Interactive Map Shows Concentration of Illegal Immigrants State by State Across America

Beth Stebner, Daily Mail (London), February 5, 2013

The most illegal immigrants in the United States are concentrated mainly on the western region of the country, a new estimate revealed.

According to data from the Pew Hispanic Center, California has the most undocumented immigrants, with 6.8 percent of the population (or roughly 2.5million people) living in the country illegally.

But it is Nevada – with an estimated 180,000 illegals out of the state’s 2.65 million population  – that has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants.

The map, a collaborative effort between Slate and the New America foundation, gives a geographic reference to how many illegal immigrants there are in the country, and how they’re dispersed.

New Jersey also has a fairly high percentage of undocumented immigrants, with around 550million out of a state population of 8.7million.

The map uses data collected by the Pew Hispanic Center in 2011, which notes that while impossible to gather data that was 100 percent accurate, they were confident to the 90th percentile that the numbers were correct.

The organization’s research shows that illegal immigrants’ population declined slightly to a little more than 11million, down from its peak at around 12million in 2007.

In 2011, the total legal immigrant population topped 40.4 million, a record.

The nation has remained deeply divided over the controversial subject, even as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said today that the nation’s system is ‘in desperate need of repair’ during a hearing.

President Obama is currently pushing for swift action to pass immigration legislation, but could face a snag from Republican members of Congress.

The hearing was the panel’s first since last November’s elections when Hispanic-Americans voted in droves for Obama and his fellow Democrats in Congress.

Those election results caused Republicans to rethink their anti-immigration stances, which were highlighted by presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s urging that illegal residents should simply ‘self-deport.’

A standoff over Democrats’ goal of providing citizenship hopes for the immigrants living illegally in the United States could torpedo reform efforts in this Congress.

Still, many Republicans expressed concerns about rewarding illegal immigrants with eventual citizenship, which they often decry as an ‘amnesty.’

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, in a speech to the conservative American Enterprise Institute, noted, ‘While we are a nation that allows anyone to start anew, we are also a nation of laws.’

Cantor of Virginia is the second-ranking House Republican and has a say in which bills are debated before the full House.

At the House Judiciary hearing, Goodlatte, another Virginia Republican, asked, ‘Are there options to consider between the extremes of mass deportation and pathway to citizenship?

Julian Castro, the Democratic mayor of San Antonio, Texas, who testified before Goodlatte’s panel, responded: ‘I believe, as the president has pointed out … that a path to citizenship is the best option’ for the 11 million, many of whom have lived in the United States for a decade or more.


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  • 6.8% of Ca’s pop. is illegal? that must be a typo because the way the politicians act it must be closer to 68%. Today in Ca whites are an after-thought.

  • Barrack Osama

    Pretty much no one likes our immigration policy. Not even allegedly liberal young adults around my age (20 – 30ish). Their left-leaning parts stop working once you get beyond a few issues, namely stuff like marijuana, censorship of media, and abortion/gay marriage/dislike of orthodox religion. They might slip amnesty through, but we’re still going to be in this country for 50+ years, and we are never going to accept what is happening as legitimate.

    So how is this going to work? What do they think will happen? Millions of disenfranchised Americans sitting in the corner for 50 years?

    • ed91

      since most whites seem to be cowards now, or so intimidated that nothing can be done,

      it should work fine. for the diverse

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Actually younger people are more pro-life than boomers.

      • liberalsuck

        The bad thing with younger whites is they have seemed to accept this anti-white, hip-hop BS culture, but there is another part of the younger white generation that is tired of being hated and blamed for something that some white person did to a black person years ago. True, they might not be full-fledged white nationalists, but there is a small, but growing prowhite/anti-diversity sentiment building in the younger whites. The liberal Baby Boomer whites? To hell with them. They are so deluded and condescending it’s not even worth your time. I just want to see the not-so-bright look on their faces when they see their white/jewish liberal Democratic leaders getting ousted from their positions by black and Hispanics.

        • “I just want to see the not-so-bright look on their faces when they see
          their white/jewish liberal Democratic leaders getting ousted from their
          positions by black and Hispanics.”

          and we cannot forget who they are and we can never forgive them for betraying our country

  • The__Bobster

    Don’t worry, Obongo and his band of traitors will turn that map all White shortly.

  • It looks like we need to make Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont a little darker. I’m sick of people who live way up there telling me how racist the south is, when they have not diversity themselves.

    • Archer Andover
      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        Yes, but fortunately for ME has a couple of great things going for it. First the Somalis are clustered in and around population centers. This is the normal pattern of blacks living in northern states. This leaves semi- rural and rural ME the domain of the white man. Second, the states limited urban infrastructure and job market suggests that the Somali numbers will essentially be capped at some point. Hard economic times are looming on the horizon for most. And it’s going to be allot tougher for those on the welfare dole to make it in ME. Once the state coffers start drying up the Somalis will leave that state pronto!

        • liberalsuck

          That’s the best way to get the massive amount of (illegal) nonwhite immigrants; take away the incentives and white guilt that makes it possible for them to leech off of us.

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      I don’t like the social liberal hypocrisy that exists up there either, aggravating as it is. But your talking about a cluster of states overwhelmingly white. And in 2013 this is one precious commodity. So it behooves me why any AmRenner would wish it any other way.

    • The Serbian

      Actually the south isn’t racist enough IMO. At least not anymore. Lived in the Knoxville and Birmingnam areas for six years and never saw so much interacial dating and willfull interaction between B&W southeners. These weren’t transplants. As a matter of testimony, the northern transplants conveyed negative reaction to this in subble ways, especially the interacial dateing part and weren’t really open about the prospect of black neighbors eithier. Rarely heard the n-word from whites or complaints about blacks down there. Since then I can’t get by one week without hearing it, or sensing friction now that I’m back in Eastern Massachusstts. It was also the same story when I lived in New Jersey. Maybe all this pin the tail on the southerner is really a form of deflection.

  • I was surprised that Nevada has the most illegal immigrants in the country. I thought that belonged to California or Texas. I was glad that my state of Tennessee, there are not that many of them. I guess many of those illegals get hotel jobs in Reno and Las Vegas. No wonder Nevada has one of the worst economies in the country.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Opryland was responsible for bringing in illegals. They might still be. They bought motels on Murfreesboro Road to house them. That road is inundated with them. Now we have Kurdish gangs and Somali’s.

      • ed91

        there is no shortage of white american traitors

      • liberalsuck

        I wonder how these other nonwhite immigrants are going to fair with the blacks? Blacks hate whites and have been trying to ‘unite’ the other nonwhites with them against whitey, but they will be in for a rude awakening.

        • PesachPatriot

          Good luck there al and jesse…most in between ethnicities in america are less than thrilled with the urban american misbehavior because they often live closer to it than most whites…mexicans, orientals, indians(dot and feather), arabs and various others dislike them and are much less shy about expressing it because they have no white guilt.

          • liberalsuck

            What is the black population going to do when most feelings of white guilt have been drained out of whites and when whites again start overtly in massive number displaying their contempt for the black communities? What are these blacks going to do when whites start fighting back hard in regards to the black on white violence?

    • I don’t think they counted all the illegal aliens in Ca’s prisons

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Nevada does not have the most illegal immigrants in the country. Navada does have the highest percentage of illegal immigrants. They’re not the same thing.

    • saxonsun

      I live in NYC–all the construction jobs are taken by illegal mexicans. I mean I never see any white men.

  • Sam

    If you’re living in Idaho or Montana or somewhere like that and you think you’ll be safe in a white haven, think again. They will identify those areas and make them targets for resettlement. There will never be a shortage of African refugees and asylum seekers who are guaranteed entitlement consumers and Democratic voters who will be resettled into whichever area is most lacking in diversity. We all need diversity.

    • Jefferson

      It is not Africans we have to worry about, it is the south of the border Wetbacks. That is the demographic that makes up the overwhelming majority of the illegal immigrant population in this country. The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants in this country do not come from Botswana or Somalia.

      • anonymous

        What are the whites in the Northwest states going to do when these illegal nonwhites are all legalized? What, are you telling me they will not only have the balls to put up a ‘whites only’ signs but would use force of arms to resist integration? Are you telling me the same whites who have grown up for two generations of anti-white, self-hating propaganda are suddenly going to be great strong warriors like the great Germanic, Scottish, Irish and Saxon tribes were a thousand years ago?

  • Yes, i’m been tolding you that it has to be in relationship to the border and cheap laobr by both Democratics and Republican businessmen this explains Texas folks, right wing cheap labor businessmen just as bad as left wing cheap labor in Ca.

  • Joe McCarthyy

    This is totally true.

    I live in NJ in a 93% white town.

    Yet right next to us, this borough is just slowly being colonized by Mexicans. They show up out of nowhere. They’re just walking down the street, staffing the restaurants, and living in the cheap apartments.

    They took over a few streets and Latinized them with their group apartments and Mexican shops.

    I managed to meet a new immigrant (only about 3 months old) a few weeks ago. He’s from Colombia and just came here cause he has friends who live here and just decided it would be good. Done. Green card. Now he goes to college in my state.

    It is disgusting that literally half the world can just come here and use our institutions on the fly as if there just moving from a different state.

    And you wonder why our whole country is bursting at the seams financially.

    All of these social welfare costs would be able to make this country as nice as Norway if we didn’t have the whole regions of central America and the continent of South America freely walking in and using our institutions that are paid for by tax payer money.

    New Jersey has some of the highest taxes.

    Notice how all the high-tax states are flooded with “new arrivals.”

    Meanwhile, when my family immigrated to New York from Germany, Holland, and Czechoslovakia, there was never any social services for them.

    The idea that this new generation deserves what they are getting is ludicrous.

    They are simply robbing the previous generation of settlers of the wealth that they build.

    Before the immigrants of the 1800s, there was no infrastructure.

    My house used to be a friggin apple farm.

    50% of Americans were farmers.

    The immigrants of today are simply robbing us of our loot.

    There is no more development happening.

  • The Final Solution

    There are a lot of similarities between this map and a map of Nazi Germany, 1945, surrounded by enemies on all sides.

  • SmithandSmith

    It just will not end.

    Americans go to jail for breaking the law and illegal aliens get to stay here, steal jobs, steal identities, steal welfare and tax credits, commit rapes and murders and other crimes, throw trash and spray paint graffiti everywhere and then they get to become “fill in the blank-Americans” and “We” get to pay for it all. This is why I’m one of those who wishes for the system to collapse.

    As for their “eleven million” illegal aliens, even if that number were true, it’s still eleven million Americans who’ve been cheated out of a job. As Benjamin Franklin said and to paraphrase, ‘There is no need for immigration, not even on a temporary basis for any labor shortages will quickly be filled by Natural Generation”.

  • Gerjen

    I went to Las Vegas a few months ago and I was shocked how many foreigners that were living there. I’m not talking about the tourists who come to the strip from all over. I went into a coffee shop and I felt like I was in a Moroccan Bizarre. Then I went to the grocery store and every other person was a middle-eastern arab or african. I live in Los Angeles and it doesn’t even feel like America anymore. Right now I’m going to night school because the classes are relatively cheap. There is only one other white guy in my class of 40 people. Half the people in the class can’t even speak English. The professor has spent two classes already trying to cover basic things that would have taken ten minutes to cover if the rest of the students could understand English. This is a public college paid for by our taxes.

    • liberalsuck

      I would be thinking, “How in the hell did you people get in here?”

  • Notice how all the high-tax states are flooded with “new arrivals.”
    NOt always so, Texas and Nevada and Florida have a large group and not high taxes except property.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      True, most every place in the US is better than Mexico – they move where their friends are, they move where their families are, they move where the jobs are.

  • Notice Ok not as close to the border and their Republicans crack down on illegals does better than other states.

  • Jefferson

    So Illegals make up 6.8% of the population in California. In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, that percentage is no doubt much higher.

    Most of Los Angeles now feels as culturally foreign as La Paz, Bolivia. In Los Angeles only the wealthy have the privilege of living in neighborhoods that are predominantly English speaking and White.

    • liberalsuck

      That’s the same way in Mexico and lots of Latin American countries. The white populations there live in wealthy, clean areas unlike the large mestizo/indigenous populations. It’s funny. They say they are going to ‘overthrow white people’ here where we are armed, have a lot of ammo, many whites are growing very pissed off lately, yet these same mestizos can’t overthrow the white minority population in Mexico or Latin America?

  • bigone4u

    Illegals come in, establish a beachhead, then call up more troops. The process repeats itself until they become politically powerful and have reestablished their home culture. The trick is to discourage them from putting down roots. Alabama’s and Arizona’s legislative responses clearly send a message that those states have the un-welcome mat out for illegals.

  • mobilebay

    Nevada, huh? Well, looks like old Harry Reid is keeping his constituents close by.

  • a multiracial individual

    What’s the deal with New Jersey?

    • I was wondering that, myself.

    • Defoe


  • kmorgana

    Too much poverty being imported. The majority of the immigrants coming in are crooks and the abject poor. This has been a design for a long time- to wreck the country thanks to the Bolsheviks.

  • What’s the deal with Jeresy?RIch folks hire gardeners and maids just like New York City. The illegals are mainly in big states, Ca,Tx, Ill, NY,NJ, NC,FL,GA, I’m talking about population since large populated states have a lot of service jobs. Nevada and Arizona are some of the exceptions.

  • Actually younger people are more pro-life than boomers.
    They also support gay marriage more. I’m more moderate on the abortion issue myself, Boomers like me opposed the Mexican invasion since the late 1980’s can’t say that for young people.

  • Let, not make fun of Ca what about conservative Texas which has a whopping 1.6 million and is one of the top five in percentage, the conservatives here that love Texas and love the secede stuff don’t think that cold North Dakota is a better place than the illegal alien loving rightwing cheap labor Texas.