Protesters Show Support for Christopher Dorner

Los Angeles Times, February 16, 2013

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters downtown Saturday afternoon, holding signs of support for Christopher Dorner, the fired police officer suspected of killing four people.

Those gathered said they were protesting police corruption and the way the massive manhunt for Dorner was conducted. Authorities said Dorner appears to have died from a self-inflected gunshot wound after a shootout with police in Big Bear on Tuesday, ending a deadly rampage that stretched across Southern California.

Protesters said they believed Dorner’s claims that he was unfairly fired from the department in 2009—grievances described in a lengthy online manifesto that has been attributed to him. Dorner also claimed that he was the victim of racism.

Protesters also said they were appalled by police mistakenly shooting at passengers in two separate trucks in Torrance, wrongly believing Dorner might be in the vehicles. One woman was shot in the back and is still recovering.

The protesters emphasized that they did not condone the killings of which Dorner is accused.

Michael Nam, 30, stood at the corner of 1st and Main Streets with a sign, painted by his girlfriend, showing a tombstone and the words “RIP Habeas Corpus.” The tombstone was engulfed in flames.

Nam, of Lomita, said he was disturbed by the burning of a mountain cabin near Big Bear where Dorner barricaded himself with a high-powered sniper rifle, smoke bombs and a cache of ammo. The blaze started shortly after police fired “pyrotechnic” tear gas into the cabin; the canisters are known as “burners” because the intense heat they emit often causes a fire.


Protesters on Saturday said they organized the event through a Facebook page called “I support Christopher Jordan Dorner.” {snip}

The Facebook page states: “This is not a page about supporting the killing of innocent people. It’s supporting fighting back against corrupt cops and bringing to light what they do.”

As the protesters stood Saturday, drivers passing by honked, waved and gave thumbs up. {snip}


The protesters marched around the block, circling an intersection near the department headquarters. They chanted, “LAPD, you are guilty.”

Signs expressed anger at police and support for Dorner.

“If you’re not enraged, you’re not paying attention,” one sign read.

“Why couldn’t we hear his side?”

“Clear his name! Christopher Dorner”


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  • crystalevans

    What about those innocent people that Dorner killed? How come nobody is protesting this loss of life? Dorner was mentally ill. I tried to read his manifesto but it did not make sense.

    • bigone4u

      It didn’t make sense because you’re not a cultural Marxist, nor are you a nut. Actually, cultural Marxist and nut are redundant terms.

    • Roger

      Actually, many people are. Have you not been listening to the news or reading the newspapers?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Mr. Taylor hit this one out of the park the other day. To leftists and blacks; a paranoid, narcissistic murderer’s claims about “racism” were seen as a legitimate beef against the LAPD and may have even justified the rampage. A society which finds specious examples of “racism” to be more evil than acts of wanton murder is truly a sick one indeed.

  • Jefferson

    In America a Black man can get away with murdering an Asian woman, and be celebrated by the left as a hero for doing it.

    In America if a White man murdered an Asian woman, he would be compared to Adolf Hitler by the left. In other words, he would be seen as a racist nazi by the left and not as a hero.

    • Jason M

      Adolf Hitler = The Ultimate Anti-Liberal……….. Lets be racist nazis!!!!

    • Observer

      Oh please! White men murder people all the time from George Zimmerman , Michael Smith,White police officers serial killers and so on… Murder is a critical part of the White male psyche.

      • Moorisham

        Yes, White people do murder, but when are such events celebrated?

      • Bernie

        George Zimmerman is Hispanic and he killed Trayvon Martin in self defense. Blacks are 12% of the population yet make up 20% of serial killers. Police officers tend to kill criminals trying to kill them.

        Still, there are some white killers. But they rarely kill blacks and are never celebrated by other whites.

      • Sun

        He wasn’t saying that white people don’t commit murders…pay attention…or get some glasses.

        P.S. George Zimmerman wasn’t European.

      • Nathanwartooth

        This argument is so childish I don’t even really know where to start.

        “But White people do bad things too!” Well DUH.

      • Bob

        There are far more black serial killers than white ones when you look at it per capita. And Zimmerman’s not white. And all gang rapes are done by blacks. Black sexual assaults on white women: about 36,000 a year. White sexual assaults on black women: zero.

      • Luca

        Typical liberal argument or rebuttal. If we say black people disproportionately commit crime they say “White people commit crimes too.” if we say blacks have an average IQ of 85 they say “I knew a black kid in school who was an honor student”.

        Don’t even give these Liberals the time of day. Trying to present facts to a liberal is like trying to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  • connorhus

    I can’t believe (OK yes I can) that this lunatic accuses the LAPD of racism citing cases that include a Female cop (who some claim is Hispanic even though she has an Anglo name). An Asian Captain, A couple of other Black captains and board members and an incident where four Black cops beat, framed and permanently injured a Hispanic gang member and were then convicted of that and drug running themselves.

    The list of so called racism encompasses all the minorities of the Lefts wonderful diversity and yet, as always, it is all the White man’s fault even if one isn’t involved.

    Talk about “Low Information Protestors”.

  • Seek

    A convention of grievance-mongers comes out of the woodwork. Mainstream “conservatives” will denounce the demonstrators as “liberals” or “Democrats.” More accurately, they’re called blacks.

    • The__Bobster

      Blacks dressed as White libtards?

      • Seek

        No, just blacks dressed like blacks.

  • libertarian 1234

    These are the same types who think O.J. Simpson was innocent of murdering two people.

    • blight14

      If you REALLY want to get frustrated on that case, read Mark Fuhrmans ‘Murder in Brentwood’….the massive amount of evidence the ‘dream team’ (puke!) was able to get dismissed/suppressed was truly unbelievable…. granted, I wouldn’t have prosecuted OJ in the first place….

      • rebelcelt

        That guy that he murdered did not do anything. His ex-wife who cares what happened to her.Not me.I do not wish it on her. But, like Steve Irwin always messing with dangerous animals….it is a shame you got killed but you took a lot of chances.

  • The__Bobster

    The Fulford File | Christopher Dorner, The Rampart Scandal, And The Real Problem With The LAPD
    By James Fulford on February 16, 2013 at 10:08pm

    Recently-deceased black gunman Christopher Dorner is fairly typical of black
    mass murderers who feel that white society has wronged them, and deserves
    to be shot at.


    Colin Ferguson

    Omar Thornton

    Mark Essex, the 1972 Howard Johnson’s Sniper

    John Allen Muhammad, Beltway Sniper

    Jamie Foxx as the fictional Django Unchained.

    And a whole bunch of guys you’ve never heard of, or if you’d heard of the incident, you’d say “That guy was black? I didn’t know that! Why didn’t anyone mention it?”

    What makes Dorner different: for years, he was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, fired for lying about another officer’s alleged (by him) violence and racism. [LAPD records: Fugitive Christopher Dorner had troubled tenure, By Eric Hartley, LA Daily News, February 9, 2013]

    Steve Sailer asked:

    Immediately after the New York Times headlined “Shooting Suspect’s Racism Allegations Resound for Some,” the chief of the LAPD announced the department would
    re-investigate why Christopher Dorner was fired.

    As usual, the opposite question from the one being obsessed over in the media
    seems more worthy of investigation: Why was this highly defective individual
    hired in the first place? Why did the LAPD, which is big enough to afford the most sophisticated screening processes, ever give this man a badge and a gun?

    • rebelcelt

      Do not forget the Zebra murders.

  • Anon

    I highly recommend race realists look more closely at this case. Although we all know of the inherit psychopathic tendency of the black man, this case just doesn’t make any sense. The slight for which he supposedly went on a rampage is trivial. Literally, he supposedly went berserk because no one believed him for whistle blowing on another officer committing police brutality. Umm….I find that unlikely, even in a black officer. That he has no history of outbursts of violence……make that OVERWHELMINGLY unlikely.

    Let’s suppose it is true…..he killed a couple of civies and a couple of officers. I am very sorry to say that such a thing happens every single day in the US. But this incident, for some reason, sparked the biggest manhant ever. The LAPD literally freaked out and killed several innocent people tripping over themselves to get this guy. When they finally did, he committed suicide and conveniently burned to the ground any physical evidence that might have been present.

    Come on. COME ON. That isn’t suspicious. This case has NOTHING TO DO with any of what has been presented to the public. Most likely, Dorner saw something he should not have (something far more serious than supposedly kicking a handcuffed mentally ill suspect in the head a few times), threatened to open his mouth about it and now we have this.

    Shame on the liberals for grasping at straws for their anti-white agenda. But there is actually something going on with this case. Something serious being covered up.

    • professor

      I have to agree here. The whole thing stinks with massive progaganda
      overtones. The police are a closed “club” that has it’s own rules for
      members and outsiders are not welcome to know or partake in the rituals.
      There may be some breaking down within the ranks. Always remember that they are not looking out for our best interests but only their own.
      They have families, usually make good money and strive for retirement.
      If you know any watch the last year of their work and you will find that
      they all work extensive overtime to pad the final retirement paychecks.
      They will not jeapordize the gravy train in any way which explains why
      many of their infractions go unpunished. The enforcement, judiciary and
      incarceration systems are actually one large entity that no one involved with will take any action against. There is much more to this incident than meets the eye.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Are you serious? Have you read his rantings (some of which were posted here on Amren a few days back)? Have you watched Jared Taylor’s summary of the whole incident, which can be found here:

    • George White

      No…it is what it is. Dorner was found inadequate. Liberals have taught blacks to have temper tantrums when they do not get what they want. And black Americans HATE authority of any kind. It’s a witches brew of stupidity.

    • MikeofAges

      With a few day to think about it, I have come to a conclusion about Dorner’s firing. The reason why the LAPD wanted to fire him and the legal reason they fired him were not the same. The legal reason, filing a false report, was fraudulent, sliced a little thin as it were. The actual reason was that he was recognized as a mental case and as someone who would not keep to the code of silence both. No one would want being fired as a law officer on their record. If an officer is fired without adequate cause, it becomes a grievance which can be nursed to a thousand-degree heat. The LAPD chose the lazy way out rather than undertaking the arduous task of proving their actual case against him. Whatever you think, he was not a “wink-wink, nod-nod” kind of guy. They never should left him the rope to hang his grievances on. If they had to fire him, they should have proved their real reasons.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Nonsense! If people only knew how modern police officers are scrutinized, and how politically-correct the staff of most police agencies are, they would not say such things. Police these days are questioned at every point in almost anything they do. The agencies do their best to reduce lawsuits, and political-correctness and ‘sensitivity’ training is drilled into most officers’ heads from the day they enter the academy. Things today are not like they were in the old days!

        Moreover, a good many cops will turn in other cops they suspect is doing something wrong or against policy. The ‘code of silence’ is definitely not as strong these days among cops as it was 30 or even 20 years ago. Everyone fears lawsuits and losing their pensions, so most tend to walk the straight and narrow. Sure, people can point to exceptions, but for the most part, cops are doing things according to the law and their agencies’ policies.

        • MikeofAges

          Maybe the code of silence has weakened as you say. But I still say, their stated reason for firing him strikes me as a little thin. If they had not taken the expedient way out when they discovered that someone mentally unfit had slipped through the hiring process, he might have realized that he had never been suited for the job in the first place. I suspect that big city departments will approach the issue of dismissing these kind of individuals differently in the future. But the public will never know anything about it.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Nonsense! There’s no big mystery to this case. There’s no conspiracy. There’s just looney cop who somehow made it through the hiring process, the police academy, and a few weeks through the FTO program before finally being terminated for justifiable reasons. Truth is, he should have never got that far, but that’s another story. Regardless, he went on a murderous rampage and LAPD and other local agencies did their best to apprehend him. This black knucklehead didn’t have any secret information on LAPD that somehow forced their hand to hunt him down and kill him. The police did exactly (albeit with mistakes and imperfections) what they are supposed to do when some nutcase goes on a killing spree! For more, see

  • jfly

    I watched some of this crap yesterday on the news and lo and behold the majority of these protester a…..s were white libtards. Go figure

  • I’m tired of white idiots.

  • wattylersrevolt

    White leftists are giving black males a blank check to murder Whites…not much more complicated than. So what happens when Native Born White Americans become a racial minority within the borders of America? Well, since racism=Nazism=Hitler…and only Whites can be racist…..blacks and nonwhites will be given a blank check by white leftists to exterminate millions of Native Born White Americans.There is no more vile scum in the universe than a white leftist-liberal.

    • purestocles

      “blacks and nonwhites will be given a blank check by white leftists to exterminate millions of Native Born White Americans.” And rural white males (those embodiments of all human evil as projected by urban liberals) will be the next kulaks.

      • MikeofAges

        Clever putting things in terms an intellectually knowledgeable liberal can understand, but for a slight miscalculation. Many liberals and progressives remain sympathetic to Stalin and Bolshevism.

    • Will White

      I agree,just watch bsnbc almost anytime of day.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    It’s funny, but the MSM isn’t hyping up this story like the Trayvon Martin story, that’s for sure! It’s a lot harder to make this mass murderer look like a cute, cuddly and innocent victim. And I suspect even the liberal MSM doesn’t believe the outlandish claim that this liberal nutcase was the victim of LAPD corruption. The MSM just wants this story to go away. Move along folks, no morality lesson for whites to be had here.

  • bigone4u

    Sad, pathetic lunatics often need to identify with a great cause. Think of the Communist fellow travelers in the 1930s and 40s who supported “Uncle Joe” Stalin in spite of his monstrous murder of tens of millions of innocents. Dorner supporters are cut from the same pathological mold. The pathology is to see an alleged injustice and then identify with those who are its victims. In Dorner’s case the “useful idiots” (as Stalin called them) see him as a victim and their cause as justice. The danger to society is that this lunatic fringe thinking can spread and become a mindset that justifies anything–including the extermination of the white race.
    If a ballot initiative were in place in California calling for the internment and eventual genocide of whites, I fear it would pass. The hatred of whites is that extreme. At least Spielberg and the other Hollywood bigshots would be rounded up and shot too.

    • C_C_Conrad

      These anti-white genocidal freaks WANT a shooting war.

      • MikeS

        Then a shooting war they shall have.

  • TheCogitator

    Christopher Dorner was a nut job, and he probably made a spurious complaint. That said, the LAPD is a corrupt organization that often brutalizes people of all races. Of course to some, if they are beating the hell out of whites, that is okay, but heaven forbid they would do it to a black.

    We are living in a police state, and the police are over-the-top everywhere. The should be peace keepers, not law enforcers, and they should not be so militarized.

    • bigone4u

      Some of the weapons the police are accumulating would do justice to an army. And they want drones!

    • George White

      I live in Los Angeles. If anything, LAPD preys on WHITES, not blacks. I can’t drive down the street without getting some silly traffic ticket. You can bet that illegals don’t pay traffic tickets, and most blacks don’t pay either. White tax money runs the show, or rather, used to run the show. That’s why the state is in the toilet. The white middle class is exiting the state en mass. There will be nobody left to pay the bills. Also, little known fact, LAPD has not been majority white for a number of years. No, Dorner was incompetent and could not face the truth of his own shortcomings. And he was certifiably nuts as well.

    • Richard

      They should not be “beating the hell” (to use your term) out of anyone.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Nope, LAPD does NOT brutalize people of all races. They are as politically-correct as they come, and the department has radically changed from its days under the leadership of William Parker and Daryl Gates (unfortunately). Moreover, the nature of working in LA as a cop forces them to get ‘hands on’ quite frequently because of the type of people they deal with daily – namely, black thugs and Mexican gangsters!

      For more on this, see

  • George White

    Nuts. Totally topsy turvy nuts. God help us.

  • Epiminondas

    Don’t tell me an all-out race war is not in our future. This may have been our John Brown moment.

    • Bernie

      Maybe. But it will be between blacks and Hispanics. Outside of a few individuals, whites do not fight back.

  • Luca

    There is a very large cancer in American society and it needs to be cut out. Unfortunately, it is metastasizing at an alarming rate. It is 10 seconds before midnight and the clock is running out.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Sorry to inform you, but the clock has already run out of time and we’re now beyond the point of no return! Our current crisis will not be end pretty, and it will not be settled diplomatically either. Many tears will be shed.

  • SintiriNikos

    LAPD is not perfect. But a lot of its flaws is not even due to Whites at the helm. Look up the Rampart scandal. Four blacks the main culprits, including one guy, Gaines who was killed after attacking an undercover cop in an episode of road rage (oops!). They also shot and framed a Hispanic dude who is now in a wheelchair.

    And yet I rent the movie Rampart with Woody Harrelson, and I only see White villains. Shocking!

  • MikeS

    “If you’re not enraged, you’re a calm, rational, sane, sensible, normal, civilized human being.”
    “Question: Why couldn’t we hear his side? Answer: He passed on that option.”
    “Clear his name! You know, like you did for O.J.”

  • Jim R

    No one deserves to be shot or injured (or treated unfairly on the job?) but , that understood,
    Dorner and LAPD probably deserved each other. Three are larger issues re personnel
    treatment within the LAPD than this sensational and tragic case. The media are at their all
    too typical recklesness in getting lots of info from the LAPD about a guy who once worked
    there but who is not around to discuss his job performance. Stepping around Dorner,
    what about an overall pattern of grievances among many others filing complaints against
    LAPD? Too much like work to get that sort of story?

  • Token Finn

    Seems very pre-emptive. They know he was 1) black 2) racist and 3) a murderer and they know that his case attracted a lot of attention. They don’t want people to make the connection between blacks and crime (especially race related in some way) so they try to turn the discussion away from the reality (a self-professed black racist murderer who sees the N-word and homicide as equals) to the world of fantasy (Dorner’s accusations) in order to bizarrely turn the uncomfortable situation into a case against whites by using vague claims of guilt against a white majority entity like the police. They take the claims and interests of a majority bad entity (racist murderer) at face value and force the theoretically innocent entity (majority white organization) into proving something that they cannot possibly ever prove to complete satisfaction.

  • refocus

    Why do most of the posters here consider that the media is reporting facts about the Dorner case? JFK, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, MLK and ……..

  • Big Bear dont mess around.

    Why are they blaming LAPD? Are they scared to blame the rural mountainous San Bernadino Sheriffs Dept deputies who wasted no time putting a quick end to the cocksucking murdering piece of stink roasting him alive inside with no possible way to surrender or get out not to mention pretending to call the the Big Bear Lake rural volunteer department?

    Was Dorner that dumb to know Big Bear Lake is 99% white and that nitwit made their day by coming there? Shooting fish in a barrel was putting it mild. It was more like a fish fry grill out.

    Ashes to ashes never knew it so good.