Where Evil Lurks: Neurologist Discovers ‘Dark Patch’ Inside the Brains of Killers and Rapists

Allan Hall, Daily Mail (London), February 5, 2013

A German neurologist claims to have found the area of the brain where evil lurks in killers, rapists and robbers.

Bremen scientist Dr Gerhard Roth says the ‘evil patch’ lies in the brain’s central lobe and shows up as a dark mass on X-rays.

He discovered it when investigating violent convicted offenders over the years for German government studies.

‘We showed these people short films and measured their brain waves,’ he said.

‘Whenever there were brutal and squalid scenes the subjects showed no emotions. In the areas of the brain where we create compassion and sorrow, nothing happened.’

The dark mass at the front of the brain, he says, appears in all scans of people with records for criminal violence.

He says his researches have led him to believe that some criminals have a ‘genetic predisposition’ to violence.

He added: ‘When you look at the brain scans of hardened criminals, there are almost always severe shortcomings in the lower forehead part of the brain.

‘There are cases where someone becomes criminal as a result of a tumour or an injury in that area, and after an operation to remove the tumour, that person was completely normal again.

‘Or there are physiological deficits, because certain substances such as serotonin in the forebrain are not working effectively.

‘But this is definitely the region of the brain where evil is formed and where it lurks.

‘Of course it is not automatic. The brain can compensate somewhat for violent tendencies and it is unclear how that works.
‘But when I will look at young people, and I see there are developmental disorders in the lower forehead brain, I can say that there is a felon in the making with 66 per cent probability.

‘It is easy to spot this anti-social behaviour from very early on.’

Dr Roth said no two criminals are alike. He divides them into three groups for the purposes of his hunt for evil.

The first he classifies as ‘psychologically healthy,’ people who grow up in an environment where it is ‘OK to beat, steal and murder’.

The second type is the mentally disturbed criminal who looks at his world as threatening.

‘A wrong look, one false move, he can explode and become a killer,’ he said.

The third group are pure psycopaths, a group in which tyrants such as Hitler and Stalin belong.

He said not all monsters are born and that many are made worse by their environments on their roads to evil.

He added: ‘Experts detect a mental decline in some people that begins in the kindergarten. It is the task of society to offer widespread support to the children and their parents before they become criminals.’

Dr Roth is one of Germany’s best-known brain specialists and has was at the forefront of calling for sentencing reforms a few years ago.


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  • OnGuard

    Wonder if/how this may link to high levels of testosterone that shows up in studies of violent criminals, and especially in the black population?

    • What about white pedophiles? The average child molester is a white male between 35 and 65.

      • Not so.. in Africa most children are raped before they reach age thirteen and they are all raped by black males.

        • Do we live in africa?

          • In some instances, yes.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            And it is getting worse every day.

          • The__Bobster

            Why are there so many pregnant 15-year-olds in the inner city, Zambo? Most of them get knocked up by predatory old bucks.

          • And why wouldn’t that be the case? A black 14-year old boy…er, young man, has nothing to offer to a black 14-year old girl in terms of real money. A black 40-year old man probably has a little more in the way of money. Or another explanation is that when the girl’s mother takes in a new live-in boyfriend, the boyfriend sees her own teenage daughters as extra added action on the side.

          • Why the name calling? I doubt I’ll get an answer from you either. Much like most people on the internet, you are just a keyboard tough guy. One day I’m sure you will realize that while you focus on little things like race, you are getting boned on the big things like the economy, and a borderline totalitarian government.

          • Joseph

            Race is not a “little thing” as demonstrated by your express interest in the topic by posting here. It is a vary large and expensive thing both in terms of money and diminution of quality and in many cases, length of life.

            The best predictor of crime rate is the black population of an area. This is significant.

            These factors are promoted by the same profligate totalitarian government which you eschew. It is an essential element of the program.

          • gemjunior

            “One day I’m sure you will realize that while you focus on little things like race, you are getting boned on the big things like the economy, and a borderline totalitarian government.”
            No, we know we are getting hugely boned on the economy and the totalitarian gov’t-police state-sovietization of our society. Race is not a “little thing” when it is used as a weapon against whites, and it is. If you can’t see that, you must have a reason for avoiding it. And the average child molester being a white man between 35-65? Baloney – black men again. Do your research on DOJ website, not what you see on Dateline. Child rape is so common in Africa now and they even rape infants and toddlers because they simply do not know any better and the conscience is less developed is the only reason that anyone could do that. Believe me, if white men were doing it you would have it on every TV on the planet and the UN would impose curfew and child confiscating of white children. Open your eyes, see the truth not what you’ve been propagandized all your life to see.

          • Except “race” and “the economy and a borderline totalitarian government” are related issues. Part of the reason we’re getting boned on the economy and why governments are getting borderline totalitarian at best and better described as out of control nanny state regulatory is mainly because of race.

          • brengunn

            Not actually true. White paedophiles fiddle white children so they get lots of attention. Paedophilia in the ghetto doesn’t scare white suburbanites as much, so get’s less copy.

          • CoweringCoward

            Mentioning “black baby raping” might make blacks look bad, so like black serial killers (Per capita they DOMINATE this crime category as well), it’s a non-news topic. Blacks can NEVER be shown in an unflattering light.

          • If the left-wing gets its way you soon might as well be.

      • Hint: White 40 year old man is found to be doing a white 14-year old girl. Cops get called.

        Black 40 year old man is found to be doing a black 14-year old girl. Just another day in the ghetto.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Well, animals are always treated differently from humans.

        • Good chance that the 40 year old buck is also the girl’s “rev’rum.”

      • Garrett Brown

        There’s racial profiling on both sides you know? One is accurate, the other is not.

      • Luca

        There are deviations in all races. It’s the percentages that count. If you took all rapists (including pedophiles) and sorted them by race you wouldn’t have to ask that question. I think much of the pedophilia and statutory rape goes unreported in the black community due to cultural issues.

      • Nathanwartooth

        In China the average child molester is Chinese! They must all be evil! Oh wait, it’s like 99.99% Chinese people in China.

        Blacks are over represented for sexual abuse just like they are for every other crime. There are probably more whites by number but by percentage of population Blacks have Whites beat in every crime.

        I know statistics are hard for DWLs like yourself. So let me give you a nice one. The “average” murderer in the United States is a coin flip between Black males and White males. One is 13% of the population and the other is ~70%*.

        *This number is probably more likely near 60~65% since they count Hispanics as White way too often.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          But Nathan, dat be hurtin’ my nappy head. We all knows dat mo’ whites dan blacks gits on welfare.

      • ViktorNN

        In the US, white males are less likely to molest children than blacks and hispanics.


      • That’s hardly surprising since the average American is white. Go back and look at the numbers and you will see that blacks are overrepresented among the ranks of child predators.

      • JDInSanDiego

        So is the average astronaut.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Unfortunately, Joel is likely functionally retarded.

          • Why the insults? I’m sure you’re only so bold because you are on a keyboard. It’s cool though, the hate I see on this site gives me the extra motivation to go out and prove all you “race realists wrong. To quote the great sage and poet Jamey Jasta, “Your doubt, it fuels me. Your hate, it drives me. The challenges that face me, you make me fight harder”.

          • Joseph

            Well, you’ll just have to fight the CDC, FBI, and Statistical Abstract of the United States. Good luck in that endeavor.

          • Read my previous reply, bongo. I even added a nice link for the 2011 stats.

      • “The average child molester is a white male between 35 and 65”
        In the US, non-whites, especially blacks of course, are much, much more likely to commit pedophilia than whites.
        Here are the stats:

        Keep US demographics in mind:

        I have a feeling, though, that once you find out the truth you’ll never talk about this again, you little piece of crap.

      • And most car accidents happen when someone’s driving. *duh* It’s because this country is still, (I hate to disappoint you race-replacement mavens), fairly white.

        Break it down by racial group and you get a much more interesting picture.

  • David Ashton

    Of course, we have no access to the brains of Hitler or Stalin. But this is promising research. It used to be said that “Negroes” had a limited frontal-lobe development which could affect foresight and deferred gratification, plus a combination of high testosterone with low intelligence. Add long legs and so forth, and “white racism” may not be the “sole reason” for unrestrained economic or sexual satisfaction.

    • ed91

      what do long legs have to do with it?

      • Skincognito

        Climbing fences, running from the po-lease.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Don’t you mean long forearms, as in knuckle dragging?

      • David Ashton

        No, just the ability to run away rapidly from the victim or police as Skincognito says.

    • SoCal LoCal

      It is only a matter of time till the molecular biologists and geneticists find the turn-key for this and other discoveries in neurology. While this will be far more involved than 2+2, nonetheless it will become public knowledge.

      After that, the PC cadres can only say, “beating, stealing, and killing are valid expressions of diversity.” I look forward to that day.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Would be interesting to see the results of scans before and after commission of criminal and brutal acts. Fascinating and kind of scary stuff. Minority report…

  • The__Bobster

    Look at the mug shots of arrested spoonies. There’s nothing behind those dead shark eyes.

  • Lewis33

    I bet scientists in the U.S. are looking at this and thinking…not with a ten foot clown pole.

    • a multiracial individual

      There have to be some tenured,independently wealthy, and brave, scientists who are willing to explore this.

  • brengunn

    This isn’t the first report of things like this. I’ve seen several studies along similar lines.

    The 66% probability of criminality for children with the patch is very interesting. Maybe there might be a fetal test one day, followed by abortion for defective fetuses. Imagine an over 50% drop in the crime rate.

    • Hell, there is a skin color marker available today!

      • CoweringCoward

        Yeah, there would be no need of any high dollar test to be performed in-utero to use that one either, quick glance at mom and in the rare instance the “baby daddy” has not fled by the time the prego condition is noticed him too. Not that mom failing the “dark patch test” wouldn’t be enough to warrant action, sans knowledge of the “baby daddy”‘s test results.

  • So he has possibly found a physiological source for sociopathy, and it seems show that the lack of a brain component is the reason for the behavior. It fits in because there is no treatment/therapy/medication to cure a sociopath, you can’t fix something that’s not there. What are the prospects for getting funding to do widespread testing? I’d say less than zero, the results would be more controversial than IQ results. It’s one thing to paint a race as dumb, but to label them as dumb AND dangerous would cause riots.

  • concernedcollegekid

    Now let’s watch the gender differences in the rate of occurrence of this trait get reported, but not the race differences. I HATE seeing violence even in movies; I wince and close my eyes if someone even bleeds or something. I cannot watch gory movies. I must have the opposite of this condition.
    Also, everyone single person who reads this article and has not been in a coma for like the past fifty years knows that they stressed the impact of environment on this trait because of race.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      You sound like my mother. She can’t watch a war film, even though she knows a little bit what I once did in eastern Slavonia. Perhaps it is because she knows that the landing craft scenes in “Saving Ryan’s Privates” are pretty close to the truth, and whomever came out of the landing craft was going to KILL Germans and not take prisoners.

      I could paint a barn with my own blood, but I very much do not like seeing other people hurt, especially women. It hurts me in a place I can’t reach.

      I would be willing to submit to this test, because unless I am unreasonably provoked, I don’t want to hurt folks.

      • pcmustgo

        I’m actually a very nice and non-racist person in terms of my behavior. It’s non-whites who are hateful and nasty to me. I am probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet…

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I am actually very racist, but still kind.

          Being nice doesn’t cost anything.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Exactly. Being “non-racist” can cost you your life.

  • JohnEngelman

    The sample consisted of all 14,427 nonfamilial adoptions in Denmark in the years 1924-47. The register used contains information on the adoptee and both adoptive and biological parents. The study hypothesized that registered criminality in the biological parents would be associated with an increased risk of registered criminal behavior in the offspring. Court convictions were used as an index of criminal involvement. Most of the analyses considered the relationship between parents’ criminal convictions and criminal convictions in the adoptees…

    The study found a relationship between biological parent criminal convictions and criminal convictions in their adopted-away children. The relationship was particularly strong for chronic criminal adoptees and biological parent offenders. There was no evidence that the type of offense committed by a biological parent was related to the type of convictions for adoptees. A number of potentially confounding variables were considered, but none of these was sufficient to explain the genetic relationship. The authors conclude that some factor is transmitted by convicted parents that increases the likelihood that their children will be convicted for criminal offenses. This is especially true for chronic offenders. The implication is that biological factors are involved in the etiology of at least some criminal behavior.

  • Luca

    Where is the mystery? Certain breeds of dogs are known for their abilities of attack, viciousness, aggressiveness, and for being territorial. Even when weaned at an early age and raised in an environment with no other dogs around to learn from, these dogs stay true to their breed and inherited traits. Why would people be any different?

    • Joseph

      Standard reply: “Race is a social construct.”

      No matter what data are presented, they will be denied as the result of “racist” research.

  • dd121

    You don’t need to look for a “dark patch” on a brain scan as an indicator of violence, just look for a “dark patch” of skin. Then go the other way.

  • a multiracial individual

    I have said this many times before, moral disgust, and desires for retribution toward criminals makes no sense. They are not in control of their actions (neither are we). They have to be locked away forever because they are dangerous, It’s that simple. There is no need to add useless emotional baggage to our criminal justice system.

  • pcmustgo

    “The first he classifies as ‘psychologically healthy,’ people who grow up in an environment where it is ‘OK to beat, steal and murder’.”

    Blacks, Latinos

    “The second type is the mentally disturbed criminal who looks at his world as threatening.
    ‘A wrong look, one false move, he can explode and become a killer,’ he said.”

    TOO FUNNY, I FEEL I AM BECOMING THIS WAY! Not in the killing sense, but the “one hostile glare from a non-white and I’m gonna’ explode” and let them have it.

  • LHathaway

    “What do long legs have to do with it”?

    Long legs mean more brain matter will have to be dedicated to coordinating these long legs. So therefore, the thinking part of black brains is even smaller than we heretofore estimated it to be!

  • LHathaway

    ‘A wrong look, one false move, he can explode and become a killer,’ he said.”


    Me too, brother. Unfortunately, they seem to be closing nearly all the mental homes. . .

  • bigone4u

    I used to be a professor and if I still was I would want to know if there is some environmental factor causing the evil dark patch in the brain. I suppose, thinking out loud, that if the patch is genetic, it would mean that criminal behavior runs in families. But environmental factors, such as a mother drinking alchohol during pregnancy, could cause evil brain patches in siblings. There’s a lot more to do with this, but for now, since I can’t see inside anyone’s brain, I prefer to avoid black areas, male teens wearing hoodies, and areas populated by white bikers who wear black leather jackets with skulls on the back.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Exactly. You have to play the odds. And whether you do or don’t, what possible advantage would there be to associating with blacks, criminal or not?

    • Joseph

      Indeed, for survival purposes we do not have to elucidate the causative mechanism, only to recognize enhanced likelihood of danger and avoid it.

      We can read the research pointing to the mechanisms later, in safety.

  • potato78

    Blacks may have a lot of ‘Dark Patch’ due to too much Testosterone in their body.


  • Bob

    This has been known for a long time. Psychopaths have frontal lobes that essentially show up “dead” on scans. There are also “thinking caps” that when put on show the IQ in seconds. Of course, they were shelved when it was realized how fast it showed how dumb blacks and Latinos are.

  • Mulder

    The study leaves little room to the fetid limp-wristers on the left to “reform” what is a genetic failure. A lot of us knew this without benefit of this research; all it took to figure out the bad brains was to open our eyes.

  • mrcan

    I think the radical liberals would also have a dark patch. it is their insanity which is creating a society which encourages deviant behaviour.