Ilana Mercer on Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, and More

Joseph Cotto, Washington Times, January 28, 2013

Ilana Mercer is a rarity.


Originally from South Africa, she moved to Israel after authorities pressured her anti-apartheid father. Today, Mercer is one of America’s leading paleolibertarian voices. She not only has a prominent column for World Net Daily, but is the author of Into The Cannibal’s Pot, a book about what has happened to her home country over the years.



Joseph F. Cotto: This seems like one of the most polarized eras in American politics. Why do you think that our country’s political atmosphere has become so divisive?

Ilana Mercer: I think you are correct in your assessment regarding the unparalleled polarization of American society. Have you noticed how commentators on both sides of received political wisdom attempt to diminish the fact you articulate by referring to America’s fractious history? {snip}


There is also a cultural dimension to these irreparable divisions. We are today, thanks to social engineering, a deracinated and divided society. We are no longer what John Jay termed “a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and custom.” There can be no unity without community. The glue of togetherness is gone, replaced by a flimsy, fluid, and thoroughly fake unity peddled by politicians. “Ideas” they call it. On the one day, it’s a crusade for democracy; on the next, it’s a war against racism.

Cotto: From foreign terrorism to domestic riots, we live in an increasingly challenging world. In order to face it, America must have a sufficient national security policy. What would you say that this should entail?

Mercer: {snip}


A rational, constitutional “national security,” guided by the principles of limited government, would involve a defense of America’s borders alone, a well-armed citizenry, strong secessionist, states’-rights movements, and the end to an immigration policy that has turned our country into a mass of hostile, competing factions.

Cotto: Multiculturalism is spreading rapidly across the Western world. This has led not only to cultural barriers, but tremendous religious and ethnic conflicts. What are your views on the subject?

Mercer: Multiculturalism as practiced in the West amounts to top-down, centrally enforced and managed integration. Show me a historical precedent where forced integration has worked. As it works across the Anglo-American and European spheres, one group (the founding, historical majority) is forced by self-anointed and elected elites, on pain of public and professional ostracism, to submerge its history, heroes, customs, culture, language, and pander to militant minorities, who’ve been acculturated by the same elites in identity-politics warfare.

As a libertarian, I believe that the right to include or exclude; associate with or dissociate from, is inherent in the right of private property. Private property is a civilizing institution. How better to keep the peace than to respect the right of free private-property owners to keep their distance (or not)—to hire, fire, and, generally, associate at will? This foundation of civil society is being dismantled for the sake of militant multiculturalism and policed pluralism.

Cotto: Political correctness has brought many changes to American public discourse. How do you regard its legacy?

Mercer: As I write in “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” “PC is the law of rule—mob rule—as opposed to the rule of law. Political correctness is tyranny euphemized. In fiction, the Orwellian Ministry of Truth is a reified entity. In reality, there isn’t one concrete ministry that decides how the nation thinks—there are many such entities. America’s many Ministries of Truth include the education system, most churches, the self-anointed ‘intellectuals,’ the ruling duopoly and their attendant TV bobbleheads. They issue countless edicts. This ‘dark art of rule’ demands obedience.

“Choose to disobey, and you risk public shame, libel, and loss of livelihood. Sometimes The Ministries of Truth will lunge for your property in the form of a law suit. Canada’s Ministries have a special Kangaroo Court in which they judge Un-PC speech (mainly), and from which traditional legal defenses have been barred. Examples of such expunged defenses: an appeal to truth and the lack of intent to harm. This self-inflicted tyranny, so typical of Western societies, plays a role in collapsing our societies.”

Cotto: Much to our country’s detriment, race relations appear to have soured during recent years. Some might say that this is rooted in generational poverty, while others would blame an increasing number of culture clashes. What is your take on this dilemma?

Mercer: I would probably dispute the thing you finesse or define as “race relations.” There are presumably many good relationships between fair-minded individuals—black, white, brown, etc. I have those. I am sure you do too. But, as for “race relations” in the collective sense, these consist in whites, as a group, accepting that all blacks have an eternal claim against them—for no other reason than that they are white. For ever after, whites have accepted that they are destined to be roped into the Sisyphean struggle to appease the unappeasable. Or so African Americans repeatedly tell them. White liberals, the vast majority of Obama’s base, lap up the libel of a racist America. The same curvature of the spine afflicts the “conservative” priesthood. Sane individuals reject this Mark of Cain; as they should a false accusation of hate they don’t harbor; hate The Other harbors.

Numbers from The Bureau of Justice Statistics confirm that white-on-black hate crimes are practically (and certainly statistically) non-existent. These are manufactured myths. Young, white, and poor: Now this is the group that is more likely than any other age group to be well represented among the reported victims of hate crimes. A significantly higher percentage of victims of violent racial hatred say their attackers were black.” “Nine out of 10 of them identify their race as the reason blacks targeted them.” Now tell me who’s doing the hating?

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  • Tom Iron

    Don’t even bother with anything this woman says. She’s just another screeaming liberal being presented as some sort of “conservative.”

    • David Ashton

      Better half a loaf than none at all.

    • Nathanwartooth

      So wanting small government, freedom of association and closed borders makes you a screaming liberal? Interesting.

    • The Last White Man Standing

      I agree. her father was one of the driving forces behind the anti apartheid movement in South Africa. When the dung hit the fan, he and his family high tailed it to Israel.

      Keith Alexander skewered her on an edition of The Political Cesspool for that reason. I can’t remember her exact words, but she later compared Alexander to Al Sharpton.

      • KittyAmerica

        I think the dispute Alexander had with her was about Jewish power and influence. She rejects the truth that Jewish influence is the “yeast that makes the dough Rise” as Alexander says, but I’m pleased to have her writing on multiculturalism.

        • The Last White Man Standing

          If I remember correctly he pointed out that her father was instrumental in the fall of South Africa. She became upset that Keith brought that into the conversation. I believe that he was pointing to the hypocrisy of her complaining about the outcome of the anit-apartheid movement in South Africa, despite the fact that her father and his fellow travelers are the driving force for “equality” and multiculturalism in Western nations.

          • KittyAmerica

            Thanks; I’ll find it in the show archives and take another listen.

          • Puggg

            It was either Ilana Mercer or Pamela Gellar who wanted Israel to drop a nuclear bomb on Paris.

      • 1776is1984

        yep, Keith schooled her in that interview ! everything Keith said was true.

    • Ulick

      What did Mercer say in the printed material above that is incorrect? Why would you summarily dismiss the correct things that Mercer says, particularly since she is such an out-spoken representative of white rights, just because you disagree with other positions she holds?

      • Tom Iron

        She didn’t say anything that we could argue with. But we already know everything we have to know about her. Her background says it all. She comes from a family who were/are against White people and in the future, that’ll become clear. This type of thing has been done before. The person comes in with a bang like the above interview, but down the line, starts talking all sorts of “why can’t we all get along malarkey.” It’ll happen with this jerk too. I guarantee it.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Tom, this is how I see it too. I didn’t know the part about Michael Vick, that makes me even angrier:

          “With my father, I attended the inauguration of Bishop Desmond Tutu and met and took tea with the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.”

          –Iliana Mercer, Into the Cannibal’s Pot

          Was she really that naive that she thought there would be “peace and harmony” in SA, that there would be a wonderful new ear of abundant prosperity in the “new rainbow nation” when murderous blacks took over the government?

          Is that what she thought would happen?

          Or was she shilling for the extermination of Whites, knowing that she and her family could easily escape — because THAT’s exactly what happened.

          She and her family fled the regime THEY promoted, advocated and fought for.


          • Tom Iron

            Sir, I also had no idea about the Michael Vick baloney. It’s not that I’m smart or anything like that. I’m just experienced enough to smell a rat a mile away.

        • Tucker

          There is a local radio host on an all-news and talk station in my area, and this guy is about as obnoxious as any of these ‘libertarians’ can possibly be. The last couple of mornings, he has been on this ‘Rodney King Why Can’t we All Get Along’ moronic kick, and while this guy claims to be an Italian and from, barf bag please, the State of New York – he is literally obsessed with all matters relating to Jews and the State of Israel. On any given day of the week, if I flip the radio on when he is doing a show – no matter what the news of the day might be, within no more than 5 minutes – this guy will start talking about Jews and how something or someone hurt their precious feelings.

          Except of course, when there is anything in the news which reflects negatively on his favorite ethnic group – such as the overwhelming preponderance of them who are leading the charge to try to abolish the Second Amendment and confiscate all of our lawfully owned and lawfully used firearms – and although this talk show host claims to be a big supporter of Amendment 2, he wimps out and pretends not to notice who’s pushing the gun ban and gun control agenda. He pins it all on Obama.

          Mercer is the same way. Has an inability to accept legitimate criticism, or to acknowledge its validity. I wonder if this a common characteristic among all libertarians?

          I’ve long thought that most of these people who call themselves libertarians do so because they are actually egotists and suffer from a misplaced sense of superiority. By calling themselves ‘libertarians’ they feel as though they are somehow elevated to a level ‘above’ the rest of the electorate and then they can condescendingly shovel disdain and scorn down upon those of us who they feel are their ‘lessors’, since we aren’t as ‘enlightened’ as they are.

    • Bobbala

      I don’t want to enslave my brother. I just want to be free. I think that is her position too.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I would not be so quick to write her off. She may indeed have some inconsistencies in her thinking, and she might be wrong on some positions. But I would not discount the many important insights she makes in her book. We should be able to appreciate the positive insights and contributions that Illana Mercer makes without buying into all that she says. Besides, we have far too few people on our side, especially those who are willing to speak out so publicly on these matters. I am grateful for her.

      • Tom Iron

        Sir, the time for reading these stupid missives is over. Just prepare yourself and your loved ones and friends to resist the stinking govt. and their minority supporters.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Yes, I agree with you that it’s important to prepare oneself for whatever the future brings. On the other hand, reading and staying informed on a host of current issues (especially ones that concern my race) is not going to be set aside simply because of what the government plans to do. Remaining prepared and staying informed are not mutually exclusive.

  • IstvanIN

    Wow, well-spoken and right on!

  • The__Bobster

    Paleolibertarians like her are far removed from today’s neolibertarian open-borders kooks.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Agreed. I view myself as a sort of libertarian but I face palm at the stuff that Reason TV does all the time. Especially when they go on and on about how great open borders would be.

      • Seek

        I’ve yet to meet or read a libertarian who wasn’t supportive of open borders. Even the once-reliable Ron Paul/Lew Rockwell/Thomas Woods/neo-Austrian economics purists have turned into immigration enthuisiasts, stupidly believing that race, language and national identity have no bearing on one’s ability to assimilate — it’s all about rejection of the State.

        • Puggg

          Try Hans Hermann Hoppe.

          The other people you list really didn’t “become” open borders, they were for open borders all along. To the extent that anyone thinks they ever weren’t for open borders or that they entertained race based arguments (Lew Rockwell), they were merely leaders in search for a cause trying to con their way into an audience, mainly for money raising purposes.

    • TheCogitator

      Open boarders in this country does not make sense. With some things there is a natural order. You have to take your pants down before using the toilet. If not you have a real mess. Opening boarders with a welfare state is lunacy and will also produce a stinking mess.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Well said.

      • NM156

        The word is “borders”, not “boarders”! You will be pounced on or ignored by the opposition if you can’t spell this crucial word.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          Perhaps he used the homonym as a bit of irony.

          • NM156

            “Boarders” pay for the price of board. Immigrants do not. This word is misspelled too much on online message boards and in comment sections to be interpreted as ironic, no matter tge context.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yeah, it’s disturbing when I hear American libertarians talk so positively about open borders. I agree with some libertarian positions, but this is one I could never support.

  • I do like Illana Mercer. And her book is an excellent read. Her point in the book is that what has happened in South Africa, could easily happen in the West today, or at least tomorrow.

    • Tucker

      I wonder sometimes, whenever I encounter someone like Mercer – who seems to be tiptoeing, oh-so-gingerly, down the increasingly tenuous line between out in the open, 100 proof, no-nonsense racial reality and the rapidly shrinking foolishness that Franz Boas hatched out of his evil brain which denied the existence of race or racial differences and which has been so catastrophically destructive to White Western Civilization – whether or not, being a member of her tribe – does she and others like her feel some sort of in-group exerted pressure to not go the full distance, and to try to always stay on the Boas side of the line as much as possible?

      I notice Paul Gottfriend, Lawrence Auster and a few others in the tribe also do quite a bit of tap dancing, Are they worried that too much honesty might result in their full banishment from their own ethnic group, who all seem to be consumed with this same desire to never let Whites acknowledge that they have a legitimate right to survive and to maintain control over their nations?

  • Caucasoid88

    I’d like this woman to be my girlfriend.

    • bigone4u

      I assume that’s because of her positions on issues and not her stunning exotic good looks. I might desire her as a companion too except for her defense of Michael Vick. A real turn off to me when a lady defends a dog murderer.

      • Caucasoid88

        Actually, I looked her up after reading this article, after writing my comment. Then I changed my pants.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Might I suggest to search for a sweetie in Kiev or thereabouts? Not a whole lot of love for the bantus there, and the women I know make no secret of their disgust with the usual suspects. Not that there aren’t exceptions . . .

    • Sherman_McCoy

      She’s pretty good looking in my opinion, but she never responded to my invitations to dinner. Married, or something.

      • AnalogMan

        The women of her tribe do not age well, and it shows in the photo at the original article. I’ve heard that people’s ears never stop growing. With some people, apparently, it’s their noses.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          It’s just as well, Analog. Mrs. McCoy makes Ilana look like a boy. (Hey, that rhymes!)

        • Svigor

          It’s both. Nose and ears keep growing throughout life.

  • bigone4u

    Ms. Mercer does not take the next step in her comments, so I will. Somebody push the reset button and let us begin to create a new nation. Let’s start all over again in some territory formerly part of the USA, this time with a constitution that recognizes race and ethnicity and limits the power of government. The only alternative is for those of us who appreciate excellence to be dragged down into third world status by the current government and its parasitic supporters.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I don’t know if you have heard of it, but there’s a group calling themselves the Northwest Front that seeks effective secession by a white enclave based in the Pacific Northwest. I’m not sure if I’m on board with their entire platform, and I cannot vouch for whether they are a realistic enterprise, but they are out there. You can look them up.

      • I love the ideas that Harold Covington has presented in the Northwest Front but I disagree with him on limiting a white-only homeland to the Pacific Northwest. I believe such a thing should be a goal for the entire United States.

        • Daisy

          Northwest Front certainly doesn’t promote democracy, something easily deduced by perusing their website and its rules concerning the vote.

          • Democracy is a slow and painful suicide.

          • Fr. John+

            As I’ve noted, it would appear that the only hope for America, lies with White Patriarchy.

          • Tucker

            You’ are correct. There are aspects of what Covington and other White Nationalists promote that do cause great concern for those of us who are huge fans of individual liberty and freedom from intrusive, micro-managing government bureaucracies. I tend to support the general concept of a racial dictatorship at the top – with strict and severe punishments handed out to anyone who is found to be guilty of race treasonous activities – but, as long as our fellow Whites are loyal to their race, I believe they can be trusted with as much other freedom as can be possible, and which doesn’t cause harm or any damage to the collective ethnostate.

            An example might be someone who owns a lot of land, and who is offered as big sum of money by some big corporation who wants to dump their hazardous waste on his property. This would be a case of someone seeking to obtain personal financial gain – but using his property for that purpose would pose a risk to any neighboring property owners. In such cases, which would need to be carefully examined on a case by case basis, the collective good might outweigh the individual’s right to use his private property in such an enterprise.

            Freedom can be abused, and so reasonable checks and balances are always a good idea.

          • Stealthmodeon

            This (toxic wastes) is a good example of where limited government can be defined – as this issue is only going to affect the owner of the land and its neighbor – then a local council can decide. Or if the toxic waste affect a neighboring property – then the owner of that property has the right to restitution from the toxic waste property owner.

            The issue is the use of a company buying property in a sub-company shell – dumping the waste and leaving the mess. The sub company only owns one asset – the now toxic land….

            However – if real property can only be owned by a real person then this is solved. No corporate veil to pierce.

        • Svigor

          I don’t trust people who take your position. Too counter-productive. I mean, even if you want the whole pie for your own race, why disagree with someone wanting to take only a single piece for your race? Cut a pie into four pieces, and take 1 for your race, that only leaves 3 pieces you have to claim for your race. But certain untrustworthy types say no, all 4 at the same time, or nothing, because they don’t want any pieces going for the white race.

          I trust you’re not one of these obviously treacherous, anti-white types posing as pro-white, and just haven’t thought the matter through.

        • Tucker

          Covington is right when he says that the time is long past where Whites can reclaim the entire continental USA. At least not right way, but I do believe it would be possible if Whites did get our ethnostate and were patient enough to retake our territory the same way our ancestors claimed it – one piece at a time.

          Think about this for second. With non-whites being handed their own racially exclusive ethnostate – and with zero White leadership, White science, White medical knowledge or medicine, White agricultural know-how, and only the White technology that might exist and still be operational in the early years of the minority ethnostate’s existence – we all can be certain that within 50 or 60 years, perhaps a little longer – most of the minority controlled ethnostates would descend into primitive conditions that would make the regular 3rd world look like paradise in comparison. Stuff would wear out, begin to fail, break down, and then need savvy, technically skilled people – plus spare parts – in order to fix or maintain it, or to prolong it’s useful life. Let’s use the black ethnostate as an example: How many non-existent, Hollywood fabricated Ving Rhames ‘computer geniuses’ really exist in our world? How many Hollywood fabricated black nuclear engineers and scientists or Nobel Prize winning brain or heart surgeons really exist in our world? My personal hunch: Ving would have his hands full and would flame out from exhaustion inside of the first 6 months of his appointment as IT Czar in ObamaJesseJacksonLand.

          So, except for the possible exception of any Asian dominated ethnostate – within 100 years of the breakup, all other non-white ethnostates would become miniature facsimiles of the failed and poverty stricken third world nations where these non-whites’ ancestors originated. At this point, the White Ethnostate would be strong both militarily and economically and be in a position to negotiate the deportation of the non-whites from their ethnostate’s territory to the third world nation where their people are native. We would offer a financial incentive, of course, but in return – we could annex the vacated territory and add it to our ethnostate. Cleaning up the horrible mess left behind would be a huge undertaking, but would create lots of jobs for our fellow Whites.

          This process might take a 100 or so years to complete, but then it took our ancestors several hundred years to expand the original 13 colonies to encompass the current USA, right? All it takes is patience and the enactment of a law which mandates immediate capital punishment for anyone inside the White Ethnostate who is found guilty of race treason or who tries to promote Cultural Marxism, socialism, Communism, multiculturalism, feminism, or who promises to do unnatural things to donkeys at the bequest of any foreign nation’s lobby.

          Incidentally, such a law would pretty much cure our race of liberalism and all of its associated sicknesses and racially destructive perversions.

  • LHathaway

    She pretty much say this whole ‘diversity’ agenda is wracking out societies. Then at the end she says whites are victims of hate crimes. It’s a schitsophrenia. Or a contradiction, perhaps.

    She’s on target when she says both left and right view blacks as someone to appease, eternal victims, perhaps.

    But this isn’t the truth. I noticed this in college during the early 1990’s – whites were victims of racism all throughout society – yet we were all Learning that only people of color are victims, especially blacks. Perhaps these things were true as early as the 1960’s in the USA?

    So, should an industry, and the nation, be obsessed with whites as victims and improving Their standing in the eyes of others?

    • Nathanwartooth

      It’s because when you look at Blacks or Hispanics you see that they have higher crime rates and are just generally less successful than Whites, Asians and Jews.

      So instead of looking at the issue deeper they just proclaim it must be White racism causing them to murder each other.

      • Maylander

        I honestly believe that the connection between race and crime is tied to the way in which blacks were socialized in this country. They spent hundreds of years being stripped of their humanity and have since had terrible access to education. Most Latin American countries are either run by gangs or dictators and when they began arriving here or the U.S. acquired their land, they weren’t exactly welcomed. Wealth and protection have been denied to these populations by legal means here and they are basically accustomed to living outside of civil society. Latin America is incredibly colorist (or racist as we would understand it), more than anywhere else in the world. European colonization determined their class system to be entirely based on complexion and their lands have been cleansed of native and dark skinned peoples, making them profoundly distrusting of government and unfamiliar with governmental society. Whites, asians, and Jews haven’t had this problem since Jews and Asians are more recent immigrant populations and weren’t subject to this marginalization. Yes, blacks and hispanics are less successful than whites or asians and I do not believe that it is due to current racism, but it is definitely influenced by past racism. All criminals should be punished regardless of race and we’ll likely lose those minorities that are unable to adapt, but society should still move forward. Furthermore, racialized crime reporting is ridiculous. All it does is prove the bias or allegiance of the audience so they can all pop up and yell, “Ah hah! I knew people of that race were out to get me.”

        • Tom Iron

          getta hold of yourself…

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          I see you’ve drunk the Kool-aid and are spouting the anti-White lines your Jim Jones cult leaders have taught you.

          What’s funny about anti-Whites like you is you always blame ALL WHITES for what you allege only a few could have done.

          What kind of justice do you believe in? Punishing one person for what someone of a similar color may have done in the far distant past?

          You hate us because we’re successful. Your historical failures are not our fault. Whites have an average IQ of 100. For blacks, it’s 70. That’s due to breeding, genetics and heritability (80% of a person’s IQ is genetically determined). There is no White racist conspiracy to keep non-Whites down. Nature, evolution, and reality are not fair or egalitarian. Darwin knew this centuries ago.

          Without Whites, the world would be a cruel and barbarous place. Reparations have been paid; we’ve given non-Whites everything at the expense of our own children, and you given us nothing in return but your impudence and resentment.

          Do us a favor and just shut up.


        • whiteyyyyy

          How do you explain the same parasitic behaviour in every White nation they inhabit? You’ve been suckered into believing it’s a legacy of slavery. Give it another few years and everthing will be set right, racial harmony is just around the corner right? The U.K. France, Netherland’s Everywhere they go it’s the same story. Wake up.

        • Daisy

          The reason why blacks and hispanics commit so many more violent crimes is because liberals like you teach and socialize them to, genius. And all the astronomical rate of black-on-white, particularly that of male-on-female, crime does is prove the bias of liberalistas; “Ah hah! I knew as a black person I could get away with it!”

        • Nathanwartooth

          Do you know why every country, state and city in the world that is overwhelmingly Black is a violent third world hellhole?

          Do you know why every country, state and city in the world that is overwhelmingly Japanese is a peaceful, prosperous place?

          Hint: It has nothing to do with White people.

        • JohnEngelman

          If whites were responsible for black poverty and crime I would expect blacks in sub Saharan Africa and Haiti to be inspirations to Afro Americans, rather than embarrassments.

        • Svigor

          I honestly believe that the connection between race and crime is tied to the way in which blacks were socialized in this country.

          Blacks are better off on every reasonable, measurable metric of well-being in close proximity to whites than they are on their own. Black slaves in America were better off on those metrics than their counterparts in sub-Saharan Africa. America is the best thing to ever happen to a large black population.

          They spent hundreds of years being stripped of their humanity

          And that whole time, they were better off than if they or their ancestors had remained in Africa; blacks in sub-Saharan Africa are exhibit A as to blacks’ humanity; it ain’t a pretty picture.

          and have since had terrible access to education.

          Nonsense, complete nonsense.

          Most Latin American countries are either run by gangs or dictators and when they began arriving here or the U.S. acquired their land, they weren’t exactly welcomed.

          They’re far better off than they were in their home countries. What is it with you? If it’s so bad for them here, why did tens of millions of them come here after 1965? Why are they still coming?

          Yes, blacks and hispanics are less successful than whites or asians and I do not believe that it is due to current racism, but it is definitely influenced by past racism.

          Blacks and hispanics are far more successful here than they are in their homelands.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    She’s a disgusting opportunist. Her family helped dismantle apartheid, then when the country turned into a 3rd world crap-hole they fled to the safety on non-diverse Israel. Now she’s making money off the the destruction she helped cause. Her, her family and her tribe are the reason White South Africans are being genocided.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Can’t disagree, though I too, like Ilana’s writings, mostly. Question is, are these sincere changes of heart, or not? I beleve her more once she has progressed to the point that she stop offering her friendships with bantus as her bona fides.

      • Tucker

        Go back in the mp3 archives for the Political Cesspool and listen to the interview Mercer did with Keith Alexander, if you want to get a firm handle on Ilana’s real views on the racial question. In a nutshell, she goes on to a pro-White, White racial realist oriented radio program – and advises that Whites in America must never try to organize themselves as Whites and adopt the same ethnic identity views and tactics that our ethnic competitors have been using to kick our hiney’s all over the playing field with for the last 50 years.

        Listen to the interview. Keith Alexander did his Southern gentlemanly best to treat her cordially, and listening to his self-restraint is alone worth the time spent to listen.

  • David Brims

    ”Tribal ” members fight against the apartheid system, when it’s ended and South Africa goes down the toilet, they rush off to Israel. The hypocrisy borders on the supernatural.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Agreed. I would like to have someone ask her whether she regrets her father’s actions against apartheid, and now realizes that those Boers had more on the ball then she and her father gave them credit for having. With the benefit of hindsight and experience, I now look back on those 1950s and 1960s cops trying to stop integration in Alabama and Arkansas as tragic heroes trying to stop the destruction of their hometowns by blacks.

    • Svigor

      They should have stayed in Israel and fought Israeli Apartheid.

  • Bernie

    “But, as for “race relations” in the collective sense, these consist in
    whites, as a group, accepting that all blacks have an eternal claim
    against them—for no other reason than that they are white”

    I have been a race realist for about 20 years. If there is one overall message that I have learned about race in the U.S. it is this.

    If I come back from the grave in 100 years I am sure it will be the same. Whites will always be blamed for the problems of blacks. Always.

    • Marylander

      Minorities are still playing catch-up to compensate for their victimization throughout the history of this country. Unfortunately, the financial and social disparities that established the U.S. were informed by racial difference so while we superficially have a “race problem,” the reality is that we have a problem of inequality that we are trying to correct. Until the 1960s, black Americans were like the unserved veterans of a 300 year war. This COUNTRY, not whites, owes them because we brought them here, worked them, bred them, used them to build wealth and fund the construction of this nation, and after finally setting them free, we left them for dead or as a burden on our system. With the increased access to education and social improvement of their race, we are getting closer and closer to the end of our debt. The black middle class feels a drain from the low-income minorities the same way the white middle class does. The only difference is that middle class blacks are more irritated by those that are still lagging behind. If I come back from the grave in 100 years and racial interest groups still exist, I’ll kill myself all over again because at this rate, there is no reason why we can’t be done with this nonsense in 50 years.

      • Daisy

        Where you go off the deep end is at your very point of departure: minorities were not victimized throughout the history of this country. Only around 2% of whites came into this country with any real privelege if one excepts jews from that category. Irish, italians, poles, etc. (including even most protestants) all came and built the US and were given nothing, often working as virtual serfs. If you claim financial and social disparities established the US then you have to recognize the truth of history, which is that blacks weren’t treated much differently than the vast majority of the working class. In the south, the majority of whites lived materially indistinct lives from that of the slaves, even as one might argue that psychology could be half the battle. Until the 1960’s only a very narrow spectrum of whites had access to higher education. I am amazed at how you try to insist that hispanics – who qualify as ‘minorities’ according to the government – were ever victimized at all. They come in and suck off of the fruits of the white person’s labor. My people consecrated this land with their blood, their sweat and tears and built it from the same. You just articulated all that I hate in the liberal mindset; you are everything a true progressive like me despises and loathes.

        I don’t agree with many AmRen’ers as to how one might intepret the facts of ‘race’ in America but at least they deal in the actual facts.

      • purestocles

        And yet again. According to the U.S. Census of 1860 (yes, you can read the actual text online) only 1.4% of all whites in the U.S. of A. owned slaves. Stop blaming all whites for slavery which was, anyway, practiced by all people all over the globe at one time or another.

        Besides which, debts cannot be inherited under United States Law. What country are you living in?

      • Bernie

        “Minorities” are not playing catch up. Blacks are. Blacks commit more crime, earn less money, do poorly in school and score lower on SATs because of lower IQ and black patholgies. Asians are a minority yet they outscorewhites on these same measures.

        Let’s be clear. Whites owe black people nothing. Blacks who came here were purchased from other blacks and were slaves of other African tribes. Blacks lived – and live – better in the U.S. than in any black nation.Blacks have always been a “troublesome presence” in the words of Abraham Lincoln. That is why whites wanted to separate from blacks (segregation).

        Literally trillions of tax dollars have been transfered from whites to blacks through welfare and other handouts. Literally millions of whites are robbed, raped and murdered by blacks every year.

        This will never change because this behavior is due to genetics. Perhaps other groups – like Asians, Arabs and Hispanics – will find rather more effective ways of dealing with blacks. But blacks will always be a huge burden to whites and others and whites seeminglyhave lost the will to fight back.

        • Daisy

          Why don’t blacks go demand ‘reparations’ from the African ‘governments’ that sold them?

      • Svigor

        Victimization: Marylander’s word for “the best thing to ever happen to a large black population.”

        Throughout history, proximity to whites has been the best single indicator of black success; the more whites in their proximity, or the more power held by whites, the better off blacks are.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    What a lady! A few thoughts: The next instance where whites will be awoken out of their “post-racial” slumber will come during this spring/summer during the George Zimmermann trial. He is almost certain to walk free, and we can expect black riots, looting, and rampage across the United States…the race-blind white liberals of DC, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Oakland, Brooklyn, and those that dare to live in Atlanta are in for a very rude awakening.

    Ms. Mercer and a few posters mentioned secession. This must be the ultimate goal, but can probably only occur after the breakdown of the federal metropole. I envision gathering in the Northwest and the Northeast (75% and 85% white, respectively) and reconquering the United States, from north to south. If we can succeed in the creation of the nation that our forefathers intended, we will make it absolutely clear that we want nothing to do with the rest of the world, save for helping our brothers cleanse Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      We’d better be awakened before it’s too late! I do agree that the Zimmerman trial will be the spark to light the fuse.
      George doesn’t have a snowball in Hell’s chance of an acquittal. The pusillanimous system led by the Progressive appeasers will not allow it. The crocodile will be fed once more.

      RIP Eve, Channon, Christopher, Amy, Anne,

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “When South Africa was ruled by a racist white minority..”.

    –Iliana Mercer, Introduction, Into the Cannibal’s Pot

    I too have trouble getting past the fact that Mercer and her family FOUGHT against the “racist
    White” South African government, then escaped the absolute hell THEY helped to create — leaving innocent Whites at the mercy of a murderous black regime:

    This writer and her immediate family presiently left South African in 1995, shortly after the white minority ceded power to a black majority…in 1990, I’d been on the Grand Parade in Cape Town, among a crowd of thousands, to witness Nelson Mandela’s release after twenty-seven years in prison. In previous decades, my father, Rabbi Ben Isaacson, had been a well
    known anti-apartheid activist

    –Ilana Mercer, Into the Cannibal’s Pot

    How many Whites have been murdered since apartheid was dismantled? 68,000. THIS is what Mercer and her family hypocritically “fought for” before they escaped.


    • “I too have trouble getting past the fact that Mercer and her family FOUGHT against the “racist White” South African government, then escaped the absolute hell THEY helped to create”
      That is the quintessential Jew M.O. Move in take over a society, suck it dry, move on.

  • zanegray


  • LHathaway

    “How do you explain the same parasitic behaviour in every White nation they inhabit”

    Once again, the real issue is passed over: whites being dehumanized in the here and now, although at this point, whites have a historical grievance the other ethnic groups do not have – unless you chose to go back hundreds of years.

  • Sam

    Freedom of association is the most hated right there is. Basically the liberal agenda is to force whites to live with people they don’t want to live with, and in fact pay those unwanted people in the form of giving them free housing and EBTs. But it’s more than that, whites are supposed to have their minds changed so they like, or at least don’t express dislike, of these violent uncivilized unemployed people.

    Liberals have this major problem. They call us evil, and our natural reaction is, “fine, if we’re so evil, why can’t we have our own little corner of the world where we can go live among ourselves and be evil.” No! The problem is that such corners of the world are places like Maine and Vermont which are very pleasant and nice places with jobs and good economies, and so blacks have to be put into those places! Liberals may say that we are evil but they one thing they can’t stand is for us to go our own separate way.

    But someday we will go our own way. I hope that, when that happens, we can offer all the liberals the opportunity to give refuge to the poor helpless blacks.

    Speaking of, if Canada and Sweden are so liberal and non-racist, why don’t they accept all of our blacks there for settlement?

    When Sweden was so involved in the fight against Apartheid, why didn’t they instead give citizenship to all the black South Africans? Then everyone would be happy! Non-racist Sweden would get all the uplifting benefits of blacks, and there would be no more Apartheid because SA would be all white! It would be a win-win-win situation.

  • Funruffian

    I personally do not have any riffs with other nationalities, religious affiliations or races accept for Blacks. Where I live they are given everything just for being Black: free welfare, housing, Medicaid along with other institutionalized benefits catering to Blacks in the name of Equal Opportunity. I’m sick of it and I am sick of their presence. While a majority of them are citizens they live a tax free life which causes a huge burden on the rest of us. My prejudice is very well justified for I have done extensive research which doesn’t give me any other choice within my moral compass but to despise them. And the problems they incur on society are not totally their fault. Much of the blame goes to their enablers who have forced them upon families, children and workers who make painful sacrafices just to get by.

    • Svigor

      You’re at the stage of blaming the animals turned loose from the zoo. Eventually you’ll tumble to the people who opened the cages.

  • Svigor

    She sees freedom of association as a form of property rights.

    That’s because that’s precisely what they are. Are Americans free to sell their homes to whomever they wish? No. Are Americans free to decide which customers they want to serve? No. Are Americans free to decide who they will employ? No. Are Americans free to form neighborhood contracts as they wish? No. Are Americans free to decide the composition of their own communities? No.

    Are Americans free? No.

    Every issue of free association I can dream up comes down to property rights, which are a joke in this country.

  • Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Ilana Mercer’s family aided and abetted ANC murderers and helped lay the ground for white genocide in South Africa, but she now wants white goyim in the West to stand by Israel against Palestinians. Jews are truly a hideous people. They spit in your face and then expect you to kiss their ass.

  • anarchyst

    We need to create the “Provisional American Republic” in order to take back our country. We will require people from all walks of life–NOT present-day politicians, all of whom are traitors to the republic and the Constitution. This “government-in-exile” will become stronger as our present traitorous government officials are indicted, prosecuted and sentenced for TREASON.
    Let’s get started today.