Ken Cuccinelli Ripped by Business Leaders

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, Politico, February 25, 2013

Two prominent northern Virginia business leaders got into a heated exchange with Virginia Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli in front of a few hundred top GOP donors at a closed-door meeting Friday, multiple sources told POLITICO.

Bobbie Kilberg, a longtime Republican donor and CEO of Northern Virginia Technology Council, and Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Arlington-based Consumer Electronics Association, stood up separately to confront Cuccinelli about what is on the minds of many Virginia and national Republicans: whether the Tea Party-backed attorney general can, or wants to, run a pragmatic campaign in the increasingly moderate Old Dominion.

The face-off took place at a meeting of the Republican Governor’s Association’s “Executive Roundtable,” a group of national CEOs and business leaders, Friday morning at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington. The event was meant to showcase Cuccinelli as one of two Republican gubernatorial candidates this year.


Kilberg, who is close with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, spoke first and noted that the state has become “purple.” She pointed out that McDonnell has sought to govern in the mainstream. But then she wondered aloud if Cuccinelli’s crusading brand fits Virginia’s present political and demographic reality.

Shapiro spoke up next and was even tougher on Cuccinelli. As a hushed room looked on, Shapiro, who sits on the board of the influential Northern Virginia Technology Council, said the state’s centrist-oriented business community won’t back the Republican standard-bearer because he’s out of the mainstream.


Cuccinelli fiercely defended himself, noting his accomplishments and election as a state senator from Fairfax County and as attorney general in 2009.


In a weekend interview with POLITICO, however, Shapiro expressed deep reservations about Cuccinelli and said he feared hard-core social conservative policies would make Virginia less attractive for business.

“I’ve told Cuccinelli I would not support him,” said Shapiro, an independent who supported Mitt Romney last year and has criticized Cuccinelli in a Washington Post op-ed. “Virginia’s incredible tilt rightward, thanks to a lot of Cuccinelli initiatives, has not been helpful at promoting Virginia as a diverse, pro-business state.”

With Cuccinelli as the national party’s most prominent off-year candidate, Shapiro said he was concerned about “how the United States views Republicans in 2013.”


In an interview Sunday, McDonnell declined to criticize his would-be GOP successor but said he had heard about the fireworks Friday at the RGA session.

“It’s a diverse party,” he said.


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  • If I were President now, Ken Cuccinelli would be my choice for U.S. Attorney General.

    Now, back to reality: If he could win Attorney General in Virginia in 2009, he can win Governor in 2013.

    BTW, I noticed that Bob McDonnell, who has gotten “moderate” all of a sudden, now approves a bunch of tax increases to spread rail and other public transit all over northern Virginia.

  • Lewis33

    Kilberg and Shapiro, all you need to know right there…pushing for the Democratic “Lite” party.

    • Charles W.

      Exactly. Always look at the last names. Patterns will emerge.

    • jeffaral

      Killberg, Spielberg, Bloomberg…..Their names tell it all.

  • wattylersrevolt

    More evidence that the big corporations are the biggest promoters of social and cultural filth…legalized homosexual marriage in New York State….and the biggest promoters of Republican and Democratic scab-labor race-replacement immigration policy.

    Scum such as Shapiro…Gates..Jack Welch..should be stripped of their US citizenship and wealth..stolen wealth actually..and sent to go live in Chad for the rest of their lives. The CEO Scum are attacking and destroying long term intact Native Born White American Communities. So, with out a doubt, at the core of the CEO agenda is a destruction of community and the destruction of place…its history…and its flora and fauna. We are talking about extreme psychopathy….the CEO and his or her Corporations as a psychopath.

    Why the intense psychopathic hatred of millions of Ordinary Native Born White Americans? Answer:monumental greed and megalomania..they hate us because we refuse to be their highly exploited wage slaves and for our refusal to be their wage slaves, the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class has decided to wage a vicious war of race-replacement. Oh yes, Shapiro’s ethnicity hasn’t escaped my attetnion either. I saw the same game by the same ethnicity being played in Charlotte NC six years ago..still is.

  • dd121

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Just a reminder:there is no more vile scum in all of the Universe than the Greedy White Liberal..Shapiro is in of them….

    • anarchyst

      shapiro is a member of the “tribe”. Need I say more??

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Shapiro expressed deep reservations about Cuccinelli and said he feared
    hard-core social conservative policies would make Virginia less
    attractive for business.”

    As opposed to California where hard core social liberal policies have made it the WORST state in which to do business for 7 years running!

    • Top Deck

      But still a lot of start-ups and job creations happen in California.

  • roadgeek

    As a resident of Texas, a state with a very strong pro-rightward tilt, I find Shapiro’s statement about how rightist politics drives off business to be idiotic. The businesses already in Texas and the businesses arriving here daily, from such diverse states as California and Illinois, can attest to my claim.

    • NYB

      Texas isn’t pro-rightward in the nationalist sense. Shapiro would find Texas government very agreeable in matters of labor.

    • Tucker

      Not that I have anything but the most extreme level of utter contempt for the neo-conned GOP, but by and large – it hasn’t been the ‘right’ who have a long and easily verified track record of imposing draconian-style, prohibitively expensive mandates and regulations upon private businesses and trying to tax their eyeballs out. No, those assaults on private industry have come almost exclusively from the LEFTIST, COMMUNIST, TOTALITARIANS and BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES in the Democrat Party.

      Of course, this discussion cannot be complete or totally accurate without pointing out that both the Ds and these Rs are equally guilty of High Treason by supporting and promoting the advancement of anti-American, anti-American sovereignty – globalist policies which encourage outsourcing and off-shoring of our jobs and the industries which once provided those jobs.

      This recent hissy fit tossed at this fellow Ken Cuccinelli by the left and by these despicably evil ‘RINOs’ (liberal moles disguised as Rs) – really does take the cake, and is an amazing display of ‘chutzpah’.

      The Cuccinelli people, had they been properly prepared for these assaults, were handed an opportunity to hit one out of the ball-park and crush these vile RINOs like bugs on a speeding car’s windshield. Why did they blow this golden opportunity?

    • Wish it was so.

      Texas gave us LBJ, George W Bush – the worst mass NW immigration Presidents in US history.

      Texas “conservatives” love cheap NW immigrant labor. In the short term they are happy slaves. In the longer term we suffer the fate of Whites in Zimbabwe.

    • jeffaral

      Last time I checked Texas was a province of Mexico.

  • bigone4u

    Call them the Illuminati, the Powers that Be, or the banksters, there is a coherent agenda to destroy middle-class white America that is now well advanced. It involves the destruction of traditional morality, family, and religion. Amnesty for illegals, gun control and confiscation, and central government control of schools are parts of the plan. The black hip hop culture advances the agenda too, as does black on white crime. The surface appearance of normality, with middle class white people going to work every day and actually giving a days work for a dollar disguises the rotting corpse that is today’s Amerika. But ever so slowly, people with their brains intact are waking up. In 20 years this country will be back to its roots or will cease to exist. It seems we are the chosen generation to have to face these realities and respond one way or another.

  • MobyWhite

    They say- Mainstream, Diverse, Pro-Growth: Whatever forces we can combine to wipe out White privilege, except our own, because we’re special, is what we Need Now to Move Us Forward.


    • Tom_in_Miami


      I’m all for pro-growth policies, whatever they may be, but if raising taxes on “white business tycoons” means raising taxes on business that is just one more reason for corporations to move overseas. The US already has the highest or second highest corporate income taxes in the world (trading the number one spot back and forth occasionally with Japan). The best we can do to improve industry in the US is to cut, not raise, taxes on corporate profit and let business prosper so that companies can stay right here in America and hire Americans.

      • ATBOTL

        Few large corporations pay anything near the tax rate on the books. US corporations do not pay comparatively high actual rates.

        • Rickroller Perry recently went on sort of a junket trying to get California businesses to move to Texas, and it is said (at least by the media) that he came away mostly empty handed. There’s a reason for that, and the reason is exactly what you said: A large corporation can be physically based in California, but with the right lawyers, accountants and paperwork, it can be not based in California on paper, ergo what goes on in Sacramento in terms of tax rates for the little people doesn’t affect them. For instance, Apple, physically based in Cupertino, California, is for all intents and purposes virtually based in Reno, Nevada. And for a non-California example, V-Dare has had the Microsoft example, based in Seattle physically, but in Puerto Rico virtually such that its effective American corporate tax rate is only 7%.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    “Virginia’s incredible tilt rightward, thanks to a lot of Cuccinelli initiatives, has not been helpful at promoting Virginia as a diverse, pro-business state.” Given non-Whites love of Marxism, this dim bulb is in for quite a shock when the diversity overwhelms the “pro-business state”.

  • IstvanIN

    The first state that ends welfare/medicaid for the able-bodied will see a huge increase in business and employable people and huge decrease in the “element”. That is the conservative program i want to see.

  • Jackryanvb

    Open borders RINO Virginia Rep Eric Cantor is these folks idea of a winning moderate Republican.

    Q Whats a working definition of a Neo Conservative?
    A a New York Liberal who demands endless US wars for Israel.

  • Didn’t VA just see a huge tax increase? Let them go the way of the other over taxed blue states and watch business move to Texas.

  • George Mason

    VA is attractive to business for the very reason that it is mostly conservative, as is Texas.

    The idea that the future of the state’s economy is based on the presence of Hispanics and Gays and the availability of abortion-on-demand would be laughable, if there weren’t people who actually seem to believe it,

    As if further proof were needed about the intellectual bankruptcy of the “moderate” republicans. Are there still conservatives who believe big business is on their side? I hope nonsense like this will finally bring them to their senses.