Police Hunt for Suspects in Viral Video of Naked Teen Being Whipped on Newark Street

James Queally, Star-Ledger (Newark), February 12, 2013

The video is barely two-and-a-half minutes long, but each second is more disturbing than the one before.

Somewhere in Newark, a teenage boy can be seen removing his clothes, stripping completely naked while he is berated and cursed at by another man in a black hat and black T-shirt. A pack of men surround their cornered victim, laughing and commenting on the situation.

As the boy stands there with his shoulders slumped, the man in the black shirt screams about a debt owed by their victim’s father. As the boy cowers, the leader of the group grabs a belt from one of his sidekicks and screams at the victim.

“Where my money at?” he howls.

“I don’t know,” the victim responds meekly.

What happens next has infuriated law enforcement and city leaders. For 90 seconds, the boy is mercilessly whipped with the belt while the group continues to laugh at him, demanding he tell the camera that it’s a “dog eat dog world.”

At the end of the video, someone announces the amount of money that sparked the vicious attack—a measly $20.


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  • Puggg

    It’s like some necklacing naked video out of western Africa.

    Yet, the victims always seem to go along with the punishment willingly. Why?

    • The__Bobster

      They have a tradition of being whipped?

      • Katherine McChesney

        But, don’t they decry Whites beating their slaves like this? What hypocrites.

        • ANTIEWWW

          That’s what i’m, saying they always say get over it…well GET OVER IT LOL

    • Garrett Brown

      That’s EXACTLY what it reminded me of.

    • He was outnumbered and where was anyone to defend him and to stop it ?
      When they are caught, they should be beaten with a “cat-o-nine tails ” as just punishment !
      But,that won’t happen…

      • ANTIEWW

        Why should it? did it happen to your digusting ancestors lol?? HYPOCRITE get over it

    • KenelmDigby

      Because if he didn’t comply he’d be stomped to death – simple as that.

  • The__Bobster

    …while the group continues to laugh at him, demanding he tell the camera that it’s a “dog eat dog world.”

    Observe and learn, libtards. If not one of them in that groidle would stop the attack on one of their own, don’t expect any mercy if you get caught in a flash mob.

    • brengunn

      demanding he tell the camera that it’s a “dog eat dog world.

      You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty funny how deviant they are, and how childish they are. I’m laughing because I haven’t got to see the video, my internet’s on the fritz. I’m sure when I watch it I’ll be as disgusted as everyone else.

    • Hunter Morrow

      What happened to you at VNN?

    • Room102

      If this isn’t an effective advertisement for buying more ammo, I don’t know what is.
      This might also tend to drive up the prices of mags with a more adjustable capacity.
      Excellent advice distilled down to the essence.
      You have a fraction of a second to dodge the bullets and live.

  • Coming soon, it will happen to some white, sissy, democrat boy.
    That punk would be in a fight to the death if he tried that crap on me. I’ll bite his nose off if I have to. His posse will quickly back down.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      I wish it would happen to some libtard white politician in a “chocolate city”. I make it a point to teach my kids to have minimal to no interaction with the undertow. Imagine though, what would happen if this had been done to some 13 y.o. white kid down South and his father rounded up a posse to go after the street punk. Al & Jesse would be screaming from the mountaintops. I doubt a peep will be heard from them from this video.

      This is par for the course, I can remember black mothers pounding the crap out of Lil Tyrone at the grocery store when I was a kid. Nobody called the cops. Brute force is one of the few things these people understand.

      • HamletsGhost

        It happened to Jimmy Breslin, the NY Post’s famously tough talking streetwise columnist in 1991:


        Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He led the charge against Bernard Goetz when he shot 4 black punks on the NY subway in 1984.

        • Epiminondas

          A pity they didn’t kill him and complete the symbolism.

        • ANTIEWW

          LOL I hope they beat another white boi whip it whip it real goooooood! LMAO.

      • ANTIEWW

        lol your kids will be the ones getting beating for your hate and the actions of your ancestors…lol your the minority soon cold cold world. You should teach your kids not be as dumb as you because when they are older it will be a diffrent time!!!! Oh Ya GET OVER IT LMAO

    • SmithandSmith

      That’s been my experience with them. Show no fear and fight back and they’ll give up but then again, I’m not so sure about that if you’re completely surrounded by them which, I have never been and, God Willing, will never be. By the way, never call them “boy” ’cause as I found out, that’s apparently the same thing as the “n-word”.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Tough one. Numbers increase courage. The two choices are to treat it like a bear attack and ball up, don’t respond, hope you live, or go berserk and assume you are already dead. Like in a well planned ambush, sometimes a kamikaze charge is the only way out.

        As a big white kid in an 80% black school, way back when not long after immigration, I learned some valuable lessons that years of liblefty democratic totalitarian indoctrination never totally erased.

        Spent 7th grade shocked and furtive. Most of the blacks came from the projects. Elementary school had been about 50/50, blacks from some OK neighborhoods. Scrapped with some, made alliances with others. Went to middle school.

        What a difference! Was it the sheer numbers or where they came from? I suspect some of both. Flash mobs? Recess! I kept my head low, did my work, got on the honor society, made it to 8th grade.

        Had some problems at home that year I guess, but I remember the day I figgered it out. My little white boy pal and I had done something that angered a couple of blacks, confronted us in the hall after class. My pal was useless in a fight, just cowered. At first guess I did too. Trouble.

        But then came the moment. I remember the whole world kinda blurring or shaking. That’s when I’m really mad. I remember grabbing them both by the neck, and like from some Bronson flick, slamming their heads up against the lockers a few times…

        “You cool, man! You cool! Y’all can go, no problem, man!”

        Y’all can go. Things changed.

        At recess sometimes whooping mobs of them would start running about, hitting or kicking whoever got in their way (mostly white kids but an “Erkle” or two as well to be fair. Cutting in line, 16 year olds with beards fighting teachers, threats, intimidation, and the constant background drone of liblefty indoctrination. Middle school.

        Guess I am evil. I proceeded to pick out three of them, blacks that weren’t the most popular (woe be to the white boy that defied a popular 16 year old goatee’d thug grandee, lol). Picked fights with them one after another in increasing order of perceived toughness. Cold cocked, sucker punched, whatever I had to. Did it.

        And it worked. They didn’t mess with me any more. But my grades suffered and I started sliding down a slippery slope. My struggling parents scraped the money together and sent me to a Catholic high school next year and I thank them to this day for that.

        But you cannot show them weakness. Like all predators, they go for the wounded one, the weakling.

        So when surrounded by a mob, hard to say. One easy tactic is to never make ey contact if you don’t have to (but don’t avoid in a stare down generally) and look like you are at least a little angry. Like you are prepared to hurt or kill.

        Of course I’m 6’3″ and like 235 – 240. Neanderthal DNA. Perhaps I’ve had it easy.

        • SmithandSmith

          Wow. I never thought they would try to attack anyone with size. I mean, I always thought they went for those they felt they could easily overpower but what you’ve just told me shows me how rabidly wild they really are.

        • rebelcelt

          I went to an all black middle school. you are right, do not show fear. Please please do not beg them to not hurt you, you might as well flick the switch on for them to do it. Fight like hell. Thta is the only thing you can do.

      • ANTIEWW

        LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL NIGGA PLEASE You people spewed your hate for hundreads of years lol there are people like you that will teach your nasty kids the same and now what?? YOU MAD? LOLOLOL

  • Ulick

    No outrage from the black community. Show a video of white guys whipping a black teen and Roots will be re-run on every major network. Proof that race does matter.

    • Room101

      We live under a race-conscious dictatorship of sorts.

      It wants to punish the living White people based on the color of their evil White taxpaying skins to settle old scores with the long-dead on behalf of no one but themselves and their own immediate financial gain.

      • ANTIEWW

        Shut up you people are not being punished freaking victim mentality. You peopl say get over so GET OVER IT. LMAO!!!!!


      Of course it does. You people did this for hundreads of years. And just want the black community to …get over it…..so…get over it.

  • bigone4u

    Once again blacks videotaping their criminality, their own cruelty to each other, and it ends up being seen by tens of thousands or more people. Perhaps we are desensitized to violence or maybe we think it can’t happen to us. Some idiot youths think its cool. Whatever the reason, the outrage isn’t forthcoming from society in general. I can’t think of a single moral leader of the nation anymore. Obama doesn’t care. No one on the Republican side makes victimization an issue. Billy Graham is incapacitated. Sharpton and Jackson are jokes. It would take a smart, articulate voice of moral authority to at least put our minds in the right place, somewhere in alignment with where our hearts ought to be on the issue of violence.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Billy Graham has sold out. He’s a hypocrite. He’s no longer a good moral leader. He makes money if you click on his little advertisements. It’s all for show now. He outlived his potency long ago.



  • Luca

    Someone please call Al Sharpton and tell him it was Klan members in black-face whippin that po’black boy. Al hasn’t publicly embarrassed and humiliated himself in at least the last 48 hours.

    As a side note, I thought for sure they were going to make him turn around, bend over and pretend he dropped the soap.


      lol you dirty Fagget! Why are you so mad what is it again. you live by the sins of your fathers lol i feel bad for you all soon to if not already the minority…..i would advise you get a gun! This time you will not be on the winning side! GET OVER IT!

  • Pelagian

    Video removed by user

  • PesachPatriot

    This isn’t terribly surprising…civilization broke down in Newark a long time ago…what else do you expect from the car theft capital of the world?

    • Tim

      “Come to Slovakia. Your Car is already here…”

      • PesachPatriot

        Thats a good one…I also like the jokes about the old east german Trabant automobiles..how do you double the value of a Trabant? put some gas in it…I did not realize slovakia had a car theft problem…are there lots of aspiring rappers there or something?

        • ANTIEWW

          lol racist lol lol that’s why this is sooooooo funny. You think it’s ok for your ancestors and your people inclusing you to sprew racist hate but now it’s one of your own and OMG IT’S A PROBLEM WHAT ANIMALS. You are the animal so GET OVER IT!

  • Greg Thomas

    Welcome to Zimbabwe…..


      AWESOME! is it happening there too? where to i find these visuals????

  • Robb
  • JohnEngelman

    Once I saw a video of a white mugging victim who had been knocked unconscious. Several blacks congratulated the black thug who had knocked him unconscious. One likened him to Mike Tyson. Then someone urinated on the face of the unconscious white man.

    That was before the widespread use of the internet. I saw it as part of a movie that was trying to inspire sympathy for impoverished criminals.

    • Last year on St. Patrick’s Day in Baltimore, a drunken man was accosted and knocked out cold, and stripped by 4 members of a crowd at the Mitchell Courthouse.
      They were arrested and charged, but got rather light sentences since the victim declined to prosecute…
      Other thyan volunteering for the American Le Mans Series at the Baltimore Grand Prix, I avoid Baltimore at all times.

      • Tim

        “There comes a time in a guys life when he realizes that not only will he never win at Le Mans, he might not ever even get there…”-Tim Congrats on beating the odds!!

        • Hi Tom !
          The American Le Mans Series is the “American” version of the Grand Le Mans. There are 2 classes of cars, LMP1 & LMP2, that are built to the Grand Le Mans specs. The rest of the classes,GT,GTC,etc. still have to comply to the same rules and the races are exciting !
          As for winning the Le Mans…For many of the drivers, just to be there is a great reward ! And, you’re right, not everyone can be there…Expense being the main reason…
          The late Carroll Shelby won it a couple of times…Steve McQueen participated in it…I believe that Paul Newan did,too !
          Ford & Cadillac have raced there, as did the,Chevy Corvette in the ’50’s (and is currently racing).
          Michael Waltrip is fielding a Ferrari there…
          As for winning the LeMans…It’s just like any other championship ( Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, Daytona 500,etc.) , not everyone gets to the playoffs, or runs at Daytona…But, the prospect of getting that win is what keeps them going !

  • SmithandSmith

    The video has been taken down it says.

  • Luca

    Compassion is good, normal, necessary and human, in moderation and in perspective. The problem is when compassion becomes a mindless religion, void of realism, logic and practicality as in “Let’s feed all the hungry people in the world” or “It’s not his fault, it’s because of poverty, slavery, colonialism, the ozone layer, global warming, lack of school funding and racism.”

  • The video has been removed by the user, is there another link ?

  • rightrightright


    The attackers are black muslims. There is one shot showing the victim’s blurred face. He seems to me to have Middle Eastern features.

  • Katherine McChesney

    The video has been removed. But the facts are more proof blacks are the cruelest race.

  • Joseph

    “White altruism is a tough nut to crack…”

    This is what separates “us” from “them” -but you can have too much of a good thing.

  • Shattered

    Generational welfare Democrat family values. No community. No morality. No wholesome traditions. Just, “it’s a dog eat dog world.”

  • KenelmDigby

    Blacks never cease to moan about real or imagined brutality inflicted on them by whitey.

    But no word of a lie, if it wasn’t for the restraining influence that White civilization has (for now) exerted upon blacks natural tendencies they would have descended into Haitian or Jamaican style barbarism inflicted upon each other, resembling the moralityof a sharks’ feeding frenzy, by now.

  • StillModerated

    Animal on human crime. The negro is turned on by naked teenage White boys. They are filthy, perverted homosexuals that ought to be hanged by the neck until dead — with or without a trial.

  • Pelayo

    Was the victim White or Black?

  • MarcusTrajanus

    Remember, Whites today are still supposed to feel guilty because centuries ago a few long dead Whites whipped some long dead blacks.

  • SintiriNikos

    From Enoch Powell’s speech to Parliament in 1968, he quotes a constituent telling him ‘in 15-20 years, the black man will have the whip hand over the White man’. It looks like they like whipping each other also while they’re at it.