Board of Physicians: Dr. Levy Showed No Warning Signs

CBS Baltimore, February 25, 2013

There’s new information in the investigation into a Johns Hopkins gynecologist accused of secretly recording his patients.


The director of a counseling center said they are getting calls from out of state and are starting group therapy sessions just for this doctor’s patients. That is how widespread this scandal has become.

WJZ has learned there could be more than 1,000 victims of gynecologist Nikita Levy as forensic investigators sift through computer servers and hard drives for images they believe the Hopkins doctor secretly captured inside exam rooms.

Levy used a camera hidden inside of a pen. The recordings are clear and can easily be stored on a micro SD card and transferred to a computer.

Stunned former patient Tera Johnson says she recommended Dr. Levy to friends.

“He was a nice man. He was a gentleman, sweet. He was kind, a professional,” she said. “But I guess behind closed doors, you never know what’s going on.”

His Maryland Board of Physicians profile shows no red flags—no disciplinary action, malpractice judgments or convictions for moral crimes.

The problems only surfaced three weeks ago when a co-worker noticed something suspicious and alerted security. Levy killed himself in the early stages of the investigation, leaving behind many unanswered questions: what was the motive? {snip}


Several lawsuits have already been filed.


Levy reportedly left a suicide note apologizing to his wife. He worked for Johns Hopkins for more than 20 years.

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  • pcmustgo

    Interesting, Levy is a very Jewish name… I don’;t know any Black Levy’s…. wonder if he’s half jewish (doubt it) or changed his name, perhaps to have more white customers not discriminate against him off hand.

    • America First

      When I was a kid (50 years ago), I had an eye doctor by the name of Chauncey Levy, who was, in fact half black.

    • T_Losan

      There’s Barrington Levy, the Jamaican singer. I’d say Nikita is an even more uncommon name for a black man.

      Also, “what was the motive?” Is the author taking the p*ss?

    • josh

      His ancestors may have been owned by a Levy,so they kept the name.

    • Glen

      Maybe Levy pulled a “Whoopi Goldberg,” who was born Caryn Elaine Johnson?

  • pcmustgo

    Maybe he was adopted by Jews? A black guy named Nikita Levy? Get out!

    • The__Bobster

      When I first saw the name, I thought “Russian Jew”. No way did “black pervert” cross my mind.

    • Luca

      Jews made up 1.25% of slave owners in the southern US. There were plenty more in Latin America, Suriname, the Caribbean and Brazil as well.

  • I bet he showed plenty of warning signs, except nobody wanted to pay attention for them because of affirmative action.

    • dukem1

      What would the warning signs be? A sore arm?

      • Barrack Osama

        Strange objects always pointed in a certain direction.

        • brengunn

          Yelling ‘action’ while her feet are in the stirrups!

    • John

      That’s exactly right, my friend. First of all, this miscreant is not a doctor. He is an affirmative action clown masquerading as a doctor in civilization. Affirmative action is a sick game that literally costs lives!

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      He was black. That should have be enough warning.

  • pcmustgo

    He probably did it for money, sold it to porn outlets…. I’m sure there’s some fetish out there for it… if not, I don’t get the point, he already saw these women nude, and touched them even without the taping.

    And how many white women go to black male gyns????? I’m imagining most of his clients are black women?

  • Some Guy

    “Levy killed himself in the early stages of the investigation, leaving behind many unanswered questions: what was the motive?”
    Motive?? Naked pictures of female parts, that’s all the motive an over-sexed, poor impulse control black man needs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was going to sell the pictures for some cold hard cash.

    • So CAL Snowman

      He probably had a nice catalog of underage females, and he probably was swapping them online with other like minded pedos.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Just think of what would happen if you had to see a black proctologist.

  • MekongDelta69

    Dr. Levy Showed No Warning Signs

    Yes he did. He was black.

  • ncpride

    Hmmm…. I thought male gynecologists required a female assistant in the room while performing exams…no? Mine always has a woman present from start to finish of an annual exam.

  • Lewis33

    God forbid any news outlet run this story next to the “Nazi doesn’t like black nurses, probably wants to murder them” story…

  • Puggg

    Levy killed himself in the early stages of the investigation, leaving behind many unanswered questions: what was the motive?

    He was a pervert.

    So much for unanswered questions.

    I might be thinking first world here. But if I were of that profession, and had to deal with that part of the anatomy all day long, I sure wouldn’t want it anywhere in my personal collection of photos, or would I want to look at any others on my own time.

    • My grandfather had the same attitude about beer (worked around it all day, didn’t want a drop of it in his house), and I have some of the same attitude about taxes (at least when I had temp-accounting jobs, I worked around numbers all day, yet I keep my own tax situation as simple as possible).

  • Mike Harrigan

    You’d have to be sick (pun intended) to go to a black doctor. Its not only the well known black hatred of all things White that is a possibility. You have to consider the affirmative action possibilities. Was he given extra points for being anything but a White man? Did some sympathetic, well meaning White liberal professor look the other way in medical school if he “acted out”, and give him a free pass because he was an under privileged minority? Was there some kind of quota set in place and some minority med students passed along to meet that quota? Were his answers on medical school exams corrected, like the grade schools in Atlanta and elsewhere have done, to “correct past injustices by the evil White man”? Would he have flunked out if he was a White man? All of these are legitimate concerns.

    So you can choose to go to a black or other minority doctor. Maybe they are competent and every thing will be alright. Maybe they aren’t competent and things won’t be alright. Would you take your kid to a black doctor knowing its possible he is an affirmative action hire? At least you wont be called a racist.

    • libertarian 1234

      “You have to consider the affirmative action possibilities. Was he given extra points for being anything but a White man?”

      That’s the first thing I thought of when I first looked at his photo. I’ve ran into so many blacks in all fields who are obviously just plain incompetent I’m wondering if any of them anywhere really earned their certification.

      I’m sure there are Thomas Sowell look-a-likes out there, though very few and far between, but I’m not about to take a chance on any of them for anything, medical or otherwise.

    • Rita

      When I lived in Boston in the late 1990s, one of the best doctors I had was a Black female.

      • Dan Reardon

        I once watched a man on TV in Africa sit down next to a 500 lb male Lion. Fortunately the man was not harmed by the Lion and walked away. But I would hope most people are smart enough to understand that sitting next to a wild Lion is an exceptionally dumb thing to do. Rita – are you capable of understanding what I’m trying to tell you?

        • Rita

          Yes I am, but I am also aware of the fact that there are a number of White doctors who are incompetent and are quacks as well.

    • Glen

      I’ve not ever known any genuinely well-meaning individual to “look the other way” or give “a free pass” to somebody whose behavior when it violated civil standards, institutional policy, or the law.

  • josh

    No red flags? Uhmm…did anybody LOOK at him? He is black. Thats ared flag in itself. What an extreme sick,sick sicko. ow cruel to violate the women who depend on him for their health!!!

  • IstvanIN

    What could possibly be “sexy” about close ups of women’s personal parts while their legs are in stirrups? What am I missing?

    • bigone4u

      There are lots of gyno porn sites on the net, depicting the insertion of medical equipment into body cavities. I believe it’s considered a fetish.

      • IstvanIN

        Close ups of genitals, strange indeed. And why people need assorted devices is beyond me as well. Well, hopefully, the patients were all black.

    • Although he was a proclaimed expert in this field, perhaps was gathering additional study material so he could bone up at home.

  • george zimmerman

    treyvon was probably posting the pictures and selling them online too. typical. affirmative action.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Stunned former patient Tera Johnson says she recommended Dr. Levy to friends.”

    Tera Johnson sounds like a white name to me. Why would a white woman voluntarily see a black male gynecologist? There are so many other gynecologists to choose from: white women, white men, even minority women.

    Why a black man? I find it utterly incomprehensible.

    • Brian

      The same reason a lot of uber liberal white and Jewish women date a Bantu in college while secretly fretting over how they are secretly afraid of black guys. Anything to prove their leftist credentials and quiet that little voice of Big Brother in their head that wont stop whispering “racist… racist… racist”

    • Intrepid

      Tera Johnson is shown in the video. She’s a black lady. Lots of black names are not distinguishable from white names.

      • PesachPatriot

        Most black names are pretty easy to pick out….I don’t know too many white guys LaMarcus,Deshawn or DeAndre….never met a white girl named Lashonda, Shavonda or Shaniqua before either…

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Well, I suppose that explains it. Still, he probably did have some white female patients.

      • Katherine McChesney

        This name sounds black. Johnson is many times a black name.

    • Observer

      Given the fact that the overwhelming majority of doctors who engage in this sort of behavior are White, I totally agree with you.

  • Simon

    Yikes! I just saw this guys photo on the web. Quite the bantu I must say. Ladies, you have been culturally enriched!

  • Unperson

    The late, unlamented Dr. Nikita Levy (oy!) was merely following in the sleazy footsteps of another notable African-American: rock ‘n roll legend (and tax evader… and teenaged armed-robber… and ex-con) Chuck Berry. Around 20 years ago, Berry apparently settled out-of-court a lawsuit against him by his employees at a Wentzville, MO, restaurant he owned, where Berry had allegedly installed multiple video cameras in the women’s washrooms. Positioned for both overhead and eye-level views, these electric-eyes were NOT to catch customers stealing rolls of toilet paper.

    When a black man possesses both a video camera and access to unsuspecting (usually white) women in various states of undress, home-made pornography — of the most repulsive and humiliating variety — is the predictable result.

    • Chuck Berry…that’s what happens when you cut a song entitled “My Ding-a-Ling.”

    • Love Me Some Sopranos

      Oh Please! There are a number of White men who have behaved in simialr manner!.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Ike Turner installed cameras and peep holes in the women’s restrooms of his studio in Los Angeles. I was also told he had bowls full of cocaine sitting out in the open for anyone’s use. This was when he was married to Tina.

  • bigone4u

    Men attracted to little boys become coaches or priests. Women attracted to adolescent boys become school teachers. We see lots of criminal activity of this kind in the news. It’s not unrealistic to suppose that men with a certain sexual fetish would become gynocologists. You can be certain that there are more Dr. Levy’s out there, and that the medical establishment, like the Church and Penn State is covering up. This transcends race, but I agree with other commenters that the history of black sexuality and criminality indicates they would be prime suspects.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’m told that nuns are lesbians. I knew the brother of one lesbian nun back in the 70’s in Nashville.

  • Viv Jasper

    I’ve met tons of super nice black people who really made me question my opinions about their race. Until they turn around and do something like this. And sooner or later, they usually end up revealing their true nature, even the seemingly smart ones. What was his motive? Perviness combined with zero impulse control. Typical.

    • P.S. Goodman

      And some White people don’t?

      • Samuel

        My thoughts exactly!

      • Viv Jasper

        Oh, all races are capable of undesirable behavior. Some much more so than others.

  • oogaboogaman

    I think this might actually be one of those ‘to the right side of the bell curve’ blacks, most blacks if caught doing this would not have been shamed into suicide. I have an aquaintance in the medical field who recently had to file an incident report about a retarded juvenile black female who was being raped by a male relative and when confronted was proud saying, “yeah I f***ed dat b**tch”.

  • MobyWhite

    This tragic story only proves that White women should not be allowed to us anyone other than Affirmative Action Diveristy AfroFuture Black gynocologists.

    If all White women used only black gyno docs, then he wouldn’t have felt the need to video tape their exams. His actions point to a deep wound caused by historic segregation.

    This wouldn’t have happened if Thomas Jefferson hadn’t raped his slaves. He should have set them free and let the Kunte Kente’s marry his White daughters.

    This story is all Whitey’s fault. Blame Whitey, get a scholarship.

    • Katherine McChesney

      What a dishonest and disgusting posting.

      • MobyWhite

        You sound hot. Can you prove it?

  • robinbishop34

    This makes me think of when Chuck Berry placed hidden cameras in the ladies restroom in his restaurant (we never hear of that do we?). A friend of my mother’s was in the class action lawsuit filed against him. She actually had to go to the police station and identify her own butt.

  • trovane martin

    today be the anniversary of the treyvon martin. april is zimmers stand ground hearing blacks are calling talk radio all day threatening violence if he is freed. wow they are all talk as always. they cry wolf only to sulk back to their ghetto. cowards all. unless they are cold-cocking an 89 yr old woman. typical 85 i.q. all threats . cowards

  • I can imagine the looks on the faces of his patients of no color when they first encounter the Dr., You think he chose a jewish/female sounding name instead traditional black names to lure patients? funny if they discovered his real name was tyrontey butts

    • Tyrone Ooks

      I would walk out the door.

  • This is going to be one massive lawsuit.

    Even if the payout is only $100,000 per, that equates to over 100 million dollars.

    • freddy_hills

      There may be a payout from the doctor’s estate but I don’t see where Johns Hopkins has any culpability unless they had knowledge and failed to act on it.

  • Sandra

    To be fair, there have been many White physicians who have engaged in similar scandalous behavior. We had a White doctor here in Pasadena in 2005 who would knock out female patients with novocane and then rape them. Like this doctor, he committed suicide once he was exposed for his behavior.

    • Tom

      Perverts come in all colors, but you have to admit, there are more Non-White perverts than White ones.

      • Rapidfire

        Actually, White men constitute the largest number of perverts.

  • Al

    But, it’s ok for TSA to stick their hands down our pants and up our shirts.

    • Kyle


  • Caucasoid88

    Muh dik.

  • Tyrone Ooks

    blacks bringing shame to the johns hopkins name – Priceless

    • Want to read something hilarious?

      “Diversity and Inclusion at Johns Hopkins – Commitment. Passion. Engagement. In spring 2006, Johns Hopkins Medicine launched an ambitious endeavor to recruit and retain…”

      • Katherine McChesney

        Sickening picture. It’s as if their focus is meeting a quota instead of providing health care.

  • freddy_hills

    Well… at least he was keeping it real.

  • Dea Whyte-Mansburton

    Thank god this witch doctor offed himself and spared taxpayers the farce of a drawn out media circus trial…where this “victim or raycism” would testify how all those bigotted white wimmenz wouldn’t have sex with him! BTW, he sure as hell looks like he’s displaying a WARNING SIGN to me…that dirty brown skin!

  • Fo

    Isn’t a white female just asking for trouble with a Bantu for a sex doctor?

  • John Smith Jr.

    well, as much as I understand the anger of his patients, one has to realize he did take his own life – something EXTREMELY uncommon for blacks – and I would venture he wasn’t a mediocre doctor, only one with severe mental problems.

    There are enough truly nefarious blacks out there to give this one a break.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Don’t blame it on severe mental problems. It is normal for black men to be pervy.

  • mabia

    This man is gay. He wear feminine clothes and cary purses, the he tries to put on a
    tough guy act to cover up. Think about it, how many times does westbrook jump in someones face
    after a foul or a bad play. All part of his tough guy cover-up. Atleast he’s a good ball
    player tho.medical assistant are very good for
    everybody in the helps us many way to our life any time,when were seek and we need

  • baltimorian

    Tera Johnson is shown in the video. She’s a black lady. Lots of black names are not distinguishable from white names.”

    Sounds black too. Odd version of Teresa? Johns Hopkins is in a thoroughly black area of Baltimore. Patients come from all over, but may would have been local.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Nikita Levy….hahaha….sounds like a Russian Jew.

  • I feel sorry for you people. Do you know the great contributions black people have made to science and medicine??? But then again I am preaching to the choir. God bless you all.

  • White naija wife

    This is not about race people! I’ve seen perverts in all colors. They are all sick in the head, the sickest one might be the white man, they’re always after little boys, how disgusting. And I am a white female. We all come from the same maker. Most of you making comments are probably uneducated ignorant people who need to grow up, god bless!