The Surprising Details About Sonia Sotomayor’s College Past That You Won’t Find in Her New Book

Charles C. Johnson, The Blaze, January 29, 2013

Sotomayor’s time at Princeton takes up much of the book, but her account of her alma mater left a lot out, especially her involvement in left-wing politics and an explicitly anti-white club. In fact, despite her self-description as “more as a mediator than a crusader” on racial and political issues, the archives of Princeton show that it was just the opposite. According to The Daily Princetonian, Sotomayor even “helped shape” Princeton’s affirmative action practices and used her position as a student judge to advance a left-wing agenda.


As a sophomore, Sotomayor, then co-chairman of the Puerto Rican student group Accion Puertorriquena, filed an April 1974 complaint with the New York office of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) demanding that Princeton do a better job recruiting Latino administrators, faculty, and students. She delivered not one, but two letters to the president of the university calling for explicit quotas and timetables for Latino students, faculty, and administrators—and got results.

“Over the next few years, the University established new hiring and recruitment practices that gradually changed the ethnic makeup of the faculty as well as the student body,” wrote The Daily Princetonian in 2009.

Sotomayor demanded more Latinos on campus. She condemned Princeton’s administrators for showing “a total absence of regard, concern, and respect” for Latinos and accused them of organizing “an attempt—a successful attempt so far—to relegate an important cultural sector of the population to oblivion” in a letter to the editor in May 10, 1974.

Sotomayor saw an “institutional pattern of discrimination” at Princeton. Later in a 1996 speech, she described the complaint as Princeton’s “affirmative action failures” and the ensuing pro-racial preferences as results. “A short time later, Princeton hired its first Hispanic assistant dean of students.”


While Sotomayor’s book mentioned her involvement with the Third World Center (TWC), she left out that the group’s politics were laced with anti-American and anti-white rhetoric. Its constitution and founding documents made this clear, as does a 1976 document from the TWC. “Oppression breeds resistance,” the students wrote in protest of the decision by Princeton University to reduce the TWC’s funding. “The history of the peoples of the Third World, who have suffered from U.S. Imperialism, and of the oppressed nationalities within the United States—Afro-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, Asians, and Native Americans, has been a history of oppression and resistance.”

The TWC’s anti-white position was demonstrated in November 1984, when the group’s board demanded that non-white students should have the right to bar whites from their meetings on campus. They also demanded minorities-only meetings with the deans. (John Hurley, “Black students, university debate closed meeting policy,” The Daily Princetonian, November 29, 1984).

This was an outgrowth of the purpose of TWC, which was to teach minority students to “become more sensitive to the consequences of a long history of prejudice and discrimination,” according to its 1973-1974 annual report. {snip}


The legacy of the Third World Center continued after Sotomayor graduated. In fact, future First Lady Michelle Obama would later serve on its board. Almost a decade later, the political tone of the TWC was expressed in the group’s 1984 constitution with the following language: “We define the term ‘Third World’ as those nations and people who have fallen victim to the oppression and exploitation of the world economic order,” wrote the preamble. “This definition includes the peoples of color in the United States, as they too are victims of a brutal and racist socio-economic structure perpetuated by those who still exploit such groups as Asians, Blacks, and Latinos and who still occupy the homelands of the Puerto Rican, Mexican, Native American, and Alaskan peoples. Therefore, we must seek to understand the historical and contemporary ramifications of oppression we are to liberate ourselves from economic and social chains which bind us.”

While careful in her book not to associate with the “down with whitey” attitudes of many Latino students, Sotomayor wasn’t so circumspect in a speech she gave before the TWC on November 7, 1996, entitled, “The Genesis and Needs of an Ethnic Identity.”

At Princeton, I began a lifelong commitment to identifying myself as a Latina, taking pride in being Hispanic, and in recognizing my obligation to help my community reach its fullest potential in this society,” she said. “Accion Puertorriquena, the Puerto Rican group on campus then, and the Third World Center… provided me with the anchor I needed to ground myself in this new and different world.” Sotomayor further praised the methods of Manuel del Valle (Princeton class of 1971) and her friend, Margarita Rosa (class of 1974) in establishing the TWC. They, she noted with approval, “had demonstrated and taken over University buildings” to persuade the Princeton to build TWC.


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  • bigone4u

    Like her inspiration Obama, Sotomayor writes a self-serving book that does not tell the whole truth. Why am I not surprised that she has a history of hostility toward whites and a history of making “demands” that correspond to her perverted sense of justice. Expect more of these types on the courts as time passes. Blind justice? I think that idea is dead.

  • Puggg

    And we needed the island of Puerto Rico…why? So we can have a stable full of racial agitating wise Latinas like her to put on the Supreme Court?

    • Luca

      Which term would be more offensive? A “stable full” or “a binder full”. Hard to choose if you’re a liberal.

      • Puggg

        Heck, Romney couldn’t admit he engages in gender based affirmative action (the infamous “binder” comment) without hearing about it for his use of the word “binder.” That’s what frosted me about the “binder” comment, in that he admitted that he used affirmative action.

    • Alex

      Puggg, you hit the nail on the head. Not too mention how many neighborhoods in New York, Chicago and Boston would not have tons of little PR hood-rats running around if we didn’t take it from the Spanish?

      • Alex

        to sp

      • tremendouscoast

        My father left Puerto Rico for the US mainland in 1949 when he was 19 years old. Best thing he ever did was leave NYC in the 1950’s before things got bad. Grew up in mid – America like anyone else with no feelings of animosity. Other than being Catholic in a rural southern area I was no different than anyone else around me.

    • Jane

      Yes, and I always wonder why Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska were made states in the Union. These are predominately non-White places. The natives of these places should be subjects or residents of the U.S., but certainly not citizens. I don’t think that my ancestors fought in the Revolution to make these people citizens, which cheapens citizenship in our nation.

      • Puggg

        Puerto Rico isn’t yet a state (thank goodness). Hawaii never needed to be a state, no more than, say, Guam. Alaska…because it eventually became populated with mostly Americans…I can understand making a state.

        The one I’ll never get: Rhode Island.

        • Storvesiren

          Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is leaving the union tomorrow….

        • Steven Bannister

          I don’t understand your comment about Rhode Island. Could you please explain?

    • liberalsuck

      I say let them be an independent nation and pay their own taxes.

    • Ed_NY

      Spain knew what they were doing when they dumped P.R. on the U.S., they were just flushing the toilet.

      • tremendouscoast

        Actually Spain tried to hold onto Cuba and Puerto Rico and only gave them up as a result of the Spanish – American War of 1898. They were the last Spanish colonies in the New World.

    • Joseph

      The Democrats are raising 6 million more voters there for emergencies.

  • MekongDelta69

    The Third World Center… provided me with the anchor I needed to ground myself in this new and different world

    Could there possibly be a more aptly named group?

    You just can’t make this stuff up…

    • Joseph

      I’m going to hazard a guess that this “Third World Center” isn’t financed by Zimbabwe.

  • guest

    This definitely comes to no surprise to whites who haven’t been brainwashed into self-hatred. Since day 1, Sotomayor has made it clear how anti-white she really is. She’s only about her own people, as are many non-whites in this sort of power.

    • liberalsuck

      If a first term of Obama didn’t wake up as many whites, I don’t see how this term will.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Obama got 39 percent of the white vote. Most of that was in Northern and Mid-Western states where whites have little experience with diversity.

        • Joseph

          I’d think the first 4 years would be ample experience with diversity to determine what it is about.

        • tremendouscoast

          You are exactly right. Few blacks in places like Wisconsin (except Milwaukee) have much experience with the joys of diversity. Jesse Jackson got his highest white vote there when he ran for president in 1988.

      • Non Humans

        Especially given the morons he assigns to his cabinet, Obamacare, Obama Phones, Disparate Impact nonsense, Fast and Furious (and the lack of any legal action against Muh Peeple Holder), etc, etc.
        Historians will look back on this point in history and wonder WTH? Especially with so many blatant transgressions of our basic, founding, and principle laws and nothing at all being done about it.
        Sites like this one, and those who join me on them are the only reason I have any faith at all left in this once great country.

  • We already know what this racist quota is. The people who need to be made aware, are these zit faced, white punks under 25 who think they are smarter than those of us who were alive back in Sotomayor’s college days four decades ago.

    You know the types. They hold hands with minorities, gleefully vowing to wipe out racism, yet cannot grasp that those exact same minorities totally approve of racism in their favor. Why won’t someone reach out to the naive youth?

    Hello? Republican Party? Hello? Is anyone there?

    • a multiracial individual

      There are plenty of young people that respect merit, and the free market, and oppose illegal immigration. However, they will never join the GOP because the GOP has many idiotic battles (abortion, gay marriage, hostility toward science, etc.) it feels it needs to fight.

      • falsedawn

        It doesn’t really matter about this poor cow. The die is caste now and when everything comes apart and the minorities don’t get their checks, they’ll come after us and attempt to kill all White people. That’s when we can finally settle this situation completely, once and for all.

        • The__Bobster

          I suppose that will leave “a multiracial individual” between a rock and a hard place, as both sides will want a piece of his mongrel ass.

        • Cherry Bomb

          Kill all white people? I’d like to see them try. There are MANY of us armed and ready, military veterans and hunters with great distance shooting skills.

          The AR-pattern rifle is the most popular rifle in America with millions sold in the last decade. Virtually all of them have a standardized sight mounting rail meaning they can easily be equipped with an efficient optical sight. These are accurate up to 400 yards.
          How many “minorities” have scoped bolt-action rifles such as those used by millions of whites for deer hunting? Many of these guns can hit a man-sized target at 1,000 yards.

          “Minorities” shooters will fire in any/all directions, they’ll be armed with pistols, shotguns or old iron-sighted rifles and will be lucky to hit anything within a 100-yard range. They and their homies are easy targets for sniper fire from outside a 100-yard range. They won’t know what hit them and don’t have the IQs points to think outside the box, to make tactical decisions or mount an effective counter attack. Leave the bodies where they are as a warning.

          • Liberalsuck

            But how many of these armed white people you mention will actually have the balls to fight back? We have rolled over on every issues for generations now. We are too afraid of standing up to blacks because we would be called racists. We send out ‘online petitions’ to ask a tyrannical government if we can break off parts of the US and make those states into our own nation. We wouldn’t fight off a black violent criminals without having to clarify we weren’t racist before resisting. We are silent about the whites getting murdered in South Africa and whites aren’t organizing armies to rescue them. We aren’t putting up signs in white towns barring blacks from entering like we used to.

          • Joseph

            Listen, I have an aunt (quite old now) who was a tee-totaler when it came to killing. She, with my uncle lived several miles out of town in a semi-rural area, acreages etc. She would catch mice in live traps and throw them outside. I saw her catch a scorpion in an envelope and throw it out of the house because “thou shalt not kill” in her words. Not even flies were to be swatted in her house by us kids. Death penalty is immoral etc.

            Chapter II. My uncle was a retired Army Major. He was not so inclined as his wife and in fact, enjoyed hunting from time to time though not really avidly BUT he DID own a several long guns for the purpose. One evening, Uncle was gone late at work or whatever and somebody tried to get into the (large) house through a window after she would not answer the door. Suddenly, all of the moralizing about killing became secondary to survival and after calling the sheriff, she went and stood in the bedroom door (by her account) with the 30-30 screaming at the would-be intruder that if he came in she would shoot. Apparently whomever it was didn’t think it was worth chancing and ran off. Nobody was actually shot in the making of this real-life story. (She claimed that upon the deputy’s arrival that he told her to be sure to pull him into the house so that he did not appear to have been shot outside “because it’s a lot easier that way” I don’t know)

            Point is, no matter what they say, when you are in what appears to be imminent danger, or your family, MOST people know what to do. It is coded in DNA. The problem is convincing the willingly ignorant to be prepared BEFORE the guy is climbing in the window.

          • I have a soft spot for animals. I think using sport hunting as part of Second Amendment apologetics is stupid and bad PR. (Except nowadays, it’s the left doing it to grease the skids for one legislative proposal or another, because we “don’t need this or that to kill deer.” PETA’s ears must be bleeding.)

            There’s a difference between humanely catching mice and returning them to the field if possible and killing a very large hostile animal or human being to save your own life.

          • falsedawn

            Very true Sir. But they will come after us anyway. They have to. Once the money runs out and they’ve got no way of living, that’s when they’ll come to take whatever Whites have, including our lives. That’s why it’s important for our White people to understand the time for talk is already behind us. Especially talk about this stupid meaningless woman.

          • Ed_NY

            And if the government has their way, we wont have rifles anymore. The war against the 2nd ammendment has begun. Even the conservatives are getting on the band wagon. Many prominent politicians have said that nobody needs military style rifles and their goal is to confisicate them. Look at the new draconian gun control laws in NY. The government wants to disarm Whites.

        • liberalsuck

          those blacks and mexicans will attack white people anyways, so what have white people got to lose by standing up to them now? Oh, and when these parasites come for white people, how many of those white people who’ve been stocking up weapons are going to use them when they need to defend themselves or their family from tyranny or gangs? Seriously?

          • falsedawn

            Sir, when this all comes apart, most White people won’t have any choices about defending themselves and their families. They’ll already know the score because the White race traitors will’ve already been killed because of their delusion, they can deal with the minorities. It’ll be fight or be eaten.

        • Joseph

          No matter what- they will continue to get increasingly worthless gummint checks as the literal and virtual printing-presses run. The collectivist system will assign all possible resources to “our most vulnerable citizens” (minorities).

          Besides the which, they are nothing like organized enough to “kill all white people”. The first place they would attack would be their equally nasty neighbors and the local stores which they would loot and burn. They are not clever or industrious enough to go very far in any numbers that would matter.

          The life expectancy of black/brown looters in the rural/suburban areas would be exceedingly brief.

      • The__Bobster

        The GOP does not believe in junk science like AGW, and as a scientist myself, I agree with them.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          Political parties have no business deciding what is or isn’t science on ideological grounds. The consensus amongst climate scientists is that AGW is real, political parties role is to make policies to deal or not deal with the issue. I’d say ending immigration from the Third to the First World and becoming independent from Arab oil by investing if alternative energy sources (nuclear, solar, wind, etc) would be good responses to deal with AGW AND good for Whites, but that the last thing the GOP and its owners want.

          • Joseph

            The Chinese and Indians do not share your concern so even if we accept your “consensus”, they don’t and any contribution to warming by the US will *very* quickly be dwarfed by these two alone. If we completely stopped emissions the result would be minimal in comparison so we suffer further damage to our economy and lifestyle and gain nothing in return except the same liberal elite headed by Al Gore who isolate themselves in luxury with armed security can feel better and award each other with accolades for their accomplishments and concern.

      • Barrack Osama

        And so our tombstones will read “We’re dead. But at least dudes can stick it in each other’s butts now.”

      • “They will never join the GOP” because the GOP doesn’t feel much need to oppose illegal immigration, especially at the GOP’s elite level. What else can you say when the previous GOP Presidential nominee (who mostly punted on those social issues you cite, BTW), played Kris Kobach for a fiddle just long enough to win the nomination, ditched him in early March, then went almost full amnesty and open borders all the way?

        I guess now’s as good a time as any.

        How do I know for sure that Romney and Kobach didn’t talk about immigration at all, or much of anything else, since early March?

        Answer: Kobach called me personally to tell me.

        After the Hempstead Presidential debate, and its section on immigration, where Obama got the last word in reminding everyone that Romney’s chief immigration adviser was the co-author of Arizona SB 1070 (read: Kris Kobach), I got suspicious. I knew Kobach wouldn’t really return my call if I tried to call directly, but I figured there was a way to do it in a roundabout way. Kobach and I had something in common at least through most of last year, that being the Bott Radio Network of Christian radio stations. Kobach did (and I think he still does) have daily radio commentaries on Bott stations (the Bott chain is based in Kansas City, and Kobach lives in the Kansas suburbs thereof, and Bott stations are all over, including two in St. Louis), and father and son Dick and Rich Bott that run the chain were always big Todd Akin supporters throughout his political career, and were obviously supporting his Senate campaign, and of course I was on Todd’s campaign staff. I figured I could call Rich or Dick Bott, announce myself as a campaign staffer for Todd, (and I was), and just for that, they’d do me the favor, that being put in a call to Kobach, who would in turn do anything for the people who run his radio commentaries, and that is, return this call to a Todd Akin campaign staffer, which he did.

        And we talked just for a few minutes. Just from that, him telling me with his own mouth that Romney didn’t talk to him about immigration since early March or talk to him about much of anything else since then, and via the tone of his voice (forlorn), I knew he knew and figured out that Romney used him, played him like a cheap violin then threw him out when he got a more expensive toy (Adelson money).

        It will probably be a long time before I can bounce balls off walls to talk to someone that important, if I ever can again.

        • George White

          Kobach should be the POTUS. That man can kick some butt.

          • About that.

            V-Dare wanted Romney to pick him as his running mate. And now, they cite his failure to do so as probably the proximate cause of his not winning.

            Because of the events of this past political season, I am utterly sick and tired of armchair quarterbacks who sit back in their chairs, after the fact, after the election, and gloat that you didn’t want because you didn’t do exactly everything I wanted you to do. That’s the province of Karl Roverrated type barnacles. It’s the “argument from authority” logical fallacy, only the “authority” only exists because the candidate lost the election.

            And sure, I would have liked Romney to pick Kobach, and it could have put Romney over the top. But I’m not going to sit here and say for sure that it would have. Which in turn has to lead me to say this:

            Even if the ticket was Romney/Kobach instead of Romney/Ryan, I STILL could envision a scenario where Obama wins the election. And what if Obama/Biden beats a ticket of Romney/Kobach? Who’s going to get the official blame? You get one guess. Hell, there are people who in our real world blame Kris Kobach for Romney not winning simply because of the five minutes Kobach was Romney’s “immigration adviser” (not really, as you now know). What would these barnacles be doing, what kind of victory laps would they be taking, if Kobach was the running mate and the ticket lose anyway?

            That said, there’s a part of me glad that Romney didn’t take Kobach. It’s the same kind of skewered sense of relief I get that Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. must have had when John F. Kennedy ultimately was not chosen as Adlai Stevenson’s running mate in 1956. Stevenson still would have lost, Kennedy’s Catholicism would have gotten the “blame” (it would have been a convenient excuse), and Kennedy’s Presidential chops probably would have been bust.

            Now, to get Kobach on the Presidential track, he’s going to have to win Governor or Senate from Kansas at least once, probably twice. But neither office seems to want to open up in 2014. What I worry about is by the time he’s got enough credibility, the country will be too far gone demographically to elect him as President even if he does get 70% of the white vote nationally.

          • mobilebay

            Thank you! I’ve been praying for this since I first learned of Kris Kobach. That young man needs to be sitting in the Oval Office. Hopefully, the Obamaites will realize what kind of a person they voted for and will all go for Mr. K.

      • George White

        Abortion is hardly an “idiotic battle” considering that we’ve lost fifty million children at this point. Are you asleep?

        • a multiracial individual

          In a world in which roe v. wade is NEVER going to be overturned, why alienate potential allies in the fight against illegal immigration (the most deadly threat to American prosperity)?

          • You just answered your own question. I agree, Roe v Wade is probably de facto settled law. (Mainly because rich Republican men want it because their wives want it.) This means the left and anyone who agrees with Roe v Wade should be sophisticated enough to recognize rhetoric about someone wanting to take it away as election season wedging and agitprop from left wing politicians. At the same time, our side should also exhibit the same kind of sophistication, to realize that those who are promising to overturn it are very likely trying to hustle money from those who actually think RvW can be overturned to fund some other agenda.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          How many of those were viable, healthy, White children?

          • Joseph

            True enough but killing the innocent is a poor solution. It is like continuing to wear out erasers and mess up the paper with corrections when we gave people a calculator to get it correct the first time.

            Forced BC for indigents on the dole and captured illegals before they spawn; black, brown, white, whatever- period.

          • ed91

            how many were unwanted babies in the wombs of crack mothers?
            or alcoholic mothers, or mentally disturbed mothers?

    • Oh, hey there. 40 years ago Affirmative Action began.

      40 years ago insourcing cheap labor from the Third World started. You really liked that cheap labor, didn’t you?

      Your generation didn’t have enough White babies. Wages were stagnant due to a variety of economic pressures, including immigration. Who’s going to pay your social security? Immigrants? Yeah, they’re going to piss in your milk in your nursing home.

      The anti-White policies we face now, were started and perpetuated by your genaration.

      But yeah, I used to be one of those white punks under 25. Eventually I figured out why Whites need to take exorbitant student loans, White women need to spend their most fertile years in endless schooling if they want any chance at any kind of career, there aren’t any good jobs for unskilled Whites, and precious few jobs for anyone really.

      • MikeofAges

        People, men or women, need endless schooling because the U.S. Supreme Court effectively banned the concept of aptitude, as discriminatory against minorities, in favor of absolute reliance on closely job-related, documentable credentials. See Griggs v. Duke Power. The high court then ordered the bar lowered for minorities (and, in that era, white women), but not for other people. Back in the day, we had a term for this play. Called it a “trick bag”. One damn mind-bending trick bag, to put it mildly.

      • ed91

        so for almost my complete adult life, we have been under AA.
        and AA actually benefits white women more than anyone because they are more able to take advantage of it………..

        and I’m guilty all around… old white male…….. what a cross to bear……….
        sung to the tune of:
        “nobody knows de trubel I seen, nobody…………”

        • Daisy

          White women did not need standards lowered to gain admission to the country’s best colleges. In fact, the country’s best colleges admitted white women to remain competitive.
          Black and hispanic women benefit the most from AA in the workplace; I’ve never seen it help a white woman who was incompetent.

          • ed91

            white women sucked up the jobs—– screw admission

    • Liberalsuck

      The thing is the whites under 25 don’t know any better. We have to educate them without coming off as ‘hateful bigoted uneducated’ which is how their cultural distorters have painted the opposition as.

      • ed91

        they will probably get it shoved down their throat so much in the next 10 years that they will be a large part of the backlash coming

    • Ed_NY

      My 22 year old son bought into that trap. The problem is, like most 22 year olds, he has all the answers and you can’t tell him anything. Maybe some day he will wake up.

    • Joseph

      “The Republican party isn’t in right now. They are away at a conference strategizing how to include more Hispanics in the party. We value your patronage and an associate will be with you shortly. Please hold on the line…click. beep***beep***beep***beep…

  • tarczan

    Time after time, the idiotic Rep Senators let these people roll through without questioning their past. Ginsberg was chief legal council for the aclu and she breezed through, now this race baiter. The news is just so depressing, i wish I could move to the hills of W Va, but family commitments, (health) preclude that from happening.

    • The__Bobster

      I remember the MSM gushing how wonderfully qualified this “wise latina” was. I couldn’t figure out how, as she needed to use AA to make it through law school.

  • jay11

    Puerto ricans used to be more white than they are now. Gradual infilitration from the darker islands changed the people darker and darker. Now most truly are ‘people of color’ and the lighter skinned ones, like sotomayer, play the pan-oppressed fiddle to get the goodies.

    • IstvanIN

      and that is the plan for all of America.

    • ohdear

      “Lighter-skinned” doesn’t = white. Are the Japanese white?
      You’re pulling that information about Puerto Rico out of your ass, and God knows for what purpose. It was actually massive European immigration (Ireland, France, Netherlands, European Jews) that whitened the island if anything. But this is still a Carribbean island we’re talking about, and Puerto Rico has never been predominantly white (in the late 1800s it looked more like Brazil or Dom. Republic with a huge population of recently freed black slaves)

  • Lewis33

    Once again, we should congratulate the media for doing such a bang up job on finding and reporting on all this before she was confirmed. Oh, wait…

  • IstvanIN

    Non-whites come to the US because, despite all their blathering, they are better off as “oppressed” minorities in the US than as unfettered people in their own homelands. Point two, Latinos have their own homelands, Sotomayor could live in Puerto Rico and work for PR independence but it is easier to suckle off the white man’s teat. In fact, Latins already own most of the new world. Latin-America is bigger than Anglo-America and Franco-America combined, with a largely better climate (who wants to live in northern Canada or Alaska) and tons of natural resources. Why do they need to invade our nations and steal what we built? Because they grossly mismanaged the bounty that God and nature provided south of the Rio Grande. And after they take over our nations what will be the end result? Just millions of additional acres of poverty, starvation, crime and ruin. Sad that not one white “leader” will point out these simple facts. Latinos ruin everything they touch.

    • Skincognito

      Great observation about the post-colonial mismanagement of the rich territories of the Caribbean and Central and South America. May I suggest respectfully however, that we remain weary of the misnomer “Latino.” I have no Iberian or Mediterranean ancestry, but I am well aware that this genetic stock of explorers, navigators, inventors, artists, composers, philosophers, theologians, statesmen and warriors have nothing other than oft-abused languages in common with wise mestizas. Third World Catholicism also bears no resemblance to the faith of the conquistadors.
      I’m sure you know this and consider the “wise mestiza” in question a racial alien, but in some cases orthography is our narrative. If we give ground by calling Spanish-speaking mongrels “Latin” then we have repeated the error of calling Jews “White.” Yes I went there. The Whiteness of the highest court in the land has been irredeemably blighted.

      • IstvanIN

        We have to use language the way it is commonly used today, not how it was used during George III reign. The “natives” of Latin America, whether you call them Latins, Hispanics, or whatever, regardless of their genetic make up, are not “us” and mean us harm.

        • Skincognito

          Common usage is often manipulative in our era of information gluttony, while ethnic nomenclature, like place names, is highly political. I also know a few Argentinian and Brazilian White Nationalists who mean us no harm.
          All the best.
          PS. Sotomayor, like Rev. Jackson, appears to have FAS, those bug-eyes speak volumes.

          • tremendouscoast

            I am a White Nationalist of Puerto Rican/English ancestry who has nothing for the “Wise Latinas” and Sonia Sotomayor, let alone poltical correctness or multiculturalism. Count me in!

          • IstvanIN

            A late friend of mine, Puerto Rican, mixed race, though mostly white, used to say she was proud to be PR, proud to be American and wanted the illegals tossed out. Wasn’t too fond of blacks. Unfortunately people like you and her are in the minority. Although I will admit that far too many “non-Hispanic” whites are willing to throw us under the bus. And people like Menendez and Rubio, who have been treated so well by the nation and white people who allowed their parents to emigrate here, are more than willing to see the “Anglos” exterminated. Sorry if that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

          • tremendouscoast

            I agree there are lots of PR’s who like to play the victim card and Sotomayor is one of them. I do not agree with them, nor am responsible for their actions. You probably know though, that there is a big difference between the Spanish and indigenous cultures in the Latin world.

          • Jane

            Wow! White with Puerto Rican ancestry. What are the odds against that? Puerto Ricans are a mixture of Spanish from Spain, New World Indian, and Black. Even if all your ancestors are Spanish, a large percentage of Spaniards have Arab ancestry ( ie. Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas), so unless I see you and your siblings, parents, and grand-parents, and they all look White, I will reasonably assume you are a mixed-race person. I have met P.R. who look white, but after seeing their families it is obvious that they are mixed. Sorry is that offends you, but it is the truth. Oh, and don’t give me that “Arabs are White” nonsense that I so often hear from Spaniards and Sicilians, so that they can claim to be White people.

          • Achaean

            You are making a common error in assuming that, since there are a number of races in PR, it follows that everyone is of mixed white/non-white heritage. This is like saying that since the US has many blacks, Asians, and Mestizos, etc, it follows that everyone is of mixed race. First, in the case of Spain, while there are Spaniards of mixed race, the majority of Spaniards to this day are White, but less so in the southern regions. The North/Central regions, except Madrid, is heavily White. Second, the Indians in PR were reduced to a small proportion, though there was mixture with the incoming Spaniards, but it does not follow that all Spaniards mixed with Tainos. Third, the African population in PR was minimal, and never large as in Cuba, Santo Domingo or Jamaica. Just look at the ethnic composition of PR in Wikipedia. The PRs who came to the US in the 50s/60s were the poorest ones who happened to be less White. Finally, Sotomayor, as Derbyshire noted recently, is White, with only minimal non-white blood, if at all. Look at here profile in Wiki, and photos as a young girl. As Steve Sailer has noted, White Hispanics, in the main, have been very opportunistic in jumping into the bandwagon of diversity to reap major benefits. Look at the pictures Sailer has compiled of these White Hispanics, they look very White.

          • Nativist

            Achaean, I have to disagree with you on the wise Latina’s ethnicity, Though relatively fair skinned, her features have a strongly Indian cast. This is relatively common in the Caribbean and Central America.

          • tremendouscoast

            Having a Puerto Rican father, I doubt the ‘wise latina’ has AmerIndian blood. She appears to have a slight amount of mulatto ancestry which is fairly common among PR’s. The few Indians that lived in Puerto Rico died fairly quickly after the Spanish conquest.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            What non-White features do either Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas have? Would you consider all brown-eyed and black-haired Europeans to be “non-Whites”? Is Catherina Zeta-Jones non-White?

          • Jane Lek

            Let’s talk about the destruction of a race, because that what this is all about, the destruction of the White race. The first way to destroy a race is to brainwash them into not knowing what their race is. Negroes, for example – not that I give a damn about Negroes – but they are a good example. People like Obama, Colin Powell and his wife, Eric Holder, and all of Obama’s other so-called “Black” staff members identify themselves as Black, but they are not; they are mixed-race people, not Black, not White. A very large percentage of what we call Black Americans are mixed-race, and even in Africa Desmond Tutu and the Nelson Mandela are mixed. Compare them to a real Black person, like Idi Amin. In the New World, the Black race, and the American Indian race too, have basically been destroyed. Do you want to see the same thing happen to the White race? If you cannot see that Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas are mixed with Arabs, then your racial awareness has been destroyed. Banderas even admits it. Brown-eyed and brown-haired White people are common. White people do not have black hair. Very dark brown, yes, but not black like a Chinese person. I do not know anything about C.Z. Jones, so I would have to see her blood relatives to make a judgment.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            I’m sorry, I can’t take seriously your completely subjective, personal opinions about who does or doesn’t look like they have some some Arab, or what exact shade of hair colour makes someone non-White.

          • tremendouscoast

            I am amazed how race realists who would agree on the overwhelming majority of issues constantly fight among themselves over who is “white enough”. I see this all the time on sites such as this one. With the problems we face this infighting is a luxury we do not have. I need no one’s permission or blessing to be a supporter of AMREN or Jared Taylor.

          • tremendouscoast

            And let me guess, you believe that someone with the ethnic background of an Antonio Banderas or Penelope Cruz and were race realists who supported the ideas of AMREN, shouldn’t be accepted?

          • Triarius

            Gene studies have been done to show that Spaniards and Sicilians have almolst no non-white blood in them and are much closer to Germans than North Africans, etc.

            They kicked all the Moriscos out or killed them.

            Brought to you by a blonde, green-eyed Sicilian. All four of my grandparents were born in or near Palermo.

            And don’t talk skin tone to IQ either. Italy is almost always in the top three of Europe and beat out places like Japan and Germany depending on the study.

          • fenway23

            Recent DNA tests have shown that Spaniards have Moorish ancestry that’s in the single digits (on average). Both sides can take what they want from that when it comes to discussing their “whiteness.”

          • Son of Sambo

            Charming. More Nordicist trolls. And ignorant ones at that. Just who I wanted to hear from. Get over to 4chan.

          • Non Humans

            Kinda reminds me of “Juice” off of Sons of Anarchy.

          • tremendouscoast

            No offense taken but I promise you wouldn’t pick me out of a crowd as being anything but white. I know this because I am addressed in English by visible minority types. My mothers ancestors have been in NA since the 1650’s. Don’t worry I am on the side of AMREN and European Americans – really!

          • IstvanIN

            You can be white and Puerto Rican. Look at Ricky Martin and every elected governor of Puerto Rico.

          • tremendouscoast

            Exactly!! Like I said no one reading this would pick me out of a crowd at the AMREN conference as being anything but white. The only giveaway would be my surname.

    • John

      When I was a kid of 15, my friends and I would play basketball in our all-White neighborhood. My younger sister liked to watch us and wanted to play one day. We liked her, so we allowed her to play. When it was her turn to shoot, I secretly worked it out with my friends to stand aside and give her the best chance to score, but not to make it too obvious. We would all clap and tell her how good she was when she would make a basket. It made her smile. As an adult now, she thanked me for making her feel welcomed in our games, even though she knew we cheated to let her score. Yes, it meant a lot to her then…but she was 8 years old.

      The government effectively does the same with adult Blacks during their entire lives. Whites are told to stand aside and allow the Blacks to be hired, promoted, selected, voted in, and honored with absolutely no merit or credentials whatsoever. It’s a fraud and a cheat, but the circumstances are much different from allowing a little 8 year old girl to score a goal! Plus, real life isn’t a kids’ basketball game. When a token Black is hired or advanced, a deserving White is left out and he and his family suffers.

      I would be humiliated to be treated like an 8-year old girl my entire adult life, but that is precisely the life that Blacks live from the womb to the tomb, cradle to grave.

      I’ve said it a million times, and i’ll keep saying it until I die someday. Blacks and their undesirable integration into America society is a complete fraud based on lies, a disregard of all standards, tying the hands of Whites, and forcing us at federal gunpoint to comply. They are intellectually, socially, and culturally inferior and it shows in every way in the demise and failure of the United States!

      Now stand aside and let the Blacks win again!

      • Ed_NY

        Extremely well said. Blacks know nothing of humiliation. They have neither pride nor shame. They are narcissistic and vain. They only believe that they are entitled to everything. If it is not given to them, then they just take it. Their hate for Whites is so obvious and yet we continue to treat them like they are just little kids at Christmas time.

      • Joseph

        So, what are you saying?

        • ed91

          I thought he said it very well, and plainly.

        • John

          I am saying that when left to their own abilities, Blacks and Browns cannot compete with Whites any more than an 8-year old girl can compete with 15 and 16 year old boys in basketball.
          The proof of this is affirmative action. It exists to force Whites to accept inferior quality and production.

          Virtually all “success” enjoyed by Blacks and Browns in the United States is based on entirely on fraud and lies. Whites have to meet standards, whereas Blacks and Browns do not have to meet any standards at all.

          One analogy is a group of older boys dropping their defenses in a game of basketball to allow a little 8-year old girl to participate and score. It’s not really a game anymore then. It’s charity and the game has no meaning. Do you understand now?

          • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

            The irony is of course, the basketball analogy. 🙂

          • John

            Why is that an irony? I am White and I enjoyed playing basketball growing up, as well as football, baseball, and soccer. I don’t watch sports because Black thugs have ruined the games.
            When I was younger, I played all sports with my friends, as well as on the varsity in my private school against other all-White schools.

            Incidentally, notice that when a defense is completely Black in the NFL or college, no one says a word. No one says a word about it because they’re too busy talking about the “racism” of too few Black quarterbacks, head coaches, owners, executives, etc.

          • Non Humans

            The irony is that of non-humans’ affiliation and dominance in bakkaball. It is a sport and requires little in the way of deep, complex, and critical thinking. Which suits non-humans very well, being that they lack these qualities.
            Or to put it another way, your alluding to the credit fabricated unto your little sister’s basketball skills would lack irony had you chosen another sport not dominated by non-humans such as Hockey or Golf.

  • concernedcollegekid

    “The history of the peoples of the Third World, who have suffered from U.S. Imperialism, and of the oppressed nationalities within the United States—Afro-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, Asians, and Native Americans, has been a history of oppression and resistance.”

    Hey Sonia and the folks at the TWC,
    I’m white and I’ve been observing the ways in which various minority groups resist oppression by me and other whites and I’ve noticed that Asian-Americans resist oppression by studying hard and doing really well in school and getting good jobs. In fact, they do this so successfully that they are able, on average, to out-earn the whites who are actively trying to oppress them. WOW. I mean, their strategy for resisting oppression is basically just really effective, it seems to me. Anyway, as a white who shares your concerns and who thinks all the races are inherently equal in academic abilities and race doesn’t exist, I think Latinos should resist oppression the same way Asians do. Because it works.
    That’s my idea. What do you think?

    • ed91

      don’t agree about the inherently equal stuff…..
      that’s not what I found in my experience
      In fact, I think it is naive to think a group of people who down through history have lived in year round warm weather environments would be equal to people who lived in much harsher environs and spent vastly more amounts of time in their daily lives, providing for themselves. Our universe doesn’t work that way.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      “oppressed nationalities within the United States—Afro-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, Asians, and Native Americans, has been a history of oppression and resistance.” Funny, except for the Africans and the indians, all these groups could have avoided oppression by not coming to the United States.

      • PesachPatriot

        I wasn’t aware that Asians were oppressed here. Sure, some of the japanese were isolated from the rest of society in internment camps during WWII, but they seem pretty free these days. I could technically be considered “asian” since at least some of my DNA originates in a country in south western asia and I’ve never felt oppressed here by anyone.

        I’m sure the afro-americans prefer the oppression of EBT cards,free section 8 housing, multi-million dollar sports and rap music contracts to the oppression of disease, starvation and massacre on the african continent. The indians never seem to complain much about the oppression of running multi-million dollar casinos. If the USA is such an awful, oppressive country why do people sell everything they have and try to sneak across the border to get in here…no one is illegally immigrating to zimbabwe, mexico, china or saudi arabia.

  • Some Guy

    Surprise!!!!….no, not really. Destruction of America..full steam ahead!!

  • The__Bobster

    As a sophomore, Sotomayor, then co-chairman of the Puerto Rican student
    group Accion Puertorriquena, filed an April 1974 complaint with the New
    York office of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW)
    demanding that Princeton do a better job recruiting Latino
    administrators, faculty, and students. She delivered not one, but two
    letters to the president of the university calling for explicit quotas
    and timetables for Latino students, faculty, and administrators—and got

    Eric Holder had a similar history in college.

    • razorrare

      Dont they all?

    • MarcusTrajanus

      Demanding Princeton recruit more people from one ethnic/racial group she happens to belong to? Sounds kinda racist to me.

    • Daisy

      What is most revealing about the article is the fact that these minority student organizations demanded secret meetings, not only with other members but with the administration. I’ve been contemplating how whites allowed themselves to become so disadvantaged. The fact that minority ‘activists’ were so clandestine and cagey about their agendas answers a lot. The republicans are so wimpy. They’ve failed to publicize just how radical and anti-white Michelle Obama really is. Articles like this one explain how whites have remained so incredibly ignorant. .

  • enough already

    What is the surprise,she and (Rubio,knew he was a fraud way back) first allegiance is to “the race”. I am leaving out many others,also.

    • liberalsuck

      Yet the GOP needs to pander to blacks and latinos who want what’s best only for their race, yet the conservatives want to distance themselves from ‘racist white people’ You would think the GOP establishment would stop thinking most blacks and most mexicans are going to think and act like conservative white people.

  • Ed_NY

    And here she sits on the highest court of our land with an anti-white agenda. Where can one get justice when you have justices with an agenda. Wait till more like her are appointed to the SCOTUS. Zimbabwe and South Africa we will become.

  • SintiriNikos

    The poster girl for AA. She got catapulted over her 2 classmates who were better than her. Take that to the dunces who pretend AA is a victimless crime.

  • razorrare

    Surprizing details??? Really???

  • Unperson

    “We define the term ‘Third World’ as those nations and people who have fallen victim to the oppression and exploitation of the world economic order,” wrote the preamble.

    That’s odd, because I define ‘Third World’ as those nations and people who have never gotten their… uh, act together, either economically or culturally or any other way; and who probably never will. The total basket-cases of the planet, where life is miserable and the chief export is poor people.
    You know, like Puer-r-r-r-rto R-r-r-r-rico.

    • ed91

      yes, when a whole culture is astonishingly self centered, then it is very

      difficult for said culture to “get their act together”.

  • Simonetta

    One of the real reasons why the ‘Latino community’ has grown so much is that there is no firm legal definition of who is actually ‘Latino’? Vaguely a ‘latino’ is someone with:

    (1) a Spanish name. Do this make Cameron Diaz a latino? She epitomizes the dumb, white blonde of legendary Hollywood fame. Are Filipinos latinos? They have Spanish names. Or only the Filipinos with Spanish names qualify. Sorry Bong-Bong.

    (2) speaks primarily Spanish at home: But a single nerd who lives alone in an apartment and likes to swear out-loud in Spanish (“Chinga-Belle, Chinga-Belle, Chinga-Belle Rock”) for no reason, is he Hispanic?

    (3) lives in country formerly ruled by Spain. In the mountains of Argentina, there are whole towns of people of Swiss and German descent with names like Juanita Buchalter and Santos Gruntz. Aren’t they latinos?

    (4) How about the people who live in the largest, richest, and most populous country in Latin America and don’t speak Spanish at all, ever? You know, the people who live in Brazil and speak Portuguese? Are they latinos?

    Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. Everybody can be a latino and everyone is a latino if there’s a check or preferential placement that comes with the label. (Excepting the few holdouts on

    • Lygeia

      You mention Cameron Diaz as a Latina who looks white.

      Cameron Diaz has had a lot of plastic surgery. Look at pictures of her from “The Mask.” Her features in that movie are much coarser than they are now after she has been chiseled by a surgeon’s knife.

      • IstvanIN

        Not everyone of European descent is beautiful.

        • ed91

          the sad truth is that most beauty has a window from about the age of 12 or so until late 20’s or early 30’s. After that most women feel they are in some kind of nightmare when they look in the mirror.
          most men get to the point they just don’t give a care any more…..

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            I cannot understand what you’re saying about men: that men don’t care about their own looks anymore or they don’t care about women’s looks anymore? Men do not turn “gay” with age, I don’t think. I’ve heard that rumor but I’m 52 going on 53 and I’m telling you it is NOT TRUE. I don’t know a man of any age (at least any heterosexual, and for that matter most homosexual men also) who doesn’t appreciate the differences between women’s appearances basically until Alzheimer’s sets in, and often for quite a while after that. As for women, for a few deranged former Hollywood Starlets, perhaps they feel “in some kind of nightmare when they look in the mirror.” But that’s a form of psychosis. Elegant women of quality who’ve led a good life just evolve into a different standard of beauty and elegance. I hope to GOD you are wrong that all women are like Snow-White’s step mother—that’s what you seem to be suggesting. Obviously I’m biased but I always believed my grandmother was stunningly beautiful whether in her long-evening dresses or dressed out in simple khakis for gardening (OK, none of the women in my family EVER wore jeans). Neither she nor her sisters ever went through, so far as I can tell, anything like the catastrophic “fear of aging” mentality you’re describing, and I certainly don’t think they felt a nightmare looking in their mirror—they changed their style is all—they wore different suits in the city and different swimsuits by the beach, but they didn’t stop going out in either setting. I’ve encountered what you describe in Los Angeles, more than anywhere else. But as I say, that’s a form of psychosis, and mostly among the women who tried to build an acting or modeling career or youthful sex-appeal AND FAILED. I don’t know Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren personally but I doubt either of them feel cheated by age. I certainly would hope that Helena Bonham-Carter doesn’t feel that way either. I was born in Texas and I don’t think Lady Bird Johnson felt that way (she had other things to be ashamed of, such as her husband’s treachery to everything Texas ever stood for, but that’s another issue). I would hope that we, as civilized men and women, would always advocate and support a psychologically balanced approach to aging, and not allow as “normal” the behavior you’re talking about. Getting old and being healthy and happy in one’s 50s and beyond is not a nightmare—it’s a dream! I certainly don’t look anything like I did in my teens or twenties—I always get a haircut and shave for instance, and I didn’t used to that. I feel in many ways calmer and better adjusted than I did back then, and I hope other people can experience age the same way.

          • ed91

            sorry it got you all worked up……….. I’m just posting what it seems like from my perspective. Outside of clean and and groomed a bit, I don’t care much about my appearance any more…….. I’ve discovered, that no matter what I look like, most women my age are programmed to dislike old white men…………. sure, there’s a few old friends, but the country’s in a bad funk and women wear their emotions on their sleeve moreso than old white men.

          • ohdear

            You think women never feel like that before the magical age of 30?
            Why do you think make-up, hair salons and diet pills exist? Many, many hours spent fixing themselves up (sometimes just to go the corner grocery store)? All of that is just a less expensive equivalent to cosmetic surgery.
            “Beauty” is not limited by age, and the most beautiful woman can still feel ugly or insecure.

      • MarcusTrajanus

        She looks White because she is White, She’s the daughter of a White Cuban and a White American. White+White=White

        • StillModerated

          Oh, so she’s one of those self-loathing, guilty, white liberals. I get it now.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            Yeah, like pretty much all of Hollywood. At least she still hasn’t produced a mulatto or adopted an African fashion accessory like Theron, Bullock and Jolie.

      • MarcusTrajanus

        Coarse features? Cameron Diaz looked absolutely stunning in The Mask.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      I was born in a Latin American country, I don’t have Spanish name though some of my ancestors came from Spain, I speak Spanish, people are surprised when I mention where I’m from because I don’t look like the typical “Latino”. I’m proud of my Spanish and Latin ancestry and I hate the fact that Indians and mongrels who hate Spain and have no clue where the original Latins came from are called “Latinos” or “Hispanics”. Imagine American Africans being called “English” and “Anglo-Saxons” because they have English surnames, speak some form of English and have some amount of English blood. That’s how I feel about non-White South-Americans being called Latins.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      I totally agree with you that the concepts of “Latino” and “Hispanic” have no analytical integrity at all. We need to start taking the ethnic diversity of Latin America seriously even among the legal and illegal immigrants resident here in the United States. Native Americans who don’t speak SPANISH but have Hispanic surnames are one group—actually MANY groups because there are so many tribes. Once we start recognizing internal diversity, we’ll have a better chance at getting more political traction than just by lumping them all together. White people can find white allies among the “Hispanic” population and can possibly turn the “Indians” into our allies against the most difficult groups which the varying degrees of mixed ethnicities. If Latin American Indians and white could agree on the importance of preserving THEIR identities, the “Mestizaje” of Latin America could be slowed down to some advantage, I think…. A White Latino friend of mine in Los Angeles and I have been talking about how to sell the idea of reinstating the colonial “caste” system to social and political advantage. Make people proud of who they are, of their heritage—solid identity is the first step towards virtuous integrity….

  • And none of this came out during her conformation. Another “progressive” extremist gets a pass.

    • liberalsuck

      Kind of like all the “feel good” stories we get about MLK.

  • George White

    I hated this witch from the start and I already knew what she was about.

  • Sid

    Somehow I doubt that her sexual orientation is any more representative of the overall
    population than are the features of her being set forth here.

  • Phillip

    How was she any different during her college days than Matthew Heimbach currently is?

    • Puggg

      Because Matthew Heimbach is us, we are Matthew Heimbach. Sonia Sotomayor isn’t us, and we are not Sonia Sotomayor.

      • Phillip


    • The difference is nobody was actively trying to oppress Sonia Sotomayor. I saw another article where she admitted that she was actively recruited by Ivy League schools where white students at her high school were not. If she was white she’d be giving drunks 30 day sentences and biding her time in traffic court until retirement, wishing she hadn’t become a judge. White students like Heimbach are actively being oppressed by college administrations who treat white students like something they have to deal with, while seeing nothing wrong with every other ethnic group having their own club and list of racial demands. The Wise Latina had every path cleared for her while acting like she was a victim of an injust system. White students today have roadblocks thrown in their paths while less talented minorities get assistance of which they are undeserving, all in the name of “diversity”.

  • Chris

    Has anyone ever bothered to point out to the “Wise Latina” that Hispanics introduced African slavery to the America’s? That “Native Americans enslaved other “Native Americans.” That Africans enslaved other Africans? That the Arabs that began trading in black slaves centuries before whites ever ventured to the dark continent? That Arabs also raided Europe for white slaves to be sold in North Africa? I guess they don’t teach that at Princeton. Grievance mongers like Sotomayor only get where they are because of ignorance and cowardice on the part of whites. People like her need to be challenged at every opportunity and put in their place.

    • Mark Green

      Please don’t ignore the real (and ‘forgotten’) role that Jews played in the international slave trade. Does thus surprise you? It’s very true.

    • purestocles

      Absolutely right. And more, African chieftains (to take but one example) who sold other blacks into slavery BENEFITTED from the trade with White slavers. They WANTED those steel axe heads, knives and machetes (not to mention rifles) and rolls of brightly printed cotton cloth. Steel tools are so superior to stone tools (not necessarily sharper but tougher, that is, able to withstand impact) that they revolutionized stone-aged peoples lifestyles. And cotton cloth makes a more comfortable wrap the woven bark (however well chewed).

      People who prattle on about oppression and exploitation invariably assume that the party on the other side of the trade didn’t benefit. What hogwash. If the whiners tried living in the wild without a keen steel edge and the time and labor saving benefit of spun and woven cloth, they’d change their tune pretty quick.

      • And more, African chieftains (to take but one example) who sold other
        blacks into slavery BENEFITTED from the trade with White slavers. They
        WANTED those steel axe heads, knives and machetes (not to mention
        rifles) and rolls of brightly printed cotton cloth.

        And they wanted that rum.

        • pcmustgo

          fire water

    • ed91

      Native americans in mexico, when the ‘hispanics’ arrived circa 1500-1520
      were fighting amongst themselves so much, and sacrificing captives from competing tribes so much, that Cortez was able to patch together several tribes plus 650 Spanish Conquistadors and defeat the Aztec empire consisting of over 5 million people.

      They have never gotten along with anyone.

      the native americans or the hispanics……… Cortez was fighting with half of his small army half of the time. The only thing that kept them together was the search for ‘bling’.

      • Chris

        Correct. One thing that is so often left out is the fact that the surrounding tribes were in a state of rebellion against the Aztecs. Cortez smartly utilized the massive numbers of rebellious Indians in his attack on Tenochtitlan. Its not called the Aztec Empire for nothing. Empire denotes the conquest and control of people and territory, something the academic Left claims to be against. There is simply no way Cortez could have pulled off his conquest if the Aztecs and surrounding Indians were united.

  • Ernest

    None of this is ‘surprising’. We have a plethora of anti-white’s in all levels of government and yet we continue to play this absurd and very dangerous game that it isn’t so.

  • professor

    The supreme court is nothing but a freak show or cabinet of curiosities with these individuals. Pay your dime and see the monstrosity. Expecting any true justice out of it is a pipe dream. It’s truly laughable.

  • Bill

    All that insight comes about late, don’t you think? She’s now a SCJ for life. And will be unless impeached. Good luck getting 2/3 impeachment in any Senate in recent history or in future.

    • Daisy

      What’s left to do now is to try to come up with effective lobbying tactics so that the republicans fight Obama’s court picks as hard as they can. This could result in settling for ‘less offensive’ nominees *and* hopefully in giving more whites the knowledge they need about these anti-white candidates. So far most whites remain exactly where liberal racists want them which is in a total stupor.

      • Bill

        Kerry just got confirmed by a vote of 90 something to a few. We now have a lying traitor as Sec State. A guy who threw his “medals” over the white house fence, and now flaunts them claiming to be a patriot. A man who lied to house and senate committees about personally seeing American atrocities in Nam which never occurred. And you think the GOP is going to NOT confirm Obama’s choices. I have NO trust in the GOP Treason Lobby. Whites are not in a total stupor. They are awakening to the FACT that the political and judicial system has been so corrupted it does not work for them, it does not support law, and it is now part and parcel of the cabal attempting to enslave us to Big Gov. They are just reluctant to grasp at the last and only viable means of bringing this treasonous activity to a halt. They need an impetus, supplied by Big Gov, so obvious and so intolerable and so “last straw” before they grab at that means provided us by our founding fathers – declared in the Declaration and codified in the 2nd Amendment.

        • Daisy

          And exactly what is that last and only viable means of bringing this treasonous activity to a halt?

  • It’s about time that Whites en mass do what is necessary to stop the ongoing, government-aided attack on the majority–this is NOT about equality, but, the destruction of the White race.

    When Whites become the minority, the blacks and browns will exterminate us—look at South Africa.

    Time to ‘wake up’ and stop this crap ‘in its tracks’.

    • ed91

      they’re going to miss us when a storm knocks out the electricity and jamal refuses to go near the downed wires

  • Pelayo

    It has been reported that our e”steamed”(D) Senator from New Jersey, Robert Menéndez is a “putañero” who goes on vacation to La República Dominicana to party and consort with underage prostitutes financed by a West Palm Beach opthomologist.

    You can’t judge a book by its cover. Menéndez always reminded me of Dennis the Menace’s neighbor Mr. Wilson.

    Underage prostitutes? JEEPERS MR. MENENDEZ!!!!!!!!!!

    • jane johnson

      Wise Latinas intimidate him.

      • IstvanIN

        His wife is white, so you might be right.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          As is he. He must have a thing for Mulattas.

  • MGA

    Thanks to Sonya Sotomayor, I am racially aware.

    May the left continue to overindoctrinate people, and may more Whites wake up!

  • mobilebay

    What is it with Latinos? One of the most poverty-stricken, uneducated, criminal-prone cultures, yet they feel bound to demand their “rights” from everyone except their own leaders. They march, wave their country’s flag, shouting how they deserve amnestry and citizenship, yet give no thought to those who’ve stood in line to do it correctly. They feel it’s a God-given right to break into this country and push ahead of everyone else. The next time someone says “We can’t deport 11 million illegals,” I’ll demand to know why not. I’m all for lining up a fleet of C-130s, filling them with illegal aliens and flying them all to some deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific. To give these people our most precious gift is insanity of the highest order.

    • ed91

      they know where they can get away with it and where they can’t

  • Anders

    She delivered not one, but two letters to the president of the university calling for explicit quotas and timetables for Latino students, faculty, and administrators—and got results.

    Why? Was the President scared of her?
    Why didn’t he tell her to buzz off?

  • John

    “occupy the homelands of the Puerto Rican, Mexican, Native American, and Alaskan peoples.” sounds like treason to me, or sedition, at the very least.

  • LHathaway

    Sounds like this Third World Center, and this Accion Puertorriquen, blame any problem, that any person of color might have on whites. That is any problem, past, present or future, any person of color has had anywhere in the world. It’s all part of them not giving in and further oppressing themselves. When whites have problems, they’re on their own. And in fact, must certainly be imagining any difficulty. Cause those who might bring these imagined-difficulties to light would be labeled white supremacists or traced back to Nazi ideology.

    The university accepts this idea as near the highest of progressive thought, and even main stream organizations promote this ideology themselves, although with less fervor than this Third World Center. Anything less than enthusiastic support could be considered ‘insensitivity’. At least insensitivity toward those who count, apparently.

    “She (Sotomayer) delivered not one, but two letters to the president of the university calling for explicit quotas and timetables for Latino students, faculty, and administrators—and got results”.

    That’s how she came to ‘excel’ and find herself getting promoted?

  • fairytale time

    A Supreme Court Justice is anti white? Gee whiz didnt the great black messiah MLK preach love and not hatred regardless of “skin color”? Is the truth finally coming out about all these high level picks by Obama? Is that why he was forced to pick a couple angry white men as a PR stunt with Hagel and Kerry since his first pick Rice lied about Benghazi and exposed the real revolutionary jihad muslim Obama who was apathetic that 4 angry white men were killed in Libya? Even Clinton lied about it and later covered her tracks with the media help who though she did “fabulous” job and took the “blame”? Didnt Obama take the “blame” to protect Rice earlier after he lied about it including at the UN?

    Wasn’t Obama supposedly ignorant of Rev mullah Wright and his hate of whites after sitting in his mosque over 20 years with his family? Hasn’t there always been a secret race war going on anyway? Yes, we all know about this and its a 2 way street, or actually a 3 way street. But in the end there is no mistaking that when it comes to whites all non-whites undeniably will gang up against this hated pale species, especially white males, because according to the Great Ancient Fairytale Book of WMR, the white race is chosen and blessed by the omnipotent omniscient power as the favored race of the three post flood new world order races. Losers always hates the winner but right now a long anticipated and long written about imposter has been smuggled in the WH and that long awaited great watershed time has finally arrived to separate the wheat from the chaff .

  • Joseph

    “We define the term ‘Third World’ as those nations and people who have
    fallen victim to the oppression and exploitation of the world economic
    order,” wrote the preamble. “This definition includes the peoples of
    color in the United States, as they too are victims of a brutal and
    racist socio-economic structure perpetuated by those who still exploit
    such groups as Asians, Blacks, and Latinos and who still occupy the
    homelands of the Puerto Rican, Mexican, Native American, and Alaskan

    Funny thing about that; these “peoples” lived in the stone age before whites showed up and many still do and somehow, that is the fault of white. Of course, what else COULD it be?

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    Change/substitute one word for a phrase and I think we can all agree with Sotomayor’s when she wrote that the Establishment is “showing “a total absence of regard, concern, and respect” for Latinos and accused them of organizing “an attempt—a successful attempt so far—to relegate an important cultural sector of the population to oblivion””—substitute “the White American Majority” for “Latinos”, and I think we see our template for action: “The Government and Media have for the past 40 years or more shown “a total absence of regard, concern, and respect” for the White American Majority” and the same Governmental & Media Establishment has “organized “an attempt—a successful attempt so far—to relegate an important cultural sector of the population to oblivion”. Amen, yes indeed they have. We are the forgotten. We need to remind them (ALL OF THEM) of that…

  • fenway23

    I know John Derbyshire has refered to Sotomayor as a white Hispanic but odds are she has some Amerindian blood (look at her nose and almond shaped eyes). However probably no African genes since she is quite fair and her she lacks kinky hair. But in any event, she is fiercely anti-white so whatevcer her background she is one dangerous character.

    As for the whiteness of Puerto Ricans overall, 75% of those on the island identify as “white” but less than half on the mainland do. I’m sure in most cases what they really mean when they say they’re “white” is that they’re mostly/predominately white, not pure white. But what we can take away from this is that is the PRs who have flooded into NYC, Orlando, FL, Hartford, CT Springfield MA, Providence RI etc. have more black and indian DNA than the ones who have stayed on the island. And I think it’s clear from decades of IQ testing that blacks and indians are less intelligent than whites or asians so this migration of PRs has not been in our best interest. Yet we continue to hang on to that island and thus allow the flow north to continue, And the Neo-cons actually want to make this place a state!

    • IstvanIN

      They send the losers to the mainland.

      • Guest

        If Sotomayor is white then Connie Chung is white. What idiocy.

    • ohdear

      If Sotomayor is “white” then Connie Chung is white.
      Stop being fooled by light skin tones (questionably, in her case).

    • ohdear

      Also, PRs identify as white because of anti-black stigma and “passing” benefits (via reverse one-drop) in the Latin American culture. There are definitely more whites on the island than in the mainland populace, but like most L.A. countries it is a mixed/black majority with a white ruling minority.
      None of this is relevant anyway, as Sotomayor’s experience is that of the quintessential American “minority”, who just happened to benefit from A.A. to move up in life later on. People calling her white are deluded. (White Puerto Ricans are rarely poor and NEVER utilize quotas, contrary to what some mistakenly believe. They have too much pride for that).

  • Anonymous

    Anglo Saxons created the greatest, most prosperous country on earth. Spain created barrios and the Spanish/Portuguese opportunists who came to the new world made fair game of any 12-year old Indian girl they saw. I have very little admiration for “Spanish culture.”

  • Exiled White

    I want the same for my children as Sotomeyer wants for herself: “a lifelong committment identifying myself as White European”, yet most univeristies do not allow “White Student Unions”, nor do they allow whites to politically organize BY RACE, as we are actually FORCED BY LAW to enact diversity on ourselfves, which we now know, as race politics have become the norm, that this is actually letting actively anti-white individuals into traditionally white institutions who then malign the character of white people, mis-represent history, and advocate for the destruction of white people.