Volunteer in the United States—2011

Bureau of Labor Statistics, February 22, 2012

The US Department of Labor has released a detailed report on volunteer work in the United States. This is an excerpt from the report:

By age, 35- to 44-year-olds and 45- to 54-year-olds were the most likely to volunteer (31.8 and 30.6 percent, respectively). Persons in their early twenties were the least likely to volunteer (19.4 percent). Among the major race and ethnicity groups, whites continued to volunteer at a higher rate (28.2 percent) than did blacks (20.3 percent), Asians (20.0 percent), and Hispanics (14.9 percent). The volunteer rate for blacks increased in 2011. For all other major race and ethnicity groups, the volunteer rates were little different from the rates in 2010.

The full report is available here.


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  • Puggg

    Some black “volunteerism” might be involuntary, i.e. court-ordered.

    • The__Bobster

      They would be the ones wearing the orange jumpsuits.

      • bigone4u

        Too bad the old ball and chain were outlawed.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’ve done plenty of court-ordered “volunteerism” at thrift stores, and the experience was generally agreeable. If one is polite to the customers and co-workers and works hard, the time flies. I remember one supervisor after a miserable day moving furniture telling me I looked bushed, and to sit down and sort small electronics parts. Half the battle was untangling the wires, but I was able organize everything, put sets of stuff back together and get it ready to be sold. I have a lot of patience for some varieties of work.

      They always said “I can’t imagine you being in trouble”, and I was offered a full-time job, which I turned down because I couldn’t do that much heavy lifting every day. I have never told anyone at forced community service work of my violent federal felony conviction or being on the Terrorist Watch List, even when I was baited for doing community service to get out of state time. Fatso said I was skinny and wouldn’t last long in prison, and I couldn’t even let myself smile at the time. I stopped by the liquor store on the way home and laughed very well.

      I think blacks would most likely be useless at community service; I certainly never saw any. They would either steal, goof off, or otherwise get in trouble. At the thrift store I “volunteered” for, I bought plenty of stuff, because I always shopped around a bit after the end of my shift. Heck; I was already there.

      Court-ordered community service work is wasted on most black offenders because they won’t understand that work – even unpaid work – is worth doing properly simply because it is work, with all the entanglements of self-respect that go along with work among civilized people.

      I think how we do our work – paid or unpaid – or even as a hobby, helps define who we are as people. You can be a brilliant shining knight or a cockroach. Choose.

  • The__Bobster

    Among the major race and ethnicity groups, whites continued to volunteer
    at a higher rate (28.2 percent) than did blacks (20.3 percent), Asians
    (20.0 percent), and Hispanics (14.9 percent).

    I think the m00lies are lying. I’ve seen events in the inner cities where almost all of the volunteers were White libtards. The natives just sit back on their porches, wondering what the YT’s are up to or pointing out work that needs to be done.

    • Garrett Brown

      I guarantee even when we become a minority our boys will still volunteer at a higher rate for the military than blacks.

      • rebelcelt

        I hope not but you are right. Our boys want to protect thier country. They do not yet realize that this country hates hem

      • Room101

        Anybody that would volunteer to serve in today’s military federal job service program formerly known as the U.S armed forces is just taking advantage of their homosexuality.
        It can be safely assumed that everyone serving in uniform of the United States is some kind of queer. The military brass passed along to the media the results of various surveys ostensibly taken on behalf of the troops that the troops see no difference between themselves and queers.

  • Liz Betbeze

    I’ve never seen a black volunteer in my life. And will probably not. All of these statistics are questionable. I see when a good number comes out the hispanics are an ethnicity, but not with crime stats.

    • I saw black volunteers at the voting booths last year.

      • So CAL Snowman

        I’m pretty sure they get paid. I know I did when I worked as an election officer so many years ago.

        • And paid and paid and paid. I should have known.

        • rebellisMMXII

          I’ve done a pretty fair share of volunteer work…never have I seen a black involved unless it was one or two kids with some sort of service requirement to get out of a petty crime charge. Even that was exceptionally rare (as in I worked with two, and never could turn my back). The pay angle I can believe and criminals working off time…NO other way for the percentages to be even close. They cannot be normal volunteers…oh, just thought of something…they may be counting all the blacks that ask for “donations” at every intersection in the city.

          • rebellisMMXII

            Upon further reflection…the statistics have got to be total crap.

      • Sloppo

        I believe those black panther bantus marching around with clubs at the voting booths were probably volunteers.

    • Thor Bonham

      True when they are victims they are non- white hispanics and when they are perpetrators they are white .. Speaking of statistics of course …

    • anonymous_amren

      I met a genuine black volunteer at school once (that was volunteering to help white people). They exist, but they are the exceptions rather than the rule. I find the 20% figure hard to believe.

  • bigone4u

    Mostly, minorities are takers, not givers. No government study needed for me to know that, but it’s nonetheless nice to see that my “prejudices” and “bigotry” are fact based.

    • Garrett Brown

      Will whites be takers when we become a minority?

      • So CAL Snowman

        There will be NOTHING to take!

        • josh

          They will GIVE us hell and we will TAKE it!

          • Diamond_Lil

            Not I nor my offspring. It’s push-back time!

        • Garrett Brown


        • Katherine McChesney

          No, but the White race will do something magnificent and create something incredible with whatever we can find. It’s in our DNA to invent useful things. We are more tribal than blacks and would band together to find a way to survive hardship.

    • Intrepid

      Even if minorities volunteered at higher rates, I doubt anyone’s opinion of them on here would change.

      • joeg2

        On what do you base your idiotic comment? Minorities do not volunteer at higher rates.

        • Intrepid

          Read my comment. I didn’t say they did.

          • Triarius

            My opinion of them would change. But that still doesn’t mean I want them in my country.

          • joeg2

            It’s like saying, even if the neighborhood gang members didn’t rob and terrorize, I doubt your opinion of them would change.
            Your point is meaningless.

          • Intrepid

            It’s not meaningless. People are finding reasons to justify something that they would believe no matter what, even if there was contrary evidence. bigone4u is saying how minorities are takers and not givers.. and that this fact helps justify his prejudices. What I’m saying is that if the opposite were true (that minorities volunteered equal or more than whites do), that it still probably wouldn’t change his mind or anyone else’s. So if anyone’s comment is meaningless, it’s his, and yours.

  • brengunn

    I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and there was a half black lesbian carpenter volunteering there! That’s not a joke, it just sounds like one.

    • Katherine McChesney

      So you’re a leftist?

      • brengunn

        Yes, most of my opinions could be considered ‘leftist’. That’s not to say I don’t have legitimate concerns about the racial and cultural make up of my country. I also feel aggrieved that any deviation from the script when it comes to race has you branded a heretic in public.

        BTW, that estate I volunteered on, built houses for blacks and whites but I didn’t care either way.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I wouldn’t put one minute into any ’cause’ linked to Jimmy Carter. I value my time and my time is worth doing something better to promote my race and my race only. And my church.

          • brengunn

            I don’t believe in the bearded man in the sky, nor in his institutions here on Earth. The fact that H4H is a christian charity made me think twice about volunteering, but I felt they were doing some good work, so volunteered anyway.

            BTW, I left a reply that was intended for you on the ‘MK-only bullets will stop infiltrators’ article. You’re post had disappeared, so I had to reply to my original post.

    • IstvanIN

      It was the non-black half that was volunteering. Habitat for Jimma Carter always has whites building houses for blacks. I shred their requests for donations.

  • Ulick

    I’m willing to bet that if they broke down the statistics even further and somehow showed the percent of time that white volunteers spent at charities helping predominantly minorities vs. the percentage of time minorities spent volunteering to assist predominantly whites, the gap would be humongous.

    • Viv Jasper

      One Christmas (back when I was more naive) I volunteered to help distribute bicycles to “underprivileged” children. It was not the experience I thought I had signed up for. The kids were almost all black, aside from a few Mexicans thrown into the mix. They were loud, pushy, demanding, and took their gifts with a sense of entitlement and without so much as a thank you. As we drove away from our last drop-off, I wondered how many of these kids’ greedy overfed moms would turn around and sell their bikes, and whether or not any if these bikes would be used to flee the scene of a crime at some point in the future. I now chose my volunteering opportunities with much greater care.

      • Tim

        My Dad took me on a similar mission when I was 19. He was dropping off groceries and/or rent money. The guy was telling his sob story about not making it but his dope tray with snort straw and rolling papers in plain view under the couch led me to doubt his story. He was grateful though, I will admit.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Sure he was grateful. Your kind gift allowed him to buy more dope.

      • Anon

        Your story reminds me of a public High School sponsored program that we were needled into, nearly thirty years ago in Texas. At Christmas, certain classes would “adopt” a “needy” Elementary School aged child and buy a few gifts with our own monies. All well and good. What struck me as odd then was the unappreciative attitudes, and vacant-eyed stares of our little hispanic/black Christmas angels.

        Oh how much I’ve learned since then.

    • HadEnough

      Yes, this is exactly right. I read a while ago that, certainly in terms of charitable giving, white Gentiles give vastly more to causes that do not in any way benefit them — world hunger, the environment in Indonesia, inner-city schools, etc. On the other hand, blacks, Jews and others tend to give largely at and to their places of worship or related institutions, which typically are involved on causes that at least indirectly do benefit the givers (or at least benefit their genetic kind). I’ll bet you dollars to donuts it’s the same with volunteering.

  • dd121

    Name one charity that is managed and funded by blacks that caters to the needs of whites. I thought so.

    • Sloppo

      Name any charity that caters to whites that is funded by any non-whites.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Name any black corporation that is funded by blacks. Nah, I didn’t think so. Whites pay for those government grants.

  • Barrack Osama

    Africans are an r-selective specimen of man. As r-type life typically thrives in environments where food is plentiful, and environments where they can have lots of kids they don’t have to care for until moving on to the next environment, they generally would not see value in civil volunteer work. Africans are consumers, not creators.

  • Greg Thomas

    Hispanics do not do anything unless they are receiving some benefit return. Call it “cultural values.”

  • Tom Iron

    I’m in a Catholic charity, and I’ve never seen a black volunteer.
    I’m in the people’s republic of new jesey and although there was one or two blacks of the hundreds of volunteers, during the Sandy Storm cleanup of my town, they were other wise completely non existant.

    • Greg Thomas

      Consider yourself lucky. It seems the only way to escape diversity is to volunteer your time.

  • Snowhitey

    I am willing to bet that whites (altruistically but foolishly) volunteer for programs that benefit all races whereas blacks, Hispanics, and Asians overwhelmingly volunteer for self-serving racial programs.

    • Cannot Tell

      I believe whites are also the most likely to donate blood. I remember reading that blacks are sometimes reluctant to donate blood because they want their blood to be given to only blacks.

      • E. Rekshun

        That’s ok. I remember when Archie Bunker freaked out when he learned that he received Sammy Davis Jr.’s blood.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Good, who wants their mongrel blood in their veins anyway?

      • anonymous_amren

        I’d be happy to accommodate that desire. There’s always a risk of disease with blood transfusions, and the tests for those diseases aren’t 100% reliable, so I don’t think white people need to be subjected to that risk.

      • Room101

        Now the queers, erm, “diverse” people are demanding to mainstream AIDS and other STDs into the medical blood supply. The diverse queers are saying it’s “homophobic”(racist) to exclude them from donating blood and plasma products into the mainstream.
        All of society is crashing down around our ears and swirling the drain before our eyes.
        Behold Leftism.

  • rebelcelt

    I wonder how many blacks do volunteer work that primarily helpswhites?

  • The Ice Queen

    I have done volunteer work in the inner city, and I have
    seen very few black volunteers. My guess is that some blacks who responded to
    the survey with a yes might be those who volunteered at their church as an
    usher perhaps, which is not a tough gig, nor visible to the white public.
    That’s not to let them off the hook.

    Most charity takes place in minority neighborhoods but the majority of
    volunteers are white. I have seen whites pounding nails, ladling soup, and
    cleaning up after tornadoes in black neighborhoods. I have often wondered, where
    are the able-bodied locals? I’m tired of black leaders bragging about how much
    their community cares for each other when the village always seems to be absent
    when it comes to lifting a finger to help one of their own.

  • fakeemail

    Gotta side with non-whites on this. Screw community service! What does my “community” do for me?

    • Greg Thomas

      You may have a point there!

  • boogieboogie

    I have given 6 gallons of blood,,,what % of blacks do you think give? not that we really want lots of them giving,,,just hope the fake blood comes soon.

    • Bill

      MOST blacks cannot give blood if they wanted to. They don’t want to, unless they get payed for it, but fail screening due to AIDS, STD’s, drugs in their system, and genetic diseases of the blood.

  • SmithandSmith

    Volunteering is not a good idea as all your hard work will soon be destroyed by an unappreciative non-white.

    • Tom Iron

      That’s what I have to keep saying in the Catholic Charity I belong to. I keep having to tell the liberal women not to put themselves in dangerous positions. They pretty much know I’m a racial realist, but put up with me because I’m the guy who will put his hands on work. and knows “how” to work. It’s very interesting to see how many men never did any real physical labor in their lives. Every one of the men who do volunteer more or less have to be watched closely, lest they make the wrong move and get hurt.

    • Room101

      That’s why we “need” all this government to “volunteer” White people to “do good” for Government-people.

  • Davor Thepiesky

    You know, I really don’t have a problem with this.

  • jay11

    I know that where I work, the only reason any blacks or latinos volunteer for anything is because white liberals force them to as a requirement for graduation. None of the blacks and latinos like it, or put in much effort.

  • Token Finn

    I did some research on this a while ago. The old studies that I found, discussing race and volunteering, mostly aligned with this one. There was an anomalous one emerging from Canada, which claimed that blacks volunteer the most but I suspect there’s more to the story. It’s also true that blacks are a lot less likely to donate blood or organs and research has shown that it has to do with their racial obsession (fearing that whites will get to benefit from the donations etc.)

    • brengunn

      research has shown that it has to do with their racial obsession
      (fearing that whites will get to benefit from the donations etc.)

      Do you have a link?

      • Token Finn

        I feel a bit too occupied to look it up again but if you go for the words “blacks blood donation less” or things to that effect, you should be able to come up with some journal abstracts very quickly.

  • Thor Bonham

    Are they counting community service for the blacks rates ?? I just don’t see a black person volunteering for anything.. Unless it has to do with getting Obama elected, or they are force by the courts ..

  • bayouboy

    I find the 20% black rate to be very generous, in fact just down right imaginary. In New Orleans, for those first few years after Katrina, we had thousands and thousands of (gratfully) volunteers. I can count on ONE HAND, ONE HAND, the number of black volunteers I saw here. Bottom line is….they don’t even want to help each other.

    • pcmustgo

      Flying down to New Orleans or Haiti or Latin America to do volunteer projects takes MONEY… Blacks are more likely to work physical labor jobs that leave them more tired.

      Blacks volunteer at their churchs which act as hubs for food, clothing, etc.

  • Bruno

    Who didn’t know this? Blacks give fewer than 3% of the organ donations, yet lay claim to 40%.
    In Louisianna they layed on the ground as non blacks did ALL of the work.
    They never give or HEP anyone not even their own kind. They don’t deserve 5% of what they get.

  • Dirk_Pitt

    When blacks do volunteer it is only for other blacks. When whites volunteer they help all races but mostly blacks

  • SintiriNikos

    This must come as a shock to our Community Organizer in Chief. Of course his volunteering were motivated by racial payolas and climbing the Chicago political ladder.