Miami-Dade Police Officers Caught on Camera Allegedly Ignoring Emergency Calls

Myriam Masihy, NBC Miami, February 5, 2013

A group of Miami-Dade police officers was disciplined following a 2010 internal affairs investigation, police documents showed.

Five police officers and one sergeant with the Kendall squad were allegedly caught on camera ignoring emergency dispatch calls. The video, obtained by NBC 6 South Florida, shows incidents like one on Oct. 5, 2010 where Officer Dario Socarras apparently ignored a residential burglary call and chose to meet a woman at the Dadeland Mall parking lot. The video shows the officer hugging and kissing the woman in what the police investigation calls a public display of affection.

That is classified as departmental misconduct or conduct unbecoming of an officer, according to police.


A little later that day, Officer Socarras, Officer Jose Huerta and their Sergeant Jennifer Gonzalez were videotaped drinking coffee at a Casa Larios when an emergency call came in with an alert about an unconscious 5-month-old, police said in investigation records obtained by NBC 6.

Socarras was dispatched to the scene and despite being with his sergeant, he continued drinking his coffee. Nine minutes later he was cleared from the call, according to police.

Moments later the dispatcher asked Socarras to check out a signal 37, or a suspicious vehicle. He said in a radio transmission that he was en route, but investigators said it took him 25 minutes to respond.

At the end of the investigation Sgt. Gonzalez and officers Dario Socarras, Jose Huerta, Ivan Tomas, Fabian Owens and Jeffrey Price all received a relief of duty memorandum dated Dec. 28, 2010.


Officer Socarras, who was also accused of doctoring reports to reflect that he had responded to the calls, wrote a memo to his lieutenant saying that at no time did he intentionally violate departmental rules or regulations.

Socarras, Huerta and Gonzalez have been fired by the Miami-Dade Police Department, according to the internal affairs report. {snip}



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  • anmpr1

    The amazing thing to me is not that an Hispanic cop would rather eat do-nuts than respond to dispatch calls, I expect that. But rather that the White Eyewitness news babe is not paired with a black male anchor.

    • you are right about that, he must have called in sick that day!

    • Doppleganger

      She’s not that good-looking.

  • jay11

    Is it just me? When the newscaster is saying the spanish names of the officers, she is using way too much spanish inflection. It was hurting my ears! You can say foreign names in an American English accent for pete’s sake! You don’t need to show off that you 1) can speak spanish and 2) you’re darned sure gonna say those names like you were speaking to your home girls in the barrio.
    Think on this: when any newscaster in America says an arabic or middle eastern name, they DO NOT pronounce them like they are actually pronounced, because it would hurt people’s ears. The sounds of one language do not carry over well into the ears of the general populace of another.
    I have found thought that latinos in particular LOVE to emphasize the full spanish pronunciation of their names when speaking in English. When Sotomayer was first coming around, did you notice all the liberals pronouncing her name in the Spanish way? We do not pronounce names from other european cultures in the inflection of their original language, so this is just another instance of spanish language dominance being foisted on us.
    Gone to the supermarket lately? SO MANY food boxes and cans are ‘dual’ language english and spanish. More than half the adverts on the buses and stores around here where I’m at are 100% spanish now. There are more spanish language radio stations than english on AM now where I’m at, and 1/3 of the FM are now spanish – and I live in the NORTHERN half of the nation. I feel like a stranger in the land of my forefathers.

    • The__Bobster

      Have you seen White Hispanic Natalie Morales in action?

    • They want to throw their mexican-ness in our faces every chance they can, they really feel as if they are on the verge of conquering us.

      • K..

        It’s really sad that nowadays it’s the most worthless cultures that receive the greatest respect and admiration, and vice-versa. Another of the insane inversions of value that Liberals have managed to force onto the public dialogue.

    • purestocles

      Everyone I know insists that chili relleno and pollo be pronounced with the Spanish “y” sound for the double ell. But NOT ONE will pronounce Johannesburg Riesling with the German “Y” for the J. And if you do it, as I have, they look at you like you’re crazy (or a Nazi–Thanks Hollywood!)

      • Sherman_McCoy

        It is for the reasons named above that I am a jerk when it comes to correctly pronouncing German names, especially in Texas. I wouldn’t really care if we didn’t have to pretend that speakers of Mexican are somehow cultured.

      • Joseph

        Or “Walther” pistols, for that matter.

    • Ron Cheaters

      No, you are absolutely right. I make a point of pronouncing names the way I hear them in my mind… my boss’ name is Gerritt, but I call him Ja-red.. there is no hatred between us dutch has a diffrent feel than white-english. We respect each other based on our hard work together and not on trite.. I am canadian though so you should hear me when I rip into the french.. especially when I go on about Hitler roaming the streets of paris without a bulletproof vest.. oh they don’t like that too much..
      Oh if he could be alive now.. i said it.

    • saxonsun

      If this continues, English will be outlawed.

    • K..

      I’ve noticed something about the Spanish text on products lately. In the past, it was always in smaller type than the English. In the last couple of years, they seem to have started started printing it in the same size as the English on many or most of the products in the stores. I guess the old labels which prioritized the actual language of this country for the past 300-plus years were too racist or reflective of white privelige.

  • The__Bobster

    To the Hispanics, there’s always manana.

    America in 2030 will be “interesante”, sabes?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Remember this story the next time the Democrats say Americans don’t need guns in their homes because in case of a home invasion they can just the police.

  • Just a taste of the mexican style policing that we will soon be enjoying right here in america.

    • Nate Miller

      Hmm Miami. I doubt those cops were Mexican. Two of them at the cafe were white especially the blonde fat white lady cop. The Latino cop was most probably a white Spaniard Cuban. Mexicans tend to look very different: short, stout with Polynesian like features.

      • They don’t differentiate among themselves so I’m not going to. a mexican is a hispanic is a cuban is a “latino’ is a puerto rican

        • frankie teardrop

          Untrue, most Cubans I knew in Miami hated mexicans and puerto ricans with a passion.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Oh please, every race but Whites seems to hate every other race but theirs.

          • T6

            “Every race but whites seems to hate every other race but theirs”

            The sarcasm is strong in this one. Thanks for the laugh, sir.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I phrased it weird but here is the intent of my post:

            All races don’t like other races. Sure some races might like other like Asians more than Blacks but overall they only like their own race.

            But Whites have been the only race to have been brainwashed enough to believe the lie that every race is the same and we are all just one race, the human race.

            This is why whenever I hear stuff like “The Mexicans really hate the Blacks and vice versa” I think about how every race doesn’t like any race but their own.

        • Nate Miller

          I’m afraid you err on facts. White Spaniards/ Potuguese/ Cubans/ Mexicans/ South Americans/ Central Americans are as European and just about as white as other fellow Europeans from Northern, western, southern and eastern Europe. They ARE white. When we mean Hispanic, we should exclude those who are racially & culturally white European. Spanish is a white European language NOT some indigenous American dialect of the Mayas, Incas or Aztecs.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        A white Cuban has about as much in common with a Mexican as Barack H. Obama has with an orangutan.

        • Nate Miller

          Well since President Barak H Obama has NOTHING in common with a colorful Oranguatan (who more closely resembles loud mouth clown Donald Trump), I take it that you mean a white Cuban has NOTHING in common with a Mestizo from Mexico.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            It seems to me that Cubans have almost nothing in common with Mexicans. Even the Spanish is radically different, both in pronunciation and in diction. Also, most of the Cubans look white to me. Some are black, but there are almost no mestizos.

  • Viv Jasper

    So … A five month old baby is unconscious, but apparently this doesn’t warrant wasting good coffee. I wonder why this slacker chose police work as his career.

  • Bob

    It’s amazing they were fired. Here in California they would keep their jobs and pension. There’s a crime lab worker here who was sniffing coke she stole from work and she still has her 72,000 a year pension and healthcare for life. The feds can’t convict her in front of a California jury.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Well, it must have been a white-named baby.. if things in the states are like they are in canada.. then all first-responders; police, fire, ambulance get official stickers to place on the drivers side window corner.. so that they can get free coffee and dog-knuts anywhere they drive thru….. btw I only use caps with respect.

  • Liz Betbeze

    The lazy mexican stereotype was created for just reasons.

  • JerryCurl

    One of the careers where sociopaths excel is police work.

  • The Final Solution

    Anyone seen End of Watch? Every neighborhood in America is going to be like that by 2042.

  • pcmustgo

    The last time I called 911 here in Brooklyn (made multiple calls actually) no one showed.

  • SmithandSmith

    Oh great, a few hispanics got fired so now Internal Affairs will have to be thoroughly diversified so things like this ‘never happen again’…

  • bigone4u

    Someone wake me up. This nightmare can’t really be happening.

  • PesachPatriot

    This is not terribly shocking to me…south florida is kind of a third world country at this point. Its more like the caribbean than the rest of america to me. Just remember everyone, these are the same police we are counting to save our lives in the event of a mugging, carjacking or home invasion, why does anyone need guns?(big sarcasm)….Parts of miami were pretty nice when I first moved down here, but ever since the tiny global economic incident in 2008/9 the city has gone downhill rapidly…Every now and then you hear horror stories about naive european and canadian tourists getting off the highway by accident or for gas on MLK boulevard….most survive with lighter wallets and scars, some do not. The trouble is starting to spread to nicer areas…a few weeks ago rapper rick ross was shot at 18 times on Las Olas boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale which is a very nice touristy expensive part of town. Even blacks from other parts of florida fear being in little haiti, over town or liberty city after dark.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      I often wonder how far this can go before white people decide they’ve had enough.

  • Joseph

    “…internal affairs investigation…”

    Oh, THAT’S what it means.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Some of the most dangerous drivers in this town are police heading to a rendezvous with their buddies for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. They drive at absurdly high rates of speed, lights flashing, in and out of traffic, and if you happen to be going their way you will see them high-fiving it for the guy who got there first.