Civil Rights and the Collapse of Birmingham, Ala.

John Bennett, American Thinker, February 25, 2013

Birmingham, Alabama is considered by many to be the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Today, African-Americans in Birmingham benefit from a numerical majority in the population, corresponding majorities in government jobs, and political control of the city. But civil rights won’t address what ails the city now.

Birmingham is recognized as one of the most violent and poorly-run cities in the nation. The city runs a massive deficit, and is county seat of Jefferson County, which recently cut a deal with a European bank as part of the largest government bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Underlying this fiasco is a mixture of problems, none of which can be solved by the civil rights agenda, or by liberalism in any form. This is not to suggest that those rights should be rolled back, but to point out that today’s solutions will not come from civil rights.

Blacks in Birmingham have now obtained equal rights, special protection for those rights, preferential enforcement of those rights, a demographic majority, and a near monopoly on government employment. Moreover, that panoply of rights and benefits is funded by the nation’s highest sales tax. The results should be a progressive success story. Instead, Jefferson County’s bankruptcy stems in part from an epic and at times grimly amusing corruption scandal that resulted in the conviction of at least 22 people. Those convicted officials include the former mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford.

Mayor Langford’s style of governance seems to fairly reflect the norms of many city residents. The New York Times provided the tenor of “[s]ome residents” with regard to the mayor’s conviction:

At a barbershop in a predominantly black neighborhood where the owner had hung a sign in the window reading, “We Support Our Mayor,” Charles Hicks said he was disappointed by Mr. Langford’s recent behavior but believed the former mayor was well-intentioned and was corrupted by wealthy businessmen.

“I’m just disappointed in the system,” Mr. Hicks said. “Larry had great ideas, but he got caught up in the trap.”

There is always a “trap”—always someone else to blame. That resolute avoidance of personal responsibility, writ large, must be a major part of the city’s problems. But such cultural and moral concerns are not part of the current civil rights agenda. Much more important was a program through which Mayor Langford provided laptops to children, in all government schools, in first through fifth grade.

An MIT study found that the results of this social policy were “disappointing.” Ownership of the free government laptops “did not increase use of computers for academic or content-creation purposes.” The MIT study further found that school-related laptop use somehow unbelievably actually decreased after students were given the free laptops: “The frequency with which students used a computer to create or listen to podcasts, do research, or do homework all decreased slightly from the pretest survey (before [free laptop] ownership) to the posttest survey (after [free laptop] ownership).” An army of sociology professors and community leaders could start a cottage industry simply trying to come to grips with the causes of this social engineering farce, and the subculture underlying it.

Meanwhile, the Birmingham City Council is taking on challenges like the proliferation of payday loan businesses. Councilwoman LaShunda Scales complained that payday loans “are the number one product the city offers to its citizens.”

From the top down, considering the racial breakdown of Birmingham city jobs, data indicate that blacks are fully empowered in the sphere of government. Whites are 22% of the city’s population, and hold 27% of public jobs (1180 of a total of 4273). Blacks are 73.4% of the population and hold 71.3% of public jobs (3051).

On the surface, this is surprisingly close to parity between population percentage and representation in government jobs. However, serious racial disparities remain within several city departments. For instance, the City Council has 35 black staff members, but only four whites; in the Mayor’s office there are 75 black and 12 white employees; Municipal Court Department: 89 black and six white; Public Works: 827 black, 99 white; Parks and Recreation Department: 301 black, 43 white.

If the races were reversed, civil rights leaders would claim that whites were being favored in those departments. With whites on the other end of the disparity, however, there is no favoritism perceived, and the arc of justice is inverted.

Racial parity in Birmingham government jobs was reached—in part—by means of racial preferences and hiring quotas in some departments. The Birmingham fire department’s racial quota system was one example. One black firefighter was asked what he thought about white firefighters who were disadvantaged by affirmative action. He responded:

So whites are saying, ‘Yeah, they did ‘em wrong, there’s no doubt about that, but we don’t want to do anything to help correct it. It wasn’t our fault. I wasn’t here.’ Well, okay, if it wasn’t your fault, and if you weren’t the recipient of what your forefathers did, or whatever, then, why . . .  when we [blacks] take a test, [do] you [whites] always come out number one?

Some, in the birthplace of the civil rights movement, evidently see equal test scores as an entitlement. A similar mentality might lie at the root of Birmingham’s problems, including an ongoing discrimination lawsuit against the city.

In 2010, a white senior accountant for the City of Birmingham—Virginia Spidle, a 24-year employee—was fired for supposed racism. Her firing came shortly after she raised questions about the city’s disastrous financial accounting. The county personnel board cleared her of the racism charge, and reinstated her employment. However, a week after returning to her job, her management fired her againfor alleged incompetence.

Spidle filed a federal lawsuit against Mayor William Bell’s administration in early January 2013, claiming “his administration was the true perpetrator of racial discrimination.”

Spidle’s attorney, Gayle Gear, said, “We are celebrating 50 years of progress in civil rights. In the year we are celebrating that, good people of Birmingham would not approve of mistreating a person because of their race,” as The Birmingham News reported. “The city instigated and condoned a race-based hostile work environment in the city’s finance department,” the lawsuit reads. The City of Birmingham finance department has 108 employees; 70 percent are black and 30 percent are white.

The lawsuit seems to be one symptom of a larger problem. How did this sorry state of affairs come about? How can citizens and politicians fix Birmingham, and cities like it across the country? It doesn’t appear that a civil rights agenda can answer these questions going forward. Nor can any amount of government-given “opportunities,” resources, or any other euphemism for state involvement. Birmingham is simply past the point where legal, structural, or policy changes will ameliorate cultural pathology.

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  • sbuffalonative

    “How did this sorry state of affairs come about?”

    We all know the answer, don’t we? Institutional racism and the legacy of slavery. Those are always the problems.They just never seem to go away even when blacks are the majority.

    • MobyWhite

      We can’t begin to address the deep and systemically racist problems created by our shameful and dark past as long as Whites are able to segregate themselves away in fancy neighborhoods, country clubs, and send their children to private schools.

      We have laws that affirmatively advance blacks in jobs and welfare, so why can’t we have laws that affirmitavely divest Whites of their privileges?

      If White privilege creates a disparate impact on the beloved community of color, it should be made illegal.

      • Now you know why they are going after white mans guns.

      • Whirlwinder

        OK Moby, you move back into the black, crime ridden, run down areas of Detroit, Birmingham etc and lets see how long you survive, much less treat these folk as your “equals”

  • The__Bobster

    But civil rights won’t address what ails the city now.

    Actually, snivel rights is the disease.

    • David Ashton

      Good phrase “snivel rights”.
      Like “bedroom genocide”.
      Let’s hope they catch on, or help them to do so.

  • Ulick

    Articles like this one were, until just recently, relegated to limited race-realist sites. Lately, though, we have seen more political writers dip their toes in the race waters, and we’re seeing sites like American Thinker publishing these articles when they likely would not have just a few years ago. There is a noticeable shift occurring in discussing the dysfunction in black cities.

    • JohnEngelman

      The truth is getting harder to ignore.

    • MobyWhite

      Obamaprez makes it acceptable for Whites to now talk about what ails us in ways that were socially outlawed in 1965.

    • MBlanc46

      Yes, there is hope. It’s been forty years now since the end of Jim Crow and the condition to much of black America is too obvious to completely ignore.

  • Robert Binion

    When driving Interstate 20 through Birmingham, I avert my gaze from the decline to take quick glances south at pretty Red Mountain. Sometimes, but not often anymore, I feel sorry for those beneath the freeway, where there are no prospects, where one must get stoned in order to take a deep breath.

  • Some Guy

    ““We Support Our Mayor,” Charles Hicks said he was disappointed by Mr. Langford’s recent behavior but believed the former mayor was well-intentioned and was corrupted by wealthy businessmen.”
    I think he means White businessmen, cause erythang be da white mans fault!

    “..when we [blacks] take a test, [do] you [whites] always come out number one?”
    IQ has nothing to do with it?

  • thurlow

    Who cares. Black this, black that, I am sick of everything being about race. If people are so stupid that incompetence of black officials is blamed on slavery then they deserve what they get. My usual reaction is when I see blacks taking over, move, actually move at the rumor there will be a black government because the minute there is property values have passed their peak. The key is to stay one step ahead of them and allow them to roll around in their own slop.

    • tickyul

      The places left to run to……fewer and fewer.

      I live in Crackerville and yes, Urban Americans have invaded. Even worse, the politicians….even the so-called conservatives, are PC to the hilt.
      Less than 3% of our population consists of Urban Americans………..yet we just opened up our very own MLK WAY……..WTF!!!!!!!!!!

    • saxonsun

      Soon there’ll be no place to retreat to. And this is our nation. Why should we go anywhere?

  • Tim

    I walked up and down Birmingham from Five Points to the park downtown. Never felt unsafe in more than a week. In Memphis it took all of about 7 minutes to have me scurrying back to my room. And I`m not a small or Type b looking dude. No one ever accosted me in Memphis , it was just an eerie feeling of crime and danger. A German couple walked up to me and asked, “Are we?!?’ And I said, “Yeah! I think you are. Walk with me…”

    • rebelcelt

      I live in Germantown fleeing from Memphis years ago. You were probably right. If you are near any street named after a state get out quick. Of course, there are plenty of streets that are dangerous that are not named after a state.Now , with all the thugs having cars there is no safe street in Memphis.

    • josh

      You should have asked them if they had any more Hitlers back home. We can use one right now!

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    How many times do you think this statement (or one to similar effect) was uttered during the Civil Rights movement: “We just wanted to be treated equally, the SAME as everyone else!!” What a crock of s**t.

    • Some Guy

      The proper term would be the “Revenge Rights Movement”, but Bobsters term above is pretty good too.

      • Veritas_lux_mea

        Or the Gibsmedat Movement.

    • MobyWhite

      It’s what Whites loved hearing and believing. LBJ especially.

      • Whirlwinder

        Meaning that we all have equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.

      • Luis

        All men and women ARE created equal – all human beings are Homo sapiens, just as all domestic dogs are Canis familiaris and all domestic pigs are Sus scrofa.

    • EXACTLY!! When they are treated as equals, they whine ‘racism’. They could never walk in our shoes. We are the victims of racism and when we dare to stand up for our civil rights, we are called ‘racists’.

    • josh

      Content of charcata!!! Another crock of that stuff you were talking about!

  • JohnEngelman

    why . . . when we [blacks] take a test, [do] you [whites] always come out number one?

    Whites get better scores because of white racism. White racists force blacks to commit all those crimes and have all those illegitimate children. The poor dears can’t help themselves.

    • Morris Thecat

      it is the white man’s voodoo

  • JohnEngelman

    According to Neighborhood Scout Birmingham, Alabama has a crime index of 1, where 100 is safest, and 0 is most dangerous.

    • MobyWhite

      Bennet obviously suffers from White Privilege Denial Syndrome, which incapicates him from writing honestly and forthrightly about the real problems in Birmingham.

      What is the most obvious symtom of WPDS? You know you are seeing a victim of WPDS when a White person fails to Blame Whitey for the “ongoing struggles” in the beloved community of color.

      The next obvious symtom of WPDS is failure to state how White racism and slavery and segregation are “repugnant,” along with a quote from St. MLK’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”

      Bennet must Do More to UnDo his UnFair Whiteness, and American Thinker needs to send a letter of groveling apology to Tim Wise and the King Children for publishing this groundbreaking article.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I read all sorts of things because I don’t want my life to become an echo chamber.

        The thing that makes me the most angry when reading a liberal is about White Privilege.

        It’s starting to become the same thing as a racism accusation Something to get Whites to shut up.

        • ms_anthro

          The best defense against the “white privilege” excuse is to simply agree that white people are privileged to thrive in the civilization that they built for themselves, the same way Japanese are privileged to thrive in Japan and Indians are privileged to thrive (in their own dysfunctional way) in India. Does the liberal hate whites so much that whites should be denied the privilege of having their own indigenous homelands? It’s not hard to turn it around on them and put them on the defensive. Why are whites, alone of all peoples in the world, supposed to hate their own kind and seek to elevate others above themselves, at their own expense? Why do whites owe the world the benefits of their own hard work and civilizational gifts?

          Smile and admit to your white privilege. Admit to everything, to being racist, intolerant, prejudiced. Reclaim those smears and you’ll notice a curious thing: the anti-white liberal is out of ammunition. When ad hominem attacks are defanged, these self-loathing traitors are left with nothing.

        • MobyWhite

          Racially Profiling or Stereotyping Blacks for Violent Tendencies is Evil.

          Racially Profiling or Stereotyping Whites for Racist Unearned Privileg is Good.

          You can see the future. Britty Watts saw it in the flash of the gun, which was the last thing she ever saw…

  • Bernie

    “Well, okay, if it wasn’t your fault, and if you weren’t the recipient of
    what your forefathers did, or whatever, then, why . . . when we
    [blacks] take a test, [do] you [whites] always come out number one?”

    Hehehehehe …

  • libertarian 1234

    “Some, in the birthplace of the civil rights movement, evidently see equal test scores as an entitlement.”

    Actually, I think the black he quoted wasn’t thinking that way. My impression is that he thinks whites have been cheating for whites and giving them better test scores.

    If this type sat down next to a white taking the same test afterwhich they would swap papers and grade the tests themselves, and the white trounced the black with a much higher score, the black would then claim there was bias in the test which favored whites. Nothing could convince him of his inability.

    Blacks and white radicals don’t understand that these moaning complaints by blacks and other non-whites are the greatest proof ever that multiracial/multicultural societies don’t work and will never work, as history has clearly shown us many times.

  • Luca

    Everything that appears to be wrong with blacks is apparently an illusion, nothing is their fault, they simply have bad luck. Drugs, poverty and weapons “find there way into their neighborhoods.” If there is government corruption by a black politician, it’s because he fell into the trap set for him by White business men. If they don’t have a job it’s because of discrimination. If they commit crimes it’s because of lack of opportunity. If they fail in school it’s because of lack of funding. If they lose their fortune, it’s due to unscrupulous accountants. If they lose their house, it’s due to predatory lending. If they’re stopped by the police, it’s racial profiling. And let us not forget the “system” is against them, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Never has such a race of people in the history of the world had such “bad luck.”

    • Nathanwartooth

      Hiroshima got turned into dust and the Japanese rebuilt it into a city that is 100x better than Detroit.

      The Blacks took over Detroit when it was in it’s prime and turned it into something that you would think got hit by a nuclear weapon.

    • Xerxes22

      Blacks are like small children or the mentally handicapped. They are not responsjble for their actions, which is why liberals are always making excuses for them. Blacks are simple-minded small children with an over supply of testosterone who can never mature into normal adulthood.

      • Luis

        Paisan, you just described Michael Jackson to a tee! For decades he suffered from what I call the Peter Pan syndrome, someone who never grew up. Indeed, Jackson complained that he NEVER had a childhood, because of his singing career. So he went about creating Neverland and slept with little boys, to go through his own childhood – even into his 40’s. Jackson was the human equivalent of the axolotl – the name given to the larva of the tiger salamander, who breeds while still in the larva stage.

    • Melanie

      Lack of funding as the reason for their academic failure–lololol. Read up on the millions and millions (of confiscated white tax dollars) wasted on the Kansas City School District, after which they still couldn’t raise their scores, and just recently had to close schools. MILLIONS of dollars! Field trips to foreign countries, Olympic-size pool with underwater viewing area, offers of cab rides to white students from out of the district to try to bribe them into attending (didn’t work), etc. And after all that-the usual failure, corruption, and low academic standards. Just read up on it, and also see how much DC (majority black) spends per student (one of the highest in the nation), for the same result-nothing. There’s no way the people running this don’t know they’re throwing (white tax) money down a bottomless pit, because that’s not the point-wealth redistribution from whites to negros is the point.

      • saxonsun

        That’s the horror of this; they do know and simply do not care.

  • Epiminondas

    If you live in a state, city or county run by blacks, you have one option: MOVE.

    • MobyWhite

      Wherever you move to, they’ll be there waiting. If they haven’t made it there yet, HUD will flood you with them as Ambassadors of Diversity and Change.

      • Epiminondas

        Maybe. But that doesn’t mean they will CONTROL

        • MobyWhite

          Any place that isn’t in control of blacks is on a list in Obama’s offce.

          Transformation is on the way…

        • Melanie

          The cold won’t stop them. A group of Somali immigrants (the worst of both worlds-negro and Muslim) who were first based in Atlanta GA, decided that they’d never get a goodly share of “entitlements” because there are too many negro snouts in the trough there. So they deliberately looked for a place with better “benefits”, and targeted Lewiston Maine. They chose this small town of mainly retirees because it offered a good rate of benefits, which it was able to do because they were not much utilised. The Somali group moved there en masse, overwhelmed the system, then sued the town because more “benefits” were not forthcoming (the town just didn’t have more). Low-income housing was erected, which was trashed in short order (cooking goats in the living rooms, ruining the plumbing, etc). Crime rose, of course.

          The cold winters didn’t save Lewiston, its smallness and lack of note didn’t save it.

          Minnesota has a large enclave of Somalis.

          Things like central hearing and public transportation, in addition to all the “entitlements”, mean that hardly any place is immune from the infestation of parasites.

          Maybe remote Appalachian “hollers” where there aren’t any gubmint gibmes offices, no public transportation, lack of “services”, and the kind of hardy whites would live there won’t take any guff from thieiving parasitical negros of any “exotic flavor”, or the home-grown species, might be safe. It’s a hardscrabble life in these remote areas. Self-reliance and self-suffiency are a necessity, and these qualities are in short supply amongst the generality of negros.

          • Epiminondas

            Lewiston, ME isn’t that bad compared to where I live. Here, 30 below zero is commonplace. You will die in this weather. No, I don’t think they’ll want any part of this place. And if they try to break in to homes around here, they’ll be shot down like dogs.

      • Katherine McChesney

        My building has a few Section 8 residents. But, four months ago they decided our apartment building would no longer accept them. Now rent is full market value. This will prevent us from becoming a ghetto high rise. Hopefully the Diversity will end.

        • MobyWhite

          You just put your building on the “too White” watch list. You’ll see changes soon, social justice changes, sweety.


  • Pelagian

    Gosh darn, who knew that not only people could be racist, but also *concepts* like budget deficits, which appear to be disproportionately lighting upon black communities like B’ham, Detroit, East St. Louis. “Budget deficits” need mandatory racial sensitivity training, quick! I hope the SPLC brings suit against “budget deficits” and some judge gives “budget deficits” a good stern talking to.

  • MobyWhite

    Q: How did this sorry state of affairs come about?

    A: Because too many Whites fled Birmingham and “abandoned the public space,” which created chaos when the blacks’ feelings were so badly hurt they couldn’t function up to their potential. Birminham’s woes prove the Doll Test writ large. Blame Whitey.

    Q: How can citizens and politicians fix Birmingham, and cities like it across the country?

    A: No fix is possibile until the remaining minority Whites “do more to UnDo their UnFair advantages of Whiteness by holding themselves accountable to the beloved community of color for their unearned White privileges.”

    The most important phrase from this article: “simply past the point.”

    Birmingham and Amerobomica, are SIMPLY PAST THE POINT, but d you are supposed to say that Demograhpic Change and Increasing Diveristy are Wonderful Transformations that Everyone Embraces.

    We are SIMPLY PAST THE POINT of White privilege, so harden yourself for the horrors to come, because you know they are coming…

    Transcend Diversity Always, Embrace Whiteness Only, Beware and Prepare, because you you are so very right. The only feelings that are appropriate to the current conditions are anger, bitterness and fear. If those aren’t your dominant feelings today, you are falling behind and living your life as a fairy tale.

    “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”

    What’s your future when racially profiling you for the race disease of White privilge is now encouraged by MSM and FedGov? Are you supposed to be surprised when you are attacked? When you are stereotyped as the enemy of Humanity because of your Whiteness, don’t you think Humanity will decide to solve it’s problems by curing you of your blanco skin taint?
    You do see the future, right?

  • bigone4u

    Councilwoman LaShunda Scales? She probably tips the scales at 350 pounds and that “shun” in the middle of her typically black first name suggests the wisdom of shunning her and her idiotic excuses for Bham’s difficulties.
    BTW, I am moving from an 80 percent Hispanic area in Texas to one county away from Jefferson County Alabama. It’s a rural area, 75 percent white, with only two blacks in the census tract where my new home is located. I hope diversity keeps its distance. There are many 90 percent white and above beautiful communities with expensive homes in Jefferson County, but I choose to avoid the county entirely because of Birmingham’s crime and corruption.

    • Melanie

      Two good criteria to use when searching for an area likely to be negro-free–lack of public transportation, and lack of local “gibsme” and nearby offices for such.

  • jay11

    Whites back in the 60s were resisting black invasion of their once beautiful and well ordered city. It was called racism and bigotry by black invaders and their white enablers. Blacks now control that city, and it is in a shambles. Racial justice achieved! At least in their view. Now on to the next city, and the next, oh snap! There’s none left. Time to wring out the suburbs, and then on to the farms!

  • NYB

    Free laptops…. the white man’s magic must be in that box.

    • ken

      Whites have all the juju.
      Damn raccoons don’t stand a chance to ever achieve anything.

  • Seek

    Shocker. When it comes to Birmingham, Ala., it’s always 1963, at least for those who proclaim black victimhood in the name of “civil rights.” The reality is that black rule here, like everywhere else, has created a disaster.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Re: furnishing online technology to students – Deasy wants to do this for LAUSD too. These Black and Latino students have no intention of using a school district-provided IPAD, laptop or Iphone for academic use. They are texting each other for drug deals, drug-related social as well as sexual hookups, cheating and thwarting the educational filter to access Big I’ve seen it.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Within a week, 50% of the iPads will either be smashed to smithereens, sold on Craig’s List, traded for drugs or otherwise “disappeared” — that includes iPads issued to teachers too.

      Unfortunately, on Feb. 12th, “Dizzy” the IDIOT got his wish: the LAUSD board approved Deasy’s proposal to spend millions to supply every student and teacher with a tablet computer by 2014.

      I can’t imagine this being anything BUT a nightmare…


      • Diamond_Lil

        Agreed. Living the nightmare, Bon.

    • Melanie

      Undoubtedly they will also employ them to make their “teen mobs”, you know, those indeterminate groups of otherwise unidentified “youths” causing mayhem, looting, and in many cases injury and even death to innocent by-standers. Who says negros can’t be innovative with technology? They may not use it to research their science project, but they sure know how to get up a “teen mob” with it!

  • Pelagian

    “Councilwoman LaShunda Scales complained that payday loans “are the number one product the city offers to its citizens.”

    Interestingly enough, there is an American college football bowl game in Birmingham. It’s the BBVA Bowl. (It used to be the Papa John’s Bowl, but blacks probably dont eat enough pizza.) BBVA stands for Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria and it “it enjoys a dominant position in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries” (Wiki).

    BBVA recently agreed to pay $11.5 million to exit multidistrict litigation in Florida accusing it of tampering with customers’ debit card transactions to collect higher overdraft fees. “Overdraft fees”? Sounds Payday loans-ish.

    Perhaps B’ham is just one step away from a future “Advance America Bowl” or “Cash America Bowl”?

    The world gets closer to the world of the film Idiocracy every year, doesnt it?

  • Barrack Osama

    ’ Well, okay, if it wasn’t your fault, and if you weren’t the recipient
    of what your forefathers did, or whatever, then, why . . . when we
    [blacks] take a test, [do] you [whites] always come out number one?’

    It’s all right here. The evolution of whites in cold climates as agrarians is the original sin committed by ancient white folk. Things won’t be equal until we abandon thousands of years of evolution and dismantle the civilization that we designed for ourselves. Things won’t be equal until we literally become stupider. And somehow, this is all depicted as virtue.

  • The City of Birmingham finance department has 108 employees; 70 percent are black and 30 percent are white.

    Either 68% of the employees do no work, or the numbers are an absolute mess.
    Or it is both, because the only whites are patronage jobs.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    How did this sorry state of affairs come about? How can citizens and politicians fix Birmingham, and cities like it across the country?

    Is there ANY city or country governed by blacks that is safe and financially sound?

    Blacks created this pathological city, let them suffer with it. Same for Detroit, MI, Gary, Indiana, Washington D.C., Newark, N.J., Oakland, CA, Memphis, TN, East St. Louis.


    • Melanie

      That would be the perfect solution, but you and I both know that either white tax dollars will bail them out, or the negros will be given vouchers in order to move to secure safe functioning white communities in order to share their vibrant diverse dysfunction and violence, or both. This government will never stop making whites pay for being an intelligent successful race when left to our own devices and not saddled with dysfunctional not-ready-for-prime-time (civilisation) negros. Even though they won’t admit it, they’ve figured out that all those achievement gaps between whites and negros simply cannot be closed by raising negros up as a race, so the only way to achieve their cherished socialist “equality” is to bring whites down to the lowest common denominator of negros. I don’t blame whites at all who practice white flight and self-segregation, they have families to raise, livings to make, taxes to pay, and the need for safety and security for themselves and their families. But with things like Agenda 21, the government is trying to ensure that there’s no escape by spreading the negros amongst every white community they can, and trying to prevent whites from being able to live away from them. We will eventually be forced to make a stand. We’d be better making it sonner rather than later. The government is in a hurry to try to disarm law-abiding whites, while the draconian measures they subject us to affect the negro criminals who commit the majority of violent crime not at all.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You’ve written a fine analysis.

        No one believes blacks are equal in any way to Whites. Even blacks know this. Brain scans, 90+ years of IQ testing by the military and research and study by psychometricians like Jensen and Rushton — and trillions of dollars wasted to educate blacks with no results are all the proof anyone needs. Blacks fail in White civilization because of low IQ and an inability to control their impulses.

        I believe the primary goal of the government is the destruction of White America and White culture. Period.

        This is not about empowering or “equalizing” blacks, Hispanics, etc. It is about the destruction of the White Race.

        Blacks and other non-Whites are merely playing the roles they’ve been assigned by a hostile elite that controsl the government, media and academia: that of useful idiots, to destroy White America by unleashing violence, chaos and misery in White living spaces and White schools. And it’s working well.

        Other strategies being used against White America:

        1. Flooding the US with non-Whites from the Third World.

        2. Legislating anti-White policies such as AA and other preferences for non-Whites such as preferences in college admissions, promotions and careers at the expense of White children.

        3. Explicit Civil Rights laws that DO NOT cover Whites.

        4. Blatant anti-White K-12 curriculum in academia where Whites are vilified as the scourge of the earth, responsible for ALL poverty and misery in the world.

        5. An anti-White media that portray Whites as fools or idiots or evil slavers, colonists while showing blacks/browns as innocent victims of Whites.

        6. Disallowing Whites the ability to organize and advocate for our race, as is allowed every other race/ethnic group in the US.

        There is more, those are the basics.

        There is a global genocide being conducted against the White race — one look at England, South Africa, Europe, the US or any other White homeland is all the evidence one needs.

        Anyone who says otherwise is an outright liar or hasn’t been paying attention.

        See here to get started of for more information, for resisting defamation and fighting back:


        • Wayne

          Well said, Bon. You are spot on. I’ll add that the reason behind it is the imposition of Communism, which can’t happen until the free Western peoples are made helpless minorities in their own nations.

  • George

    I’m a fan of the American Thinker. It’s a good, solid website with rock solid writing.

    This article several times notes that Civil Rights for blacks won’t solve Birmingham’s problem. I wish it had stated the entire truth: Civil Rights for blacks ARE Birmingham’s problem. Black-run cities are…well…do I really need to cite the Motor & Windy Cities? The Big Easy? The whole list?

    Bennett hints, but doesn’t quite have the courage to say that ‘diversity’ has taken a decent city and turned it in to the Birmingham of today. Everything for which the liberal left clamours is in place: Blacks over-represented in local government, lavish funding on education etc. And yet, soaring crime and a government in bankruptcy.

    Sadly, Bennett came close, but got gun shy. Still, it’s a good and informative read.

    • Ulick

      True, but his gun shyness allows the article to get published on a more mainstream site, and many of the comments are filling in the unwritten subtext.

    • Wayne

      American Thinker is part of the gutless white guilt colorblind Republitard crowd, always looking for a diversity to slobber over.

  • odious liberal


  • MAJ

    The problem is very easy to figue out. You simply cannot have people with IQs averaging 83 and the impulse control/logic of a 14 year old run a city (or anything else). That’s why it is repeated everywhere. The red herring excuses only delay facing the true facts.
    You can be a lot of things – corrupt, immoral, angry, hateful, etc…but if you have White traits of intelligence the trains will run on time and things will get done.
    Even if blacks were friendly, docile, civic, and all those other virutes they don’t possess, with IQs of 83, Detroit and Birmingham and everywhere else would stlll wind up in shambles.
    It can’t be done. Civilization is not built on the shoulders of the uncivilized.
    Also, it can’t be covered up much longer.
    I think the next generation of Whites, as they slip below majority, will likely care nothing about White privilege because they’ll see it’s a lie, an oxymoron.
    That’s when Whites will begin to respond in earnest.

    • Morris Thecat

      the white consciousness is starting to stir right now.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s easy to figure out. A lot of people have already figured it out (certainly most of us in the Chicago area have). But it’s going to require more people telling the truth to encourage others to speak up about what they know.

  • Pelagian

    Shoot … you cant get to the Redneck Riviera* from St. Louis and loads of other places “up nawth” without driving through B’ham. We’re screwed for our white vacations now.

    *Florida panhandle e.g. Destin, Panama City

  • SmithandSmith

    Civil Rights absolutely need to be rolled back.

    Just look at what “civil rights” have done. That poor black equates Intelligence with some sort of “racism”. And, as is the case no matter where non-whites congregate, crime is always abundant.

    The fact is, non-whites were better behaved and better taken care of back then than they are now and everyone, including them, knows it.

  • Glickmeister

    Well, okay, if it wasn’t your fault, and if you weren’t the recipient of what your forefathers did, or whatever, then, why . . . when we [blacks] take a test, [do] you [whites] always come out number one?

    One reason certainly is that white firefighters who took the test were not illiterate. They read books, they studied for exams, they hustled their butts off and didn’t expect that their skin color entitled them to a free ride though life.

    Maybe their innate intelligence had something to do with it too. I’ve never met a black sports fan who didn’t feel that blacks were bigger, faster, stronger athletes. Well, that’s a two-way street if I ever saw one. If one believes blacks are inherently better when it comes to pure athletics why isn’t it also possible that whites are better when it comes to pure intelligence?

    • Katherine McChesney

      It’s apparent blacks aren’t qualified to lead anything. Whatever they do they fail. It’s just the way it is. I still believe in the curse of Ham. They should always serve others.

  • LHathaway

    “An army of sociology professors and community leaders could start a cottage industry simply trying to come to grips with the causes of this social engineering farce, and the subculture underlying it”.

    This is simple. Like the black-doll tests that were done at the beginning of the civil rights movement, children taking this new survey Claimed they were not using laptops all that much because in all likelihood these children thought if they claimed they were using their laptops constantly it would be construed as a negative, playing games all day, facebooking, doing e-mail, and perhaps doing what they were actually doing, and thus answering the survey honestly would be feeding ‘white stereotypes’. The real story is why are these children still so racist after 60 years of civil rights progress and why is lying so acceptable to them.

  • If blacks were ‘equal’ then they would be able to succeed at least part of the time. As long as our government ignores us in favor of the black vote, these bail outs will go on and on and on and will ALWAYS fail.

  • truth possum

    So true

  • Eduardus

    It is indeed sad, what has happened to the city of Birmingham. Birmingham was at one time the “Magic City” of the south, having grown in population and industry at a massive rate. Birmingham had many, many visionary leaders in government and industry until the early 1960’s. That is when the more non-productive, less intelligent citizens started to take over the city. Most of the whites have moved out into the suburbs where areas still flourish. But the inner city and downtown area is doomed as any city is when blacks take over the city. It is sad, as I said, what has happened to this once great city. It is almost as if the whites said, well you blacks want the city so take it, then the whites moved out. The population is down, crime is up and yet the people in control cry for more of the same. It appears as if Birmingham is past the point of return. And as someone born and raised in Birmingham and who still lives within the city limits it almost makes me want to cry.

    Now the city, its down-sized newspaper and all the politically correct people are on a year long party, celebrating the events of 1963, 50 years ago when the downfall began.

  • Morris Thecat

    the domino effect

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    ” Whites are 22% of the city’s population, and hold 27% of public jobs
    (1180 of a total of 4273). Blacks are 73.4% of the population and hold
    71.3% of public jobs (3051).”

    The number of whites employed might be lower if they didn’t have to hire them to fix what the blacks screwed up. My guess is the 3 out of 4 whites are there to fix the problems that the blacks created. That means less than 300 whites would be required to run the city (correctly).

  • Commonsense80

    The shadows reflected on the cave wall are our new accepted reality. It seems that nobody wants to turn around and embrace what actually is.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Those statistics…there is always waste with a high concentration of blacks. My white friend told me she had to give up her job with the state because of the behavior of the obese, pushy and racist black women she worked with. She also said the amount of perfume they wore caused her to develop allergies. She said they always played the race card.

    Years ago I was told that government jobs promotions and raises are determined by length of employment and not merit.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    if you weren’t the recipient of what your forefathers did OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a recipient of White privilege. My ancestors only bred with other Whites, gifting to me a superior genetic makeup and a 144 IQ. Sorry you were not blessed with the same. Since there is no known therapy to increase your genetic endowments and it’s unlikely there will ever be one, separation is the only answer.

    • Wayne

      And the Leftist antidote to this situation is racemixing to the point that diversity becomes smarter and whites become dumber and disappear altogether. That way, white Puritan do-gooders can promote themselves to some sick sainthood.

  • Morris Thecat

    blacks can chase the white man away, but they can’t chase their blackness away. They thought their blackness was because of the contrast whites offered to them. They thought if they got rid of that contrast it would change them. NO, it didn’t. Others can escape them but they can’t escape themselves. They will always be stuck with the reality of what they are, they will always fail.

  • JD

    I actually took the civil service test for the Birmingham
    police department about ten years ago. I don’t remember one question on the
    test which could determine ones intellect. It was a psychological test based on
    feelings and opinion. Most of my white friends that took the test scored in the
    70s and the few blacks that we asked scored in the 90s. I am very thankful now, that I did not go work there.

  • Whirlwinder

    Put the blacks in charge and see what you get? Look at Detroit, Memphis, Oakland, Camden, etc etc. These were towns that were a tribute to the white folk who built them. Now they are hell holes nobody wants to live in. Atlanta, Chicago and other large cities are following closely on their trail.

  • Paleoconn

    Maybe neocon Crowder will do a Birmingham in ruins video, blaming liberals for the demise, with nary a mention of demographics. I sometimes sit back in my armchair and wonder whom I loathe more: liberals or neocons. It’s a tough one.

  • labradorman

    Somali Bantus are in Ohio,Pennsylvania,and other cold weather areas,so this will not deter the ongoing invasion,the central areas of Pennsylvania are being turned Hispanic,the country is being colonized and White Western European people are being replaced on the way to being destroyed,imagine our grandchildren being ruled by non-whites,sadly, those very grandchildren are being brainwashed by a prostituted media and educational system,and injected with White guilt and self loathing so they will welcome their displacement!