t so many of the victimizers.

  • euro breed

    Congrats on the advent of Lincoln and the liberal north who invaded a peaceful conservative south to liberate this African race into white society and in the end after 4 years committed atrocities against whites so terrible they have been not only justified but covered up to this day and destroyed even as Hollywood continues to fictionally celebrate this mass murderer on a scale with the messiah.

    Its a reverse psychological thing the liberals continue 150 yrs later to demonize everything about the south especially with the radical black panther criminal in office, since these scoundrels are deathly afraid to admit that that they got it all wrong and Lincoln was a cold blooded mass serial killer peasant Marxist tyrant hungry for power, so the demonetization lies of the south go on and on non stop with the media and Hollywood fiction liars.
    Bottom line the south was 100% right and had they won the Marxist war the European white race on earth would still be the most advanced dominant populous race in control of its destiny and Africans would all be safely back in Africa without a hair on their head harmed.

    Jefferson and Madison could have corrected this mistake at the formation of America but instead kicked the can down the road and were responsible for everything that has occured since including the advent of Marx Lincoln and Hitler and the pc age with the 20th century death and destruction of 50% of the European race overall.
    Its all relative. Small mistakes at the time are like a snowball that becomes an avalanche.

  • Johnwharl

    There is a reason the Naive Ameican said ‘white man speaks with forked tongue’.

    • Melanie

      If I were you I wouldn’t take too much glee in that, they also said that negros have tails.

  • June

    We all have race stories, let me tell you a few of mine:

    !. About 20 years ago an elderly cousin of mine who ran a tiny country store was robbed by 3 black teenagers from Detroit. They killed him by stabbinghim through the eyes with screw drivers. They fled back to Dee-Troit and claimed racism.

    2. A good friend’s 17 year old sister was raped repeatedly and beaten almost to death by two blacks that broke into her apartment. In the years since she has been repeated hospitalized for physical and mental problems stemming from this attack.

    3. For two years in the 70s we lived in an mixed neighborhood of students and retirees, in that time over 40 homes in the 3 block area were broken into by blacks from a nearby housing project.

    I could add about 20 more things to this list…but it’s always the same old story!

  • How dare you think that whites should protect ourselves! You must be ‘racist’.

  • Alexandra

    I used to live in the Detroit area myself, at zip codes 48237 and 48220. 🙂

    Here in semi-rural Ohio we’re not immune to this. I recall one apartment we lived in…a mulatto woman lived across the hall with her son and her black boyfriend (not her baby’s daddy, imagine that). This woman’s white mother would dump their trash–without a bag–into *our* trashcans in the shared carport, and that’s when my husband bought some locks and chains and chained them shut and chained them to the carport’s inside wall. I’d also heard some heated arguments going on across the hall (things to the tune of “Imma f— you up” and the like) and at one point I nearly called the cops. In fact I was ready to take our son and go to my mother-in-law’s if it got violent.

    Then the son and his friends (about first-grade or so) were taking *our* brooms and stuff from our section of the carport and banging them against the porch railing. I told them to put them back and they did…one time they went in the carport, right next to my minivan…I hit the “panic” button on my remote so the horn was blaring and the lights were flashing–boy did they rush out of there in a hurry! I’d also bought a locking gas cap for my van.

    Anytime you have blacks and their hangers-on moving next to you, if you can’t move, then batten down the hatches.

  • Paleoconn

    I am pleased at all the thumbs up for comments by race realists like Vynncent, and the thumbs down for liberal hypocrites (redundant, I know) at the Philly Mag site. Encouraging to see this at a pretty mainstream publication.

  • Vyncennt

    I wonder how THIS happened on the original threads boards…..

  • Fed Up

    We left Philly in 1981. It was getting simply to uncomfortable, living there. I worked on the U. of P. Campus and carried a small automatic since I’d ride the subway surface car to 15th St. and then transfer to the Frankford bound El train.

    I would utterly LOVE to see our self-professed liberals have to live two years in Phladelphia, with Blacks for neighbors. I couldn’t think of a more effective way to cure the insanity we call liberal thinking.

  • How people act, react, and interact with each other is different between races. That’s what we call one’s culture. Why is it so many whites deny this reality? As Ayn Rand stated, “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality”.

  • Just in from Diversity U:

    4 Female Temple University Students Bound, Robbed During Home Invasion
    March 5, 2013 7:16 AM
    By Jenn Bernstein

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Four Temple University students are Philadelphia’s latest home invasion victims.

    Police say the ordeal happened sometime after 7 p.m. Monday night when a student was walking to her apartment off campus in the 1800 block of North 18th Street.

    As she pulled out her key and opened the door, police say a man wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt came up to her, and forced her into the building at gunpoint.

    He then allowed two other accomplices into the home, and rounded up the woman’s three other roommates who were inside; all are Temple students.

  • 5n4k33y35

    I think we have a duty to extract white people who live in these abysmal circumstances.

  • Johnwharl

    Aren’t most white males featured stars on ‘To catch a Predator ‘ ?

    • Lefferty

      “To catch a Predator” uses internet chat rooms to entice perps – not something your average gang-banging retard bothers with.

  • josh

    What a mewling idiot.

  • I don’t know. You all have a story (or stories). Being a European-I don’t. I barely knew 1or 2 of them. Just- I never considered them as equals; also, although I don’t want them to suffer as other human beings, I simply can’t stand them. It’s authentic & visceral & unprovoked. Let them live on Mars…wait, that’s too close. Maybe in Andromeda….too close.

  • shaunantijihad

    Some people say blacks, hell, everyone, can live in white societies. But whites can’t go live in their societies, that’s imperialism. Whites can’t even insist on just living in white societies. That’s racist. That’s what those people say, and their media says so too.

  • I live here and I probably have something valuable to say but I can’t be bothered to read the whole article and the existing comments now because I was in the middle of researching another topic and am presently seriously upset about the extremely poor manner in which AmRen treats its valuable treasure trove of comments. Someone I know just posted an article about black dolls and I figured I could find something good here which I could paraphrase into an intelligent response. I searched AmRen and found two articles: one from 2009 and one from 2011. The comments are missing because those articles were before AmRen switched to Disqus. What a huge waste it is for all of those commenters’ efforts to have simply evaporated and don’t think that the Disqus comments will be around forever. I’ve noticed plenty of violations of Disqus’ rules in AmRen’s comments, so it’s only a matter of time before Disqus deletes AmRen’s account and then again, a huge amount of commenter effort will have evaporated. Seriously, the stuff people write here can be useful past today and should therefore be preserved indefinitely.

  • Sue

    But above all you must not say “anything” that may offend the other race when talking on race relations. What a joke! An even playing field doesn’t seem to be what they’re talking about. Deck’s rigged against Europeans.

  • dj2

    As the cities hollowed out because of blacks, it forced alot of working and middle class people out to the suburbs, where there is not as active of a street life or community (this is taken as a good thing).

    But I also think it’s locked alot of people into suburban homes and living that will slowly bankrupt them. As long as you keep watching the Hollywood movies and playing the video games, you are not supposed to notice this.

    Retaking the cities, however, is never an option, particularly for people with kids. The blacks are too entrenched and enabled by the government. Gentrification is a cruel joke.

    I am afraid that America will probably never again have functional cities like Canada, Europe, and Australia do.

    My opinion is that racial relations in America, whatever they once were, are poisoned beyond repair. There are two big fault lines:
    1) blacks and everyone else
    2) an emerging, hustling mexican/asian working/middle class, and older whites/jews who are forced to make way for them

  • Johnwharl

    Speaking of white women,how about those prim and poper ladies molesting their under age
    students.Many of them have been in the news.There are probably thousands of them that have not been caught yet.But,then you really have to empathize with them considering most
    white males are not up to the job because of their ‘short’commings.

  • Guest

    So, Anna moved there to chase ambulances, drive the cost of healthcare up, and criticize blacks. Did she also bring her mother over and put her on the welfare roles?

  • Dave4088

    White people like the author of this article have been hoping against hope for nearly five decades that blacks and whites can “just all get along”. Our natures are too dissimilar for that to ever happen and each race sees the world entirely different from the other, so let’s get real and admit that racial segregation wasn’t so bad after all. And Jen is like the misguided person who adopts savage wild animals thinking that a bond can be formed with them. At some point the wild animal acts wild and maims or kills its owner, and Jen or her children will eventually get robbed or savagely attacked by the black people whom
    she tries so fervently to connect with.

  • Huber wrote an article that was frank, enlightening and comprehensive.
    It will probably bring out observations from white people whose views
    were not presented in the article that could even form the basis of a
    sequel. But in the complex field of racial relations, the camera needs
    to be pointed in many different directions. Had Robert Huber written a
    bland uncontroversial article, it would have been a failure. Instead, he
    has sparked a genuine dialogue. His article is certainly recommended
    reading. But it is only a beginning.

  • Peace

    I grew up and went to school in Oakland California and Graduated at Fremont High School in the 60’s. I was one of about 25 whites including the Latinos, and with over thousands of blacks, our daily life was survival, and only survival. We had a every day experience of the blacks beating one of us down, for just beating a white kid to taking our daily funds we had to use to attend school. Living in Oakland we had to ride the bus transit system to attend school, or walk. or chance , making it to school walking, and getting our money taken away from us was safer just paying the money each day to take the Bus. When you live the way my Brother. Sister and I lived, you can’t keep from having different thoughts about Blacks and socializing with blacks. My Senior year, I did not attend any activity at school, like schools that had a balance of races, and I did not go to the Prom. One of my with friends went to the Prom, with his girlfriend and both were beat servilely and what a great loss of life, a 18 year old , that had not even graduated, High School, to loose his life, just because he was WHITE. and when someone WHITE comments to the public, of “how it is to be white in Philly” gets criticized because it comes from a WHITE PERSON. I have never played the RACE CARD in my life until, these resent years. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Malcolm X and several black leaders are very bad WHITE HATERS, and are getting worse, because Obama is the President. There is more Race Hate in the United States , now than there was back in the 60’s. but there has always been a race problem. As long as our Government has a free wale fare grab, and gives all citizens, of ALL RACES, free money, housing and stay a gimme Government, we will always have this problem, because some people are so lazy to get out and get a job, instead, they lay on their butts and make babies to get more free money. I do know two family’s that make twice what I do, with their 7 and 9 children, on wale fare, not even married, but living together for over 26 and 30 years are drawing, in one of the family’s, over twice my monthly wadges.

    It is about time, when you are Black and want to express your feelings are no different than if you are WHITE and want to express. this way every one will know how you feel, instead of holding it back and keeping there feelings to themselves. Lets All Try To Live With One Another, in Peace. God Bless the Unites Races of America