Chicago Cops’ ‘Racist’ Brochure Depicts African Americans as Junkie Character Tyrone Biggums

Daily Mail (London), February 26, 2013

The North Chicago Police Department has been accused of racism after it published an academy brochure apparently peppered with stereotypes of African-Americans—including a picture of comedian Dave Chapelle’s junkie alter-ego Tyrone Biggums.

"Tyrone Biggums"

“Tyrone Biggums”

The brochure, given to participants in the North Chicago Citizen Police Academy last week, features a smiling African-American man handcuffed in an orange prison jumpsuit, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

There is even a page with a picture of Chappelle appearing as the stumbling drug addict he created for his Comedy Central show, with another man portrayed as bug-eyed and slack-jawed in a mug shot.

Lake County NAACP president Jennifer Witherspoon said the handout reinforces ‘every negative stereotype blacks as a people have been fighting against.’

Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim calls the handout ‘incredibly disturbing.’

The brochure’s cover features Nerheim opposite Tom Cruise as a military defense attorney from the film ‘A Few Good Men.’

The brochure also has pictures of television TV cop Barney Fife, Judge Judy and Lindsay Lohan, big-bellied white police officers and acquitted murder defendant Casey Anthony.


North Chicago Police Chief James Jackson is calling the handout an ill-considered attempt at humor.

‘We should have caught it,’ said Jackson.

However, local activist Ralph Peterson says the brochure raises ‘another red flag’ on the North Chicago police.

‘It’s more bad judgment. For officers to pass out a pamphlet like this screams a need for sensitivity and that this department is not capable of policing the black community,’ he said, pointing to a police brutality case that has the department snared in a federal wrongful-death lawsuit.


[Editor’s Note: Images from the pamphlet are available at the original article link below.]

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  • LastBastionOfHope

    Racist? More like realistic. I don’t know the specific numbers but I know it’s something like 7% of young black men commit 50 something percent of all violent crimes. That is a legitimate generalization if you ask me.

    • The__Bobster

      Their portrayal of Whites is more inaccurate.

      • MekongDelta69

        Yeah, but you see Bob, only whites can be ‘racist.’ I’m really disappointed in you for not seeing this. Since this obviously “screams a need for sensitivity” on your part, and although I don’t like doing this, I’m gonna have to send you to see Tim Wiseguy. I have every confidence that boy will straighten you right up. And once your mind is ‘right,’ we’ll give you back your posting privileges….

    • MekongDelta69

      I don’t know the specific numbers but I know it’s something like 7% of young black men commit 50 something percent of all violent crimes.

      Slight correction:
      Blacks are 13-14% of the population, which means that black males are 6 1/2-7% of the population in its entirety (not 7% of black males).
      It’s those 7% you mean.

      • Uh-Oh

        Katheryn Russell-Brown goes into this at length in “The Color of Crime”, but one very important factor that she omits is where the crime is being committed. Most crime — especially violent — happens in cities, where the black/white population ratio is considerably skewed from the national demographics. So if you look at that — not only in percentages, but also numbers — and take into consideration the amount of crime that doesn’t make racial demographic statistics because the perpetrators/suspects haven’t been arrested or identified, it starts looking less like a crime problem and more like a civil war.

      • Northernfront

        It helps to have sources handy, in order to convince humans who base honestly base their views on reality (if you have the time). The way we state number matters a lot, you are right. For a statistics dumb population, we have to make this really clear.

        This is great:

        Notice page 8, where arrest numbers of Blacks are well below actual crimes, contrary to the liberal media spin.

        13.1% is the percentage of Blacks in the USA.

        Black males are 6% the black population due to? early death. (Source needed)

        1 in 9 black males are in jail (source Washington Post

        Now we have ~5.34 percent of Black Males that are not in prison residing in the USA.

        Subtract those too old at ~1 percent, and those to young at ~1 percent, and you have ~3.34 percent of the population committing most crimes (how many need source). I think the number was 53 percent of violent crime, but I also can’t find this.

        We need a handy-dandy Amren sheet for percentage of US population, 3.34 percent, committing 53% of violent crime.

        Meanwhile, in Atlanta, near 100 percent of violent crime is by Blacks: Black People Responsible for Virtually All Crime in Atlanta — Judge Marvin Arrington Confirms

        “In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.Source: APD Uniform Crime Reports, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012”

        from here:

        • MekongDelta69

          I understand exactly what you’re saying. I have tons of sources I’ve accumulated through the decades. [If I listed them all, you would never be able to finish reading this post, so you’ll just have to trust me.]

          When AmRen first went interactive, I used to post these long diatribes (complete with sources, if necessary), but after years of doing that, I realized I was simply preaching to the choir (on AmRen, that is).

          So what I did, is compile every post I made on here and on hundreds of other sites into an extremely long Word .doc. Now, whenever I see some brainless leftist or minority post something ridiculous on another site, I simply look up the keyword(s) in the document and copy and paste my answer (because the facts never change). It saves me a lot of time that way.

          On here, I usually post sarcastic remarks, rather than factual ones, b/c I know who the audience is. I mean, after 50 years of America falling into the sewer and seeing the same kind of stories a million times over, my outrage has long ago turned into utter disgust.

        • Uh-Oh

          Thanks. I’m going to keep these as favorite places on my pc. The libs, however, already have their minds made up on this issue and care nothing for facts. It would be interesting to write a book collecting anecdotes on the subject from retired city cops, social workers, and medical workers. I say “retired” under the assumption they would speak freely without fear of reprisals. Thanks again.

        • josh

          Plenty of black women commit crime! They commit an enormous amount of child abuse,domestic violence,girl-on-girl beatings,drug use,credit fraud & we mustnt forget shoplifting! Nothing like a frozen turkey stuck up a black womans dress to put a damper on the holiday cheer!!

      • josh

        These “potestazz” are very angry and have violent emotions. Blacks as a whole are angry and violent. THATS why there is so much crime at the hands of blacks.I wouildmnt be surprised if this NAACP lady’s son is a gang-banger.

  • Uh-Oh

    The obvious question: How come no one accused David Chappelle of racism? Or, for that matter, the individuals responsible for allowing him to portray that character in the media?

    • gemjunior

      Just thinking the same thing. Chappelle is allowed to portray this character and receives accolades for his comic “genius”. Same with In Living Color’s homeless black bums,
      man-hungry giantess Wanda, and all the characters on the show Martin – black junkie pimp character named Jerome, the old security guard who abuses his authority to the extreme, and the black girl with the beauty salon who is the common black girl we see with the nails, weave, hand in your face sullen eye-rolling attitude. They can make fun of themselves in the most degrading way. Lord knows, there’s no shortage of material. These comics absolutely are on the money when portraying these black characters. If they saw me laughing my head off would I be accused of racism. Because I am not laughing “with” them, I’m laughing “at” them. So are these black comedian’s or chronicler’s of hood life or whatever they really are, racist? The whole thing is ridiculous. I was looking at the news the other day on one of the regular channels and nearly every story carried some element of “racism” on the report. It’s insane how much the media batters people with racism all day and night. I have a feeling the majority of white people don’t care about it and can’t be bothered any longer with listening to cries of racism or stories about it or anything else. Just don’t care any more.

      • Token Finn

        I go to community college to study various languages and it’s really nauseating how every textbook will find room for a chapter about “racism” (we know what that means). Actually I just came home from a class and received a letter from a humanitarian organization I’m a member of. Read their little letter and did not they talk about how “racism” is an issue these day. It really made me want to cancel my subscription.

        • YngveKlezmer

          I’d be glad to write a chapter for their book with some vignettes from my schooling experiences, back in the 70’s and 80’s, in a 20% Black school. We all know that, upon reading my true tales, I would be roundly accused of egregious racism by the Liberal publishing house, unless I lied, and reversed the races, pretending that we Whites were the bullies, and the Blacks were standing up to us!!! They would eat this up, of course, but I would be making up an egregious 360 degree reversal of what really happened. They would never want to hear reality, that we White kids had to stand up to Black bullying on a daily basis. You either stood up and defended yourself against the Black bullies, or they made your life a living hell. Thankfully, back then, the teachers did not give a darn what color the bullies were, and detention was a largely Black affair.

      • josh

        Of course the bizarre and horrific character of Wanda was played by none other than the most talented actor of all time,Jamie Foxx!!!

  • Player1

    So the truth is racist? Who would’ve thought…

    • Guest

      I was just “censored” from wikipedia for adding black on white crime to various racism articles. I used only reputable sources and stated facts…it’s “hate” speech though. I was also called homophobic, even though i did not discuss those issues.

      • Paleoconn

        You’re not allowed to publish hatefacts.

        There are many truths existing which I fear and that I would want unknown to the world.
        –George Jefferson

      • YngveKlezmer

        Excellent example of how preposterous the Liberal thought police have gotten!! Black on White crime should be considered hate crimes, and far more Black on White crime occurs than White on Black, absolutely no comparison. Most White on Black crimes are either just simple retaliation/self-defense, or a White person who has been pushed to the limit by black bullies, and is seeking vengeance. Key thing, though, is that White on black crime hardly ever happens, and hardly every has. Back in the good old days, most lynchings were nothing other than retribution for a rape of a White woman, or some other act of Negro savagery.

    • Amren deals in ugly truths, nature and reality is full of them.

      Most people are more comfortable to believe in ‘nice lies’.

      • Not those who support Amren–“nice lies” only make our resolve to expose the truth of both the racist minorities and self-loathing, White liberal enablers.

        There are more than a few here who will NEVER stop speaking out or doing what is necessary to defend our families and ourselves from anyone who seeks to destroy us.

        • There’s freedom in the truth, lies no matter what the intentions behind them may be, are merely a human construct.

          • YngveKlezmer

            There certainly is!! As a fellow Generation X’er, I see the difference between the few in our generation who have the individualism and self respect to embrace racial realism, and those who have bought into the PC propaganda. Their souls are in chains. That the truth frees us is Biblical. Racial Realism was just common sense in our Grandparents’ Generation, and that is an essential element of them having been the great Generation they were.

        • YngveKlezmer

          You better believe it!!

      • YngveKlezmer

        Exactly!!! That is what politically correct and “colorblind” are all about. Every time I hear a White person say they are “colorblind”, I have to restrain myself from upbraiding them for the naivete. Racial realism is reality. Negroes have different temperaments from Whites, and that is just common sense. As Jared Taylor so accurately points out, racial realism was considered common sense until roughly the 1950’s. My Grandparents surely considered it to be common sense, and I thank God that they did!!

        • I figure that you should save ‘nice lies’ for children i.e.”What happens when you die daddy?”, someone on their deathbed i.e. (looking at someone who’s been disemboweled ) “you look fine, it’s just a scratch” and for your wife i.e.”honey do I look fat in this”? (only a fool would be honest then).
          For some reason liberals think that minorities should be afforded the same reality defying hot air as the dying, young and naive or the insecure (there’s a back handed insult to minorities in there).
          Personally I can’t be bothered with lying beyond what I have to,Q:”how does it taste”??(thinking like sewerage) A:”mmm delicious.”
          I guess lying is about saving peoples feelings, but I’d only do it for people I care about, not a whole dysfunctional race of people, to be carried on for decades, who’s got the energy for that?
          I sure don’t.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Very true!!! That attitude of “we must help them, they are schvarza, they cannot do it on their own”, that Robert Weissberg so aptly describes in his one AmRen speech, is what fuels so many of these goofy Left Wing Liberals.
            I don’t understand their attitude. They are admitting that, yes, Negroes are stupid, and, yes, they cannot maintain European style civilization, and, yes, they are indeed born this way. How someone can see all of this, yet think we Whites are somehow obligated to help them by their inferiority, is beyond belief!! We don’t owe them diddly squat!!! If Negroes cannot produce, or maintain our Judeo-Christian civilization, there is certainly no obligation for us to serve it to them on a silver platter!!! If anything, their inability to maintain or contribute to our European civilization and culture highlights why we should not help them. They should, at the very least, live totally segregated from us. If their community is more backward than ours, so what!!!! This is what they built, and what they are capable of!! They have already re-built their inferior culture in places like Detroit and Gary, once bastions of our European culture, so everyone knows what kind of culture they create and maintain. Like you said, a race with the kind of track record the Negro has does not deserve centuries of benevolent lies from us.

          • Well said brother.
            Now we just need to convince the rest of us to wake up and give up the, as Charlton Heston once said of political correctness, the tyrannical good manners.
            Lying is the easy road and somehow in the last 50-100 years we’ve collectively (sweeping generalization here) lost that ability to endure, to persevere and to deliberately choose the hard road.
            To work hard and to get dirty is no longer seen as honorable or cool, but is now seen as a sign of stupidity or lack of privilege.
            Hard work, saving, investing in your own future, being dedicated, living below one’s means, avoiding debt and delaying gratification in the name of future rewards used to all be our strengths, strengths we need to reconnect with.
            I was reading about ww1 the other day and do you know that 13% of Australia’s total White male population volunteered for duty (and 18% of that group never came back), sure times were simpler and people were probably a bit more naive comparatively to us over informed people now, but I can’t see anyone wanting to sacrifice anything these days, instead it’s all about ‘me’ now and feeling good about yourself and being sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others and power has been transferred from the mighty to the victim. Which is all narcissistic baloney, as the world still runs on exploitation and greed, as it always has, the difference is we don’t see those who we’ve outsourced our heavy lifting to (think torture, private security contractors, sweat shop labor etc).
            Looking at younger people in the West you can see that we’ve become fat, vain, too feminized and too entitled. Thanks to us losing the culture wars, in the pop culture melting pot, our young are trying to out gay the gays and out black the blacks, neither of which they’ll win.

            Maybe we’ve had it too easy and we need to get knocked down a peg or two to reconnect with our inherent strengths.
            Hopefully we Whites get a big kick in the ass sometime soon, because at the moment we’re dying a slow corrosive death by attrition, and it won’t stop until we stop it, but frustratingly we collectively don’t want to, because it’s not nice and we don’t see ourselves as deserving what we have (thanks to all the decades of White guilt creating propaganda). Sigh.

            I don’t really have any answers or advice myself, except to get as self sufficient as you can in terms of food and energy and to prepare for things to get worst, because they have to, as none of our current practices are sustainable. Human history has not had many periods free of massive bloodshed either, we’ve had it too easy for too long and I think we’re due again soon. Too much anger, hatred, fear and guilt has been stirred up for nothing to happen.

    • Anders

      Fancy! And that Dave Chapelle is racist too!

    • rebelcelt

      Exactly, that is why they did not show a Chinese being a crackhead.

      • josh

        Yet they show fat white cops! Racism! And Barney Fife! Racism!!!

  • Lake County NAACP president Jennifer Witherspoon said the handout
    reinforces ‘every negative stereotype blacks as a people have been
    fighting against.’

    But then they turn around and validate day in and day out through their actions.

  • The__Bobster

    You can’t win with darkies. They get mad if you don’t notice them and they get mad if you do.

    • ken

      It is best to avoid the critters,

  • MekongDelta69

    stereotypes of African-Americans

    Those aren’t ‘stereotypes (in the way they’re trying to use the word).

    That’s called… reality.

  • Puggg

    The brochure also has pictures of television TV cop Barney Fife, Judge
    Judy and Lindsay Lohan, big-bellied white police officers and acquitted
    murder defendant Casey Anthony.

    So it also had stereotypes of whites. Yet no fuss about that.

  • sbuffalonative

    For the life of me, I can’t understand how these ‘racist’ incidents keep happening. How out of touch are these people not to be aware of the sensitivity of this issue?

    Mind you, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon in attacking the people who produced this brochure. But with all the allegations and lawsuits, how are people still not aware of what the reaction is going to be?

    NO ONE involved in the production of this brochure saw a red flag or questioned how this might be perceived?

    Naive people do stupid stuff and now we’re all going to have to hear about it and ultimately pay for with lawsuits and mandatory sensitivity training.

  • Luca

    Nothing new here, black comedian does it, everyone finds it funny, but when the CPD uses the exact same material in a handout well, it magically becomes offensive.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Tyrone Biggums?
    Didn’t Tyson knock him out back in ’88?

  • So CAL Snowman

    “For officers to pass out a pamphlet like this screams a need for
    sensitivity and that this department is not capable of policing the
    black community,”

    To be fair NO ONE is capable of policing the black community. However if he finds White police officers so offensive I would suggest that the black community police itself. Let us see how that works out!

    • Jefferson

      It is possible to police the Black community, but civil rights groups like the NAACP and the ACLU make sure law enforcement have their hands tied when it comes to dealing with Obama’s inner city sons.

      If a police officer (especially a White police officer) even hurts a hair on a Bantu thug’s head, he could go to prison for a long time.

      Law enforcement is suppose to use kids gloves when dealing with urban inner city Bantus.

  • Sue20

    ‘every negative stereotype blacks as a people have been fighting against.’ The people and crime are still the same but don’t say it.

  • Will

    The implicit standard of what’s real and OK seems to be what harmonizes with dim mental
    “perceptions” from prime time TV and the like. The electronic media have essentially
    re-invented what Black is and means. Day to day experience, deep down still struggles to
    resist the “invented Black” image. The brochure may be as much honest as insensitive,
    or even moreso.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    Being a white cop in the Chicongo or any jungle city is one job I do not envy in the slightest. Putting one’s life in danger every single day dealing with black thugs while staying politically correct, constantly being branded “institutionally racist,” and being despised by the very people you are trying to help can’t be a very rewarding career.

    • Ron47

      Chicago police work isn’t really like that. Didn’t you read they will not answer all 911 calls anymore – only the ones deemed most necessary. To protect and serve according to a priority list.

      • josh

        They desperately need more cops;WHITE MALE COPS who pass a tough test!! That aint gonna happen.Now the colored aldermen are talking about dumping McCarthy and replacing him wiff a BLACK MAN! Dass what I am talkin about!

      • josh

        Should point out that this article refers to NORTH CHICAGO,a lovely little town on the north shore,next to the Great Lakes Naval Base. In the words of Bette Davis:What a dump!

  • Ulick

    “a need for sensitivity”

    The officers appear sensitive to what drug dealers and criminals disproportionately look like. Oh, wait, you meant lie because people are sensitive to the truth.

  • tomasso

    Would they have preferred the image of a black man sucker punching a 90 year old woman instead?

  • So black people are expected to elevate themselves just like everyone else in society, but instead they kill, squander, stagnate and destroy everything in their path, and then somehow blame White people and racism for not stopping them? A “negative stereotype” stops being simply a tool of provocation when it exists without any influence from outside forces.

  • bigone4u

    Silencing the truth is an essential part of Alinksky’s Rules for Radicals. Making a stink about the truth is a second part of it. Lucky the US does not have hate speech laws like Canada or the Chief might be seeing hard prison time for his offense to the crack …uh…black community.

  • Viv Jasper

    Dear Black People,
    If you are fed up with people stereotyping you, perhaps you should consider behaving less stereotypically. Just a suggestion.
    Sincerely, Viv

    • josh

      Well now thats ridiculous! These brochures are magic! Its the brochures,they be of Da Debil!!

  • The Final Solution

    “Accused of racism” there that phrase is again. Sounds like “accused of witchcraft”. Soon, with the new racist-detecting tricorder scientists are working on and the pseudo science behind the physiology of racist facial structures, “accused of racism” will have a whole new meaning. How soon before someone integrates this racist-detecting technology that we read about a few weeks ago with Google’s new Glass eyewear? Walk around with real-time racist-identifying data right in front of your eyes at all times. You read it here first from the Final Solution comrades.

  • MobyWhite

    ANY brochure depicting blacks that doesn’t include an image of a slave with scars on his back from the Massa’s lash and St. MLK as Messiah, is obviously racist and calls us to action.

  • concernedcollegekid

    It seems like accuracy = racism.

    It’s “racist” to portray blacks as violent criminals because it’s disproportionately common for blacks to be violent criminals. But if a brochure came out attempting to disparage Chinese-Americans by showing mugshots of Chinese people and saying “Chinese people are uneducated, low IQ, violent thugs!”, it wouldn’t really be considered “racist”. It would just be considered weird, even though it would be a negative and utterly false portrayal of the group, which is what we claim to think constitutes “racism”.

    This is also why it’s “racist” to be “proud to be white”. White people have accomplished more than other groups, so articulating the sentiment of “white pride” is not actually seen as “white supremacist” as people say it is; rather, it is seen as “rubbing it in” that whites have a lot to be proud of. “White pride” is an acknowledgment of a very, very, very uncomfortable truth.

    We pretend that racism means false negative portrayals or real discrimination, but at this point in history, it means “acknowledging things that we wish weren’t true and may not be able to change, even though our society is based on the premise that they can and will change”.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      That’s exactly it. This country has gotten so PC and so absolutely crazy because of diversity, that the truth is now called “racist”. Ever wonder why “racism” has not and will not ever go away? It’s because it’s NOT racism! It’s because it’s the truth! Italians DO tend to have pasta more on average. The Irish DO tend to drink more on average. Blacks DO tend to commit a ton more crime on average. Asians DO tend to be smart on average. No one ever speaks in absolutes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot generalize. Whenever people say not to generalize I tell them, “Really? I can generalize, because GENERALLY a lion is much more dangerous than a bunny which is why I would stay away from a lion and get closer to a bunny”.

      • YngveKlezmer

        Exactly. Any kind of truth that directly reflects racial realism is policed in communistic fashion, as if speaking of racial reality is some grave sin or something. Negroes are more violent than other races, and Arabic Muslim men tend to see their wives as property. These are essential truths that a healthy society accepts instead of sweeping under the carpet. Sweeping these under the carpet is like a soldier walking around with a grenage in pocket with the pin pulled, insisting that recognizing the danger of the pulled pin is somehow wrong.

  • Jefferson

    Being a White cop in the city of Chicongo has to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Especially if you are a White cop who is assigned to patrol the 93 percent Black South Side.

    • YngveKlezmer

      A White cop should not be expected to risk like and limb trying to enforce order in these tribal African neighborhoods. If the “good Blacks” that the Liberals love to tell us racial realists about were really so great, they would want to clean up these neighborhoods. The Liberals don’t realize that these supposed good Blacks do not think like us. If they thought like us, they would take control of these neighborhoods, and enforce morality and decency. This doesn’t happen, because morality is a concept that most Blacks see as some White thing, not something that they have a visceral belief in.

  • purestocles

    “this department is not capable of policing the black community”

    RIGHT! So pull all the police from “the black community” and let them police themselves. Everyone wins! The city of Chicago saves money and “the black community” won’t have to put up with all that oppression that’s been keeping them down for so long. And while we’re at it, let’s pull all that TANF, section 8 and EBT oppression as well. Let “the black community” experience freedom from all white interference and be “Free at last”.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Exactly!!! Put the policing of these violent communities on the shoulders of Black police. After all, they should be far more emotionally invested in cleaning up their communities. When this fails, bogus accusations of racism will not work. I think we know what would happen. Far more violence than currently occurs, but far more of this violence would not be reported. Most Blacks do not object to violence and depravity. They enjoy it, and have always objected to our attempts to civilize them.

  • Heath

    This was poor taste.

  • Wendy
    • Brian

      I agree. Attacking a litltle child! At least the CEO issued an apology and punished the A*sholes who tweeted such a despicable post.

  • North Chicago: 36% white not hispanic, 27% hispanic, and 30% black.

    How come the hispanics didn’t get any flattering inclusion?

    • YngveKlezmer

      ’cause their behavior is usually a little better than the Negroes, but not by much. From what I hear, the Mestizo and full blood Indian hordes that are flooding the Southwest are only marginally better than Negroes, at best. All kinds of depravity and increased crime. The full blooded European refugees from South America, of full blooded Spanish/Portuguese descent, are just fellow Europeans. Unfortunately, I think some folks in the North, who don’t understand the difference, have gained a false trust in Hispanics. They think of Aaron Sanchez on the food network as typifying Hispanics, when they should be thinking of the Mestizo hordes in South Texas.

  • odious liberal

    What’s the problem, there is picture in every federal building of a lazy, shiftless, slack-jawed, bug -eyed negro wearing a tie.

    • gemjunior

      No, those are actually the staff. The pictures are of men who just crossed the border into the U.S. and are described as “wanted, white male, approx. 5’2” but who are more accurately described as ‘los indios’.

    • Katherine McChesney

      what a description.

    • YngveKlezmer

      The Liberals seem to think that they can dress them up, and take the Negro out of them. A Negro wearing a tie is still a Negro. A racial realist expects them to act like Negroes. A Liberal thinks that a Negro can become a dark skinned White if they are taught to act like us. They don’t seem to see the lack of logic in this. One wouldn’t expect a Pit Bull to learn to behave like a Golden Retriever, and to never act as a Pit Bull could be expected to act!! Behavior is a mix of nature/nurture for humans, just as for animals!! Most of us know this, but are expected to pretend as if we do not know this.

  • Token Finn

    How about they stop stereotyping racists? Since being a racist now means that you have a brain and a pair (figuratively). I can understand the opposition to ‘stereotyping’ in the sense that it thereotically might lower the self-esteem of groups of people but that only seems to work for some groups and others. Movies and TV teach us that we haunt non-whites for their skin colour (and don’t know anything about their actions) and brand our foreheads with swastikas. Yet somehow that Hollywood prediction never came true. Most racists (AKA most whites) continue to be good people.

  • savage dickhead

    to talk radio fans, since savage got back on air his whole show is nothing but constant self-promotion his book over and over how many stations he is on ad infinitum. its sickening. i thought he stood for something. dont waste your time listening . also many times he sounds like hes on drugs. he should have stayed off the air. and i hope he reads this too because im gonna send it all over the net.

    • Weiner? His over the top ranting and raving always sounded like an act to me.

  • Fed Up

    Of course. Why we all know those drug peddlers in the inner cities are just racist Whites done up in blackface make-up. Because they want to give our fine, upstanding black citizens a bad name.

    • YngveKlezmer

      You have described Negro logic accurately indeed!! They love to pretend that these kinds of things are true, but they know different. Most of us Whites wouldn’t look Negro anyway if we were in blackface. Our lips are way too thin, noses way too pointed, foreheads too high, and jaws too prominent and firm!!!! Gotta love the current climate of racial denial in America.

  • josh

    Amazing they were able to get time off work to go and potest a slide show. The gal says this reinforces “every neagtive stereotype blacks have been fighting against.” Uhmm,can she give an example of how blacks “fight” a stereotype? What does that mean? For whose sake does she fight these stereotypes;I mean does she seek to enlighten Whites? Mexicans? Chinese?And shouldnt her efforts be directed at improving her “communitay”,rather than fighting stereotypes?

  • The libturd media types have nothing to write about. The imagination is gone for a lot these folks.

  • Paleoconn

    They should just film real, non-fictional people on the streets and see if the demographics are the same. I suspect the Tyrone Biggums persona will look flattering by comparison.

  • Pat Kittle

    Those-who-control-the-media relentlessly portray white males as ludicrously inept foils to always-heroic vibrants.

    Apparently the vibrants now expect this and their delicate egos can’t handle anything but foregone fantasized flattery.