Judge to Rule on Insanity Verdict in Midtown Shooting Trial

Marcus K. Garner, Atlanta Journal Constitution, January 30, 2013

A Fulton County judge will rule Thursday on whether to give the jury a third verdict option in the trial of a former Midtown security guard accused in a deadly 2011 shooting spree in Midtown.

Superior Court Judge Kelly A. Lee will hear from experts who evaluated Nkosi Thandiwe Wednesday night to determine if his mental state during the shooting spree was so disturbed that a jury could find him “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Nkosi Thandiwe

Nkosi Thandiwe

Thandiwe’s attorney made the last-minute request Wednesday after his client testified, admitting to fatally shooting Brittney Watts amid a trance-like state.


“It was almost like watching myself in action,” Thandiwe told a Fulton County jury on the second day of his murder trial. “I tell her to get out of (her) car. She screams. I fire. She drops to the ground.”

Brittney Watts

Brittney Watts

Thandiwe, 23, also confessed from the witness stand that he shot two other women that day—Tiffany Ferenczy and Lauren Garcia, who is now paralyzed from her injuries—before driving off in Watts’ car.

“My mind was blank at the time,” he said.


Typically, a defense attorney must notify the court during pretrial hearings of an intent to bring an insanity or mental illness defense.


During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

“I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.”

He said the night before the shooting, he attended a so-called “Peace Party” intended to address his concerns about helping the black community find equal footing, but two white people were there.

“I was upset,” Thandiwe said. “I was still upset Friday. I took the gun to work because I was still upset from Thursday night.”

He even admitted to earlier that day getting angry enough on the job to shoot his supervisor.

“What my boss said to me …,” he told the jury, “that rage almost made me pull out my gun on him.”

A collective groan went up from the victims’ family members when Lee announced early Wednesday afternoon that she would allow a mental health expert to examine Thandiwe overnight and testify the next day as to whether there was sufficient evidence to add an insanity verdict to the jurors’ choices.


[Editor’s Note: See here for more on this murder.]

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  • ncpride

    The only insanity here is that this thug is not charged with a hate crime after his remarks. He is not insane, he simply hates White people, and shot them on that basis alone. This should be a no brainer for this so-called judge, but we know exactly how this will turn out, don’t we?

    • Ulick

      Multi-cultists say we must try to understand where his views are coming from. Then, with a straight face, multi-cultists say to even debate race-realist views is to give them credence.

      • tremendouscoast

        Denying race realism is like denying the law of gravity or second law of thermodynamics but still the multiculti zombies manage to do so.

    • Triarius

      He was rejected one too many times by white girls. Poor colored fella believed that whie girls like blacks, like on tv. That’s almost always the reason in a case like this. You get rejected, then start hating those things that reject you.

      Not to make light of a tragedy, but did anyone else chuckle a little when he said his mind was blank? That’s an understatement.

    • StillModerated

      I don’t know. What color is hizzoner?

    • Svigor

      Let’s hope the judge buys his BS excuse. That would open the door to suing the purveyors of anti-white hatred.

      • tiredwasp

        “….I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend….” he said.

        Does that mean if he’s let off (for supposed “insanity” in which case all the others who “acted out” in such a way should be let go)— that the Schools he blames can be sued? All colleges teach anti-white narratives in humanities (“de-colonizing” narratives (meaning negative narratives about the u.s. founders and their population— although mass immigration, currently, is obviously colonization).

    • John

      No one should be shocked or surprised in the slightest that colleges in the United States of America are actively teaching and encouraging Black and Brown “students” to deeply hate and murder as many Whites as possible, as often as possible.
      Likewise, the federal govenment actively teaches and encourages the same. The taxes that are robbed from Whites at gunpoint fund the anti-White propaganda.
      We are literally forced at federal gunpoint to pay for our own dispossession and genocide, my friends. How much plainer can it be said? How will this all end and when will it end?

      • liberalsuck

        What will it take for most white men to wake up, be real white men again and stand up to their enemies?

        • tremendouscoast

          It won’t happen as long as there bread and circuses such as American mass entertainment and the next suburb to flee to.

    • tremendouscoast

      Hate crimes only go one way, silly rabbit!! Didn’t you know that?

  • bigone4u

    If I were on the jury, based on his own statements, I would vote for capital murder, the death penalty. He is responsible for embracing the hatred of whites. He is responsible for buying the guy in response to that hatred. Fry him.

    • MobyWhite

      DP was taken off the table before the trial started.

      Black privilege: Life in Prison, until parole.

  • RIP Mrs. watts

    Brittany Watts went to my High school (Roswell High School) and I am familiar with that area of Georgia. I lived there from 1984-1995, and in an adjacent area for the first years of my life. Roswell is an affluent, white suburb that took off in the 70’s after white flight began.

    I heard about her murder not on the local news (Atlanta local news is black in every possible way), but from an ol friend of mine. He’s catholic and attends St. Thomas Aquinas every Sunday (I’ve been with him to that church half a dozen times). He told me about her murder and how he knew her face, but not her personally.

    She moved to Decatur, which is a very nice area in some places — pubs, restaurants, chic stores, live music, wine tasting, fairs — with well-kept neighborhoods. In other places, it is ghetto hellholes — check-cashing joints, section 8 housing, drug dens, fast food and wing places, abandoned cars — where some areas have been crime-ridden and decrepit since the 60’s. If you’re not making good money and you live in Decatur, you’re not far from low-income blacks.

    With that being said, she was shot in Midtown. This piece of trash that pulled the trigger has a convoluted story that is not believable. What you haven’t seen is Atlanta Fulton County Courthouse is no less than 90% black; from bailiffs to judges to secretaries.

    Having served jury duty on more than one occasion, my last time being November of 2012, I can tell you that this guy will get a majority-black jury and personnel for his trial. This can only inhibit swift and fair justice.

    • Daisy

      Come to think of it, since blacks are immune from prosecution for hatecrimes which I believe is federal law, why should they have to abide by any federal law. Why not just pass the ‘White People Made Me Do It’ defense. Don’t be surprised if he has suddenly been diagnosed with ‘bipolar.’

      • used to be, “The Devil made me do it!” Now it’s, “The White Devil made me do it!”

    • MobyWhite

      Almost the worst part of this story is the way her blonde White woman boss was on TV right after the shooting yaking about how “Brittny just embraced all different kinds of people.”

      Translation: Even though one of those different kinds of people tried to rape her and then murdered her, if you think about it and start having racist thoughts, you are worse than the crime itself.

      Even when a Diversity kills a White girl, those who love the White girl will say something to deflect you away from prejudice against Diversity. That’s what it looks like in Atlanta, anyway.

      “Isolated incident, misunderstanding that went too far, in the wrong place at the wrong time, race had nothing to do with it”.

      Whites who live and work in Atlanta actually enjoy being ruled by blacks, because that’s how the defeat racism.

      The reason the AJC is letting some of the truth about the Hate Whitey mentality of the murderer, is because they know that Whites in da ATL are such avid anti racist Obama voters, that it won’t hurt anybody for Whites to see the truth.

      Not even the truth will change things. Hate Facts start with Hate, so the facts just don’t matter.

      Nobody in da ATL ever talks about Julie Love, or Eve Carson.

      “Best just to leave it in the past and not bring up stories that White supremacists will use to foster division and hatred.”

      • Conrad

        The solution to this can be understood by reading one book – Wilderness Empire. Or maybe Jack’s War too.



      • StillModerated

        Where the Hell is a latter-day Sherman when you need one?

      • Svigor

        I remember when this story broke, a girl close to the family (she never ID-ed herself, but I got the impression that she was friend, not family) ran around on some comment threads showing her @$$, talking about how wonderfully diversity-worshiping her family was, how awful it was that some people were using her death to make political hay and how that’s a terrible sin, etc.

        But not a word about how awful it was that some orc murdered her. Zilch about how awful the diversity that killed her was.

        It’s got to be great, being put into your grave by diversity, and then watching from Heaven (or wherever) as your family bows down to the idol that murdered you in your youth. Nothing like status-jockeying over the coffin before it’s in the ground.

        • FWG

          I remember that too, it was on one of Paul’s posts. I’m sure Brittney was a good woman, but why get angered at those of us who can see how damaging these people are to our society? Instead of being angry at the killer, she directs her feelings towards us. Very interesting.

    • Garrett Brown

      So so sad. My heart goes out to her family.

    • Pelayo

      There IS no swift and fair justice anymore. I dread saying this but the only swift justice that which is met out by a vigilance committee. What this bastard ( literally and figuratively) needs is a round between his close set eyes.

      If I were one of Brittany’s family I would have made every attempt to kill that sonofabitch right in the courtroom even if it meant my getting shot by the police. There are many everyday items that can become a suitable non-metallic weapon if used correctly.
      How long do we let this go on before we respond? This girl has been dead for two years and still no action has been taken. Still no “justice” for Channon & Christopher.!

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Where’s Dexter when we need him?

  • The__Bobster

    Paul Kersey has a great article on this outrage….and he names the proper culprits.


  • It’s official. By the standards of Tim Wise and the SPLC, Tim Wise and the SPLC now have links to extremist hate murderers.

    Sure, Andrew Breitbart had his many ideological and tactical faults in life. But sparing the rod to spoil the petulant insane man-child that calls itself “Tim Jacob Wise” was never one of them.

    Interestingly, the University of West Georgia (then known by a different name) was where Newt Gingrich once taught.

    • Liberalsuck

      At least Breitbart had the balls to publicly attack Tim Wise. Do you remember when Wise publicly accused Breitbart of burning a cross? I wish Breitbart would have sued the pants off that SOB. I sure as hell would have. I would have taken the settlement and, just to piss off Wise, given it all to all the prowhite groups. That would have been the ultimate karma.

      • That’s what set Breitbart off. You should have seen his Twitter timeline after that, half his tweets between ole numb brain making that accusation and his own untimely death were aimed at the Wiseguy.

        • liberalsuck

          Leftists are violent and devious people. Show me a lair, a pervert, a nasty person, a loser, a degenerate, a complainer, a hateful person, an opportunist and I’ll show you a progressive. Even Franco knew that when he fought the communist takeover of Spain. He hunted down and executed 50,000 of those left-wing bastards.

  • Luca

    Being an anthropology major it is more than likely that when he discovered the behaviors of the primitive tribes of his ancestors, he lashed out at the hopelessness of the sub-Saharan races. Jealousy and resentment are the typical precursors to “White hate”.

    • MobyWhite

      He lashed out because Hinton Rowan Helper didn’t include the “enriching contributions of Africans” in his N’groes in N’groland.

      Amren best seller- http://archive.org/details/negroesinnegrola00helpiala

      • Luca

        Absolutely amazing link, it should be required reading in every high school class. I am surprised it has not been banned as hate speech.

  • Daisy

    After Hinckley got off through the insanity defense the republicans passed a federal law that supposedly asserts that the only criterion for establishing whether someone could be found not guilty by reason of insanity is whether they knew committing the crime was wrong regardless of whatever ridiculous ‘diagnosis’ some psychiatrist gives them, although Hinckley might well have been mentally ill. .

    • StillModerated

      I took a date to the National Gallery of art in late February 1981. Her name was Karen K. As we walked over the 12th St underpass, a scary dude told us he was going to kill the two of us mofuggers. It was Hinckley. Just a few days later he shot Reagan and Brady. He is still housed at the John Howard Pavilion at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital on Martin Luther King Avenue.

  • Joseph

    “…amid a trance-like state.”

    It’s called: “the negro mind”.

    • MobyWhite

      Whites can’t understand blacks unless we’re drunk.

      • Stan_Mute

        Brain damaged or retarded is more like it. Even drunk my IQ is several standard deviations higher.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Having taught in a black high school, gotta say that trance-like state is pretty much the norm. Hepped up on their angry, simplistic, beat, spoon fed hatred by lib-lefties of all shades, incapable of recognizing their own faults and shortcomings…

      Trance-like state = average IQ of 85 with half below that…

      • Joseph

        There are swarms of these people roaming around in some semi-lucid state, wandering down the sidewalks, across 6 lanes of traffic, lying on a bench, until they are aroused by some primitive motive like sex, food, rival males or acquisition of trinkets at which point they briefly burst into action.

  • RHG

    I am guessing by his name, his ancestors weren’t brought here in chains on slave ships. I am betting he and his relatives flew into America on an airplane and immigrated here.

    • brengunn

      Na, look how light he is. My money is on him being the son of a black history teacher who gave him an African name so he’d always remember his roots.

      • MobyWhite

        His mammy is a black “constitutional” lawyer. Sues for Diversity.

        • brengunn

          I knew it was something like that. He’s ended up in chains, that’s full circle for Nkosi Thandiwe.

          • MobyWhite

            Brilliant. He’ll used that in his petition for pardon, and Obama will sign the release order.

    • MobyWhite

      Reminding us that airplanes weren’t invented by Mother Rosa Parks or St. MLK is a racist construct.

  • guest

    this is the logical end result of marxist indoctrination. In a few years, this guy will be a ‘John Brown”

    • MobyWhite

      Do you really think that the voodoo mau mau zulus need Marx to tell them why they want kill Whitey?

      Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, and Nat Turner never read Marx. They just listened to the vibrant authentincity in their Diversity souls, and it said Kill Whitey.

  • dukem1

    He hate YT, but likes their cars.

    • liberalsuck

      Too bad there wasn’t someone there with a CCW pistol on him. I guarantee you if I was there and this punk started shooting the place up, I would have nailed him in two seconds.

  • 48224

    This is the FIRST I have heard of this shooting…..gee I wonder why??? But I certainly know the name Trayvon Martin.

    • MobyWhite

      Coming insanity plea for Whites:

      “I plead guilty by reason of insanity. Not confessing my White privilge and noy atoning for the sins of segregation made me insane from pent up racism that infects my soul with its vile poison. I’m not responsible for my actions, on account of the evil that my White privilege does to me. I’m insane and not guilty.”

      • ed91

        unfortunately, our courts are filled with judges out to prove how liberal they are.

      • StillModerated

        OK, so we put you into a loony bin with a whole mess of crazy bantus — for ever.

      • Liberalsuck

        I will tell them, “I am not apologizing. Kiss my white ass and do what you’re going to do to me.”

    • Conrad

      He is not insane. He said that he did because of WHAT HE LEARNED IN SCHOOL, which is proof that he is not insane. This is a LEARNED, planned & thought out act.


      Jack’s War


      • 48224

        So….liberal views can drive a person insane? I like it!

    • Ulick

      If the races were reversed, the media would make these girls our to be the modern day children who died in Birmingham’s bombing. Since they’re white, though, not a word by the national media.

  • 1proactive2

    I’m a prison psychologist, and I’ve read I don’t know how many pre-sentence investigations now where a murderer said they “blacked out” while commiting their crime. That line is up there in felon popularity with “The gun accidentally went off” and “I was stoned at the time and didn’t know what I was doing”.
    One felon I recently talked with, one who is doing a life bit, had murdered his wife since he didn’t like the final divorce settlement. He said he stabbed her several times while “having a surreal experience at the moment” – after he broke into her home in order to kill her. A common murderer defense, his was.
    Some of these murderers were quite elaborate and creative in their fantasy excuses for their crimes, but they had one major problem that kind of, if you’ll pardon me, killed it. They attempted to avoid capture afterward.
    This Atlanta murderer is using the “abuse excuse” even though he wasn’t abused and thus he obviously didn’t suffer while receiving an education opportunity that blacks outside of the U.S. can only dream about. A narcissistic personality disorder, yes, but delusional, no. His murder fantasy he so described is not remotely bizarre enough.
    Even a moderately competent clinical psychologist can blow enormous holes through this pathetic creature’s pre-adolescent attempt at avoiding responsibility for killing these young women. And notice his victims were all women. Hardly a threat there and thus easy targets.
    Then again, the psychologist has to have integrity and thus not be bound by PC or black toxic tribal dictates. Such remains to be seen.

    • brengunn

      So in your line of work, are the racial differences apparent? Are there different pathologies, levels of anger management etc. Would you say that white criminals are smarter in general than the black criminals?

      • 1proactive2

        Blacks are the least intelligent of races in prison with hispanics a close second. Black and hispanic hatred of whites or asians is also paramount in their value system, and this is based on what they experience from black clergy, their mommas, the popular culture, other ghetto crawlers, and the media. Most blacks look at learning the basics of education as white indoctrination, per their black felon dictators, but the reality is that they struggle in GED classes and resist learning because they don’t want to appear stupid. And they are spectacularly dumb. After a year or two of failing the simplest GED courses, and I mean simple, black prisoners claim they have a learning disorder or ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They have neither, and if they did, the courses are normed to about the 6th grade in degree of difficulty so that all but kills their arguments against their claims of learning problems.
        This doesn’t mean the white habitual criminals are candidates for MENSA.
        Blacks are by far the most vicious, and they prefer murder as a favorite crime, the more sadistic the better. The majority of sexual predators in prison are black, and I estimate that well over half are at least bi-sexual. Then again, blacks don’t believe themselves to be homosexual if they’re pitching and not catching. A group of blacks will ridicule homosexual criminals as the latter passes by in the yard, but individually, they will readily use the services of a homosexual at first opportunity. Slightly built young white boys are a prize to blacks, the sexual equivalent of a Kim Kardasian, and it doesn’t make a difference if the white boy is homosexual or not.
        One particular distinction black killers have is that most of them humiliate their victims first, black or otherwise, prior to killling them. Remorseless kiling is considered by the black felon population as a sign of true manhood. Making their victims beg or torturing them prior to delivering the death shot or stab is common among them. Killing a police officer or corrections officer is the ultimate prison status for blacks.
        Blacks are by far the most savage race behind the wire.

        • gemjunior

          “Blacks are by far the most savage race behind the wire.”
          LOL and in front of the wire, and everywhere else too. They are just disgusting.

          • 1proactive2

            Amen. From my life experiences in the profession and out, few have any truly redeeming qualities. The likes of a Thomas Sowell, Justice Thomas, Larry Elder, and Walter Williams are heroic in my book, however. How they can consistently take the threats and abuse from their black antagonists is quite admirable.

        • brengunn

          The reason I asked was, I have read somewhere that the average white criminal has an iq of around 90. The mean is 100. Blacks overall have an iq around 90 but because so many are in prison, you would expect their average prison iq to be not that much lower, maybe only 5 points. So I wondered how equal in terms of smarts they were.

          Black and hispanic hatred of whites or asians is also paramount in their value system

          In all the prison documentaries I’ve watched, Hispanics and whites have had a loose affiliation to combat the sheer numbers of blacks.

          • 1proactive2

            The vast majority of hispanic felons absolutely hate black ones, and hispanic gangs make their intent to strike out quickly known to blacks straightaway. If a white needs help or protection from blacks, they can get it for a price paid to the hispanic gang, and to them, it’s a great “two-fer”.
            The majority of white felons have a work history of some kind, and some have skills in the trades. Nearly all black felons have no work history, none, and they can be 50 or 60 years old and on their second, third, or fourth bit (time in prison). It is rare to find a black felon who has so much as bussed tables or worked in a car wash, and if one did, they’ll proudly tell you, “I had a job once.”. I can easily place black felon IQ in the range of 70 to 85.
            I take my job very seriously and “stay clinical” when dealing with the inmates, regardless of race, but it is difficult to not break into a chuckle at times when a black felon learns a word longer then 2 syllables. They misuse or destroy it while trying multiple times to insert it into their pre-adolescent and convoluted reasoning style. After saying their treasured new word, which to them is representative of their new found superior intellect, they present themselves as if they were classmates of Albert Einstein’ even though they’ve never heard of him.
            An example (and I dare you to keep a straight face after reading it):
            “I syllogized my life scenario and the deprecation I experienced as a child so I was compelled in my own mind to kill that girl who made fun of my mascalinity that no black man has tolerance for.”
            Yes, one of them said that to me recently.

          • brengunn

            I syllogized my life scenario and the deprecation I experienced as a
            child so I was compelled in my own mind to kill that girl who made fun
            of my mascalinity that no black man has tolerance for.

            Feck, that’s a mind twister. I’m still not exactly sure what he means, is it ‘ I killed the bi-atch cos’ I’ve had a tuff life an she talked down to me’.

            Very interesting stuff. Apart from the skin head gangs and paying Mexicans, do whites have any other means of protection from the savages? What do relatively ordinary white guys do to get by, do you have to be affiliated with someone or other?

            What I have noticed from watching prison docs. Is that a lot of the staff are minorities. I was wondering how do the racial tensions of the inmates affect the warders and how they do their jobs. I’m sure there must be some spill over of tension leading to a certain amount of clannishness between the Latino and black POs. Am I right?

            BTW, If I’m being too nosy, tell me where to go and I’ll apologise. I’m just fascinated because it’s like some crazy social experiment where all the problems of society are magnified.

          • 1proactive2

            This prisoner was looking for a “weak link” among the mental health staff to prepare for an up and coming parole evaluation. Periodic parole considerations are automatic in my state, every 5 years, regardless of the crime. He was hoping I was a liberal since my field is dominated by them.
            Blacks learn in prison that many whites accept the abuse excuse, and will write favorable opinions on their behalf. By “deprecation” he meant “deprivation”. Many black felons also believe that liberal whites accept most anything they do, no matter how violent or ghastly, as a legtimate cultural trait that should be considered as an acceptable reason for reacting violently.
            He was saying the woman he murdered mocked him thus he was in his right to kill her due to black cultural rules. The rule he invented is that it is mortally wrong to not treat or accept black males as men. The thing is, he was lying.
            Lying among most all felons is a lifestyle, and blacks can’t seem to tell the truth no matter what. This guy had several other violent felony convictions, and the woman he murdered was a black female who resisted while he was robbing her.
            As far as black staff, there aren’t any where I work due to the region of the state I live in. I can’t answer your staff question because I don’t know.
            White prisoners are basically on their own, and they have to learn to survive. Some whites are so tough that they’re not bothered with since they are looked at by blacks and hispanics as too much of a hassle. The skinhead element is just too small in prisons here, and not a threat to anyone but staff on occasion.

          • Dan Reardon

            I worked in corrections for 29 years – 10 in a maximum security facility and 19 as a parole agent. The White prisoners where I worked were mostly hooked up (members) of 1) Aryan Brotherhood ( probably the most violent of all gangs) 2) Biker groups (Hells Angels, Outlaws etc,) 3) Smaller local gangs without national affiliation. There were also White members among the Latin King Nation and a few seriously dangerous 1%ers who rode (belonged) with no organization.

            I once witnessed a White 1% er walk into a group of Black inmates playing basketball, grab the ball from a players hands, stab the ball with a home made shank and throw it back to the group and state “try and play with it now n***er!” I believe the guy was on a death wish but no one ever messed with him. A few years later he hung himself in his cell.

          • 1proactive2

            You’re right on all counts. We have a few members of the Outlaws in our facility and they’re a handful for staff, but among the blacks, the white bikers are far outnumbered so they lay low.
            The one percenter you mentioned was suicidal per his basketball adventure. For the sake of staff safety and taxpayers, he apparently got the job done. I found that with white bikers, death by a group of blacks or a cop is considered by them as a “warriors death”. Several have told me that.
            Glad you made it through your career safely.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Glad you CO’s made it through OK, as well. The federal screws were always fair with me, so I don’t hate them the way I loathe FBI agents for the insects they are. Some of the CO’s actually tried to be decent people, though I never completely trusted even the kindest of them. Buchberger, Parkinson and the aptly-named Sweet were particularly good sorts.

            Why do I keep bringing this up? FBI Robert Moen lied under oath in court, just to make certain I would never forget it, so I never will.

          • Puggg

            I said in another story here in AmRen a few days ago that a prison is these days basically little more than an isolation chamber for high testosterone/low IQ/MAOA-2R/mental illness. Do you agree?

          • 1proactive2

            You’re close except for the mentally ill part. The profoundly mentally ill are normally housed in maximum security facilities or prison hospitals.
            Many blacks and 1 percenter (outlaw) white bikers want to get diagnosed with a mental illness. Those who will eventually be paroled with this prize will get a lifetime income from SSI, the new welfare, along with all the other freebies that come with “crazy checks”, as blacks in the ghetto call the monthly handout. It will be easy for them to do because the state diagnosed them which legitimizes their petitions for the SSI handout.
            Lifers want a mental illness dx because they can get high from the medication, or hoard it and sell it to other prisoners for junk food, BJs or tail.
            To get an idea of the basic personality structure of the common felon, think of it this way: The common and otherwise repeat felon has the emotional maturity of a pre-adolescent, ages 8 to 12 inclusive. Chronologically they may be 40 years old, but when told “no” or if they don’t get their way, it’s tantrum time so they’ll get a shank and stab the one who denied or disrespected them. Even homosexuals will “mark” another prisoner, a slash across the face with a blade, if said prisoner stole their boyfriend. Emotionally, they’re children.

        • Pelayo

          They’re the most savage on ANY side of the wire.

          • 1proactive2

            You’re right. I stand corrected.

        • Liberalsuck

          This is why I don’t feel sorry for the blacks getting targetted by Hispanics. To hell with them. They’ve been doing it to us for decades and apparently still are. Let Karma come to bit them in their black asses.

          • tremendouscoast

            And white liberals really truly believe that it is all minorities united against whitey!

          • 1proactive2

            Black felons mentally dine on white liberals because the former knows a useful idiot when they see one. And a white liberal will believe absolutely anything a black felon tells them. That’s something to witness – as I have a number of times.

    • pcmustgo


    • tremendouscoast

      I am a former public defender and I also often heard the same excuses from black criminals.

      • ed91

        they seem to use a few classic lines, such as, “I dint do nuffin”.

        or “it wadint me”

    • A Multiracial Individual

      This knowledge of the human condition does little to quell people’s animosity toward violent individuals does it? No chooses: Their genes, their level of testosterone (except some athletes), their upbringing, etc. Exactly how does it make sense to cultivate hatred for such people? This is like developing a deep hatred for grizzly bears because they have been known to attack humans.

      • 1rw

        No one forces you to live with Grizzly bears, or pretend that their culture is equally good, or to listen how we’ve impressed the poor grizzlies

        • a multiracial individual

          Of course not, but if they were would that be the fault of the grizzies?

      • Dan Reardon

        Black women don’t have the same testosterone levels as their male counterparts and they are equally if not more repulsive.

        • a multiracial individual

          Very classy my friend…..Are you gonna add something of substance?

      • Sean

        It’s estrogen, not testosterone. They have too much estrogen.

  • brengunn

    As the saying goes ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. Literally.

  • alas

    I wonder if, after Django, will events like this go up or down?

    • ed91

      wonder no more…….. it’s going to be a bad summer

  • Fire Eater

    This case got almost no publicity, compared with the saturation bombardment coverage of an non-fatal episode of “gun violence” at an all-black Atlanta middle school earlier today. Black officials quickly and loudly blamed gun owners (Whites) for this…only silence on the Brittany Watts murder.

    It’s a tossup in the competition to be Georgia’s worst pesthole: Majority black Clayton or Dekalb counties. “The First 48” now films stories in Dekalb.

    • MobyWhite

      Whites never marched in support of Mr. Watts, the living victim, or the two White girls who survived with permanent damage.

  • Ulick

    May this be a lesson to white Liberals. This guy went to a black “peace rally”, and two whites were there trying to show that they side with and understand blacks. And what did this guy want to do? Kill them.

    He’s not alone white Liberals. There are many more like him even at “peace” rallies who also detest whites and wish them dead. They will make no exception for Liberals.

    • MobyWhite

      Reminds us of the Diversity that kills and eats White missionaries in the Congo.

      • ed91

        but it only hurts the stupid in that case.
        Many of us in America do not deserve this black plague.
        Ironically, the long time rich are the most likely to ‘deserve’ it but they are mostly exempt.

        Was it Little Bill who finally go told, “deserves got nothing to do with it” ?

  • JohnEngelman

    Not guilty by reason of insanity pleas unfairly give a bad reputation to those suffering from mental illness. The crimes of the world are not committed by people who are shy, irrationally afraid, and clinically depressed.

  • Anon

    Of course, it is unthinkable to mention that not a single slave ship was owned or operated by white people. The end sale of slaves was a 100% jewish monopoly.

    Not that it is really relevant to the case. It is a mark of gross liberal racial injustice against white people that such a defense can be raised at all. In this case “insanity” has no meaning other than he’s black and his victims were white so he should not be punished for his crime. Absolutely no mention is made of any mental illness nor any history of mental illness to even argue if “insanity” prevented him from exercising judgement. Only vague symptoms that don’t really show up in any mental illness besides being high on crack or some other drug, which he most certainly was.

    This is just another reason that, if you are white, you should 1) move as far away from non-whites as possible, preferably to areas of the country that are, if not overtly racist, have a “gun culture” where killing “criminals” is considered common and protected, if not outright celebrated behavior. And 2) should invest in various guns, both portable/concealable and high powered/military for purposes of self-defense while out and about, home defense and (do not take this lightly) gearing for service in a militia. Get used to thinking like a criminal, a racist and an anti-government radical, because that is what you are, if you simply won’t lay down and die to entertain blacks. It’s how you will be treated no matter what excuses, rationals, or good will attempts to show that you aren’t an irresponsible crazy.

    As the rule of law breaks down (and what is this but just another case showing how far the rule of law has already broken down), it is increasingly unsafe and unviable to live anywhere people aren’t outright aggressive to non-whites. In liberal areas, whites live in relatively safe (for now) enclaves where only a few are randomly raped, robbed, murdered and beaten. Only a few….for now. That cannot last….especially since the desire among blacks is so strong to harm us and they are rarely punished adequately (or at all). About 1 to 3 million times a year, guns are used to stop an incident like this. But, in these white enclaves, increasingly, such is considered criminal behavior and the one engaging it, might survive only to be stripped of wealth defending themselves from the government or worse, being locked in a cage with blacks to teach them a lesson in who really rules this country and under what terms.

    It’s become very obvious that there will soon be a showdown, of sorts over this and the country will almost certainly split over it. There may or may not be violence over the matter (it depends on how willing and able whites are to fight). For now…..you can freely cross any lines likely to become future borders. For now. That also won’t last. Expect to see various “iron curtains” go up during your lifetime if not within a few months. Those who don’t move before that will be lucky if they become slaves kept separate to provide for the needs of non-whites. More likely, south africa is what life will be like “behind the wall”.

    • nobody

      You will be welcomed in most places here in WV. The more the merrier!

  • jay11

    Blacks are obsessed with race. When I’m around black people at work or in the store, race doesn’t come up in my mind immediately and plague me with an endless loop of negative feedback. I go about my business, interact with whomever I have to and try to be as pleasant as possible. If the black person is nice, I think nothing of it as I expect no less from any decent person. If a black person is mean or acts badly, I don’t automatically blame all black people are start to think that this is how all blacks are, because I know nice black people who are not like that.
    What I can say, however, is that I have never met any race of people who so quickly want to talk about race as blacks. I know some Asians and they rarely ever bring up their race. Latinos I know sometimes talk about ‘culture’ but there seems to be an unspoken rule among many latinos that you are not supposed to point out is someone is mestizo, ‘white,’ ‘black,’ or really indio. White people i know never even give their own racial group a nod, except for a few hipster leftists in my workplace who babble about ‘white priviledge’ as they act like overlords around the blacks and browns near them.
    Just today I walked into the staff lounge and there was a black temp worker sitting in there listening to music and singing loudly, as black women sometimes do. I made a friendly comment that expressed my admiration for her spirit (I’m a friendly person to all). Boy let me tell you, it did not take more than TWO sentences before she was talking about race and music genres, rock and roll being invented by jimi hendrix and the power of hip hop to make her son ready for basketball practice. I realized I became trapped in a conversation I did not intend to happen, but there she did it, she kept me for over ten minutes talking my ear off about race, jazz, billie holiday, assorted other black singers I never heard of – I smiled and nodded, but hightailed it out of there when a momentary distraction broke the flow.
    She was nice enough and all, and seemed happy to converse with me (or ‘at’ me, to be more accurate). I was really in wonder at how I had just been ensnared in a ‘race conversation’ arising out of thin air! I guess next time I will keep my comments more guarded!

    • Proof that a little learning can be a dangerous thing, as Samuel Johnson once said.

      • Robert Binion

        At last, I correct the esteemed Q.D! I looked up the quote:
        A little learning is a dangerous thing
        Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
        There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
        And drinking largely sobers us again.

        Alexander Pope, “An Essay on Criticism”
        I studied this under a professor who had written a book about Pepys. Pope also said that “the most positive men are the most credulous.” Ain’t dat de truf.

        • I’ll leave my error up for all eternity.

          Incidentally, the axiom that “a little learning is a dangerous thing,” in that you don’t want to try to teach small or ignorant brains too many sophisticated thoughts lest they misunderstand or misuse or be prodded into misusing their education, was the reason why many Southern states antebellum prohibited or restricted teaching black slaves or blacks in general to learn how to read. They didn’t want insurrectionists filling the heads of blacks with insurrectionist propaganda such that what just happened in Haiti would happen in the antebellum American South.

          Look at blacks today. With their ability to “read,” (in as much as they can), they can be sold on such nonsense like: Blue jeans are laced with sterilization agents that make black men and only black men impotent, the “K” on Snapple bottle means KKK, and I could go on and on. Point is, as I was told a long time ago, there is a direct correlation between the insanity or inanity of an idea and the likelihood that blacks will believe it.

          • Pelayo

            Would that there really were such agents with more damaging effects than causing impotence.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Or bubonic plague.

      • brengunn

        That’s what I thought.

    • pcmustgo

      Yes, Yes, yes, they never miss an opportunity to “stir the pot”, pour salt in the wound, “bring up race” , no matter how randomly, poke in the eye, etc…

      Of course.

      Also, blacks lack professionalism and common manners. Her conversation about race/culture and music may have been acceptable some place outside of work, but not there or in other settings. They don’t “get” that.

      IT FEELS VERY *CREEPY AND *PREDATORIAL, DOESN’T IT? They’re creepy, beyond weird behavior and scowls and stare downs and eyerolls…

      • ed91

        it’s difficult being stupid and having so much hate without really understanding why.

    • gemjunior

      Agreed. There are no people on earth who are so self-obsessed with their race as blacks. They love to spin yarns about how they “started civilization” which is a real hoot as far as I’m concerned. If they started it, that’s all they ever did because they sure didn’t finish it. Because even Africans today haven’t yet reached the level that Europeans had reached 500 years ago with the printing presses and flying buttresses. I can’t wait till we can get away from them.

      • Liberlsuck

        I ask them if they are superior to white people why their neighborhoods and countries look like hell. I ask them why if white people are weak how is it that we outperform them in the economic world.

  • Ulick

    “beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.”

    This is where white politicians are pathetic. If I’m a white politician in Georgia, I’m starting an investigation into that department today. And state funds to that university will be cut until that department fully cooperates and some heads roll. It’s likely black affirmative action teachers making a large salary off of white taxpayers teaching young blacks to hate whites. At least that state senator in Tennessee is trying to end this madness.

  • drofmanythings

    Most people in such a fantastic trance can’t drive off in a car. This is a classic hate crime and should be prosecuted as such.

  • Vonhauer

    He pulls the race card right up to the end. And why wouldn’t he? Its worked like a charm hundreds of other times.

  • MekongDelta69

    If this was 1953 again (or even 1963 for that matter), this human turd would be fried chicken in the Chair after after a fair trial with no idiotic, “I’m black, therefore, I MUST be insane” defense.

    This is NOT my America anymore – and hasn’t been for a long time.
    But I’m grateful I, at least, got to live through her best 20 years the world has ever seen.

    • MekongDelta69

      Since Disqus is acting up again tonight and won’t let me edit my post, I’ll just add this:
      I’m just sorry that our kids and grandkids will never know what it was like to live in the greatest time period of the greatest country in the history of the planet.

      How do you explain to them that blacks stick together; browns stick together; reds stick together; yellows stick together… and 50% of whites have somehow acquired a gene which makes them mentally insane?

      If it wasn’t for the 50% of us who were (and still are) sane, the entire world would still look like something out of an old Tarzan movie or a Ramar Of The Jungle TV episode.

      The whole situation is truly pathetic.

  • Katherine McChesney

    He isn’t insane. He’s just mean.

  • IstvanIN

    Why should an “insane” person be not guilty? If a person is truly insane then they are more of a threat to society than a sane person who commits murder and then feels remorse and guilt afterwards. That person may never again commit such a horrible act, but the insane person, like the anti-social murderer, can never be trusted again and should just be done away with.

    • ed91

      I think many blacks are like this –

      so many whites seem to not understand how many blacks hate them……. for being white…….. and it’s getting worse as the punishments are so puny.

    • Daisy

      You seem to be confusing ‘insane’ with a socio- or psychopathic personality. Before the advent of Big Pharma, the literature reported that a very small percentage of paranoid schizophrenics (a subset of schizophrenics) were prone to violent and even I guess homicidal behavior. But it was a very small percentage of the truly mentally ill population and even of schizophrenics. These are the types who push some random person off a subway platform, etc. They do suffer from hallucinations, psychosis, etc., and therefore truly don’t know what they ‘are doing.’ The anti-social murderer doesn’t have a mental illness; he/she is just evil and emotionally as opposed to mentally deranged.

      • Court psycho babble it killed and looked for more victims case closed!!!!

      • IstvanIN

        Either way, once they have killed or seriously maimed they should never be allowed in society. Their thought processes are so mangled they can never be trusted.

  • humura

    He should apply to become a minister in the Nation of Islam.

  • Did she vote for obama? Living in apelanta suggests a willful exposure to the savages. Was this just another nhugger that got hurt?

  • zone

    Deserves a first hand history lesson up thirteen steps on a scaffold.

  • Seb

    “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for.”

    Whites freed your ancestors and made it unfashionable the whole world over, to hold you stupid, stupid animals as slaves.

    Looks like mother nature is pissed at Whites for elevating the status of blacks. No, indeed we may never be able to fully answer for that abominable crime.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    It’s unbelievable that this animal was allowed to purchase a gun in the first place. It’s also unbelievable that White people, especially White women, have to legally tolerate the presence of this beast. And most unbeleivable of all is that the fact that a White woman is dead and he is still alive. Our laws do not and can not protect us from these wild animals who have no concept or fear of law.

  • Puggg

    On the other hand, we have an implicit sense from the media that anti-white ideology as promulgated on college campuses is crazy and insane. That’s a big admission, at least for the media.

    • When anti-White, Mommy Professor lectures about undeserved “White Privilege”, she is in fact, inciting violence against Whites and she knows it full well.

    • Daisy

      It may be implied but nowhere have I seen any MSM outlet admit to it. We’re not even there yet.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Amazing how murderers didn’t get off on technicalities when lynch mobs were around.

  • Whelk Collector

    He wrapped himself in quotations – as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.
    Rudyard Kipling

    • Liberalsuck

      The great Kipling had a poem I wish to share for our white readers here:

      Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to
      them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was
      not suddenly bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The Saxons are not native Britons.

  • LHathaway

    ” If a black person is mean or acts badly, I don’t automatically blame all black people are start to think that this is how all blacks are”

    I do sometimes! It’s called deductive reasoning, or prejudice.

    I think another poster was hinting that when whites are charged with hate crimes or hate speech, when this kind of ‘i was manipulated’ defense is used it will be used to go after the source of the hate (or perhaps really directed at those who might be tempted by hateful thoughts – or perhaps simply used to browbeat all whites) the attempt will be to go after the criminal in the media – i mean – in the courts, and to go after the source of the hate as well. Isn’t that one purpose of a trial, to send a message to everyone else? Even if they plead guilty to incitement or hate speech there may still be an attempt to root out the source. I think that’s what a poster was hinting at. . . But this criminal isn’t being charged with a hate crime.

    To be honest, again, I also suspect this ploy may be some kind of an attempt, not to get the guy off but to do the opposite, avoid jury nulification.

    • ed91

      you missed the definition on prejudice——–

      deductive reasoning or logic is correct………
      prejudice implies pre judging with no info
      post judice is what most of us do……

  • Profiler

    ” “I was upset,” Thandiwe said. “I was still upset Friday. I took the gun to work because I was still upset from Thursday night.”

    He even admitted to earlier that day getting angry enough on the job to shoot his supervisor.

    “What my boss said to me …,” he told the jury, “that rage almost made me pull out my gun on him.” ”

    Let me speculate what his boss said to set him off…

    “Why are you late AGAIN???”

    “I smell alcohol, have you been drinking???”

    “Pull your pants up we can see your drawers…”

    “No you can’t leave early, you need to finish your whole shift…”

    “Why is it taking you so long with that quarter pounder…”

    It was probably something mean like that….

  • Sloppo

    How could they find him to be insane just because he really believes white people caused all the historical failures of the black race? That only means he believes doctrines taught by public schools and the Idiot Box.

  • archer

    Of course this demented fool thinks that white’s were the only ones who had slaves, when any “student” would know that it’s still practiced in the world today by non whites.

  • brengunn

    You know, the really strange thing about this is that he shot all women and seemingly lay in wait for the dead girl. Something off about that.

    If I was to have some type of murderous breakdown motivated by racial hatred, men would be the target. Any female victims would be incidental. Specifically targeting women makes no sense unless there is a sexual component to his thought processes.

    BTW, I’m not advocating violence of any kind, just trying to work out the thinking of this lunatic.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’m not advocating violence either, but I am advocating self defense. I am advocating that white men and white women fight back against people who are trying to harm us and our loved ones. I am advocating white people drop their self hate and guilt. I am asking white people to laugh or at least ignore accusations of racism and openly support white celebrities or white public figures who get accused of being “racists against blacks/hispanics/asians/muslims,etc.” I am asking white people to boycott people, movies, artists and institutions they feel whose policies or products are anti white and explain to them why. I am advocating whites openly stand up for the racial interests and not let themselves get intimidated with threats of violence or job loss or economic loss. I am advocating that white people demand the school history curriculum spend as much time to pointing out injustices done to Europeans or bad things nonwhites have done throughout history as they do constantly pointing out bad things whites have done. These people hate us and want to displace us, so what have we got to lose fighting back?

      • brengunn

        Just said that to avoid moderation.

  • GeorgeRA

    That is the rule of thumb for blacks that do these massacres of Whites. They play the race card as the reason they kill Whites, and then they play the crazy card as why they shouldn’t have any consequences for their racist murderous and wanton massacres of Whites. .

  • liberalsuck

    SPLC, where are you? This is obviously a Hate Crime! Must be a ‘hateful environment’ that these universities are teaching.

  • PesachPatriot

    I am so sorry about the loss of Brittney Watts….I don’t think the murderer was insane, he is simply an evil bastard who killed a lovely girl for no good reason. The society which lets this sort of nonsense continue is insane. A hundred years ago in Georgia this crime would have been punished very swiftly with a good dose of rope therapy. This monster will definitely be getting a very warm reception from a certain white prison gang.

  • George

    The judge allowed the jury to consider a finding of not guilty by reason of insanity, or guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but mentally ill.

    The jury convicted. He was sentenced to life plus 65 years.


    From the article: ‘His mother, Lynnae Thandiwe, pleaded with the judge for mercy.

    “He’s not the ‘Midtown Shooter,’” she said. “He’s not a monster. It’s not consistent with who Nkosi is. Nothing can be gained by putting him in jail for the rest of his life.”

    Thandiwe was found guilty of all the counts against him and the sentencing phase of the trial began immediately. He was charged with murder, felony murder – causing a death during the commission of a felony – several counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, carjacking and gun offenses.”


    He’s not the Midtown Shooter? Yes, he is. He admitted as such. He’s not a monster? The facts strongly suggest otherwise. Nothing can be gained from putting him in jail for the rest of his life? Incorrect. Society gains that much more safety with him locked up.

    Sorry, Lynnae. It seems that delusions run in your family. Your son is, indeed, a hate-filled animal. It’s where it belongs now.

    • Daisy

      Thnx for link. The prosecutor did a great job in this case: “Crazy is not legally insane.” My motto exactly. The judge *allowed* at the eleventh hour a ‘mental health’ clinician to evaluate Thandiwe and of course, he/she recommended the jury should consider the ‘not guilty by reason of insanity defense’ along with the ‘guilty but mentally ill’ defense, which the judge then had entered as options for their verdict. Common sense prevailed. Does anyone see why I hate the ‘mental health’ establishment? I bet that psychopath Weston from Philly got out so early on the guilty but mentally ill baloney.

      Question is why did the judge even allow the whole ‘mentally ill’ trip to be contemplated. Did she fear being called racist if not? Did she have a judge’s blind faith in the establishment and the psych system/industry? Or was she just trying to avert an appeal? The poor woman left paralyzed should have a fund set up for her, sue the university’s diversity studies dep’t., and become a spokesperson for whites on campuses. Imagine if she were willing to attend the Zimmerman trial…

      • George

        Well, we all have the right to a fair trial.

        Even though the defence tried an end-run, last ditch attempt at an insanity defence, against the rules, the judge, being fair, allowed it. If nothing else, it removes grounds for appeal later on (‘But they never considered his mental health at the original trial…’).

        Fair play, justice won the day, and Nkosi will die behind bars. Sounds like a good day for the justice system to me.

  • “I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,”

    What IS the difference between what Hitler said about the Jews and what anti-Whites say about White people?

    Hitler said, Jews have undeserved privilege.
    Anti-Whites say, Whites have undeserved privilege.

    Hitler said, Jews are exploiters of others.
    Anti-Whites say, Whites are exploiters of others.

    They say they are “anti-racist”, what they really are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • Zrinski

    It’s just more growing pains of the wonderful integration program Mommy Professor had to force on us children. You see, we Aryans are just kindergarteners who can’t be allowed to do as we please, we must have our freedom taken away by the adults!

  • SintiriNikos

    No better cure for White racism than killing Whites.

    • You are inciting genocide against Whites?

      • SintiriNikos

        Oops I should have used my sarcasm fonts. I’m just describing what these people are doing and their rationalization. Sorry for the confusion.

  • SintiriNikos

    Why didn’t he just kill the two Whites at the Peace Party

  • EversonGParks

    An open goal for us whites who are on the:

    Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!
    This is genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.


  • Joseph

    Just chains, no Django.

  • Zrinski

    Anti-whites like to say “the U.S. is still 70% White” and “France is still 60% White”, etc., they are saying White countries are still majority White. Gee thanks! Notice how anti-whites NEVER point out that ALL Asian countries are STILL 99% Asian and ALL black countries are STILL 99% black. Question for the anti-whites, when do White people get to say NO to massive 3rd-world immigration and “assimilation” in ALL and ONLY White countries? When we (the small global minority) are down to 5% of the world’s population? 1%? 0.1%? Do you anti-whites want to go to War over the question? Do you believe you can get even ONE white military on your side, anti-whites?

  • odious liberal

    Sambo knew exactly what he was doing. He chose to do this. No one forced him. 95 % of Blacks are sub human garbage.

  • AmericanPatriot

    No excuses. He has done murder. For that he needs to hang by the neck until dead.

    • Yes he should face the most severe punishment.

      He also said quite clearly, his anti-White Mommy Professors at the University of West Georgia, inspired (incited?) him to murder Whites.

      Universities are where they teach young people about what they call undeserved “White Privilege”. That is incitement against an identifiable group.

      What punishment does Mommy Professor deserve?

  • Leelywhite

    Where was this guy born? His name is common in South Africa.


    I think he has a good case.

    “Was Cho taught to hate?”


  • asdf

    So shocking to see (yet another) black criminal and murderer. There are so few of them. I hope this isn’t the start of a disturbing new trend (yawn) of blacks causing crime.