Hair-Raising Ruling: Denmark Says That Both Men and Women’s Haircuts Must Cost the Same Price

James Rush, Daily Mail (London), January 21, 2013

Denmark, which like its Nordic neighbours prides itself on promoting equal treatment for men and women, has taken gender equality all the way to the beauty salon.

A ruling last month by Denmark’s Board of Equal Treatment effectively stated that price differences between men’s and women’s haircuts were illegal.

It ordered a salon advertising women’s haircuts for 528 crowns – £59 – and men’s haircuts for 428 crowns – £48 – plus an extra fee for long hair, to pay 2,500 crowns – £281- to a woman who had filed a complaint.

Now, a trade organisation for hairdressers has called the decision absurd, saying it will become a nightmare to set prices for customers and warning of ‘pricing chaos’.

‘It takes, quite simply, longer time with women,’ said Connie Mikkelsen, chairwoman of the Danish organisation for independent hairdressers and cosmeticians.

The board’s decision has been appealed and a court will determine whether hairdressers need to find a new way to charge for their services, in the length of time, or the standard of the cut.

‘Measuring time will lead to a discussion of hair length – what is medium length, and what is long. It will end in a series of conflicts with customers,’ Mikkelsen said.

Nordic countries consistently hold some of the highest rankings in global gender equality indices.

Denmark ranked seventh out of 135 countries in the World Economic Forum’s global gender gap index which benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, political, education and health criteria.

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  • This is why I usually go to haircut places that charge everyone the same. My hair is about as short as most men, so why should I pay more if it takes about the same time to cut my hair as a man’s.

    • Boereseun

      Most men don’t go to Salons, most go to get a cheap Barber cut and possibly a shave. Don’t blame men for this one. Anyway, why is the Government getting involved in such a petty issue? Can’t women themselves negotiate a better deal? If the prices are too high, get your hair cut elsewhere.

      • Robert Binion

        Fewer and fewer male barbers will use the naked razor on your neck and behind the ears anymore. I never feel truly clean until this is done.

  • Boereseun

    Haha, this might be fun. Back street barber shops opening up all over the place. In for a quick 5 minute snip and then out the back and no one is the wiser. State Government, making criminals out of ordinary citizens since 1917, lovely. Well, the effeminate Danish men will merely take it in the nads like they always do. Can’t offend those women, now can we?

  • Another Limey

    The Danes have always given me the impression of being significantly less mentally ill than the Swedes and Norwegians in terms of multicult madness. The Finns keep their heads down and out of the lunacy, their main “ethnic minorities” are Russians, Swedes, and Estonians, and small minorities at that

  • The__Bobster

    Will bald guys file a lawsuit next?

    • ewcz

      Three drops of an eau de cologne and polish?

  • ncpride

    Since my hair is the same length all over, I just wait till it grows to my waist, get it cut, and donate it to Locks of Love. The Salon I go to cuts it free when I do this. Since I have naturally curly hair, I don’t need to ‘style’ it, and it’s always in a ponytail anyway, unless I’m attending a social function or going out for something special.
    But I agree, it’s a lot more time consuming to cut most women’s hair, so this notion of charging the same price for all is ridiculous.

  • Barrack Osama

    My neighbor has cut my hair for 20+ years. In return I sometimes fix her electronics and help her set up bookcases and entertainment centers or whatever. I hope she lives another 20.

  • SintiriNikos

    Liberalism is a mental illness

  • bigone4u

    Charge the same price per minute for everyone. If a woman’s cut takes the same time as a man’s then they pay the same total charge. If hers takes twice as long she pays twice as much. Whatever, the price per minute charge is equal for all. Problem solved. Maybe that’s why I am an economist.

    • Tell a negro they’re going to be charged by the minute and be prepared to cover your ears.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Flow-bee’s for blacks.

  • connorhus

    It isn’t only about hair length. Women require more time no matter what the length and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see this same thing attempted in the US. It is really no different than the Feminist managing to get the same rate for health insurance despite females being the primary users.

    • kjh64

      Yes, women may use medical care more than men but you forget women get pregnant, have babies and other gynecological issues that have to be addressed more often so they will have to use it more than men. As such, they shouldn’t have to pay more for health insurance but they do pay more for out of pocket costs and co-pays. As the givers of life, some allowances should be made in this area.
      Also, men are free to use the health system as much as women and would be charged the same but they often choose not to. Men should use health care more as too many men neglect this. My dad never went to a doctor for years, ever no matter how much my mom prodded him. Finally he gave in just to satisfy her and was found to have early stage prostate cancer that was curable. He would have died had he not gone.He was shocked. Now, he goes every year. A couple of years later, they found early melanoma as well as an aneuism, know I misspelled that. Anyways, he wouldn’t be alive if he still wouldn’t get medical care.

      • connorhus

        OH believe me no one forgets women have babies. That is really the point women want all the advantages of their gender left intact while any disadvantage is smoothed over by daddy government and the extra cost is shouldered by the men. You don’t see men screaming that they are burdened with testosterone therefore it is natural that they have more accidents do you.

        Equality. Just some races and genders are more equal than others.

        • kjh64

          Give me a break with the whining. Having advantages because of one’s gender is NOT the issue here. The issue is reality. Women do have babies and other issues which is why they have to go to the doctor more. Also, NO the extra cost is not shouldered by the men, that is nonsense. Women pay the cost in the form of having babies. Many women work so they pay the cost in the form of taxes. If a woman doesn’t work outside the home, she pays the cost in the terms raising kids and taking care of the house, which IS work. She pays the cost in higher out of pocket expenses and co-pays. So don’t tell me women don’t pay, they do more so than men really.

          • Boereseun

            We get it, you want privilege because you have a vagina. Cleaning a house hard work? Give me a break, women today wouldn’t have a clue about ‘cleaning house’ like your Great Grandmothers knew, considering all the inventions made by those stupid men. Quit your bitching and calm your tits, you western women had it soooo good and then you threw it all away and now can whine into the sunset.

            Many women are going to be working till they die now, with no children and no husband, exactly the way you feminists wanted it. Women will finally really see what ‘working till an early grave’ means. And the left will love you for it…

            Equality : Being just as expendable as men.


          • Daisy

            It’s amazing to me what is allowed to remain posted versus what gets deleted on here sometimes. Perhaps there should be a ‘Troubled Teens’ Forum on AmRen.

          • Boereseun

            Maybe they should have a ‘post divorcee, 45 year old with 2 kids, looking for love in all the wrong places’ thread just for you?

          • Boereseun

            If you’re going to delete my post, delete this too. It’s basically saying that women have more value than men because they have babies and thus deserve extra special care and rights because men cannot control themselves.

          • Daisy

            The article you provide a link to actually devotes a maximum of 10% of it’s commentary to the health care issues domestic violence and various abuses cause in women. But at least you’ve graduated (or been deleted) from simply throwing around profane words for female anatomy. Such an article brings up interesting issues; I don’t know if I want to pay for another woman’s five kids. Your T&A&V comments add nothing to any discussion. Are you here to discuss pro-white topics or to just rail against women?

          • Boereseun

            Look, you want to keep hating me, that’s fine. You, however, just wished that I commit suicide. That kind of means I don’t care to debate anything with you.

            Take a hike!

          • Daisy

            I think the forum deserves an answer as to what your purpose, other than antagonizing women, is in constantly posting misogynist profanity.

          • Boereseun

            Hm, how do I respond do such a question? If I defend myself, I’m a misogynist bastard. If I don’t defend myself, I let you run rampant over me.

            So, instead of answering a question that obviously is made to merely out me as some sort of troll, I’ll go with something else. A non-answer answer.

            What I get from you is that it’s okay to throw rants at men but not okay to critique women. Got ya. Be sure to file your request in my ‘do not give a crap’ box.

            Alright, we’re done here.

          • Daisy

            i don’t litter my ‘rants’ with profane references to men’s sexual parts and then complain about getting deleted.

          • Boereseun


            Look, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

            “Health care security is tied to economic security. This relationship is especially true for women, who, on average, earn less than men do. Women earn approxi­mately 77 cents for every dollar men earn.3 But women also use more health care services than men do. These two factors — less income and more costs — have left many women with unpaid medical bills and debt problems resulting”

            If women were ‘paying’ they wouldn’t be having unpaid bills, in debt and then forcing the State to change the laws to force medical companies to charge the same rate for men and women. By changing the laws, they are forcing men to subsidise women.

          • As it turns out, much of the gender gap in pay is really a disguised race gap.

      • Boereseun

        Of course, the all powerful power of the vagina, women never let us forget…As ‘protectors of life’ some allowances should be made for men but that doesn’t happen.

        Women’s medical care is 4 to 5 times that of men when both are young and fit, as age sets in and women pass the age of menopause, the price differences shrink until where they are almost the same upon death. However, even then women’s healthcare is still higher.

        • kjh64

          Well, if you men would stay away from the vagina, women would have MUCH lower healthcare costs, (sarcasm off).. Medical care for women is not more expensive then men, it’s just that men don’t use the system as much as women but that is men’s choice. So how is that women’s fault? Older men do have higher healthcare costs then older women because they have more problems never having bothered with the docs when they were younger.

          • Boereseun

            You could train 95 % of men to be gay and never touch a vagina in their lives, the problem would be exactly the same as it is now. The gates to Vagina City have been and always will be controlled by women.

            As for health care costs, since you’re on to throwing around meaningless bunk, if women wouldn’t nag the hell out of life, maybe men would want to live longer. As it stands, death ain’t such a bad thing…

          • Daisy

            Yes, please do us all the favor…

          • Daisy

            Promises, promises…

          • Boereseun

            I take that as a jab wanting me to commit suicide? Well, not that it’s unexpected or anything but I won’t be committing suicide myself. However, white men are at greater risk than any other group. All that white male privilege and so on. So it’s okay, make fun, do your thing.

            I would rather live my life free of women like you than get married. However, the chance of actually saving my race and finding a white woman of worth, keeps me going.

            And keep on shaming, it’s working so well.

          • Boereseun

            Does this mean we’re not going steady anymore?

    • IstvanIN

      But since men statistically have more auto accidents they pay more for auto insurance. Remember, when the laws favor women that is OK.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    Why not ban men’s and women’s haircuts altogether, Sweden? Wouldn’t it increase equality if every citizen unit were required to have the same unisex haircut? And what about clothing? Why not do away with men’s and women’s clothing? And there’s also cheap clothing, expensive clothing… that’s more inequality right there. The solution is clearly to do away with different prices and levels of quality for clothing. I know, everyone could wear the same shapeless, grey coveralls! There, that ought to make everyone completely equal.

    • IstvanIN

      everyone could wear the same shapeless, grey coveralls!
      Are you a relative of Mao? Or are you just his former tailor hoping to unload some of his old suits?

      • MikeofAges

        How ’bout a Joran van der Sloot for men? Or bald. A short bob with bangs for women, tops. A short mini-afro for black women, tops. And a green or blue jacket and matching slacks for everyone, depending on whether you want to be a greenshirt or a blueshirt.

  • Angry White Woman

    This is crazy. It takes 5 minutes and $15 to cut what hair my hubby has left. It takes considerably longer to do mine, even though my hair is not much longer than his. (There is a lot more of it, though!) I get a shampoo, cut, blow-dry and style. It costs $35. I think this is where they might get around the law. They simply need to specify what most Americans take for granted. That a CUT is a haircut and nothing else. Shampoo is extra, blow dry is extra, comb out is extra, etc. A stylist cannot do a good job if he or she has to charge the same for a 30 minute session as for a 10 minute one. Besides times have changed since the 1970’s and there are now plenty of men who get perms, hair color, use the tanning bed/booth, get manicures, etc. Those men can and already do pay the same prices as women.

    • Angry White Woman

      Oh and as an extra comment, what idiot woman bitched about having to pay more than a man for a haircut?

    • ncpride

      Seeing that he was fighting a losing battle with hair loss, my hubby took the plunge several years ago and shaved it all off. Surprisingly, it really suits him. He’s been shaving his head ever since.

      • gemjunior

        Mine too, he shaves his head and it looks great on him. I’ve been shaving the back of his neck for him with the gadget even when he had hair. I can’t imagine the two of us paying the same amount, because I have long layers, sometimes highlights. Imagine how insane? Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • ed91

      yeah but we’re equal now baby!!
      that’s why chic firefighters get paid the same even though they can’t carry the burning guy out of the house………… all hail equality!!

    • NM156

      Perms? XD

  • GM (Australia)

    We had this debate here a couple of years ago, it was totally ridiculous and as far as I know no action was taken by the people who are responsible for these sorts of issues.

  • kjh64

    Well, I think charging women more simply because they are women is wrong. Charges should be based on the length of time and difficulty of a cut. Of course, it usually will take longer for a woman to get a haircut because women have longer hair on average and women’s styles are usually more complicated. As such, women usually will be charged more and that is fine as long as it’s based on time/difficulty. However, if a woman comes in with very short hair or get a simple trim that takes no more time than a man, she shouldn’t be charged more.

    • IstvanIN

      But should the government intervene?

      • Daisy

        One option is for low maintenance women to just go to barbershops. I’ve had all styles of hair and when I’ve just had one length, either shoulder length or longer, on occasion if all I want is a trim I go to the barbershop. It’s cheaper and doesn’t require some appointment made weeks in advance. My mother or father used to take me and my sister as kids. Barbers have always treated me well and they’re often more skilled and no-nonsense than some of the incompetent cheaper salon stylists, some of whom have left me looking like an Edward Scissorhands escapee. I think most charge just a little more for women’s cuts but if yours is really simple you can reason easily with them, they’re kindly gents . Layering the short cuts most men have can take more time than a very simple women’s style.

        • brengunn

          Very sensible advice. One thing though, if Edward Scissorhands cut your hair it would be exquisite darling!

          • Daisy

            It would also look dapper if Sweeney Todd gave you a clean shave.

      • kjh64

        The government should since it prohibits pricing based on gender. I think it should be based on time and difficulty of course and women’s will almost always take more time.

  • Since they have to charge the same, start giving the women crewcuts. The bulldykes will love it. The rest, not so much.

  • Neil

    The fact is that barbers are freaks. I had a friend who lives in Colorado who told me about 4 years ago that his barber pulled out his penis in front of several patrons and started yelling “I I rule.” The guy was White.

    • NM156

      Wasn’t that a Monty Python segment?

      • Neil

        Perhaps, but it was a barbershop scenes as well.

    • Gene

      Are you serious?

    • Katherine McChesney

      So you’re calling barbers freaks because of the antics of ONE barber.

  • onetwothree

    I cut my own hair. Takes two minutes, easy as pie. If men had to pay 70 dollars or whatever outrageous amounts women put up with, they’d all do the same. Simple market economics.

  • NM156

    Not as nutty as putting women in combat. Next time we’re in a war with front lines, women killed by male soldiers for endangering their lives and destroying their mission will be coming home in body bags.

  • falsedawn

    It’s good to know the Danes are just as crazy as us.

  • JackKrak

    Can we expect them to do away with separate bathrooms then too?

    • Daisy

      They’re already doing that in many places in the US. At NYU there are often three bathrooms instead of two so the transexuals or whoever else have somewhere ‘unisex.’ It just creates one more crappy bathroom for housekeepers to clean.

  • refocus

    Its over. The West is finished.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Give it time and I’m sure that Scandinavia will force men to buy their tuxedos when they marry instead of renting them. My rental fee was $50, my wife’s wedding dress was over $500 (and it is still in her closet). The next guy to wear that Tuxedo was probably headed out to the prom.

    Oh by the way, my hair is a lot shorter and I pay much less for a haircut. Yes, she has given birth to our children and has probably used more healthcare in her life than I have.

    After hearing my stories about life in the Middle East, my wife realizes that life could be FAR WORSE for women than currently exists in the US.

  • We might laugh at this, but not long ago, I read an article demonstrating that today’s seemingly crazy Scandinavian gender equality legal mandates has roots in Viking culture that goes back many centuries. The article stated why but I can’t remember exactly why.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Even I can do this: a crew cut with a No. 9 blade guard. Happy?

  • Kaitlin Powell

    LMAO!! What a bunch of idiots. Do it already – become a communist state and everyone gets the same haircut. Three types, the Curly, Larry or Mo.. Apparently the Mo is very popular in China – Sarcasm intended before all the libtards get huffy.