City of Baltimore Is on a Path to Financial Ruin, Report Says

Fox News, February 6, 2013

The Baltimore city government is on a path to financial ruin and must enact major reforms to stave off bankruptcy, according to a 10-year forecast the city commissioned from an outside firm.

The forecast, obtained by The Associated Press ahead of its release to the public and the City Council on Wednesday, shows that the city will accumulate $745 million in budget deficits over the next decade because of a widening gap between projected revenues and expenditures.

If the city’s infrastructure needs and its liability for retiree health care benefits are included, the total shortfall reaches $2 billion over 10 years, the report found. Baltimore’s annual operating budget is $2.2 billion.


The forecast will provide the basis for financial reforms that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to propose next week. The city has dealt with budget deficits for the past several years, closing a $121 million gap in 2010. But those deficits have been addressed with one-time fixes that haven’t addressed the long-term structural imbalance.


{snip} In late 2011, Jefferson County, Ala., filed the nation’s largest-ever local government bankruptcy, citing $4.15 billion in debt, and last year, Stockton, Calif., became the largest American city to declare bankruptcy.

In Baltimore, the erosion of the tax base is easy to see. The city’s population has dropped from a peak of 950,000 in 1950 to 619,000 today, and while the decline has slowed, there have been few signs of the trend reversing. The median income is $40,000, and 22 percent of the city’s residents live in poverty, according to Census data. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: According to the 2010 Census, Baltimore is 63.7 percent black, 28 percent white, and 4.2 percent Hispanic.]

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  • falsedawn

    I had a buddy in HS who was like me, had no interest in whatever they were saying. He finally left school, did his service time and a few years later, I met him on the street and asked him what he was doing. He said he was running a book. I said holy cow. Years later, I saw him again and asked again what he was doing and he told me he was a restauranter, got into it with the money he’d eraned being a bookie. Here’s a guy who quit school in 10th grade (never even got a ged) and made a good living (his restaurant was real nice, good food), raised a family, and these black jerks all over the country can’t run anything, except maybe into the ground.

    • concernedcollegekid

      I know of a white high school dropout who makes $80 an hour because he knows how to program and basically knows everything there is to know about computers. I wish I had a useful skill like that. Sadly for us politically incorrect white girls who weary of the PC-ness of college, most people with crazy talent in STEM subjects to the point where they don’t need college degrees to get good jobs are guys. I hate the things about college that most people on this site hate about it, but I see no alternative for myself other than to graduate and hope a non-STEM degree (which is all I’m capable of, trust me) is better than no degree.

      It’s all so depressing. My hobbies and my friends from them are what keep me going in life and keep me happy. But I hate feeling like I’m intelligent enough to see through a lot of the BS they teach in college and to see that the country I live in is headed down the toilet, but not intelligent enough to drop out of school and actually figure out something to do that makes decent money. Plus, my parents would never hear of me quitting school.

      Bottom line: White males seem to me to be the actual engines behind almost everything that matters in this country, and the proof of this is that almost all successful high school and college dropouts (meaning people who succeed on PURE merit) seem to be white males. As much as the government tries futilely to “correct” this and do “outreach to women and minorities” in places where these groups are not found in large numbers, almost everybody who is so brilliant that they can make 80 bucks an hour on pure, non-credentialed merit is white and male. I may not be stupid, but as a young woman who is expected by my family to be more “successful” and “independent” than I’m afraid I will be if the job market gets even worse for people with liberal arts degrees, I don’t feel useful in this world.

      But a lot of people (especially certain groups) don’t even seem to have my internal struggle and guilt. They just want free money. At least I do work part time in a crappy job and spend thriftily because it makes me feel proud not to have to ask my family for money.

      This country needs to admit where much of its talent (in the subjects that count in the modern world) lies and admit that white males being a declining proportion of the population is a very bad thing. We need to admit that you can learn more about how smart and how good a worker someone might be by talking to them than you can by knowing that they have a degree in sociology or something else stupid. And that cities containing few white males do not do well. You can affirmative action all you want and try to create the appearance of success, but at the end of the day you can’t actually generate merit (or wealth) where it doesn’t exist.

      • dukem1

        Stick with it hon.

      • BannerRWB

        “… I don’t feel useful in this world.” – I imagine this will sound quite sexist, but, here’ goes: Firstly, you are not useless. Taking your words as being truthful, your comments show that you have both dedication and perseverance – qualities necessary for the functioning and continuation of a first-world society. The internal struggle you mention is common, but usually only for those who have a conscious thought regarding the larger society, which I believe in this/your case, has to do with the well-being of the White world. And, certainly not the least in importance, you are quite priceless in that only you and those like you (White girls, PC or not), can bear the White children for our next generation. I think a part of your struggle may have to do with the pressure to be “successful” and “independent”, whereas such pressure often works to move White girls further away from having children earlier in life, if they have children all. In any case, I would say that life is never perfect, but that it is more measured in gradations of success or dependency, no matter who you are. My apologies (not to any feminist) for any impression that may seem patronizing, but it seems to me that you were or are, in need of a pep talk. So, basically, thanks for being who you are, and I have faith that you will do well in this life.

      • mr_hollands_nopus

        Will you marry me?

        J/k My wife probably wouldn’t like it that too much. It is refreshing to see some of the younger crowd that are able to see the way the world really is,beyond the rubbish that is taught at our universities. Thank you for making my day a little brighter, concernedcollegekid.

        • concernedcollegekid

          Haha, thank you! I wish I knew how many people at my school think like me, but the only way to find out is to ask, unfortunately, so I really have no idea. I came to college thinking I was a liberal but then my classes were so PC that I sort of realized that I’d never truly understood what leftism meant to a lot of its followers (I was always against actual discrimination and didn’t want gay people to be treated badly, etc, and I thought that’s what liberalism was). I never knew how far some people took “straight, white male” bashing and white guilt and I thought it was awful. After a while I realized that the views presented in my classes that were denounced as “conservative” were the ones I agreed with. Also another thing that brought me to this site is that I think my little brother, who is an honest-to-god mathematical genius (but socially adept; not autistic or anything), is treated terribly by the faculty of his high school, mostly so minorities can feel good about themselves. I could go on and on about that but I won’t. Thanks again for your reply. And I can’t reply individually to everyone who’s replied to me, but know that I appreciate it!

          • Also another thing that brought me to this site is that I think my
            little brother, who is an honest-to-god mathematical genius (but
            socially adept; not autistic or anything), is treated terribly by the
            faculty of his high school, mostly so minorities can feel good about

            Don’t worry. They’ll start treating him graciously when it’s standardized testing time. If you can talk your parents into keeping him out of school during the week(s) of standardized testing, and explain your reasons to them why you want them to do that, that a school that treats him so badly shouldn’t let his unappreciated intellect raise the average of their standardized testing, then they might do it and keep him out of school. And once they do that, your parents will get called multiple times a day from the administrators of that school, who will practically be on bended knee for your parents to get him back into school. And you’ll know why.

          • Garrett Brown

            You can’t miss your SOL’s and progress through grades. Not going to happen.

          • Mr Plankton

            That’s the thing though, I, and I suspect that most white males, don’t advocate treating people poorly because they’re black, Hispanic, gay, born with 14 toes or whatnot. What makes us angry is that, like you said, white men are behind most of the ingenuity, scientific discovery, technological advances in this world. For the most part, we’re very productive and very, very goal oriented. We’re the engine that keeps our economy running and producing wealth and we are totally marginalized in Washington, in the media, and everywhere. This anger leads to contempt and resentment for having to prop up whole groups of people because they’re deficient in the areas where white males excel.

            No one should be treated unfairly based on their ethnicity or sexual orientation and on the flip side of that, no one should be given an advantage because of those things either. I’m not upset that I wasn’t given the talents to play in the NFL or NBA. LaKeyDevon shouldn’t get all butt hurt that he’s not smart enough to be a nuclear physicist either.

      • You’re not useless. You’re just going through a crisis of confidence.

        One hard lesson you’re probably going to have to learn, though, and this is one I’m just in the process of learning here in my mid-30s after the terrible year I had last year — Most human beings through the history of human civilization, while not useless, haven’t really mattered. We have to get away from this mentality that a person who doesn’t “matter” is useless. Not everyone can really “matter,” in terms of going down in history books next to Caesar, Charlemagne, Alexander.

        I’m just now realizing that I’ll probably never really matter in life, but I can’t cry myself to sleep every night for that because I actually will be useless if I let myself get depressed because of that hard reality that virtually everyone faces.

        At least I do work part time in a bad job and spend thriftily because it
        makes me feel proud not to have to ask my family for money.

        Keep on doing that. Look at me: I went from all-but-sure staffer for a sitting United States Senator on the night of August 8 to out and outright unemployed on the night of November 6, to luckily finding a job as a breakfast fry cook on the afternoon of November 16. I have an undergraduate degree in accounting, but have never had a full time accounting job because of H-1B visas. Yes, they’re doing to accounting what they’re doing to STEM. But I am not going to get used to indolence or dependence, because then I would really be useless.

        • Triarius

          As someone with finance and accounting degrees, most recently graduating from Ross last year I can assure you that business is being killed within the US by H-1B. At the multi-national corporation I work at there are a noticeable number of Chinese and Indians as financial analysts and accountants.

          Some argue that they are smarter. Not so. I see them mess up quite often. But they work for much less.

          I thought tech companies were only affected by H-1B people. Not anymore. Not sure if there is a degree safe from immigrants.

          • Ted

            I worked for 10 years in the accounting profession in southern california. That profession is dominated by chinese, and to a lesser degree, filipinos. To sum it up, I’m NOT IMPRESSED one bit by these people.

            It was impossible to reason with these people with cold, hard facts. That’s even if you could understand their English. Accounting is thought of as being repetitive work, but only in theory. These people were only good at changing the date and pressing ‘enter’. The minute something went wrong or problem solving was required, they would throw up their arms, give up, and look for someone else to dump their work on.

            Again, NOT IMPRESSED, and I don’t care what their IQ supposedly is.

          • Bookkeeping is repetitive work. Accounting is analytical.

            St. Louis’s H-1Bs crowding out the accounting work is mostly Indians (dot, not feather) and Filipinos, mostly Indians.

          • tickyul

            Can someone please tell me HOW/WHY so many Gruntapinos got into this once fine country??????

          • MAJ

            It has NOTHING to do with IQ. Even if you want to play IQ games there is no statistical signficance between Whites and asians.
            Why is this happening? Just follow the money.
            In fact, White employees in the long run are more profitable for a company – but short-term needs to turn a profit trump everything else.

          • a multiracial individual

            Why do so many people around here feel the need lie about IQ when it suits them? Have you ever compared the SAT math scores of Asians and Whites? The trend is undeniable.

          • I read a book called “The World Is Flat” Thomas Friedman It talks about how companies are out sourcing every thing to foreign companies. From Accounting to software engineering. It is a very competitive world now. Rapidly continuing to change.

          • MikeofAges

            Worse than even you think. A native-born American who will work for the “foreign” wage will not be trusted as an applicant and will not be hired. Not only that, but companies that want to hire foreigners (H-1B or whatever) have attorneys and consultants who tell them how to evade the requirement to seek qualified native-born workers. I can only imagine that even assimilated Asian-Americans would be kept out in most instance. A black or Hispanic with technical skills likely would fare no better than a white in most case, except for the large corporations seeking to meet “diversity” goals.

            One possible answer is to create a job “network” which flashes hiring information to native born workers. And “flash” is the key word. These companies do advertise their openings because they have to, but only in obscure publications.

            Another issue is the question of what job qualifications actually are accepted. Most of the time, there is no practical way to check on the credentials of foreign workers. Many are trained in engineering or programming “boot camps”, while native-born workers who possess even closely transferable skills are turned away.

            This is a situation which calls for, among other things, legal action. If a few million people would donate even $50 a year to legal defense organizations, a lot could be done.

            One thing native born workers have to be willing to do, however, is work for a lower salary. Sorry about that one.

          • joesolargenius

            You are correct about having to work for a lower wage though unfortunately so!

          • OBSERVER

            Wait till H-1B brings in the Indian and Pakistani doctors. You white girls are going to love your new Iranian Muslim doc.

          • Until? It’s already happening.

          • MBlanc46

            “Work for much less”. That’s the rationale behind US immigration policy.

        • sandy truthtree

          there are seven articles on the H-1B horror on

      • Triarius

        Hang in there. Your purpose will be revealed eventually. I had no clue about anything in life, especially while in college, in regards to purpose.

        You are already wiser than most from what I read.

      • Garrett Brown

        No matter what happens always know this my fellow young realist. When it’s all said and done, you are not a sheep. You are among the few that are right and what will keep this country alive and is the true future for whites. When everything goes to pot, when the dollar collapses, when the Union fails, we will continue and prosper. Stick to your beliefs and values, no matter who tells you differently. You have your head screwed on just right, and I wish all young women had your thought process. I’m proud to have you in my generation.

      • Young Man

        You seem pretty smart to me. I think what you really mean when you talk about guilt is that you want to live with honor and dignity and be productive. The first two are so foreign today that most people can’t even use them ironically. Of course if we did speak candidly about honor and worth it might make certain groups feel bad about themselves. It could even make white people racist. I seriously think diversity is a big reason why our culture has degraded to the point where many people are just afraid to judge others.

        When it comes to your parents you have to decide whether you want your life to be yours or their legacy. Some are perfectly happy with the latter. I’m not advising you to drop out of college, but as you get older and more independent you can build your relationship with you parents on your own terms.

      • bigone4u

        You’re a good storyteller. Maybe you should think about a career in writing. Sadly, the newspapers wouldn’t hire you because you don’t parrot the PC line. Maybe a conservative think tank or blog? Being presumptious, I’ll add that you’ll make some white male who thinks as clearly you do a heck of a wife.

        • concernedcollegekid

          I would love to write for a conservative think tank or blog (seriously, I’ve thought about it; if I could earn an actual living that way that would be so amazing but that’s quite a long shot) but I also don’t really want the world to know me for my “controversial” opinions. It would be terrifying to have to reveal a lot of my opinions to my family and to everyone I know. Also it seems like every airheaded white girl I know wants a “career in writing” (I know too many insufferably PC white girls who are studying “journalism” and want to “change the world” by making it even more PC than it already is). Every time I think about trying to write as a career, I think something along the lines of “Stupid people are aspiring writers. Smart people are doctors”. It REALLY helps to hear encouragement from someone; thanks.

          • bigone4u

            I used to be a college prof. During that past life I published quite a few textbooks written in a conversational style like yours, so I think I know good writing. Although Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are not my favorites since they are neocons (I’m more traditional conservative/libertarian), they both know how to write well and make a living. Writing well just takes practice, but figuring out what you believe and then having the courage to defend your beliefs is everything–the hard part. Keep thinking about your future and doors will open, even if at first they are only the doors in your mind. Also, keep posting on Amren. We oldsters like to know what youth are thinking.

          • Tucker

            Neither Coulter or Malkin would be able to earn a nickel from writing were they not willing to lick the toes and other, even less appetizing, body parts of the White genocide promoting tribe of Cultural Marxists.

            Anyone who does any biographical research on Malkin will discover who she is married to. And, anyone who digs into Ann Coulter’s life history will discover that she has allowed many an enemy male notch to be carved on her bedpost.

            However, in some sense, and especially recently – when I can force myself to listen to and view a video clip of Coulter whenever she’s on a neo-con TV program – I am getting the vague notion that Annie girl’s reasonably sharp brain is going through a noticeable transformation on the race issue. If she keeps that up, I predict she will be the next White face who’ll be given the Pat Buchanan treatment by the white race genocidists who own and control the mainstream media and she’ll be cast into the outer darkness. Hey, that might be a good thing – because once they’ve canned her, Jared can invite her to speak at the next AmRen

            Incidentally, I’ve believed for quite some time that the enemy tends to cut her far more slack because of her stunning good looks – because they evidently have data that indicates she draws in viewers and this boosts the ratings of whatever show she appears on. But, she is pushing 50 now – and once those good looks begin to fade, I’m pretty sure she’ll get the Cultural Marxist axe.

            She might even have realized this herself, and maybe this is partially why she’s becoming more and more honest and direct about race?

          • OBSERVER

            Ann Coulter is a race traitor. She is not one of us. To me, they media keeps here around since she does black men and that is really the message they want young white girls to get.

            See, Ann, a conservative, does black men so YOU too can talk like daddy but still grind out little black babies like a good white girl should.

            Ann is the enemy.

          • Tucker

            Well, I can’t say for absolute certain whether the handful of publicized ‘dates’ that Coulter has been on with black guys resulted in her inviting them into her bedroom. But, in my view, any White female who would date black guys – whether she beds down with them or not, automatically carries the stigma that she is either a race traitor, or she is too cowardly to refuse the date overture and explain to the non-white pursuer that she doesn’t approve of interracial relationships – which is her perfectly reasonable decision.

            Another solid race traitorous White female is Sarah Palin, who had a fling with the black basketball player Glen Rice, while she was doing a TV sportscaster gig in her younger years. While I never was a fan of Palin due to her neo-con flavored politics and due to her painful, and super unpleasant sounding voice, I did once think that she was an attractive woman. Since I learned of her coal burning adventures, I can no longer stand to even look at the woman’s face – because every time I do, I have the most horrible visual images flash through my mind about where that face has been and what it has probably done.

            Which brings us to Paul Ryan and his past history of crossing the line in his younger days. Race mixing Whites can NEVER, EVER be trusted, folks. Male or female.

      • falsedawn

        You don’t have anything to worry about. You’re right to not want to let your parents down. But after you finish school, just get the best job you can and do your best in that job. Show up on time (that means 15 mins. early) every day, do what you’re supposed to do when you’re there, pleasantly, Don’t leave work early, Dress nicely and according to whatever the job calls for and you’ll do just fine. You said it all right in your first post. You have everything it takes to be a success in everything you attempt in life. As we used to say in the Corps, “No sweat GI.”

      • OBSERVER

        Sorry to say this to you, but your real duty and job is to marry one of these white guys and have white children.

        You were not designed to go to college. You were designed to have babies. Basically, that is really why you are unhappy.

        Meet as many of these white men as you can. Be nice. Be their best friend. Help them. Marry one and have as many white babies as you can and take as much from the government you can get.

        Make the Africans and Mexicans pay for your children.

    • ATBOTL

      Exactly. The biggest untapped potential in this country is in white men who don’t go to college, not inner city blacks.

      • Tucker

        Why go to college, and let yourself to take on massive debt and then spend the entire time being forced to listen to anti-white, Marxist, Communist professors spewing boat loads of rancid Cultural Marxist anti-white male vomit at you?

        I mean, really. Think about this. Not only are college campuses Cultural Marxist indoctrination and brainwashing centers which spew non-stop hate and venom and demonization of White European men and our ancestors – but, White men who go to college are being forced to go into huge financial debt and pay big bucks to listen to themselves being insulted and disrespected?

        White men are far better off going to trade schools and learning a skill such as an electrician, HVAC mechanic or some other trade where they can go into business for themselves and be their own boss.

      • concernedcollegekid

        This is so, so, SO true.
        I could name several examples offhand. Feminized schools are like torture for brilliant boys… Very bright girls are better at following stupid directions and tolerating boredom, but bright boys often can’t stand it (I like the columns Fred Reed writes about this). All my brother wants to do is math. The best math teacher at my brother’s school has admitted that my brother knows more math than him (and my brother is entirely self taught). My brother skips class, sits in this teacher’s room, and writes proofs for hours and hours.
        But I believe the school hates that he’s a white male. I really believe it. I bet if he happened to be female or another color, they would be all over what he wants to do. Instead, he’s considered a “problem child” because he’s not interested in his actual homework and one math teacher had the nerve to say “well he does math on his own yes but he doesn’t understand the basics we teach in class”. EXCUSE ME???? “THE BASICS”??? He understands what you do in class but he thinks it’s useless for his purposes because it’s “computation, not real math”. Admit it, the kid is smarter than you and maybe smarter than every NAM in the entire country.
        With my brother’s abysmal GPA I don’t know what will happen to him college wise. But I hope every day that he will figure out a way to use his gift and not be referred to as a “problem child” for having it. I’m not commending him for having a subpar work ethic for subjects he doesn’t like, but I think it’s criminal for the school to steer him away from early specialization in math just because letting him specialize now would be directly admitting that he’s the most talented mathematician in the school (and – HORRORS – a white male).

  • Ironically, there was a stabbing along the Ravens victory parade route where Ray Lewis was insanely allowed to handle a sharp shiny object (the Lombardi Trophy):

    • The__Bobster

      And people wondered why the players rode in Humvees. It was for protection.

  • Barrack Osama

    A city that consumes actual wealth and turns it into fantasies such as “social justice” is like a black hole, except the black hole would produce a superheated jet of matter by which we could at least warm our soggy behinds.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake…”

    Rawlings-Blake? Maybe she’s from a fine old English aristocratic line.

    What is it with the black thing for imitating some of the most questionable affectations of aristocracy? Wearisome.

    • The__Bobster

      They all think they’re kings and queens. Well, some of them are welfare queens.

    • Blacks in England love to take hyphenated surnames because they think that just having one will magically turn them into rich sophisticated aristocracy. Part and parcel of their totem mentality.

      Our blacks are starting in on that fad for the same reason, but it’ll sound weird considering the strange first names they have.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Kiyeisha La-sha Crumpington-Jackson. Like that? Seems like someone could write a simple black name generator program. Combination of common first names and random sounds given bizarre spelling and possibility of pretentious hyphenated last name.

      • brengunn

        I’ve noticed the same of late. I thought it was that daddy and mammy had split up.

    • The Bogeyman

      Those who hyphenate are the ones lucky enough to be able to narrow down the identity of their daddy to two individuals.

  • Garrett Brown

    All majority black cities are in financial ruin.

  • HamletsGhost

    Another one bites the dust.

  • Maryland went Obama last fall, so I can’t feel sorry for them. At least they won the Super Bowl, right? Everything is A-OK? Right?

  • Lewis33

    Don’t have to worry about “cutting the turkey” at Avalon anymore…whitey’s long gone.

  • SintiriNikos

    Even a celebratory event turns to violence and tragedy with these people.

  • Baltimore will find out in a couple of years that democrats and their chosen firms (which are always run by pocket friends) can’t make fiscal projections. Look for it to be closer to $5 billion within 10 years.

    • Aggie95

      and they will keep voting them back in …no matter how bad it gets

    • They are all expecting Uncle Sugar to bail them out.

  • I can only imagine where they would be without all the federal gibs mes.

  • NYB

    Many of the 28 percent of Baltimore who are white are also poor. They can’t pay the tax shortfall, nor can they create the economic drivers to rescue the city.

    • A typical inner city white broke person is certainly not able to be an economic driver any more than a typical inner city poor black broke person (*). Except there are two sides to every accounting ledger. While broke inner city whites can never be much of an assets, they is far less likely to be a liabilities compared to their black counterparts of the same economic/welfare beneficiary circumstances, ceteris paribus. that makes the operation of the city government more expensive than otherwise.

      (*) – I am loath to use the word “poor” here. Poor is a state of mind, broke is an economic condition.

    • brengunn

      Legitimate reason to hate the ‘wealth’ creators. Working class whites have been shafted by the elites of all parties, both economically and culturally. When the time comes for war with China, I won’t be signing up. They can go fight it themselves.

      • Doppleganger

        There won’t be war with China. China has never attacked anyone outside of Asia in its entire history. It’s strange how everyone seems to think they’ll start now.

        • Tucker

          This war with China baloney is more of same kind of horse manure that the neo-cons fed to the American couch potatoes during the Cold War with the old USSR. These neo-con rats, and the entire Bush Family are included inside this nest of vermin and have been for decades – are heavily connected to the military/security industrial complex and these rats are basically war and terrorism/fear mongering profiteering cockroaches.

          They cannot make millions of bucks off of military defense contracts and other associated defense spending unless they can convince the stupid and gullible American taxpayers that we have a bogeyman who is out to get us, right? In the excellent BBC documentary, Power of Nightmares – evidence was provided that proved that these neo-cons greatly exaggerated the supposed ‘threat’ posed to the USA by a USSR which was already bankrupted and on the verge of complete collapse – so as to persuade the American taxpayers to accept unnecessarily bloated and clearly unjustified military defense budgets.

          Heck, for the tiny percentage of us who are paying close attention – we have repeatedly seen how these criminal ruling elites who infest our nation’s capital have even taken OUR tax dollars and used them to help strengthen and build up foreign nations that they are planning to cast in the future as our ‘next bogeyman’. Anyone remember how Clinton traded multi-warhead missile guidance technology to the Communist Red Chinese in exchange for sacks full of campaign donation cash? Anyone notice how our criminal and treasonous ruling elites will routinely arrange to ‘share’ high technology with Communist Red China – or, if it happens to be something really dangerous and of a military nature, Congress and the White House will simply ‘give’ it to Israel and then they’ll turn around and sell it to China at a huge profit? Anyone notice how our stupid and treasonous ruling elites will routinely allow students from foreign nations, including nations like Communist Red China – to come into our nation and then give them prioirity placement inside our finest colleges, where these future ‘enemies’ of our nation can take advantage of our first world caliber education system (well, this point is certainly arguable) and learn science, engineering and other sophisticated technologies that they can then take back to their respective nations and which they can someday use and put to their nation’s advantage over the USA?

          For the neo-cons, who are all very well and conveniently ‘connected’ – huge defense contract awards being passed out to the private defense industry contractors – contracts which the well documented history shows were rife with massive waste, fraud, corruption, outright theft and embezzlement – but, in the end, these despicably evil and greed-driven neo-cons always wound up making huge personal profits. And, remember – the Bush family have been involved in this war and terrorism profiteering racket for at least as far back as Prescott Bush, and probably farther back than even that. Unbelievably, I still run across dozens of IQ defective (and always White), brainless and clueless morons who will express a favorable opinion of this treasonous, nation-betraying family of evil creatures.

          What all this fear mongering about China is really about – is to condition the minds of the couch potatoes to accept the idea of a new bogeyman on the horizon. These criminal elites of ours want a new Cold War, because so many of them and their buddies got filthy rich off of the last one. They are worrying now that this phony and totally fabricated ‘Al Qaeda’ bogeyman is running out of gas and so they are setting us up for the next bogeyman.

          Hey, if our tax dollars aren’t spent on phony wars – they might have no excuse to renege on those unfunded liabilities they are on the hook for, for Social Security & Medicare and for US military and US government retirement benefits and pensions that were EARNED by the people who paid into them, right?

          Hey, if our tax dollars aren’t spent on phony wars – they might have no excuse to not drastically increase spending on important things like border security and immigration law enforcement, right? Hey, they wouldn’t have an excuse to not repair this nation’s infrastructure and to help clean up our environment or to help stimulate the creation of new, good paying jobs that would provide solid, career opportunities for native born American citizens, right?

          It seems to me that these sleazy, treasonous elites will do just about anything to avoid honoring those liabilities – or avoid doing ANYTHING that truly benefits the native born citizens of a nation that they obviously hate and which they are trying their best to destroy.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Usually I don’t read long posts, but I read every word of yours.

            Pity so few see the situation as you and a few others do and continue to drink the government’s free Kool-aid. Who here believes the economy is improving and that the US is on sound financial footing? Anyone who doesn’t believe that a massive hyperinflation is around the corner is a fool.
            “…these neo-cons greatly exaggerated the supposed ‘threat’ posed to the USA by a USSR…” and Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran and Syria and Egypt and…”

            This empire building and protecting of foreign governments by the occupying government will stop, and in fact, the collapse is already in progress. The American empire is beginning to retract and contract as the financial system collapses, just as it was designed to do. Anyone in defense stock, keep a sharp eye out. Best to get rid of it and turn it into gold before gold becomes out of reach or unavailable through an Obama EO or the entire stock market collapses, which is a very real possibility.

          • Tucker

            Thank you. I sometimes tend to ramble a bit, but try to keep on point as much as possible.

            Since I know the new KGB is recording and saving every comment posted by any sane man or woman in their gigantic Communist database, it helps if we can bankrupt them by forcing them to have to continually buy bigger and bigger storage devices.


          • Nathanwartooth

            This is part of the reason why we are being flooded with third world people.

            When people are afraid to leave their homes because they might get killed, they will let the government do whatever they want just to feel safe again.

            Just like how instead of deporting all Muslims after 9/11 we just kept letting them in. Easy to have an insanely powerful government when people are afraid that their neighbors are going to blow up a building.

  • libertarian 1234

    There are so many cities in the US now that are on the brink it’s getting difficult to keep up with them all and stay current on the developing situation. As expected, the most unstable are the urban centers. And it is in the urban centers that blacks are running amuk at unprecedented levels as never before.

    And it isn’t just money that is causing them to deteriorate. Hate is hurting them also. Cut backs in police forces due to falling revenue and mismanagement is coming at a time when there has been a substantial increase in chaotic black crime and what used to be called “wildings,” but are now referred to as “flash mobs.”

    Everytime I click on to the daily news it seems like things keep getting even worse. Jesse is calling for the feds to patrol Chicago; and New Orleans’ elites are requesting that the National Guard patrol their city. Southern California has been involved in black/Hispanic fighting that has gotten worse the last four years. Detroit police are warning the citizens they might not be able to come out when a crime is committed. Chicago just announced the police would no longer answer 911 calls in person unless someone was in imminent danger of death….or another type emergency involving serious bodily harm. And if my info is correct, Calif. has had that policy for quite some time now. It looks like we’re witnessing an ongoing trend as more and more police cut back on protection and blacks become more violent.

    And there’s every indication blacks are just getting warmed up in their never-ending quest for retributions against people who have commited no harm against people who have received no harm. They’re prompted by a well-known condition called “stupidity.” And the community organizer wants to restrict guns.

    • brengunn

      Blacks may act like wild animals but hating them is a parochial affair. Blacks won’t bring the country to it’s knees. It’s rich whites that have sold the West out, they are the ones truly to blame for our failing economies. They have shafted everyone of us.

      • libertarian 1234

        I disagree. It’s the folly of fools not to hate an enemy who wants to see them destroyed.

        Concentrating on the forces who manipulate a war is a parochial affair. While they might be responsible for the motivation, the immediate danger is from the people who pose the greatest immediate threat to the safety and welfare of the people who are targeted.

        The “rich whites” can be dealt with later.

        And blacks have already brought this country to its knees, with a lot more destruction to come.

        • Tucker

          I agree. This garbage that Christianity pushes, i.e., ‘love thy enemy’ is a form of suicidal mental insanity – and I do NOT subscribe to it.

          Mother Nature gave us the ability to experience a full range of emotions, some basic, some complex – but, every one of them are equally natural, equally healthy, and equally useful. They all have a purpose and the purpose is, in every respect, always somehow connected to helping us survive on this planet.

          Being able to recognize who our enemies are, and then being able to hate that enemy because of their desire to bring harm or death to you and your family is a critical and necessary component that helps arouse within us the will, courage and determination to fight to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

          Wake up, White people. This is the reason why our enemies push the pacifistic and self-destructive notions of ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘love thy enemies’. It helps castrate us and it makes us easier to destroy, because we don’t fight back!

          Imagine what sort of world White European people would be in today and what sort of bright future we could look forward to, had we decided to soak our family jewels in buckets of Miracle Gro as opposed to buckets full of Miracle Shrink?

          • StillModerated

            Christianity was not always liberal, that guff started with the Renaissance and got worse with the Reformation, and most horribly — the Enlightenment. This last post-Christian fad was a major influence on America’s founding fathers especially Franklin and Jefferson. In my opinion, the US has never been a Christian nation.

            You should read up on Saint Policarp, who was sentenced to die for his beliefs, but he fled and preached the gospel. He eventually fought back against his tormentors and won a lot of respect. After his death, the pagan Roman soldiers figured it was not cool to mess with pissed-off Christians.

        • brengunn

          Hating black gang bangers and punks gives them a false equivalence. Why waste your time organising against a herd of brutes who are driven by instinct when there is a small group of whites who are highly organised and calculating, willing to do anything in the pursuit of profit, including seeing the West go down the Swannee. They are the real enemy.

      • Aggie95

        LOL ….well was it the housing crash that caused the mess we’re in now

      • Triarius

        I disagree a little, while both are terrible a general without an army is of little danger, but a leaderless army is still dangerous. Take away the blacks and the rich whites are not a threat.

        Off subject, typing this reminds me of Xenophon and the 10,000. This was basically used as a how-to guide to destroy ancient Persia and was used by Alexander the Great. Read it. Amazing.

        The sea! The sea!

        • brengunn

          Take away the blacks and the rich whites are not a threat.

          That is an extremely naive statement. What is more dangerous, brains or brawn? I know who I’d rather fight.

          • HamletsGhost

            The blacks are a hemotoxin. The ideology of the rich whites is a neurotoxin. Both are dangerous and destructive, but neurotoxins are worse.

            While getting bitten by a rattlesnake is nobody’s idea of fun, it’s far worse to be bitten by a cobra.

      • Tucker

        A slight correction. Rich Whites like: The Clintons, Kennedy’s, Bushes, McCains, Lindsey Grahams, Orin Hatch, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Ronnie Reagan, Boehner, Bob ViagraMan Dole, plus pick any ‘white’ celebrity in the controlled mainstream media.

        These rich whites sold their souls and their race and ultimately, their entire nation and it’s history out, by accepting the bribes of the White genocide promoting Cultural Marxist enemy.

        • brengunn

          It’s the economic traitors that I worry most about.

        • HamletsGhost

          Who bought those souls?

        • StillModerated

          You forgot John Heinz Kohn Kerry. And Katherine Meyer Graham. And those god-awful Harrimans.

  • Luca

    Every liberal or black run government is in the same predicament. Apparently it’s either George Bush’s fault or we need smaller rifle magazines. But if liberals would like to solve their budgetary problems perhaps they can follow Cal. Gov. Moonbeam’s example and build a high speed train to nowhere for $100 billion. That sounds like a solution.

  • Mr. Maryland

    Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake was appointed Secretary of the Democratic National Committee in 2013. Go figure.

  • LaShaniqua

    I’m sure all the recent flash mobs, robberies and beatings of white people, murders and gang violence are encouraging ever more people to return to Baltimore in order to enjoy all the myriad benefits of diversity. This will turn itself around . . . just be patient.

  • Whirlwinder

    Baltimore is another city that has turned into a black majority. They have no clue how to manage a city. Besides, with all the white folk moving to the suburbs, the black folk have no money to keep the city afloat. This is happening in every city in America with a black majority. Look at Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Savannah, Gary, Oakland, Memphis and soon coming to Chicago.

    • MBlanc46

      Chicago sure has it’s problems, but it’s not in the same league as Detroit, Atlanta, etc. The white-black-Hispanic populations are about one third each, and the Hispanics have supported keeping the whites in political power.

  • StillModerated

    Blacks will only figure out how badly off they are when Whites choose to be poor farmers in the boondocks with 10 kids and no televisions. And Whites must boycott Obama’s imperial army at all costs. Let him lose more wars of occupation with his rainbow coalition military.

  • tickyul

    Baltimorebabwe……….yet another Mad Max city courtesy of the Demorats and their Urban American Stormtroopers.

  • JohnEngelman

    According to Neighborhood Scout Baltimore has a crime index of 4, with 100 being safest, and 0 being most dangerous.

    By contrast New York City has a crime index of 26.

  • deja vu

    Thats shocking isnt it? Maybe that explains why tens of millions of Baltimore and all other northern cesspool cities blacks and whites are emptying and keep fleeing south in greater numbers turning it into the same place they left? You can also say that for the spics who keep coming by the millions turning America into the same place they left and of course this can be said for all Africans who lucked out and were sold by their tribal chiefs 500 – 150 years ago to be shipped west where they were needed like a hole in the head, only to revolt and Africanize the west into the same 3rd world shithole hellhole place they left. Deja vu never had it so good.

  • Fed Up

    Yes. Any city with a large Black or Latino population is invariably heading down the drain. Add to that greedy employers who’d rather hire cheap-working immigrants (legal OR illegal) in preference to hiring skilled and dependable Whites, and you have the makings of an ultimate disaster.

  • curri

    Self-righteous White liberal idiots living in Baltimore:

  • Fed Up

    The root problem is the liberal brainwashing everyone received in school, and most certainly in college. That we Whites are obligated to share our nation, our lives and resources with non-Whites (the rest of the world, so to speak). As a result our nation had something like 140 to 150 million third-worlders dumped on us since 1965.

    White people having a problem competing with immigrants fresh off the plane. Immigrants being willing to work for wages far below what experienced Whites require. After all, we’re raising families, paying mortgages and debts. Many of us paying off tuition loans, etc.

    While liberals cheer as incoming aircraft disgorge daily loads of new immigrants to further dilute and destroy our society and heritage.

  • GeorgeRA

    Baltimore welcome to the club, financial ruin.

  • PesachPatriot

    Someone needs to go dig up Francis Scott Key and Edgar Allan Poe….they are both dead white males, so clearly Baltimore’s financial problems are all their fault(sarcasm, with tongue planted firmly in cheek) I wonder how many american cities are not in serious financial trouble at this point….DC will probably be ok until the bitter end because they have a printer and everyone elses taxes to live on.

    • Strider73

      Hannity did a special report about DC on Fox News a couple of weeks ago. Turns out it’s the #1 boomtown in America. Of the nation’s 10 wealthiest counties, 7 are DC suburbs. Washington’s per capita income now exceeds Silicon Valley’s. It’s the capital of fine wine consumption, and people are buying $300K Lamborghinis there with cash — no financing needed.

      • PesachPatriot

        I’m just glad my taxes go to support the legitimate needs of our public servants…we can’t have them driving chevy pick up trucks and drinking cheap boxed wine like peasants from the rural areas can we? Also, I really like your avatar…I have always been a big Tolkien fan. I can’t even bring myself to care about the waste and fraud anymore…it is what it is.

  • Strider73

    But . . . but the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Didn’t that make everything in Baltimore all peachy keen and wonderful? Didn’t all the city’s problems magically solve themselves? Hasn’t the sun been shining more brightly in Baltimore this week?

  • lessthantolerant

    Wow a black city failing, who would have guessed. I wonder why this great metropolis isn’t like that utopian city Detroit?

  • Fritz

    Fantastisch, lieben die Gute Nachricht !