Ice Union Boss Blasts Obama Admin. for Making U.S. Immigration Law ‘Essentially’ Unenforceable

Jason Howerton, The Blaze, February 5, 2013

President Barack Obama and his administration appear to care about satisfying “special interest groups” within the Democratic base more than protecting the lives of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, the ICE union boss told lawmakers Tuesday.

“Internally, the agency, in my opinion is falling apart. Morale is at an all-time low, according to recent federal surveys. The agency refuses to train our officers on these new policies, resulting in mass confusion and frustration… nobody really knows what’s going on,” Chris Crane, president the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, told the House Judiciary Committee.

He went on: “As our officers are investigated by ICE for enforcing U.S. immigration law as they see other officers threatened with suspensions for lawful arrests, increasingly officers feel they have become the enemy of this administration.”


Crane said ICE agents have been “essentially prohibited” from enforcing U.S. immigration law. He said agents are unable to arrest illegal aliens who are in the country illegally or immigrants who have overstayed their visas. “It’s basically not illegal anymore, generally speaking, not unless the alien has been convicted of a criminal offense.”

He said ICE agents are being forced to accept any illegal alien’s claim as to whether he or she graduated or is attending high school or college, thus qualifying them for Obama’s “deferred action for childhood arrivals” (DACA) privileges. Agents are “powerless” in requiring illegal aliens to prove they actually qualify.

“Death or serious injury to ICE officers and agents appears more acceptable to ICE, DHS, and Administration leadership, than the public complaints that would be lodged by special interest groups representing illegal aliens,” Crane said, according to a report by the Washington Examiner.


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  • The__Bobster

    At least there’s one union that doesn’t support Obongo’s policy on the stubbies.

  • Don’t worry. Soon, immigration status of ICE applicants won’t be an issue. Diversity will be achieved through layoffs. Obama will approve of cutting the budget, a move proposed by the likes of Cruz M. Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor of California; or Luis V. Gutierrez, US Congressman for Illinois’ 4th District.
    Once all of those evil, racist white boys are gone, we will see a newer breed of ICE agents who can , ahem, sympathize with the people they come in contact with.
    The castrated Republican Party will either clap and say what a wonderful event it is, or say how terrible it is, but…not…DO…anything!

  • NYB

    Most influential interest group: the banks.
    Millions of consumers who offer cheap labor are demanded by the unelected rulers of finance. In the U.S. it is Mexicans, in Europe it is Africans, in Australia it is Asians.
    The Ponzi scheme of global debt is a house of cards sustained by population growth. The minute immigration ends, the whole thing collapses.

    • purestocles

      Good for you NYB. Keep hammering home the theme about the Banks who truly run this country and whose bailout has cost each and every American family tens of thousands of dollars in lost income due to unemployment and the collapse of the bubble they stoked. Not to mention how we have to give up our social insurance programs and national identity to fuel their grandiose designs.

      • We may have had to give up our national identity, but the only Federal program ever legislated out of existence that I know of was the tea-tasting board. Anything else that has been “cut” has been replaced by letting something else grow in its stead in terms of both cost and eligibility net.

    • Liberalsuck

      A friend of mine told me not to be pissed at the Mexicans or the blacks, but to focus our anger on the big money that enables these people to come here and destroy our countries. It’s like you can get mad at your neighbor’s dog for running loose, but it’s ultimately your neighbor is at fault because they are not making sure their dog isn’t getting loose.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I despise obama. With.Every.Fiber.Of.My.Being!

  • LHathaway

    “Death or serious injury to ICE officers and agents appears more acceptable to ICE, DHS, and Administration leadership, than the public complaints that would be lodged by special interest groups”

    Is he still talking about ‘immigration agents’ here, or is he describing the state of white Americans in the USA?

  • odious liberal

    Maybe he owe to has his people speak up by going on strike. Americans would support it.

  • bigone4u

    Since this managerial incompetence, or more likely deliberate obstructionism, by the Ojango administration is so serious, the ICE union ought to file a lawsuit in federal court demanding that it’s members’ duties be made clear. Also, is there anyone in Congress who will take the ball and run with it? This turning a blind eye to lawlessness by O, Holder, Napolitano et. al. is disgraceful.

  • Indian

    Why doesn’t AMREN either organize protests nation-wide or encourage such an idea seriously ? Discussion on this board is interesting for me as a reader, good for you possibly but action is what is essential. And one aspect of action in which Whites are literally non-existent but everyone else is, is protests on issues. Unless you protest and make yourself heard, I don’t think anyone will take you seriously. At a minimum other law abiding citizens won’t become aware of such nonsense. Even very polite protests with serious numbers are imposing to the rulers and others alike.