Black Students 3 Times More Likely to Be Expelled in CCSD

Paul Takahashi, Las Vegas Sun, February 15, 2013

If you’re a black student in the Clark County School District, you are three times more likely to be expelled from school than your nonblack peers.

Furthermore, your odds of getting suspended are more than double those of your nonblack peers.

These are the startling facts that have surfaced in a Vanderbilt University report on student discipline in Las Vegas. The study, which was commissioned by the School District, prompted Superintendent Dwight Jones to begin rethinking school conduct policies that disproportionately impact black students.

Dwight Jones

Dwight Jones

Schools across the nation are suspending and expelling black students at a higher rate than any other ethnic student group, resulting in hundreds of days of lost instructional time.

That has been particularly true in Clark County. Although black students constitute just 12 percent of the student population, they accounted for 43 percent of all high school student expulsions during the 2009-10 school year. Last school year, nearly a third of all behavior school referrals at the high school level were of black students.

At some Clark County schools, administrators are suspending students at alarming rates. Many of these schools serve students who are predominantly from minority backgrounds.


In response to these shocking figures, Superintendent Jones tasked a 24-member committee this past July to study this problem and come up with solutions. On Thursday, the Superintendent’s Educational Opportunities Advisory Council released 10 recommendations to mitigate the overrepresentation of minority student groups in school suspensions and expulsions.

The committee recommended that the district impose a moratorium on suspensions and expulsions, except for what the district calls the “big five” offenses. These are the most severe offenses outlined under the Federal Guns-Free School Act of 1994: arson, weapons, drug distribution, battery or assault that results in injury and inappropriate sexual relationships.

Instead of issuing suspensions and expulsions, the district should investigate alternative disciplinary policies, the committee said. The new models should be tiered to match escalating poor behavior and include parent notification policies.


The committee also recommended that the district provide mandatory cultural diversity training for all new teachers and administrators, and that one professional development day each year will focus on understanding cultural diversity.


School Board members commended the committee’s work. They argued the time is now to correct a long-standing inequity in the district.

“We have some wrongs that need to be righted in this district,” said School Board member Chris Garvey, choking back tears. “This is the first step in making this right in our district.”

Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

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  • HadEnough

    “On Thursday, the Superintendent’s Educational Opportunities Advisory Council released 10 recommendations to mitigate the overrepresentation of minority student groups in school suspensions and expulsions.”

    Once again, my head is spinning at the no-relief-in-sight liberal madness. What’s that, you say? Moolies expelled more that Whitey. Gosh, darn, must be racism!

    I really can’t bear much more of this “reasoning.” How about this? I don’t need a set of “10 recommendations” to cut the spoonie suspension rate. I have a one-point plan. Here it is:

    Moolies, why don’t you bloody well behave yourselves?!!!

  • Tom Iron

    choking back tears.
    Tears – Yep, that’s the ticket – Tears

  • “Mandatory cultural diversity training for all new teachers and administrators, and that one professional development day each year will focus on understanding cultural diversity.”
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve been going to those classes for over 20 years now. Well, take a look what website I visit every weekday, mostly because of my sensitivity training.
    I’m getting a vibe that’s telling me that Chris Garvey’s tears are mainly caused from how absurd this is instead of perceived racism.

    • Shiva

      Everyone knows that “cultural diversity” means we’re now going to have the behavioural standards to those of a Mexican brothel. Everyone sees it.
      It is a term that has now become a joke, and, happily, one we can now make openly.

    • MikeS

      Her “tears” are mainly monetary in origin.

  • Puggg

    Blacks suspended 3x more. Compared to who? Whites? Hispanics? Asians?

    The committee recommended that the district impose a moratorium on suspensions and expulsions, except for what the district calls the “big five” offenses. These are the most severe offenses outlined under the Federal Guns-Free School Act of 1994: arson, weapons, drug distribution, battery or assault that results in injury and inappropriate sexual relationships.

    And leaving those offenses in place would still result in a disparate impact on blacks.

    • The__Bobster

      And make “skoos” more dangerous than prisons.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “And leaving those offenses in place would still result in a disparate impact on blacks.”

      Schools already let blacks off the hook even for the big five. Drug distribution, inappropriate sexual relationships, battery, and assault were all common at my high school, mostly among blacks. Weapons came up every so often too. The only one I never saw a black person attempt at my school was arson.

      And even after letting most of them walk free or get an extremely reduced penalty, blacks are still over-represented among those suspended or expelled.

  • Ulick

    “a black student in the Clark County School District, you are three times more likely to be expelled from school than your nonblack peers.”

    Proper Response: “And they’re ten times more likely to get in fights, attack teachers, and be a general nuisance than other students. So I see what you’re hinting at, and I agree that the black students are underrepresented in expulsions.”

    • sbuffalonative


      To counter this, we must know exactly what blacks are doing to be expelled.

      Blacks and “progressive” whites only question the outcome. Few question the actions that initiated these expulsions.

      Instead of looking at the end of the process, these people need to be looking at WHY blacks are being expelled.

  • JackKrak

    At what point does the average person just become numb to more headlines about how blacks are “three times more likely” to do something bad and “four times less likely” to do something good, etc.?
    And when was the last time the results of any study put blacks and whites within the margin of error of each other for anything?

    • Barrack Osama

      The average Joe probably doesn’t see it as much as we do here. That’s part of the problem of course.

    • The__Bobster

      Only the fraudulent studies that can’t be reproduced do that.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Chris Garvey….bleeccch!

  • StillModerated

    … your odds of getting suspended are more than double those of your nonblack peers.

    Since Clark County is 52% White, 7% Asian, 9% black, 4% Amerind, and 28% Hispanic — Hell, I’m confused! Are Hispanics (or Mexicans) also non-black? What are the expulsion/suspension rates for the other ethnics?

    And who’s bright idea was it to put Dwight Jones in a position of authority?

  • dukem1

    I’m disturbed that Asians are always under-represented in these reports.
    Perhaps there’s some kind of culture thing going on?

    • The__Bobster

      Who cares?

      Why are Whites always underrepresented?

      But if you want to look at Sino pathologies:

      SFGate February 13, 2013 by John Cote

      SF Restaurant Pays Back Wages, Fines

      (02-13) 14:54 PST San Francisco — San Francisco officials have secured $525,000 in back wages and penalties from the owners of a Chinatown restaurant accused of forcing employees to work 11-hour days, six days a week for less than $4 an hour, with at least one doing double duty as a maid at the owners’ Telegraph Hill home, court documents show.

      The settlement with the owners of Dick Lee Pastry Inc. is the single largest payment the city has received as it tries to protect workers from wage theft, a national problem in which employees, often recent immigrants with limited English, are paid below minimum wage and forced to work long hours without overtime…

  • The study, which was commissioned by the School District, prompted Superintendent Dwight Jones to begin rethinking school conduct policies that disproportionately impact black students.

    Disparate impact again ….

    Someday some white student somewhere will be suspended just because their parent comments on Amren because the school needs a white to suspend to balance the suspension ration.

  • newscomments70

    “This fact moved a white woman on the school board to tears.”
    Why was she in tears? Was she gang-raped by black students? I only ask, because a teacher I know was actually gang-raped by black students during the forced bussing of the 1970s. She was a white woman in her early sixties, and her attackers, all black students, were about 15 years old. For some strange reason, the rape never made the liberal newspapers…oh well, just another acceptable casualty. Every time I speak with a liberal, I remember that poor woman who was raped…and I’m filled with nothing but hatred.

    • Shiva

      Out of Africa.

    • guest

      That’s the liberal MSM for you. The lives and well-being of white victims of a non-white on white crime are of no importance, while the non-white criminals are seen as victims of…who knows what? The liberals have made up so many excuses for them for so long, it’s hard to keep track.

    • Guest

      Link to this event please?

      • newscomments70

        if the liberal media never printed the story, “HOW COULD THERE BE A LINK??”

      • newscomments70

        I looked for it online, but it was so long ago…and I doubt there was any major coverage. Here is what i found while I was looking:

        It is an ABC report about black students who broke their white teacher’s neck, in the Philadelphia area.”The attack happened after 60-year-old Frank Burd confiscated an iPod from one of the students who was using it in class. The 14-year-old returned later with an 11th grader.” They broke his neck over an iPod..just one of many thousands of incidents. I wasn’t even looking for this one.

  • tarczan

    “Schools across the nation are suspending and expelling black students at a higher rate than any other ethnic student group, resulting in hundreds of days of lost instructional time.”

    No, it’s resulting in saving thousands of hours of disrupted classroom time resulting from Bantu indiscretions.

  • Ulick

    “The study, which was commissioned by the School District, prompted Superintendent Dwight Jones to begin rethinking school conduct policies that disproportionately impact black students.”

    Since the conduct policy is facially neutral on race, the easiest way to ensure that black students do not disprportionatley violate a neutral policy is for black students to have their own policy, at their own school, in their own neighborhood, paid for by the people in that neighborhood.

  • IstvanIN

    A 12% black district has a black superintendent? Why? And Ms. Garvey, why the tears, is she retarded? Cultural diversity training? For the teachers? Shouldn’t the students get training on how to behave like civilized Americans? The ones acting like Bantus in the bush, or acting like Mexicans in Mexico, are the ones who need training, not that it would do much good. Cut down on suspensions for all but the most egregious behavior? When does anyone expect blacks to behave if they can not follow the most simple rules? I agree with mayor Giuliani on this one, take care of the petty crimes and the big ones will take care of themselves.

    Oh, and by the way, multicultural societies never work. Even if a multiethnic, multiracial society was possible, it would have to be founded on common cultural norms and expectations.

    • edie

      it’s obvious that some people never seem to learn…….
      and I’m speaking of the stupid white chick, not the blacks, though both fall under the ‘never seem to learn’ label

      • C_C_Conrad

        They can learn and I know how. Read Wilderness Empire and read about the Quakers. They had the same mental disorder(s).

        Jack’s War

    • [Guest]

      >>>A 12% black district has a black superintendent?

      Yes, and the U.S. is just over 12% black and has a black president.

    • bigone4u

      It’s easy to get a doctoral degree in education. The public schools seem to have become a jobs program for highly degreed persons of color. The Super probably makes $200000 a year. Not bad for a soft degree and a position that rarely holds the Super accountable for much.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        No academic field is less respected, in terms of academic rigor, than “education”. Nothing that comes out of those ideological mills has helped anything, has improved anything. Just the opposite. Parasites.

  • Tom Iron

    What about quotas? For every black student suspended/expelled for cause, there’d be a White student suspended/expelled. All the White students names would be put in a hat and picked out at random/lottery style. That should take care of the “problem” fast enough.

    • The__Bobster

      One school had them, so they had to have the Bantu miscreants arrested instead once their quota was met, leading to an even worse situation.

  • Seek

    Has it occurred to this moron, Ms. Garvey, that blacks get suspended far more often than whites because they do the things that get people suspended far more often? What really frightens me is that in their great zeal to iron out racial “disparities” in suspension patterns, Las Vegas school authorities will punish whites for the tiniest or imagined infractions, while levying punishments for blacks only for the most heinous of acts. Sam Francis called this situation “anarcho-tyranny.” Right he was.

    • tickyul

      Don’t bother raising your hackles, just take this country for what it is…..a failed mess.

  • libertarian 1234

    “Schools across the nation are suspending and expelling black students at a higher rate than any other ethnic student group, resulting in hundreds of days of lost instructional time.”

    “Lost instructional time” isn’t a problem when they’re expelled anymore than it is a a problem for them when they attend classes, because most of them either can’t learn or they’re more concerned with causing trouble than concentrating on studies.

    God, this is hillarious, especially the gullible woman who choked back tears over the policy of disciplining thugs.

    They actually want to train these miscreants that misbehaving is o.k., rather than trying to make them realize bad behavior has consequences.

    Are people really that stupid? I know blacks are, but are these white weenies the same?

    • Shiva

      The woman who choked back tears, PMS, it’s that simple. Remember, guys, for better and for worse, the female of the species does not think the same as does the male.

  • Barrack Osama

    These people espouse ridiculous ideas that are completely unnatural. Let us go our separate ways and let nature decide who is right. I’ve never received a real answer from any leftist as to why us bigoted inbred hicks MUST be part of their little fantasy world. Surely we’re just standing in the way of true progress.

    • Ulick

      The people in positions to push the multicultural agenda know that conservative whites are needed to finace their whole social experiment via taxes. The average Useful Idiot who parrots multicultural slogans hasn’t thought about why white conservatives are needed because the average Useful Idiot desn’t think.

  • Viv Jasper

    This makes me want to scream. Has a single member of this committee actually taught in a typical diverse classroom?
    When I taught public school, about thirty percent of my students were black. The rest were Mexicans and whites. About 90 percent of my discipline referrals were black. Other kids misbehaved, but they were manageable. But the major disruptions? With only a few notable exceptions, they were black. Skipping class to get high, fighting, blow jobs under the stairs, black, black, black. I don’t remember any white kid ever throwing a chair at me because I confronted him about his behavior.
    I’m going to go beat my head against a wall now, thanks.

    • jambi19

      Let me suggest a “diversity seminar” for you. All that is required is for you to deny your past personal experiences, lie to yourself, and completely disregard reality. Sounds like a great stress reliever doesn’t it? Always remember; “diversity is our strength!”

      • Viv Jasper

        Yes, sign me up for that! I did actually have to give up one of my Saturdays to attend a professional development workshop on strategies for dealing with black boys. I had several ideas that I would have liked to have contributed but thought it might be best if I kept them to myself.
        These school officials and administrators truly live in an alternate parallel universe.

        • edie

          administrators don’t teach………. they have to deal with the public…………
          so what happens in the classroom is farther down the list for them…….
          they don’t know, don’t care———- they’re bureaucrats

    • Marylander

      I went to fairly diverse schools (8% asian, 12% hispanic, 14% black, 66% white) and I would agree that the black students were a major annoyance but on several occasions, teachers laughed off or ignored the bad behavior of the white students and remarked that they felt “threatened” by the black students’ similar disruptions. It was actually difficult to socialize because of the cultural differences between myself and the minority students as well as the AWFUL behavior of the wealthy white students. There was even a joke that if Johnny Smith gets busted for drugs, you’ll see him in class tomorrow. But if Jamal Smith gets busted for drugs, you’ll see him outside in handcuffs. This article is silly because it hopes to gain sympathy for the “victims” of this educational system without forcing the students or their families to take responsibility for their actions. Ideally, all student that misbehave would be punished equally, but some people don’t function that way and allow their bias to guide their response to unruly children–either by coddling or castigating them. The problem with this entire debate is that everyone is either saying “Black Students 3 Times More Likely to Be Kicked Out of School” or “Black Students 3 Times More Likely to Behave Badly.” No one is saying the truth of the matter which is: “All Students Behave Badly, and Black Students More Likely to Get Caught.”

      • Viv Jasper

        Are you serious. It’s not hard to “catch” someone for attacking a classmate in the middle of a classroom group assignment. Maybe white kids do this all the time without getting caught? Or that time I “caught” a student throwing a chair at me … Maybe I just fail to notice all the white kids throwing chairs at me?
        Black kids get “caught” more because they are more disruptive. When they act up, it’s loud, distracting, and obvious.
        This isn’t about dealing with a bit of mouthiness at the teacher or passing notes during class, the problem is thugs disrupting the learning of others, and school officials refusing to see the problem for what it is.

        • Marylander

          Like I said, students should be punished regardless of race. I don’t doubt that black students tend to be more disruptive because from what I’ve seen, most middle class and wealthy black parents send their kids to prep schools, leaving mostly the poor, uneducated, and uncooperative black students in public school. However, I’m not talking about mouthiness and assuming that the bad behavior of white students is just mouthiness actually proves my point. I’ve seen white students maliciously throw triple-beam balances and textbooks at one another in the middle of class without so much as a detention slip even when someone is sent to the infirmary. In many cases, teachers opted to ignore the white students’ efforts for attention in hopes that they’d cut it out because a confrontation with a defensive parent wasn’t worth making their point, while the black students had less parental involvement and received direct reprimands like being sent to the vice principal’s office for talking back or refusing to sit in their assigned seat. This might not be your particular case, but many have noted that the some misbehavior sticks out more depending on the racialized context. For example: there was a group of white girls in my middle school who frequently shoplifted at the mall and took their middle-class black friend as a distraction because she was always followed around stores while they weren’t. They did this several times and would walk straight through alarms because every time it went off, the white girls were allowed to keep going while their black friend had her bag checked. I think they finally got caught when they were seen shoving things into a purse. Yes, black students misbehave. Yes, black students misbehave at higher rates in public school, and yes, they should ALL be punished equally. But the problem I have is that some people (not you, necessarily) see yet another misbehaving black kid as more threatening or annoying than a misbehaving white kid or in the case of this article, they see a misbehaving black kid as more tragic in a demeaning way. Punish them all. I don’t care who their parents are or what color they came in.

          • Viv Jasper

            Punishing the behavior regardless of race is exactly what most teachers are trying to do.
            Also, I did not assume that the bad behavior of white students is just mouthiness; you made that assumption. I was actually addressing major disciplinary infractions vs. minor infractions among blacks and pointing out that they aren’t getting in trouble for minor things.
            When I stand in front of a class, I address behavior as necessary. It was not until administration decided to make it a racial matter and blame the teachers that I started to take note of which kids were causing the most problems. If anything, blacks get away with more, because if we didn’t overlook some of their minor misbehaviors we’d end up wasting a lot of instruction time.

          • Marylander

            Maybe that’s the case at your school, but in my experience, white students have tended to take advantage of their position and possibly even their majority to abuse the classroom. They have set terrible examples for their black “friends” by encouraging them to participate in behavior they cannot afford to risk. I’m sorry that you were in the position where black students overran your lectures. Maybe it’s a city thing? If it makes you feel any better, I knew a woman who substitute taught a terrible class and made a list of around 5 students for detention. When she gave the list to the vice principal, the vp snapped, “That’s every black kid in the class!” and the sub. just smiled and said “yes it is, and I almost didn’t write the last name because I realized that it was every black kid in the class, but I remembered that I have three half black children and how I would want them punished for acting like this, so I wrote him down anyway.”

          • Luca

            Your anecdotes are nothing more than, well, anecdotes. What you fail to mention or realize (ask any cop) is that when you are inundated with black behavior time and again, you get very weary of it.

            Unlike the utopia Liberals preach about, “tolerance”, has a limit. If my neighbor’s kid plays loud music once in a while and I ask him to lower it and he complies, we don’t have a problem because it was easily corrected. But if my neighbor’s kid plays that music even louder and repeatedly and when I ask him to lower it he says “F*** you” and his brother comes out and says the same and this happens over and over again, well, that’s a real issue. Except if the kids are black, then according to liberals it’s because I am racist and I need sensitivity training..

            You cannot cite isolated anecdotes when you are dealing with a “Big Picture” problem. You have to look at the numbers and the averages over a period of time.”

            Take race out of the equation and you’ll find these are bad kids, with low IQ’s and probably have no father in the home, and a single, disinterested mother with 6 other kids, living in a poor, gang riddled, drug infested, high crime neighborhood. That’s the real issue and not the racism or sensitivity or intolerance of the teachers.

          • newscomments70

            You are completely ignoring crime statistics. White youths do commit crimes, but black offenders are horrifyingly more extreme. Yes, yes, I know that white youths smoke dope and shop lift on occasion, but it is almost never accompanied by extreme racial and sexual violence. How many wayward white youths, smoking pot, will say, “hey, let’s beat up some black people”, Hey, lets gang rape a black girl”? That NEVER happens. Black youths brutally attack whites every few seconds. Black on white crime includes bullying, beatings, gang-rape, and mutilation. Earlier this year, there was a series of crimes across the country of black students setting white students on fire. In some cases, black teachers encouraged the incidents. You have unbelievable arrogance to tell us that black youths are treated unfairly. Stop pontificating and look at the facts.

          • Marylander

            I am not ignoring the crime statistics, you are fabricating them. White on black crime is incredibly common and counterproductive. You’ve never heard of white teenagers beating up blacks for sport? Really? So, neo-nazis, the KKK, and other violent white organizations don’t exist? Either you didn’t believe it, or you haven’t been paying attention. The constant fear and hatred many whites express towards inspire them to do terrible things and the other way around. The army base in Fayetteville, North Carolina has had such a long history of white supremacist gangs to the point where they’ve attempted to isolate the base entirely to protect the black families in the surrounding area from being raped and beaten by drunk soldiers. Bullying, beatings, and gang-rapes tend to be performed by the majority to humiliate and assert dominance on the minority. Countless black students have been beaten and sodomized since schools desegregated. From the articles I’ve read about incidents at the ONE high school in Kansas (not several as you claim), this is one of the few places in America where whites are the minority and are forced to feel the way blacks have for centuries. A white boy was set on fire by two black boys and two girls have come forward to say that they are vilified by one of their black teachers for being white and are offended by the inclusion of the Civil Rights Movement in their curriculum (which is a stupid thing to be offended by). It’s just as wrong. Sexual violence is vastly underreported within the races, so all we ever hear are girls accusing boys of other races. Because of the way power is situated in the US, minority and female victims of crimes are less likely to come forward but are most likely to be victimized because more of the population hates them.

          • gemjunior

            You live in the past, as many black people do. But what about TODAY? What about the 37000 black on white rapes per year? And the overwhelming prison rapes of blacks on white men? Contrast that 37000 with the white on black rapes of less than 10. Amazing. That’s TODAY, not back in the distand past or the recent history. What about the many black terrorist crimes on whites such as Channon Christian and Chris Newsome, the elderly Oklahoma couple, the Nashville atrocity and the many many more that the liberal establishment ignores so as not to make blacks look bad.

          • newscomments70

            I grew up in a “diverse” area. I have never witnessed, nor have I ever heard of white teenagers beating up blacks for sport. If you have any proof of this, I would love to hear it. I’m sure there are a small handful of isolated incidents, but it doesn’t happen every few seconds. Any such crime would be immediately exploited by liberal media. Eight members of my family have been brutally attacked by blacks over the years…mostly women and children. Guess what…the media ignored every incident. Almost all interracial crime is black on white. Blacks and hispanics attack each other, but that is usually gang oriented. The KKK does not even exist anymore. They only started in order to prevent whites from being brutally attacked after the civil war. Freed slaves were raping white women after the war…for sport, as you say. Vigalante groups were the only law enforcement at that time. Over the years, about 1/3 of the people lynched in this country were white. About 2/3 of the lynching victims were black, approximately 3446. Here is an estimate from the University of Kentucky: Some were violent criminals and some were innocent. Blacks murder more whites in one year than the reverse over an 80 year period. White-on-black rape is almost unheard of. The FBI classifies hispanics and arabs as “white” to cook the books somewhat, but the disproportionate crime statistics are still horrifying. If you want a good summary, with footnotes about this subject, read “The Color of Crime”. It is easily found on Google. Almost all black on white crimes are censored by liberal media. If they even think a white person attacks a black, it is internatiional news. They will even fabricate lies to embellish the story. (i.e. by reporting that George Zimmerman was white, etc) Evil white men are sodomizing blacks…are you joking??? Almost all male rape is black on white, or hispanic on white. On the outside, it is black male on white female rape.Youth offenders often spend less than a year in juvenile hall. They are usually allowed to return to school to harrass their victims. In prison, it is male rape, black on white. You can read about the male rape on That is a website sponsored by Amnesty International about male/prison rape. Even the liberals tell truth about that. If you wish to continue your liberal delusion, watch a fictional Hollywood movie. I should be angry, but your ridiculous statements are almost comical. I am sure that many years ago, some innocent blacks were hurt by whites, but the black on white crime in this era is thousands of times worse. What is worse…segregated bathrooms or black on white gang-rape? Segregation was instituted to protect whites from being raped and murdered by blacks. Now that we have forced integration, hundreds of thoudands of whites have been brutally attacked. It keeps getting worse while people like you deny it.

          • Viv Jasper

            Great reply. It takes a lot of patience to respond as you have to people intent on denying the truth.

          • newscomments70

            Thank you Viv. It is exasperating to deal with people who are so unaware of obvious truths. She will probably respond with information she gathered from fictional movies.

          • jay11

            Except for some isolated incidents that are sensationalized, I also have never heard of any white males beating up on black kids for sport. I live in a ‘diverse’ city and except for some ethnic whites who still have vigor, most anglo males cower in the corners when blacks are around or try to act black to curry favor.

          • Marylander

            I’ve known white teenage boys that attacked black men for sport. They sometimes targeted adult men at night so they would not be recognized, but the blacks I saw get the worse of it were the ones in our middle class suburban school. We had open lunch and on several occasions throughout the school year, there were incidents of black boys being ganged up on by white boys on the lacrosse, hockey, or soccer team and were beaten up. When a fight broke out during a lacrosse game and white members of our team were threatened with game suspension (not school suspension) for attacking the only black boy on our own team, the parents stepped in and fought the school so that their kids could keep playing that season. Most of the white students’ behavioral problems were “resolved” by making them apologize, when they’d rather suspend the black students since their parents probably weren’t powerful enough to make a fuss over it. White teenagers act black out of mockery, mostly. They would greet black classmates by saying “whut’s up, playah?” or ask “got any watermelon, son?” It was hardly to curry favor, if anything, they were just reinforcing their dominance and showing off that they had nothing to lose.

          • Viv Jasper

            I’m not trying to be cute; I’m honestly curious: in what year(s) did your school experiences take place? And what region of the country? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer; like I said, I’m only curious. My kids go to a school with very few blacks. These kids are almost all very popular, winning the class presidency, homecoming queen, etc. (we’re in Texas)

          • jay11

            Perhaps this is your experience and I do recognize some whites might act this way, I just think (based on what I’ve seen) that there are far more black teens terrorizing white teens in integrated schools. Most young white females I know literally worship black men in ways that strike me as obsessive. Most young white males I know try to act ‘real’ and worship the sport stars, wear the jerseys and high tops, thug bump, listen to rap and generally act all ghetto. That’s just where I’m currently living. I still have a hard time believing that in 2013 there are hordes of white teenagers hunting down black men.

          • Warren

            Actually, Marylander is correct. When I was in high school in central Oregon in the late 1980s, I was the target of a group of White guys (jocks) who made my life hell! I was the only Black kid in my high school. There were two Asian kids, but they were female. They would intimidate me, push me around (literally), occasionally pick me up by my feet and arms and swing me back and forth, wrestle me to the ground, jack me up against the wall, slap me in the back of my head etc… My size probably was a factor. at the time I was 5’4 and 125 lbs. These guys were already over 6’0 and most of them were at least 200lbs.

            This went on for a year until a new principal (who was White and Jewish) arrived. He just happened to walk into the bathroom where three of these guys had cornered me and were about to flush my face in one of the toilets. He began yelling “get away from him, don’t you dare touch him or I will have all of you expelled! You bastards!” He had all of us go down to his office. He looked at me directly and said “if these punks ever bother you again, you just let me know. I will take care of them.” That is exactly what he said. I remember it as clear as if it happened just yesterday. You could see how pissed my tormentors were.

            He took our names, contacted our parents and afterwards nothing else ever happened during the rest of my high school tenure. In fact most of the guys were older than me. I believe that two of them graduated that the following year. I never informed my parents about what was going on. Given my father’s temper, he probably would have shot them all. Nonetheless, they obviously found out. They were upset with me for not telling them about the harassment I was enduring, but they were glad that things eventually worked out. My parents thanked the principal in question and told them they were very grateful for his attentiveness to my situation.

            He (the principal) left the school two years after I had graduated and I was told he went to Colorado to be a president of a community college. To this day, I am eternally grateful for his intervention. If he had not done so, I might have committed suicide.

          • Josh

            Warren, you did go through pure hell. I am glad that there was a adult who was able to prevent you from being bullied by those punks. Jerks come in all races.

          • Warren

            So was I. Yes, jerks do come in all races.

          • newscomments70

            I’m sorry to hear you had to endure that. They were most likely targeting you because of your size. Whites attacking blacks is very rare, but big kids always pick on smaller kids. I’m glad an adult helped you and put a stop to the bullying. I do have to add, if a white child is being attacked by blacks, nothing would have been done. If the white child fights back, he is the one who is punished. Blacks youths bullying white youths is far more common, and much more sadistic and brutal. I can think of two incidents this year of blacks youths setting white children on fire. (Kansas and Florida)

          • Warren

            Thank you for your post. I want to make it l clear that I have absolutely NO TOLERANCE FOR BULLIES regardless of race. As someone who has been the target of their antics, I know the level of psychological damage they can inflict upon their victims. Black kids and other non-White kids who engage in bullying deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and vice versa.

          • Vince

            Fair enough.

            Best regards,


          • Warren

            Thank you.

          • newscomments70

            Thank you Warren, I agree with you. I’m glad to hear you have excelled in your endevours.

          • Viv Jasper

            Thanks for sharing you experiences, Warren. I agree with the perspectives shared by nc70, and I believe that absolutely no bullying should be tolerated under any circumstance. It infuriates me to see a child of any race being so mistreated by his classmates. I’m glad you’re okay.

          • Warren

            Thank you as well.

          • Marylander

            Yes, I have seen it in real life. I lost quite a few friends because of the way they were portraying the white race and taking their social status for granted. I could not respect people who came from educated suburban families that ganged up on black male students and sexually assaulted black and Latino female students by grabbing their chests and having girls take pictures of them changing in the locker rooms to post on the internet. The guys made frequent jokes about cruising around at night on the weekend with baseball bats and out association officially ended when word got around that they had bragged about being the ones who jumped a black man in the parking garage of his office building and put him in the hospital. They didn’t rob him, it was just for fun. This wasn’t a long time ago either, it was the late 90s and they had been my classmates. I also know white men in the military who discuss the issue of violent white nationalists on their bases that threaten the safety of every other individual on base, jumping white men who don’t join and other races for just being there. Some of these bases are like prisons except that some of the skinheads also have authority. You admit that 2/3 of the lynching victims have been black, but still claim that whites have been disproportionately racially victimized? That’s a contradiction. When it comes down to it, most sexual crimes are committed within racial communities, but go unreported because women are most likely to be assaulted by men that they know. The black male rapist myth was established after emancipation to dissuade white women from intermarrying and to distract from the reality of slave rape that has forced almost 30% of black Americans to have white ancestry. You must have seen The Klansman too many times. Furthermore, yes, some Hispanics are considered white because Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race. You can be any race and be “Hispanic” by being born in a Spanish-speaking country. There are Chinese and German “Hispanics” in Latin America. Zimmerman is mestizo (white and native mixed) and would be classified as a white Hispanic, even though he isn’t Anglo. I think the key difference between the nature of interracial violence is in motive: most black men that attack whites do it to rob them (because they’re junkies or whatever), while most white men that attack blacks do it as an intended hate crime without the intention of robbery. Regardless of what you may think, white people hold the majority of wealth and power in this country, making them the target of those that have been denied inclusion in American society. Many blacks and Latinos ARE criminals and drug-addicts and terribly behaved students, but the effects of colonization that deprived them of humanity and treated them like livestock for hundreds of years cannot be undone with a magic wand. There should have been programs to acculturate them from the time the Emancipation Proclamation was signed but we messed that up and are stuck supporting the uneducated black population that we created.

          • Opie

            Actually, you make some strong points.

          • newscomments70

            The incidents you described are completely foreign to me. I have never seen or heard of any such incidents in my life. I am not isolated to any small community, and I have lived in three large cities. If they are indeed true, I believe the media would a field day, even with the most minor incidents. Major incidents such as beatings, etc would have been international news. Do you have any evidence or links of these occurances? If any your friends or loved ones were hurt by whomever, I feel truly sorry for them, and I wish I could have helped them. I honestly don’t believe you feel the same way about any white person. You seem to ignore and even justify brutal attacks against whites.

            We can argue about statistics all day, but I will leave you with this. What would happen if you entered a suburban white neighborhood? Probably nothing. No one would hurt you nor threaten you in any way. At one time, the police might pull you over…but they are not allowed to do that anymore. What would happen if a white person entered a black neighborhood? A man might be brutally beaten, and the woman might be brutally raped. There is a high probability of that happening. I don’t know what race you are, but if you are non-white, even you would be in grave danger. You cannot keep blaming black on white crime on slavery. It doesn’t work anymore. Even if slavery and colonization were the culprit, should we simply allow ourselves to be constantly attacked?

            There are white gangs in prison. They are not nice people, but they originally formed to protect themselves against male rape. There are also skinheads in the military. I don’t think much of skinheads, but they are vastly outnumbered by minority street gangs…who are much more violent. The FBI does not know exact numbers, but every major street gang is represented in the military. The skinheads are only a small minority.

            You are justififying bad behaviour by mentioning slavery and colinzation. Every race experienced this. Millions of Europeans were enslaved by Barbary pirates. The Moors (northern Africans) colonized Spain for hundreds of years. European peoples colonized each other for thousands of years. We cannot use the distant past as excuses for crimes.

            I feel like I am banging my head against the wall. You are indoctrinated to believe that whites are “evil” and non-whites are victims. I don’t believe I can get through to you. I suggest reading the essays and books of Thomas Sowell and Carol Swain. I especially like Carol Swain. She is an African-American law professor and explains our racial situation very well. Carol Swain is an educated voice of reason. Look her up.

          • jay11

            You do know that latinos are counted as ‘whites’ when compiling crime statistics. Google it and be amazed. Start with the Texas Most Wanted List and look at the races assigned to the perps.

          • Marylander

            Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race, so Hispanics can be anything so long as they were born in a Spanish-speaking country. There are Germans in Argentina, Chinese people in Peru and Chile, and so on. What we like to consider the typical Hispanic is someone mestizo, mixed with European and native ancestry, but since Latin America was colonized by Europeans, there are white people there. I think the problem is that you distinguish white to be exclusive to Anglos, but that is also problematic since the Basques in northern Spain descend from the Celts and are classified as white Hispanics.

          • jay11

            For practical purposes, yes, we are generally talking about the more indio/black hispanics (or latinos or whatever) like mexican indians, dominican blacks, ecuadorian indians and mesoamericans in general. The ‘white’ latinos who come over here assimilate really well, for obvious reasons. Some of the pure-blooded indians can be quite nice, though their IQ’s leave something to be desired. The masses of mestizos are (in my direct experience) very militant, arrogant and scoff atour laws and way of life. The overwhelming majority that I know really believe that it is their manifest destiny to take over this land, and they have no problem voicing that opinion. As an American descended from both Plymouth Rock and Jamestown, I just don’t feel that I am obligated to give my country to foreigners, especially because liberals tell me I have to do it to atone for being born white.

          • shmo123

            The term “Hispanic” is a linguistic dilineation, not a race or ethnicity.

  • bigone4u

    All standards of civilized conduct must be abolished immediately to accomodate blacks. This trend is not limited to LV. Obama is seeing it implemented nationwide. As I have written before, I refuse to support the public schools in any way. Vote no to every school bond issue and every tax increase. If I had children they would be schooled in a private school or home schooled. Finally, may I be permitted to put a curse on the tearful Ms. Garvey: May your children be the victims of the “black thang” behavior now being approved, and may they grow up to be as big a moron as you are, Madam. If the blacks don’t kill them first.

    • Nathanwartooth

      There was a school nearby that wanted more money. They failed to pass the first levy so what did they do? They threatened to take away busing, make the school day the minimum required, drop all extra circular activities and sports.

      After looking at the budget these things comprised only a fraction, about 2% of their total budget. But they knew that parents didn’t want to drive their kids to school so they basically blackmailed people into voting for it.

      I personally voted against it, even though I currently do not pay property taxes. I was sickened that the school would resort to such tactics to get the levy passed.

      They also did dirty things like try to get college students who were home from school to vote for it, knowing that if they didn’t have to pay the tax they would vote yes. That part also made me sick. People are all too happy to raise taxes on other people. What is wrong with people?

      • bigone4u

        In economics, it’s called the Washington Momument strategy. Government threatens to cut popular things, like closing the Monument. The schools eliminated school crossing guards in San Antonio, but a wealthy philanthropist donated the money and the next year the schools picked up the tab again. There was a lot of threats from people that if the schools didn’t do it, the school board would be voted out of office–all of them. As you suggest, politics is a dirty business.

  • The__Bobster

    Schools across the nation are suspending and expelling black students at
    a higher rate than any other ethnic student group, resulting in
    hundreds of days of lost instructional time.

    So every school across the nation is making the same wrong decision?

    • jay11

      Nearly all teachers, especially in urban areas these days, are young liberal, social justice types. Ditto nearly ALL admins. So are they all racists because Dequan got suspended after throwing a chair across the room? (I have witnessed this myself, along with ‘students’ smoking weed in the back of the class, rioting in the hallways, stealing computer equipment and dry humping female classmates without even stopping when yelled at.) Oh, it must be the fault of ‘white’ racism and my ‘priviledge’ that the little darlins’ are doing these things to act out against their feelings of disempowerment!

  • Jefferson

    There is a reason why such a high percentage of Clark County Black students are getting expelled, it is because the Clark County School District is run by evil nazi White supremacists who worship the Ku Klux Klan and Adolf Hitler.

  • Whirlwinder

    These peope are uneducable. And since the school system is a gun free zone we will just wait the next massacre occurs and from which quarter it comes. I do not have an answer for how to educate these people but, all over America, black kids trail white and asian kids in ability to learn. And spare me the hystronics. Just look at all of the studies that show this to be true time and time again.

    • [Guest]

      >>>These peope are uneducable.

      Yes, but are blacks the problem, or is the problem that whites persist in trying to impose upon blacks certain basic standards—in academic settings and in society generally—that they simply cannot bear?

      As for me, I don’t blame blacks for being blacks as much as I blame white people for making themselves willfully blind to the significance of race.

      • Whirlwinder

        Yours is the standard liberal reply. Whites are the probem. Would you have the white culture reduce itself to the level of the black culture? That would deny our standard of living. It would do away with our striving to achieve those things that make America great. Why bother with education when we could be out on the street looking for trouble? And why get married when you can have multiple babies and get lots of money from welfare. If this is what you want, then would you nomimate another race of people to provide the goodies so that we can begin our most excellent journey!

    • Neil

      Actually, there was a young Black man in Pennsylvania who made a PERFECT SAT score last fall. He also plays the cello. Moreover, a young Black man from Arkansas was the winner of the annual Jeopardy high school teen tournament last week.

      • Robert

        You do realize that these two admittedly impressive young men are abberations? They are not the norm. In fact, they could be considered “genetic freaks” in the positive sense of the word.

      • Whirlwinder

        Neil, there are brilliant black individuals, think Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams. Dr. Ben Carson, the supreme court justice etc. I was speaking of the black people as a whole.

  • Itchy

    Moved to tears huh? Pathetic. Obviously a woman who has little real world experience living in a diversity haven like East St. Louis. One year in such a place would work wonders at improving her grasp on reality.

    • edie

      how hard is it to film a class with blacks acting out and show it to stupid women like this?
      do they believe their eyes and ears?

      • IstvanIN

        Actually they don’t. People would look for some underlying cause, some reason that “we” cause them to act out. Rather like the social scientists who get all bent out of shape when a little girl plays with a doll rather than a truck, we must have done something to her. Same idea with blacks.

  • Son of Lurch

    This blubbering woman is a good example of what the Left would have us all become. Completely devoid of any self identity. To be used solely for the benefit of other tribes. What a loser.

  • Shiva

    “We have some wrongs that need to be righted in this district,” said School Board member Chris Garvey[female], choking back tears. “This is the first step in making this right in our district.”

    Sounds like her hormones talkin’ to me. Can everyone now see why you don’t want someone with severe mood swings with her finger on the nuclear button?

  • 1proactive2

    Unbelievable. The “higher minds” are again rearranging deck chairs on their academic Titanic. Their big demon, disparity of outcomes, will be tamed with their near delusional thinking, as they so believe, or is it, “dream”?

    After yet another social program begins, the mayhem will continue; people will be assaulted by blacks, classrooms will be disrupted by them, bullying will continue by them, and innocent people will suffer at their hands all because the adult-children running the show refuse to accept the obvious in regard to race differences.

    To think these administrators actually get paid to dream up these misery-perptuating and taxpayer-expense-producing fantasies. God help us.

    • bigone4u

      Highly paid I might add. In the hundreds of thousands of dollars typically.

  • brengunn

    As visiting teachers to the US often observe, “The United States is the only country that blames teachers for badly behaved students”. We all know why that is.

    What point is there keeping kids that seriously break the rules. I say that as someone who was suspended from school several times and expelled once. I’d probably be a model student in some of these schools they’re talking about.

    • 1proactive2

      Schools get paid per student. If the kid isn’t in school, they’re out a ton of taxpayer cash. To be rid of the troublemakers would result in a loss of thousands of dollars. Public education ALWAYS says that they’re doing it “for the children”, but the reality is that they need these teen cash cows to fund their considerable wages and benefits. Teachers and normal kids will continue to be harmed, but think of these future victims as sacrifices to the totem of political correctness.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Great White sharks are one of the most dangerous shark species to humans…must be racist against humans.

    Fires burn you if you touch it…those fires are so racist against people!

    Black people get expelled more…that’s so racist!

    In the battle of nature vs. nurture, nature almost always wins. Just as sharks are predisposed genetically to be more aggressive and predatory, blacks are predisposed to disrupt order and cause trouble. Can we just admit this as a country and get it over with?

    • edie

      blacks, for the most part, cannot begin to compete academically. So, like the evil children they are, they disrupt those that can…….what else can they do?
      you know they can’t sit quietly

  • Angry White Woman

    Do they not also suspend or expel White students who commit arson, weapons, drug distribution, battery or assault that results in injury and inappropriate sexual relationships? And just how the H does any student get away with even thinking about doing things like this in a school in the first place? Things have certainly changed since the mid-70’s I see. (Well there were drugs naturally, but very little of the other stuff, even counting in fights, etc)

  • [Guest]

    No question about it, the Dwight Joneses of this world are a problem. But it’s the Chris Garveys who’re destroying us.

    • StillModerated

      Chris Garvey probably lusts after her boss.

  • ncpride

    I say drop Chris Garvey into the middle of a majority black school and give her something to really choke back tears about.

  • Luca

    Please bear with me folks, I realize am going off on a tangent here and I am going to propose probably the most outlandish thing a person could possibly suggest.

    How about we make those problem students attend a cultural diversity training program instead of the teachers. Yes, I suggest we teach them how to behave in a civilized society, how to follow rules, how to speak only when spoken too, how to study, how to respect teachers and authority figures, how to study, how to accept others of the White race who are trying to help them, how to show appreciation and how to stay out of trouble.

    I’m sorry, every once in a while I get these fantasy ideas.

    • ‘S okay, Luca. Somewhere, no doubt, there is a government study that WE have paid for that says “fantasy is healthy.” No matter. Your idea is SPOT ON but as you and I both know, it IS fantasy…

      • mobilebay

        This is akin to my fantasy that we’ll ever have a President who’ll demand that illegal aliens leave. It CAN be done. Eisenhower did it and the world kept turning.

  • jay11

    I know white liberals like her. Words cannot express how utterly brainless they are.

  • Ulick

    Below is a link to the trailer for a new show on The Oprah Winfrey Network, “Blackboard Wars”. The show goes inside an all black high school in New Orleans, and the video tells you everything that you already know that white Liberals deny. I watched the first episode. They basically had to make the school into a maximum security prison; but, even then, they couldn’t force the students to pay attention and care. They would show the students’ age and class. There were a few instances of 19 year old juniors and 17 year old freshmen. May favorite, though, was the 22 year old blonde, white girl teacher from Duke. In the first episode she said she didn’t want to teach privileged students like herself, but the trailer shows what teaching an all black classroom will do to even the most liberal idealist…

    • [Guest]

      That excerpt lasts only 2:38, and yet I couldn’t get through it. That’s set in New Orleans, you say? Looks like Zimbabwe.

      Little difference, I guess.

  • Liz Betbeze

    Let the liberal teachers taste their fruit. It’s a shame they get the protection that they don’t deserve.

  • LHathaway

    I have a fantasy too. One day their hispanic and white victims will move her to tears.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    White women have this insatiable urge to rid themselves of their “white guilt” and look after the poor black kids. It disgusts me. Every time I hear of a white woman going to Africa to help with their schools, every time I hear of a white woman adopting a black child, every time I hear of a white woman working in an inner-city school, I just put my head in my palm. Some people just don’t get it. It’s like thinking you can make a snake walk or an elephant jump. These young white women almost always go into teaching and get their first jobs in inner-city districts with a ton of black students. They are called racial slurs, sexually harassed daily, attacked, etc. Yet this only encourages them even more. Seriously…has their ever been a race in the history of mankind that has so readily put up with so much crap from every other race?

    • Vanessa

      A few years ago, either Amren or somebody else published a book or article that explained how whites developed guilt and compassion as part of our biological evolution and adapting to cold climates, thus requiring us to rely more on each other and somehow our guilt complex developed out of that. Does anyone else remember this? I’d like to find that article again. It was very interesting reading.

      • jay11

        Another complimentary article I once read also pointed out that the Puritan Guilt complex also played a great role in the development of white guilt in general here on this continent.

  • LHathaway

    “All the White students names would be put in a hat and picked out at random/lottery style. That should take care of the “problem” fast enough”.

    Most of the white students would study at home. Maybe even put in extra effort. I guess what u need then is some kind of racial preferences at universities. And then when too many white students study at university, u need racial preferences in both public and private sector hiring. Then u need a bunch of propaganda, like in this article, to ensure white girls still keep sleeping with these unfair, untouchable, victims of injustice.

  • TheCogitator

    I’ll bet a $100 against a bowl of doggy doo that boys are expelled more often than girls. Does that make the administrators sexist (or is that now genderist)?

    Boys behave in ways that get them expelled more than girls. Blacks behave in ways that get them expelled more than whites. It takes a mental defective not to understand this, or to be puzzled by it.

  • Vanessa

    I’m a recent product of the public school system in America. I can tell you with confidence that this idea will only create more discipline problems with black students. Once the word gets around that anything goes and there will be no punishment for any but the most grave conduct violations, you’re going to see chaos on an unprecedented scale. I feel sorry for the white students who are totally unprepared for what this policy is about to unleash on them. They’re the real victims here. But then white people are always the victims, as per DWL ideology. If anything, that is one of the side-goals of this moratorium: to start conditioning these young white students to their proper place in the future American society as the new helot class, so by the time they graduate they will be used to being victims at the hands of black criminals who want to make sure whites know exactly ‘where it’s at’ these days.

    • edie

      every ‘advantage’ or ‘gift’ or ‘reparation’ we give to blacks, they use to stab us with.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    I had an uncle who taught in a mostly black school in the 1950;s. He was very much a type “A” personality and an incurable bleeding heart. That job lasted about a year. Later on, he became a social worker and I have heard stories about his arguments with my dad over the need for an expanded welfare state. This was back in the late 50’s/early 60’s (before I was born). My dad’s philosophy was in line with Archie Bunker. Maybe it bothered this uncle that the cops in Atlanta would perform beatdowns at the drop of a hat on wayward negroes. I’m sure some of it was unjustified, but the bigger picture meant that he never saw a home invasion burglary even though he lived 2 blocks from the black area. I guess he would never understand.Probably the same issue with this school board member.

    These people are approximately 13% of the population yet they constitute the majority of murderers, prison inmates, low performers, etc. Why should we be surprised

  • Tom Iron

    Mark Twain said, “First God created idiots, that was for practice. Then he created school boards.”

  • June

    Here’s some simple math: Blacks commit on average TEN times as many crimes as whites (and even more than Asians). However, their CCSD expulsion rate is only THREE times that of other ethnic groups. The reality is that blacks are actually UNDER-REPRESENTED in expulsions. If expulsions were meted out fairly, the rate for blacks would more than TRIPLE!

  • SC Teacher

    I was (note the past tense) a remedial language arts teacher in a majority black school near Charleston, SC. Every time I addressed a minority (black) student for behavior issues, I was told to “every time you mad at the class you yell at a n***er – you yell at da white boys”. The white boys were on-task working quietly, but the black students did not associate their poor behavior with my comments, they just saw a “white man” picking on the black studentsfor no reason due to racism. In a two week period there were two viscous black-on-black assaults in my class and I was blamed for both of them. I resigned, and a couple of weeks later an 8th grade female attacked the school police office and had to be tasered. Life is too short to deal with blacks on a daily basis.

    • Viv Jasper

      Blacks have a poor understanding of cause and effect, which might be why react so badly to correction from a teacher. I’ve tried explaining to black students about how their behavior results in undesirable outcomes, but they don’t respond to reason. Strict discipline and an unwillingness to give them an inch is the only thing that works.
      I left teaching because of morons like those in this article. If I’m going to work with blacks, I have to be allowed to be strict. When my school started siding with violent future inmates over teachers, I was out of there.

      • Groundround

        It was my experience that a large number of White male teachers were either bisexual or homosexual. In fact, during my sophomore year in high school in the mid 1990s, two male teachers, both young and White were caught in the back of the auditorium having sex with one another. Needles to say they were dismissed for their behavior.

    • Marylander

      Life is too short to deal with hypocrisy on a daily basis. The entire student government at my predominantly white high school was composed of the worse behaved students. These white students came from well-off families and sold drugs, skipped class, and openly ridiculed teachers on a daily basis with the only exception that the teachers didn’t feel their egos bruised by white students mocking them. The nationally ranked captains of the girls’ field hockey team were even caught drunk and having sex by the principal during a school dance and even though they were only 15 and 16 and it was on the local news, they still weren’t punished by the school. It’s so ironic that we’re calling these bleeding heart liberals delusional when the rest of us refuse to acknowledge that we’re raising a terrible generation of black and white youths.

      • jay11

        White kids are not perfect, and back in my day there was a whole cadre of drug users and bullies regular kids avoided, but the number of bad whites then was perhaps less than 5% of the school, and even they mostly behaved in class (with some exceptions).
        Snotty white kids on the student government probably is not a reflection of 60% or more of the student body, who are probably more normal white kids. Admittedly even a lot of white kids these days are much lower in quality than pre year 299 whites.
        Acknowledging that, if you never taught in a black school, you need to realize that 90% of the kids are absolutely nuts. No discipline at all. Running around. No HW. Fights, disruptions all the time.

        • Marylander

          Actually, many white teachers choose to leave my area because of the indulgence the administration shows for white students’ abuse. The school was in a very nice area with considerably high education levels and property values. Most teachers say that they can’t stand how white students are allowed to bully the teachers and talk back even when they do try to report it. They say snotty things like “my parents taxes pay your salary, so you work for us” and get away with murder because of their litigious parents. Black students make up about 12% of the school and many remark that once they hit high school age, the problem students just stop showing up and the issue resolves itself. My aunt taught in the Bronx for over 30 years with a phD and she said that it was time to retire in the mid-90s when more of the students seemed drug effected as a result of the 80s crack cocaine culture. Despite the occasional assaults of black students during the 1970s bussing, the students were pretty much on equal footing until the drug babies started showing up in the minority populations and white girls were aborting their own drug babies, sometimes committing suicide out of guilt. I sincerely believe that many of those students are actually incapable of learning and are not our problem, but the claims that others have made regarding race potential are ridiculous. Statistically, many black men have the physical requirements to play professional sports due to centuries of breeding, so it is more probable that a black man will be able to play a professional sport, but it doesn’t mean that there is actually basketball gene. The same goes for intelligence. Black people average lower IQs and achievement due to their social disenfranchisement, but it doesn’t mean that they are all incapable of learning. Suspend or expel any or every misbehaving student and force them to take responsibility for their actions.

  • liberal whites stink

    Is she married to a black or wants to be or lesbian?

  • Puggg

    I wonder if one can be suspended from a Las Vegas public school for gambling.

  • LHathaway

    “Unlike the utopia Liberals preach about, “tolerance”, has a limit”

    I disagree with that. The USA itself is proof that tolerance has no limit.

  • JohnEngelman

    In response to these shocking figures, Superintendent Jones tasked a 24-member committee this past July to study this problem and come up with solutions.

    – Paul Takahashi, Las Vegas Sun, February 15, 2013

    I wonder how much that study cost. My solution, which I offer at no cost to the tax payers, is that Superintendent Jones somehow induce the black students to stop behaving so badly.

  • JohnEngelman

    “We have some wrongs that need to be righted in this district,” said School Board member Chris Garvey, choking back tears. “This is the first step in making this right in our district.”

    – Paul Takahashi, Las Vegas Sun, February 15, 2013

    I wonder how many teachers chock back tears when subjected to daily abuse by black hoodlums who are too stupid to learn, and who violently interfere with the education of others who are trying to learn.

  • Mariner33

    Well, none of the above proposals will work. Imagine a Black kid in class after class disrupting the teacher so that no teaching can happen, knowing that he can’t be expelled.

    It is only in the modern age that we have come to be able to deceive ourselves due to materialistic prosperity. As one idiot said, back in the good old days: “We are rich enough to be stupid”.

    Remember “Spare the rod and spoil the child”? I guarantee you, if flogging for these students was implemented, the bad behavior would cease. It simply is a matter of increasing “negative reinforcement” until the bad, undesirable behavior stops.

  • Cannot Tell

    I attended a predominantly black and mulatto Hispanic private school for my middle school years. The behavior of the black students, albeit being Christian, was horrendous. I am black myself and will forever be ashamed of how ghetto and rude I used to be. I come from an upper middle class background and have no excuse for my behavior except peer pressure. I am Nigerian American and was constantly made fun of for not cursing and not acting ghetto. At least I can say that as much as I tried to conform, I never got suspended.

    I would hate to see what lower income blacks behave like if even the higher income ones are unruly.

  • jay11

    Any man over 35 can look at the picture of the woman in the article and conclude that she has ‘unstable’ written all over her face.

  • LHathaway

    Marylander unwittingly (no offense intended) makes a point. It’s one that’s been made here many times on AmRen. Bad words spoken by whites are taken more seriously than injury or harassment done by blacks. Marylander says black students at her school claim injustices were done and she takes their claims more seriously than the official pronouncements of the school, and no doubt more seriously than any real injury done to any white student.

    Doesn’t this just encourage more claims, gossip and outright lies? Sounds like this could describe the last 40 years of race relations. . . Raymond Wolter’s wrote a book about school integration called ‘Race and Education’. This book has been called a description of chaos and breakdown. Wonder if the author touches on this as a cause in his book?

    • Marylander

      Actually, most black students tried to keep to themselves and cover the shame of being victimized in school. Even the ones that came forward had nothing done besides having the white students apologize if even that. Other white students got away with murder and ran around pronouncing their entitlement to everything and everyone. As far as “any real injury done to any white student,” the closest thing I recall to that was when I saw nothing done about a Latina girl slapping a white boy who pulled her skirt down in the hallway. Girls had interracial arguments about typical drama all the time, but it was never anything serious or violent. It was just terrible watching white teenagers squander away their privilege.

  • MBlanc46

    “Cultural diversity” = “blacks are more violent”.